BJGN12-04-17 - Crisis on Earth X

Monday, December 4th

The gang talks TV with Crisis on Earth X, Shannara Chronicles, and Stan vs Evil; Rev talks with Mike Robles about the Battlefront II loot box controversy; BJ and Chris talk board games with Mansions of Madness; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells said he Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. See. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always as you are now entering Vijay chase the nation. He asked what could be JC's Pete needs in high and the reverend en Fuego across from me is Vicky Barcelona time. I live oak Okur has so hello we also have the show's namesake Vijay say I am now. And then a running the boards is Joey. On today's show we will talk television and we will talk video games of micro blares and maybe you'll talk a little board games. And of course the DT would be to beat Vicki how can people get ahold of us get a hold of us via our website CJ nation dot com it's gonna have all information on how you can follow us on social media pages that. Really face the letters each education across port area yeah I. Exactly thank you so much and I think we need to go right into TV talk because there was a big big event that I know we. Wants little mirror. Kind. This on earth acts which was aid no there. It was it just a flash crossed a road is a lot of doing everything is forced big shows on the C dub and their DC shows in you've got super girl flash arrow and DC's legends of tomorrow even and I will tell you is much is DC gets flack for relief failing in movies. This television shows on the CW network are kicking ass. Last year's big crossover it was kind of a tough one and the NN and I think it's suffer from the problem of your your big villains were CGI aliens in OK and now to do on television it is unless you've got Star Trek discovery budget you just can't teach an idea so hard to run a big bases. Mammal talk about mission are chronicles later because they seem to really do pretty good too good job what are you I actually. But this was a really hit the crisis on earth ax man this was fine because I don't know a whole lot about the DC universe but. They've got 52 Earth's is what they figured out hot in the in the multi verse if you will. And there apparently there's a 53 that nobody even in any of the wanna talk about 'cause it's Nazi Europe Ochoa get prices under effects and it's a cool idea you know it we've seen so many different science fiction a stories what would happen if the Nazis have won World War II yet I had and it well on this earth that's exactly what would happen and apparently whatever at their on it's always nice and it's always really bad weather. Pass another word that I you know it's the batters that day appeals to India and they're better at a couple of cool thing is there's if you're there's a new fury and their general the fury happens to be. All over queen wearing his black and red arrow outfit out of no he is married to super girl AKA over a girl and I so that's. Moos CN basically all our all in Macon now with Kyra and that was a thing. Felicity is a concentration camp basically like survivor where she talks about a Jewish heritage wow I don't remember her really mentioning a whole lot of that in previous episodes but they surely were like hey man they made big huge news event and also the publicity character. Policy smokers saying hey you know and so she's Brunette. And looks like she's been his concentration camps yet. Basically the Germans are just as mean as they were back in the day Nazi Germany Sweden and they are coming under the regular earth why well first of all they wanna invade us weak links were all week makes gotta love mode you know Melissa but noise playing a really mean. And just. Fascist version of super girl gotta say she was pretty sexy it's interesting to see that because we've seen a little bit of that the comic books for Superman. But I don't know if they've ever done something like that with super girl so it's kind of interesting to see that take on that yeah I'm Ebola evil I would of the hell's name is on his back left. Turns out that flash never got rid of him and other them with season two I think a little horse never got rid of him even though you basically killed off the guy that was part of the people that made him in the first place like you go back until somebody's grandfather you think then. And he did disappear but somehow he's back and you know EA you know Ebola was on somehow went to Earth's axis and teamed up with all the German Nazi German people. And so yes so it was a big war. And basically the Nazis invaded Barry and irises wedding you know the flash is supposed to get married to his longtime love. And and oddly weird stepsister so somehow they did but there's still gonna do that now what am I did not see that come to know hey hey. But it was enjoyable it was a very fun for episodes and eat almost may wanna watch you know legends of tomorrow again because unfortunately. Victor Garber is character gray. He dies and he's the other half firestorm so we don't know how Firestone's commitment anymore because a guy that he needs to bond with has gone inner arresting are going to get you back in alleges tomorrow than that yeah I know I'm not going to happen Alex it's interesting that does. And it's just too much television guy and I meant but you know it was it's fine at least we know enough about at least I know enough about legends and super girl that I got to enjoy what was going on. And I think a big win for C dub it was you know it was a two night to a note to our episode two hour episode event. And they did a great job of that how cool is that to have all your favorite characters cross over for a special thing in a season. I applaud the CW for doing that on their four shows. Good for them they are knocking it out of park in my opinion and it comes TV if they get figured out how to make that translate the movies at the game and results in you did mention ash and our chronicles. House up Gloria I will