BJ's Board Game Alliance Episode 11

Tuesday, April 25th

"How did Board Games change you life?"

International Tabletop Day April 29





MISSION RED PLANET, by Fantasy Flight Games.

HELDENTAUFE, by Board Game Circus.


Brass by Roxley Games & Martin Wallace

Heavy Euro economic strat game. Roxley did Santorini and Wallace did Age of Steam, Discworld AnhkMorpork, A Study in Emerarld, and many more.

$59 for each base or $100 for both.

$290k of $60k - ends May 10


King's Champion

Card-based Worker Placement and Jousting mixing Euro and Amerithrash themes. Uses dice but no bad rolls.

Talon Strike Studios

$23 for base

19k of 15k funded - ends Fri 4/28


Centauri Saga: Season 1

Vesuvius Media

Sci-Fi, 4X, Co-op, Legacy with ship minis

$45 base Legacy expansion

$95 core + Legacy expansion 

75k of 15k- ends 4/29


Rise to Nobility 

Final Frontier Games

Worker placement where players fight to become the lord of the realm. Art by The Miko (Valeria games)

$49 base game

$178k of 19k - ends May 2nd



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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells sixty Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size fly culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your geek flag fly I've heard in whilst I. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot club. So. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering the Jewish he's the nation well. Yes welcome to the issue is geek nation and this is your board game alliance but my name is director walk like a friend Chris water from the dishes Diggnation director wait a director was. I messed with my show no. Well we have determined you are the director by the way I'm Josh really from the only gamers thank you Josh this additional actions in twelve games have already had but. Yeah yeah you're slightly familiar with the MCU I've I've heard the marbles I'm hurting her yes well here at the BJ audio universe didn't. How do you PGA you know he has area anyway so far use there are our director Colson. All you link to all our podcasting and that. And I'm so I renamed you. That's who's sweet and actually gonna dig at them have to be a thing now I'm just so speaking of things we always said shocking thing till games and Josh you are Josh -- from the making gamers thank you so much for joining me again guys -- -- -- -- so this -- are your general I have. Hornets are a little thing called tabletop day and I knew my goodness tabletop daylight it's it's our Christmas basically Yang and and it's coming up quite coming up quick I -- -- about some of the games we've been playing lately a lot of new stuff a lot of old stuff so that's always fun for me Sean gonna give us a little bit of -- game's concept of tables series about review copy is and this -- I'm very interest in him honestly because we try to get in touch was that a whole bunch of companies especially people who are just starting up in getting this thing got a kick starter. Forty's review copy so that we can. Hey play the games and then tell people what we think about him but beat it did free stuff. Right up I mean always players on his effort stuff is great we're going to be talking with kayaking case from the monocle society. Helped make if you I games you writer herta we use rules lawyer dozens doughnuts. We'll talk about some thinly game some great new stuff out there that is second mile the more accessible for well. Everybody in the family and we like that Eminem talked a lot about these heavy games in the strategy games and things like that but it's nice to everyone's well think about guilt. The younger game players out there so we're gonna give you a little treat their today. My classic game review of cosmic encounter. Classic yet you couldn't have happened or semi tech prosecute these classic classic new. Let's solicit new. With a new focus seek and then of course Sharma is gonna give us the rundown on some of the latest and greatest in the world of kick starter who ladies and gentlemen. This is your Morgan alliance. And music just always gets me so pumped up for the show guys yeah every area and and I realize I forgot because I skip right on past it and it was a late addition to the a simple note I've. I know. Simple note note. Don't know what you after the civil no document to the show notes. We are going to get BJ Shea in your today so this is fantastic has already played a lot of these games with us to putting have to be geared now let's ask I feel like you know exactly even though your his nemesis I think he's getting he's starting to get a little bit not bent out of shape about us always quoted bumping him do we want to -- hole apparently. He's hurt he's so our guest is here are this is your fair test. We're gonna take a little break guys go around to our guests and we will be right back with your board game alliance. All right what we've got our guest in here we've got Kyle really intro him in just a second but for now he Josh yes sir. How can people get ahold of us if they want him. Well I think they call you a 19 there may well I you know and that check out all the web sites and all podcast that meeting ignition dot com you can using Amazon I don't just say Alexa playing the nation on tune in. Like some based producer for BJ say geek nation and follow us on Twitter and Kingston ram instead bro look at Vijay geek nation. Sinister actually ism is now 1902243353. Should listen email and BJ keep nation. Real close and cash almost down to the last time I got better. You're going to judge it's it's like a final dash and you got this tomorrow mussina take a threat if there just needed to drink the water I'll bring up. Just an emailed me dig nation. And or find a similar videos that you too bad we YouTube dot com slash PG nation with a thick plume. I had no listen to our you know victory listen to our sister show every other Tuesday that any issue with the director Chris walk. Yeah I just really organized a wrench into Seattle that lovely he's he's kind of my who DB then if I'm Colson he's a he's my main. You must be airman must be my main calls attention. I think even though you may or may word. Myth TV but that everybody has relied on me out on a jazzy robotic arm let me know. All right well. Like coal train wreck and I didn't throw out there and brave airmen and then honestly is going to be some great idea we ended up together later. That Illinois you just heard that if Kyle Kincaid from the monocle society Kyle thank you so much for joining us thank you so much revenue here have I died John doctoring. Or Josh bloom and we got there literally energy wasn't a back as president I could. Josh was arguing is that we got this great thing we we talked a little bit at the Conley and Uday and well let's let's have a men so. Just what you escape through a couple of questions. Well like you said we have counting game from Markel society. And we're actually going to be going up