BJGN12-01-17 - Justice League Spectacular!

Friday, December 1st

It's the Justice League spectacular! The gang discusses the film, with SPOILERS! What worked for them, what fell flat, and their thoughts on the DCEU!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells said the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. Yeah as welcome to PGA senior geek nation I have the reverend flake help across from me is Vicky Barcelona. And we've got uncle Chris oh hi this show's namesake Vijay shaved that is a true facts and Jolie diss drug in the board of that. I know my privileges for nearly done these early days I have to have something we got to give him a Mike for only a little bit that we're gonna talk about the fact of yes we are right because today is the Justice League spectacular heard. No excuse me we'll see how spectacular we all think it really is yeah. Vicky how people get old and us. They get a hold of us via our web SI made the Jake each nation dot com I can also check without being sold millions of which will be on our web site in the face a Twitter and it's really just PG. Asian across the board exactly think he's so much and normally we would be talking TV on Friday is but this whole week we've been doing some spectacular scale we talked about four wracked Iraq we did talk about the stranger things to season. Hey I'm only in the mirror of an and you get as Larry spoiler but like that in here it air here it could hit hit hit it I just can't just watch Dick Bennett last night. Oh really so I got to finish it manly guy who there's no doubt that you can listen to the podcast and realize what we've all talked about yeah maybe talk a little bit more about army combat I'm at the scene where dozens playing hockey with darts. Yeah I pass right into I don't storms that is great that is awesome on so quickly. The Walking Dead we will deathly talk about that next week there's a big things going out there in the news world about it that which we will address walking Fred. Don't you move very well I'm. Really still looking for a really answer it down into that home it's almost got to do it somebody does. And also. Coming back today is shield agents a shield which yes so definitely Heidi have no idea what's going on an agent of shield it. But you know what I'm always the guy eight that was the bag guiding created. The robot you know the oh doctor think things and in the end of the ground zero the British do gather British -- but I can remember my name the actor and the reason I bring him up Aziz the big bad guy in the latest epic season of Dirk gently. Really now I haven't caught up with that and all waiting probably just to be the entire loan once it comes out on Hulu. I did tell us something on the DGE nascent phase but page you can watch the first seventeen minutes. Of the premier then YouTube video seventeen minutes and it's up on our pages can I how little nice perfect peaked our number way to do that until I watched the recipe in tournaments. I. Yeah that's gonna work out everybody. You know not every marble property can be awesome. We've had iron fist and now apparently and he was India's federal and eyes seemed to be done about tiger right now Iron Man. All right time has been Marmol has not had a great the greatest success with television shows as well as well as they haven't movies and had good TV shows what you Alley. I'll let frankly pot you know a little cage iron fist man. I mean really I mean you are meant to me I like the first half of leak case dissect a once seemed to I operate the way you're right I know a little bit rough on that point because I really liked the first villain and that was like a once in really Oki and locates Gaza had that amazing soundtrack so that gap is like added to help today yapping already had some Oscar winning Emily I forget the name of the actor but he's an Oscar winning actor that yes the first bad guy in need for absolute kids need to and I know Boehner I know I know exactly you're not Madagascar's name. I have been watching punishing her you know and how is the punishing her I'd well first episode. I'm dig in it I have only been like half watching excel wrapping alleged Christmas presents which by the way most bad ass complete showed a lot player. Yeah I have a feeling everybody Daiei is. Our mission to win and our faith and I am. Did the mark runners say he didn't like it he was very Luke warm to try to like the first episode I haven't seen the rest of about I'm actually I halfway through the second episode amstel light and it didn't you listen to yesterday's podcast you can listen to mark run our special ops give a rundown of how how he felt about the entire season. Both Chris and I have not seen any of them I like the punishing her play at the demo. Two or three episodes shot Shia finishing it I do eatery watch it's I can catch all the little details. I like hey you can't go with thinking oh it's league entered a glorious hours Luke cage it's not. A superhero TV show like the other ones aren't even though Jessica Jones had that you know detective trying to catch kill grave she still have the powers of the receipt of that element. This is very much about a guy who's been broken and who is dealing with some sort of eaten mental issued Blake they're diving deepening and I think it's really well done and of. Course he's former military and that so they're diving deep into that yes I think this is a powerful show that's actually saw a relatable to what's going on for his particular type of person had like Vicki said. I you know it's not even really a superhero show and it's totally