BJ's Board Game Alliance Episode 12

Tuesday, May 9th

Games, games, GAMES!  We have a ton of games to discuss this week, and a ton of happenings, too!  What’s a 4X game?  How cool are board games on Mars?  What game “lived up to the hype”?  All of this and more in episode 12 of your Board Game Alliance!



MOX Gauntlet Infinity May 21 -

BA-Con this weekend May 13 - 



"Rules Lawyer" to be named "The Rules” - Kyle Kinkade with Monocle Society


Deception murder in Hong Kong expansion - Grey Fox Games


Games played: 

Sean: Stone Age -

          Hero Realms -


Chris: Mission Red Planet -

          Dragonfire -

          MOX Gauntlet games - Caylus

   Ponzi Scheme

Captain Sonar


Josh: Forbidden Stars -

 Argent the Consortium -



The Question "Hype: What game lived up to it, and why?"



WISHES Grand Opening at the Alderwood mall Saturday the 13th -



Gaming Terms and Archetypes


EXPLORE: means players send scouts across a map to reveal surrounding territories.

EXPAND: means players claim new territory by creating new settlements, or sometimes by             extending the inf luence of existing settlements.

EXPLOIT: means players gather and use resources in areas they control, and improve the efficiency of that usage.

EXTERMINATE: means attacking and eliminating rival players. Since all territory is eventually claimed, eliminating a rival's presence can be the only way to achieve further expansion.


Some of the best (and longest) games like TWILIGHT IMPERIUM 3RD and ECLIPSE, but recently games as short as 20 min with UNIVERSAL RULE



TERRAFORMING MARS by Stronghold Games - 

Desinger: Jacob Fryxelius 

Basic mechanics: Card Drafting, Hand Management, Tile Placement and  

Variable Player Powers

Theme: Terraform Mars by building and engine of cards and actions to increase the temperature, place oceans and increase the oxygen leval of mars. 

Components: Plastic cubes, crardboard chits and cards

Value: $62.00

Replay-ability: High, so many card combonations and starting "companys" 





Take the Gold – by Card Lords 

2-6 player card-based game with pirate cats, korgi and alligator ship captains, fighting for treasure while avoiding the kraken. Plays in 5-10 minutes, with ADORABLE and very well done art. Creators of “Battle Goats” the goat character battling game (which you can also get via their KS).

6k of 4k goal

$12 for base game pledge

Ends May 25th



Barbarians: The Invasion – by Tabula Games

1-4p Barbarian themed worker-placement game of invasion and domination. Demons, gods, combat, and a unique shifting volcano that controls resource gathering placement.

65k of 32k goal

$50 base pledge (wood version) - $85 for the minis version with 80 minis.

Ends May 24th

(Josh: I love the "volcano" and MINIS)


Ivion: Fighting Game + Card Game (pronounced iiiv-ee-on) – by Luminary Games

1-v-1 or 2-v-2 fantasy-themed card battler, that uses dice to control how many actions and resources you have available to play your cards.  Some cards are left out through the game as a thing you have access to. A board of cards create a terrain field to move around as well.

7.5k of 19k total

$60 for base pledge – 892 cards, 24 dice, 6 character figs, & storage tray

Ends May 25th


One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows – by Asmadi Games

Follow up to their previous hit (7.6 on BGG).

1-2 player game (3-4 if you get 2 copies) with more heroes, dungeons, combats and perils. You can also get a balance fix for the original. Works on its own or mix it with the original. All female cast (which was the subject of some derision). Can also get a “plastic card” version.

115k of 20k goal

$20 for base game pledge

Ends May 16th



Clans of Caledonia – by Juma Al-JouJou

1-4 player “Game about Whisky, Trade, and Glory” in 19th century Scotland. An engine-building euro game of strategy and economy. Tons of wooden pieces, bright colored player boards and game components, unique clan abilities, and a modular board.