against Kyle. Who had low total that's interesting yes gauntlet on the Hamas Scotland kicked out of our FaceBook page so hearing questions about that or you could not do that and check out our dreams will not close because so I have any administration around no iron short of the. We just want to bring him in studio so we can brainwash him to make him lose. Yeah I haven't but more importantly he has done dozens known months yup and you're good game and did you find that at your local game store. Or online or my past but also have to tell you can. He has been talking to me about the rules lawyer. Yeah that's the attended a project named for is something that we're doing it for Alexa that's actually pretty solid now only about this and just imagine when woods on the rare occasion that people argue about a rule our nation never happened since. I think you've found a way to make to be easy for rules forms obsolete. Yeah so basically what we're doing with. What Williams tentatively called rules lawyer right are there doing it this far north wolf. Well Ali there's no the real thing when it comes out on its coming out number so. The idea with the elects a skill. Is that any board game company can come to us and put rules into our skill. For Alexa for any game they happen and that and that talks about not just you know one single game it's like oh the third edition of this game you'll have about four race. Com word. Any version a variety of games he wanna throw into us and the whole point of it. Is that anyone can actually. Ask rules lawyer about specific rules for a game. On the can also manage the catalog of all the games they have inside of global Hoyer is itself that's cool and you can even say hey. You know Alexa tell rules lawyer to lend to my copy of dozens no. That's out there ever get a perfect in our random here compared I don't know when my copy of dozens donors over to Josh and then. All actually do IKE Alexa ask rules lawyer where my copy of dozens doughnuts as an adult look Josh and among local multi Josh. Yeah exactly going to connect that I know I am a Mac because I'm now possess in the ninth and promote it is actually. It's pretty substantial and we can have. A metric boatload of games on the I mean just there's a huge amount I'm I'm pretty sure that you can take. The amount of games that are and that on your board game geek dot com home rules slot from all the way in there we would be fine wow that's sounds a lot of irons. Yeah I mean we're also working with some other companies that we get to talk about later. That. Bird taking this rules lawyer you know framework. And are actually creating skills that's further owned companies for their own games for a while from now so. That's what it. The jump that's pretty solid. So what do you have a timeline on this by any chance I mean aren't mommy can make any promises or anything like that sort of what's your what's your goal for is getting this thing out there to the into the Alexa using populist. Yeah I'm in the city. You're going to see a lot of rules lawyer or whatever we're gonna call it right. Definitely towards. A couple different versions of rules lawyer actually pop up for the white label as well. So yeah all right we got out on law I'm really working really closely with the Alexa team out and Amazon didn't we know they've done a fantastic job of helping us out and giving us you know. Ramps up and you know we kind of good article. When we're talking to on the first filly go to work on and we told them their leg muscle on the other guy that I have to are very ambitious just exactly what those cool and I kind of gave us the armed. The lead in for understanding the Amazon technology that we wanted to learn for for the next game that we're working on so that worked out perfectly good. Excellent and that next scheme being that we've you've we've. This. I got to play here at the emerald city compound hey you were toned because I haven't always been a very B. From playing. Table cover playing a game where there's a lot to its true. I created a character and sediments the entire party yeah in seven minutes of the entire party the entire part of I don't know fascia and knew we. I'm still picking out my name after seven and he had an amazing time I was laughing so. Granted we had redneck goblins simply he's confident enough for you here that's a good thing we got that we're a little old. Against each other do. Who's pretty awesome to do is what about murmur correctly it started out as you guys having really good intentions. And then you have even kept well. And then you kept like feeling the dice in the Easter turning against yeah don't you grab from this ego like his naked picture of immense proportions too late. Banjo. Manila and you know his Cat Stevens in the background home Caldwell. Who. I want our career and I would ace knows I would. I would dad. They exceed expectations on any archery test OK but knowledge and and on my page MFS Blake meanwhile beating a sheets on where they are very happy life imitating art and. Yeah there was no with a lot of fun and I mean the crazy part about that. That story that we were talking about and we've when you guys creator characters and like you know. Five to ten minutes or so. That story that I had to tell as the news the actual story teller. Com I had no idea about that story at all. Bomb I had of a vague understanding of the place at around it like by creed of the of the stuff I know and and I believe was -- Dunham who actually did the place that for us on this one for our problems and Gomes we are one of our task place votes and but as I was flipping through the cards I had no idea what the actual plot going was going to be who the main enemy was or anything. But the idea is that with two decks of cards and some guys will actually be able to I'd generate random characters by scanning in the cards. And by scanning the cards into your phone armed. We have me you know a huge web service on the back end of Amazon Web Services right now that is designed to restore police sets. Characters. Games you have an account that goes with it. You know be able to handle purchases everything. And the whole point is that you can choose from all pieces huge array of different types of sub genres. Right so there we have a fantasy genre. We have another. You know who plays that that was just created those cold resort I know who happens is great as guided by our guy named Sean richer Johns ridiculous. You know him you are a guy in BI is awesome. But you know here he pushed those who we are pleased that rules and and web service beyond its breaking point when you create is. And that's quite an ethnic massive cyber punk universe. There are downsides are going good I took up piece it's no good at and then we have Amber's got the who's worked on pathfinder adventures beforehand. She just sent us two days ago actually. The final draft for her place which is called click which is basically a