BJShea's Board Game Alliance. Epi. 23, “Holiday Spectacular” part 1

Tuesday, December 12th

Host: "Director" Chris Walker of Bj Geek Nation

Designer: Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games

Chief Game Player: Josh Utley from The Omega Gamers


PAX Unplugged!!!!

The Holidays: Games to play with your “Trapped” family members.


Josh: Codenames by CGE 

Dark moon by Stronghold games 

Divinity derby by Ares Games


Chris: CAH, Kill Doctor Lucky, Bring Your Own Book

Sean: Kingdomino, Go Nuts For Donuts, Secret Hitler


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Join Vernon Wells the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of sun fly culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at birdie and whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club that's BMW dot. Globe. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay hasty nation. Yes welcome to be dishes keep nation in my name is Chris walker walk like playing lift well. Appreciate you nation also gophers will be unique morning. So with me today for your work in my life podcast we have John Iverson thing for games I hang my head master designer creativity design master. I want my news. It's shown a keep your players just don't. I like the sound of that election. What are your kid turns. Anybody so. This doesn't turn around a newborn and I'm learning all about intimate. And I see that island split up because the hot keys are messed up. I don't know what I'm doing. I would like to change our previous statement do you know your previous statement of and it introducing yourself and our enemy in general non expiring mantle okay is that a is that a specific enough for you you're going to be a private. No. He's had a nice cut my gym I'm going commodore below commodore Utley well that would be fan see you know a good commodore means. Some good intro music so I think you're gonna do is just get great director Max in the gang and have them a play as in okay. I like that sound cue because it has a definite end and it just kind of you know we're about winding it down or lowering the volume so we talked to get him and Max is is the consummate professional I think see him end the public domain players for that. Just before we get started how can people get all of us that they want to follow in his check us out on BJ geek nation dot com. You can find links to New Orleans to your hands all the podcasts. Of all the varying. Themes and you know FaceBook and everything just check out there. Excellent so well hopefully some that'll happen so. The holidays are upon us let's you've heard of Italian at noon on X apprised by. It's been a really long time since we were all able to sit down and roomed together because we have been so busy with all these things going on in a 101 of them. Should one of the biggest things that we did in this has been. He's almost a month gone now. Was we participated in extra life and it was a rousing success that I do say so myself here it and I think we've just been sleeping in office home hand half as a so much effort went into this thing and I think I think you're really paid off and now we had a lot of good response for it idea of some us some numbers forced by the enemy it captures also non we raised 2800 dollars for a Shia. That was really popular and maybe that's awesome and our last your Toro was 580 so. World food and better better amazing. Now you guys were able to pull together a ton of really awesome. Analysts say door prizes because that's not really what it felt like it was. It these these we we auctioned off games by donating to actually fell while you were while you're watching our feed you your money actually went into any I prized during. For a lot of games that we had debt accumulated. And I say we even replaced. You two gentlemen made all that happened and he got us in Maine why 500 and some odd games ever had a mountain of games it was so amazing I mean I much I showed up on the day and we had all the games set aside so that we can auction Marvin has like. Actually more than my entire game collection in one place and we actually really really good stuff but yes I am I out of the actual if could've gone much better. Now I was absolutely drained. While it was a 25 hour event I mean we were up for. Two hours before noon then break down and then them all and then suddenly it was and you can't sleep. I know how to. But exciting can't sleep games in gizmos were a huge help Aaron wiles are huge help everybody showed up everybody participated. Mike Parkinson from the dice tower brought that into the debt to India prize pool and he hung out and played some games there is there's a ton of people as a kind of find every night tabletop is awesome for him because we had doing all of the twitch streaming big ups dispenser on the technical side yet he really knows honoring a man and he did a great job with a and they facilities to all the online giveaways to the so we were able to give away to people on twitch as well as a person. The thing they're really surprised him we had some twitch streamers are following us. That were with us the entire time yeah yeah I don't really mean that's hard core commander of the deal much with us some. Donating and they are you know messing with us in game yeah. It was it was awesome news so much 125 hours to kill abortion initiative. Big nerds playing board games all night long yes pretty rad is pretty amazing and and they're already in the works firm next chair Alex Kovalev after the first of the year for the new team in coastal the only gamers but we're just gonna plan on bigger better raise money for skeletons he has to agent is we're we're just where does it started this is amazing stuff so this was great. There was a brand new convention this year. Something that our bodies overtaxed put together which jet packs if you're unfamiliar is the F Penny Arcade expo. Made usually I leaned into video games and a lot of five new media pop culture stuff. What makes their conventions different though it's it's all about the fan experience. Not there to sell a bunch of stuff in out there to only the media gets then. Like some