150k of 32k goal

$42 for base game pledge

Ends May 18th



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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells said the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club next BMW dot plus. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering features hasty nation. Yes welcome to BJ she's heat nation and this is your board game alliance my name is Chris walker. Director walk like a plan with BG she's the nation with me has always Sean Iverson I think twelve games now rank and Josh only from the making gamers who and how we don't think guys. I W us I love the sound of it. I'm very yeah I don't look great and I think that we can. Well my event ambulance sometime well look at them and you get a rare this summit amusement nebulous as me I think you trade market that had to pay him and I don't like I let's I get to do is you're five cents every time we get said just good to me. Do you have to. And his. In my side loading yeah we're gonna make that dollar baby out of a no no that's when those games somehow I suppose technically is not exactly. In November though it is fantastic eighties you know bring themselves to songs and a good point good point well anyway guys. So let's talk a little bit games but he doesn't want the public funds are very phones are ringing intra. Yeah so what we're gonna do. We're gonna do you think you're gonna talk about some of the games we're playing right now. We have our FaceBook question and we sent out to the listeners then to the idea nationals to see what that what game they thought lived up to the hype and why. And we're gonna talk about the New Dragon fire game it's just this amazing Reese gaining a move Russ Meyer and maybe that runner but now it's done. Unbeatable. I game that won't kill you right away a little rundown now one of our favorite types of games for X games in our gaming terms and archetypes section this week. We'll go a little bit further down the rabbit hole on a new game that we're playing the heck out of called terra forming Mars and of course as always they're your French on we'll hype us everything that's going on in the kick starter world but for now. Taking away Macs in the public domain players. Who's chills up my spine dome I love that music. Well I think it's because he needs no introduction you forgot to introduce that he might be I'm might be on the show today. I BJ Shea do you want to jinx it just in case I hold you right okay blew her right we will get to mediate some days that's why use of this is that five Sean purging thing in that I was but I'm glad I can't opt out there was a new dance museum and good. How well have real quick go Josh you know me homo is going to be looking to you for the helpful in the it exciting news and information and things like that but what I need first of all. How can be able get all of us that they wanted well. They can check out the website and all the podcast and BJ geek nation outcome. He's down like us on FaceBook just search for BJ issues geek nation follow us on Twitter and inch to Graham instant. Abby jiggy nascent tennis that actually has a voicemail that 19802243353. Tennis. Or. There's got to be some other way I think there is a mile and a more high tech mean I almost did it all along there and I'm trying to kind of noise zone before rate they're gonna it yet smoke signals most schools are better and nicely now. Just an email at PG nation and What is on YouTube just backlash BJ just ancient you get in there now you're Amazon could just say it. Play a geek nation on to mean elect sat both days and yeah I mean I have an election now over his right you guys have been annoying me every time internal listen comments so I'm Davidow give people. They know what an echo dot doesn't know what to say that a skill and Alexa volume up mean something like that the likes of volume eleven. I. Yeah I mean I. I am trying to be the gamer for the people on you two are evil yes yes. This is what they consistently when I noticed on and I felt so. One of the other things that we wanna go and talk about it and then now we're gonna move right along with these games and things like that sorry this is the hurry up and interrupt me. I'm giving you the erupt inside the cut. How long do you think we can go with an area and I love and they say I don't know why Josh I must say I was clearly displayed. Tilt of the colosio yes we didn't. And it was awesome especially. My ultimate victory in top hundred don't you know appears man known victory but our guys and I. That surprised me I eat. You let me down I had an expectation freezer he did not bring your a game I let me down and M and and I got a good guys and postpone the main thing I lean into it I try to give me as much pondering as they possibly can and I thought. Here's a game that we can kill little bit of a ton of time with them. And it not for nothing but in the back my head a part of me was like and I can totally own you dad and that's probably a little total. You think. I know. You Josh Lynn anything that day I won nothing that they speak why do so I let us. That sister is at the game NN reliable I'm constantly I'm like raising his microphone levels on the all time record on this this show. This man over here could be me. Add up fund baby game and I mouth I don't even know what they about it I just had to praying to Pope eggs Benedict knew and I guess after all of pain on her a ride that for their Ethier like furniture. Really he's really nasty comments on don't you worry. You want a winner we you know they do you do yeah you know you want to win a rematch of that than just easy you put a microphone in front of me and I Canton apparently. Brilliant. Well we do have another breaking news to discuss though right one of the guys we talked to not too long ago about those some jazzy apps for four Alexa as a matter fact he's got Dicey at the new. Forthright yeah mr. counting Katie from mark society we talked about. Rules lawyer yeah I'll it was not gonna be called rules like ol' ball well he has found a much more streamlined version. It's just going to be the rules so I was at Smith wants to that that cap of a lot a new skill with Alexa to be able to. Just say hey we're playing monopoly to Africa Iowa park place as usual pay collects asked the rules what do we do on our place. That's the and it's going to be organic and I can't wait to hear more cant wait for this to release. You know one of the things that I think and we might never brought it up when you're talking about this. Rules lawyer has kind of a negative connotation to impede I don't like. A rules lawyer usually I think I just pause in the game in making this overpaying and the details are we to sort of blank yeah exactly by itself thought that's the rules are will be on the look out for that for your Amazon echo and in and other super Smart robots to living your house that was happening and before too much longer I also got some breaking news. Should he. Well that's our Josh I years I I didn't need to have the button ready is the thing but now I'm I'm good the should on this radio it's appropriate after opponents kick starters enough at that isn't sure at this point. Well our good friends over egg crate fox games they have of any expansion coming to gain that we absolutely love indoor. Are called deception of murder in Hong Kong. That's fantastic game where you're trying to discover who the murderer is at the table and did what they used TSA what they used to kill someone in my garage. Chemical or probably. So be expensive they're coming out with actually has some more roles they have a lot more murder tools and ways that you were murdered so. I've received just adds more