BJGN12-13-17 - BoneBat Comedy of Horrors

Wednesday, December 13th

Rev talks with Steve Holetz from the BoneBat show about the BoneBat Comedy of Horrors Film Festival; BJ talks comics with Spider-Man, Rat Queens, Star Wars, and Star Trek; Scott from Comics Dungeon talks comics with Shiver, and two DC Annuals: Batman & Super Sons; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering the Jewish he's the nation. Welcome yes welcome to BJC is geek nation did I in the reverent and Fuego jars across from me if his Vicky Barcelona and I we've got uncle her head oh yeah yeah. V show's namesake a screamer over their BJ Jane I have a screamer and the singer Rihanna and the government engineered the spring but a I we've got at its. Mike in men's side Joey. I'm not either or any of those things Seattle ray. I'm Cynthia kgo we will talk to a friend of the show about his comedy of horrors film festival. We will talk to Vijay about comic books we will get our experts got to talk comics as well and of course the key cheap and he can beat Vicki. How can people get a hold an ass and get a hold of us via our website he Yankee nation dot com and it's gonna have all vessels leading Eller podcast that he and any social media page just. BJ he nations and you kind of viewed. Zach Lee and I always feel free to send us any questions I had I have a question what's your question why hey there bay beach cavs problem no we're not gonna answer that one a spark. Thinking yeah on that went we are going to get right in Q our first guest this is a man known as a Stephen bullets he does the bone back. Podcast which is really a great place for you could find some interesting metal and then also a lot of geek area as well and he is here to talk about his. Bone bad comedy of horse festival Steve you have talked with me many years now weighs with the bone back comedy of horrors film festival. And you guys are back added for 2018 and right now you've got the kick starter going on correct. Says that food right yeah for our eighth event I can't believe this will be the eighth time we have pulled together they are full day of comedy or shorts from around the world comedy work features and live music has been a thrill when we're looking for the forward to it even better event in 28 case. And there are only a couple of days lefty tagged for people to do this I wanted to make sure you get the word out who do you have for the live music act because you. I mean you've been doing this for so long. Yeah we've done all different style Shrum metal too mirror chorale to bluegrass. This year we have a large rock band. Strong the Maryland or Washington called double what they and they do it in the air it's all kind of storytelling music which I absolutely loved so a lot of great tale that. Which using couldn T men's and all that great stuff see each song. And great loud rumbling fail and it is a female fronted band who yeah woman Hillary has an amazing set up by action so I think you're really dig this band double order. That is so cool and I mean similar with some of my favorite things about this is that you're incorporating a lot of fun things I mean it's the comedy of horror film fast and so if you guys are doing like it it's always it's always out with a horror band but you're having fun with it and that's the big part about with all of these movies. Absolutely yeah I if you like so like American werewolf in London or Shaun of the dead than this is an event for you because they've been our experience it is nothing is better than when you're terrified in this sort of release that tension with a laugh. Outright Ayatollah and I can yeah going from either short stiff features that is what we're looking forward looking first up that is gonna cross that barrier. And it it's tough because you know everybody's seen it cheesy bad honey or help him into the work but so we're we're consistently able to find out that is rare and fun and awesome and we can't wait to show it to yeah. And this is something that how pins I mean for eight years now in India in the western Washington area it's definitely worthwhile to go do this and if you go to kick start page it's really simple if you just search comedy of horror on kick starter or go to redeem BJ geek nation FaceBook page we've posted the links there as well -- no problem man you know I really appreciate the stuff that you're doing and you're giving out those who you know it's the it's the lesser known our tour's the ones that are you know either starting off or they love being in a genre like this and it's something that you don't always get to see so a lot of people get to experience something that either they or they may he had knee maybe haven't experienced before or they love and wanna get something out there that they haven't at least seen. Absolutely and one of the cool things that we get submissions from around the world see you're gonna see movies from Spain you'll see movies from Israel being led. Asia and we knew we get them from all over and you'll see stuff that you won't you won't find I YouTube you'll see it ever again but she'll be able to see it here. Can't you can have a beer while you're watching movies it's great. Is it. And I feel what are fringe benefit well aren't as we offer the phone got ultra. And with bone bad this is going to be happening in the film fest in April but right now to kick start campaign is going on to make sure that it