BJShea's Board Game Alliance. Epi. 28

Tuesday, February 27th

Host: "Director" Chris Walker of Bj Geek Nation
Designer: Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games
Chief Game Player: Josh Utley from The Omega Gamers

1. 4X Con/Games Played

Circle the Wagons - Button Shy Games
Yamatai - Days of Wonder
Whacky Wit - Spielquader
Santorini - Include Breaking News bit

Ascending Empires @ 4XCon. (Z-man)
Empires of the Void 2 @ 4XCon. (Red Raven)
Xia: Death fest. (Far Off Games)
Cosmic Encounter. (Fantasy Flight)

Xia @4xCon
Gaia Project  @4xCon & Mox Bellevue
Firefly the Game

Rant about ordering online


1. Dice Throne: Season Two by Mind Bottling Games and Roxley Games
2-6 players, 20-40 minutes

A fast-playing card and dice battling game, where each player has asymetric powers.

Roxley Picked up Mind Bottling's Dice Throne game and have been running with it. Roxley did the gorgeous Santorini, Brass, and Steam Punk Rally.

$19 base pledge - Gets you 2 characters.
$59 for the Season Pass and (currently) 7 characters.

360k of their 59k goal
End on March 9th

2. Pandorum by Cosmodrome
1-4 players, 45-90min

Euro-style competitive space-themed planetary colonization game with minies.

$49 base pledge 
$115 for the deluxe version with custom metal coins, game expansion, and wood organizer.

57k of their 15k goal
End on March 10th

3. Robin Hood and the Merry Men by Final Frontier Games
2-4 players, 25 min / player

Semi cooperative and highly competitive board game, set in the legendary town of Nottingham. Each player is a famous member of Robin's band, protecting the town, but trying to have the most glory at the end. A very thematic euro-style game with lots of awesome components.

$54 base pledge 
$64 for the deluxe version with custom wood pieces and upgrades.

130k of their 20k goal
End on March 21st

4. Deadwood 1876: A Safe-Robbing Game of Teamwork & Betrayal by Facade Games
2-9 players, 20-40 minutes

A copetitive game where players work as a team to collect the most gold and then fight their teammates to the death to keep it all for themselves. Western theme with custom wood dice, faux leather bag, wood tokens, and really well done art on the cards.

They made Salem 1692 (the hidden role witch burning game), Tortuge 1667 (the pirate game of mutiny and deceit). 

$23 base pledge 
But you can go higher if you want to get their previous games.