other dimensions it's all about and service it's all about giving back to everybody that makes these things happen which are the fans that pay the money eventually GAAP and on and it's really true they do they do great work and it taxes exploded I mean there's taxis there's packs west there's X prime packs there were picked Charles packs everywhere. Packs I try to Uganda I think it's coming. No no but what they did this year was to the if they invented a new convention called pacs unplugged. But it's a blue so not. All video games but board games and section and our very own show on Epperson was that was kind enough. Lucky enough or lucky enough this time what pianist. To go to that thing what's so what's the report from the com John. Oh my gosh it was amazing. So it was a crazy trip to get there we actually I drove there with us Kyle from monocle society. Four days are dreaming across this great United States that we live in the get to Philadelphia and got set up and we were there Friday Saturday and Sunday. The con was. Definitely a player Conn felt like packs. Did flare up more focused on and getting people into playing games demo Ing games. All the big guys were there like us all the podcasters you know link. And entice tower and they were all there. Answer Kamal is there a ruling that's taking names like all the big names. Iso hold those people also get to hang out with them is great I'm all the different publishers were there in them doing their stuff so it was fantastic so much fun. Sounds pretty amazing I can women are definitely try to go next year having listened to the other. Podcasts and then their first time experiencing packs. They were amazed with the enforcers and they should be because taxes learn how to run these con gap with minimal. Stress. Because these enforcers are trained they know what to do they know how to handle things. Consummate professionals that's that's one thing you get at at packs at that sometimes can be a little bit lacking other conventions but they. They really do have a good handle on that and and being able to manage the the customer experience. Maybe if you will. Let one of their fighters are saying then the thing that it's prism about the enforcers repel. The helped keep organization you know around the con so. You know they helped reorganize lines and lines are beginning gonna crazy for something to check something out or if you know different presenters needed things or if you know if you're a person walking around in your not sure where to go or whatever. And they're just there there wandering around just helping people out and it's not very many times. How that don't exactly and and again I I can't say enough good things about the guys who put who put back together. They know. That the fans are their customers they know that the that the people who are there other vendors in the dealers in the and the developers in the game designers. That's their customer as well and they have really struck. A solid balance with that with all of that and yet there's none of good things to say about the people that packed the other impact unplugged. Long may she reign. Hopefully we'll get to go next year he had and I still love her Paxson told prime but I guess that's Seattle yes it's Philadelphia I is wonderful. But. Northern Indianapolis and usually go to Philadelphia I don't teach him a little brotherly love and all but I feel like Seattle better defer to move there this because I live here and that's the only reason I don't like that and Philadelphia's of affairs finds city to have a convention and so was aired. Where's our exclusive. Here's what's our tidbit. Yeah what did you find this out bulldozing lake they had a lot of things that. There were at like SN and stuff like that there is a a table space set up so as ambivalent brought back you know those specific games like. Like when dot gay which is this native American year old I think the Euro gaming. The game to be set up on the table and you had learning yourself but it was just there needs to downplay. As a rule was. Busy being hired. Yeah I heard a lot of buzz about it I don't know gorgeous game in its really mean it's kind of a puzzle league team keeping on screw people over and allowing you were drawn to that I know guys and it's completely inconsistent with what I notice China. Fat. As surrogate to be lucky duck games the U actually flew in from me the UK. Which was pretty impressive and they did vikings gone wild so they were their demand there and yes they should support and a Swiss. Our endeavors of yeah games that we handed out that was one of the gains we got to give away again for extra life so it was really great in the mean them. There's just there's a lot of really good stuff but there was anything like brand new that was there OK it was just kind of like holdovers from the previous times things are just going to go out. By the impacts south here one. And PlayStation Microsoft and shall be yet there is can this ever shared sense let's feel now let's see if this is a thing. And I think they time they were around 20000 men numbers. Yeah as little over Clinton went 20/20 oh okay for a year 120000. I can see this exploding and yet and in and being being that it was just a single convention and was in. Philadelphia when you know the other taxes there places like New York or Seattle or wherever and and and yes so. Looking for good things from these people and it and it definitely gonna wanna try to get out to it again if it happens I've kept in it when it happens next and down. Tasks. Yet. And next year will happen. Not at the same time as BG com and removing a couple weeks perfect day in pledged to from the beginning and I'm appalled that includes just the only day they can they should you know and that's happen that's how I have a that's have images scheduling goes so. Right now though since it's been as long as it has been since the last time we'll send a room together well and we sit her and together all the time. But we haven't done this in a room together and talk about what we're playing now what so what what's and what's hit the table three we were close to playing games