BJShea's Board Game Alliance. Epi. 21

Thursday, October 19th

Host: "Director" Chris Walker of Bj Geek Nation
Designer: Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games
Chief Game Player: Josh Utley from The Omega Gamers

GE2 & Extra Life

Interview Chaz Marler of Pair of Dice Paradise 

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Ladies and geeks of all ages you're poetry Vijay chase the nation well. Yes welcome to be dishes keep nation and my name is Chris walker walk like to play with the dishes each nation uncle Chris from BJ inmate said director. There was still the director Imus thing. Hero as my director neurons on and on the show thanks fellas. Those two guys that you just heard talking word Josh Utley Howard lead game tests. Practice. All around great fantastic fit this shortly from your making gamers Josh hey hey hey and that other guy shown. So Hank shine Utley with a twelve game on isn't. But I don't I just finally. You guys heard or thought of the whole. I guess you're keeping your name. You're keeping your dog I did I was an awareness day John Emerson printing twelve games our league game designer and man. We are on the rails at 45 seconds into the fray you know what I'm given that I like it I think it works out pretty well. This week we are going to be talking quite a bit about the games that we've been playing lately because we have been playing a lot of games lately but we also have a super exciting interview from one of our favor YouTube guys I jazz moreover we're going to be talking to him a little bit from the pair of dice. Paradise YouTube channel so. Stay tuned for that but until then hey Josh how you look at all of us. Well they can now. Go to the website beating each nation at home. Or any platform that you prefer. Instead Graham FaceBook all of them twittered to search for BJ shake yours is me. Yeah just search for BJ you mention that lewd manner of swear every time one of the big things that we need to talk about right now and this is something that we are going to be doing this weekend. GE two is happening this weekend. Tech and gaming and BR and drones and dodge ball and your endurance and and and her game and our primary focus yes we're not just going to this thing because its core north we're going to this thing because it's cool and awesome and we need to play games all along if you want some more information about this go to GE two dot alive that's the liturgy Valeri either number two dot live there are plenty of tickets available you can also find out more at chairs the leader -- and on the BJP mission FaceBook page. GE two don't watch. Play one of the other things that we could discover ourselves involved with this year extra life extra life. This is a fantastic event that we we talk a little bit about every year but I'm honestly I've never really gone sort of this whole hog participating in it and it's and it's fantastic to misstep that we have lined up. Yes this year's actual life. Wheeler holding at Vernon Wells thing games in his nose that's 11232120. Have a unit 103 in Kirkland Washington. We are going to be have the B share ever forget daylight streaming through late night table top field and we are gonna have a raffles. Everybody can come down. Support. Ex wife which those sorts of American network hospitals. And we have gotten. I'm nominal amount of support staff are raffles who they're gonna be worth it Chon who do we got help myself. Oh lord lord a lord here we have to be quite a bit have never gonna be rattling off it is so awesome. So far we have Michael society on board. Daily magic games is giving us some donations thing twelve games gray fox games. Lucky duck blue heron imbalance games flying frog. Frog the what's catalyst game labs slugfest. Elephant laboratories and besides games and that's just so far yes there's yes or that are going to be coming on board as we go along. Vernon Wells is also throw in some into the pot. And friend of the show Maggie but is donating some things as well so how there's a lot of stuff that can be really cool. So that will be November 4 and fifth. At Vernon Wells in Kirkland Washington. You can look it up and we'll have some links to various and yet definitely in that didn't if anybody anybody out there who is familiar with the way extra life works. Usually you know you watch the stream or you play the games are you doing whatever and the donations are going straight to I history to a really really really good cause. But what we've tried to do is we've tried to sort of upped the ante on that from now your donation also gives you within one of these raffles and you know four games and are some other stuff like that never ever wells as the is is donating some fashion memberships. Yes she can actually be a member and Vernon Wells if you win or raffle on the day so. Check it out guys are gonna be doing a lot of lot of stuff live in person at Vernon Wells and games and gizmos at their Kirkland. For 25. Our T five hours I almost the whole way 8 AM to 8:8 am how is that 25 so well that's 2 in central. It's always doing arm and I'm daylight savings are so they get you think yeah. That's all right though because man that's point five hours well spent to be asked me well it's just you read into