doesn't happen so if your interest in this you've got to make sure and check this out and know that if people or interest in hearing about double what they can check out the bone bat show the podcast to do so as well creek which episode man. That's right episode 160. We've got I played several tunes from double what as well as an interview with Hillary yourself don't we got a lot of good stuff there and a rundown note to kick starter campaign also on the latest on. Awesome thank you so much Stephen and again where can people find out the elbow about show. I don't I'm awesome thank you so much man. You're just gonna get there really appreciated can do what you do. Do you guys are absolute boon to eat everywhere are thank you so much man have a great day you do thank you so much Steve and again go check out. Just go to kick starter you can find bone back comedy of horrors film festival. And really the time is sorting out for this I know it's not happening until April but go out there if this is something your interest and senior in western Washington it's a great film fast to get to find out some really fun stuff and check out a live band that is awesome. Do that just search for on kick starter now comic top because it is comic book day. BJ. You can read some comic right yes. I finally got up again. Because I really I might I add dove in to do android's dream of electric sheep. Oh because and I still because it's I'm reading the whole thing and I'm going slowly I also have to sender which ironically is about other kind of android and that's it that was imposed by a listener and that's a great series to -- nice I hope they make that into a TV show movie something I think it really could be that good wow. So I I've BS so it I I thought a couple of titles tonight like that I get every month and and it's pretty narrow because I'm me. I'm protesting the fantastic four comes back in some form of well you may not have to wait too long there are some things that are happening as originally there. Some things that are have I made some might win this that's right David Ortiz Davydenko body go. Well there are some things that I have kept him okay they're art. It's gust there and got to have faced as a force on the horizon Yang continued BA as well so what I put of course what was part of my staple of growing up reading comics and I was Maria young a young man young boy young man. Was the fantastic four and the other was of course amazing Spiderman had really read a whole lot of Spiderman. Over the years. But always kept up with the FF Abbott when they left those like well hi go back to I love for my child as they took that away so I start every Spiderman game and and fell in love with Dan slots work I think that dance slot his mean maybe one of the best Spiderman writers to come along a respect from Stan the man. That's and a lot because they read good writers over the years. And hard to believe but it's been four years since we have the whole dock dock competes head is superior real item then yeah dad why. Now the reason I bring this up is that it was pretty much at about four or five years ago. Where we have the big issues Spider-Man number 700. Where it was the end of dock dock but then dock then all of a sudden pop competes head I mean that that was the 700 issues. Then of course marvel had that whole redo we had a superior Spiderman and and and and then all of a sudden resurgence with the issue one would a lot of of these you ask after the seeker wars and such and so I recently may be I'll add this is the third issue where all of a sudden I just and I didn't notice until this issue it's like. Wait this is not issue number like fifteen or seventeen. And it's like this is issue number 79 B one. And I like. Although they still been counting. And we're getting close to the 800 issue of Spider-Man and I I'm glad that marvel is gonna know that if they're gonna recognize that. Because when they did the whole redo of numbers at the Sox because. Some of terrible legacy there yeah so we are now back to I guess normal accounting and so very very soon be out we will have we will have issue 800 Spiderman but we're still issue 791. Where Spiderman a mockingbird is I told you before our couples living together. And spite he's got a new job since his company went. Well belly up. Allow the Yahoo! it was a gigantic awesome company that was pretty much you know help started by doc got while I was in his head. Doc talk catalog to do that but it's despite he now lost the whole company so that doc got wouldn't get control it. And nobody knows that so he's a loser again anyways back to work for the daily bugle really which Jo Robertson is now in charge of and so it's fun to sort of see him go back to his roots if you will. And everybody hates Peter Parker again and again which is under the back a usually everybody hates Spiderman but now it's the old Parker elect his back him down. It's fun to as a slot is I'm so sad because I go well when is he gonna stop writing his book because he's been doing it for so long and I don't want him to stop and maybe this is just his thing like as much as I love and people love that man Scott Snyder really is. Is the premier bat man writer at this point in I think he's been said that he's got so many stories in his head that he can do it forever maybe this is day and slots sort of back on that yeah no doubt about it so smears by immense fun subject I I