clean slate the combination of John Hughes movies and the mean girls. The high school comedy you have this half Jewish all sound yes you do have a bring and unlike conventions and how we're gonna cut the Buffy the Vampire Slayer venture a young girl thing and it's all now plays out. Putts that I love playing this game and as anybody can walk get out the cards some pick a storyteller and you just as in the union scan in the cards and they give you paid. Baseline of where to go. And your story teller collaborates little bit sure you earlier tests you just have fun. Very quickly I can't wait in my hands on anything into question so I actually had a chance to see some we are gonna cars and part in this as it is gorgeous just total art Deco look and oh yeah looks amazing. So on the question is are the different. Story styles are they all like he's going to using the same cards or do you have to get different decks or. Yeah so that was the art around the we have right now that's for the bill the basics that the you know that the senate to just community via a set doesn't matter what story your plane it works for everything so brave. Article and that absolute done by our brand is director of Rihanna Johnson and she like when she was at her peak. You know efficiency and in dirty and out making those cards but that she was designing one of those cards today. Wow wow the acting so it's ridiculous. But in the future though would say that. We have a really cool place under an idea that someone wants to work on you know that they wanna go ahead and actually make. You know a special version of that and got Bob and Tom will be able to actually make a deck of we've cards and dice. That are branded to actually match the study. All of that and then push those out and then you can use that deck for either that specific game or for any other game so doesn't really matter what that did the cards look like. Will actually be able to identify which deck you're using and automatically just switch over to it. That's well I won't be sending you my banking information see him take only direct Ali as often as possible but I don't that's going to be a thing I don't want to say congratulations and two awesome. Games in game support the development technology that is. I can't wait it's gonna change the whole industry yeah we're friends I with the again counting gave from Marco society that you won and when you got everything up and run and your chief Kamal McEnroe yes we'll follow it more about it. Yeah hole in Tom well look I'm gonna go ahead and say the beta is gonna be actually on. April 28 through the last Friday of of this a month yes sewing just a few days from now miles in just a few days or have the beta users will be able to sign up for. Nice bomb and then once you sign up I'm wolf and you guys out they a couple builds and you can sort trying to immediately he had every aspect I am and where. And give us your website give us your Facebook's gives your instant Graham's give us everything you want it. Yeah sounds good OK so you can reach us at monocle society just at monocle society on Twitter Ernster Graham. FaceBook is pretty easy on now one synergy right arm and then that the website for Wii U is going to be it we dot the game. Let telling me I mean it's riots. Oh we can do all of it's a big keep sticking with apple pioneered saying yeah yeah yeah you just blaze that trail man we will we will happily run right along and we'll Kyle thanks again for coming in mineral appreciate it figures so much and I gotta take guys. Are really really love living in the future yes and yes Peter good thing. So let's instead of living in the future let's talk a little bit about the past that is to say this past couple weeks so we're getting games he has been playing I've been I actually finished up playing the others. And we are playing the apocalypse at work all my god has not had a lot of the others and I distribute shoulder about the others the apocalypse is even better. Because that you've got this massive figure in the apocalypse figure. And if you kill him if they're heroes kill him he immediately comes back to the board somewhere else and he can actually going yeah he's pretty obnoxious. And he can use the city actions that they heroes news of immunity basically keeps them from using him and turns those powers. Against the heroes on those odds so good analog so much. They're alleging dog ever shrinking board right yeah that's just poke fun. They what do they do we we did does the adventures pyramid of Horace it's a good pusher like team we're running into a temple. Trying to grab traders and then run out before the temple ceiling collapses and kills you and watch you inside the full and it's I actually I played it with my family. And just as I'm running I'm running out in like at the treasures and they're grams of stuff and just as I bolt out the ceiling follows right behind me hooked up up up clearly going back to my immigrants serve. Read it could just. So good feel like they'll be evil Indiana Jones yes it's really matters that affect us what hosted we went to run Norwest content and we happen to play testing. And there is I think him out of that on my way there is hosting two. The rolling brother podcast and they had done a review of dice or crowns in their well tuchman how they played it and I noticed. They were playing a role wrong what they were doing listens whenever he would have to scroll to someone not. Instead of food in that they rolled a dagger instead of sending that dagger to another player the where the road and air kept it chemical that's weird administered thinking about it. And as a two player Baring it. It works really really well now as always I hit a certain testing that longer ignore OSCON know playing with people and like I really like hell that planes as a two clear Marian nice and so I talked about your value in his leg we played a little things like tennis this is really cool. And I mean the core rules when you Clemens into player. And it doesn't work as well regularly comes eleven Nino three players so am I content to them like them hey guys good job that's a nice duke player very wrenching Gannett. Roland you know to the official rules so I guess it around so you're playing you're wrong but how you Ariel and I loves me feet. I don't street again just we'd have to try that it's fun Josh. Yes or no. I she a couple of things on your list that I was actually kind of hoping you would really start talking about what some would even playing. Well we hi had a chance to. But again used to downplay chaos in the old world. Because I had an airplane one from a few years ago and it's essentially has as were playing could see. Where blood rage evolved out of okay not not directly need to see the mechanics yeah I still have not played I KS annual we need to sit down one of these days and and anger that attract. Well it's great when we started playing her rank and. Are regularly do