it then guys a little bit about so what we do here on this show what we've played more games. Yes yes you might not know this but. BJ she's board game alliance is all about playing board games and we're gonna talk about all that for a ride after my good friend Max pulleys a thin. One of these days. That guy's going to be huge. I mean do we need him in studio. How we do I know what that would be amazing run we we should have Macs in the public domain players come down here and do a live performance for our people our man ask the dad. So. Yes and I. I've been playing a lot of games lately I've been playing a lot of games on my own I recently had the opportunity to reorganize my entire game area MI because I had to move. And I realized as I was unpacking and and reorganizing everything getting stuff put away if she can Wear a handful of games that I never played. They even though I'd only to them probably. There were. I showed half a dozen games that I hadn't even opened. All right so this is this was something has OK I need to get this taking care of and one thing and another was being as busy as I have been at work and we GE two and everything else that's been going on. I haven't actually had a chance. To even think about this but I haven't had a chance to go anywhere with with you all and say hey let's play this game guy's so what I did was they set up my table at home. To just play these games against myself you know wanted to take our all the rules all the players and and to do that which is something I like to do anyway when I'm teaching people new game. Have a good idea of it myself but I've been playing against myself that's actually my favor way learning and yeah pre inaugural book called. You really don't absorbs much you think but when you send up and you plant. That's very little or you can you guess stumble across them into question you didn't even know you had the first time you read through the rule book and just reading a Republican in turn to teach people how to play the game. Years to come off looking like you're completed the oh well let's hope it's so good no matter what I thought I got. In the interest of try to limit the amount of idiocy that I ya express I started playing the firefly board game against myself and who. There when this first came out I was really really excited about it because that's what my favorite IPs. Firefly love that stuff let's get out on the black explorer and reverse all that jazz came in to misbehave and I played one game against myself no I I like I played a half of the game against myself. There is a solo mode that you can play in and try that out just to get an idea for how the rules were and how the game mechanics happen and then I was gonna go and show other people how to play other people who like me were very excited about a firefight mortgage well. That all happen and we got about. 45 turns into the game after I sat down with all these other people and their like this is terrible. What in the heck can be brought us why is this so bad oh my goodness in just Barbara Bieber Barbara blue. It was a disaster unmitigated hell yeah yeah which I which was unfortunate because IE. When I had played a solid game against myself I thought it was difficult. But I realized I was playing in solo mode so of course there's going to be limited different things and interactions and different choices to make and whatnot when I got to actually play with other people well. I went back and recently in any additional us week or so and I. Put the game on the table and it's okay I'm gonna figure out what he we did wrong or why this game is terrible. Because so I sat down and had a two player game set up and I started playing and I started playing it and I realized. We were playing a wrong. Are there or at the very least we hadn't seen that one key element that made the whole thing open up and once I had that figured out. Fan and I was able to keep rolling within keep moving the game is incredible it is such a good game and I cannot wait. To get three other people together to actually play this thing the right way and then we're gonna have some fun this game. Or you have the original group that you played with like hey guys and a few traders again but. With the credit for both sets I don't know if they trust me enough for now after what happened but may I'm gonna try and travel to get those same people and say here's what we did wrong guys and here's why you're gonna love this game today so here's what what was the rule that you missed OK so. Didn't miss a rule but what occurred to me. As those playing through this time there is a certain level of you know and we play games forever and you look at what you having in the future resources in this is one of those games where you really have to manage not only what you've got going on on the table but what year in your own tableau but I also what's going on in the whole rest of the year of the board and I have this mind set where I need to keep money. Money by and large in most of the games that you play is a very very valuable and important resource and it's it's no different in this game however. Everyone starts out with with 3000 dollars worth of fellow with the credits and or 3000 credits worth of credits