BJGN12-14-17 - Special Ops - Star Wars: the Last Jedi

Thursday, December 14th

It's Special Ops with Mark Rahner, Rev, & Chris Walker! They review the midseason finale of The Walking Dead; Mark reviews The Shape of Water; and Mark reviews (with no spoilers) Star Wars: The Last Jedi!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To golf. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can. Hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot. Club house should ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. And key nations special ops. Welcome to your special ops briefing the last one of the year this week. We sing the praises of Doug Jones the one who beat that had to file an Alabama and the one in the fish suit Uygur host mark kronor. Along with the reverend en Fuego hello Chris walker to clean will also be discussing Star Wars the last jet I'd today but first rev. If you want people get in touch through this how would they go about it. They can do so 19802243353. That's where you can send voicemails or text messages sent us an email BJ geek nation at He can find this on FaceBook in a you know Twitter and all those things is by search for BGC's Keith nation under social media. Or you can find all of that and more at Vijay geek nation dot cop. I don't. Follow you should follow you on. I'm follow me on Twitter I follow like thirty people because I just don't have the bandwidth to read all of you should probably follow me I have wonderful jokes and things that I talk about like the fact that the rockets here is the worst movie ever it's it's a boring I go and knew we had something in common how many how many times daily tweets com. Honestly some people just have between diarrhea GAAP yeah I really do I mean as I ES IRL but also. I BS I Twitter at at honor and everything etc. probably tweets out I'm a minimum. A five times and that's a slowed what do you mean yeah how often do retreat gap once today twice maybe I do a lot of re tweet. I will admit that yesterday I was on terror because I spent way too much time left now on that Alabama senate election and McLellan well I nail biter. Sewed trump and Republican Party threw her support. Because I think it's a guy named Roy Moore who is like an openly openly racist openly theocratic doesn't care about bigfoot. Any of and bill of rights or anything past the first. Ten amendments the constitution to deny it and mouth breather who was also mean that we forward. Widely accused of pedophilia. And has even been banned from the local mall for people on underage girls and so this was this is a big collection and I was all over Twitter last night to. About as obnoxious about it is as you can imagine what yes I'd say. I wonder what the Republicans are gonna do when they have a candidate who really poses a moral dilemma for them. They seem to have no problem would this guy why kinda know what you're in for this playwright. I don't know but it again and nail biter and I think once sightseers coming out all the ways he tried to suppress the vote down there. It's gonna be an even more impressive victory OK okay enough now I'm catharsis or. We know and we dealt with that yesterday today. And when you hear this listener. We try to keep the fascists from taking away net neutrality call your representatives he says he's gonna make a big difference easier every day life. This is we treated like a utility and not like a luxury item because whether it's work or porn. He can't get along without it from day today it is a necessity in Tony seventeen for everybody from top to bottom. Get a more or hurts next. This week brought us the mid season finale of the Walking Dead on AMC. And I know you guys were on the edge of your seats. Might enjoy a rundown wrapped. Well this was the what the mid season finale of this season which was titled all out war. Where we have finally get the saviors. Verse is. Rick's group plus Alexander people out he has his group. The the Hilltop the king damme. And sort of trash people and sort of other people I mean it's just everybody verses the saviors of this point are these earlier sort of little factions of survivors in the most. Apocalyptic zombie waste land. Trying to beat. The one group of bad guy believes led by U. Meet him yes. Expertly played by Jeffrey dean Morgan oh yes nothing wrong with his and his need it now now I know I love it this season is is been very interesting and it all culminated two that this the last episode. Where me gain in the saviors finally get out of the of the sanctuary where they've been trapped in because of all the zombies surrounding and and laying waste to Alexandria. Laying waste to. The Kingdome. And then spare mean the Hilltop. And this week we get eight John I. Dan take death. In this one's boilers right away with this if you don't want to know about this. Well sorry car all apparently is going to be dead did it quite shortly. Randy reveal at the end of the episode after. An episode that was merely long have to be feature film written. That Karl's been bitten but mountain Karl doesn't die in this episode now I guarantee you they're gonna drag this out they're gonna drain out as long as they can and see this is very interesting because this entire season has been in just really really really I'm even. You know I a lot of people I swear off the series. Based on this season and based on this episode I had to make sure that I watched her right away because. He immediately as it was being broadcast TV and other times own contest and the satellite feed people were like that's it I'm done. It was spoiled for me in that I knew that something big was gonna have because they've been touting that for the last couple of weeks that they've got to read it later on so where are being generated Barbara Brock and and of course I