BJGN12-15-17 Disney / Fox

Friday, December 15th

Rev talks with Gareth von Kallenbach with a gift guide for hardware; Rev discusses the Disney / Fox merger and how it affects the Marvel Cinematic Universe; Rev talks about Blizzcon News.


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To golf. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our Pete jeez the video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot. Club house. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always is you are now entering Vijay chase the nation. Yes. Welcome to Vijay say he's heat nation and I in the reverend en Fuego. Across from me is wow well nobody because most everybody is on holiday vacation. And I and soon to be as well. But I didn't want to get some I'd get some nice fun topics out there for the old Christmas break in of course topic mr. Garrett thought column about. Throw out disputed review to give those last minute gift guys. If you do wanna get all the list you can do so. What many 02243353. Feet you can send us an email BJ geek nation at Find us on the old FaceBook or Twitter and all that social media just server BDJ's geek nation and you could find all of that and more at BJ geek. Nation dot com. So last week I did talk with mr. Gere is on column bock a back out to the gift guide it we talked about gains for the most part. Now we need to talk about hardware because you need to make sure you get all of that gear that you well that you bought you know terrorist fund Colin Baden joins us from skewed in review that is as K and. Well agreed to about a delicious a lot of options those you know you always get it is charm of the your little world stroke which turtle beach and they may actually pretension yeah they have everything firmed east collection area glitches cervical consult should children they've got a wireless surround Charlotte shut you know outcomes were cheer us for entry Xbox one so you've got all sort sort of you know features like comparable group sound. Shop but sort of sanction want something a little more affordable than ever traditional wired shut Muslims really cool. Because it's got a commercial additional chiefs and scheme to it now. Obviously it works with everything but it's also it can do trying to preaching go to college or you won't torture and that you really good option or gamers sure looked nice and another one that I would definitely recommend the church you know people are looking for dirt key border had shut combination. Logitech has she knew eventually they always go to lurk racial they have what they call the chief for. Three treaty. That you shot an important one that I gaming and showed that his world record of course they have these new mechanical keyboards. Which are the yen or one tree line and those are great because encouraged all of their courage and boulders dirty. They were Qwikster desktop applications metro Chester per game. And that's say it's funny because I have a steel series that's cash by about two years old down besides the fact there's assorted food bid saw it caked onto it because I'm really terrible glad that they still it still works great is wonderful in the macros that has our outstanding. Right now actually understand about steel solutions that they not only are very good quality products. They have such huge range or Scheffler had -- Shapiro worked sparked gesture. Three but they also up five more also basically. Obviously in their life trying to make do you such great catch such as whether you go look recorded or the water such it is do you guarantee their urge to burst your first birch history will work on the switched PO score explore PC. And you know you can get a gap Herschel people saying in a workable. Dershowitz thinks alike for example Q1 and all one had shut. That's good when you can take those upper complexion of the truck parks from nature and become a huge range of colors which what makes him appealing as well. That says sounds like you're definitely world's worthwhile purchase there would LC app for us. Well I'd also recommend to those that haven't shaken the leaked yet Sony ships were really good console sure picked a PlayStation worked what I try an appealing shook they have bolted standard pinched for Persian. And the pinched more pro and they have periods between one shudder tried in which like call of duty world torture. The source ultra true. And then they also have packages for PlayStation DR everything from doom chew elder scrolls thumb. Try charm yeah I am Erin de. Some of their other games and so this is a good way to get a shot three gets moved controllers. To cheers to irked at Schatz. As well as the camera and the salt were were watched and the price of what the base unit was stored for a loan industry already so. Are my got that up close of one of these we can remove one we have is to launch edition one. And what they've done is they've actually modified depart word that through the new lunch so Australian Open. Little basic things like Carol one connector where there used be chewed up source French. And essentially did not only do make shut up that much easier not to that was took a called. It's just one loss chaebol stroke behind moralists going to keep track computer and it makes the experience smoother and a lot easier. That is awesome I love that stuff and then finally I would LC outsource what we're seeing man so Ben Q was Gupta is great monitor and that's stalled. And VW choose certain children aged you are monitoring the best way to describe to us. It is 227 inch full HD high definition resolution LEV monitor and he hopes the non technical way of saying it is not only do your games looks fantastic on it. Your desktop applications run Trent jester played. Any type of design work you wanna do like graphic design in short that looks good chat and on top of that you also helped. You know what great platform for watching movies you could join Netflix streaming anything nice asked. What I try and most appealing about this is that it's a portable you can pick each up under 300 dollars. And when you consider some of these politicians. Have you know I'd watched monitors obstruction to dual clutch or 700 dollar shoes don't worry you'll get what some of the court case or go on for the transition very sturdy one and it. Not only you know it looks good it's solid it shut out very actually. And it just fantastic option for people looking to upgrade the monitoring their Dutch shop experience and. Seven inches for a desktop monitor is huge I mean I've been using that 23 inch monitor for quite