whenever. And the idea in my head was I need to hang onto this because I'm gonna need it. Ultimately that's one of the wind conditions for the game. But what I do what didn't occur to me was that there's no way that I'm going to ever get any more money. Until I spend pretty much everything I have on me crew. And ship upgrades and equipment and things like that's a but I can actually go on these missions complete them finish them. What had happened the first time we played was everything seems so difficult so hard like I can't get anything done. Because I'm just having might have a my butt handed to me left right and center by every mission irony into the readers attack oriented loving arms so many bad things. If we had taken the time like I did this time to spend their money on crew and ship upgrades. No problem you need to make money spend money to make money so what I did this time want to have Mel. Not from those playing against Monte you know Jeff from from that that excellent episode where we learn about more about you are dead several. But. You so much Immelt playing against each other and that and against each other as part in this game there's not really a lot of direct things you can do to hurt each other but the point is I had them both playing as each other and I loaded up both of their crews. And then started going on missions and the game is. Brilliant I absolutely love this game now and I cannot wait to each to share with other people awesome fantastic game. I mean I think if the deal first nine game and one thing that's really impressed me about them as a company is that. They've been taking these IPs for games and really doing a phenomenal job yes. They did a fantastic work with us Sons of Anarchy did a great job with homeland. So I mean if you've got an idea that ought to make. You got a handle on it exactly I totally agree so that's that's the big horn and I've been spending my time down later there's a couple of others but I don't are harder this whole show. Well I've got to play we we talked about before champions and they are gap we love work replacement games and that was a great line. And then. Move last year they kick started there. Expansions. To expansions in fact. And those came in and we have to play him it's the mountains and about politics mansion who. The mountains expansion adds another way to go wanted to from churning in Overland journey. Where before you go by see them and they're to be some crack Kansas hidden costs of food that you resource to pretty much given up yeah Overland it's an international. I know who's now home. Eight gives you another option another way to go it adds a fifth player which is great yes please my Iowa folks purple and camera that was a provisional. But it also has about hall expansion which is by far the best thing this and I love them all Xperia. Because the one gripe I heard was people is who I know Lou all this up in the end. I just. Yeah and then it's think well now I had to build all begin there's not enough rounds in the game with a Mount Holly expansion. From now on when you die thus dice you lose you get a chance of that color which you can then spend. On cards for victory points worse than a lot of room for what there's only three cards in the game for a lot of history point oh okay so now. In true viking style. Death is a good thing there we ago now you're tired or language. They remind me a little bit of via low key strategy for obliterated exactly how animated and intentionally go and likes what these guys and pass on in June off to the nether world because you're gonna help me out Betty. Yeah I'm before there were monsters as they well if you send sorts here there and indirectly sent a one we just have known would do that right. And was more versed friction now it's a strategy gaffe so all I need some white chance because I knew I can get that car but I'm too short I'm send these guys there guess why you're gonna die I still be the monster. And they give you a new leader ability dice which threw everyone gets an extra nice run ninth day since dice in your pool critter. And when you roll western side of that it activates an ability. I cannot wait to get this one a try I'm Sean what do you plan I've been guided to do clink in space. Of trying to help him deal with one more thing it's our eyes on the book ended with Symantec and other system that's fine looking because we're gonna him once we go initial thing we're gonna have. About six minutes. A backhand good. That's champions in mid may and guard by grief our teams area. John. But he got I'm gut got a clean plank in space who are artists and I look thanks so much and typically the expansion for playing can no finally get a chance to play at the space version of clank. And the things that they did differently with this is before you decide you're your stock aboard you can play one side or the other through this they've taken aboard and then there's a middle section and that. Has two different sides but they can be arranged in different ways and seek and have to from board sets set ups done just by reversing it. And did he is that now lord erratic this a year on his ship in your gonna be running through and you're trying to. Basically steal but to step out of