see tweets what are two or FaceBook posts that are. How all. Talk and guys like can you wait until at least it's on the West Coast feed this is happening at like 7 PM our time on Sunday and collected for gas just wait let me have a chance to Blake do something what their. And I meant by that I could even see it to Monday night you scolding people yes you should can I do I'll concede it's the shows and its eighth season and people still have no self control. And such an. Out of control degree of narcissus and they think everybody wants their hot takes you can wait a couple of days I mean on the main show we waited until the main radio show waited until Tuesday because it's so. It in that. Generally is earlier than our normal rule like a week or so. Can but the fact that we're not gonna build talk about it on tomorrow's podcast because we're not doing a full podcast tomorrow. We have to talk about it on two days. And EG just have to get it out there talk about it a little bit and actually I just. Eight this whole thing I didn't even I don't wanna say I didn't care because Karl's one of my favorite characters now really really. But I really was. Where happen unlike. Our I. This is a loss I think I can live with because and may be right up until recently Carl has been one of the most annoying characters on a show. Populated with annoying care but he's got a lot of good growth in the last couple of seasons that I felt and this kind of takes away a what what that growth has been. Be the fact day. Carl in the comics has is a main player in a lot of the feature story alliance. See he was the chance that. Maybe if these series wouldn't continue with a brick it could continue with Karl becoming a leader type character which they're building two and in this last episode a guy you agree with you that Carl was becoming less irritating and more interesting as a young man than he was is a kid. Are you labeled talk about what happens with Karl on the comics. Not. Too much just that I know of that in the next story line which is the whisper he has but he really is kind of a plot point in it. And so it'll be interesting to see where they wanna go with it basically he has. A relationship with a character on the side of the new bad guys. Which will kind of be interesting to see how they take that in particular I mean they've done divergences in the past. Buy it I'd just. I'd just don't like the way they did this with Karl. Also because of the fact that Carl's father wanna Carl's father Rick but his actual fallen father Chandler ray eggs. His father made it really angry FaceBook posts about the fact that. He got his son was fired by Scott gamble the show runner right now. Like days before his eighteenth birthday that this was all like be asked and even in Chandler before had mentioned that. He was hoping to do this for a while until he got to. College I had no idea this is all news to me here. But at the same point a lot of people are like. Maybe that's a distraction may relieve the real reason why is just to say oh maybe something bagel happened in February when they come back and he's not really dead. A lot of it's maybe smoke and mirrors here. I firm gonna miss it it's hard to figure out because they've whole crap like this. In the past we had oh who does Nagin kill and it was figured out within a couple of months before even the premier. Of season seven. So they're just leaving the possibility that they're just setting up a misinformation campaigns is real and it's something that I think a lot of shows improvement in a lot of movies are doing these days because they don't want. All of that information out there on the Internet like you saying about people giving out spoilers earlier people figuring things out are people behind the scenes taking pictures with their phones and an IO. This actor showed up on set the other day he must not really be dead from last season think things like that can and if that's all it is. Fine but the eighth if we are to believe that Carl is. Bet you know and that is something that we've never seen anyone come back from on the show at. There was one time on through the Walking Dead wearing guy claimed to have been bit. And came in and survived it but it turned out he was never actually bit if you just look like a bite and and that's the thing so unless they come up with some real. Well even that magic wand action to attempt to convince me that Carl's not bit and completely dead then I don't even know. I think he's got a big honor and they make sure they show that he was in on the torso could you can amputated torso hard Dario we don't know but I don't know if you're an amputee who know the torso and my only other effort here complained well. America only other tightly clearly it was it was a long episode not very much really happened. It's so slow moving also it was so dark. I mean I was watching it on my computer and I turned the lights off when watching it I can barely make out what was going on right you have a problem. Yes and it was a lot of good things would a lot of the sub was happening at night you can understand that to an extent. By it. It is another reason why haven't been really liking of the disease this season is that a people are doing stuff at night which. By a larger just not going to want to do news lake Maggie and her crew just driving around at night heard no discernible reason assemble planes. It didn't make a whole lot of sense. They've been saying a lot of the time like a lot of people and complain about the fact that the production bison to be really load the choreography he's been bad from the gunfights haven't been that great deeds or use of CG and other than like practical effects like but the gore which is always been top notched. Beyond that everything else have been kind of crap. And