BJGN11-30-17 - Special Ops - Infinity War - Punisher - Wind River

Thursday, November 30th

It's Special Ops with Mark Rahner, Rev, & Chris Walker! They discuss the Avengers: Infinity War trailer; Mark reviews the Punisher after finishing the series; and reviews the movie Wind River!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To golf. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can. Hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot. Club house. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase the nation's. Key nations special ops. Welcome your special ops briefings where no one here has been terminated for sexual misconduct yet yet. Today I'm your host Mark Connor this week we look at the new avengers infinity ward trailer. We follow up on our punish your coverage now that at least one of us in the studio has seen the whole thing. And were a little bit late to the party you belong where we talk about the movie wind river. Mark Pryor here with the reverend en Fuego at the controls hello Chris walker you know the family all together DS have a good. It was the the Hollywood you've heard of it. That were you satisfied your bird needs them all mostly yes yeah yep we had a stuff thing less. Thanksgiving. Wage at actually mashed potato us as well you know Fannie and Thanksgiving stuff people with information about how they can contact it seg way things people don't like it is so. What nannies or 2243353. That is where you can Sendy voicemail or a text message. BJ geek nation in or you can send us an email he could fight us on all social media just search for BJ she's key nation and is easy to find all in one place. BJ geek nation dot com. MIA. Agent has instructed me that I need to focus more on social media which are only care about. So I guess I have to start posting things in tweeting things that are more than just talking about what a psychopath trumpets and I'm gonna work on that so you can find me at how good luck he can find me. At mar kronor in America our age and he arm on the twits. I just can't talk about this though. He is probably so it's an earlier in the week trump though is during the ceremony to honor Indian code talkers native American World War II code talkers. And he made a rhesus Pocahontas joke about Elizabeth Warren and control of the ask this guy is such a piece of trash. And united every day it's an instinct I mean we can do a whole show every single day about what a terrible ignorant racist outreach he committed. But it is this to me was like in new loan and if you can't. Identify with that. Just how horrible that wasn't just like the crickets in the room and people staring at each other when they're mouse that he went. An actual president making a poke on its crack in front of elderly World War II. It looked caucus it's like imagine if they had elderly World War II black Tuskegee airmen and their right and he made it Sambo crack replace the staff thing you have every yeah I just proving different ethnic and I know the guys have a president of products I've been really talking about. Places where I can move because of damage it's being done middle take our lifetimes to undo if it's even possible Alan duke however. My country needs me. A little bit but before we got whipped vendors wondering if you. Another cool show came to Seattle couple weeks ago and we NAFTA and talk about it we have last week off. Scotland was here in Seattle if you're not familiar with the goblins they did music for. George Romero is dawn of the dead Diana. Some Terry or gentle films including since period and it was one of those things that you know if you if if you wanna go out and and live like the unabomber and Shaq and ran manifesto as you will not have access to this kind of thing and it was just a glorious show I was happy to see that it was jam packed with fellow nerds. I saw some familiar faces their. But here's the thing. When you guys go to show you hold your phone up. And film hold god damn thing I try not to. I don't even try to really get pictures anymore because by and large they come out blurry in absolutely useless exactly who know how how how we how high quality is for it to be to get anything worth even looking at later and oh how high quality of person are you if you hold your goddamn phone in front of somebody's face to try to watch this show that in your terrible this is my new worst thing in the world it was prior to this. How web sites the play audio automatic oil to know Matt pilgrim. But this is terrible so it didn't happen and they routed via haven't guys standing next to me. At the person in front of him was holding up his phone. Directly in front of this tall guy's face the whole show. I would've said something. But this guy I was so polite that that he didn't and this is now the whole the whole time what would you go would you say anything or just tolerated or just moved I would've us started a mosh pit. Directly behind this man and hopefully made sure his phone was knocked out of his hand and then stomped on immigration I should slapping the phone out of somebody's hand it's a perfectly acceptable and fairly nonviolent solution to the barely just head slapping high there's there's that there's a two step process yeah the first thing you say and revenue radio button got oil. Hey you cannot use that word just about did it take you there clearly and I think overnight trading on the equipment by the way I like that doesn't get the job done then the much good idea we're not like that a lot wow what would inevitably that word today no what was it again. I don't want I want this is really it