this homeland McConnell I have enough time or no no I know even playing games don't Vladimir sir. Went even play John really fed by the son of Vanuatu. BA in UAE TU. This older I Euro gained they've got a second edition of at the first addition we are basically on an island your building resources. You need this year constantly trying to find the best way to screw the other guy out and enables content OK here as they have only thing he did there you know I mean that's landlords. That's just a primary MO there's literally nothing else Sean likes and then take that and and you get that from the senate from this game are you really feel like did you make of him on any business annoying it is carrying then they have to use so that frees me up to do that and now right. Oh you want to how can this go away. And you have to poll European pieces off on your turn you have to pull some off. So they only had to do if you have the most. Yes they are color is an entire election you've got limited pieces to put out an in place and you only get to do that if you have the most there. And doing what you do in action you pull them away. And if someone else now has the new majority there they would get to do that ORI but if you wait you can screw someone out of being able to do that thing. And so they don't seem to doom eight or is if you your first hole king there is that I surprise you start the game was all right in wanna go first this is. Act. Ivan Ivan playing a lot have games against myself I haven't been able to catch up to with you guys are with DJ and and play. Away from home as much as I would like but. Ivan ramping up for for an event we have on the you know on the agenda and and I'm gonna have to teach everyone how to play the fire fire fight game. This game when it first came out I mean literally the day it came out. And was so excited about it played it once against myself got basic idea of the rules took it to lewd tickets remarks and played with everybody and we. Hated it it was plotting and slow and couldn't get anything going in it was frustrating. The game it seemed so broken and do what I discovered on revisiting it is we're playing it completely wrong. We well we US really teach you. You left out April snow so I've been playing it again and again and again and again and I've probably played the thing so low. Not not the solo mode which there is a solo. Solo mode for the game you can play just one player by yourself but I've been playing you know to several players against each other. And probably there at six times now I've got a really good handle on this game and it is a great great gaming has a really gonna have fun when we played this once. But. I love going back to games title game something that maybe I haven't played in a really really long time and then just put it down and say okay here's a radio guys. This is a classic there's a reason it's a classic. Let's find out a why we're not playing it anymore or B. Why we're not playing it yeah I'll get that's right this is not great so this one luckily is great so you get your risk have a have a lot of fun how much you Josh I think we have time for one more. Are real quick before we go to break well I got to play a million stores rebellion but with the rise of the empire expansion clue as Sargent Diane has a cat and mouse from clippers empire out there was a rebellion. Empire has to find and destroy the base when he went to revels just have to survive. And you replay. Star Wars the movie basically I make you change what happened shook off. But end their rise of the empire expansion changes the battle's too far more tactical okay. Waive their way and bigger cars not polluting guitars and they were so random before that stuff didn't make dramatic sense okay. Now he sang it's her own deck of cards. Dad when you play if you lose there's always two options the one option ships as cystic or ground troops specific team and if you have that troop you can use that thing which is more powerful. But you don't get our cards back and they've cycled through your home that OK so really changes the tap tactical options. I still lost second half I found the reveled a gas. I surrounded the rebel base at the next turn I was going to obliterate the rebel base if you. And she why not some side missions. Pattern. Are going you know. She avoided the major battle just likes congress. Yes exactly those rebels are crafty. Well I doesn't think it's a pretty good Prius are in place for now low when we come back on the other side of the break we're gonna talk a little bit about well. Playing games with family. The over the holidays. And we're back so I severe the holidays are upon us. Indeed they are probably mention that at the top of the show but I think it bears repeating. This is the time of the year where families get together it's all about the you know dinners and camaraderie and hanging out with the people you hold dearest in their nearest and dearest during a number of your house when he more than unsafe there especially with a there there is true. I I don't know why. I am just not colonel sellers say that's okay because you are right. But one of the best things about having everybody together for the holidays is playing board games and you have a captive audience. Now so the question the question I pose for you fellows is so what are some games that you play with your family members. When they can't go anywhere else when they are at your house for the holidays and gosh darn it they are gonna play what you wanna play. Yes. Well for me. Code names as always do we have one because then it would drop in to drop out. Con people complain. And now with the marvel expansion new and the Disney and Disney casts on attentive and those are double sided. One side has words the other side has pictures get out and play how you want to mix and match that I love plants. So and everybody youth. Perhaps the fan of those Disney have them of those Marmol shuffle law daily loves all the money so benefiting a half. How that would be amazing though we combine the Disney and marvel ones into one big mega game there is no reason you couldn't do mood. And just turn