and I heard overrule. Tall man yeah enclaves like we need some kind of robot in the corner telling us for all the rules are it's not a panic in here who's yes. And then have been playing a lot of terra forming Mars I love this. In great game it is the definition of your cube pressure but it is so good gap and me and my sister play a lot. And I've played it twists and a couple other friends but yeah I just you know let's Asia changing Mars yet. Here Billy notions increase in the temperature increases oxygen. But it's a great little. Cart action selection game and just move resources around and it's really well done. That's a really fun and and we've we've had sort of they ration is the right word because say it's all about the red planet but do we have a a post. Mars relating games lately that I've been really need you exceed of Mars based games that's a lot helmet and a galaxy of oh so it doesn't exist it's always has been an editor of a whole planet full I it's not a perfect analogy anyway out of a Mars games right and of course because then. It's a martian or stuff. But these are really great till I mean I like space games in general. Anything anything that sort of has that incorporated unit being almost anyway I'm gonna give it a try. But to a one these martian games have been really good and I'm I'm loving I mean when the other ones here you've got to a mission red planet on there and I try to think of there's a third one and I can't think of the name on it right now but. Thought myrtle has their game and which I approve or occurred. Called first martians that might have been that's coming in and looking at that online but anyway this has been great a great time for me. And I just I love the space games and the more the martian stuff has been really sort of in the forefront in my mind lately even watch a lot of the expanse Mars plays bigger role all of us so yeah this is this has been great time. Were there any other ones you want to talk about I wrote quicker should I move on to minus tired who played a lot more splendor. Chris who splinters under sodas and classic. He really has agree when and and classic pattern you know how long it's been out but it for me. It's one of those ones that holds up and I will play at almost any time interestingly the new plate the very very newest version of splendor. Doesn't have the thicker tokens. Yeah he's been modified inserted their little thinner a little little cheaper it is still so I was still sort of likely chips or is in third eye steak dinner a few more plastic than I've seen people complaining about that lately I would people be going after the older version because and a thicker chip I love those pictures for us and that's fantastic plus you know. Balance poker thing I like to shuffle when implant them into that when you sir what we've implant there's a couple of games that says that I've been playing lately that I'm really one of them is brand new held in tougher. Haven't talked about on the show to finish up on none kick starter wherever just recently. BJ got himself a copy of it so we started playing it almost right away as did you actually a shocking I know at a restaurant no no no Raj yeah. I didn't borrow it dairy goat out of that and Eric go to touch on this one that you guys have talked about this one you have pretty yet I played it with my kids and I loved it yeah grab a monster keys. Can amass an older than the other guys turn getting you know getting their way. Then but thematically they loaded the love it's it's simple mechanics mechanics are some simple run around give your sword your boot prearranged end. But but still even even saying that even though it has a lot of simple mechanics I've found that there is on a real depth strategy going on there that you really have to. He really have to pick one road and go down it. As fast as you can't yes and if you can't get there. It's really really hard to change gears later on I've noticed it but it would mean playing a plated 45 times now I haven't won. I want us there but because I've I've been trying to do different things every time I get a different character too I like that there's this different I'd economy of reaching only you go down into. Lead to deep caves were Lamar street is aren't written to stuff there. But then you can also like stay up on top and then there's like fruit and things you Munich and healthy about your ventured so that it's a really interesting thing to what. Earlier sound says the different strategies before you play. As planned with BJ Sean and her friend Byron. They had me cornered in the dungeon if the path and they had this very elaborate plan to keep me from getting any seeing and I was gonna win. But what they didn't see that is left the dungeon got a plan outside normally amp. Yeah have to act. That is that is actually we had to get a similar thing Avant does one come on we are playing a guy. Tell sorted out we we are ready to and I just whale on him with a monster they managed to teleport out and I wasn't I wasn't fast enough and might steal a tooth card and I didn't get to him in time. Are are no here's what I got to install is tooth but then on his next play he distillery back and won now now all share a cup. IEA you know I've yeah that was a really great guys you haven't checked out Helmand tougher yet. That each year OB ENTAUS. Eve here in German sounding game went into this. Board games circus the beautiful game to reload network on this on fine so I'm I won't go into too many of the other games that have been playing right now because we're gonna talk quite a bit about one of them I hear in a minute. Sean yes. Everybody loves you're game's concept to table C news what are we talking about this week. So Murdoch ever review copies so we've gone over early creating your game in the concept and having people play analysts are things so. Now your smears starting to get ready to go to kick starter but before you do that you need to have a review copy created. So that's something that I I seem electoral go different ways with us and the inevitably the thing that works the best is you've got to make a presentable demo copy right because I mean it looked nice the people you wanna meet people wanna play the game. Ain't so which are gonna wanna do is I have different resources like game crew after. And you can actually get boxes made. You can get carts bring an up DOT the arts and materials that you've got a trying get the best quality Kenyan have to spend the money. Irritants like me chief. But you know what every put in your games which are gonna get out so once you've got your demo copy put together. Which can start doing is I'm making a rule sheet to make and discipline play testing without and making sure that he notified just plop this game different view Chris and I don't they tell you nothing about it. Continue read the rules and understand how to play death support because if that if that it answer is yes then