goodness to this already fantastic game so we're super excited for this towing to become an out. Yeah it's a cool social deduction and denying any kind of game because of that we love to play with the because I haven't checked out that deception being that you really really into it's it's three epic I gotta say I love oneself. Are you more breaking news or could we get to the episode now. Actually you also looked early episode every one. My sentiments exactly so as we Venezuela. And I haven't been a lot of us stone age we're gonna shall we don't want our whenever good mideast from downtown thank you weapon taught me stony jets are really old worker placement right it really don't have you know yeah we're routes to and I don't know. There's a guy when route now the pundits are. It's actually for a B worker replacement game it's on the lighter scales though the kind. I think some this more kind of later regain her connection picked this up and learn how to play pretty easily it's a lot of fun it's. Kind of a good like intro to work replacement style games and so my favorite Hillary is gorgeous gorgeous or to have seen a horse. Yeah absolutely and actually played it but I have I've I have seen and culturally aware I mean it's one that I mean you get around to eventually about. Got a copy so don't check and I could do. Yeah yeah. And is a good chance they get a semi hero rounds in math I love Carol rounds if your name a star around I am you know then you take star rooms mechanics and thrown into a fantasy dean. Danny will. He gets more into that realm forming in which is not a bad thing I'm not I'm not disparaging that of all this down. I love that kind of deduct builder and really really do and their homes when the favorite periods of listeners is really cool aspect of it reconnect you played together. Against a common enemy act so of their flooded from variations to this game I think like expand the white that's or alerted us I don't like it when you guys on the common enemy. Oh well let's have a common enemy IN FL is there so I was I've. A little bit emission red planet with that with army in the here and yeah in any I got a fast eleven then Mars games. Just as this is still one of my favorites we've got a new Mars in the or talk about a little bit later but that mission red planet solid game. Will pay the dragon fire earlier I talked with. What we already talked about would Lauren. But down and then just the only games getting ready for mock Scotland playing some of those games there are some of those teams playing all of those names can only three. We're playing act payless which again is another. Older. Well we're replacement games group and worried when I say older gonna talk about these classic games the game's only twelve years old. And I guessing in in game life that's that's still don't forget any old game yet exactly definitely see the evolution of games coming out of cumulus had. Oh yeah 100%. You know night I take a look at and learn the water deep which is obviously direct descendant of but it also reminds me quite a bit of king's port. As far as you know manipulate in particular spaces to your personal advantage and also the the I'm buying an upgrading of houses as well as the I mean knowing in kings where you're you're rolling dice to claim to claim. Favour of different people around the board hook up a that resource management comes into it as well that you happen. It really. I like it I mean I love a good work place in the game Calif is no different the circling Ponzi scheme. Lyrics are asking the way I think it is we're not gonna be the bearer of the bunch for me in and that is the vote upon end a true fact because. It's a lot of math. And it's a lot of sort. Press your luck but it's also salute speculation being able to interpret it and and master what you're going to need. Three turns from now or for turns from now and balance that against what you're trying to get right now on this turn that's hard work for me mentally and tell yeah. Well I think leaning into the cable talk. On Ponzi scheme and as you can actually use that to manipulate people as well and that's a good point and he's so you wouldn't think Ponzi scheme has a resistance element to it but it really done there's a certain amount of that in and one thing as if you know me and and I do. I'm kind of a flat enough. Well there's a lot of games and you can do that with that that is an main mechanic yet but really leaning of that table talk you can get into someone's mind can of course than on a path that your wanting to go to and that's I think it's what makes being a people are gamers so great yeah I agree I agree being it was that there actually talk with people and and not just have to be at a twelve year old in your -- telling you what he's gonna do your mom later offense. On the commodity that can cover that you can't really. It happens it's a real thing about it I made a brilliant actor Joshua Allen stills or to even playing as well. Quiet playing it are forbidden stars by patsy flight unfortunately it's going to be hard again because it was part of the games workshop fashion by break up Diane it was Allen caught a three X game. Only because the explorers and may god did you see the board OK in front of you. But it really great. The metal wartime I am I forbidden stars every I think I passed by Kyra this yeah I was way behind. None my nephew at two objectives are right out the game I thought the game was over and I was gonna play for second place you can and in the last round of the game I was able to come back. And win the game. Thanks I got to play these space Marines. A move IC I love it's favoring a fairly infamous for lewd were pretty K universe strength yes. Oh those kind of spent hours I mean nobody around aliens as he was the guy he cap space Marines and and another played the old are basically this Beatles stereo typical path that I. That's exactly what that that's all about and their there was one other game that we both played together actually for around. Four from a fellow Democrat mentioned a second ago can sonar and a love this game highly stress inducing things are demands before you play campaign. Am a veteran here during the turn your hearing aides up if you that are radio operator and do not look away might come on oh yes now for a second I you have got to be a steely I have just. Locked in on that other player watching what they're doing listening to what they do with. Yeah there's quite a bit distressed but I mean if you guys haven't played captain sonar if it's it's sort of it's hide and seek. Submarine hunt kind of a game it's sort of like. The V great grandfather in the all grown up battleship. You know where they are they don't know where you are all they can do is listen to what's going on your side of the table and the moves that you are making. And it just. It's it's amazing and hi this is gonna be my favorite thing that we play from aux even if we don't win. It's a must Hunt for Red October the game. Gag me because you've got to tiger winning every for a time as you're at your parents about that movie and the Pentagon for a symmetric. A player abilities strengths of each person plays completely different from the next person and it's really important that they really focus in on what their role is exactly right. You know when you you don't that you know we can't win if just one person is is not doing their job properly in this whole thing will fall apart and that's I mean that's the fact that. This guy's that this game is so great a really really love this game but in the meantime speaking of really great games. What's a game that you played. That lived up to the hype. And the whole eyes quiet and this is the