BJGN12-28-17 Espionage Cosmetic's Cartridge Compacts

Thursday, December 28th

Vicky B chats with CEO Glitter Jedi Jaimie of Espionage Cosmetics about their latest new pre-sale, nerdy Cartridge Compacts! 


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks and hang out play games that just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our PCs and video games or are just a major fan of so I fly a key culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club next BMW dot. Plus should ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering the Jewish easy nation. So welcome to an unofficial many episode of species the nation I am Vicky Barcelona. And with me is someone we pat on the podcast many at times sometimes it's awesome really awesome stuff sometimes to hit us in the field. But today she's going to hit us in the nostalgia factor or were actually in her office. At the nerd miss that studios. Espionage cosmetic offices I should say we have the lovely Jamie brought glitter just I didn't Jamie. Year it's. Not ai am thinking Barcelona. Sounding like kids. It it did then you and I liked me. The fun part because in an entirely different and everything she that's why I bring on the podcast that she likes it are not completely. But I did say that she's going to be hitting us in the nostalgia. Because you had just come out with an increase am all for her may not keen boys style cartridge. Yes almost exactly what you said. OK as for what's. I was so long story short is that about four years ago three years ago we get a kick starter that you guys that's actually how we met was kick starter for the now wraps and after we wrapped that I was like Celeste are we gonna do that is like that something really really cool that. Not can't be just reproduce across the board but is really solidly like gives everybody the same spots like alike. And and I happened to be shopping differently. NG we actually looking for Google. It's systems. Yes that you can play the what my Brothers and sisters effort is that they can version basically where you just easy mode of playing that game. Looking for that as a gift and all of these cartridges that just east of feelings in my feelings. It's and I realized that honestly think he really done anything this thing refurbishing or reused or we are listing her. And through I could think of ways whiskey flask switcher route and I just act expire. And so has like amnesty if I can see here and I thought I would say close to 300 dollars worth cartridges. No there there and then proceeded to take part. And it. Basically. I mean it just me that's when we did take them apart eight and the and in some things that. Standards would be really carrying around. It wouldn't yes. It's your credit and it's. One. And so I spent three years as an entity. We wanted to make the same that we stated that. If you only that we have to make it open and we actually making different. And just one more ways Q you know attached to the fields that we all out. And anything that's just object or listeners out there and everybody is more likely wanna be apart and Q and relief. Attach themselves to be excited talking about something like this which is proven to be the case has routinely eats. A different languages that the press has been in these cartridges which is by far the largest launch that we've ever had which is really incredible. Either. Not pose an essay yeah. It's really hitting me in the silence and my first game boy I got Whitman's. Christmas when I was ten years old. And I got poke them on silver whose first game might ever be to completion. And I loved that game and I recently did IA about a year or two ago I went and Reebok. And the game athletically angled so I mean it's kind of the same just different. Pokemon is he sprinkled out throughout the game but it's just ice and CNET and this is my child deadly. Tetris. I east and once I have my game point and tetris and idolized. Google actress. Not to brag or anything it's not expect. How well this is awesome end to convert it into something that we can use everyday and they got it right now they have five different Sheen. Is there any talks about anymore. Yes we absolutely have the worst case that are going. Basically there issues which is about how welded back and the priest L goes. And where actually running the pre still kind of like a kick starter. But it's gonna happen no matter white yet so the better than priest out goes the more that are purchased before we. Go into production. And the free still I think the trees and on January 15 but the better it goes the more things we actually it's so the more colors we unlock for people to have choices. On and the more freebies I guess who added to everyone's. Orders when they come out so like once we hit certain levels. And we open up late everybody get sticker or everybody gets enamel and or. And or we unlock more colors or lick losses. More and how. Does that espionage cosmetics dot com slash contact to get your pre order. If he also check out all the awesome colors and its eagerness kind of do you really want to look at them you wanna check out this site. Absolutely and the other thing is that where I think we're acting like 1819 asks her cartridge that you and that includes you