dugout one also the rat queens which is a great adventurer book if you are. A person that loves dungeons and dragons and loves it venturing group broke. This is and and also you loved women that are just wrong and edgy and I don't care about anything at all. As far as what is the right thing to do I was gonna say I am like a tradition of the little unlike search terms yeah oh she's not only is this latest issue is the little one basically and the whole gang got to eight get themselves elect a little frog here and there except this fraud wasn't so little and this hallucination was off the damn change yeah. It's. Yeah. It and it starts off a story are called a colossal magic nothing. Where they have a fan that loves drag queens and she wants and Hasheem coming adventurer and then all of a sudden at the end it doesn't end well for the little fan com and at third makes you wonder like well what the hell's going on here. And we stay is in new villain that I'm pretty excited about so. The rack queens rocked the house and you know you check those guys out also Star Wars. My gosh it is amazing what they're doing with Star Wars now we have a little cross over into the rogue one universe with Luke Skywalker and princess layer which is really he's interacting with some of saw the rarest folks that survived okay well eyes and there are being interwoven into part of the alliance the rebel alliance though these are partisans are really don't care about the alliance but they also don't like the empire then and it's amazing that the stories that are done in the Star Wars marvel comic that you go. My gosh I really feel like I'm watching the movies. It's I'm I mean I've never read a comic where I really feel like I'm watching the movies and I love my Star Trek comics that I VW's doing. I still gotta say that that though the way Star Wars is being done just slightly better I hate this compare apples but that gap but I would I do you know how much a let's start trick. These Star Wars comics are on point. They really are on point. It's it is beat for beat note for note in and they introduce new characters but and it feels like they should be there the whole time like it like they they seamlessly fit in. It was interesting to see how that would play out because I know a lot of people lamented the fact that they got rid of the Star Wars expanded universe and turn into the does the Star Wars legacy so they could rewrite these stories and the fact that your really loving them I don't know other models to tide them in Q what's going on line. That's really cool and it's it's fun to see them meal to streamline that dads and and it's fun to see Lugo really trying to learn how to be a jet I as people go are you jet our enemies really stumbling his way through those not not really I'm and I have the lights camera I'm doing the best I can hear people. And of course the latest issue is called the ashes of Jeddah. And of course that's the plan at that though all hell broke loose to get those plans GAAP it's bigger Star Trek of course you know I they have Star Trek boldly go. This is fun as we're seeing a multi verse after multi verse have to multi verse. Our JJ abrams' Star Trek crew including. We we we've we've got to revisit these but an all female crew which is interest but it's reversed so. Or her is actually a dude or her row and then the rest of the crew are all women and and then there's Tommy Sowers a tight dress they weld in other all the pool at six how. How to harness him to Wear that tie dress it's fun to see the subtleties because they they really don't do a gross exaggeration. They still have their personas eaten in just the subtleties of what it would be like to be the female body a female Spock a female check off a female Kirk. Com and I have to say it's enjoyable to see it in and this is another book that really for the JJ universe. Really does well and an IM actually ended the first one they did and started his new line called boldly go but it really is a continuation of the JJ universe. I was I was happy to find out because I thought when they ended the original Star Trek that was the JJ universe I thought they they even had a this is our final book our final. But the writing team was done I didn't realize they were not done with the universe. Com and that's a lot of fun so let's start tripled ago and it's I DW and you know that's that that's what's going on kids say such rather reading I know. No new saga. Exits October's we had a saga but that's always a great book to and yeah and I and I wait for the trades and invincible so I going to talk about it but invincible are great great book as well absolutely can't wait for the holiday break because they're read catch up on all the good hospital like so many TV show clues that I have like yeah. God I got to catch up on Iraq queens I'm Kat I need to catch up on the only Wolverine. So it's like yeah you know I usually use the holiday time to catch up on I'm re watching all of the starter this generation high Def the Blu-ray edition that was all the stiff penalties and now it's taken me. 5 years and I am finally on season seven. And I'm about to wrap it up but this year because they release all the shows outside of their normal airing period like winter shows and summer shows. Like stranger things like shameless. Like Chenault. We've got mid season finale is we'll be done with a walking with a with a walk in dad would die with