BJ's Board Game Alliance Episode 10

Tuesday, April 11th

BGA talks about their guilty pleasure games, rage-quitting, and still manage to interview a couple of actual gaming professionals!

"Guilty Pleasure What is the one game you love but nobody else appreciates?"

INTERVIEW: Jamey Stegmaier from Stonemaier Games The king of Kickstarter (Viticulture, Euphoria, Scythe, Charterstone, resource treasure boxes). 

Table Flip or Rage Quit: What was your lowest gaming moment, and what did you learn?

Game of the Now: Arcadia Quest Inferno by CMON

The Grimm Forest - by Druid City Games
2-4p fable themed game with players as pigs racing to building houses.
130k of 35k goal - ends April 14
$49 base pledge
(Comments: I like the art reminds me of golden book, and of course the unique componets are amazing)

Clash of Steel - by Sigil Stone
2p medieval dueling card game of physical battle
14k of 5k goal - ends April 15th
$12 base / $32 for base + Playmat

Aeons End: War Eternal expansion - by IBC
1-4p fantasy themed co-op deck builder. Really unique deck system. 8.1 on BGG
Expansion adds more heroes, more nemesis creatures, and upgrades to previous set.
$182k of 30k goal - ends April 20
$65 for expansion / $130 for base + expansion

Smiths of Winterforge - by Table Tyrant Games (relaunch)
2-5p competitive dwarven blacksmithing. Worker placement, resource gathering,
7.5k of 14.5k goal - ends April 24th
$39 for base
(Comments: Metal money!!! IN AND IN AGAIN)

Dicey Peaks- by Calliope Games (Roll for It, Tsuro) designed by Scott Almes (Tiny Epic series, Harbour, Martian Dice)
2-6p competitive race up the top of a mountain. 
5k of 15k goal - ends April 22nd
$26 for base $36 for deluxe


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW doc plus. All geeks of all ages you more poetry teacher case the patient. Yes and welcome to your board give alliance my name's Chris walker walk like a flavor of these issues geek nation with me is always is showing ever sort of think of games now Hank Hank and Josh Utley from the mega diverse say I don't go I just think stress in the first place nobody ever asked me how I'm doing on this show. I don't really care to know who rush an app I. I'm fed feels natural. We are today on the show guys we're going to be talking a little bit about guilty pleasure games we'll talk a little bit about the games that we are all playing right now. We've got a couple of great interviews one with Loren Coleman from catalyst James Webb and Jamie stay Meyer from somewhere games. And of course our good friend Sean is gonna tell all about the kick starter world and what's happening right now we'll run down a couple of game in terms archetypes for you that well you know it. Everything he's a definition that's that's why we're here for reader to inform and inspire and other words to start with Italy in. Are you don't deserve the middle innings. And then. Speaking of titillating a real mistress you know we're really we we've got to me and we've got him in the Q he's definitely gonna be on the show today. You know I I'm I I really shouldn't problems that anymore either and I feel like we always have to pass so we'll see. And then I just is gonna tell us about his most exciting game of the now so left. Take it away Macs in the public domain players. Our men I did just every time he gets me every time I love love love that music in the fields. So Josh. Yes sir I ask you for so much but I just need one more thing for me. Would you like not having all of us I would love to know how to get all of us okay well then you guys who probably check our website and all podcasts and BJ shaking nation outcome. You can use Amazon's echo and trash collection to play each nation through too mean or just say Alexa lines and if it doesn't look like us on FaceBook to search for B dishes equal nation follow us on Twitter and instead let me ask him. Oh even even wait for me to do a thing I apologize while you're the one who told me I had to do it throw it in a nice saying unbelievable so where. Again. In case he missed that follow us on Twitter and into grand instant Graham. How does that daily gas and at my education they get better at home and counting him. Tennis it's actually is always 198022433. By three. She just email had me digging nation and Or look up mostly Chris at YouTube dot com or any pleasure say they are using me and then mentioning a huge huge. Yeah sure like subscriber short describe if you will and well our guys fantastic let's let's talk a little bit about so well. But what we're playing right now what kind of games so Kenny games and what's the last game you play Josh. Well low very you asking in my played loser Rex who animal game of Rex final days in an empire wow yeah. Got to torment my little sister into play where she put herself in the corner because of it. You can accomplish that wow that's awesome he feel proud of yourself that you saw a man who I met your little sister so you should be proud contest Shauna but you've got I did mint works as of the game I'm just absolutely in love with France a little game my crew worker poisoning game fifteenths out of a tenure at target when we played that