BJShea's Board Game Alliance. Epi. 23 “Holiday Spectacular” part 2

Tuesday, December 12th


Host: "Director" Chris Walker of Bj Geek Nation

Designer: Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games

Chief Game Player: Josh Utley from The Omega Gamers


Playing now:

Chris: Massive Darkness, Slaughterball


Josh:  Queen Domino. Risk Star Wars 


Sean: Kingdom Death Monster,  Odin’s Ravens, Rick and Morty: Close Rick-Counters Of The Rick Kind


What's on you wishlist this year?

Chris: Fallout Board Game, all the expansions for Firefly, Discworld games


Josh: Charterstone, More Star Wars Stuff


Sean: Azul, Quest For Eldorado, Stuffed Fables, Mission Red Planet


The "Hotness" from BGG





Title: Kill the Unicorns 

Company: Morning Players


Blind bidding & set-collection where players hunt unicorns. Awesome cartoony & comedic art. Unicorns make toxic farts, so they must be captured. It's science.

Base pledge: $20 / $35 for base + expansion & bonus characters

Funding Goal: $147k of 10k

Ends: Dec 21



Title: Nemo's War - Nautilus Upgrade Expansion

Company:  Victory Point Games


Nemo’s War is a solo-player board game of underwater exploration and combat. Search the oceans, fight other vessels, brave the hazards of the seas, find mysterious treasures, and travel around the world in your quest for knowledge and vengeance. Designed by Chris Taylor, designer of the Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 video games.


Base pledge: $5 for Expansion / $59 for game + expansion 

Funding Goal: $92k of 30k

Ends: Dec 21


Title: Core Space - Sci Fi Miniature Skirmish

Company: Battle Systems LTD


Tactical sci-fi skirmish game with modular 3D terrain, for 1-6 players. Characters fight amongst each other and the "purge" - a group of synthetic life forms bent on destroying all life. Single missions and campaign settings, with characters able to level up to become better between games.