updated for today this is accurate Thomas Jane are you Dolph Lundgren publisher this is I make perfect for today. Because they never really see in the Thomas Jane on senator solid all flocked lung grin one. It was just hey I want revenge and there and it's actually management and I'm gonna kill everybody and look cool no this is he is hurting you he's been he's amassed he's on the blank lower than low there. Flashback scenes every morning he wakes up the same way and it's painful as we get to see a little bit more miss flashback and every new day he wakes up. And you won't you watch it and you go oh my god and then there was a scene on a boat. Where it's a flashback scene in it shows this guy watching. Him and his kids and his flashback scene you're like okay who's this ominous character. And then it turns out it's him on the boat today. Imagining him watching himself than that seen from I'm more painful to realize oh that's him watching that scene. I love what they're doing with that I think John Burris Paul is just so great is is playing his broken man. Who actually is a one man killing machine when he needs to be I think it's a manager we haven't really seen too much like. Because he's not somebody we're necessarily like cherry Borg and these kind of bad guys doing these bad things. That he is relatable mountain and aids beer don't going to thinking well it's really geared build slowly just could not because it's not yet and it really isn't idol of the. Weighty matter of factly is able to kill people but anyway yeah. And it's and I carried a natural gas with the John Bryant dolls way of doing it is so awesome. But that's our talk about they wrap it showed today is the Justice League spectacular. And kinda funny exactly because I know that we will I'll a lot of mr. penny if you weather now we're going to do spectacular. Because. We have to because you can look for spectacular mean you did but. Everybody loved floor amid yet what exactly you've got to do spectacular as I'm always there were supposed to be spectacular. And maybe you warrant those of the best spectacular today it was that had what we would call low expectations. Due to their previous. The the parts of the day and DC. Extended university. Now we're into this line of people were not sure what to expect we've heard they were played with three shoots. Director got brought in to a complete the movie due to unfortunate families circumstances. Yes Zack Zack Snyder and not to you know him and unfortunately we know the kind of over the Zach mixing I can't see uniformity yes this is basically justice punch. Or soccer league and not every movie he's done a better. Soccer league yet and that's every movie that he does which is beautiful like you said Vicki. This reminds me now if you guys remember this from watch this but when. I forget the Stanley Kubrick died. Right before the eyes and might show it yet and he has artificial intelligence AI kilshaws went before he died before it was done so they had to get Steven Spielberg. And I'm telling you. You could tell it became. I'm really serious gritty movie and then they sent us an ET at the end I'm into you had vibe there because they had to bring in a new director who was completely different thing Kubrick. Yes so I feel the same way about Wheaton and Snyder. It kind of reminds me of the hole and man thing because they had bigger idea that I and they can because you certain directors has such a unique style. You don't really think about it as Justine on other movie but when you put two people very different lake a Zack Snyder and a job Sweden and you can I didn't think I'd be able telling may do a few tweaks here and there are no it was very obvious what was just we get in what was Zack Snyder the intro of the whole movie. I just the whole sequence and everything like up. Zack Snyder yes Zack Snyder because their minds kill him and. It exactly in sacks Saturday due watchman which some people will lampoon for the fact that it was pretty faithful to the comics is great. And it's perfect for watching and in fact right as he was RT still reported out he really structured that and there's some goofy scenes with that one including the -- the sex scene in the in our Canadian I was in any and some lose some goofy parts on it but by and large guides easily correct they did have sex and that in the book that -- that. Yeah yeah not to hallelujah with a little indoor shooting now look at a ho attitude to sing hallelujah is playing in the background in the comic book if but the costs are high after today's. And watchman spectacular we will. Yeah until late night does it. It's it's tough I don't know can you pinpoint exactly what. Was meant about it I'm having only Justice League yeah. Yes I definitely Campbell will go over the plot first a little bit here at it revolves around on Bruce Wayne slash mad man if you didn't know spoilers are that's why I use running around trying to put together a super team to combat a threat to I like that he was flashed in late hit flashed into. Into his brain figuring out that something is going wrong in this all happens in the wake of Superman's dad I really like that and and and I would let you know I'd like to give credit to both Ben Affleck Jeremy Irons I like that that man Alfred and Bruce Alpert connection is really good I wanna say that because everybody gives Ben Affleck a hard time I actually dug his bat man the in this movie and I love Jeremy Irons -- is Albert there's a couple times where. All that man is is played for laughs. And I thought it was a big two feet. Especially when he'd just gotten is