twice did you win. Nor did not pity I lost both times shut up and see you I've played two times since the height I did win yeah did he had this. I got an and not to that's not the only reason I love you really write a nice look compact we're replacement I love worker plays defense. Peripherals like you know fifteen bathcasting heard no I think my B twelve dollars online Eric every union on line if you look up from networks. Comfortably against I was playing recently and there's one brings up because essar is kind of hilarious we're doing a deception murder in Hong Kong yeah. And had a bigger players my family in some other friendly. And my a percent of my wife was the witness in this game so if there's a murder there cement and knows about the murder and that was helping murder out. And there's a witness that knows okay those two people were involved there and know exactly how the murder happened army's trying to figure out. Who did this and how they do it. Well we weren't getting any assistance I was of one of the good guys for once. And we were getting the assistance from the witness my point is going appliances consumer hard appears out well we finally figure out who's a murder was and how they did it. And then that now we have a chance for the murder and the accomplice to kill the witness right well I think it's just one person does he was only one kind of helping me out. And it wasn't Michael Moore whose awareness that was my wife and Michael why were you leading us astray to say well I thought that was my job I'm doesn't delete you have to pass. We have three people got the he murdered the accomplice. Also an accomplice I think. Knowing your life. She was mentally gaming new place which whose identity she knew her daughter with the murder chizik why did I wanna point ordered to get away I don't know how he. Oh my and I don't know that Larry that's consistent with what I know your family. The other Ron Allen talked about was we played the expansion for X com. Total game that was already murdering you ya now has new ways to make it harder for you to win. I know who knows it doesn't believe harder needless to say we lost I thought it takes. Mechanic to make missions that where you know it wasn't dangerous going against aliens in the first place even now they're dangerous. So you had a much smaller banks in order to roll against and eight he had killed us rather quick. No no no but it was very very hard hard pass the only other one that I wanted to are about I was on and I also Lindsay as the other day universal rule. BJ found this little it's a four X game but it's it's eighteen cards and that's the whole game. And I did did the brilliance this symbol simplified mechanics and everything was going on in the you know there is space command there is exploration there is. Colonization or the Buick Open before excellent start about. That was really fun and not just because I want it. But I really like it really is that it was a super streamlined because I love a four X games that you don't always have time to to spend six or eight hours playing a game. This stretch is that itch and is it was done in between 25 minutes. Path as a therefore exit twenty minutes you can you go right back gaffe I have these cyberpunk coins from drawl I'm OK and we had those in for the tokens. Premium experience that sounds. Incredible exactly what I would like to do with that some guys where we we talk a lot about being put together and we talk a lot about how. You know we played five games one day and I didn't win a single one of them half a penny out of that that that gets under my skin a little bit like an hour wind from yes that's great free all. I hit it any doesn't make me not want to play with you guys but it can be a little frustrating when we get done when that fifth game and like I still haven't won once today and it's I really were blowing the same thing only that but is it there are people would feel like you really think given your students afford that so. You know what at one of the things that we learned to to aid to go into where you say it won't you know table flips and rage quitting and things like that what thinking back and getting into the mentality what happens when people lose a game and when there. Poor losers or if even if they're not poor losers per say but something happens inning game that just makes you want to just scream and mess the whole thing up and say to hell with this and I'm never gonna be you guys are all jerks and then literally confident and literally depends only -- -- that's what I like to put a nice heavy tables. And unpalatable I do know you can check YouTube and you can find people actually living I'll ask and not on not set up either daddies are people are so angry he had neither and it's it's it's coming gold yes I mean even yeah. I I can't think of the time I have ever been in a situation where I was just so angry. At the game or it's people us playing with. Except maybe once or twice playing in. Planned resistance with BJ but look upon it in even then I know it's all part of the game you can't I don't know like I did I mean I've never been in this situation. Since