in this seems like maybe they're using that night take kinda. Hide some production values sort of thing. Well yeah and they're saving money eight seasons. And there's still out of the wilderness Kazan don't wanna spend money on locations or sets for cuts takes a while others they're spending other money blowing up Alexandria so I guess I guess now I I am remorseful that Carl is going to die. As a teenager without ever having known the pleasures of mormons flesh can we say that yeah. Or has it been implied that he has had a girl tied well he's been hanging out with Enid. I don't know he had gotten any. Seeing. There's a. Or anything on screen that would even imply that they wandered out into the woods together. Well they've wandered off plenty of towels I usually India Italy as local since I feel like we're gonna get into Roy Moore territory using too much about it. Enid the only other thing I wanna add to this is that. There's yet another encountered between Rick and need him. And again I really like Jeffrey Morgan as an actor but the characters so annoying and lazy at this point in all swagger. Why doesn't he just kill Rick they have another fight that goes nowhere. How many times if they are they that they were trying to he was trying to help is trying to kiloton the writers just that the right to prevent a man. I'm just I find it lazy and frustrating and I wish Karl. A quick death rude. Showing Newton. This week we have the latest from Guillermo del Toro you remember him guys Pacific rim held boy pans labyrinth. And that boring crimson won on whether to present creams and crimson peak there you go all they might happy. Let's not inside her. And I can I don't know because even though I did not care for that so much Guillermo don't go Tora he's one of us I say he's an enthusiast yes nerd who. He loves horror films in the winner's their references on his sleeve. In particular the universal horror films and in this case the case of the shape of water. The creature from the black lagoon is the trailer is that the trailer no aces just think clip well a clip from the shape of water. How do you fit our secure this morning a big old. Middle of the security iron wall here. It's focusing on the little bubbling water iron 1 evening news. Millions chicken handouts. But the sudden looks immaculate. And not a whole lot is happening. We'll she's about to touch ooh. Put her hand on the glass. He's looking like she's going two. And Palin I think if nobody likes that. And it. It is freaking out and that we didn't like. Well thought we'd have this man of the ladies and gentlemen a freshman and we have fish mentally actually scared the crap out of me more about the fishermen and the reverend diaper. After the break. Welcome back special ops mark on your own reverend in Fuego Chris walker we are talking about the shape of water. Rev had a freight thrown into him by the side of the fishermen came up and I are good directly inspired by the creature from the black lagoon. I think a lot of people remember if you haven't seen the movie in Weiler senior golf. They gill man the fishermen from those movies. He was the good guy yes though he really trying to catch him word evil scientists who were just trying to screw with the sport fisherman who wasn't. Doing anything to anybody right he was just minding his own business and what the Amazon illiterate in his life and yes onion guy here and she's. And so that's even more the case this and the Fishman. Minding his own business. This is truly there were a fan boy with talent though gear Guillermo. They wrap my momentum for its past and is meant to Iran to your house and other our Guillermo del Toro quietly shut. This major we know our guys they have but yet there are moving forward what if I had thought about and what if government scum captured gill man in this case. And held them prisoner in secret facility and experiments on them and tortured them. But there were stupid not to let the cleaning lady have access to him after our ports shirt that's the premise to the shape of water. He can't get too literal minded about this or or ruins everything. The cleaning lady. Played by a research at least this book are no sorry Sally Hawkins at least that's the seat it was the characters and thank you she feeds him eggs. Why isn't he completely secured and garnered why is the cleaning lady. I allowed to feed the exotic and dangerous gill man and he spoke a cake and you're gonna get hung up on that if you think about it too much from. And one of the gill man and and one of the cleaning ladies well let's let's say she becomes a pest container he. What do we know. What are we gave the movie sort of burnished Spielberg Ian warmth and many feel a little bit more adult you know show little skin but the not a porno amount of scandal and just fish skin but no I'm saying these generals and saying they get up and go seek Charlie tuna like you've never seen McCain yeah I mean. Who among us step up. Can't even finish stay away who hasn't gotten off to the creature walks among us look at how those pants fit him in that movie. More like the creature lay some pipe among a semi right K okay. Looking Q tell us please don't crickets. Don't you cricket maybe. Don't Charlie said that he wanted to make an earnest love story and specifically dropped the name of Douglas here you're asking yourself right now who the hell is done with certain. He was director mainly known for these visually colorful 1950s Mellon dramas that include written on the wind all the heaven allows. Magnificent obsession there's things that you as a devoted peak probably won't. Go anywhere near maybe you'll sample some after you find out about this movie but you're never gonna look at another one again. They're very sort of overwrought soap opera ish movies