all I had WOK okay okay we don't neatly resolved I got it winds there are you happy about that now are very few things anger me how much animosity if you're describing that I think the British swear so much better than we can say is true also be really glad that I pads have fallen out of favor because I have seen all concerts where people were literally holding up an iPad which at this point is like a no look. What is with people okay next Kelly whatever her article the. The avengers infinity ward trailers. And this is the big one this is the massive superhero gang banged we've all been waiting to see. Feature I. I'm very good everyone glad to do that exactly that's right. It's Gary Oldman from the professional. And this movie really does have every one. All the vendors is god dead guardians of the galaxy people who elsewhere oil Rosalia we Letterman we've got to Spiderman Spiderman yes the thought. Some characters that we've always seemed briefly like in civil war black panther gas. I know for a fact no we don't see in the trailer and man and wasp or going to be in its okay good good. Now first off. I'm against this by materialize trailer promotes a movie it's advertising a trailer is advertising true or product. And now we have teaser is for trailers yes or we're teaser for trailers. This is unacceptable. That said though marbles trailers there always exciting always on the aid and they've done an unbelievably good job bringing their comics to the screen unlike. That other company. I'm rooting for any other company number I'm for Reid he's got to stick the landing a league is little better. So we had a vendors we had age of all time we had civil war and most of the other marvel movies have been involved in this continuity to one degree or another and this is the culmination. Of it all and then something happens after this thing move onto another phase or something what happens yeah if according to. A variety article it says that the original avengers my be done after the fourth movie. Which hits in 2019. So we've got infinity war happening this upcoming 2018 may fourth my birthday by the way. But and when avengers four hits theaters between nineteen a spills into the contracts for Robert Downey junior Chris Evans mark ruffle Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner. And it really does so much everyone's ready to move on. Marvel studios boss Kevin fight he told Vanity Fair that a vendors for will quote bring things you've never seen in superhero films quote. Or out call went up finale. Hey he added that there will be two distinct periods everything before avengers for and everything after. And I know will not be the way people that the ways that people are expecting. And I've heard so many rampant rumors at this point that you can't take anything for anything because remain win another title of the fourth one. Until well after infinity war happens because the titles. Boiler it's been a good run a satisfying run cost item they've earned our goodwill and they've not really had a whole lot of missteps at all no no no well let's get into the trailer rev I haven't seen it on the come. Thing you got a tomorrow are all we're gonna we're experienced this trailer. Together and come over and snuggle with the listener yes exactly in this is a relief fund because. I watched it I think I mean double digits at this point nice anyway I think as a approaching it is an elf has all it's only dropped today so this is way overdue. Fresh off boot something fresh out of the chute like with its outside of the jedi. Our eyes are here we go start it off. That's eight tell us an idea. Yeah yeah yeah it's. True martyrs banners and fell through us think it's important to see week. Something more human vision. So doing they need to do so that's sort. Are you. Platinum blondes clearly. Car. Don't know what it's like to. And it feels so desperately Gerard. But he's as fair a homes and. He's going over new. Run. And still looking good because. Yeah it has. Flatter me lose my deceased. Guess he's vanishing. Davis looks like devils captain. Lots and lots of superheroes countries getting close this most of them yes. Oh look at that as a big news release them out of divisions forehead. Yeah iron in their scandals within our creditors the gauntlet to the stones and how he did knock out Tony Stark. And Iowa. They're next to wait a minute. Captain America. No helmet full beard yes. Rugged health and now we got the title screen but we're not quite and that venue was dead. Does it know and it's. All I guardians of the galaxy. Guardians of the galaxy how outstanding is that Palestinians that. Hello Heidi well he's cigarette rise rare reaction water tournaments I am so happy for this like I said double digits watching this. Op I I'm just. It's an age it's it's it. Takes right Iraq over her earlier today on and on our actual radio program that we do here in the studios. You he was I think we'd be was the word I would ST used I was Burt clients there it is I have was over overrun with emotion tears. Did you come to my face it's easy to get cynical about these things that are so spoiled written that thing when it if you suffered through we've covered this before all the decades of crappy superhero adaptations on TV and movies and this is wonderful. And this is the culmination of ten years of the MCU. We see we've seen it the entire way all the way through that tennis has been in that extra seeds has been in a small part of guardians of the galaxy has done a couple of little things here and there but you don't know how many scenes. At this point you see a little bit