like second grade. There are third grade I think I was playing. Scrabble with a kid. And he was just he was he didn't know what being a troll was because it was a reason and they didn't exist yet. They were by bridges back then you're exactly right but he was just trolling there academy and down like two letter words and and and he he he he had the starting move. And he placed and I. Right in the middle aboard. Kind of like. I so while you can't make one other word in every era has its third grade are you ready we do on bit. We will meet. Girls are kids' classes have talked about this before though there's an excellent program I was in it we were all supposed to be Smart kids and we were for the most part pretty nerdy I mean. We're in third grade playing travel credit for your mistakes. But. I just not used just being a jerk on purpose and I just I didn't I didn't I've been through the end and I think I actually keep the board as I stood up and running away. I never had a table flip I definitely had a rage quit ten and if that wasn't third grade so I feel great about this. It was a few years ago actually print six years ago claim descent. Oh and he wasn't so much for game of the winning and losing. It was pyro all the rules. And it's the constant questioning. And it was just over how some people moves drank torso and the senate president playing with was giving you flack in Seattle and is this really how this works they weren't throwing and it was on me. I forgot that not only yeah I'm going to read the rules but they did not read the rules yen and that was the last time I've ever raised it again yeah that's the last time I ever let it matter there was a baby gate kicked cross around for four. While I'll help and then it took about. 67 years for one of those people are playing with being and that's why don't always look at ways you can loosen our Kyra fast. That's true the fact is we can lose over knocked torn your temper over a team right. And especially something as simple as a rule which is easily answered by an as a designer. And publisher so I am never early intern this myself personally or if I lose a game all the time like going to resentment into play and just think you know that sentries to it however and as when I'm going on during play testing I could have lots of different people and let my games are very command of games. And I did have a situation where. This one I was playing and dirty cops with us. And everybody at the table is new did not know each other. And this one guy was just. Troll on the table he was doing what he could just to mess up one guy for no other reason it didn't advance his cause like his efforts in the game it was just. He Olympic on this guy yet to try and what I can see him just. Well if she's got in this so when he didn't know he's like I'm targeting this person get us our vote vote vote and I got way I could tell like. He managed to keep it together to his inside. Who once they got left is like rock hardness like note can ally Australia and understandably so like this don't do that it was simply been he's you don't even know we have precisely and you know. You know what's not fun is somebody just picks on him holding time and that's just that's ridiculous lead to earlier friends running game because usually there's only right back a precise Hartnett playing that than playing games with your friends there and that's the point. But anyway I'm going with someone new like Henry and I mean I email you got to give him a friend Brandon you had William that's really cool. But now look at somebody on the phone who who we immediate to Jamie stay where from somewhere games is gonna talk to us a little bit about well. Everything. Hi this is Sean from BGC's board game. Alliance. And I'm here talking with mr. Jeanie stay Meyer. But it Fredricka I think it's Jamie stay mire of stone Meyer games whose. I made a couple games us a small games it may be people of Paterno likes they didn't. I heard a few other things. The interview and I showed him here really appreciate it. What are creditor. So. I want to towards America things so I am wanting to want to ask is what was the gaming guy you into modern more gaming. It was. Federer could return. We've looked up or does the first leg kind of got me. Interior some modern Euro gains criminal court club a few years. That's cool am what's. With Massoud that was whoop your intro for like playing a stuff what were really got you into. You hobby for me designer and publisher's standpoint. Oh yeah. Well it was really it was a couple games on kick starter that I followed him back. And just kind of amazed by the Beijing donating an employee I can they broke starter. They would begin to be part of the reason that I got into publishing was because of the confluence of kicks her in bowl games. Computers peers were like eminent domain. I think mr. games in hand already Koppel Roger is from Patrick nickel and crashed into. That's cool with us and you had a lot of success and kick starter back to our recently announced that year no longer be a gonna be a part that you're doing your thing through. Like local game stores and things like that. Yeah