which inducements are contacting reviewers. And I again that's nothing Nancy electoral this kind of like failed to do and you look in the kicks are earners no reviewers talking about their game or and then a dozen fund. So. How do you find out who those reviewers are well you can go to. To FaceBook and there's a board game review group and seeking to say hey guys I got this game here are some visuals here's what the game's about. Anywhere in light would like to review it and a lot of people gym and wrote you know we'd love to his left do we'll do and we'll do it for free because they're trying to get more now viewers and then I'm people watching them and stuff like that. There are some our review Khamese that you can actually pay for so that's something to consider vets on this podcasts groups there's blogs. Blocked a little resources that you can take advantage of. All kinds of podcast program was that you might be listening to right now lol yeah I said earlier board game Korea yes Honeywell at and we absolutely will review of our game four that we can even having you on our show you how much again. And that's and that's another piece that you did that ties right into that as soon as you've got a good copy out there that you can sit up for review. And then people hurt not only talking about your game on the show you can then. You know hit them up and say hey I'd love to come on the show and talk with you about it and you can get the word out they're even more and then it's coming straight from the horse's mouth so to speak. Yet you can't just expect to lose to reach out you know hey would you like to be on her show. You really have to be more more prominent IDF to go to their mistake. Hey guys I go to him and love to be on your show I'm a really big fans your show you know touch you may be honest be generous but also like. Do little bit of research about them you know you don't wanna be sending your game to someone that doesn't really cover your style of game threat like there's there's a Morgan podcast that covers heavy games. No really like data Euro heavy centric type stuff because we are not going to send a little card game to them that's that's not their wheel house. You know make sure you do your research but then you know send to go hey guys in the didn't show here's my saying you know I'm a big fan of all of us some yeah. But the things he content. Well good tips meant. You know what I think we do need to get to our second interview of the day we've got Spencer Scott on the phone from late night table talking let's talk a little bit about international table top day who. You know there are under and we're doing great Spencer how are you doing. Not huge jedi had machete is busy busy they do it. Of the new fangled thing it's coming up for table that day. Yeah I suspect that this is going to be a pretty previous he people trying ninth for you there isn't it. Brigadier you know what I owed for the folks at home who don't remember from the last time we talked you in the many times we mention your name on this show continue our minor ready out there who you within what you do. My name is Spencer and I am with a group of table top players that play board games on switched. Our name is late night tabletop you'd catch just. Wednesdays Fridays and Sundays playing board games every every round every one of those nights until it's. Every one of them asked yeah ever won every one of those things not everything dramatic video that. That's but on nights you can definitely kept us you can you can it it could try not to let that data back to one of them it would slow alleged to go back a previous episodes right. We can't fix the financial planners saying you know DOD easing god had definitely bet on and on an episode excuse they thought about you go back a lot just be able faith. I got a I think every night and her current form for Kia three. And yes but except that it I think doubt had to be split up between make two or three weeks to pray that it didn't appear. And manageable. Video and online CIA three months. What epithet well. Like Chris said that just for a couple days from now yeah I guess in this we get your national cable Todd day and and this year there seem news. How to board games change your life. Mouton busy and I think it's pretty simple you have Bob de. Yeah and a dark tabletop de Jesus. Well he does nor robbed any late 190 yeah necessary. Elements as it to move I had Nardelli and everybody. Bad of a game that's the definition of international. Once again how to not really my job. And they were all four had a little trouble with the reading today that's I try to memorize and riff. I thought I am excited about to a club because I need something special I think Spencer is aware of effort to prevail and I took all of decrypt as a quick dip older games same mash them together move into one manageable dec. And there is gonna have a different character to play out of Syria for have five different characters from five different sets. I'm playing a bunch of different cards and be just insane increasing. A family of Chris called dibs and so pandora you. Fool. But I think he very well it's an email. A couple of big into the DNA from like all the words do mystery arrested together. Toward the. That didn't you bring during games that a couple of years dostum. The little one of those servers system game that I have not played EA is NHL Loren and I'm really had no idea what it's like an NHL I live. You have all the way in NHL guys and that's a goal I have. I had that a fantastic so you gonna be doing that on the online interactive look on Internet on and say look at hand pick who what are you doing specifically Spencer our own. International ditto everything we're back. Where were you didn't think we're working together with their team aren't which were part of a a stream scheme called. The tabletop gaming network. And it orbit that are going to be going to be streaming on that day word extreme lack of Brahma. Get these cards and comics don't regarding comic side at least they. He had done what you read unload everybody if he had that the feds turn a place is chill is well. Your name could possibly want is there it's. There were going to be streaming it a set up there where. There's going to be the sports channels they're sitting through a show that Hollywood. Late night tabletop where obviously had a Olympia during a and which gave me got to Fort Lauderdale, Florida an exploding basis that a New York who got every single corner every. Editor of the nation covered a hundred got a little does that mean Oklahoma purely left down her own rules just to flight attendant. That's what we're gonna boom. Going to be. Some breathing it Toyota for a third to recreate. Four different systems of RPG's. But it's going to be this same story sir you there again at low end up 11. Story and then continue straight on an extreme very. The next story book continue on. That they Hartley