BJGN12-07-17 - Special Ops - Crap We Like

Thursday, December 7th

It's Special Ops with Mark Rahner, Chris Walker, & Rev! They discuss Quinten Tarantino possibly doing a Star Trek movie; and discuss gifts they would love to give & receive with "Crap We Like"!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To golf. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can. Hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot. Why else. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. And keep nation special ops with the archer Yule log extend your special ops briefing slide it's almost Christmas time. I'm your host mark runner in this week. Crap we like yeah. Reduced annual segment were calling. Crap we like the business and festive BK actually just heard was there every and Fuego hello Chris walker you know before we get going with. Crap we alike. Tell people how they can get in touch because we like them yet they really want to you they can do so last send this a voicemail or a text message at 19802243353. You can send us an email BJ geek nation at He could find us on all the social media just search for BJ Shays geek nation and of course BJ geek nation dot com has all that information. Articles podcasts and well that one thing we know as more. You can find me at mark MA RK Iran are our age and you are on the clots. It may I promised to start treating things other than. Heating Republicans are stuck now I I it's it was a rough weekend it was a rep we can but before we get started with crap we like. Chris walker bill. News from yesterday I believe about our beloved Star Trek. Yeah Quinton Tarantino wants to be involved with Star Trek and is apparently pitching an idea to JJ Abrams what do you know about that. How well Vista means is fantastic I've I've been a long time fan of according turned in his work the Louvre. Of of mr. Tarantino if you will open and he has always time proclaimed himself to be an avid tricky so this this is good news for me I never knew that about him now. Yeah one of the leading guest on one of the episodes somewhere or my just thinking a Seth McFarland senate set your failures of a parlor OK you guested on alias once again but even that character had something to save us our track. So from the very first time I was made aware of Quinn Tarantino's work the immaculate. Masterpiece that is true romance. He worked in bits about Star Trek when he I did a little better script doctoring on and Crimson Tide. He worked in a bit about Star Trek. I want you have any artist and yet not aware of any of US I'm happy about it I would watch your Quinn turns you know Star Trek movie oh yeah heartbeat. I I would watch his take on James Bond there was awhile period of time where there was some talk about him wanting to jump on that women who didn't have a director lined up for one of the day of great movies yet as as a writer I I have never been able to fault his work as a director I think he's brilliant. I mean I need I love or intentional and this is this is great news for me I think if if they can get this done I will be happy happy man. One of the things that was interesting that I found out about this is that he stated that this would be his. Final movie if he did it in he's currently working on a movie about. The Manson killings all right well and of the wearing red that was there wasn't specifically about the Manson killings so much is something that takes place in 1969 and that's a component and on our race our way I am 100%. There. And I think the Tarantino touch is just what Star Trek was missing long passion that I. Quirky dialogue. People colony shutter down and heard. I mean things are seeing now like doctor McCoy wouldn't it be per doctor McCoy a couple. Needs to start saying and the effort. Like how I can't can't can't you just see this dammit Jim I led doctor nada IMF and bricklayer. But I don't think this is perfect and I am 100%. There yeah what you call a quarter pounder with cheese on Vulcan. Yeah being doll the act that's so boy I hope this works out. Let me break my elderly readings well here we go into printers while so much better. Might I say it is rapidly diminishing and soon all be carrying one of those white canes and I'll have a service dog while he's still have similar in our minds blown out of OK. Next. Boys and think it's about time to start the war on Christmas again why pray otherwise. Wheldon knuckled drag or is it Fox News have talked about when they're not talking about. From being investigated members of admit his administration being indicted I mean. They got to have some are talking about him. As everyone knows the true meaning of Christmas is getting stuff mean. And facts via I had I'm not gonna get off a huge thing here but. Resolved this year Republicans do not get to celebrate Christmas and take the the budget they passed over the weekend. Throws people off health care. Screws. Children there's no money for children's till they are only Roy Moore about. So the thing you're rich people cut and corporations tax breaks. Republicans. Are the party of Christians but they have absolutely zero resemblance to anything geez this Todd Haley there are not Christians they're just name dropper is they should not get to celebrate Christmas. This year okay end of rant. Andrew Brandt. So Christmas the true meaning stuff in absence