I'm I'm moving there as more towards traditional publishing model. Just because I greatly enjoy kicks or I recommend on the earth for anyone who's trying to. The self publishing game or build and grow forty company but. I think we outgrew it in a few different ways and I just wanted to mitigate some of the risks involved but it. But filling thousands of games to people around the world. But it's going there little supporting. The local game stores as well I mean 'cause. Get in there there really important to keep the hobby going and that's something that. You know I like doing as well like I think if I can go and and do demos at local game stores that helps bring people to their store and you know show why they they need to be there and stuff like that so. And it's critical Richard you're doing that. Yeah I think I'd I am so happy for the community that built around those games stores. We'll be going through distributors and they felt all my game's first well and and your source but I think there. They're good things about both of those formats the online in the local format support in. Source. Center so what kind of changes are you warning to some that you wish you would see in the hobby. From a player standpoint. Well player's standpoint. I would as players are actually actively thinking more or even you a lot of a lot of things like yes and at the. Her big airs live from from your view like as you're playing games. Where things that you wished did you come wanna see changing within the obvious things. Well. Look I guess I I play you a lot with my with the same people reversing game group. And IE. But it about a buyout but like the way that we play games like we got our own way we. None of us get really albeit we have some news or very few Duca and I thought I'd like kites playing with the gives of that type of people. And it still very competitive we are still wanna win. Quite literally speak for other Gingrich but I paper quoted particular rate I have. It's hard for me it's you the kind of join the magic circle and really be immersed in the game it's ever recover. So hopefully that won't know what we're not three people who. Yeah I think who as I've seen stuff both the planning and its people seem generally pretty good about that or calling someone owning and intend to do that injection the question. The page and has Josh. Do you go back to the kick starters and you are always very open with. Helping people on the kick starters and these customers or customers terrorists seem to be. Really important to you and speaking from my own experience when I'm back your resource tokens the first treasure box hidden. Mine which are raising red north mine didn't show up for and I thought it was no I thought it was stolen I was gonna say. You got you on this guy out I mean I'm going to rear view by the way you believe you're lessons learned news now the author of the actually. I and I contacted him and what ended up happening. Was that the slipped just got lost in the back of the mailbox and made it was at the post office. But before I got news that. He offered to send me one day his expand car is not something you need to do when it's absolutely not your fault right precisely ten a just speaks to the kind of person is the kind of customer support they they go for yeah. When you definitely did not need to do that they're good or bad customer support were really make or break any company in my opinion so that's that's amazing that's cool. Now. Well probably you're Leary of the worker up politically at sort of his fingers from time. What I always talk about all the service sometimes it is. A consumer mistake or don't get doesn't update their address regular outscored them I tried I'd. Maternity care and that everything indicates that there responsibility to try to find the solution that's good that both Ben and many others at a combat situation yeah I mean. We we want you back the project for many many months before receiving that based on trust and an excitement and our job is to try to cut product chief. I had that you have that that open communication line which was really good. Him blatantly even when it looked to be stolen definitely not your fault. And for you to step up on some where he didn't have to who's really didn't really like that. And then narrowed but the fact that my other question is are you backing anything right now what's the last thing the U back. The last thing that I back. What you have come into laughter you bet we'll look this up so it's not that's. I just back to Graham the other day hmm yeah I was afternoon as well as you build buildings and I gather resources it's in the home agree and through little aids and grim parcel that yeah I've got looks and ultimately do. It happened so how many have you back this morning jog back. And I had a real question we need to and it's three yesterday with the press yeah I'm proud of my point exactly we have a bit of an issue here with a computer at the. And for me it looks like does rattle off a lopsided report that you sort of you know a true truck champion. Do you think you're in Seattle yeah yeah oh yeah we talked to them a couple of