Base pledge: $112 for base / $161 for game + expansions 

Funding Goal: $160k of 94k

Ends: Dec 16


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Join Vernon Wells says he told the globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG easy video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your geek flag fly and Vernon Wells. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chased the nation well. Yeah welcome to be your shaky nation this is your board game alliance holidays special perks do. Who do oh my goodness end since the year recording of the same thing that we recorded over one. As you can probably tell my name is Chris walker walk like going to be cliches the nation because of the game make as quickly as always John never in the big twelve K okay. Designed around Moscow. If there. And and just don't need me yours. When we decide collateral. Commodore commodores hope. Actually there was 6300 dollars performing. The joke people we don't they. Let's just get right into virtue of the holiday special I think guys can cause this music here. Nice touch and and then we're and we'll get right to learn Macs and the public domain players. Thank you so much Max. Consummate professional as always Josh yes sir good to get all of us they wanna do such thing as well they can just check Camby dig nation economic. And another links for FaceBook Twitter into commands. Everything you want to 2211 stop shopping as they say one stop shopping so for part two of the holiday special guys I think we should talk a little bit more about games we're playing right now on what we're looking forward to playing more of on the holidays. But also. We're gonna talk a little bit about our own personal wish lists of what do we want. For Christmas this year or for kwanza or for Chanukah whatever holiday you haven't be celebrating. What do you hope to get because honestly the spirit of the holiday is getting stuff. Slowly and I don't know they're proud of our math. They'll let us. Few people disgust when. How bright you are theatrical. We had a chance recently to to play yes a massive darkness he should you play them into sharp right. Do and I got to you he's masses really are no massive I am there aren't really in the dark massive darkness is a board game and it plays like an RP GE it's it's a super streamlined kind of dungeons and dragons for for lack of a better context here and said done and crawl but it's an evolution. That really start it was homicide even. And evolved into black playing well also is on the site did you. But they do they seem to be just since they're improving this line but with new games. And now you have massive darkness I gotta say massive darkness is a massive improvement I plays on the side and it was a little clunky. But I really like mass darkness I had a good time with it any plays almost day like a legacy games sort of in year old you'd like to say to dungeon crawling start with a fighter or rove or whoever. But then you get to level up. Real time as your plane to gain the experience points you gain can then be turned into improving your character on the fly is it is. Crushing leave difficult as homicide was command. Eighteen handy yet but as you level up things get easier. And that level of monsters and treasure is depending on where you're at in the dungeon yeah. If someone just like I'm running ahead from the room for well everything jumps to level four yeah over but I don't do that Shauna and yeah I'm telling you are now. Because it agents are horribly bad because. They respond more monsters or return them. But they're hip pointer I was like five times a number of players. Yeah you and that wondering monsters are the biggest patties and they can have 3642 declines it. I'll and that. Early game can be a little tough but later on or any artifacts and as Chris said you know level up any any of skills in market that's it's challenging not like we're gonna. Kick you in the through right because of the way as us in the game on all levels up here you start in room one that's level one ever did treasures on one monster although one soon as you go in the level to. Everything becomes level to everything beyond beep that you've already passed is available to you so. Anything they have is back on what used to be level one is now level too also so yeah having one character runs straight ahead up into the next room. Makes things did more difficult for everybody the treasures you better. But also you kind of want a clear out level one before rethinking even start thinking about level and just because they eat you will find it gets to massively more difficult. And their biggest improvement on this is they've upped the trainer. Nice they've gotten rid of the you can only have five things. Peace can only equipped certain things be you can happily and have. And they may gave me you don't have just as pile of all the ones because you can transmit. It and turning three level wants to get a little too. And they're entitled to zeal had a goal. We've rearranged so and you play it has a skirmishing just pick a map and a really plays in your level a very quickly in new you go threat. Where you think campaign style and used micro experience points for every five via one real. And you can play through all the boards and pain level upon a campaign stop slick and very very cool Sean what have you been playing since you were famous Americans with a us. Well speaking of something NASA if I didn't get a chance to play a bit of a campaign star game that would be kingdom death monster oh yeah how that little ones that little tiny little and now. An iron yet my artist forcing twelve games Darren Michaels and he. And his but he have teamed up smarter and even