of Jesus sees stuff will settle with receiving. The goods. The half hour giving stuff but mostly getting mostly getting so Oprah has her favorite things shows which are true you guys watched in the script notes notes podcast guys that I listen to do their one cool thing segment at Canterbury showed recommend stuff that they're into that people might like. It's time for us here at special ops AK spot. To follow suit with what I'm calling crap we alike. For your craft we let him. Doesn't. Yeah. Festive crap we like for a while you still have any money at all and I know I'm I'm a free lancer I'm on obamacare. And I have a student loan how many other ways MI screwed under this can now take this path after telco is K okay let's just move forward first off things they even give. Boos perfect for any occasion troop. Failing that we have some more creative geeks and things because. That's what are our shows are about your absolutely which one of you guys wants to go first I'd love to start this off do it because this is something bad. First stop when it first came out to the four French. A lot of us were really really against and I'm talking about comic solid G and then marvel when their comics app. We were. At least I know myself and many others were touting the the death of now. Holding a comic book in your hand and and I realized I don't like going places and like just picking up the titles right away. And this is a really interesting one because. You can get a lot of comics in general I only give panels like at this point I've only been reading the panel's comic. But sometimes you wanna get a comic book for somebody you don't really necessarily know what they want to get. And both of these comic Sully in the marvel the comics app they both have in and limited. Comic book reading feature and both of them have different prices for the comic solid G I believe it is 799. And the marble one is 999 and this is a month. On but this is something where you could actually. Give these two. A person that maybe don't know exactly what they're into. And he's really kind of tailored towards what they're looking for if you got someone who wants more DC or more indie titles I would definitely go with comic solid G we'll give people what you like that's my rule eggs to keep it kind of guy. Well sometimes the Iowa and even know what come. You even like anymore I just cannot in any of the current ones but I can I'll take tips and I saw he posted something about analysts and all that. All the space jams yes yeah whatever they don't know any all of it lengthy. If you play it would based attempts but she's I guess the one the little mean that idea actually was very informative 'cause as an M photograph showing where they all are in the MCU. And they've actually just brought the speed of the jams are kind of bringing them in line in comic books with the MCU. And they've brought those back as well we'll I have a question isn't Liberace he has so many jewels on his glove as he'd been referenced as marvel Liberace and this kid in a big -- us is the Liberace of mark K okay hang on but hey you be careful there OK this sounds cool of those is this like movie pass you can have as much as you can because gore John in a month for but let's. Set amount of money absolutely yet and actually looking at a comics elegy is 599 a month and they have is they're saying. A limited reading you can export comics graphic novels and monger like never before with the comic college he wind. They have you know Yates goes for your app your phone they have the guided reading which is really good for using a smaller device and even just looking up on their splash screen you've got Scott Pilgrim. You've got the wicket in the divine you've got civil war we've got the Walking Dead. And a lot of these what they are is they'll be tastes maybe they'll be the first run series maybe not though maybe had a couple of issues of those to get you into those. But it's also a good way that you can check and see. That's what the person that you're getting this for what they're actually in two C could follow that and even with the marble unlimited wind you can spotlight. The character you can do you Captain America Doctor Strange daredevil the page so on and so forth and they've got some of their big comic events including civil war agent all Tron and someone. So it's a good way to get a lot of those older readings that some people may not have like maybe you want to check out the Infiniti stones. And see what happens in the as the eighty dollar to one that happened back in the day. To kind of see where the NCU's gonna be coming up. I thought you were just gonna have some BS thing to prank me with because you wanna do this. And this is so good that I kind of wanna do it now it's it's legit is absolutely legit as much as I was who cooling on these services in the beginning. This is really a good way to get a back catalog of a lot of really really good stuff and I mean comics elegy is really simple because at this point you just sign on with your Amazon account. So we just further remedial version. How to people get this thing that you were discussing. The first thing you can do is just go to comic solid G dot com slash unlimited or marvel dot com slash comic slash unlimited both of those against those and if you just wanna buy the single issues or and