but with with a very artistic. What's the what's the now I'm looking for. It's at the French to kind of rediscover him after they were dismissed when we went largely went when they came out this French dead engine Issaquah may even name our film Mars for us we are no idea what we're doing until the French tell us what we've just done. Damn you French. Anyway. The shipping water eighties. Earnest it's colorful it's beautifully made its production designed out there was do it's it's nicely acted you've got Doug Jones and who's the del Toro regular as always as the gill man. I can't find fault with any of that but if you seen the trailer. You're not going to be in print surprises all you know the whole story. And that's not because the trailer shows too much it's because not come crash happens in the movie they're cleaning commute cleaning lady. Develops a bond with the fish man they plan an escape there's an evil government. Meanie bully agent who pursues them. And she's got neighbor of reggae artist neighbor plea by Richard Jenkins who's sort of a sympathetic. Comedy figure and you know everything you need to know now you pretty much even know how it's gonna end or minus a couple details. I appreciate this movie but I feel like I'm supposed to like it more than I did mild recommendation. Best I can do no return. When her. Nothing no and I think you're curious about. No he kind of explained all of it dizzy did did they get it going in the water or does he like is he can he breathe it in in the royal air it is. An aquatic inner core scene. And we are not shown actual penetration they'll certainly. Post semen. It's explain how it happens. Because the fish man doesn't Wear underpants and he's not. Exporting any obviously equipment brought this is this is explained. Now I feel like we've said enough mu ha. Star Wars the last jet it's finally here just in time for the holidays. It's episode VI. II you know long before. Episode I XB. And I. And I bit of the trailer rev. We like. Yeah. Deal that. Okay. Maurice special. Like a lifesaver and what is. Great news. These are ways that. Now Brady is okay. Now really it's. No she's holding things. Man this cat. All right I have some. Remarks about this film which which is more anticipated even bend the Fishko imovie. But first everybody Wear a forward to this so much I might not cover everything that you wanna know so. Why don't we do another MFA which if you never heard this before it's stands were. Asked me many things you really still sorry sorry you're I'll starring iron and I we are you're not sorry at all are you have questions I do. How did you feel about the visual effects. On the visual effects were. That are adequate. I've wanted to quit you are you just talking about this day of special effects yes yes or how the movie looked in general how late did it late normally with a Star Wars movies the visuals will pop out at you mean it's like awesome space combat game like that did it. Pop for you think I'm gonna crap all over him but this is an act are that I haven't always fascinate even nicest looking Star Wars movie today it's okay and not only that are the effects you know what you would expect him Tony seventeen with a mega budget tent pole franchise movie sure but the director and writer Randy Johnson. Really goes out of his way to make some scenes visually just magnificent. Which is more annoying. The pork or H a law any rich ladies handbag corks. Because you know that that you while isn't going to be a marketing tool can make Lucas film want to put them on the agony and I gonna see in most cases that you while while hanging from somebody's rear view mirror does captain for asthma have a sex scene in this. Two not onscreen. Okay I can't act as hard to tell it implies going on its implied well I was hoping because will whose backers I just I like her so much she's from a game thrown yet yeah that's Gwendolyn Gwendolyn. Christie Christie gradually Chris Ellison Gwendolyn Pearson into the drug PI she is in the movie. And you never get to see your face of she could've just voiced the character for all we write yeah precisely that's why I was kind of concerned that maybe they actually got around to ever take a mass properties something like this are IE. That was my one complaint with the last one is not enough cap investment you have a character leave you wanting more of her I think actually since she's a swell actors and I dislike her there if you were to be Jed I foresee it what color would your light Saber me. Black. Sounds weird gas McCain yen in afternoon meant mom and I was thinking on you when a big busting their my cat knew I wasn't thinking about. Like you know big black they I'm sure there's all these things in him in the adult shops but that's not what I was thinking yes. We're not going to have a family uses a promotion communion just drop the app Baum OK and I there. An and I yes so do I do Kyle though and ray kiss. You can't have that if the roof of I don't know in the dark side in the person in the late side of the force. Kiss would that be like matter and anti matters and am I imagining the raw sexual energy if you could harness that. Are you multi vessel pent up this week low left little bit we'll let you know I'm Maria criminalize them underlie these are doing Mary will bring me does. This chew Barca in the port kiss who GAAP. You know however. The poor guard they're two faxed to block and it's one of the kind of funny things about the movie on I and the movie allows itself to be a little funnier than they usually do without breaking the vibe at all. Take one of the things that makes me and always made me since. Since after the first two has always mimicking the Star Wars is kind of overrated. And a children's movie is that it takes itself so low seriously mean. The