tell you I stayed up late thinking that I would be the one that I don't wanna be dragon the team down colors in the season finale of c.s into the ocean are I'm. Across the living. Okay and and I just I started watching a whole bunch of other news shows to an annexation ours in the list. But I just I don't think UCLA you guys knew this was going to be this and now I didn't I was shocked myself which is why I was like wait a minute. There's a 120 episodes. For all I was looking nine DB and say women this is it that means then then an episode ten here is the last one night and then of course I read this and you know that the synopsis. Well has to face the final all the white out crowd current battle I don't know why this went by real fast yeah well because they were doing two episodes a week that's analyst in so it was their own version on spike TV they've been watching him the dosage you guys haven't seen it I won't spoil it for you. Here's the thing each of you Russian Nara. I think this is one of those shows that someone's gonna watch and Netflix in the gonna watch on an Amazon prime wherever it goes in the gonna say. This is really a good show I can't believe we're watching this now for free on Amazon Iran it's. It's such a good show I really just they they really do the job of the special thanks for TV show frankly. Second to start trick discovery this might be the best special effects show on television. Sets what they do I mean it's completely fantasy Lan you know futuristic or government really run by elves gnomes and whatever. And you know the acting is pretty good considering. And Manu Bennett I love and actually I won't split what you guys have already have you guys in the warlock yet. The the red warlock there's an audience that's Andrea have you seen him yet oh Edmonton what I won't spoil who he is and it's a yeah. Because senate today because this was a surprise to me who the red warlock turns out to be who has been the the whole idea. Let me just say that Eritrea. Watch your back would that be got Ali that's all I gotta say and also said tears a little bit in this once in that you you think said tears anyway. Lots of said here's how well a lot to be like a book I know what to you know as we have lots beloved characters you know you go home really is that gonna happen and then aren't. Yeah and I am I I really I really like should our chronicles and I hope people get to watch YouTube but I think it's going to be great didn't watch a few do because nonstop action good I think decent acting decent writing and beautiful I mean beautiful sets and beautiful. CGI for television come up nice and then finally you wanna talk about stand against evil we are now for a while NN and if anyone remember scrubs it has doctor Cox broke out there here which are gonna remember his name it is just. Had I known I was and the guys say it's McKinley right I'm McGinley yeah I don't see me in the I keep bringing Matt Perry but that's as I've only men's matters it's very cut. Yeah that's good they don't stand. This a fun show on IFC and it's horror based Dana Gould who's real fun comic over the years our own half it's his show it's his creation. And they he really is just doing a send up of the sort of which she and casting spells kind of horror you know as opposed to zombies he's going to be more like okay curses. And really be steep and if you will the old Salem which is kind of a thing nice and that's what the show is about second season. I loved it and I'm on an episode three of a few episodes behind. But man we got to see some fun people show up there's an episode that I'm watching called curse of though where pony. Chair and here's the funny thing usually. When you're talking about a where wolf it's a dude that when the full moon happens. He basically goes from a human being into where wolf injured we will this is a different story where it's a crazed at. Pony that will chill as a pony but it's only the full moon when he comes out needs just like this all sort of western dude were in the same open every night and no one really has noticed that yet. He joins us. And the dude is our buddy Simon from the Walking Dead oh yeah and so I signed of course second in command to begin in the guy's crazy and I area. And as so Stephen Og the Stephen Ogg and I love the Stephen odds portrayal of the supply hope and underwear Tony. Is really fun which we also know is Trevor from GTA five yen. Actually. And he's got the fun person to show up in this episode. Janet Varney plays EB Barrett who's been here who says that the new sheriff in town if you will constable in. The whole idea of the show is is that whoever the constable is of of this town they live in will be killed by the get people. Because that's how it is. And she has and her ex husband show up. Who obviously buys a pony for her daughter but as I have an apartment in the city so you're gonna have to take this pony up up up up up messed brother ever it was the best father ever. David kept her so okay so fun seeing him show up and he's fantastic in this so. Again another fun show to watch whenever you get to be injured and it's on IFC can. Which are the folks that host of course portly India and other good stuff Tia are great. Moving on to grow bliss joins us for a little bit of video game chat in this as this music has been crazy over guy should the last couple of weeks and we haven't had a real chance to talk to you about this but EA is going through some big woes with battlefront two and first stop you want as stated that you really do enjoy the game especially the campaign mode. You add the campaign mode you can in beautiful it's EA has put in the work. And they have made a beautiful looking game the stories really need. It's a cute little story it will be unpredictable at times. What it's funny it's short it's nice it's short it's a great our work toward you it's. Like a spirited beautiful. I and the most players not bad either like it it's actually a good game. And that problem lies in with the fact that Lou boxes. Tend to be an issue