that you can just look up on your device either IOS or android lookup Marvel Comics or comics elegy and they'll be they're free to do. On you or on order device there was a vision title last year I think in quite a number of people been telling me I need to catch up on that it's one of the best comics in the last few years the vision. He gets a family and didn't just lead a normal life yes can I get down there I don't know for sure you deadly series that Christ okay. Anything else Revver and now that'll be it for my crap that you you we should do next in crap we alike. Chris walker we got our man filming things. It was so I'm very seriously and then it's. Really the marine and hey hey it's a long time to download business yet what is somebody used that gay your money's worth out. All that clicking. Anyway. So I looked up some of the things that I knew that I would specifically born to myself for a four for the holiday season and and most of it is of course quite geeky. First thing that I'd I ES stumbled upon was the our reprint of the Jim Henson novel box that this is mobilization of the dark crystal elaborate. And the story teller. The nice thing though about the Laver and that are crystal it's got a whole bunch of new illustrations. From Brent crowd who you know we did when you maybe you don't know but he did all of the original inspirational artwork and stuff for the movies and things like that so this is this is this is great. Comes in and about sixty bucks the next thing I found. The Pip boy deluxe Bluetooth addition. Well and. Probably fallout fans out there get your own functioning Pip boy Iraqi rep precluding people meet the hip. Pick it Pip boy replica that pairs of your Bluetooth phone or tablet take publicly music threat or just have the look cool history spared in the commonwealth. Those who don't know thank you for deep paranoia is the little basically be raised bound computers that many mower Jack. Which one of the pit boys alone. Those are pep. Pep Boys. How old area okay it's a little mini computer on nearest that you use never mind wow nexus. OK you got more tools around the house not enough not enough Linda hey you know you you little ratchet Ian is heard every this summit that well set yourself up with this. Meal near replica toolbar I saw that isn't so our goal all. Yeah. Well that sort digital locker pulled open the shape the shape of horse hammer mill there right yet we open it up it's got lectured every move into a major thing like that but they handle a Muller is actually. A legit hammer. This looks so amazing I won it how much is that 100 dollars I don't want that. All right I want someone to give me half a perfect game. Who's next but that must mean it's it's got some good some quality right. Oh yeah it looked at you know ice actually sorry in in I think geeks store like a brick and mortar story they had it on display behind glass you can touch but it looks really happens. We wealthy got beat okay. So if you've got about 2000 dollars burning a hole in your pocket your kid and I what you wanna pick up for me you need to get mean aliens M 41 a pulse pulse rifle replica. This thing is. Fully functional I mean don't think it actually shoots bullets for 2000 dollars those better be some good pulses at. Yes this thing looks so amazing is having a always wonder is my own M 41 a pulse rifle with over and under pump action grenade launcher here for a little Tivoli. Chris yes or Yoshi Iran saying it I'll have a little over and under putt pump action let's wrap it up here are after the break. More crap we like. Welcome back tears spots briefing I'm mark runner with reverend and wait don't Chris walker. Did you have more Chris surge should we move on a crowd like he got some good stuff. The last one was just seriously if you wanna troll me. This is what you wanna pick up for me I've hydrated I made it clear that I love. Board games and especially starter for games man but I absolutely hate risk is the worst suffering in game. Ever god made. Beyond monopoly beyond our game where you will lose friends and not like because it's an interesting game no. Other than the fact that you just bored everyone to death yeah I've never played risk because you know how people used to say that it looked like Saddam Hussein radiated evil yes risk radiates boredom today. Yes I gathered at that out there and but would you be interested in the Star Trek fiftieth anniversary edition version of a risk but but but but but possibly yes so would die I don't let I won't go into a lot of details because I don't want anybody should be able to find this and buy for me right now there's only one left on Amazon some hoping that it had Mott and no one gets this from. Because I want it for my collection but I don't want it because it's free and risk. Do I don't even know the first thing about playing risky is this strategy game one here I'm here's here's here's the hole is the whole game ready ya put him dudes in different regions. Move your dudes to another region rolled dice. Get pitched. A. Acts. Grippy snow that's actually pretty pretty much are spot on that we'll just put on your shelf in the look cool exactly exactly exactly all right good job guys now it's time for. Some crap I like. All right for this gift we're going. DP Indo old school new territories the wild wild west. Hear that because