of that year. But this is I really feel one of the very few villains. That. Could actually ease stand two late any sort of test in the and CU we most the time we get boring villains them like a polar opposite of what ever the hero is going to be the end so at this point we have something else entirely something else stronger than. Vision who is the strongest. Avenger at this point oh tennis is agog right he is a tighten it might be mad tight. And OK okay. Well I you know. It being in there are eagerly wanna call it in involves being unashamed to be enthusiastic about the stuff you like. And I just I can't be cynical about this because I can't think of any other time. In movie franchise history where somebody's played the long game like this and done that while not even James Bond movies and if you look back at those that are. Continuity is really terrible. But this is just wonderful and they're made him so. This movie has. Pretty much every one that you can think of UK Canada and all marvel universe showing up anymore or have. But in the not too distant future there may be even more people so this isn't even. Everyone yet. It's just blow. So apparently Disney which owns marvel. Is talking with fox about. They would talk zones what X-Men X-Men. Majestic four and testing out for a lot of those down so they could somehow be showing up in the marvel universe again. According to this article business progress XP lead toward their rumored acquisition of fox the version I heard he says there are author of this article says. Murdoch clan keeping possession of sports and news properties in the rest of the TV and film studio going to Disney. This deal could obviously lead to a comic book fans dream scenario. But there are those aren't so enthusiastic about the prospect now that fox has become to make such great strides with risky. Dead pool and Logan. The amazing to see dead pool yes yes yes and in that hole just in the NC you to yes yes yes that also means my second favorite character. What I guess my favorite hero wouldn't cable. Which ironically enough will be in dead pool to played by Josh Rowland who is playing fed knows. So just the fact that they can do like a screen a double screen sort of thing where we've got panels looking a cable. And that would that that's my investment into agreement there and then that truly will be. Every. There's no kidding seems like he's playing every one can you pick up everywhere and. A after the break. The publisher will revisit that and talk about wind river with everyone. Welcome back Mark Brown here with the relevant and Carl walker I. We talk about the puncture on Netflix what 23 weeks ago we think we did I didn't love it but. John Byrne falls. Characterization of frank castle is. I too much of all flunk kids for me just kind of too much of a borrow. I thought the series is too long they kind of they took what could fit into seven or eight episodes and made it thirteen again he standard that I think the standard rate for a marble Netflix show. I just I was born apart from the bursts of serious hardcore violence which. One of the few things I can actually pick away at those games so it Netflix has only released half dozen episodes of the time. Usually they release for the released six this to me was a little bit of a warning sign because I was new on board after room. You know Brigham and we threw six episodes. I appreciated that there is a PT EST veteran aspect of the thing but it just wasn't executed well and after that. Here's a vet who dig a trench in his backyard and winds up getting recruited by these private mercenary people on them. Turns out to be terrorists were catching up on it so. I watched the rest of it right away but it was it short get through it honestly did the two of you start the show even. You know. Who realizes that this is they're curious to me I'd be perfectly honest. After that the Thanksgiving break I had forgotten. Which seems really weird because I felt that I would be really down to watch it on in just unfortunately time. And like the worst excuses ever got too many other things going on that are geeky guy in his joint all right so you're. While marvel fan as we just witness with your with your shattering orgasm or to be I repeat offenders trailer courage but there was something about this that made you think well there is nothing really urgent to get to hear I'll part of it was your lackluster review. But not so much is like like I like I won't go see iron fist I won't watch it on and it's not gonna be like that I am definitely going to watch this but also the earlier movies didn't really grasp means that much and in that turn I'm not as excited about watching a full blown. Punish your show as opposed to having him being a character and even as a villain like he was in. In daredevil. That's a good point I kinda liked him. As a secondary character in season two of daredevil. But it's like when they gave me a whole series that he has to carry on his own. They didn't seem to quite know what to do with them and plus I'm gonna think if a machine from the Walking Dead always a nice tournament it's the exact same character with with more ammunition being amassing them Chris sort of audio I've never been huge punish her fan. I never read a comic and the only time he was ever sort of even in my wheel house is a buddy of mine today let's go check out the punished for movie. And it was the it is Thomas Jane. And and it was good it wasn't anything to write home about I didn't fall in love with character and like you say I think he works better as as a secondary and also I was waiting on