asked Kate he's Islamic Jihad scanner Garrett I don't know that it's wrong just lead and and that was wrong yes that was the total bat man's joke should be the one where is city you're in wanna brought the pitchfork. That's really like really what kind of you'll recall that Chris I don't know it's it's when it's dry yeah drive you guys have you moisturize dry and that's it. Yeah and that was my problem that was Josh Sweden I really wanna look at Josh and what do you understand the character Josh that's not the way you play him for humor. I could see playing somebody else for humor like my alike may be a flash saying that because his whole Carrick was kind of goofy the whole movie even let him be the one to say that. That was my problem with that that's not Affleck problem except if I were Ben Affleck I think I would've said I'm not doing that 'cause that's not what that man does not Batman fan yet and it's a there's a couple times even watching it Wear a watch teen Affleck in this suit it was. It was awkward because it's an old dude who is not as fit. So it really liken me back to use the Dark Knight when you had the guy and the hockey pads sit in there and he's like who doesn't help you do and it's like a bully you're not Batman and it's like there's a couple times and this was like. This early as a program and to me yes see I liked what they did with our Christian Bale in the last Batman movie. Because he's you saw that he was aging he saw that the time was taking a toll on him. Andy did look silly in the costume he but out of the cost to me he looked like he had issues for yet and I mean he was using leg tools things to help him late even despite walk around or Gillick a little extra it's a Deseret guess here is put a hold up Harlow are thinks thanks BJ Spain over there. And other characters. Other main characters we have Gallagher Delhi Diana prince slashing was great she won the idea feel like they're just trying to maker Hadley that weird chemistry with that man and that is a little weird like it didn't go anywhere it did have a meal that we saw that in some of the other movies though would have he had interest in her and she didn't. Because you know she still planning over Steve button. The ghost and many years are anything but I edit it. And I was just felt like OK knock it up like this isn't really doing anything you ask just get it I just gotta tell. I'm I didn't even know I did things turn the other and realistically I can I catch up as a. Okay I like and he's he's left behind yes Arnaud and so what we use I'll get go live it's finally over her like Palin lives. We'll have a little unnecessary it's good didn't go anywhere but it didn't even like kids and it might go somewhere and felt. A little forest on my and a click OK cool then get back to the action in the other part of her like. We'll let you go out there and just be you know basically superhero. It's like okay this is the whole Clark Kent glasses things like she'd already saving the world we have Smartphones gas. Like it's a little what did you did this week no nothing there one event like video or pictures of her like saving people and reckless security camp but it is you alone like that kernel it's a do you stated helmets reconnect Campillo took some click okay. Really but another fumble then so I can equal. It's a staple QDC I mean seriously like when glasses can prevent you from realizing that Clark Kent is Superman like he said. At least they're somewhat consistent with and disguises and I. And that earning a lot of Rodrigo as the fact that she's the goddess or anything like that but. I have no insight in all and end I don't know if it was this article that influence me or if I actually did notice and decided hey all right I and they make a good point. I I don't it might have been the Daily Beast then I read an article about the movie. And that there would be the the person who wrote it couldn't content on the fact that oh yeah you could tell there's a different directors shooting this wonder woman in this movie. Because there were a lot of backside shots that you did not see gratuitous backside shyly as it did not see this I was looking forward because I thought okay. This study this definitely stuck up for somebody and I have to tell you. She felt a little bit more sexual lies that she was in her own movie and I didn't like it because. The cool thing about I wonder woman in her own movie was yes she's beautiful she's amazing news note I Delgado is just gorgeous. But that wasn't what she was about and there were some butt shots that really like you thought he you know I don't think that need to be there. And you she's gorgeous but I think it's you know it's kind of cool that I did not. See any of those that I could remember really and Wonder Woman yes and did not miss it. You know and she said that was and I thought whoever the article is that they said that's the difference between a female director and a male director and and I thought. You know what I think that to have a pointless article yeah. And there's that tweet that was going viral ads they showed one at the amazonian women are wearing their armor and see where. Not so much that they Wear modest that they had bad they midriff covered because why would you have your mid drip drip showing in battle yet does not makes cents. And if you look at the amazonian women in the Justice League movie they were kind of wearing explosive type things almost I mean with like. Oscar bottom Bentley look here's my midriff yeah and it's like a difference between a male and female costume designer. As you well also would it go