which is kind of cool I generally don't literally don't know. I thought I guess then that does not completely new and fresh that that's incredible what of that sort of the systems together using. So we get together UPD indeed it's addition to riches. Which is typical and then we opened legend RPG which in another car to keep system that that's really new and out there. Out just recently there at this video out you know underground. And it really gonna like hooking up together we're at war gaming or to be playing gloomy and. OK okay. Through energy. That we could have yeah done athletically they've been on our stream yeah and being that it's like the new hot this after kingdom that monster. We're gonna we're gonna ever and that it. During Dave about day and see how that spelled with an RPG's system. Oh that's fantastic tennis doesn't know a lot of fun man wow. I gotcha I wasn't gonna be so busy actually playing games international table top that a may not just have to have my laptop on a settlement which channel there while we're a more playing other things material in its entirety can turn walker did not want to put down. We're generally game she doesn't stop talking to them what I thought I had a that's a. So I don't we're going to be over its and Vernon Wells this year I guess that is true he had exactly so we're going to be we're read. Armed deep in every game we can think I mean if you're bringing nectar bizarre thing Sean I think that's going to be peace there as far as I'm concerned. But tell reclaim a lot of of the new stuff as well supplied the international table topped its it is it's it's our Christmas it really really is there's no other way to talk about it. Just because it is so much fun and so any bid brings everybody together from all over the place and it's just it's been amazing and things and god bless you contender for inventing a thing. Yeah I mean getting a chance play with a lot of new gamers and staff you know different people or bring different things that every game to play and just kind of broadening the heart be like it's a clearly. Great fun time. And like good more gamers Wii in just taken a lead in just. Make it just for our state just for our country. It's international gas rim in Atlanta and in doing the planet bringing everyone together yes it's too. Argue and fight about boarding up and stuff that kept at I thought I thought. Well fantastic. And be a skinny another quick question for sure I first Shrek Shrek for her for her when I again. It's a good testing they bills have another question for Spencer. I do not yeah I think that you're never that that is the that is a negative turn on the that we vetted and you're trying to do notice that there this. Cal fir for all she's worth right now Spencer let everyone else know what how thing get ahold of you out there in the in the cyber lands. Go inside early and we are on Twitter were on its program we're on top which obviously. Late night table top or late night underscored TT where our name is to rhyme you you know. Aura you could get just as any. My guess they were gonna be a Gabby during tabletop days he has so they'll play with these guys and Vernon Wells come on down delays C in and play with us. That element Picard the comics we're more than welcome there at the end but it. And then also we're going to be as. ETX Mir in the Nat cool that a bee Arafat will seize the held in the seventh organ we. The ever gonna be having a big. Streaming. Influence today. It's I can say a that's so expect. I don't know into those buildings and it is naive yeah ha ha ha what an expensive thing to get some of the darkness today rather. Yeah I think so much rev Leon you gotta think you know I really hope I really Oki discreet and BJ have no yeah I don't know what category are and how well we've got you we've got to just about where we need to be so he's in the hall he's ready to come on I gave them Coco on the ground are good guys you come to know the cocoa perfect plan for our defensive tackle and rather. Fred I feel it they got a much all right we'll. Thanks again Spencer that was a really great we will talk back act he's great I know we don't play with Emmitt edgy to last year to right. G two ET if he had ever ever lie if we play with them all the time because there really great guys and they've got a really great set up for their for their channel on things like that. AG is high and I answered the official theme question for cable company oh elements much. How did board games change your life. We want. I can gophers you Josh how to board games change your life well it's called. Geek nation tough call at all and then all working under the director grant I don't. Well mr. Carlson if I'm. Egypt and ultimately this is director directors and well that's seriously though. It has led me to meet all of you because it's given me this opportunity to be on the part cast and I love it so it's dramatically changed my life just playing board games for a bloom well you know what if it I didn't hear the words thank you in there but you're welcome. I thought I think zero diehard sincerely. Albania has been content think you beat it has been fantastic yeah I think we've made him a person in a minute. Yeah you sure have come I don't know if it affected me. I got. A pretty good pretty not a single. Day colors that. Yeah I mean lakers are getting really back into the hobby. I'll meet me want to create my own game companies are putting out games. And in doing that to meet me you reach back out to people that I previously worked with so alike it's. Expanding not just you know my friendships and strengthening those like with human Johnson. And BJ you know limp but also like the people that they were Quist in strengthening my religious them it's like Thatcher and and I might finance Banesha herald. All the artists that are work whereas when Darren who did Dyson crowns. I'm just I brought a lot more people back in my life and very positive ways and and then all the different designers have got to meet by going on during demos. It's it's had a huge lead in impressively positive impact on me and yeah I dyed Auburn that's why I'm so. Into this has to touch your positively that's had and we are getting so real on the show today. Flat and I think for all of us. It's got me involved with sexual life and now the mocs gong Wednesday's who usually worthwhile charities now lying to give back. Who while playing games I mean can you ask for something. Easier and more worthwhile right exactly oh wait a minute wait a minute I get to do one of my favorite favorite things in the world and still help people out of the same time. And twist my all right Linda as well you guys he does not only get near in the field and all that but you each of you took mine. I had your welcome because just like Josh I wouldn't BR and I wouldn't be standing here right now in her interview talking to this microphone if it hadn't been for me playing board