the publisher until I finish the defenders. And I was waiting on the defenders until I finished iron fist ends where you journey down the line I've seen the first episode of iron fist. Okay so again nothing has been a terribly and or if I started to kind of second guess myself because basically I just didn't like at all and I began to see a lot of post. On FaceBook from otherwise respectable nerd friends saying that they've loved it through and even the curmudgeon Eric Troutman and now gave me a little chastising when you see didn't like it. Yeah and so I posted something now last night asking people what they loved about it now read some of that momentum but rym you've got a clip from one of the latter episodes yeses episode eights. Industry. Coal and iron steel real things all countries to be built on it yourself sufficient. Now. Markets through everything. This country never needed anything from anyone else. Now we'll be holed. So let me and you. Yes. Let me. You've heard the tape. So I where we have to go after Cassel he's the last witness. Can get in the middle of the government operation the risk. Risky as him being captured talking about and a hard to save himself a lifetime this. We both have ambitions to protect them. We go after notes both in the book. Whose intelligence and everything checks out. Jack Julio was in custody. There planning and operation as soon as they filed the details behind them. Two chance you must pay. We go asked him again they can use anybody on the payroll. And let's not in my guy's gonna tensions in this. I'm living outside operators will not be cheap. Everything comes down to money does. Is enough to save their guy never worried about money and they in his life. I think Q well when you've mentioned that it's here's what other people think about us. Pride is a week. Thank you mentally. The minute homeland files of tactical plan I'll have a vineyards. The billion that clip is frank castle's former comrade in arms. In Afghanistan who was also involved with this disastrous mission in Kandahar that's kind of the crux of the the mystery that underlies the whole story. The other talking to them is named Agent Orange. And he is this CIA bad ass who winds up climbing up to the very tippy tippy top of government. And this involves pitting ol' frank the publisher. Against government people mercenaries and scores and scores of people that he does Mo is right down. We got a second season looking likely according to metro dot co dot UK sure Stephen late foot revealed according to them. Quote yeah I would love to do it again Johns drew work with and enjoy it right for a loved to do it stressed second season as yet not yet been commissioned. Burned false is to the radio times. I've said before francs in my blood and in my bones and it's an honor to plan did that sound a lot of. It's like I was in the room. John and I interviewed the man in person to have you feel I have yeah they've got to spend about five minutes with him in Murray hold in when they were still. Just right after he was off of the Walking Dead and she was still on it. Okay and did you did you feel like you bonded. A little reaction although we're best friends not your party smell he smelled I don't recall also not bad again and very nice very polite guy. Soft spoken on but still a very very polite guy when it comes to smell nothing news. Generally better than something. And it lets that's what sister I don't know that I absolutely. It is so I. Part of this is that. Any entertainment thing can be a war shock guy because. I noticed the comments on my FaceBook post some people loved it for the exact reasons I hated it more instances the characterization. Of frank castle. But like I said he's just kind of alone kid and really I understand somebody being driven. Like bat men driven even. But. He's just. And unpleasant I I didn't wanna spend all that time when and a lot of times I can really take away from the entire show through SO one friend says like pressure when you lose their character and daredevil more than his own series. Netflix pressures disappointing superhero movies are inconsistent. We're still waiting for marvel time TV detector remake the paint I think that was a trickle. I don't like Pelé I think that's what a joke at that somebody might hit them good trolling old mark here. I just booked and now another friend says actually like it was granted someone reality I thought the relationship between him and micro. Was well done. And micro is the the hacker who's got some in explicit in my little dirty jobs in later no not Michael Rowe melt micro yeah he's. I was obnoxious for conservative like and now her way. Now and so I didn't like the micro thing because frank and micro spend a ridiculous amount of time bickering and Franco. Always comes off like a whole new in this micro is pretending to be dead he's got a wife and kids who these. Who's got this creeping monitor things set up bond they don't know he's dead. But frank keeps going to the house and you're not sure Frank's gonna start making out wither and while the cameras are on. Injured it's really uncomfortable but not in an entertaining way. So if that's a wrap up the frank winds up confronting each person including. News ex teammate Billy. Agent Orange. And he kills everyone there are no surprises glad we know this there are no surprises to be had in the publisher although we're pretty sure he's gonna be back and I just hope they make the big show a little bit more fun next time. GE you can have a death wish inspired thing with a vigilante killing everybody. I wanna be on the side of the