symmetric pitchers from pitchers just they have Canada and a candidate if they're anything else cap that sounds amazing but she shot. Well you know some and he families when we get together there's a little bit contention there's a limited view only some frustration with each other your that's your life and my family so. Point 39 plan little secret Hitler and half I feel that the GO yeah let's I don't know whatever reason. Has your point you know I'd nothing and nothing will bring out all the old family. Grievances like you're going to I didn't identity came. And I like a back to school. I mean I like to play a little. My mom and my step dad both love cards against humanity so almost guarantee infect you prefer our Thanksgiving we played Paris in command it's a thing we do. Believe they love it. They get a big kick out of it is one of those games where you find out a lot about your family members is with the equipment that sometime in more than 200 foot I thought. But it but it's a good one if it's quick it's easy everybody has a good time everybody laughs if your family is not quite as. Let's just see on the lunatic fringes and some are families may be try apples to apples same game it still have a really good time and so one. Game has from Kenya not in one does not there you are that's exactly it a perfect way to put it exactly right so why am yet another when Josh. A dark room. It's a lighter. Secret role game going Tom reiter it's almost think BS chief amounts are collection. Yeah because it can be done in about an hour or less you play the house certainly peaking gaming and Howard. No tartan he complain okay. Traffic light weight that I thought god I miss a secondary guys are doing it wrong there is no way you got that name again let me refresh the fact I'm dark moon is a lighter. Battlestar Galactica I everything on now I got to. Especially if you buy were shot two outs himself as a spy. On the first turned every time we play so much fun to get direct with everybody you and tired of bailing out I mean they because it just one of those secret it'd be games where the where the secret identity that it does the spies if you have a bad he's. Have special powers asked and you can't use them until you out yourself so that's that's an interesting tactic I think kind of plays up to seven I believe so that's over any game where you learn a lot of people and gas again I think it's a lie and be secretive and all these things that scream holiday. I. That's a good point you know I really thought about that. I don't I don't know if my. My step data medical having yet having dial necessary for those kinds of games but it might have to give the shot this year. It's as though games that you can actually have your kids be a part of a year ago maybe not secret killer but you complacent donuts for doughnuts that's one that I'll yes fairly early loves. Again it's a big player groups he complained the seven people with academics in Encino based you're clicking doughnuts you should have done that's for prizes yeah yeah as the likes of actual zone exactly where you need it doesn't. It's it's it's a lot harder any game like amnesty to Hitler have actual Hitler gets a bonus for donut that's what you got that damage all of them. We we really like scheduled to lucky to. They. This is this is one of those classics it's been around forever and it is a great great game if you are unfamiliar with guys kill doctor lucky essentially it's clue in reverse. You don't have to figure out who committed the murder and where and with what weapon you or the murderer. You're trying to get the guy alone in a room somewhere so that you can offer him. And everybody else has a chance to stop you from doing this but. Have you played an innocent 1910 and a half version now what have been on a night out at nineteenth and a half anniversary is the twentieth anniversary edition I have got I got to clear that that. One of the guns accessible in what is it was veterans able. I it's just so vicious streamlined and simple now but relief fund really OK but yeah I does have its super has a clue feel it feels like you're in the clubhouse yeah. I damage that you should check out the nest and we have to kind of take a look at that per share. Are at about one more. Well one we all have complained that you can also buy it if Hanley is the minute later recall yeah it's a racing game think cantaloupe but in Camelot he just. You betting on the outcome of dice rolls so a lot of randomness. In this when you actually control. The race because it. Do you share cards with your neighbors when you left your right. You pick one card from your left they've pit one from the pile too. To carve me right and you move the creatures on this race at the same time replacing bad so you're trying to bring this race. And there are god powers and it's all based in Baja. It's starting Greek mythology but there's other carriage action about your own mythology they're all an act. Some Hindu in new it's it's a really a game and how well. Payments one thing they think we all struggle with is and especially with family members and people that we don't sit and stare at for several hours at a time you know. Five or sixteen times a month. Is getting new players into board games and dad Josh you were nice enough to dig up a list here from IB GG about how. About a good way to do that about five five solid approaches for getting people interest in important games when if you want your image down in case any of our listeners are having trouble with their family members this year. The fact that can happen if a well this was a blog post from our some. Some borrowed. Our pro merchant that nothing but oh archer who suffer. A match that and art and if you're listening and we messed that up please let us know. Well first thing he says it's keep it simple. And even if her name is little more complex you don't have to teach every rule in the first fifteen minutes speech. Just give the game going to have to know the objectives. Give the basic turn breakdowns in Manhattan in either as stuff comes up. Or just as necessary yet because you want them to get in and start having fun