sort of thing that we like death. Our listeners all ten of them and we say hey we put out on FaceBook and and though we asked them this question what kind of response did we get back on this when Josh well we got quite a few. Mr. Benjamin David said. But rage. Who just played three times last week and was epic mess upon a thickness if Imus that's consistent that I nobody I would agree with that better yeah. Thomas organs has mex vs minions have thought that I thought I thought everything was well thought out and produce from the meanings to the inserts. We need to talk to them about about how much free advertising and give their. Where can I think full write games they can't quite afford that mine to help the Indian movie actually okay that's exactly what point is I don't know I I. Spencer harsh that he is my my heart in his heart because he says size. I avoided it for months because people were saying was over hyped. Underwhelming boring eccentric not always awesome send them to me and I agree heat that's my name is well concise. For me it was unfortunately I wasn't Eckstein pound guy at that time and as I act. In and I regretted it every second of every image I sigh and a good game that I played and. You know like I give me give one of our our bodies I really hard time about this because. I was over his place recently and he wouldn't has a shelf of games like oh this is my my shelf of shame of the game I haven't played yet oh you'll never guess who was on there. Is LA and and rarely did you tell us hurry up and play that you probably gave what was wrong with Felix's. Name what's his attitude and we are emotional well on this show me right well let's all go and we'll teach. That we promote O'Reilly tonight we're coming Sharia because I'm one to know for sure. That high cost me it cost me dearly because I had to buy it how to market for the collector's edition because that's we should have no of course. And have that was mine I think down there way and. And you say cost you dearly I mean we're not kidding ladies and gentlemen if you look up the were the original collector's edition site. On any of your Amazon's or your eBay is there anything like that that's going for. Just a ridiculous astronomical sum. That being said it's totally worth it like as a great game and so good. How much you showed Ferdinand Andrew kept till it's a millennium blades. It's not a deck builder Richard a building. It's a lot of cards but it's really a board game. And it really takes the car building logic of actual PCGs and CCDs. Distill it down to two to three hours session there's some Ricard and endless combinations and my favorite from last year. If if if you like playing magic the gathering I do like board games it's a game magic the gathering. Tournament in a game. You you've mentioned this one to me before I don't think it's talked about it on the show before yet but this sounds really interesting so the committee elevator pitch on this you say it's a it's a game. Think it's a tournament inside the game yes so your actually part of the game you're actually going out and buying cards. To build your deck. And then you're taking those cars and building a deck and actually doing a tournament within there. I mean that's a great to have a lot of them that I really Rahm Emanuel and tabletop games and you know how paper money can be a bit annoying I yeah. One list they give you paper money but. Bundles of paper money how that's the window from this game is putting it together. Is on nine Cabrera. Hollywood Florida yeah Taylor did one time did you and I don't do that on time and nobody else without any time. The bears and Olga. You see they want more from one if it dug in tank to asset and macaroni I definitely lived up to the hype. Food as they worker placement game with resource management and an elegant time travel mechanism as well as various additional modules. This game it's very reclaim. Multiple factions were very old ways of earning additional victory points. A different leader abilities and huge number of building verbal with instructions mean that each game can be different. Once you add in the alternate rules such as starting resource strapped. The strategic decisions you make each turn it become more complex. To be played just one we have not played or we have a sacks I don't. So familiar elements like oh my that's met you know I know I'm I'm thinking imagery of organ. Yeah the time travel that's why that's why don't you go as high as united as one where you can it take an action early in the game that is intended to pay off now. Because you're gonna get it from your future self but then if your future self doesn't do whatever it is paradox yell and messes up all game the south great. I was able to you can mr. rush to get this game and hit a curfew went in. I'm on the I'm Jody was and Australia are. I think what he did is he went to the future but I thought this again and again. Now. But I just popping up just popping up I mean he's and that and I I took panoramic video hundreds who choose to send Sean. There was 162. Video showing just the pop downs. Luckily. Generally it's a it's very heavy I can't wait isn't the death aren't over yet did that and that's when that I'm really excited about because I love that kind of stuff even even as much as watching. Movies or television shows have time travel and deal. Poorly with paradoxes in conundrum with such a really sanity in this game a try but I'm kind of curious what what what is your game that lived up to the hype over Timmy Timmy guard. I aid did you wanna take some time team and you know an idea mennonites. In recent memory up until about. For five months ago I might have said. Lords of water deep. But the thing about lords of water dirty business. That gain. Sat on the shelf in the dungeons and dragons. And in RP IR PG section of Barnes & Noble I worked. For. A year year and a half. And nobody bought it we had one copy that was just sitting there and sitting there and sitting there and eventually went to the clearance that table. And I actually bought that for two bucks because nobody wanted half price and he nobody wanted at 75% off and you and then he goes to two bucks for sale of that all by what the heck it's two bucks worst case scenario. I mean it. And I know I'm really worried about it I had no idea what the game was a I let it sit and it was on my shelf of shame for a long time. It just sat there and played because I figured it was a crummy game and the like I'll get to it whenever bubble bubble law and then I farm playing on on and on until a couple of weak and and my life my world changed into senate is consistently might top one of the top two game at any given moment it will always be one that's one of those games that was played at the drop of the hat to fight watching on for October on TV. Well and then they also did they kick starter for an expansion for it so there's more characters now. They're a little bit bigger board others to go to and a or enter data champions are champions and I got mad at us champion sir is similar. Except that I had heard from the get go how great it was and that how it took aspects of a couple of different games that I love including lord the what Ernie. Dan through vikings in the mix of that in I'm so in and it. Was epic and wonderful and fantastic and I cannot wait for that expansion and height to come out to give me a couple lecture characters and some other stuff to do because yeah I love this game love love love it. That's at a couple of thousand guys. Vote and they let us know in the future then if there's anything else that that you want talk about hype wise and things have lived up to it you guys both raise your hand I don't know in the