playing in the campaign. It's when you do is bring people into. He says to go out and adventure. You're going to be hunting some horribly terrifying me. Scary creature and if you can kill it you'll be able to harvest things from this creature and you'll do to create new weapons in the armor and stuff like that. We had for Palin ventured out into this this scary terrifying realm of kingdom does Montana. And immediately one person died before we even get to the place to hunt in this this giant envelope when person a slow player worm so. Are pretty important agenda three. We get to the antelope and her were fighting this thing run and around I lose an arm. If you lost an arm to an antelope but. So the adult there's like 34 times the size of a different person okay and it's gonna giant mouse and underneath its undercarriage is so not really know until right guys we'll ask NIC. As I into silly bit my arm off there Gary parlor car that summer and Reynolds one arm enough. Then against and knocked to the ground and trampled and I lose my other arm for noticed my character survive that would just be harmless person and I can only attack with my bite. Seen a few bites of Kingston so you're not completely out of it. My record end of dying yeah I knew exactly who we had one player that finally won that that survive this horrific battle down and so. You know got to put stuff they're gonna go back think Hammond and new research new things on extra stuff but it's. The it's a really interesting game there's a time into it while men its it Camille Little Sweeney but it's also like you're really into seeing the terrifying world. Yes I've heard a lot of great things about and I do look forward to tag you mean try some time and but Josh what what are you playing now besides my master darkness obviously retreat well are concerned about we get to play a Hasbro game time. Casper a little company I've heard that news Peru and it's a really good game Star Wars risk god the black oxidation okay. I got to show that to Sean parent and Nate you're basically playing return agenda. Awesome. The rebels are simultaneously trying to get to this shield generator. Keep to tie fighters at bay in space and and Luke is trying to fight the greater focus Sean was impact. He immediately destroyed lived next welcome to you and had the millennium falcon I know. And he ignored the shield generator for the most part now. Tonight geeky yet to focus on when those yet from the fine everything's there have been in Italy when it tonight my. But he also didn't really protect the best or you can attack from NASCAR until a shield generators and hang around okay. So he left the desks are creating. Tons surrounded the with some type fighters the so this doesn't sound much like regular old respect and I know it's it's really not it's being compared to queen's gambit which came out Saddam after that someone. Sure and was highly praised as a good to has firm. This one is also very good Hasbro game in place. The thing is a challenge the his typewriters can't come by the rebel ships can't come back as long as they have a athlete chip tokens and emotion. But he was taken those outlets camera has an amplifier like near explained and we ship you know fire area bailing ship. And I took one rolled a six to takes on his desk star after I had here after I David have they still generator there is no carrier of all. That someone who's very proud of himself from the decimating his doing our. Dine with one little success along incident as really inexpensive to get to like it and a black person is really high quality amazing components for Hasbro game. And it's like thirty bucks and it was yeah it's super endorsement of him and and really fun first and ask for holy punished as a loser good. And I I'm always looking for some as they always look into I'm curious to find a risk game that I will enjoy playing in so far no luck. My nephew and his friend I came home and they were in my game room without permission suckers playing brisk next class are or dress yeah. With so hours music on in the back and I these guys they don't listen to soundtrack. Bad day they went full Immersion and they had a blast beautiful and they learn at all just sitting there so I was very. Well a spectacular this and also as I said probably mentioned it more than once or twice the holidays are upon us and well. It's time for getting stuff. And what I wanna get this year is some more mortgage yet you and adding we can all be agreed on that yet probably have more games to be good thing to get for the holidays all I want for Christmas is my two front rooms of the house for the important factor at a makes I would complain about that. Are there any game sitting in particular these guys are looking forward to this year charters don't. They have target own legacy because they are seeing a stone Meyer stereo crater size. Charters Tom charters I think Dallas a big ones going to be a lot of people's lists this year Sean yes there is some mission red planet it's an only. Ray had been a minute I really politically game. Again that's when you can screw with people and tax send and a place they didn't wanna go all you do a and so there's a one every reminding in the clashing president just you know once Britain and France tomorrow. Well let's look at the noble goal of especially for the holidays I mean I am happy to announce that the fall of board game is available in stores now so what shop early show up on we're happy to announce that we've played. House high upon my mom off here it also hop can. A window shopping. Getting prepared I'm paying attention to everything she touches and I she's paying attention everything I touch because we're looking basically looking for