awhile now it takes a lot of real estate so these are definitely not small monitors have by any stretch of the imagination and getting them for that Jeep is pretty amazing. Yeah an interest in turn has already had had a sampler please shall I actually took so much smaller monitor which stole your decent charge about 20/20 one insurance and I hope that there are reports this up. And while like you see obviously a much larger space. It didn't were quorum internationally were arranged to death struggle here hi all. Fit in because a great thing about it is we used to based platform and the stand which you can adjust but you know basically. The picture right into the station that we had it and what shall punish racial that it really didn't funded mainly cumbersome to shut up. You moved to display or anything like that it does make everything more really good. That is awesome and again at dearest fund Colin box from skewed in review he can find this more. And kids is so much more on the ST NR Dutton has skewed reviewed website the holiday gift guide is going on right now and day you're going to be updating it as the end days go on correct. Correctly. Wilted it would start us terms available. Awesome man take you so much gained shares on column box and skewed in review that is SK NRG dot net take care Gareth teacher but I think he summit gears again gears on come about from skewed in review that is SK NR dot net and I am super excited as well speaking of gear because. I just bought myself happy Christmas to me. A new video card because I got so VR gear the I got the HTC vibe. Which is up pretty stoked about to be perfectly honest I know for a fact that I'm going to beginning of fallout for four war VR it just came out on steam back on the twelfth so this week and I'll I am really really excited to test that out and it again and I'm definitely picking up for the VR is the Star Trek bridge crew. Because you can play with multiple players. A knot in you know in the seamer everything like that because you need all of the different VR gets but. I can still play a little bit more with data and have some fun and actually pretend that I am on the start trek Pritzker. Very excited that if you guys have any us suggestions for other VR games that are out there let me know hit me at beginning of yet. At ribbon Fuego at BG geek nation BG geek nation and you know about com L all that fun stuff. Here's some interesting news now. This should have been finalized our hopefully by yesterday. And if it has this is crazy because Disney is expected to close a deal. As of this recording we haven't done that yet to purchase the film. And TV properties of 21 century fox. What does that mean well it could finally name means that we get to see Wolverine makes it up with a hole. Maybe see the fantastic four new movie that doesn't suck our hand constant company incredible but that's not really up for dead reported and LBJ is looking more now lung before Marmol and it's always studios was owned by Disney used a license out its characters to other studios so now we know because fox owns X-Men which does include cable. And dead pool and all the acts forced and if you miss seeing a lot of those other shows out there like legion like to gifted which we've talked about. Those are set in the hawks. The comic universe. No correlation with the and CU I'm also the fantastic four. And so that's why none of these characters have shown up in the NC youth but if this deal happen ends the floodgates are open. What does that mean. We don't know. Will we see something maybe and a after of infinity war that would be insane if they could figure out a way maybe as a bonus scene at the in his realize that. Only now these things are going on maybe they turn that into. What you would maybe call the ultimate universe you know we have the ultimate universe and it's 616 in the comics maybe that's how they meld them together that would be insane if they had suddenly aid convergence of worlds that could smash them altogether. I'll also be OK with him keeping them a separate properties. The big problem with the fact that. The X-Men are not in the old in the MCI at this point is that they've had may have scarlet witch which could be a deciding factor to create all those things put it together because she's alters reality. And we've seen quicksilver on both sides but the quicksilver this one has died. It would be kind of cool just to see them. Come through come through some weird core hole or maybe one day it changes a reality to make these sort of things happened there a lot of story we got a story ways that they can have this happen. And we Vargas in the fact that Sony as Spiderman in the NCU they've allowed that so hopefully we concede maybe won't marine come in through this. One of the things at this point though is that Wolverine will not be played by huge Jack command even though he is the embodiment of Wolverine himself at this point he says that over the seventeen years of playing the character he's criticized about doing a movie with say I. Iron Man and Hulk but he thinks that they ship has sailed for him as someone else he would like to see. Wolverine and be out there but at the same point. He doesn't specifically say which person that you would like to see you beat Wolverine and I can't really blame anyone and don't wanna suggest someone to fill in your shoes after that so. Let's speculate out there are guys let me know do you think could be a good Wolverine in the future coming up all I wanna know and all I wanna see is the fact that. My eighth two favorite characters cable and Dan also follow are going to be played both by Josh Boland. So that makes it a little interesting if scandals doesn't get utterly defeated in the infinity war or the upcoming sequel and we actual whom he'd he'd he'd hit. May be your face off between cable and then else. And at that point is it just going to be like as sort of one of those like Jon Claude van dam twin movies where he's just stirring atoms so about a green screen and trying to have dialogue with himself and at that point forgetting which guy he is and suddenly panels is using cable lines and cable using candles line the dead bull comes in and he's like yeah. And Aaron maybe a little weird on that went. We nod from that we didn't mention any of the bliss Contra when he seventeen news when he came out just because we haven't really had a whole lot of time. We were talking a lot of TV and a lot of other things going on with the main show. And frankly we just really didn't have that time. To give it to it so