paper now if I giant Condo we welcome Mario does you know what you harassment average is here took just get kind of fellow who we can't allow remind you aside downloaded them. But we didn't ask mr. we person. No he only care about you but I'm using the last one about it and it would got a senator who has been a you're right Sean yes what's a game that you played the lived up to the hype and why for me it was the others seven sins by a my main good to bring you there and I didn't know it will be an early hour Fred Perry playing it the master. This game is about one vs many were you harassment controlling a sin no one of the seven deadly sins. Against a bunch of heroes ordering around the board and it's just. I went all in on the kick stir in this and there is just a ton of stuff there's many all over the place and we went through written and it's a work. We went through all the expansions played. The apocalypse expansion as well and everybody who was loving this game is just fantastic. If they want to live apart from yeah. And and I had just played elements and and it came accompaniment commitment to and I like it I thought it was a lot of fun and thumbnail viewer playing with didn't enjoy it as much and I actually here's another look at the utilized it to be fair and that's that kind of things it's not a not not really means is we'll have he doesn't it'll get into that kind of game in general of the wondrous as many kind of thing. But you know he loves. Arcadia qwest which is there clank. Right so it's just a matter that all Americans to make it's just illegally hacked them yeah exactly I think is all that bad that that gave him as sort of that trip up Everett and and not to say he wouldn't try and play again because I'm absolutely sure he would it would put a game in front of impede is gonna play. I type guy so yeah I really like that went to slow that that's excellent film thank you so much earlier than anything else before hand on my my apocalypse miniature is that signed by there. And he had. I think there's ever wants something ordered over a year and a half and completely lose it. Man. Give a guy and if you think you can't. Or don't I'm Julie Guy twelve inches and he's a ruler how. OUN high electing neck. It. Along the right now we're gonna talk dragon fire now and this is one that you guys picked me to. That I wasn't even aware was a thing yet but still we managed to get in touch with the guy who's making things. Mr. Laurie Coleman from catalyst game labs is Orton Megawati to make a dungeons and dragons. Crossfire game. It's called dragon fire and we've played eight. He was barely played does version as both are desolate plate test version at that point because they were approvals of the final ovation on our network and stuff like that gap and guys. As much as we. We talk about how hard and that earner crossfire once or genre arrows are. The net running game is not easy either a as much we talk about how difficult the shadowing crossfire game as I mean it in the game is against you and in any good co op game should be against you I get back. But it felt unwinnable it felt like I was playing samurai showdown again and that was just. I we we couldn't figure a way around and we try to a couple of times and just it was so difficult but this game this dragon fire thing. Cleans all that up and scare a lot of the sort of they can hear mechanics and was still really really fun I mean you were playing and things are coming not necessarily easy I mean we got into some hairy situations. But it was really easy early on to suss out what some of the best strategies were and it was easy for us to to link them together that way well led the indeed. Team it's there you feeling yeah you really get a sense that you're out with here in venturing buddies in your. Here going after them to holders and anything else that they're gonna throw at you GAAP and throwing fireballs. Areas that. Again there was interesting when the areas that I was able to access. I was an events and that allowed me to shoot fireballs and friend take another duel monsters but allowed is a strong heard it was one of the crossfire pace. Force you to notice that a worst movies of the people would say a cushion the fire over here. I'm here going to be taken little damage so sorry for the splash damage wedding I think you're my guy is there a nice straight up and our guard yeah but it did it felt like. A dungeon I don't think Jamie felt like going on there the Indian venture and and I really like the flavor of it in the Immersion that gave me is that dec builder two and I really find interesting about this is a deck builder is at the core cards. You're and your basic right away I get him out of their quick move you need those scorecards because they are very tenement to what you were doing as your character. Trying to string those almost together you're gonna need those cards you know later on in the gaming if you are not fortunate enough to be able to buy the fancier stuff early enough. Then yeah you're going to be leaning on the scorecards quite a bit and that's fairly unique to a deck builder I got to sake his view you're exactly right you get that basic deck in the first thing you wanna try to do cycle through that. So did you so the two more powerful cars are coming more often. That's not the case with this thing and I and I and I like that as well. So we don't have an exact release date yet for dragon fire by guys it's on the horizon and your gonna wanna play and we are definitely gonna wanna play again. Can't wait for that and one of the other nice things about Lauren is he works up at this at this political wishes right. Yeah they're on which is there's a Bellingham store sort the Everett mall and opening this Saturday may thirteenth. They're grand opening for a wishes Alderman. Takes you won't let Tonya Lauren nicely done in you know working with but he's not to buy in could not a bad deal either right why are. Very well moving along from that let's go let's get into our gaming terms. And archetypes segment because well this is one of my favorite segments that we do I feel like it's. Both informative. And most of the time you can argue about stuff it's pretty great it's a pretty great so what are we talk about this week Josh. Well we're gonna you've heard us. Not reference in many games are wins out of four X game and forks and well what the heck does a four XP me. Well for actually well in in. Terry prior to this world. The four X with that we're not talking about door but it is it is my dad and wife. Four X 20 is it for her room she argument for a not your best work and moving on. I know. And we have talked to zero name that button shown. You have to lose we talk about four X games a lot we talked about the aquarium opened in her position. That's been on for next game that's the top of the heap Forex game. About four X stands for explore and expand. Exploit. And exterminate exterminate. Exterminate. As free Doctor Who fans and I was doing very very good health care anyway no I'll call I. UAE didn't feel I yeah. Like in your throat that. It's exactly that if it's it's four X because there are four things that starlet X that you're going to do anyone of these games and they generally. Tend to be longer and they tend to be very heavy on strategy because you have to balance those four x.s. So that if you're playing a particular game where the style lends itself to one or maybe two of those x.'s but not so much the other and then you know you're going to be leaning ever more heavily into those but a good four acts makes you balance all of it and that is one of the great things but when you played TI. You've got your race and that race might be better at stake