BJGN12-06-17 - Ted Naifeh's Heroines!

Wednesday, December 6th

Rev interviews Ted Naifeh about his new Kickstarter project Heroines; Rev talks comics with Scott from Comics Dungeon; Rev reviews Thanos #13; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells said he Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. She. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase the nation. You ask welcome to BJ she's teaching me shoot I in the reverent and quite go across from me he is Vicky Barcelona. And I we've got uncle Chris oh hello we've got the show's namesake Vijay Jay lie I think you. And running the boards is Joey d.s no microphone privileges for the what you deserve and not everybody on NBA show we will talk com makes Wii is. Ted may for each. Doing his own kick starter projects. We've got eight new comic book expert with Scott from comics done Jan Novak I'll talk a little bit of comic Michael oh by the way yeah I have confidence. And of course the geek she would be TV biggie how can people get a hold a lasting get a hold of us via our web site BJ EU nations dot com it's not over to have our podcast but also information on how to get ahold of us which is like FaceBook Twitter as well. Particularly speedy nations across the board. Exactly think he's so much and I think we should get right into this because. We've got a person on here who is he's been working in the past on his own projects and now is working with space go publication holder I just. Which we know that does amazing things in the comic and board game world map and other helping out mr. Ted may feet well. Put out heroines with me today is Ted may be and we've done a lot of work with this basic goat publishing before. And they do a lot of fun stuff for indie comics and you're working with them now to put out your first crowd of funding experience on kick starter. With with Harold wins now tell us a little bit about heroines it's. Well Ehrlich is about you. This. Young woman Tricia are cultural Marcy Madison because it's good to Gregor a book or course and the superhero characters he could have obliterated names except for a brief swing obviously. News. Bartz. Associates fresh out of college you graduated valedictorian. She's super. Capable she's got a couple black belt she's got the new superpower should really eager to save the world. And she you know it's got out there in the world didn't you know this superhero communities like how polite kid you know coop I can get locked. And total he she decides to start a road scene she'd like all the food you know I noticed it. You're kind of like you know she's got a notice is look to bureau tend to be mostly in London and she global screw you guys so Mozart wrote in the wall and that. Hello Cuban that I Craigslist because it's been well compared with an error they did it. And she reaches out women who feel like a little bit dismissed. And more like and nobody cares about European chiefs and I want you know you'll want it to your heart like I do a lot of media. Thank you get this little miss it. I mean. But it turns out you don't miss it's our stock offer. You know and Chico and the following ass backwards and success. And the you know the corporate sponsors call. Lord because it turns out superheroes are sponsored by corporations what do you think you know like. Gloria do you think built the Justice League hall you know. That's called -- ball just a spray. Meet so. And then she realized is while there's a law that. Shoot eighty Goji stuff going on. Like corporations are learning superhero operations. That's kind of aura if you're not running since yesterday. You can't FF yeah I mean is at that point I mean it really kind of runs parallel I mean a lot of this really runs parallel with what we're doing with in society right now so I'd imagine that's one of the reasons why you want to put this story out here right now. Well I'm noticing that relevant. Stories about superheroes on the super heroes always how reflected. How society. Handles. Its moral quandary milk. You know I give the right wrong and you know and as our ideas of right well get more so its superhero stories is why. You know you out. Daredevil and and you know what I'm sure do you live. Not. Yet fighting crime. Fighting. Corruption in government corruption in boom. The people who run in the world he. And that's kind of what it. I wanted to do but troll much more I just. Down on the streets of control you know social cues perspective. That's isn't really a really good way to start out there and I love the fact that you are absolutely correct it comics are the blue one of them what are the best ways that people can kinda help interpret what is going on in the world and especially with something like this. And this is I mean you've done stuff in the past but this is the first time we've been able to do something with kick starter and so why now why now with kick starter. Wooten because all right now you know I quite what I used to do so I put out old old old London comics like. For issues solid issues is it any issues you know later this series skull court to Kremlin which would detention run a lot of veteran addiction graphic novels. He but right now Laden's give people pickup issues and more socially independent but what sort of image book with a big game. I don't even know how you get a big name on the anymore except through appeal to a whole Lotta people and you know dispute really really good. Our