episodes back to actually it's from the daily magical season. Great Kotnik Ryan Parker ritual. Our rituals we are recruited it's a game that you could completely unrelated to meet for game that I tried desiring. Arm that I could not figure out and I thought Pixar perfect it lawful some of the bigger. Nice and then our rising sun and a great fourth spectrum I'm. You know her first day here I think residences and ever ready to take an idiot thing and I think that's the best at. Heard of it. I got another question for you so the Pacific northwest Seattle specifically is home to a lot of gaming so afraid and so we've got like my excel anchor. That Suzanne from working for our friends even from game wire. Got to tell my from the Bergen make over herb who got pacts we've done by about a dozen different. Gaming specific. Conventions are gone with throughout a year. So my pajamas by its are used considering coming over to our neck of the woods at any time. Well why are absolutely needs you and not just for those reasons were because my at my brother answered. As well placed they've been in Seattle and so eight cures from Microsoft and I've. He's been for five years I still have a monopoly does that sort absolutely need to visit and she had men and and all are also being kept people mentioned yeah it's got back. Street so you heard it here first that you really Cummings and good. Oh cool I appreciate you you being with their son so we were gonna go into an over our next segment here or talk about. Games and that you like that other people just don't appreciate the answer is Gloria that so. Joshua and you couldn't lead a soft on that well. My personal one was descending empires. And it was a dexterity base base. Flicked around the board games into the board probably wasn't the greatest to a puzzle pieced together it would war so your flicks would be all she messed up. But I still enjoy it because of the tech building. And but most people in my group are just like nano. And we're gonna fair enough. Then we've put it out to the forms and I'm done FaceBook and many other places. But if you rom com. Benjamin David a says Tim and his brother love the stock market game. From nineteen nasty three asking our identity and I NN that you know he says most people don't like because it's long and super Massey. And in the center of the board is an assault on the eyes of. How are no sure you have heard the this a bad bad. An instrument this wanted to I really don't know who this guys finalist that he says kilos of lords of water deep in the heart his group. Finds it to the two BA Frankenstein of a bag game and I have no who will get your cell phones you know you're. I got news story about your plane with a budget chuckle hasn't don't deserve your time and attention. Give me a call I look a lot of water leave any data we can twice on Sunday so do you like similar to Marty apparent little bit and I will let them. This one is grade. Max to meet Sam says monopoly that might be make team. But I'm gonna go again. And he doesn't mean I like I guess I mean should there yet you don't extreme they're so I labored poetry than about Africa. It would be Maximilian and but he says monopoly death has swindle bargain with the dealer profit percentage might be maximum fun because deal. Did you part of our ship is truly a next level game. Yeah I think people don't give monopoly enough of its proper due for being. It's. The queen isn't a game that everybody knows and frankly everybody knows about it everybody's familiar within it even if you've never played here culturally aware of monopoly and I think that. The biggest problem we've discussed this on the show before you're playing it wrong. You're not playing by the rules you're you're doing all these things that they will of course drag out the game forever because you're not. Well if you if you're if you're good proper min Max or or you have got a if you've got today if you're a I love it half. I'm not a few people we know spent just got a late night tabletop yeah munchkin. And amber lose and gravity agrees with him they Turkey gets a bad rap. But he really like the marvel variant which was a new kind millions marvel AMR was one of the newest ones I've played so much munchkin but they it is one that I have trouble getting people to play with me. And I'm not sure why that is exactly but it's it's it's a really good until. And I don't know if people are just a confused by the mechanics are the I'm helping you but I'm helping itself situations going up I really don't understand where's that hatred comes. He'd take that he's so mean if you're not very teeth into a Samoan dislike possibly being your face yeah. I can understand yet you know so for me goes a little bit longer than it should because of that. You know someone's getting towards the end in sight I'll pile on meg they're gonna it's gonna win yeah of course so is that stretches on like a two hour game better not push just was 45 minutes I would've had forgotten Miller then that's much humans can can be you know half an hour can be three days and yeah this. Pope page west agrees. On the munch confront OK and then Trevor haren from blue