his ship and get out before and you get annihilated. And there's. There's some blocks for. Blocks for past may to be from advancing too far so there's. You have to systems near and have to hack tutored systems into different areas to even be able to get in wreaking it when a scoring elements. And then get out so there's a lot of different things you gotta do and you get a guy plan Ford Escape him I liked. I like how old crank in space separates itself from the original game in not just in theme you know aside science fiction that robots and in any feelings and things like that. I feel like though the card draw. There's a lot more synergy going on with those as well where you if you you can really lean into one color when you're doing the deck building side of things. You can make a lot more very very exciting special things happen now maybe I was playing the original claim the wrong way but when I played cleric in space. I have that system down boom boom boom and I was zip around the board so I leaned in new movement as much as I could. Well when the other things they do that there's a faction ability armies cards you can still have specific colors so things on the like star around framework. If you focus in on wants to have a color you can get some crazy stuff going on a gas cards at the cleansing things they've added to the game. And who have when we last played its. There is forever is playing three of us made it one step away Ono. From getting off the space station and a yeah we were all three ranked outside the gates gave I don't know everybody to IE. The other player however he was deep with like touching an artifact in death. He he he and I had no chance is zero points you have totally new and in Williams didn't do and I can to make sure I get today these claims cubes you have drawn out of the bank and yet. Mayo died there is certainly have now and then that's a strategy to fight you like I have no chance that this. Everybody death held at all. That's my Dyer of digital and by renegade games. So good love that went. Well I tell you what it's just not time for us to take a little break. Pause for some station identification and well on the other side of that we're going to be talking to Chaz moral error. Paradise paradise and had reached YouTube. All right well with us today is Chaz more ruler of the paradise paradise YouTube channel. Josh you know little bit about the scary. I do just iTunes more than. I'm I'm no great cannot thank you so much for inviting me on this is really really cool life I appreciate it well we're glad we could carry you away from a rolling dice it Kenzie to recommend doctor Ursula. They. Tell us how I expressed my life I was and I thought I'm afraid so let's show the fact that Josh we got towards. Well I had the opportunity to meet Chaz and gen con where he was working away very hard at the passport Booth. And I'm I'm glad the illusion that can across the well I've been watching your videos since actually. I had played wrecks and was looking for how I didn't want the blue chips anymore. And I came across he has component proponent. And that led me down a path of hilarious videos. With three since. Concerned that. So did you see you my good friend Josh not. Yeah I didn't think he did this is something that wasn't really on my radar at all and then I just told me what they've put a great time you had taken a step out and how much fun your videos and things like how work. What them. Just what what sort of the the impetus for all of this what what in the world turned you into this crazy online board game reviewed guy. Well on the odd oddly enough it was because. I kind of forgot who I was for awhile I guess you could say. I I the thing that has spurred me to doing all of that is I've always. I've always kind of needed a creative outlet in my life I guess you know growing up I drew comic books and stuff for myself and my friends you know throughout didn't drought. High school in man college and stuff and so I always I want to the local comic book shows and conventions zeroing in and Washington State in or again. And then over time that kind of fated hours I entered the real workforce after college and everything so I wasn't really. Doing any of those pop art artistic endeavors anymore. And I started my own business. Couple years later. And I anyone who has her own business knows that you know it. Did it. Is your life becomes your life which can still be extremely rewarding. But the thing about owning your own business I'm a special we work on the Internet the wonderful thing but the Internet is work can follow you wherever you go so. It got to the point. A vote. Oh I'd say the half 56 years ago now they got to the point where I would I'd go to work and I would come home from work. And I would work on more work. And my my wife compared and I think they're accurately she compared to the scene actually in city slickers. Where Billy crystal's character. Lost his smile and she's like you need to find your smile again. And I'm like yeah I I need an artistic our outlet again because I I if I just Paula do is work and I feel like a piece of chewed gum in my personality was gone. And so I is actually stopped for a while we won't know until I was like all our boys and