moms do my best critic of the let's. Blood you know looking have a big main group of people turned away from trade. And and good issues. Haiti heard lose this series. In both feet away from the trade we got a family patrons here X. And I love and look the law horrible for chocolate cakes are alike and I love. You're telling need to all I have to do I wanna do this series and so are doing it putting it out they're hoping for the best. I put all the concept of the C east. And say hey if I did this would you buy it and they say yeah insurance broker money getting. And it's cliche here you know and how can I will have to. Oh yeah I know I felt really won't. You saw a book written nobody ordered and that's a really good point with that because of winds that crowd funding now you can throw the idea out there see if people wanna do weight you can tell them exactly what you're planning on doing because at this point you're looking to make the graphic novel containing all eight issues. And if people are down for that they can be like hey I'm gonna hit the kick starter. See what's going on see the different tiers and the different levels and I can help contribute maybe get a little bit extra something there and definitely help out an artist who wants to kind of not you know not take the traditional route even though I mean kicks are at this point becoming the new traditional route. It's becoming and it seems like is PL OK we'll see how this works out. IE. I believe in this sort of like get a lot feel good about it goes like you know like Glenn Miller. When you are cherry came along if I don't think I didn't even as well issued been going for years suddenly realized that you didn't learning on the tour and this possibly be oriented to exploit. You have your own through O'Hare duplicate sort of feels like there's huge technological step up from traditional distribution. And you know that's not to say that. People are going to go walking the college bookstores or Morocco too I wouldn't say. Distribute books through diamond wants to kick start your kick start their men what books for yeah. Know that distributed got a minute could go to the store it's gonna get out there are. You know according karma in this series roots is I kind of made my name on. Dutch soccer is still selling in books look you know comic stores still. It's talking issues while and we just released why this year. New addition though a new soft cover additional the first Mario Gonzales and you don't get it seemed seven volumes down or Morgan you know we're gonna. He couldn't print story as long as popular locally popular for a long time. That is awesome man congratulations on that just because it's a like I have a lot of friends in the comic industry and its. It's hard a lot of the times to eight get something out there would be today if we're to have any longevity with that. Yeah I'd be capable it completely you know it's not. You know here's the thing about being the creator is there. It's not necessarily anything you can do you do other than make it go written you know I mean I can and that's not just that it's not just. You know like I did that when I was in little curry into the Carolyn do better written than the first court cormorant as they are drawn in the first court. But there's something about that first book but first issue of that book. There resonated with people and I'm no control over that I you know that's purely. Happenstance she got to put out your idea and hope the best. And nobody owes me popularity nobody. Nobody else you alluded to near an artist you know you now what are you working and you hope you hope that people will like. And if they don't it's not their fault they're not handling yeah. They're they're you know your every I'm an entertainer. It's a really good point on that man and I I just love the fact that your -- on the put it all out there especially right now at this kick starter and if people are interest in this you can go to kick started icon just the search for Harrell wins I it's also won the space scope web sites as well seemed to space co publishing dot com and find it and you've got nine different tiers that backers complaints as well as a retailer exclusive gears of theirs retailers out there as well but this is pretty awesome because you're able to you. To let people choose how they want to donate and I like always with kick starters has always a good way to get people went on various levels. Exactly jail yet. Also that I you're gonna be live streaming from the kick start campaign page every Tuesday that laypeople can I keep up with what you've been doing sketches asking questions. Are there like questions that you've been that you that you that you know you're gonna be getting a lot of these wanna kind of woman about right now. Who are not necessarily but I need to correct actually we move to cut service state that could well. Honolulu last Tuesday which is good shape yet to do yesterday them one particular campaign kicked off. Blah. Turns out that you can't watch streamed from them a tablet because they don't want technologies popular and I had our tablets my. Normal. No can't see expensive. You know twelve inch iPad which is the as we all know now. And we'll tablets it's always been are actually real computer yes yeah. Yes so it's it's stirs things which is to shape. If everybody who's if you got very little they want achieved. Neat. Hey you know and ask questions and go look