pairing games yet has flux I like fly I of flux it's quick it's a great in between limits of what is another of those games though wary could be five minutes order could be for right yes I haven't played a thirty minute a 32 game flocks yes I do one on your first hand yet it was great he's seen it. I've seen. I think at the minds the crypt as our tech builders. I know a lot of fuel like you know hammer on them like they're not that great and Vera good intro for Dick building in the interest of the core ideas of what they're building us. And that's why I like stamps it's easy for me to teach to people and they move to get it and it's quick to play. And it's themed all over the place so he can play with whatever. And spoiler alert where I'm actually building it. A all of the crew to Zurich Dick builders. And builder and I'm I'm I'm collecting them all. It's conclude like the NHL MDC. And I like craziness. I'm that I promised not to shake that the better tennis it's on the Gergen do tour I think either for extra lifer someone whenever upcoming events and then so that should be. Insane it does sound insane. I really isn't it gradually over here and there was a Jamie. Albeit would have put together did all the hard he yesterday the win there there are system works is that you can play altogether. It would be really weird to do it and some dual talked about it but I am and have everybody playing is a different character for a different franchises and and a B mixing in like specific cars of the deck isn't like no a thousand cards or something stupid dibs on the NHL they're really well I think Mario LeMieux up against you know like. Serpent or something you know I got beat up for an amazing is a pandora and GI Joseph does they'll act alone. It's a JV would is the game that you like that turned a recent truly care for. Well again I believe. As a child growing up probably only because ninety you'd certainly be easier Ricard ninety's. That I remember loving and then when I was home at Christmas the fast here I was liking right. I found in my adult life I don't really like should movement king's but I would your ever loving this you know. And those Scotland Yard is the candidate but column yards. As I love that game and your right now nobody can play with me putt putt putt I I brought it back and I I. Realize that I know presented and I don't what do we do as I love telling her which is very much to duplicate. And I love playing both sides of it mr. extend lives people are trying to find the strikes. I don't blaster a bit but it's only which ranged from 993. Onboard Indy so apparently there's not a beloved roots and I feel about it. That is not a bad rink though for bringing me. Getting that much in just 1712500. Or some sense of 993 that takes a pretty good time for work if you wanna stretch that if you guys and you wanna get people into a newer games that short ish enjoying a little bit of popularity right now. You've got fury of Dracula series Alia some very very similar mechanics are hidden movement deal. But but Dracula gets to actively at foot the other players and it's amazing it's a lot of fun may have to check felon out quickly you can find it though that if you that order games workshop in Tennessee Claybrook a potential. All well good thing parity have a copy and I do yeah. So Chris what I would jurors' time. Now how I mean I mean really racking my brain on this when they're there aren't very many that I that I love. They didn't send it that nobody else in my group does and there are some that I need you just don't have strong feelings about one or the other of course but. Yeah. I mean we touched on a couple of months in flux and for that but. It's really really trying to wreck remembering on this and end the only the only game I know that no one will play with me. So BJ is is she is is the Star Trek dvd trivia game. And how much but it's because yeah. Yeah. The only person I've ever met him he miracle my money on that alone simply playing game that we can't possibly win the we do better slower sure we'll proceed you guys Altria pursuit there and I love Trivial Pursuit and it. People don't like it as much you know. And I don't know what that's about exactly until the end until the dvd pop culture version came out where you actually interacting there's no movie clips of things like that on their man. But for that we just go play senior. Which you know there's another when that are council a truly is kind of thing. Did you like man created an exit from the problem though like if I feel like I'm dumber venue as the subject tags and then there's not a true we don't admit I don't know I and that's fair and AM and I'm not trying to inflate myself early upon myself up on this at all but. I'd love trivia game that regularly none higher knocks bringing to your hot right now. I'm back I know this makes his elegant JD bag. But no it's really true as I grew up when I was a kid man that everything in the house stopped for two things Star Trek in jeopardy. So man I just so much trivia in my life and when when I was I was I was I'm like that's exactly how Lewis does that make some really old but. When troops