flash narrow mountain. People autograph I miss. But they're robots another one it's like what are you doing on the call and other. Tell him. That's good to have dimensional about mister robot but boy and I love the season a lot I'd join these that you started yet no but I have heard many good things about it yet to go it's a good season he it's very fight club the Lilly he had a yacht Elliott is hitting Elliott in mister robot have gone from being two separate guys to basically peaking fight club. That's pretty awesome -- -- says taking bets between the food a sitting on our butts watching shows in that -- but playing higher reading comet but and playing board games and how much video games and how much holiday later reading game my hours it's. All the way I won't step on a scale because I just know my daughter's got a birthday this month and she just like cake delivered it seems like everything right of the -- bond -- -- -- they've mud -- yeah that's not good sounds great I think he's right and also the board games going to be getting in my way of TV viewing because we have a -- a bunch of twilight in the period of days and you know they take all Mike good Nicholas firefly we're gonna play well you know we think your bag and yeah I know that Chris went back to it and was like this is not as bad as -- he first experienced -- -- we were doing it wrong like every earlier did you ever watch the whole series firefly Peoria -- McEnroe I don't series yellow -- I think had -- he is doing is the only scene a couple of exactly I had wanted to picture I was late to the party but I went -- bought the Blu-ray because I saw serenity first. Oh. Here in the article scifi movie I didn't know it was firefly hello. I want you know they still did a good enough that you didn't need to know yeah. But I knew he was like I really like this that's of my friends so you know that's like one of the greatest shows ever I go it is those. Sloan and I say all right I don't look at it hooray I. Funny story that had an ex boyfriend who would make me watch it because he was making I hated it known. I'll let you need to show I just hated the fact that has been forced to watch and a watch similar unimportant everywhere about the of course but and I bought serenity and never watch six like and you find the right moment to watch any because there to watch it's done gap yet. I decided as a watching the dvd purchase I'm gonna go see its way out of Allan. Do to a picnic. I can kind she's really that's actually kind of sad Ellen turnip yet he went did I think at comic conical clear he presented it yeah like he was then. OK let's who. In LA because if you look like a lot to our governor all the people the present in half but here's the thing. He spoiled it assuming everybody had seen it. Only. Oh the only thing I really don't really need the frenzy and it hi I. All the yeah. Even more and I. Probably worse than a hundred million years. Lower leg and I generated is kind of your fault a guy did is I know but those guys they inherently. I mean I and you know it is a joke because he probably knew everybody knew everybody knew everybody you are seeing now yeah yeah conjecture cannot. The mood there wasn't tainted by next friend now like he he Isaac turn in my family because I. She's in your friends like yacht. Coming hello we're aware of the amendment. That's the spot guys joke that no fireflies and NRA is totally that's I exercised about the funny moments of ever did to talk to him be like by the way you've grown up all by doing Alan you know the economy talent to dig is played a great character entered gently second season by the is you really how terrible Dodi so that line he's so far as anything he does it isn't great. Now I have to center the best part of powerless he did you out flags checking in on in Milan and a. See any meal that subject matter of hours did you talking chicken it's funny he wasn't videos and behind the scenes of him doing it. It's the. Fantastic it's so funny are able we gotta get back to some comic dive we got Scott from comics dungeon do I give us a little load down here. Are from comics Devin Jin and last week needles about some comic books I figured let's get your back and talk a little bit more about that because like I said before I am only reading Panos and while that's a great book there are more order books out there for people to read what you got for a starting off. That's we started off I got. So I don't normally read. But it it's among the books are cold shiver by a junior you know and for people out there what is monger monger is the Japanese. Style of comic books I'll tell you typical black and why they communal spirit typically side by day and you know transport means something and what is shivered then. Shiver is big divergence from that is he's an apology both horror stories and news. You have Newt judge Ito is just a master. Okay horror he actually used well known for what's called body more horror and a lot of Jews or is about. Cult and transform your body and how old do you without psychologically yeah. Mean that's a really big to rope to if you think about it because not a lot of things really delve into the dubbed body horror and I think that's one of the most. Frightening part about I'll horror is when it is actually affecting the the purse seine and it is like you said it's changing them you know stuff along the lines of the fly in and stuff like