look look how he's trying to do your kids could. Monday that's a question Fossum and whatever all Christians they've got. It's nice -- guys didn't really do appreciate the fact pitcher you know willing to put yourself out there but also willing to answer the questions in show up all the work as it's going on and again like I say you can follow would head right there on the kick starter just follow that every Thursday check him out and good luck Ted again Ted Neifi. With heroines I think he's much for being on BJ she's Diggnation. Oh really appreciate it thank you so much Ted and again you can find that all if you go to our website you can check that out on the FaceBook page but also if you just go to space go publications you can find it there go to kick started to search for heroines and you can help them out and check it out he was they report that. And double check that out as next we got to get to eight comic expert we've got Scott from comics dungeon to talk a little bit about some of the things he's excited for and has been reading so awhile back unfortunately we had spent coldly leave us and now move on to bigger and better things and that left a bit of avoid indie comic book world for us because. I mean eight value listeners out there would know that BJ have basically just reads a couple of comic books and I'm reading only Panos now so India Abe. Her view of the comic book industry as a whole. And fortunately Scott from comics dungeon here in Seattle said I would love to help with that Scott how are you doing man doing one wonderful. How Lieberman running comics dungeon. All of them run and that poor just over thirteen years but it's been around for like 270. My goodness so you are now you are a comic book expert at this point. At least one mobile kiosk I love me. Levitt and so I'll what we wanted to do is to throw allow TU some of the titles that are out there now for our listeners to pick up if they do enjoy a lot of the new stories out there were some of the things at their interest today and and the first one that you told us about or told me about is that the new bat man titles. Because Stu Cohen mentioned about the bat man medal in all of that that's going on and DC metal and such and you told me about. Yeah absolutely and and who else is just blows crew EU and torque. Origin armed did take place and the dollar multi verse which produced the most brutal when the reverse. Effectively which only comic artist can really ask. Truly appreciate it affects the blood what looks like it is I just incredibly Arkansas. Back now and it is fighting the Joker and that. The Joker egg them on to the point where we killed them wounds after that it's just. But nobody know the Joker has come about Easter egg up. As part of the doubt he's cool back now endlessly. Ultimate virus. That you just basically turns baton and the American Joker. Wow and Honda and you start to see him don't you just messed. Up our apps that you will secure our. How they need and dot com. Note you do you see now not killing dude and converting kids in the jokers and just to keep on them the good guys and the Emmy winning because people are suspecting. That now and how this. Not ethical point of view and you know it's it's it's written Bahr really you know. And in the world. Who did do we doubt manned put. The last couple years when he told great stories but RBR and that would quite rightly lots more news is amazing you've done a lot. Previously some great horror. Books went bad moment and the like I'm there and are just makes us this. We decree eat. Visual flight error are always true so it's our. You know work. We needed to one and done sort of what a great fit right into that BC ER Bartlett that whole. But. Just messed up. It's kind of fun when you get to see and alternate take I mean easy injustice line was really popular in I mean still is for a lot of people so it's always good to see. Or interesting a least to see your favorite characters. Being corrected in different ways. Dot hello guys I know I'm a big scandal pull his personal alternate reality story because. There are oftentimes just one little thing different and how it affects them and you know and you know when I was a kid or younger when I have not so I converted you know certain. What I do I guess that didn't. Happened at all yet totally right. Next step is the doomsday clock and this is really interesting because it is bringing back the watch men. Which has been a bit of a point of contention for a lot of people. I know I know but there on the same point as like people were really excited for this and this is kind of making it look like there's going to be at least a meeting between Superman and watch mint. How is this going about an hourly doing missed. And if you notice that all of the ball we just wearing. DC comics you've done a long time goes do you know what you said watching kind of the Bible. You Merrill. I refer from geeks don't mess with. Are. And and and they're doing that and the fact of the marine. Some romantic into the the news is great commitment to look at what is basically a sequel to two walks and hit a few years later I don't watchman child stars you start seeing in the north Shaq. I met they're going low what's going accomplished portion of debt and a you you know so there it is you can get out of this Porsche given even less stable outlook for previous or Shaq soul RS. A lot dude that. They're really really iTunes. And the