who first came on my local got a copy for Christmas. And me my family. Did not do we almost skipped dinner because we were just playing this game over and over and over and over again it was a great day for my family and for me in particular. But it could whip it racers. Yes I love wits and wagers are leveled some engine ask anybody to win mentally that's the beauty which rages yet you don't have to know ray it's. Yeah that's what I daughters took a little with some wires it's I think she can Regis fine now how many how many dogs hit in The Who has had a good. He just did Stuckey was one of those missed pronunciation it's done. Hello to waiters with Acer arena on their own park guests on the show with us mr. Mr. Steve Mayer have done anything let's put a plug they think yeah day thing you wanna talk but I know you have some upcoming things we do much of John spot for those but if there's anything you'd like to talk about please feel free. Your general who put out an article about a hundred port here and that's all right and put us Andre Berger was not prepared Fredricka that the death. So. What Tianjin stigma or the stone Meyer against the king of kick starter and really know how can people find out more about storm air games. But where would you like them to go. Yet taken a Marlon towards the margins on Twitter summer games on the web site and all the electric starlet who but I read about her summer games dot com. I don't want to look at starting to work you love like one of our games and the present particularly you wanna talk to other people who love it there's a FaceBook group for each of our games. You can sign up for. Trickle mix. And then if if you do make it as Seattle and you wanna go ahead and to money in the studio would love to have you there to a death. Now beat all but yeah I was definitely you know when I'm when I'm making up their face at hundred. Andre you can take it into but I. Our thanks Jamie again over really appreciate you are getting up in the morning and talking to us today over a you know we understand people are schedules and lives and things like that that get in the way sometimes but. Guess that was really cool the I like I I like talking to people who make games. Yes there's I mean Sean and I just I'm a better host yeah hey just yet either one of them are very much David you're reduced to summing this yeah that was really cool super cool guy and and and and Jamie if you listen back to this man to win in Seattle was known we will definitely have you on the show again. But for now Josh won it's also little bit about so little thing from si Mon I feel like we should just to go and work in advertising for seem. I mean yeah that's because my my my designer god lives there yes that's true that's true we we he has been your journal transaction is not gonna have but what's so what do what do they were pure enough to. Well we have a tape came in on the kick starters on this story one is out so this is Arcadia quest inferno. Who needs a new in the line from my Arcadia quest from Perry playing some of those games so much. And it's arena battling and wow wow nothing ever you don't put it was actually good at the runner up it's a little mother. Just technical difficulties. Pardon our best to head that I goes without you can tell it's a arena battling. You're it's Charlie delving deeper in a dungeon and there is there is multiple paths to the end game. But some part of that is you you his three characters in your guild in your guild is going to try to kill the other deals and try to kill the bad guys on the board. And doing that you. You move your guys and and you also react with the monsters against the other people. Seeking to new sponsors at people totaling don't mess with them at school or if it's a viable monster with a treasure can send them monster away from them and towards you that the dark out. There's some there's a really cool stuff when this like. I see him go so Josh and I are playing and I like love the CB do theme is angels and demons and helpful and there's always are either cool like stuff that's our part of Markey. No it's great inferno is that you will you branch off you go easterly acts. If you least there's complained as you can rescue put him in your guilt are I play for you is angels who. But these are you didn't go rescue in the west they become fallen angels groups had and they will fight against you win big if I remember. So I was as well go for Tai it's 99. But all the characters from every Arcadia quest and mass Mara dungeons of Arcadia. Are totally you can cross and over into any of them that's losing that are really like about this Arcadia world is like everything will cross over when everything else or if it doesn't. They have like a way for you adapted and played into the other guarantee an amazing so really gives me I think they have over seven demons now playable only Pacifica I cuts. So you're about a tenth of the way there as we say yeah I'd prefer for your comfort level ya got it to. Your your show I did upgrade my plastic token are my cardboard tokens to plastic and Hillary Hershey did. That's that's a consistent with what I know real