ideas for each other more than anybody else. And that it wouldn't like this for your mom or would you like this you know from a bit now and I'm just watching this usually picks up and actually looks at for herself so when they're shopping insisting game of collusion and I'm buying a 100% had yet to be treated like going to be massive gaming then I'm trying to find out the information the secret hidden information. AKA what can I possibly get for my wife this year but. We wandered into the thing geeks story. Like you do you'll. And there in all of it's glory was the fallout board game just sit on the shelf that Steve has his light bombardment you know it is are Meehan Sean because they're so nice to income before Christmas I don't know the answer that question that's not a million TV. But I haven't done all my shopping for everybody else he has. I'm Ivan the start of workers are shoving it but I said I turned in my life and I said here's all you have to worry about. This game. I don't mean anything else. Well if it makes you feel any better it was a really good. Yeah and always it really I have three turned MO and we wanted more. And I and I hear there's is actually a solo play mode for his wells yes we can actually it'll play like like a video game and we played with production. Our net non production demo. You know we version it was only my wallet my oil as early we haven't yet this year include tour. And in his finest she fights you know it's gonna be so good Americana weight he cannot wait to play this thing and I'm gonna. How about to have a one more from our personal wishlists. Well the imperial assault craft came out and we about a week Leo yeah and so. I know must have all of the Star Wars imperial self. Seeing right textures and villains in the expansion boxes. And that's what I'm really held a four because the app just changes it. In the apple control what comes in you just chatting your collection you will say okay this guys in there and systematically and if anybody knows what you have and what you can and what you can't. As a rule for me that's when a bill like I did it to the table pretty easy with my wife my kids convinced and it's really gorgeous production and near a high quality components. And Henry can really be mean and just gonna mess with people based on how you're taking these tiles and trying to built up this personal board that you've got. I won't cool I'm. He was an accident and the other is a he had his way of just stopping where you're saying again hand. I will awesome I think this is about time to say okay quick break. And when we come back we're gonna talk about some things that might be on everyone else's list we're gonna go straight down to BGG and look at the hot and it's for the holidays is an. And we're back. So low real quick let's go over QB GG and let's just take a look at what everyone else might be watching for the holidays. They have this listed Edward game geek dot com. Called the hot this and this is to my understanding this is just based on users ranking. The best games or so and clicks and the research you are doing through BGT exactly so if you go when you look something up big. It pings that particular game and I right now. People are looking at well no surprise here number one on the list. Gulu behave in May and early today it looks it's. I half a copy it's really good and he hasn't learned over these pilots aged. It took me hours to bring this thing apart manners like 25 news caught it and she Rivera heard you're outta. The I'll drive it over here please that's right. Overlook your thought it had illuminate and now I gotta say I've been hearing about gloom haven for quite awhile effect probably back when you guess first mentioned it are and and ticks or whatever it hard to remember exactly because we've been bringing up off and on for for months now I feel like. What should be elevator pitch I could tell verbiage is this is a campaign stole we're playing games you're basing his immune venturing through all these crazy world's. Neither one of characters that you will be. In growing these communities and characters here and start off with character effects ran it he's got a special talent and at some point. In your terms and level up enough that he has to re tighter. And then you actually put him back in the box and then he'll pick a new characters and now Lou if farther along in the adventure that character that you were playing at that she retired. Can join your party as an NPC. What are your instinct. The combat is all card based so you have a certain number of cards that you will be able to play in the really tactics driven so each card has two different components on it. There's a primary action in the secondary action. You play to cards and you decide which way you wanna go with us. And there's a can be like movement and doing damaged things like that Samir cards if when you play them they get removed from play like you catch a system again. Others go to a discard pile if you get to a point where you can't play anymore cards your characters exhausted and he basically is out of that mission. So I really have to balance being able to pull cards back in your hand. And at the end of the scenarios it's a treat your own adventure style you make choices. And that takes you know the next campaign. Based on those choices can have so it really feels like. It feels like a legacy game we don't have to destroy anything well four that's always nice to. And I mean. BGG its number two. I'm assuming that set pandemic legacy is still number one and has been a runner. I it's the number one semantic game and that's the number two strategy games so this is so this is clearly. A front runner for ever once top of the list