armed ultimately you find out about a month bills. News you can go to these. Antagonist here and he's out of our daughter Manhattan because. The world has close combat hell it's it's working but wasn't watchman. And amber at the end of the story you see Superman movie you know. From a nightmare where he's he's parents are body is is our parents our ballpark can wanna die in in the crash and now we're we're looking at this ball. How old Superman. Granite can be contacted us and knows she remembers its document have the deuce you know that's true god like Chris. Characters come together and what's gonna happen so to me I'm pretty excited I'd like I'd like the idea of more watched men like the idea of the on track so that supersede the dark universe that very not a real bright and hopeful Superman universe. And end up. On on you weren't listening go. And that's I mean we've always heard Yahoo! would win between Batman and Superman and I mean we've had a leg you know arguments about who's the better you know star starship captain between Kurt and and the card and all of these different things. Are you rooting for doctor Manhattan or Superman in this. Oh boy I don't know I. That it does not at all what I can't ensure quite rooted I'd root for the wrong side but that's good it's great reviews Yuba. Look suitable forced to the guy who could literally mountain change realities. I don't know that Superman got much of chess. Yeah I mean if you seen the powers that I mean if you read the comics and you know what doctor Manhattan can do. I mean it's it's kind of hard to face off against a guy who can see all times that wants. Yeah he's got your back like oh okay and I'm sure you can always focused on everything sold but might these Superman's back inside about. But Manhattan just always destructive path. We are really interesting to see how this does play out in so what are the two titles again. So. Didn't achieve our goals were Dark Knight about a man who laughs. And the doomsday Koppel from DC and and more in store right now. Awesome thank you so much Scott against got a comics dungeon and people can find that. If you're in the Seattle area it's a great college bookstore in this area but working they find you online. All we heard comic Clinton dot com and you force you to redouble our lose our nonprofit. I'm sure as well. Awesome thank you so much for spend some time of the Scott. A thank you so much Scott in the eye and check out the CIA and is one of those great places in Seattle appears this yellow area it's a great job definitely yeah definitely check it out local shop and I also I'll make it big he'll be there kind of jump up and get the comments on the first row to attack. We're checking her full box and wondering you know why I don't I don't do pull lax lending markets and actually hit the trade now I'm older and more sophisticated I have my books on a shelf. Is that does it does it's tough because I read. You know I read in invents rang and yeah I can read it at a I really really good doubt that there but I read invincible but I'm always so behind because I'm like Vicky it's like I'm all the and get that by Trey because I like to be injury it. The only one that I'm following right now with any Amanda frequency is Panos of course. Of course which actually just Schumacher and I'll just drop it's issue number thirteen during the holiday break which is a new set because the first twelve issues had to arcs basically dealing with same grading the Phoenix forest. And decided he wanted to kick the crap out of it is father's band knows. To which Panos is like yeah sure whatever that's not really gonna work out because well for birdie ops I'm going to give myself. It's re power to back up because he had lost his power and eventually. We TD quarry of the guides kick the crap out of stain mayor dropped face off at the quarry who is now stuck there forever I all yourself playing sorry about your provisional number Martina code note they not made that. And then we get to the fact that now thirteen deals with. Him. Sitting out re power not to take over weld. Everything again it's thirteen like he related to eleven a railway crossing universal's Nardelli was issue number thirteen talking about Florida and at this point now we get to see bad. There is suddenly aid. Ghost writer. Sounds to gather fan knows. Except its future ghost writer because he's driving flying in a weird it's based motorcycle. It's a whole really weird. Being and he's taking a look. Essentially Aaron kind of like that if these kind of yet he's he's he's. Absolutely insane really weird really strange but he's got to grab then also taken to the far far future where he suddenly comes across the person who has. On the beaten org conquered the entire universe at this point. That's which is very interesting and I won't tell you who it is all I know it is noon to talk reactors right it's not read Richard are hey not everything is about fantastic for any big that would be and that's your body's got what we're gonna get a new fit as it our pockets are still alive yeah well you're gonna have to look for it and it Earl yeah unfortunately but I really do enjoy that and you start this arc it is a start any new arc and I mean. Santos is the big bad that's I mean if you seen the trailer for infinity war I don't know have you seen a revenue that. Are you most. Times double digit times at this point yes absolutely that was and I sent my revenues