one can do some run downs of the biggest announcements according to Polly gone about what they got from blitz con. The first one is that over watch will have its 26. Playable character. Named more around. Described as a geneticist who works for talent mortar has a history with reaper is black watch organization. She a possesses the ability to inflict an enormous amount of damage on her enemies according to the over watched director Jeff cap went and can also heal her teammates. She also appears to have spell casting abilities she is the focal. Post release scared her to be added to over watch. Following on a somber up or reset and doom fists and she will be. Released on over watches public test region on PC before she's officially available on PC and consoles. And in addition for more over watch news they're going to have a new map called blizzard world. This. If this is so strange like Disney World blizzard world is he theme park that incorporates all of blizzards properties like euros of historic. And star craft people both attack and protect the payload in the map. Now fans of blizzards games as a whole will be happy to know that the map is packed with various cancer every attractions including an arcade based on heroes of the storm. An area based on as a Roth from the World of Warcraft series and areas borrowed from hearth stone. The map will go live for all players in 2018. If you're over watch player what we know we feel about this now. Going to world warcraft which is a game that I have an on and off relationship and half like the last. Fourteen years they revealed a new intro cinematic for the seventh Expansion Pack battle for as a rough. This got me back to playing in at least catching back up with a story from legion. I've played a little bit re you had to cut cut cut played another character for my month those subscription in and that leveled up a monk for a little while it's fun I got to play some of the rating contents with my. Rogue blood elf and it was it was good it was OK I just want to get through the cinematic and you can do that is kind of how I really play. But now with the battle for as a Roth once that comes out. I will definitely be re subbing and playing through all of that. This expansion is going to include the usual increased level casts a new zones for players to explore but also focus on the conflict between the alliance and the hornets. Horn players will travel to three new zones that make up the islands and sandal lark alliance players will focus on three different zones set on the island of caught up cold Ter rob us. The update marks the introduction of new content that has never been seen before in game and know have to figure out we exactly what that means it's still a little vague at this point but. There will be a bunch of second dairy classes and races not classes. I'm races he can be dark iron towards you can be a different. Control rays need to be some of those off shoot. Races that. Will either. Allied themselves with or or with the alliance seems pretty fun at this point. Another thing that they've decided to do was create the old but Neil was servers. Now what does that mean Vanilla as the flavor is plane and that just means that it's going to be from know expansions. Just the original contents. Personally. I think this is a bad idea just because I remember playing during those times and first off I doubt that they're gonna have the bugs. But at the same point if they're not going to be taking back the tuning that was the game. And the fact that you like it figured if they're gonna have shaman on both sides that means it's not a Vanilla server which means you're gonna have bad the content be a little bit walkie is they're still going to you have stuff like molten core be as hard as it was in the past. It's gonna be impossible for new players especially if they don't have those add ons that really were the ones that helped out that. Essentially you can just use a macro to spam and it would out of target somebody who had a curse on them and get rid of it. Now blizzard combative that by having. All of the characters get massive curses and maybe they've re tune molten Korda make it better I'm just not really seeing how good this is going to be. And to be perfectly honest as a night elf priest I was constantly running from for my life. From Victorian shaman. And because yeah win fury was broken and you would just die instantly. We'll have to see what they do with that how they incorporate some of the new rules with the older servers and see where it really goes but at the same point. Classic. They did some early state so we'll have to see where exactly they bring men out. Star craft two and a lot of people still play I'm pretty sure it's still the South Korean national sport but it is going to be. Free to play going for an industry player right now so as of November 15 so that was a month ago star craft two wings of liberty is. Freaked those who already own it all receive the heart of the swarm expansion at no additional cost. Ranked multiplayer role be also given to players for free but players will have to unlock it after achieving 101 wins of the day. Back to you heroes of the storm cause so was headed over there and they take care pictures from all of the blizzard property is which is you know world warcraft like guys said. Star craft diablo. All of a blizzard confirmed that console will be free to play. And make proceeded to show how and so in action fighting the World of Warcraft Alex straws on who can transform into a dragon were her health is low so she also joined as a range to support character. And both players will be available to play in the heroes of the storm next year when an update for the game drops. And if you our hearts on player cobalt thing caddick Combs is out now. As a person who does not play them I can't real deep impact helping you out there are so unfortunately. You'll have to tell me how that is and again you can do so at. One nanny 02243353. Citizen emailed PGA geek nation at And guys when we get back in the next year we will have a Star Wars. The last jet I spectacular. I know we're leaving you hanging for a while but we wanna make sure everyone watches it you can catch your review from the previous special ops. Because we won't go super spoiler reef but mark wondered does have his take on it and of course Chris tonight do you ask him a bunch of silly questions. So until next time guys just need. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our PCs and video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.