right now. It is really really blown up and DA's phase would this game it's. Yes well they originally I have micro transactions great and I ate Indian currency to purchase more than our. And the some dream about that could bring along what all of the players that were out there. Which makes computers over watches the same thing but I mean we'll watch cricket the all cosmetic and what did you actually buying games you're actually buying up I couldn't get. And may you live better players that we need to win a write in magically get married this same thing eagle and you buy it went to booster packs to get your better car. And so little progression really upset a lot of gamers of all it will boycott a bit of going so so. So badly that EA decided they were gonna end all micro transactions hours before the game want. Ended the problem league at that point is that you've got the entire Internet essentially going after them. And then they're like okay we're gonna hold this back. But then they added a little cabbie odd until a later date which everyone picked up on and didn't help their cause at all. No it really didn't admit it. Is this thing ward makes you wonder Star Wars is owned by Disney right and then there's this it's just rumor fighters aren't and it is based. Back but the rumor had it that busy. Condone or mediate what you need to fix this because we don't want people talking bad about Star Wars are a golf course is going to be huge moneymaker is especially with the last July coming out and shoot it. So I can keep that from a business standpoint of being like you need to fix this plane up to all people talking bad apple IE. And turn it I'd be hard create. Yeah you know Michael and I impediment cost them a lot more money. And the magic ritual and bring it back later are still a lot of more people behavior gone on further totally you know you don't look took my goal is to go to gamers and gamers that have the kind of play the game. And gamers that don't have that I would have the money. So let click sane would you buy a 100 dollar change got everything unlocked automatically or would you buy each extra dollar and and within the kind of locked up. Yang and the problem is we've got number crunchers out there we've got people that are more than happy to check out every little bit about it and find out that it takes essentially you know in insane amount of time if you didn't pay for everything to get all that stuff. Yeah it's it's pretty ridiculous kind of crazy come out we honestly I'm curious what our listeners think like. I play the game are gonna play the game very boycott and because of the blue boxes. I have had a blast multiplayer my goodness remedy. You meet any real money that could really good game that they could look at the missed out because of error I am to get there. I I I agree because it was so beautiful and there's I mean obviously you want to take a stance. One way or another especially if you're putting your money out there and that's the best way to do it. It's just I also feel that a lot of people are getting caught up in some of the minutia of all of it and they're not giving a game that is very get a chance tax dude actually play it completely agree. And now looking forward a do you think that game companies because I also I know they EA kind of I met many wish other cells in the foot they already put the promise out of not having to pay for the DLC that's gonna be coming out do you think that there's anything else that they can do you or any other companies. Stuff that they can do in the future not to have something like this happen or is it really just the whim of the of the Internet and you know there there who wavering. Allegiances and sometimes wavering anger. Honestly I don't know what can be done at this point. Some country some countries and even think some other cities I'm so articulate the popular comic gambling completely Cuba can now I'm not purchased he's gained concurrent computer gambling. So like we wondered what the future animal forward. He looked like system a progression just some stuff like that like we silverlight is cosmetic salute all the hoopla that aren't really. Cannot paint a win ya any and all these aren't even when bush took shelling out hundreds of dollars on these on these costumes. What do I am like battle front to where you're covered under a hundred dollars. Different attempts to hold that you get your reader car earlier and I hope you get a better crystal you know so you can really see what's gonna handle the future Brazilians know that. You boxes can be compared to court gambling. Yeah that's kind of back Cassius slippery slope and I hate to use that term but it really seems to be that at this point but I think you've got a good point I do wanna hear from the geek nationals and how they feel about all this and obviously you can always contact Mike Mike we're gonna find yet you I don't what are you you look a little microbe like Scott think you so much man. Of course it thank you so much Mikey going from video games we have a short amount of time both talk a little board games we got for us. Hello hello so that you know the old Roland Dyson even more yup increase I think you're part of this. It granted it was you know a month ago but we had a special Halloween themed night because the extra buddy Josh and between him and our buddy Sean who are on the board utilized with you Chris yup and these guys every to have every game known to man to turn up so much so that they can do themes out we had a Halloween themed game night that involved some cool games that had a horror theme to it. And the one thing that we played was mentions of madness. Second edition react which is a game changer because Matt's mad his first edition great game except you know to keep track of everything you have to do a lot going on as a lot going on and to be that did I should say the DM of that game yet because it is kind of an RPG's sort of you know you're you're exploring crazy mansion and there's miss. So without going too far down there at the