games I got invited on to the dingy nation because. One of my friends was on the show manager while living with me on the Haiti show now. He knew that I was a board game guy and may he said we need a boarding after the show maybe he'll come in every once in awhile do quick updates and things like that and it turned into this what you're looking at right now and director completely changed my life exactly I got promoted to director. But also I have I have garnered. So many new and strong friendships because of just playing games in in open and you know not least of all you two fellow soul you know thanks so much for that. Sean please. So yes Simon. Could put the third thing that I had to just really kind of think about come up with because you get to Mike was. It's actually probably like closer to my family. And that's you know which is to save it. My mother and I when I was a kid used to play a lot of games and you know and then you grow up and you move away from home and you don't hear parents as much and things like that will be. Very recently my mother my stepfather moved back into town there in there and the greater element pollen area now. And we go over there for dinner or something like that if it's not to watching game more to do something for. You know holiday and even sometimes on those days we will sit down and play a board game I want to bring something new over will play a game like. OK filed and I don't have an incredible so yeah I mean. Organs really what we are three shining examples of what organs can do to improve your life and you change your life human does not think for everybody but you know what we can definitely. Say the board games have changed our lives yes snaps in a positive light for sure very positive I. I would really like to know how Borg teams have affected the lives of her listeners plan is an excellent point and you know call to action are always an excellent thing for any podcast to do so. Let's do it now that everybody does so we really like you guys we like her listeners and knew we wanted to know how Borg and to really affected view. What can the stories have seen I brought your life were kind of positive things and they brought to you. And you can go to FaceBook. Our FaceBook page for geek nation and let us know you can also email us at all different contacts that Josh provided distill us you know paint. Isn't how morgans of affected me is what. The places that they've taken me so we talked a little bit at the top of the show about the family gaming we might just talking just now about gaming with my family and my view it's with my folks who are quite a bit older than I am but the point is I'm playing games and your family is not always easy but lets us know that there are few great options out there for different to protect against blamed. He's a Leo her family members while I have a built in Stanley group you have gaming group that is headed back. I have. 28 year olds and Hershey meekly in nine and ten year old 1 December. Unilaterally. Just forgot how older children are I want you to make note that as well worth one who's won I'm tired and then look absolutely not the editing out of this show that you ask me. But no I kid to play games with them and at some point you've viewed as an adult you get tired of she admires agreed you get tired. Bottle. And and they easier. The easier case against terror camp plus kids are a lot more tech savvy than we are true there are a lot smarter than we are sometimes most of the though. How heartless and us again smarter than the three of us anyway I guess well I just. Jumped in with them and I picked a game that came mission red planet. It's not too is by passive type games it is at its core a basic areas controlled game and and it's about how you get to these areas on the planet which are different captains. Well from a kid's point of view there of the countdown 987. I think it each get to do it yet as they turn comes up but they really grasp how to get no other people's way how to make the ship's blowup for. Launch one its not rated a launching. And they all brass been just fine and so when you know your children right so. Don't be afraid I don't underestimate him don't overestimate them. I just skin and just play games and like protests on the four Helmand coffees and now they're great kids games and commonly keep playing with them and now we're gonna keep bringing new games that. You might not think this is a game I don't let my kids. Yeah I mean and this is something that we would love to hear from you guys if you have any great games you like to play when you're younger kids and things like that then we. Definitely wanna hear about it when we talk about on the show us censoring news that's that's the game for me for my daughter pony yes a McCain wanna play games usually brings up sent rainy. I beater quite a few times to recently we're playing with two with a god powers. And she was using Zeus who has just crazy car early key can build underneath him which has breaks the game not only. So I was trying to drill like how to play around and I think it it leveled the playing field a little bit. And she beat my pants off like two or three times I just just destroyed me. So Yahoo!'s good times. That's excellent gavel thanks guys appreciate that then I wish I had a story to share that was similar but I don't have any young to politically with right now so. Yeah that's that's really about it for me on there. For right now I wanna talk about as opposed to playing games with the young people I wanna talk about playing an old game. We have any people I wouldn't say we have right now. So. 'cause looking counter and I just played it again recently this is one of my favorite game that's another one of those sort of go to is that I will play almost at the drop of the hat. Hat because I really like the mechanics and I like the way the game is set up. In in such a way that he you played in humor the rules. But also by the way guys everybody has one thing that completely breaks the rules and it just makes every game unique because your strategy has to change when you find out. What everyone else that rule breaking power us right now and I USEC classic game as yet and is on the shelf at. My apology ends only me that's true you can buy the recently updated version in as the clay is this game is forty years old guy. Only original version of cosmic encounter came out in 1977. It's as old as Star Wars. No it's crazy. That this team is sold but it's not. Old and busted play a lot of like gilligan's argenbright don't like Roland mover and a kind of garbage know exactly I plays likened to regain. And it's growing up. It's it's now. Expanding its still amazingly awesome when this thing first officials it was designed for about four players and there were something like six or eight. Powers it's victory aliens that had their powers. And then over the years with the expansions in revamped and modernizing and