the music is still pot enough to know what about hey I'll repeat the wild wild west. It was the first steam punk show ever just in case you think this is all people BS. If you read I know you love steam Carter senior high school era FaceBook photos in my wedding yes. Yes this was a show that came out in the mid sixties it was James Bond in the wild wild west and it never quite became a phenomenon that star attracted because nothing else has through but it's. Firmly in that pantheon of the greatest. Period of nerd. Action adventure. Genre hero shows along with bad man the man from uncle Mission Impossible. It's up in that top tier of just the greatest of all times cut colorful villains. Most notably the great. The dwarf doctor mig Alito loveless a the catching me gadget quijote loved his fifth he got sheer magnificent. Bad man caliber death traps for the two agents. You have the best fights ever on mainstream network TV for decades to come Robert Conrad the star of the show was just. I'm madman and he did most of his own stunts. Now the gift I'm gonna talk about here traces way back to when I was a kid from these things it was well off the year by the time my brain was functioning of and I wanted to be but when the reruns Ron I saw this trailer on TV. And I want it to you guys to watch this for what I think is gonna be the first time for you and give me your reaction in real time. Go gunning for a venture I didn't find it in its. You wild wild west. Oh I. Unless. Okay good division the wild wild west for a showdown with a venture men in black. And NN pressed blue velvet. OK why do you think of that. Back. Well I do not choose share what I was watching there other than it was so why don't why why set the time my first saw that. Trailer for the show as a kid boy in the shows up here. It was probably the most exciting promo I'd ever seen for anything because me and listen you can't see this it's available on line what's the clip called. The season to promo yeah I had this easy to Ramon yes. It is most exciting things that are seen because it was way ahead and I served this season two trailer that played there we try to do what you would get up that way listener and it's it's so great. It was ahead of its time in that it was really really fast cutting yet it's not something you it expects from a clip from 1966. And it just shows some of the most bat crap. Crazy exciting adventure gadget death traps that have sort of weird acts being tiny little exploding grenade like a whole bunch of really crazy things that you wouldn't expect in the while it lasts very exciting and not the least. Part of which is the music which played a very distinctive art of the wild wild west now today you can find music to any movie your show you like infect play of it's just up on YouTube John Carpenter stuff and this experience contract I'm just into the reeling off stuff that I listen to like the tangerine dream score two less sorcerer. But never the wild wild west and no idea why but it was conspicuous in its absence. Especially in this area of the era of immediate access. To everything narrates I have looked over the years and I've seen talk on message boards here and there about bootleg fan assembled soundtracks. But nothing. So I was curator. Zombie like search with one at a couple months or so ago while I was listening to the news or something in his feeling around on the computer guy must've been tired of corn. And I let out an actual gas who. And when the result came up a special addition Ford disk. Wild wild west music said Ford this thought from an outfit called La La land records you can go to La La land records dot com and find out and a bunch of other stuff. We go from nothing for half a century. Too dumb mother lode. It contains a nice little booklet with mini bios of the composers and other notes that I just devoured the guy responsible named Jon Burlingame. He's music writer and music historian. He's written liner notes for lots of soundtracks and produced some as well. Including several volumes of the man from uncle which are just great Mission Impossible he's got books on the music of James Bond in TV westerns this sounds like a guy that you need to become friends away by high priced pig line up an interview with them by the he's too busy and we're 21 important but he does some work that people like us love. So they restored they found this music on old tapes and use Gil was in UCLA's library. And they got help from surviving family members of the composers. And it's just a wonderful job of restoration salute sample a little bit of it starting off with cut to. Big iconic. Theme song that everybody knows. Does this sound familiar. Yes. Given a second time. This has that cartoon opening with the panels on the screen he asked him. It takes a minute the really big going Victoria and and it just makes you feel good. Easily one of the best most recognizable. Action hero themes in all of TV history. I loved it loved it now one of the other cool things about this massive box set which sixty. Dollars it's sixty dollars nice. Is that gave me pause to but it was a limited edition and I would have gone insane with regret the kid in a hurry if I because there was such a dirty cheap skate. One of the other wonderful things about this sixty dollars an announcement that there really a price is they