watched two hours of the trailer he's seen the whole movie ask gentlemen English and that trailed two minutes at a time it is funny that you're talking about Aniston everything we can't ties into something had gone on oh let's get to. She Swiss TV. He got porous then so there is. I think have a technical term would be crap ton of characters and I I don't know I don't know I had differences and craft on but we didn't there's a couple characters like. Bid marvel characters that we did not see the trailer which we know are probably going to be in the movie but we can actually see them that would be Willie lumped in the mailman right absolutely love definitely out of power pack tells gonna go really character and I some of these I know a man stop it you know. If you SL the leaked footage and back snapper and yeah it on yeah we're there's a lot of stuff that was not including instant in this means there's some characters that we did not see that we did see previously but we did not see in this. Recent real try did not see that and there was also more leaked footage which is the reason why the trailer came out a little bit sooner than maybe that's why they reasonably dance isn't it great there's some other leaked footage out there. Each yeah. So who's in it that we don't I don't know are that we haven't seen we did hear a little bit of his voice but we did not see any nick fury in rankings from all there was an idea speech don't look like a superhero. We didn't see any hot guys. No. Jeremy Renner is talked about like you know he's he is like his contract is up for four so he's got to be in three I didn't hear. And man we did not see in the stream is your hero is and every single scene. Just small maybe I had lost as well exactly yes other no court. Yeah add to noble corps he is are any meaningful way and darn stuff takes Jose John C. Reilly is he coming back to me why would close he will but definitely no core and you need to know the core because of the space cops and well there is a lot of this out in space sweetly really these candidates. One outlets in the leaked footage but wasn't in this nebula ahead. Oh rushing things alien that she got IG then to go out tank hit a shot up I didn't. Earned them about calorie about grief from my harmony high Maria hill. When we all hang his wife before you know wherever dot till 10 o'clock and it'll all high banks now you don't let you know and I. I'm agent of shield you know that's really a hill yet like agent iron shield isn't thing I don't have been watching the show recently settling in college shield ties and at a time Coulson right now today I am best Chris you've taken outside of the OK I think everyone likes men when I'm standing and that. The collector. Yeah as game which I think I was reading that in the front of the leaked footage more LA is in the collector's collection though. If for like an after thought that I was reading oh that's like all that bad and one believes. Footage scenes yet and they like. He is in the new were leaked footage stuff in those those bad if you if you do an Internet search you can find it involves a guardians the collector in May be relieved large problem. Oh person I have to tell you they're earning this is quite an undertaking to have this many characters in one movie to see if marvel could still make this entertaining yes sometimes when you have this many. It's such a mishmash of crap I mean really this is just so much going on win he had every character. But we know them so well I think they can pull this off very well and we be okay with them having limited lines and I feeling this is what they've been building up to DL yeah planning meticulous and it's not a job here is for I asked here's I don't understand OK the boys got a DC they had to remove his facial hair and MR all the Boy Scouts are. How badly out about that it has not Captain America anymore body. Oh who isn't well we don't know if he's going to be taking any names but in the comic books he was known as nomad for a while moving deadly does not have the the Captain America uniform on for this night this seemed that they had yet sonic funky gloves that no matter would whereas announced today and now it looks like that would possibly be what conned. Technology. Because we do see a lot of black panther that movie's going to be coming on February were to kind of help bridge some of that so that would be vibrating him because they're really Aaron Seattle's claw yet does that will be one of the big villains in the black panther movies can call is decent little. Yankees start asking them or organic cotton a. A lot of other stuff to a camera Potts is also not in this I think SR in the putt posters and then yeah humidity hair covered yeah dollar and yet in Mayfair stuff had it all like a ton of the characters and the last one that we did not see in the trailer is and the Kia which is played and beat any young go. From if she will be in the black pants and beaten you okay she is she herself for CGI that she's a cellphone or see this as a she's not one of those names. Towers oh in my mosque a mosque in a car lot possibly go on a monster that it must I want to know yeah yeah yeah but I don't I don't yet know must become a lot of. Farmers are certain kinds and then ethnic centric. All right I'm dad isn't perfect to sustain any. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells to feed ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot. Club this.