that. Absolutely absolutely and you know junior B deal for doing that her put thirty years he's used. Exactly partnered up with other great. Arm horror created Blake give a good Perreault and a people like but this was due to do is great for me because. Once a short stories. And each one just remove this. Emotion and if you will hope to. Have you been up and from one stored for example. The protagonists. Develop these holes in the bodies that. Ultimately replace the way they breed and their literally really into these old on the body and soul hold basically. Take over and then it out onto the next person had a problem just. Doesn't gross you out one team and one of the stories like halt arms. I don't know I hope it's not become the new horror genre but I call it do for. And but it can rise to replace fluids that you could literally concede we're someone that's our own sake somebody else I okay. I learned that you'd think she could ego. But I also made really really created so maybe don't read these out right after or right before you have a meal I do love the fact that they are short stories so you can get through one maybe put it out for a little while and then you can go back to some more of them. It didn't let you need to get through it without her reunion. Bots that play bad now going back to buy the big two we've got a couple of DC annuals out there that your guy pretty excited for. I really am proposing the most. Marvel and DC in particular will produce at an old once a year for some of the book are the kind of standalone stories generally Huggins has created an opportunity to create stories. That doesn't necessarily fit with the sort of quote he told me in the mains. Mean serious. And back now and this year out of an American and no recently Google's don't know of Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle catwoman. I've got engaged. And he's being used. And that what this group is this little story about. Kinda how they met the first base if you will which we're obviously but that Mattel and and that. You get to see the progression of how their interactions. Changed over the years have been used or seen into the future. What are their twilight years look like together hook it is the it is you know you don't think about and the romance but it's a very sweet then and carrying stories of between two people who have a very deep and complex relationship. But Tom Keene he's the writer a bit into the major writer is one of the cars India had a comic books right now and are there could background moves. The news into the next CIA agent Jim all sorts of stuff too but put just just a great book one and done type stories so are easy to pick up. And I mean you forget your back you need to Batman and takes this is something perfect or if you know someone who loves bad Manny you're not sure where to start off this is a good way to cut again lead them into that. Absolutely. Absolutely and what does that final annual that you wanted to talk about. The other one super son and super son dudes just put about it a bowel Superman and that man's son Jonathan Kent and Damien winning mood. Eagle or teenagers are dealing will be heroes. But didn't look. Take a look at they're actually gets to the super and that's exactly how to protect crypto we do that he ate about a pound street he's the super cap the detective chipped. Arm where are these all light campaign in the universe DC pats or did they just make this for this do you do you. Our and then ask why our whole act and I. It it uploaded to uphold and of course the back cal you've you've you've got a also bad towel. Yeah outsource its super the lower part of mood at one story. He you do you get some outside of the political tension between streaky and crypto has happened in the it. It's it it it ultimately just welcomed them to bond. And share these are comic books can sometimes be dark and brooding absent in the dark opposite of that and you know. With the way the world there's sometimes you know just soft cream he had a little more broadly it's just great and you know like. During this time a year this is something that you did potentially get for a younger member of your family maybe a niece and nephew son daughter and this is something that you guys can read together and have a lot of fun west. Absolutely our Levitt so much against Scott thank you so much is sky you are from comics dungy and a leader in these Seattle comic scene eleven so much mail working people find out the story online about a column Clinton dot com or do you foresee regard or. Gossip thank you so much. All right so I think he's so much Scott again just check out comics dungeon it's a great story here in Washington. And now it's time for our. She twist V. Putting out forest Vicky. I had so the years winding down ish and there's been a lot of awesome movies this year perhaps through especially in the world Energen you know about the Wonder Woman I think economic February no Wonder Woman from the wonderful no underling that he's a likable person don't get the Thorpe who who have -- and you know I think he's sitting right next I try not I like the Wonder Woman and of authority and the Star Wars which I'm seeing tomorrow and heard a yes I get a fantasy what what were the worst movies of the year sixty. Yeah. We see any of these. Well let's say I know I didn't see the transformers movie house analysts that is number one on the all I want to