report games and stuff I I I'd like doing something artistic aboard games and coming creative outlet. So that kind of slowly morphed into the idea I'd been watching a lot diced or videos at the time and and Rodney Smith with what you played. Pick of the camera again and sister Phillies and one thing kind of led to another and after. Half dozen videos are so I kind of certify my voice again. And then I started to remember. Kind of nod my whole personality surge flooding back at some point for better or worse and then that brings us Qaeda today. If it. Well they didn't rain turn that around as your energy is the number one reason I subscribe you steered clear channel. I love. How in your thrift since you are always positive. Even if the games into the. Or want to thank you acts I actually I I and that it's easy to be flippant about that and say they Q but really I appreciate that because. That's one of the someone of that core. And fundamental truths dichotomy a playbook for paradise paradise when I started kind of about playbook the rules of the game. And one of those is to always be positive for bus and find something and and it's going to be sarcastic. And caustic about a game. Try not to just be a bully about the game but find some other twist on it related to it that could be the butt of the jokes NB a whether it's me or. Like the reviews on Amazon for her attends he or. There's another one DI redneck on redneck life where a big big game is. To cut a little bit ridiculous that someone made that game but it's somehow won this obscure. Problem. Allegedly for each game of the year award. Com Ed's idea that the big W focuses on this hole. This just wasp nest of strangeness. That I unraveled when I was researching this award that this game one and then became the focus of that video so. Hopefully trying to find its you'll keep things positive. Well I'm I'm glad that comes across that is actually really really important to me. Aria that is absolutely how it comes across. I know that I have helped. Marty can now. Give you a little hard time about the carnal clusters on Twitter I'm to tell him. Thank thank you very much for that. Arrow for his locker he loves Condo cluster that's how he shuffles most things this is true. This is true I have to say it it's one of those things where if it there's this there's a size. Limit you know edit it at a certain point if I can't report shuffle. Then it's got everything clusters. I think he's around if it'll show off the fact that I. Are telling us ripple shuffle five cards carefully that's. Our receivers certainly staring podcaster car control of the fact that that's six. I'd do it again. And also and newer thing for you has been your table scraps video with the interaction. That's yes. I love those I was just watching actually last night that has the IP games as we are big. X wing fans for Chris marker and I love there was rebellion and and going in started on ascendancy can act. And didn't wouldn't you hire really love the interaction on that in the to take in the comments from. We we tried doing them but we have to do it through FaceBook it's hard to do live on him on the audio format yes. Kim in without actually broadcasting and that means to a whole idea that a rules of me. Don't want apartment. But how I guess that didn't. Politics that. Tables graphs is really. Evolving for you where do you see that bill. Hey what I would like to do it with state evils this is he was only like two. How and to get to point where it has not support we're behind it and it included actually I only like 8010 to fifteen minute warning they don't have any really every we day. Hackett it's it's it's certainly ridiculous comparison it's like canaries like cursing. It's like. How come carrying. We can be obvious to an oak tree but how hot I don't know if guys are familiar with YouTube channel Rhett and link. Today they are apartheid era colossal Internet university and in doing YouTube or and lets users are amazing. An and they have indeed. Yeah morning show every week include goodness to call warning liberate me just talk about a subject they don't target audience when he needs thought I'm somebody for ten minutes. And it's just a teeny little ten minutes is no big thing to do each day comes to organization. And so when we table scraps I I. Kind of Indonesia and so something like they're good mythical warning has the oldest and it I album mega cool and awesome to you something about that stature in the gaming industry disease feel a 10 minute conversations morning but again there on I'll hold another little hole and so I just object you MMS kind of the idea yet for every morning mind we're a go no yeah hello hi I think what I think it. It's clear well on their way I can say that because he you're. YouTube videos are. There a step above a lot. And the time you put into it shows and I love the outtakes at the end of their reader every you know that's as very for the usually I don't oxygen uptake so that I thought I. Carry fairway wherever I've exactly what's beacon of how you how you can make their growth. You have upon pledged going on right now proceed impact her. Oh debt that is true. Yes and Freeman who ms. like upon pledge armed what's that essentially pod pledges