have. Alternate things that were composed and recorded but never used in the series. Most fascinating for me of which was this ballot of Jim West which was a rejected theme song for the show and you got to hear a little bit of this because it's so cheesy it'll make your skin crawl. Japan. Religion when. The capacity in the US saw enough good. The end tail around than tall tall men. Drive you know when. Well weeks. You know life. PS sorry. UV vehicle I mean has an idea whether a good feeling here. Odds are Gaza. Let's reject it is so cheesy and I don't think anybody outside of a few a handful of people in the business and ever heard this. Before this that you sixty dollars that came out while it's it's terrible and yet glorious at the time. Now cut three is called dressing for action and this is the music that you would that would be playing when west was. In his special private railroad car he had equipping himself with a sleeve guy man his lock pick in the in the lapel of his coat. And whatever tools that he would have been in the heel of his boots. Could go ahead we'll talk over room. Right this is not lose when he's putting his gadgetry on we had a little mix up with the order and this is Marty's been his psychic parity who was the master of disguise. And would often going drag him. And this especially when no one where our party plays a very politically incorrect Indian squaw. And I never get away with these days. What's next on the list broad I don't you tell me hey Al it's. I have no idea which one this is. And I got thrown off because there are voters like this we'll take on me me being here. I think this might be in a Roni is tracked let's move forward set up a list and. It's. Nope nope it's a very interesting you guys again. OK so this is somebody action news her the show. And I think. This is every bit as recognizable in its own way of some of the stuff for Star Trek like the mark time theme yet stuff like that. This is music to get your sympathetic nervous system up and running this makes me wanna ride a horse. Light sticks of dynamite with a god damn cigar and filming people wow. A lot of the adventures vintage TV shows from right around there which starts that was one and of course there's a little Mission Impossible back there almost. I'm. Next what are we got him. Okay this is the sort of prowling around midnight here it is looking out for henchmen to beat up music. This is the music I hear when I'm walking from my apartment front door around the corners to the bar right host yeah yeah I'm waiting for trouble. And this. Good I do I love children in their hands full composers Richard Markowitz Richard shores of the two main ones. I love the use of this Indian percussion and here let's just listen in for a half a minute. And and who can. It's a fun little or hatred there. This just kind of makes you cool like you answer my dad maybe you wherever. We'll see what else you know. This this in music. Anybody who's seen the show or pretty much any. Action adventure shirt from the sixties and everything else the mail leading man. Would have been drummed out of congress in a heartbeat they were all or extremely these men creditors. This is music turned candidate James West it's sweet love to alleviate the wind and you. Now I don't know if you guys wanna try to put this on when you're having some private time with the little woman yes I've never tried that. Because you don't have any little women and moving on pac. Cardiac it's. From an episode culminated firebrand. And what I love about this especially apart from the fact that every single episode and all four years to the show starts with the night and I'd have something in. This is an example of a hero. Having fun and laughing while he's causing mayhem for a bad guys. This is Jim West on this course. Physics of throwing dynamite at these people care and didn't and laughing his ass off to look up the night of the fire brand. Everything else whose last. OK now let's wrap it up here that's. It's a wrap up music. Yeah oh yeah and thank you. ITunes four the cock up it's act that's happened. So let's have a look at the law law land records cited the treasure trove for geeks like us. They've just released an unused score for Apocalypse Now for God's sake goods they've got current stuff like arrow legends of tomorrow the flash centric king's men. Who Battlestar Galactica which I have and they're great the leader battles are collectively get some final editions. They got a whole page Chris of Star Trek scores including a 225. Dollar box set of the original Star Trek music. I'm nothing Christmas time the two movie could pool your resources. You'd be my new best friends couldn't exit files I can go bankrupt. I could go what I mean is a further bank right now at the so wild wild west score and La La land records that is my crap I like. Moved to be back next week with the shape of water. And something called the return of Jethro was at the Beverly Hillbillies movie apologies whenever I only know that whatever. That's it for crap you can buy for people who you don't like. But it's stuff if you like we'll see you next week I'm mark honor its special ops. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To don't join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out playing games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.