vigilantes and have him be a more enjoyable character you want him to have like Schwarzenegger quit at the end of it Lego I dropped them off you know stuff like that our I don't know any Lucchino Lawrence Lowell stuff ruining everything in the united I don't I don't want him anything as he exited incentive. Cro mag and that's all matter I mean maybe the problem is me next. One of the things that we do here every now and then is catch up on stuff that we missed it was under the radar. Or that I just kind of was asleep at the wheel and didn't make the press screening at the time that if today don't talk about wind river it came out in August and oak. I didn't care about it at the time but I caught up with a because it's streaming and on video now. And it is a terrific movie it stars talk times Carlo which. Okay played gaelic and add your predators are bad also has the punish earnest tomorrow case actually it's a superhero movie but for grown ups this one really did seem to fly under the radar and only made 33 million dollars worldwide so far. Since August that's on a budget of eleven million so it's not a disaster is just not a huge kid. And I don't think a lot of people saw it I don't think you'll listener saw it which is why we're talking about it. Still in some theaters. But but you can you can streaming unit leader count this is. Pretty downbeat murder drama written and directed by Taylor shared them and that means unfamiliar to. These titles will be hell or high water. Six Ariel who kind of hate this guy because he does some great stuff he's talented writer and now director this movie and he's also. A handsome actor who's very busy in and X looks like he's just operating at his peak right now. I can don't want any dead. That he's got to follow up to see curry are coming out that he wrote called Salgado I cannot wait these are it was amazing at how very good very good. When river takes place in a miserably cold winter Wyoming. Hawkeye please predator hunter who kills. Spacey in Weinsteins. Well I woke up this morning pilot this morning could you know Matt Lauer got fired for the same kind of step it's like a new person every day. Between now and and and whatever trump tweets I can't decide if I'm excited to wake up every morning or I just wanna stay in bed. With the blackout curtains and the kiddies I vote for can. Always always okay thank you play. Jeremy Renner plays this stuff. Predator hunter who can kill wolves who zero in on livestock is also divorced father who's lost one of his kids not so long ago. The scarlet which plays an FBI agent who happened to be nearest to the scene so she's and sent there and she may be in a little bit over her head. Jim and bring winter coat for God's sakes they team up to find out what happened to a young native American woman was found dead in the snow. Having run barefoot for miles before she died and became a corpse sickle. So Hawkeyes still distraught over the losses on teenage daughter when another one turns up dead. And apart from the cold weather in the area therein is notable for a couple things. It's isolated you know once shown up for backup ever. And it's a reservation and so it's written by all the troubles that plagued the native Americans addiction unemployment. Being a role screwed over by America in other words. A movie trump would sit through making Pocahontas crack house are all different and I'll background that you like I did that until send the present day but there's this wild. West feel to it because reservation is so isolated that you know flash and bad and really count for a lot of ways god guns. And there are also these are keen jurisdiction issues on the reservation check out the NT series we've talked about here before Bernard King size good helping of that. This movie is somewhat of a procedural but it's not like your typical mismatch detective mystery had to states struggling to put words out. Would with a man and a woman who you know are gonna get in on its very moody. It's got some jarring violence. And you should also know that it gets a little rape beat trigger warning with your blood around superheroes and want a grown up movie. Starring superhero actors. This is that damn good ones while the best of the year so far who know Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen are fine actors in the right vehicle and I. Blow our character showed some impressive components when things get rough and she's outnumbered by shady dude. Stories also more moving than I expected and may lose as the Thanksgiving holiday but I was a little emotional the end apart from hack he is lines like wind river will blow you away. I've seen other critics complain about a movie essentially have a native Americans little white protagonist. Which is more of a social political complained in a critique whether or not the movie works. In this case the fact that Hawkeye and outsider. Who's married into the community and has one foot in it is the key element of the story so look I'm as liberals anyone but. Can do ST if you would that's definite here's your poll quote then we're gone. If you only see one thriller featuring an employee of the US Fish and Wildlife Service this year it up and starting extreme marvel superhero actors. He should probably be wind river and the whole book. OK that's it for this week contact the FC senior represented isn't stopped the Republican M efforts from killing. Net neutrality it will affect what you. More next week. I'm mark runner special ops. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To golf joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.