elite. And somehow they're really really cool annihilate you know little the look of them. They what you're trying to kind of make us believe that there's a world amazonian women have a using bow and arrows but I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna be wearing bikinis tops of the but the going to battle this. The mad and I don't remember marvel movies not having continuity like that because that's something that should be from a continuity standpoint if this is how you portraying the disease amazonian and Wonder Woman are your. Hi you're basically making her show up. I think you have to have that be consistent and just another reason why DC doesn't quite get it right when they're doing their movies now moving on to the other characters that we are introduced to in this in this movie we've got as a Miller as Barry Allen slash the flash at least in my mole as Arthur curry slash article man and ray Fisher as Victor stone slash cyborg RA the -- still the show right away they should've just I can't wait for the last movie because I love him hates it seems to be even like with the the X-Men movies with the speedster quicksilver. Not an MCU but the of the fox side he stole the show at this point and really he steals. Barry Allen really does still the show what this is the the difference between the speedster is is that. You know in the X man it's sad to see CNET steals the show the idea like on I got him going super uber passed in the slow like. How everything slowdown that's what the what seemed really still need get a couple couple quips. The way he was just like between SP shall expressions an awkward Manson just like hi hi Amy friendly you can tell there's something there that. Maybe a lot of nerds at haves that's social anxiety you go through until he is very related. Yeah a lot of us really love Peter Parker in this movie yeah how. Yeah well I'll tell you this app happy Vicky you're absolutely right the only reason I kind of did like cam is only because the fact I've been much in the flash TV show so I've always. It's a bit different portrayal of Barry I have and I haven't won yet either and I thought as you know or was outstanding in this but he was Ronnie and the enters a militant great job I mean I Donnie palms with him it's just it's he's not my flash yeah it's like a doctor I think I thought I yeah. But he did really well yeah. If my favorite one is where is running behind Superman in Superman just like his eyes shift is really creepy I shift over and he does have the Donna we're gonna say look and ha boom like that wasn't. I am I wrap. Then I'll flash to grant class and he's like hello hello my favorite part of that whole summer wire they even fighting scene anyway but I love the fact that because I wondered as it was happening and I thought this is really cool they set up in such a way that as a viewer it's like. Is Superman gonna be able to stop him or not and then you see the eye moving you go OK okay that scene actually was really dwelled on. I've now the whole plot of this one revolves around Steppenwolf and agent product by the way I was like their music out filed a sudden it just hasn't got to fight you know. He's going around I wild pitch OK sir OK he's going around finding these. Three boxes which really aren't explain other than the fact that they are there to terra more. The world. And turn it into a warplane that he is going to come back from another boxer tests Arabia times three exactly Arnold company and no one of the interesting things about this is that this movie especially to meet. Did not. Like everything was. Explained by one person and everyone took it as OK this is how is going to go there wasn't a whole lot of plot. Or story it was just our eye except this we're gonna move onto the next thing some people didn't even know that these mother boxes are Centene computers and that is who. Steppenwolf is saying mother and he's talking to because their community guy communicating to him. Most people didn't even understand that in order to why I knew that's because I found an article comes out wondering what the hell was going like there's a lot of stuff that. Needed to be explained. That wasn't explained in this movie via. And it I think that's an editing issue I wouldn't be surprised if in the deleted scenes we do see some sort of form of seeing that he's communicating with these boxes in a way that we get the boxes are talking mayhem. 'cause he just seems like a crazy guy yes. Absolutely and there's so many points where he's just tell reporting in and out and not actually like. Being a bad guy or even like a viable threat to comes back to having a villain problem which I always have an issue win that you need to have a compelling villain in order to make the movie itself compelling and CGI villain now we'll see what they do with fan knows because he's also CGI but normally. You're being villains the CGI guy. That's a tough one because it's you can do it if they just haven't done CGI and up we can think the person is a 100% real. You know looked a grandma Harkin is probably the best thing they've done GAAP and even still they kept him in the shadows and he wasn't the main bad gotten. I'm so I it's that was a problem for me I just knew he wasn't real the whole movie there's a lot of issues with C Jack people having issues with it especially I mean we've talked about it Henry capitals face Baghdad looks like his holed John's all kind of know the guy he was messed up but I it was like what. What happened to him and I remember all right they date took out his mustache. Vicki I do we have any a listener