America all right guys. Sean yes what in the heck is going on in kick starter land kicks. There are some who don't know me who was an external or not you would not subscribe. We there's a lot of political things going on for kick started here. There is the grim forest have oil rich city games. This team to win this thing looks so good this two to four player fable famed game so think. Gosh Vettel is okay exam to be red wolf and all that sort of stuff but. Not can to fight and think this is a game for herb for families but also popular like you know our age and yet. It's so you're basically playing as the pigs in your trying to build palaces and trying to build you were here Tony if you will and trying to acquire resources to do naturally. While the mechanics aren't unified for sure yeah and there's awesome components which you know minus the but the art actually reminds you member of the golden books. Course that as an area the death. It's he reminds me of that style of Graham's hole like NBC's Graham where everything's dark and all your latest you know and I lighter and later earned six. But it's it's almost uplifting gap it's gonna really really lucky Lilja. And it's 49 dollar base pledge so forward. These crazy really good components you get in this game it's not all that expensive. It they're at a little over a 130 K in their 35 K goal even smashing through the Brazil's left and right here on the US an amendment. The effect that. Would see next up is clash of steel by single stone. This is a two player game to meet evil doing games OK so it's this year you're trading blows you're gonna be like kite hit trending it's a monster so word blocking with your shield her to be like really kind of fast paced game. It's fourteen K of their five K go also there really well funded thanks and twelve dollars for the base game well it's about some of Parnell and if you want to get the play met for this sits 32 dollars for the bait for a game. And the claim that such critical crush steel. Another one that echo who dead I went to dole you know and I'm before and all right impotence or grand is he owns and anti war eternal expansion by Indy boarding cards. It saved Syrian then Disney wonder four player fantasy themed club Dick builder. You're basically working together to. Protect the city from these horrific and cool breezy creatures they're remain messing with you in the the really interesting thing about this game is. It's me. When you when you get rid of your cards you have to keep in mind because you were a year discard pile. Is just gonna get flipped over and that's how you're deck is now. Who has who knows there's there's no shuffling in this yeah so so Ricky management is a really important and they realize that there is a couple things that I am it but weren't produce as well as they really wanted to so part of this expansion. Is a greeting the previous components. This can killing it at around a 190 K in their thirty K goal. The soon to be ending around April 20. It's 665 dollars an extension and you get actually two expansions for that if you want to get the base game it's a 130. For the B team plus the extensions such pretty cool cool. It's east miss of winter forge advice to evil tyrant games this is a re launch of this game is kind of a Euro. Worker placements are resource gathering games for two to five players competitive Japan and you're going to be. Building things that are recent around nine Borbon type stuff like building components and sixteen K there for two and a glass and then keep going up. This look more and they've put this together they weren't tough funded but it's well funded now sell them at 39 dollar base for this. And that the components and all the stuff you get you get a lot of that this is a big key log. Little money really gold medal or money no airs. Are there and they have my money and it was paper now because I got a lot of money for Fatah. Does your fair trade and see last up is Dicey peaks by client. It's got a really want young guy claimed he gains big publisher. This is identity peaks is your bracing up to the top of the mountain trained to avoid yet these are trying to avoid the kind of obstacles he would have going up a mountain. Some cool tiles in this two to six player competitive race. They knew what they looked at the last there at five K of their fifteen year old so there they're trying to trying to get their birth I think they will lose an end around a technical in the second. Oh nice Laura I think showed they're really appreciate all of that and I'm looking at the time and we can just. OBJ. Left. Armed gangs and off he was stomping down not hack attack I think you range where if I did I think I think we finally scared him off any thought there's no way with the podcasting my goodness well sorry game BJ but could be we we're going to get you on a promise they will happen. One of these times seized it we're just gonna have to make your views just set it up so it's all BJ all episode right. Now I mean yeah I. And on that note Josh play nice. The rich quick. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. 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