this year so big men might have to take a look at that at number two are happy to say is the fall of our game. I've never heard that she damn pretty excited about it and I think that everyone else is excited about it too and that makes me. Very very mayor. Happy and so jazzed the third one on the list is something that I'm not familiar with at all the battle for roku gone. I just came out 2017. To attend this is not one as the sun anybody's radar besides both sent everyone a PG. My new defensive fight it come out with us and I'd heard talk about it and kind of seen it on and Mike's a comedian stuff like to have but I'm Ivan had a chance to actually check it out or try it myself so this is kind of and I am fairly new for an. So it says so. Coca the Roman bring honor to your plan in battle for roku gone in the players are in the role of a Republican Daniel was struggling for control over the rich land of the emerald empire leaders must balance their reserves as planned their attacks. And outwit their enemies to ensure their claims victory. The land is there for the taking the most our own guys you know will win the day. Yeah it from being pacified them and they love making their universe have dreams so android narrower mainframe. TA for three wrecks color this is also a universe came instant legend of the firings. All it's okay that's their living her name for you at first this is a live like scenario controlling influence more of a board game in the legend of the kind of brings. Universe OK so there you go that's that's probably why people are looking at a legend of five brings is you know. There's not a better record it's legendary it's one of those games that everyone knows and has played and it's it's definitely there are so this is a nice board game. Adaptation if you own adaptation but you know being in the same universe which is what finishes quite loves loves loves to do. The Nixon up as a as a rule which we saw we talked about a little bit already and it does look like an amazing amazing game charter stone anyone. Competitors are only. A legacy style village building in gas. At this church on its past and honestly do you have a sailor fairly self really doing and most people are nice. When my tennis is one of clear own hero lenient and now. But. Think of SimCity thing how many hours we spend on last there this. In a sense because you're building this village in going to needed little adventures. It's kind of that. There and creek and long I think that you kid a refresh K when you buy it all on you for the moreover played him if not too shabby. So I just read their read the tiles off for the next few ornaments that that's the top five. Next up you've got Sid Meier's Civilization in hacking to death monster terra forming Mars site clans Caledonia. Lots of games that we know and love and have played imperial assault. Speaking of size and just opening gambit so we shall be playing soon extend sheiks. And with imperial sold so I think that's up their means because the app. I came on can revitalize everyone's interest and I guess is that it's more accessible Marmara mark. That would be just fine and well I said that's I think that's about enough for a holiday wishlists as far as that goes but let's talk about day giving now. And by giving I mean let's give people money to making new games Sean. Quick start America yeah maybe so let's get into it first when we're gonna talk about is. Kill the article you learned late black. Soul you know that's murdering duckling now you know this is an old show. Trying to colorblind. No and based on what I'm told I'm learning that description this game unit corns they have a relieved. Flatulence the nature and that gas is mullets Terrell. If he can never really early to Sosa's really bad things so. In this review wanna go anyone it capture all these unicorn. And get them under control so you're telling me this is more like the mermaid and Peter Pan her actually evil. Aren't there dangers familiar hey guy had her trail the world could noisy near an evil man horrible our eyes look at Yahoo! News song and now Tibetan if you if it's really that big a problem may we should brown these guys that okay. The head the it's been very very try to very colorful. And from the base pledge for this game is only twenty dollars 35 if you want to be peace and the expansion. They're currently in a 147000. Of their 101000 go well so. What do that are really no precedent in this game and you know looks really cute and it's one of those accessible games really your just doing a blind bidding. Sec collection trying to get the unicorn to dynamic. Screws and you go over religious feeling you know the tag line. They calculated attempt to bring out the worst in people. I thought I am well and and I think that that I think she adds to slogan is this game looks like to be like the anti Bruney. Yeah it's what I'm looking around here. This is fantastic so this is and is as a new company they answer fairly new they've had a couple other catchers and they did but this one is a plane like it. I'm very unique look for them. So they're really doing really well they funded their last win and it's been out to people so. It's when they can people know they can trust and half. Now this and is an end on December 21 as a head over to kick starter till the unicorn Serb by morning players are I was next to accept. Mean those border the novelist upgrade expansion and now some goal or their son a logical that really enjoy a solo player game you know. And Nemo as war is he really highly regarded. So player game. It's got kind of Euro feel to it a little bit there's a lot of exploration and a lot of strategy that goes in and how you play this game. It's been highly