exploring her might get a better bonus for exploring. But you can't neglect the exterminating or the everything else because you're gonna lose I promise you that so. A good fourth game gives you those options and make sure that you know how to balance. Each one of those out. Yeah and the explore are you mentioned right. That's it it is what it sounds like you're you're sending scouts across a map you revealing new surrounding territories putting down and tiles. Flipping new cards depending on the game you're playing. Expanding. And means claiming new territories and creating new settlements on the things that you've already explored more so you've explored everything now it's time to make that stuff yours. Exploits he is gathering and using resources in the areas that you expanded into her so regaining Clint ADM and platinum and uranium and. Other and other fancy sounding elements and then usually we save these ideas. And Itanium subsidies in there so we value is way over here then we took it over and now we're gonna start making it we're gonna if they're put it to work for us. Yet if I like that and then you use all that stuff and all that those bases and he used that to exterminate Sean yeah I think Doug is as ready to exterminate mean get him on in the game so we went out without a bunch of new areas. Then we took those areas government to Mars and we made those areas and go to work for us and now they're gonna help us kill other stuff. Death for accident that shell and there's a reason that some of our favorite games are four things well some of my favorite games a four X games and it's mostly because. They are heavily into strategy and for the most part the one we the good ones anyway. Are very heavily thematic. And you definitely get a feel for that world because of everything that's going on and I really like that part of it is well and don't be intimidated by the PS threes you hear about the third in our games but they they go shortest when he minutes but I will intimidate you would mind. Day and a half and one out of the gate. Eight hours later we've taken forward Terrence. And that's an extreme example that's of defects whether some extreme. Now there are some really short ones like universal rule we played yet in twenty minutes yeah clips can be played in 34 hours. Because I am hurt and that's kind of a year room. Four expands there. And I know what a hero game is on we did RA like. First or second of the thing and they are doing and how often this is not exactly we'll put by Clearwire talking about it again and you are you heard it send this letter. As we don't remember what I knocked out to a letters and it's OK okay I know they may do better yeah. They're not nice ones earlier in the open as well I'm getting his one finger at the. But they good Forex. Game can be a little more. Freedom to be on the lookout for desire legend of adrift system it's a sandbox. For X games. And sand rock means that you play the game you want to play. Then give you some basic strategies he can be the pirate you can be the trader you can do the explorer. And you can just use luck on nagging me Roland. The rumor that I think when things I really enjoy about four X game is that there's a lot of player interaction. It's not just me sitting over here doing my staying in trying to do a faster than everyone else I have to be going after people amassing their game up and and straight with them and they're gonna screw with me and there's a life does that give both and the client has crumble and her sisters so much involvement between ever read the table at the so much more exciting. Exactly and and guys. Check out for X games are very having any trouble with deciding whether or not a for a famous for you ask yes send us send us an email sent us the text. You know leave a comment on one of our YouTube videos or Iran or you know. Whatever get a hold of us and let us know we will help you out and hanging in give you an idea whether or not a certain sports game is for you. But for now let's move along toward next section which is our in depth discussion or review section. Sounds it's. A good idea action thank you section we have been playing this is fantastic new game. From stronghold games designed by I Jacob. And I'm a mess up your last name Jacob for silly it's silly for X games and he had Ronald gains have so sick of design this great game and the I'm told they're forming Mars and then it it's again it's another martian game that I am just loving. Love love love this game I've only played it twice now but still I really really really really enjoy this while I think Josh for bringing it to my attention. You know this game is a little more like you have. Not really science fictions I've hi this is more. This could happen a few years but you are terra forming Mars and turn Mars into a livable and a reasonable place. And just like but it sounds are terrified me we're trying to raise the temperature we're trying to increase oxygen. And get some water on that plan we're gonna create oceans act. So. Didn't they'd actually do some research into the kind of thing to have being necessary in order to actually how to reform Mars. And implement that within the game mechanics that like a lot of cards and things like that but he when women remain in this game to they've they've been some of that on real. Actual recently there's hold terror and there's a whole Mars series of books I cannot remember who their virus and I imagine they. The whole idea of care forming a plan and then and I mean that's just. Desai trainers generally are whether bend over books spread Mars bloom yes or worse yet and that capsule and over. Yeah. Two record bookstore and you lie and I true I don't know but now that you say that I think that's exactly what's going on there. So the right a lot of the really cool things about this game that I enjoyed. As much as anything else I've played recently I've really liked the way that the you you manage your reason or says you've got these. These tracks in front of you and each one of them and has a marker that tells you how much during the production phase you earn of each one of these. Resources and there's money in their steel owners. I have titanium as well as plants and energy heat and you can manage all of these things in order to make the things that I happen on the board that you want to happen. And I liked the way that the mechanic of that works because it's really easy for me to look and see. What I have in front mean purses with somebody else hasn't turned me whether or not they're going to be making the moves that maybe I wanna make later on down the road. But the way you get all of these resources in the way you increase your production he's except the playing cards against. The plan essentially you're either building a building or you're setting up an action for yourself that is basically some sort of environmental. Situation. Or you you might build a city. Where you might. Play in ocean and you know each of these things affects the surface of the of the board which is the planet Mars in a different way and hopefully get you towards your your angle but then it also you're giving yourself. More resources at the beginning of the production phase and the the idea that we all start out on a relatively. Even playing field certain things that he everybody has their corporation and each person is a corporation that's trying to do the best job fair forming Mars that they can beat the other teams do it. But green you can do things right. Britain down one of the moons and have a crash into the planet. To raise the temperature now you of the planet which I yeah I did a lot as soon as I know I asked her to come and sit at comment on its