not falling asleep. Or turning to the cell phone exactly while your rattling on about. The final round scoring it but that's a. Nine and then that's a really really good point two I like that idea and you're keeping it simple. Trying to get people in the into games with you you're not going to want to throw something as complex as say TI for over or at Reno. Or even firefight honestly right out of the gate did there's a lot going on a lot of moving pieces so you even those I think can be. If top ranked. Right that's a good point too you can do you just you takes practice for Jeanne if you know a front to back then you and you can show people innocent men and that's that's actually good point so. Our next is and so one has worked on me and I use it on everyone's. Lure them in with compound began to have a so you want somebody like him you need to understand this is not. The same monopoly. This is blood rage look Aziz. A perfect right now needs and you throw out a list game looked. And that's really true I mean we are a we are and Lucia any culture and being able to point to a game that. Is a good game. But also looks amazing that can go a really really long way. Like ultimately buckled express for you get this train ahead on the board need to know these cowboy is that are all over the place like. That that just looks like a lot of fun it is to decoy factor to even something as simple as Sorrell because those stones they're stones in addition losing their card polish people like to look at them can't. And then the board is simple assist lions and you wanna follow that lines so assistant. It seems like a very visually appealing game is nice and what's next let imagination take fight. And don't be afraid to. We'll be digging we'll have you been Lula little little MB there it'll gray area there and are gonna well like Dixon. You know playing games warrior encourage is mine used to reflect thinking outside the box. We'll. Oh I see if you're saying okay yeah I I think it just seems like a really I'm quantifiable. Statement let your imagination take flight. Thanks and or not you're a lot of imagination. Does the point isn't going to the flavor text a little bit yeah and don't be afraid to talk how your turn premium name NA in a character does have to John to be the fall on acting class but. You can wait to play. Player especially when you're playing with kids play exactly don't just totally game plan yet rules are rules and and winning game is great and all that but if you're not. Able to actually just have some fun within any enjoy yourself then. And then didn't mean you know it yet you're you're you're missing something I think you're I think you're exactly right people will get more involved get more excited about it if you. Make it more exciting and you can use soundtracks that have really. A lot more people have Alexis sound cool and unions are all Star Wars musing on during Star Wars game wolf we can really Christensen that to them you know we violent people don't everything I can't see. I am so I'm going again didn't. What I. Well this one I think is our group favorite. Social skills take center stage. Some bus doesn't resistance and mountain onto her knife and the coming back next here but yeah exactly it is that that's the beauty of of any game especially those hidden hidden identity changes you can either either people get really really excited about him and enjoy themselves and wanna play more or. He chased him out of the house. It's it's midnight on the 26 guys go home of a sudden parsley is. Because they're playing with your family RD think you know how they act yet and that can be interesting if you can can I confirm that Stephen has lying right now. Barge wow he pulled one over on me and I now have Kmart engine. Yeah you're really you really get into the into that feeling and especially with family members or people you hang out with all the time your friends and whatnot. You get to know them or you already know them and that might be completely different person that you're playing this game with and that can be a whole different around in and of itself so. Now I love that. The last where he kind of touched on that the team. I think for every hard. I think for Ana winds drifting for every hurt I think for everybody again and it sounds a little meanings. And you don't have a miniature explain to me. Well like what I said using the music. Knowing what people like him getting game based on that shouldn't really just immersing emerging in that he's got a friend who relates vikings you know I've got eight games that I can recommend for you and an innocent is really into. Spaceships and outer space travel and things like that I got you covered. Somebody who likes the wild west sure thing no problem steam and agrees gotcha cool racing yet. There are so many games out there in general. But the nice thing about a really well themed game is it speaks directly to fans of that team and I think that that's EDE there's really can do a lot worse pain kids tend to be an open book I. Yeah ami likes trains army likes trains might take you directly to the threat. Susie likes like you said vikings sure. He filings Suzy is in for intrigue and like I don't ever. Get ready and I let he had a feeling under the theme and eat like if you're like us you like they are playing and yes. We don't really care I guess you have better referred getting new people in just leaning into what their interest aren't you know you're gonna have fun now make them up there. The good guys and hopefully everybody out there has a better idea of well yeah he's an idea of what did you do with their family this holiday season and how to get their families of those games. Complacent and have fun with it. I stick around the fair listen because they're coming up soon. Infecting moments. Part two. Put your glorious holiday extravaganza but until then what are we stayed Josh play nice. Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Join Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of so I'm flying. Let your geek flag fly averted whilst. I don't today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot bluffs.