regarded by tons of different viewers. And it was kinda group together for awhile while they're doing an upgrade expansion and you can also get the original game along with this. Let's see so I'm eventually designed by Chris Taylor Chris Taylor did. Fallout and followed two of the video games so some kind of hiding pedigree there with impacting how the scheme is designed. To every one of their reviews from Jamie Kiefer this year from all. This came struck me like a thunderbolt from the minute I open the box with each playing my feelings for growth complex strategic good amount of randomness. Magnificently beautiful. And has the nautical theme I love so much this is the game of my dreams. And I just step for those are you paying attention at home and keeping score. Chris has a new item for his wish list this yeah. This sounds spectacular. Deed do either you guys on the base can I do not sadly no but since this includes a reprint. You know I ask again got to young yeah I think he's at a BC thirty dollars well spent how are they doing for their goals for a national see the expansion is only five dollars the base game is 59 if you get. For the and I get to based in plus expansion. There hit just 92000 of the thirty K you'll slip and FF unlucky on a stretch goals and things like that raising all of that stuff. And I'm also going to be ending December 21 all right. Next less step is for those that are into the tactical skirmish. Style games notices course space that's scifi miniature skirmish game by embattled systems limited. This game has been biz. The look on this game is incredible. Because it comes with 3-D terrain. Now when a C three terrain I don't just mean things that are on the floor there can only sticking up. I mean walls and I compartments. That come in this game it looked like your new set up a full. Warehouse mature as she going to be playing it and it's got an incredible look to it it I've been seeing this one. All over social media. Yeah I am not surprised this I'm looking at the pictures now on on kick starting this looks spectacular is definitely kind of thing that would lend itself very easily to. A really really nice even you know like like Alina table top doing do you play through on this or something definitely you know just visually gorgeous there oh my god have. One to six players are your BC here if you play mostly is as humans third completely alien races in here as well but you. Have different goals in your Fanny guess to each other but there's also this this clan called the purge and then they are. Service synthetic life form and that they're just trying to eliminate all like across the galaxy so. You're kind of battling its each other but also battling insisting that evil purge and dealing with them. You can either do little link one Oscar riches are wreaking to a full campaign saying it beautiful campaign your character's level laughing get new stuff in your stats. Pretty amazing game looks incredibly awesome. It's because this 3-D there's a lot of -- stuff in here so. Based pledge is when twelve. And it's 161 of four that this game plus all the expansions which you a whole crept on the of more guys yeah. Pieces and her M time money gone and look at that. You know have that you think yeah for a hundred call for the base for everything to get in there that's not a damn price snow we're learning right adolescent crush games like this are like you're spending a hundred bucks and and you beginning a couple of figures. And you know that's really present for that price for everything that you get and I'm looking right at its at today that's you know I think they need to get as well reminds me of hero quest for the same time. Guess yeah oh yeah their quest always had all the furniture and walls in the fireplace and all the big. You were immersed in MP has it was off the table tennis looks like a sigh hi. Version Lambeau with a tactical minerals data present they're currently in a 160 KM there in 94 cable service. I think people are really dig in this error is an awful nice. Automotive and these things funded and and and think that speaks directly to the quality of in the wave it. Kick starter has sort of grown and evolved in his become a much more quality industry as far as that goes and I think that. People realize that if they wanna get their games made they better have something really special to bring in the table because we've got just. So many things that we can be throwing money at I have. It also means that. We as investors are you know. Get that money out there and helping people make these great games everything is fantastic revolution in Indy in the way the business is done these days what it. So send on December 16 net's three different slices of a gaming enjoyment for your interest gag admin all of it says just in time too I give a little something extra for the holidays and then while UB. Getting something after the holidays that's that's a Christmas present yourself I think really that is that. Well guess. Despite the extreme loudness of via ultra music I think that's about enough for this this quality. How we will only back after the new year 2018. To bring you the news of what we did and didn't for the holidays some good right now. It doesn't in nineteen. Eight if you wanted to believe there are shown high enough to know is that okay oh my lord and it has been but for now I guess Josh. Well this time where he has a masters tennis now. Happiness here and. Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Join Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG easy video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your geek flags fly at very well us. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot club.