common plan then visited the the bee potato moon. Of Mars I just. Brought that thing straight down. And I. But it it feels like air it plays like everything you do. Has like a real world analog or is these are real thing that could happen if we are trying to. Caller is mark or attempted terror from aren't exactly as you say I had to set up. A deal where I was generating microbes every term. Two to sort of fill the planet with. So that these beneficial microbes would then generate oxygen or or whatever it was that they were doing to help end and but I some your cultivating this this this this microbe. He uses blue card you build these engines to endear microbes cat or you can play green cards and it's a more direct way you're kind of build up. Stockpiles of certain things get too to actually tariff on the green house as they can do greenery Kyle's a motion piles right. Or you complain he's red cards which are far more like bring down the comment came a bunch of stuff at one time events then just do. They do their thing that it usually a pretty big thing allies that they went to the detail pointing out that. In the game mechanic or slightly turning your energy and he every term debt is kind of realistic in the sense that. Yeah all this power stuff but it's also creating heat so it's just double generator for the heat resource and really go which is just small detail. But a big effect. Yeah and and I think that I think we all wanted to Jay Gibbons and his and his gang or their stronghold because this this game is. Is so elegant. You know and I don't I don't throw that word around lightly I feel like they've really considered just about everything that could possibly be considered and it plays well everything matches together well. You'd never get to that point refill one person is just absolutely running away with the lead and then you total of points at the end and you find that yes in fact someone is running when the lead back. It's just it's a gorgeous looking game and it plays so well. There what are things I think it was kind of cool I like I am mansion to play a barrel watching you guys play. And when you get done you were your world of Mars is always looking a little bit different again or your version of of this terror forward Mars is gonna look different and someone else's. Everything nucleus can end up looking slightly different vets now it's a really couldn like you had this knee thing that you created. That's a check our guys terra forming Mars the stronghold games I'd definitely worth your time. Very very funny if you like space games at all or if your into resource management at all. These are both great factors for you in this regard and and it's fun and someone who is not heavy gamer you know solicit them play this game my wife. Love this game that was the first time she had never played it she's like we need to buy this game that's all say you got it. And if you're gonna get it at plastic cubes card merchant. But I do highly recommend going to broken token or maple realty or one of the many beer bar game in her company's. And giving an answer for this not so much for storage but he. They want you putting on these cues on a hot flat piece of paper and essentially. Get the upgrades to an overlay tray at least. Yet at a minimum make it 11 soft jostle of the table and you're doing and why it's a mess and everything's. This completely all over the place so yeah agonizing and when you open up the game you'll see what we mean that definitely take a look online and find yourself something to. Store not the store so much the game but TT key to control your resources while you're playing you're gonna want it. Just because it would be so easy to upset the and. Are apple cart but does so this some overlay is that worked great in need to put those right on top of what they give you. Those are some of the cheaper options. Speaking of some of the cheaper options shun. A mighty part of yes yeah foam on what he has forests in the real world of kick starter kicks. Lindsay Luton here really do it with government. Really as you guys can't hear him and I don't talk in a microphone that's that's not happen again it's a game I had done though. Well in the land of kick starter that merry merry land that I so love. We have. My card lords. This is a two to six player card based game with Aric Katz. Cora he captains and Allah leadership captains. You're fighting for treasure while aborting this cracking in the let's see if plays enough five to ten minutes so to really fast game. And the arts and too horrible almighty just so cute I was by the creators it did battle goats yes to quote a popular movie. They're too cute to kill. And there's a brick I really present the art and it's a it's it's so fantastic but what was the other game that they you know they create exhibited in a battle goats. They're good sport and I can possibly pass that up to opportunity I had right to if you actually backing take the gold. You can actually get a copy of battle goats as well. It's twelve dollars for the based game. And they were well over their kicker our goal of four K which is really pretty low that wow has so netherland walking stretch golden elect and a good stuff this one ends on May 25. All right. Next up we have barbarians the invasion. By cabbie league teams so this they won the four player verb burying themed work replacement game. Of invasion in domination. So barbarians workers that those those two terms seem to be sort of an odd yeah I think you're gonna tell me a bit more idea and it's conference first team for the near the area he was a worker being placed that's true humorous but I don't Leo and I was at a this has demons in guides and combat. And this really unique shifting volcano because the barbarians live inside the volcano. In order to get resource is you have to put them out on this rotating piece consistent with what I knew our parent and I don't want to go to big awesome component. Yes you know I think he would like you greedy piece that that's all our Rondo almost they have classes plastic and the Boston and Huntsman let's. Who do you think he's keep you tired and then you're due out tons or nearly can't conclude they don't I don't know they just do it exactly right at would have put this together they were at 65 K if there's 32 K go so they were just blown through it. Looks like right now as of this recording there and a 1141000. Dollars of their goal is I mean you look at this game ended just looked amazing. There's argument about a reveres a talked about are looking really awesome playing really really fun to it's fifty dollars for the base pledge which could UV would version. But really what you're gonna want is an 85 dollar version for the media's aerial airy and asking volcano. And where you look you know I decided I might not be a thing don't yeah political leaders like this and ends on May 24. I and it appeared to be on that the fighting and card game. Canada and we've we talked of these folks outside of the of the show there actually a local group to the Seattle area. It's preliminary games this is a one B one or two B two fantasy themed card Bandelier. It uses dice to control hum the actions and researchers are gonna actually have to play rather than sort of limiting yourself based on what you get in your in your back. Some of the cars are left out of the game so. You don't always have full access to everything's there and do a lot of variability. An interesting thing about this is that you're you're laying down these resources. Creating a game board to move around. So top of the then the car battle option in early aspect yes so so you're moving this this minis aerial away your figures around in people's around. To