104k of their 25k goal
End on March 22nd


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To golf. Join Vernon Wells is the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can. Hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs. Please gentlemen geeks of all ages are entering the Gypsies PH. Yes welcome to BJ she's the nation this is your board game alliance episode 28. I feel like a kind of wanna start telling people what episode where arm because her. You know that we almost thirty of them under our belt here and there refute those episodes where they were numbered one wave at them as but amended to so really we're probably closer to about thirty. But I mean I've been sitting in here now talking you guys 28 different times. Created. An opponent. That's really start to where I guess matter of fact. So I am Chris walker director walk like a plan BG she's the nation of Chris from BJ meetings with me as always Josh Epperson with John average and mad rather very close my brother from another mother how do you that you'll look at him you can write good item I look at him and I think we knew you and you normally go to him I didn't like he drew do you second. How it's off the rails are ready guys we are and not even my whole minute and on them is already up drills will be let me dial that back for just a second Whitney has always. Josh Utley are so chief gamer from him a game are taken gosh I'm doing good. And little off kilter it seems. I gotta tell if it is. It is early out here we're doing this on a Saturday instead of the Sunday I mean I think my whole schedules tore off a little bit I haven't had my head Marie died when he announces a copy of this morning so. I'm getting. At. And sitting right beside him Shawn Jefferson John at least. Sean I think Jon Utley and Josh overseas Donna says in a league game designers think twelve games how are you dispersion on our way today and I do agree maven man. Great little little term if he is Archie chipper in the how it's just it's just. Get to the episode because you know I like to say we're live just but not all here yet. But again and again some economic topic this should be fine so today's and so we are gonna talk quite a bit about games we've been playing because as always we play a lot of games. We're gonna give you dollar for ex con rundown. And that's some of the full pullout from Matt both literally and figuratively I might have a few choice words to say about ordering things online if you guys feel like listening to me rant a little bit. And John as always will quick start my art you know may Max take it away. Has always big props to Macs and has the has public domain players for that intro music. Ash they do such good job Josh yes it. Big big question for you. The cheese goes on top. Now that makes a lot more sense yeah and while we're getting her she's happy to get a hold of us. They could take him BJ geek nation not common. Link on any links to the podcast show notes whenever. He's checking out FaceBook can steer him Twitter you'll find us there preach out comment. We are in fact in all of those places a fourth time I would say. It rousing success the end of now we're almost we're almost a month out of it now I just because we knew when we record these things and how long it's been between other other shows going up if I got part of our but. I feel like we can get regular pretty decent recap on the right yeah yeah I'm not only go back yeah Brad. Have entirely here so awesome I don't entirely not just doing that and more we need to we were seriously figure out our lives I'm. So for those of you who don't remember or haven't been paying attention to the show or listening to BJ and I talk about it on the other program. We went away to eighty lodged in the woods in Guinean and have been north central if the cabin with an entire city. You know what they actually haven't in the woods for more gamers because of perfectly appropriate at the airport reluctant knowingly swiftly but try inviting someone that to a cabin in the woods and see what a difference it makes when you asked him to join you at your lodge in the mountains please join free and they are all now that's a point. That's good points we went away I own a cabin in the woods. For for what he's we are there for three whole days mostly you know most you know most of three days in all of a Friday and Saturday and best better part of us and that. Playing games we went to dislodge that probably sleeps what 304030 or 34 people and we had we had about when he. All told we were letting her read on and on yeah next time we do this we're gonna Max that out ads are first time things were yelling in cash. But we have lots of people in Spencer. From my night table top might Parkinson from bringing make over. Our friends and Brandon Davies in place he dove and Chris walker in his little leeway for that matter Oilers learned songs all of I knew there may or may veto them and you know semi premiers have you can relax and say yeah beyond as a nice break for everybody I think at that point that we had is that there really is so. I am so and we just we just it's just a question ourselves and it was enough to win games the whole time in and if I had a really really good time and it's definitely something that I would do you know there was some yelling between you and Vijay when you were not playing the same game. I'm yelling at each other for playing time yet for the that you were not at both playing the same and he had fallen. We had enough room in this plays to set up two full games and I meaningful games that I had five people on my table gets excellent stable. Of a twilight impure import edition and it was glorious it was amazing. And yes we were yelling at each other across the table because well. That's what we do that could mean a it was it's amazingly beautiful and NIC and I said it afterwards but the only way that I'm either of us. Or the both of us could win. Playing TF for us if we were not playing the same game and that's exactly what happened. We'd. Unfortunately both games had to court kind of wrap up and then not technique leafs finish. But I when I looked at his table and he went and looked at my table we'll well you raise our breakfast or something on Sunday and actually dates have been set up at the day before and and I'm looking as like you know you've got the win on the table or an and he'd look for things like. Holy bit we have and any look to my things like you've got the win from the table orderly. Our guys guys hurry up for the purpose let's see. So everybody is like we don't really need to finish playing this game and I and and it is a moral victory for me and reaches we both know that we when those games so it's fine but what out what are what are those were the one of the best moments there's one of the best things heated they're first on I'm. Paid to them one new one that I hadn't played ever and that was empires in the void at two from Redgrave and pat lacy bra. And that is a really good game it's it's a lot more think he. But it's even hard as a scrap it had its action following so one person does it everybody else can do it we can descend to do a different option. But you're just going around gaining recruits for battling an act and the stuff. I need to play a more to really understand it meant I lost. And our. And and then I was able to bust out an older one sending empires from seeming games well we we lovingly taught the clicking name. Now. Where flick a mop is a dexterity based game but you want to play can hit