thoughts on that could laced it up on the FaceBook page to get people's reactions and love to hear what people had to say about it. Our rates so I love that is that the very top you know looking at other stuff. One other thing I did want to point out though I think he can find the full list and I'm trying to find it post on FaceBook for real they like leaked. The backside is deleted scenes a few that are supposed to be in it that he had done all the right they removed so I heard a lot of people wish they were in yeah act checked out outposts on the face a page and I you can check those out and suggest says I like it was a perfect known was it entertaining a couple of hours as the health you know stepping willful at Steppenwolf. If for example. Turn to that four times faster yeah. All in all it was a nice step forward for the DEC. DC EU and gives me hope for the future. And I have to. Say that I did not have a terrible time. Iowa wash it it was entertaining it was under two hours which helped a lot it was. Flowers and still had the plot issues I would have a lot more yeah blob or problems we had to suspend the plot issues beat enjoy d.s does have a microphone by the I love go to a movie with my son because my son has high standards. And when it comes to plots and and he was just like are you kidding me especially about the whole armament thing it's like. AD and if you ask like why does is it wise his whole story in the story of the three boxes basically in somebody's bar. On a wall I mean you know address like what the hell is that it seems like it's at least if you feel you find this in a cave somewhere or in a pyramid and it's just not back wall is. Benefited embracing a guy who could talk deficient and people got and it's not about except we got this mural that Wallace. It's just what the hell is that which actually explains the entire concept of the three boxes gas that was pretty dumb dozens of those things is that same thing as a. I enjoy the movie and then DC EU for what it is they cranes by the but at the pair characterization of our men flashed but it didn't take away from the movie for him at least and. Joey di had the greatest line I loved his greatest line he's like so. We've got to take these boxes that make sure that nobody ever finds them so will give the box is over to the Amazon to know hide it in an island that nobody can get to get into the Amazon would give it to the other olympians who can hide it likes to see the point thousand leagues under the seat and a look look at these Cubans are now period. Five feet in the ground you know you have a filed to be back gave it to the Atlanta and before there underground yeah. Yeah underwater to my point piano piano guitar and I guess I got the joke is yet vehemently eventually took an underwater and here's the humans are Alamo fighting over here what do you verified at the ground over there in is kind of leaders to -- the point that by humans can't be trusted with it but again the same way you just can't be trusted to bury it deep within five feet right that's the humans were the last ones to actually give up the Oxley. Like there was no defense at all it was like I analysts don't answer I'm white I'm like guys. You guys are the most pathetic and they tried their asses off at like. I mean big bass reducer to isolate their way to get the bus and one person to another and that's not just takes a step in and he's got the box yet so it's like a case so they were not gonna be delighted events. And then you know and and and Freddie in the fish people it was like it took nothing for him to get the boxer ma'am no heed the toughest time he had was the other guys have put it would like two feet megrahi. Is that I mean it was like these little weird things where it's like what we need to get to the next plot point he's actually so yeah yep yep he has at a depth Doug that's I don't see that's there's sentinel. It's what's so disappointing with this is the writing and the execution and the editing. DC with these big things can not figure it out or Warner Bros. in this particular incident in really wondering about as exciting thing innocent -- he's kind of like the which house keys like I don't think they should be making movies they should be making TV series. Because they have so much they wanna include input into something. That. 42 hours two and a half hours I had enough hole honestly as much you wanna beat the hell what you postings until it is an exception you know what I'm saying until Zacks that it makes his matrix they wish to put the what you want them right watchman is nominal levels may of the hunter I in my head yes. Okay now what. We wanna take risks and I was just you say that what I'm seeing online is that Zach says Rick Snyder's original cut was gonna be a lot closer to three hours. When just Sweden took over. The the studio wanted to get it closer to to see that's the problem that movie was it then that movie was a disaster for that reason right and some was gonna tell Zack Snyder Sachs stopping. Three hours it's too much. I mean really we don't want that from our comic book always an ending like Vicki said make a miniseries at that point they might have been able to fill in those are a lot of those pot holes with that extra yeah and our findings that I don't let nobody would win it around and there's now if you can't tell a story in two hours I'm sorry then you know what seriously you you may be should stop make him well I opened be worse for our men and I stack the deck. It'd Tim barter anyway assessor. Technically women is as well as well name. Part one or call infinity