things like that. Did sixty some odd billion reais and now there's a whole new slew of actions you can take the flare cards read it later on. Just all of these things there's money in the game now I mean it's it's incredible how much this thing has evolved. But still stayed sort of true to its roots if you go back to play the 1977 version you'll see. A lot of it survived all the way to now and it and that's a really really impressive not only for. Any game to be around for years and people still playing it but. That it has been able to sort of stay true to its roots in in in this is again highlights that's one of my favorite games. Now I mean not just people going about people enjoy play he actually had a little play monopoly but don't answer from the people go to but this. People actively go to gamers do. And what's great about it is. Is it possible your planet with a big group you won't give an actual. Hearn of New Yorkers heard saying this is true but there's so much flare action on this game you can win and never actually get to your turn with direct turn the cards and telling game skid there and they're not that hardly any you know you need to have an active turn to be able to do your thing to do your team or whatever but the way this game plays with all of the quote cooperation that goes on you backstabbing you might actually effectively using never need to take a turn and you could still win. Winning winning by yourself is obviously a rare rare occurrence that I had seen it once or twice but. The win this game works is you you when you're going to invading case anybody out there hasn't heard of this four year old game. You knew when you're when your plane you play as mean an alien race and you have your home planet to the idea is to set up colonies. By taking other people's planet's and putting your ships on so you go into the attacking mask if anybody wants to help you anybody who helps you. They get something from it too and whether you're on the attack of the defense. The people who assist you are going to get something out of it so it's not just. It's not just a street numbers game there's really a lot of negotiation that's involved. But you say a lot of backstabbing. Certainly a lot of I promise you this if this happens over here and a lot of posturing and I like that kind of game it's it's the it's a social interaction game so you and you guys EE if you haven't you need to go check out cosmic encounter right now Russia tear fell GS buy it from whatever website you buy your games from. Go get this thing and just thought and I love it and I've I've played recently actually played with that. BJ in the boys and and Byron and who we mentioned earlier in the show over it's over and Eric's place and then. It's great it was a lot of fun. And there's a power in there though Weiner Weiner. Who can win by a winding one of the guys you play wouldn't have the Weiner has angry he was the tipping point of the game because he's happy he did he do what I usually unison as I see that I can't win. I pick somebody else and and help them win there and that's what that's all the women as. That's that's such that's an amazing power and that's the thing when you've got sixty or 70000 alien races you're gonna run across all these amazing. Really really cool powers it's not just named to the Weiner you have to wind in the game yeah everybody has more ships than I do her error and then the other players have to make excellence the out. Given to him or you know whatever but it loses something so. He has just love the game. We'll show on yes so what's going on in the world of kick starter right now would seek external list. Ever recover I know oil on the world Leah this on my money. There have asked CNET so king's champion is a it's a card based work replacement game with jousting and but I'm guessing kind of the mirror trash kind of element of it. But there's also the I Euro element which is the worker placement the most work replacement games. Our ten mile or more expensive games they've they're bigger yeah L it's this is only a 23 dollar gained B. Good to tell car based. Look really cool to get it and it's a more like a pencil art style token black and white but on non appropriate background. Fact it's it's really nice it's really elegant and sweet Shenzhen when he three boxed again. I'd like another middle order place I don't know 151000 dollar fund it would do what they're looking for render at 191000 so how other driven definitely hitting their stretch goals right now. An excellent like to talk about is ascent Hari Sega this disease and want and let down. Diaz is fun because it's a legacy get place not only lacy would also a scifi four X. Co op game let's get a bunch of my favorite words today as they end up. But that's all you know they are absolutely and and gadgets that this good news 45 dollars for the base and with is the legacy expansion because century saying it was in the third to an article about her in 95 dollars for the court game plus the lacy expansion okay there are currently about some 5000 they've been blowing away with they were wanting. So yeah this one's I just killing it right now at. Last one I'd like talked about it is a huge one that's gonna rock in the the kicks are world. And that is brass. Brass is a heavy Euro game. Designed by Maarten wall less Mark Wallace did eight Justine he did disc World Bank pork stating emerald like well known guy. This is also being published by. By Iran Oxley. Rocks lead dates and careened lower now the brass was already published by different companies sometimes Bergen Knuble mauled by a games and re publish them to reduce them. If you go and check this out on kicks or look at this brass. You see that's the core game plus expansion it looks gorgeous. The production on this is just out of the world. It's a 59 dollar for the B 800 dollars for both it is a really good price on this for their games are two games that it has. 290000. On this mind it's just rock and everybody's role to productions this cool breezy good. Well for NFL sounds so great yet this is this is just you know three or four more things and I'm going to and let you guys buy so I complaint that I had a test. How could put him how to keep cinnamon. Could it sounds amazing and I'm really really sad about a couple things going yeah I think that's unfortunately all the time we have and again and Vijay on social RO he's waiting that is not a nice finger and I mean your day I thought well I have. One of these times we will definitely have to put can be damned I know he's getting fed up with all of it but I'm sorry immortal until their radio get him some more Coke will keep him calm down but for now goes what do we say. Laid eyes. And so we'll. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Join Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your geek flag fly I've heard in whilst yeah. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot clubs.