food on that one really are aging in February when bottom OG movie would be on top on the list is number ten. Yeah half. That's Terrence is they're nine and you mean worse than the oh your movie. And I'm always wears you OK including my enterprises transformers is number one I thought that would be made I'm one of its kind of based off Clausen how much money they didn't main made so then they always going to be on there and news. A movie that I love I want it to love him was so excited to see was supposed to be the movie of the summer in lupus songs blaring and a little I don't know it. I saw I had in most disappointing I mean there was some great parts in the movie -- d.s and I saw but I was bad cannot attend CG IA 110 everything else. We're and these are guided to the fifth element so you know I thought how wild man that was such a great movie how old did you not not him. Almost I wish they'd just like to do what JJ Abrams did an inmate episode four and to be the force away they could have been as a single biggest credit that he didn't do that he could've made like another polarity an element is yes it. Yeah exactly needed to do it Mets leveler Mazda six element its full learn it yeah yeah. And number two movies one that I saw the dark tower no man that was supposed to be good chill is nine headed your cell you know in Manhattan on IR. It that this movie was not all right hello. I think it just Eldon did as best as he could like acting like he did a good job but the movie itself felt super for a super rushed. It's not it should've been a TV series even though the six episode Siri often it would have been perfect and you have been done that imports and I'm like certain characters dying you really don't care you're supposed to care ya know that's awkward and it's just like OK I know all those horrible stuff spoiler at the ending. As horrible stuff does happen and we just save the world does not the end goal adventure studied the pin. Yeah day. Basically again didn't was like let's I don't know how that's done so Steve nearly ruined after because I was never gonna see it right back I had I LA a number 350 shades darker well well I think you've managed AM mountain communities through and each. Number four is kind of like Edgar Alito I don't know what the word would be purely. Now it's it's called song and the song and has Rooney Mara and running gobbling it incidents had love story kind of it's like two intersecting love triangles obsessed and betrayal set against the music scene in Austin, Texas who rang oddly route ruining our around Michael salad under Natalie Portman had people and jet Holly Hunter while. A film where. The that's moving. Well sometimes actors don't make a movie has a good point that's like that's the sad part that's happened to in the dark tower bone gap hadn't missed those two guys are good actors them a means a lot. A phone and a movie mode VD movie that killed the universal dark universe which Ed Henry a lot of articles and stuff. You know we should've done the entire thing Barack is sitting here milder tomorrow in good firm Dassault. Or maybe it was just him getting it. They would have been fantastic content in the top cruiser and a mommy Randy yes the he does the money and he actually. I like that I loved I loved his values I'm I've loved his last couple to remove Israeli. I think you that the space movie which I was forget the name of oblivion out and Jack retrial I can and of course mission possible is fun again so this is so this is discipline and also the other room where there is where he was always on time loop. I know I I guess it's now you got its offensive timer edge of some things tomorrow buried around Astaro was really Galloway Camelot you know this is the first one I really was an okay the mummy would be good because he's been doing well yeah like those in the last couple and he's not sure thing and it's spam and sometimes that happens we'll see what that Mission Impossible six and top gun. How they turnout is Simon okay emission puzzles six if if he is and machinery repairman and he's trying to match day right now aren't in yet he has as can be great. There are apple and the other bad movies go through the mound between us and other majors all the newbie in ahead a man and I got Winslet Kate Winslet thank you and sleep they get. And it on and how can I Titanic. Now is the that's why she's still mounting and mounting. First is in the audiences in Nam okay number seven the Larry and eight daddy's home until. Half of Idaho Oregon Will Ferrell GAAP Orwell Ferraro and you know Gibson and A forget all that's for Donald John let's go let go I have the John Cleese has some people were given Miami Heat for giving job Mel Gibson jobs and don't think he's ready to be forgiven. Coming considering have very loudly everything else going around the world only. You know he was so he was like one of the OJ he's a man and a humbling thing about a minister of and it is number nine suburban con which is Matt Damon movie yet without either one Brothers buy it it fell flat there's a lot of really weird things that it will be glad I went ecological flow a Julianne Moore was an Oscar Isaac. George Clooney directed. Maybe I'll watch it when hammered the area and I right now. Well let us what you think the worst movie you've seen this year has been in what has the best absolutely face a call like it's nothing telmex scientists think anything.