wars and an infinity they're called me oh late well they used to be the worst part to. I now it's unnamed just I passengers borrower have to wait a little revenge his weekly wrap this up. Probably badly they like their empire strikes back on this one but how are they going to have like what are they gonna do about like all the other movies that in a must not gonna have any other vendors in the movie by themselves until find none have want to find out and hey talk about early avengers spectacular but I know Jesse document and then as many know. He was and I was injustice I. And bury Al and there. I don't hottest doctor Manhattan is the actor is he actually had already after all and realize oh that's I have no clue I don't know the no I know he's not a 10 dollars and transfixed on a certain blue party very early but to obviously to quit when he was still human yes yes it did play the blue guy and while I didn't even realize that was sent medical care Vick back Chris what are some other Easter egg flawless. Leaking of actors that did take kind of popped up in their the original Jimmy Olsen field Superman movies the the actor we figured earmark McClure Dion who was Christopher Reeves yet Jimmy Olson he was one of the cops in there. Oh that's fun not cool I like they do stuff like that he was at the etc. memorial in metropolis in the town of cyborg leaping into the path of the oncoming car. And then nab it to yet he was the police officer being saved was was that was cool clerk what did you guys think a cyborg. Actually I thought it was pretty cool like yeah I I thought the CGI on him was good at cut the characterization was fine. And again they're making a bunch of quick leaps to get him into the team yet they can kind of rough on that that's -- pleasure reading they cut out a lot of his back story like came the app pool and just trying to do their name but that was that is the movie on the whole like media get a whole lot of inclusion of awful man and we didn't get a whole lot of flash it was just boom they're there. Both that affect a cyborg in our command were like if he'd join a team it's and the proof there on the team on with very little. My persuasion and yes exactly if it was an Iraq I don't have a problem with that I saw why he would he got on the team I'll come and make sense the and then made sense flash. You know look he's the he's the goofy guys so he's he's the goofy nerd guys a couple of more I Easter egg. As quick a quick guy a list of characters said the DC characters were teased in the show there was into the black mask because we of the Janice could corporation and we know is run by Romans saying on us who is the black man I'm diamonds north. We had. With that very Allen being involved with Smart guerrillas we thought maybe there might be an alternate to origin for a girl brought in there yeah obviously the penguin was tees with the exploding going to penguins us in our lab was there to star labs and if you look at one of the screens when Barry Allen is saying in his lab. There's an image are one of the screens and it talks about his armor being specifically designed for cold resistance so we thinking that kept in cold might be showing up in there too. Are yeah I think ultimately green lantern and the green lantern and a whole scene weathered explaining everything that I was really glad I had an idea that it was funny there's an titles like they might as subtly hinted degree randomly telling them. Well. Well I mean there any that's not up and say I'm only in the ring pleasantly that's pretty subtle effect and. Kind of an everyday I ring make you make also took time things come true impact of anything. One thing though the little bummed about is that they didn't really utilized JK Simmons as much as I would move. Hoping it was really a. Understated Jim Gordon I'm glad 'cause I was one is it gonna be easy to be like Jim Janet Jones Jamison is that as I have particularly with the JJ Jonah Gordon. And I was happy I actually that he wasn't I thought he did a real understated Jim Gordon when he had his scenes and I'm happy because that's the way I'd I think of Jim Gordon B. This into Philly he did almost worked out to be you know commissioner board aren't asked he has to Tyler yeah I think JK Simmons a work out. All my dad I want him to be like my grandpa because it's like I took her eyebrow and that there and I got it appeared on on a bus into yeah he's too busy today you know helping people their insurance claims so there. I I don't know why he couldn't he's a treasure to the world literally a cement so finally. The final thoughts on this with me giving it out of the ten I would give it a six out of ten I don't wanna give it a failing grade I think it that it was a passable for a superhero movie. They're just a bunch of plot issues but again yeah under two hours really helped out for me Chris what would you give it a lot of fun six and a half maybe seven I probably won't ever need to see it again I have to agree on that one big pass 66 and a half are definitely I know Joey. Six and a half that's enjoyed these stereo. I'm giving us some give it a 7. I am because I'm not a DC fan if I was a super DC fan I know I give the seventh then yeah exactly awesome I would love to hear even more thoughts on this please gift as that BJ geek nation a finest on our FaceBook pages and tonics and and. Senior day. And your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells six feet Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for every one. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself DNW duck club next BMW dot club.