rabbit hole on there is there's CB modules that comes with the board game and it tells you how to set up for each sort of scenario and then you have to keep referring back to this spoke to find out what you find in this remote what you find in that room and it's a lot of it's a lot of back and forth and and again a lot of pieces to set up. And US the DM don't really get to play as you're like sink them back and forth in the book yeah well technologies a beautiful thing move you know hot don't have to be the DM anymore or the GM or the MM or the OM whatever you wanna call yourself a yen because you don't that you get you have time to take a BMMR. Because now there's an app for your iPad of course there I don't know. As do this app rocks 'cause if you hook it up to your Smart speaker like you're you know you're Amazon echo plays music AA can't get you in the mood to see all that is so great it shows you exactly which game pieces to get so we've put the tiles down to be here for you as far as the footprint of the house jury investigating. It is fantastic. And of course it's all about the elder elder tore elder sign universe so nice city LA if you wanna win you better not hang out with a could do lose. The guys you're good to win then yeah. America talk a pool either way you don't want to lose also. And we were played this and I I have to say that mixes of madness second addition is a must have this iPad app is so important and there have been enough changes that you have to get the second edition but you still they do have a lot of the things you can do with the first modules and expansions and I'm shall be more for second if there even about that probably MI out by now time. I just I got a great great game and it's you know are you surprised I'm not surprised because. You know it's. You know wasted it's fantasy fighting and of course those are other if it's amazing what you can do with technology now I mean I we've you guys have been able to preview we've. We have is basically just like a Smartphone as our gaps device version of and it's getting it's going getting bigger and even better and I am really excited it that is some point but really it's like what. Can technology not you at this point it cuts down the time there's no haven't a look at anything just find out good you hit a question mark on the board to find out what I'm examining here. That unity comes up on the screen and the person who wants to be the DM gets to read it whatever voice they want that is how stand by its us fantasy flight games takes 12880. Minutes depending on the scenario playing really really fun and we're not dilemmas think he's so BG she's given it over eight waiting so our guys. Actually and this is on his doctorate into the game and app developers out there either on the tech side of things. Do this for more games yes there's so many big complex games that are really wish would hit the table more often but they're just they're just too much of a slog in these apps are just. Making them so much more accessible to every general I had to do more of this please awesome thank you so much. Eyes and now it's time for all work. Sheet Swiss TV yeah I know her from what got forest Vicky. We. Right now old. I would it be safe to say 70% 80% of all the movies that we're getting right now in TV shows are usually kind of remake or sequel there's so 70% Hannity I don't wanna know I 809068. Point 42%. I. I figured out never met up. Thank you mr. stack itself probably Alan merit. But I've honest. Drink enact. Our total nerd power by Rinker. Did a whole thing Hollywood has been desperately trying to make sequels to your favorite eighties movies for decades and here's some of the land that the here. Currently working on wed the independent you know various stages of production is beetlejuice on this one you're number one they have on here beyond the case you know has a new right here. So apparently deadline Hollywood reported as October 2017 beetlejuice she was still in the works at Warner brother in. The will be written by my ache and oh I don't care come. I might buy it that Mike my job but I. My guess. Hasn't let up keys. Dino beach who cab boo yeah Google analytics rogue an American president who. Which is funny because the original idea for a a beetle juice and sequels are for him yes surfing in Hawaii on winning like a surf contest or something just told timber and can be like I don't want to write this so maybe if they're. How something as constant like this soliciting and really you allude to or eighth sequel they're saying beetlejuice too because the Bernie and Michael Keaton about the talks returned the new deal has been made caucus SA with the make up Michael Keaton could easily do the road and you know maybe alienates them back in May be Leno Wynonna Ryder comes back. She doesn't necessarily have to die in this one but she's always been attuned with the dead as you saw add wind it could definitely be something along those line. Yeah gala. She got older Winona Ryder. Are all laid on us right on my god that these so called Alan Ball to your comeback. Snow be kind of funny yeah Davis yes yes why not there are skeptics and alert him to their dead at the time so would date. We Catalina maybe just DC GI and hopefully would be like Justice League CT and now gone okay all right and I never played a lot and indicted on I don't need you on ministers and what does he got up. This baseball could be getting a sequel thanks to the new star wears on a quest for more money. That's yeah Mel Brooks can be part of this. I hope so low they set I had made a 2017 on hosting a screening for young Frankenstein Mel Brooks was asked if by the crowd. If a space a sequel but never happy in enterprise telling he said that he was in talks and GM to potentially bring back the star hours parity largely due to the transit return. You know the force awakened so but there's been no further report to support this but. I have to tell you something and Mel Brooks is a genius. But I do not think that the major humor that Mel Brooks