get to pick a color. Whatever gets them as innocent serving afterwards and so you get to pick a color. You get the partridge and you exclusive. With. A good the first five is on earth our first five colors you. And you actually get. An exclusive view as well. Our nineteenth. And hitting forty dollars just Wear it on in the year. Public force failed to Republicans and there he says you're doing like a really stupid gun sales in doing that because. There's something to be said people will intact and are. Humans. And and so we nature that there is a lot of benefits huge. Hands and say he's gone. Over and wail about what we was going to and not just with the press because I also with. Just how people purchase and I'm an easy urges and how excited and because you inside your head about that you think he's the best idea earth. Nobody response. And then. This is one of those things where as responding this evening migrant because every is just. It's like everybody's. Brains seem to take things. Sure orders items and this is like no exception the movement people's even even people more or Portland thirty and more. And more Agile. There I'm not ready and eat and lately we have grant that is in. Process is lower. And I believe like he's that are not typically writing about dirty eggs in the end. Exactly and and see we have staff that they have like three weeks when it. Ams and says something about. Hulu these cartridges BQ that they are posting about it because. It's not like does he he made it into it they have Kiki section of the we're not. It shows here Prejean. What people think oh well if you're lucky you feel like me or if you make that he he's not he. Says that you leave your company's keeps putting out more and more awesome things experts. Wearing Mika. Not to where it is due for each and I don't care to deal with the there were in my belly and my career I have around my temple and basically. Doing the make it ideally. It's a lot and it's great for people who do like counseling for people and previous interview. That it can go for them. The cost plane last season and apple it team. You know out one night you know it does be tempered. And culture and that. First place. For the industry as game exclusive. Caddie. Each. As. This isn't that. Place where you can express yourself and be okay with it. Very your. Expertise is. Your. Picture. Car. Oh. Quick exit espionage cosmetics slash contact your pre order which is gonna give you all the possibilities and the more pre orders there are the more colors and other good freebies are going to also be unlocked and this is for sure path it's on to kick starter. This is going to happen you. Pre order your. It just basically for our fore checking in and being willing to wait the extra months. Is is library giving us a significant discount ominous. We're also have difference cartridge like residents colors that we have played the OG. Grade him but we're also we have an unlocked forecast now. Resident. We have that he'll and it's already been unlocked and I believe there's like it heal and silver mixes well. Agassi is Barbara any others. We're gonna constantly just unlock cooler and cooler things and I know that you guys have merely guys that secure podcast. And should like ways this. It is it's awesome for your geeky or if you. Have equal in every ounce. Exactly so on if you have. Haven't haven't thirty girlfriends or sister or mom. They will all be agreed to this it's very cheap. Good quality legacy not just run of the mill dollar store and situation. And it and one of the things they take them most pride in here and espionage is that I note that people look at her Stephanie. Like it's big it's gimmicky but it's cool so that they're gonna that they go by his gimmicky. And then you realize that it's actually one of the most solid products on on the on the market that's how it happens and now grass all the time where people like. They think it's gimmicky because I don't know has. Death star and yeah. And England and an hour or something like that and then they actually Wear them and they realize that they Wear longer than most of the products that. You die that is you know that's a higher price point more that's lower quality as far as late. Are any arrests or ten free. Win the it industry standard is three or five free and that measly three of certain chemicals and that these and found to be problematic so. We have that says that oh this is really cool novelty thing but we're also a really really good product. On top of cruelty free yes sir yes which we actually just got that cruelty free it's. Search fighter proved Akira which word is is that they must use that by leaving bunny which is the main foundation Mac. And in. Monitors all of that stuff and see the I like to seal of approval there and looks forward looking for cruelty free not just saying that there. So we finally just to be in Europe from now we I mean I'm bunnies yes but we don't need to early test them. Amazing how fast. And one day. Com slash compact game your prayers now it's. On. There will products. You're awesome talents that you. Neil wrapped. A lot angry he'll easily go. On FaceBook and Twitter Easter and there's so much. From the pre people. With some pretty neat so Jen so. The biggest. It.