attack each other position and then the last or stuff so economy think Carl battling with a little bit of like strategic opposition okay so look really cool. There're that seemed to short their current is that sixty dollars for the base pledged which yet a little high but it's because you're getting 800 in 92 cards and there you go and that's the thing you know sixty dollars might seem like high kick starter based pledge honestly but. For what you're getting death united I think a really ballooned to party really did you know I'm probably going to be giving them my money. There had a thirteen K there are nineteen to eight total goal couldn't and that may 25. They actually comes with some figures and a storage tray which of of the storage it was a really brilliant man because you got 800 immunity do Kurdish area needs tons and manages business after you had on those as land around the exaggerate. Would see we've also got one dec dungeon forest north show notes one dec dungeon her and annunciation is important at all thing. It it is by you as muddy games I backed Wen made one decade dungeons. Yeah maybe you about it I mean without a failure of an egg. Actually back this game we well no windy day original me Iran router that the how shots fired over the place at the this is an expansion and next version avoiding decked dungeon. And I told. Sure that it is. And it's for one to two players. And as the current version of one vector engine is at a 67 point six on BDD so it's exceeding some really good reviews and ratings three for me here are our buddies over at least ninety topic played the several times on on their twitch channel only episode in the early to get as well it's totally getting off you know I think that amount on the on the on the twitch mainly the tabletop that is really really cool stuff and they do friends who do. These guy is ever wondered dungeons its way over their older original goal was Tony Kaye. There into the hundred plus thousand easily gas over the 100 and some 4000 on that thing right now Kevin as muddy games that's that's kind of the name together they're named again Britain deep prove themselves of the first ones to prepare like out tomorrow and on this thing. Yeah exactly thigh that and that's great if you can if you could have one successful campaign. That everybody's going to be looking to you. To do it again and maybe that's a little bit of pressure. But you also know. You can have that money coming in and that's something I've seen happen on kick starter a lot of times and then delivering news you've built that base you've built that trust yes you've you've proven yourself. Exactly right in you know when shown shares his. Kick starter tips and tricks man that's that's job one deliver on your promised indeed. This one is twenty dollars for the game based scheme pledge OK so you know very fertile. As an end on May sixteenth so getting quickly gadgets that we let them know. Well lest that clans of Caledonia. By a I am not going to try to pronouncement he produced a head left and I can do part of a Lois joy look out who's who. That sure networks. Because only one to four player game about whiskey trade and glory. Many of my favorite things is that in the nineteenth century Scotland I'm not alone in their own country. Yeah. Caledonia I was thinking man hires. Owners are authentic African. As one of my favorite things. Analysts and like down there. I know. Taking effect that Miranda you event actually had a trip to this an engine building your game of strategy and Asian economy. I just did the engines anymore captain. The engines in Scotland or are they gonna do Gotti Gotti and it is well denser. Yeah I tons of wooden pieces brightly colored player words game components unique plan abilities a modular board. There and a 248. K eight of their 32 K go so well I think they're doing pretty well with that so for. He had this 42 dollars for the base game pledge for everything educating with that base pledge it's crazy I mean if if light euros and and that kind of thing is in your your wheel house and a man this thing is when you wanna check out. Descends on May eighteenth. Just a little early for that and to think and that or about my kick starter extra cover this week wolf. Thank you so much for that Sean be on the look out if you're interested in bumping into your board game alliance we are actually going to all be together in one place. Besides this room and I think he gave kitchen. Gonna be a big time this weekend up in Bellingham and they kind of Bellingham enemy convention yes yes not just to discuss salted pork. And and the like but I guess they kind of be a Theo and Bellingham anime convention. I have also heard tell that we are going to be a dark tower Gaines who that is a strong earnings strong possibility in fact almost almost an eventuality everything. Just if you are downtown Bellingham and you hear yelling at each other. Where in the resistance or playing of resistance Avalon down and that will be yes you that's the truth don't call the cops is joining us. Ovals or heard that someone from think twelve games is going to be they're doing demos of some upcoming game calls. Whom we know what else. But yeah I does it shows the love for Derek are because I had to witness jobs there. I always look at residents are indeed they've always treated really well anytime we're in Bellingham and loved art and our. Not so much on the colonel not talk at all. There were offended that they may know one another but they don't associate there yet no absolutely in the as a great and also. Be on the look out may 21 the mocs goalie infinity is happening. We are going to be playing games and raising money for a very very worthy cause treehouse and that well. We've got the gains we've been practicing I think we're just about ready Josh and I are gonna be there as well as revenue Vicky from the app from the main geek nation BJ is going to be their route a son. He will be playing but he's going to be standing on the sidelines probably with the a diet cola and just shouting obscenities and and and well encouragement. Well for him it's kind of the same thing and we talked about how can get a permit on local society they too have a team. I don't believe guys in last place so in the end of the line solution because they're going to blues I heard Watson has two teams this year. Two of seeing teams did so Google wanted to help them and contribute to this this amazing because they do something. You've heard a lot slot easy wiz has some things aren't aren't it was a song that came anyway because they are key and actually gonna win yes exactly. Probably speaking of Vijay do we think maybe we can always be dig out your memory your target now bumping so. Yeah Jason didn't think he I think he beat mr. perjury well goodness. Gracious that is so well that is that that event and again in person that if all the time we have for this week I think you select the most important game alliance we're gonna. He's playing games you can see it. If you're in the fifth great grade because we have been a busy busy summer and that film and I'm very excited about. 98%. If there's if it's. The facility for the rest of it's going to be an opponent. He's paying a lot like becoming confident that the PX is coming up with some convention and he's not talking yet about we're going to be so full of information. Well I don't know if he's always just wanted to do podcasts but for now gotta run to god when you say you're playing. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying he called sheriff Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your geek flag flying at Vernon whilst at sunup today and see for yourself BMW duck club next BMW dot plus.