light it up without turning into comedy this time that's OK let me get let me get sued. Notes I have on this it to does give you an idea well aren't doing any time we have left afterwards and basic. The basics they they asked us not to reveal pretty much anything. New one of these it was one of these high security morning screenings where you can bring your phone in a deal may be re entitled do kissing you just can't tell. I I didn't sign an NBA but it. I wanna be invited back off. At so you've got the first order not the empire they're closing in the rebels are on the run and they need to bring back Luke Skywalker. To restore hope to the universe yes it's cheesy. Say well I certainly want him back for hope the Unifirst meets all layered. And only Luke Skywalker can bring hope but fortunately there's a lot more like about the movie search picks up where the force awaken left off a weekend slipped off. Daisy really is race he's on the isolated island planet where Luke Skywalker is excel himself and she's trying to convince him to come back. Do some conventions get some of that sweet photo op cash you can get 175 dollars a photo on these Internet fans pay that now. Because of events hinted at in the force awakens. Lucas wants to be left the hell alone he's no Obi wan even though he kind of looks like him right we all want him to act like Obi wan journal ray wants the teacher pay it forward like you did did with him willingly he is not that I'm not. We get Mark Hamill until the very end of the force awakens. And needing every single word of dialogue here weekend a satisfying amount of blue. On the rebel resistance front. Pau Cameron's back our Oscar Isaac Katz still hotshot pilot who's too impulsive dammit takes too many risks dammit. And and at least that's what general lay it thinks Carrie Fisher's last performance. A movie has some well worn cliches. If you haven't already figured that out way anyhow. They're on the run now in their rag tag Battlestar Galactica fleet ships with the sciele lines I mean first order in pursuit. The bad guys can now pursue the rebels when they jump in the papers based tool. Did no one noticed this really huge similarity. In the movies planning stage to Battlestar Galactica it's exactly the sticky. Maybe. That. People didn't. Editors didn't. Hire a fact checker or or or some of like a clearance percent there's a new character named rose who teams up with him Conway got. For good deal of their screen tend to complete a couple of will be side missions I guess if this were a video game. Points loss from Baikonur and your own nerd. But you can't have everything it's she's she's like a regular non supermodel looking Asian actors and so. Points for that points for that unexpected. That they differ that much screen time brand new character nobody knows make selector. Fan historian the force awakens into these storm troopers grows a conscience and effect. Curiously you don't know what to do with him and they just happy given some stuff to get done in the movie feels perfunctory like to be into it. Kyle Iran of course is back and still having temper tantrums reckon stuff which I find hilarious. Defense and representatives excel oh or later paying sixty but boy does he lacks the gravitas your complaints about Adam driver. In the role it's just character and this is actually dressed in the movie not a negative kiowa high low has some sort of bond with who raised some. Links on Tinder thing in common that again was hinting that new board devotes more here. These things are such massive undertakings it's hard to Parse how much credit the director should get. I didn't care for the JJ Abrams one last time is much you think Lucas films gonna go on when a guy completely do things in his own direction now. The director is the 800 pound gorilla. In any case. So point stereo Ryan Johnson for. Making this a massive improvement over the last one. For spring at a time I have lots more to say yourself who can I take this up on Twitter. Some visuals in the last and I the guys that are much more striking. Then your average Star Wars supreme leader snow looks office is layer whatever looks like the coolest Cologne had been Nicholas winding rep and made. They're picked there's a big showdown on a planet that looks like it's covered with snow but it's. Really assault with a redness underneath and that's really cool if you don't think about it very long. The movie's over long it's like half hour too long and it's very kitchen sink he. Some characters don't seem filled all the way in you've got a Grand Mosque character that's Donald Gleason. He's just a sneering kill mall order gear room and given failing cliche. But overall big improvement over the first one. To help pull quote I don't know do you what's going to the pull quote and we'll wrap it up. Star Wars the less dead I isn't perfect or even close. And if you expect that after every try they've made since 1988. This is not the movie you're looking for but they're getting warmer. They should've taken a merciless lights ear to the script in the running time and you wish you hadn't yet I can't say peeing abilities I. But like we seldom see in the United States lately the good outweighs the bad enough to recommend not torture in the whole thing. And to pull quote. And end of year. After. This holier boys see as a way of doing them on. Thank you listener. I'm mark runner. This has been your special locks. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To don't join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks and hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our PCs and video games or are just a major fan of size flying key culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon Wells. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot clubs.