brought to us over these years will be accepted very well by the millennial and Generation Y. Having gone back and watch Blake to salaries and Michael last like five years you are absolutely correct yeah there's a lot of stuff now has like that it would just not fly nowadays he directed all those are any sort of let's. Borscht belt humor which is a sort of like you know the borscht belt as of course I if you will a Jewish retirement area and it's that sort of New York. Jewish sort of vibe to the humor I don't think that's gonna be very relatable and if he can't be as up politically incorrect but he did if for great reasons back in the day. I don't know how the Mel Brooks humor which is brilliant. It would with those two examples is going to translate well if he has a whole lot to do with this it would be something along the lines of like a scary movie uranium those weird parity is I don't necessarily think that we want or need that. I don't know who the Mel Brooks of our generation is or even Vick already apparent god I wish like all the paranoia Plano and I was thinking that slightly Neal knee Nielsen. Yes and I mean you know he's not married him knowing I go to bed at like one and any parent and every Medigap and lake older well no doubt about it because Leslie Nielsen if you watch the naked guns. Although receded back in the day and including in the world a scifi forbidden planet Leslie Nielsen was deathly parity in his captain's character in get him planet no doubt about it. But it but it forbidden planet he was playing it straight it he wasn't trying to be funny like nowadays it would have to be something along the lines of like a James Franco Seth wrote in sort of vehicle maybe where they're like pot dealers. Space or something laughter. All that much that I would like it that is perfect you get like they are -- necessarily like the parity guy is led they are big they're picking that might actually be the best thing I got a group of guys I'd love Keyon peel you know got the Jordan he apologized. You're now you're out of fine great job because look but he did with get out and I mean even found a little sub McFarland in the air I'm sure he can brings a link to it and it's kind of doing it already isn't he yeah yeah. I don't know I don't I'm really much in China are also I'm OK with us as some of the other ones on the list. Got gremlins three has been written and is reportedly production. And I I had like one into an ammo OK to have that back I'd Jim Jim Henson's daughter is producing an elaborate than the. Knew who knows what I am now listening to the new god looking the other according. Our Hollywood reporter a sequel is in the early stages. But will be written and directed by at eighty Alvarez which is you know the is responsible for the Tony sixteen surprise hit suspense film don't breathe Somalia and so it's you know it's mostly true to the sequel or continuation of the story. But they're not gonna happen to be pretty spent Lisa Henson. I don't like deep belly a bloke who it was going to be even. Gobbling no that's not a problem you gobbling king we'll just do they did on twenty some return they'll get a teapot to play David Boeing says that's exactly what these indiscriminate killing her and he became a team not. Which I think led to a bit which can putt after Taylor vigilante man what is your problem here is like. This this is guaranteed there it is you're going. Wait that's a teapot it's a giant shadow over teapot and the biggest. The biggest palm I couldn't face harder right there with that OK I love David was so he's so awesome it is so great. So we'll thinking on the crew could replace him and this is just an idea became like first on the pop in my head 'cause it's an interesting take on it. Pink every original fire recently did an interview are inherently good acceptance speech where she talks her daughter. And the daughter's like mom I am I look like a boy and ugly and the ugly scrolling now she's like honey lake. Like what lately thing people say about me it's like that's what they call me and you all of us at. Okay we've had so many amazing just kind of gender neutral androgynous. Heroes in the world of music and acting between dean rebellion that. Elton John in all these different people I wonder if they would pick somebody like a pink like another musician in that around to kinda like the next into. What like some even kind of an interpretation from out of state other androgynous whether it is the Miller mail. It's sewage because I never thought of pink is androgynous I always thought that she was a sexy sexy woman she had a different look but I never thought of that as an Entrust I think a Paula Poundstone. Believe a man Paul pounced on really doesn't look at Drudge and she's sort of the vibe of being in Drudge is he has the look like the people people talk crap about is like oh yeah very manly body can she does so much in your performance issue is a very athletic Mililani quote unquote take a look at her again folks if you think that's America I didn't know what you're out of your mind she says sexy just did a quick rundown of some but I agree that you have heard that about her time like if he did okay other dark crystal to come and Netflix series yellow old that's cool that is sweet yeah top gun sequel has between nineteen release date. I know enough like there are man yeah. Who Framed Roger Rabbit still. We'll probably never happen OK air or you don't and trying to fact I'm definitely yeah Kleenex let let us know the ones that you think should be you know C schools are remade. A team you better have a real real fighter really make no you know there was already one he was the last one man and this list of events. Throw back a plug on a face that we have this list up on on her FaceBook pages while possibly can so much antenna Sunday I think their faith. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Join Vernon Wells six feet Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon Wells sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot club.