just it's a fundraising car online fundraiser could have platforms are similar to Petrie on or kick starter or indeed go go it's just they forced flavor of it that actually I'm. Speaking of bowed out work coming home and working on work after work. That's what my. Real life job is a much e-commerce. Web. Programmer I software developer and so I took my e-commerce. I when I started the fundraising campaign and stuff. I wanted to say I didn't. I want something that more features a kick starter and more features and patrons in the Mecca blend them together a lot of people do one time payments or subscription payment and focus on. Media people you to Burres and podcasters. And I released he would admit I have expertise to do that so I took like several months during that first summer and I'm with my. My team and I want to work with I Bayh dole the popular system just kind of be tailor made to us for something I think urging you to burst could use. And real so I socially use my skills to build up for myself so I could have kind of the tools like one it's that that's what the pod pledges all about and the the 14 I can have annual campaigns I set up on it so the one for your 55 basically. For the most part 2018. I'm launched just a couple of weeks ago and it's it's starting out army so far it's. Forced fund raiser I've done and so far has had peace strongest start to any fund raiser. That we've done so far so it is continuing to grow and get bigger which is really exciting to see. So -- how far it goes how many of the goals and milestones for paraphrase paradise we reached remains to be seen. But it is up there so there's there's fat. Well very very cool so listen we're we're coming down almost towards the end of what's of of come on goodness white like even talk I should just what you guys do it apparently adamantly didn't understand the. I hide had a one. One. First off I've backed the pod pledge because I love your stuff but we always ask it. Fletcher won gain what cheered go to you happen the players there in the my mindset and it's the one you wanna play. Hall and no. I'm I think that's it there on the spot you know. If it changes so often go OK okay put so right now this moment in time if I had the players won't BD one game I wanna get to the table. Yeah I'm. I really think it really let me mentally get rid of the clutter and a kid in jeopardy music effect from. OK I think I know what it is I'm. I think it actually would be armed Arcadia quest at the moment to lose a little you answered yeah and it even being here. The credit. Especially specifically the the tax expansion armed because my my wife and daughter and I are friendly we've been playing how legends of an door and go into that and we only one. Legend of and or. Quest left to complete. And he. After we do legends after we finish lens and legends and gore we are going to launch into not Kenya quest campaign ossetian with the pets 'cause. You know I have ten year old daughter so she's all about gone too cute little animals I can join us on our adventures. So obviously we didn't we can we act as a Stanley have been like. Looking forward to it might only be one more blast of sort of zoom in so way and it's incensed and I know be like the next time we game we're gonna break down outside the I think that's the way it's really on my radar and I'm really looking forward to is introducing that and then in and getting into with them. Well I don't know how you got out of the mine level legends of pandora I still haven't found that I thought but that's my. Communicate I think as the works out. Great. Are able listen we're I just by a greater wrap up which has Marlon here. Jazz plug your show. OK I'll try to do it. As professionally as soon as possible here I don't know I shot. Bravo absolutely. So yet. It hit it thank you all the pressure's off. Anyone who's interested can find me primarily on YouTube at YouTube dot com slash pair of dice paradise on all one word. I realize that when you create YouTube channel you should make its name as confusing as possible so I arrived by jumped on that I'm also on Twitter. Where I am cat dice paradise. And also I am just www. paradise paradise dot com which has links just everything and a conduct Foreman just lists videos and all. And we will also have book linked to both YouTube page and your pod pledge in our show notes so. You can get over it you our show as well yeah exactly yeah. I appreciate that very much thank you so much. I know are we appreciate understood HS you have the have a have a good afternoon and I'm gonna try to learn how to talk here in a minute and a very good and I like him on video. I definitely will and sometimes they go up their fur I can gamma were proud mother of distributor related stuff and amid if I'm in the area I'll look you guys. I love it things just. Awesome flick you. All right well that's about all the time we have this week thanks again for listening to board game alliance thank you jazz Marla for talking to us who are you did that was. Pretty amazing thanks for bringing it to Josh yeah and I think you might do excellent who co host Sean and Josh Utley. We went to no. You show me Josh we'll as we did that and speaking of Josh Josh what do we say it's playing nice.