things. To be effective as sending empires you just wanna get close. So it's lot more finance OK. But it's a true four X games you have to. Explorer by flicking your ships near plan Lance to look at them to then land on them and expand your empire by building buildings and cities in colonies in research stations. And then as you build so if you give more technology and there's this great tech track and you get more her flicks more moves more. She'll protection you get points when other people ramming Q which if you click in is somebody are both dead. Estimates that makes sense that a wet tracks you can totally ricochet off planet that's okay. Your bouncing off the atmosphere. And then late late game after all the plants have been found that people start flick and each other training and kill ships in ships are going everywhere. You might need it. Supplement that was listening implies it was really good it's a little hard to find now but if he's indeed one up I say. Political and able for sure yet that was that was a really exciting looking game and I was a little bit bummed that I had nothing going on over here only as replaying that it. I IE I'm was very very excited to give that a shot so I'm I'm sure it's not the last emergency at the table. But she shoved I got to teach as a rule to us through people and played before so I was really fun that's. Again that I've been playing the heck out of from the waited at least an hour fifteen times. Impressionist Internet and I imagine that's where did that suggestion BJ in Mattie had destroyed them but you know wait your first game it's a learning games and that's fine I don't need your sympathy. As a rule is a title placing game where iron we drying these tiles out of a bang you've got four that are on these platforms. Around in a circle. And you're basically going to tour that's like one color. From this group of four and you take all of that color and you put it on her board and your basically treating these lines of single colors. If you Philip aligned you moved over to your board and score and when you're really trying to do is either trying to get all one color. You're trying to build a column of different titles I might be trying to build a row what you build a full rollout on your scoring board. That triggers the end of the games here kind of like watching what other people are taking the they're going forward. Because you can force people into taking things that they can't use either can't take or they don't want to take that many of in peace if you take more than you can if you hold a little outside leaderboard to go down the bottom score a lot of negative points so it's a really mean. And vicious scheme came really got said people look for big failures. Yeah I think that was I was was another one that I didn't actually get deployment of watching is doing and you have to give them a shot. We we did get a whole game of diet in finally and I realized we've played twenty points and so so it's oh good and but by the time this this episode airs and in effect by the time a recording and they're the the kick start a campaign for the the update and then the whole darn thing kind of bit it is over unfortunately but. I know somebody who got their 140 dollar fund 45 dollars and for the top level contribution to the fifth starter so I'm gonna have myself. A full copy of an innings and then now when when I get im gonna have to talk to somebody about those inserts comments a bit of hearsay here I like desire. Better than twelve and during. Can't I think Jersey. I think maybe but honestly I. I think too that I feel rid I can actually go in and be little more tacky. Then McCain filing period it's just it's the freedom of doing whatever you want rights desired. Twilight. Is some great team but you are you are on rails and you have to play and you once you commit to Joseph do you really need to see that you. You're just born can do whatever I want like when I played I'd guys that they hate us. Ty name. I was there as a viral talk about that in a second to give out tell you why I hate it when certain people keep dying in doing stupid things that gets them killed. Because I'm trying to killing myself and I feel like twice I didn't hear him anxiety had calling them both for X games is apt. And is a 100% true and and I don't I don't so I don't think until one above the other I really love both of them but. That would turn a toilet and hear him for all the time and it's it is the granddaddy of all fours games there's no there's no question that it is the top of its field. It without without question but is I is so good. Any any feels like it's easier to to see them and hit the table and it's a lot easier to get people excited about it I mean my wife played it with us for in physics and and she's not aim for those really long games like ever like try to hear him for is not her bag at all she played it with us but that's just because you want to play games mean she knew that I can be occupied for about twelve hours I was like I operas were with him. But she's done not in that she she played Iowa since she was excited about it should start rocking it really easy and it's got it's got like you say it's not a lot of variance in their own there's ways that you can sort of change gears are should measured horses midstream people but. I I can't I'd I don't know if I can pick right now honestly I'm not as much as I love TTI four I really really loves science. Imagine if TS four had that level components he. Yeah the amazing and all the ships individually and life. Well we'll we'll we'll we'll talk a little more about that when I get on to my L ordering stuff online or if they're there for the I guess so yes I mean if you guess if if you haven't heard us talking about as I and go go back toward the other podcasts we we really really mean love this game. Absolutely. Now I had another plan zionists and send death and it was my worst performance ever I died. Eight times I'm not saying I died a couple times and N live aid an exaggeration no. I actually blow up eight times I finished swinging with four points. The farther behind I got the more risks I needed to take to get shot up yeah it just didn't matter what I did even if I had a good turn your head got two points they just don't try to get this engine knowing yeah. As to somebody would play cards to reduce some it and I'm just dead now added so details. A huge dying as often as you did in that game and and and get here as well. I would when I would get the mission cards that say steal from the player on your right or you know guide destroy the players to to place spaces that laughter. You two were the targets for every single mission there and and UN gets here and got blown out blow ourselves up. Now and not even light in space battles I got off and just by Bremen and shields or ice damages and like I mean just. And I was like well now have to wait a hole two more terms because you're not going to be wearing need to be when you respond comes on super lucky. And then I got to get Tia fast. I give up on these missions the best part was like you BJ kept hitting it has has some card mission browser and they would be for me prior to his right. And he kept chucking them thinking well he can diet keeping her in action game. Yes he wanted to ask you had a caddie easy points off yet while uh huh. So we we got to figure out when we're gonna be able to do that again the networks comes just just amazing as it is I emails on our record in games and plan. And so I was around con over in the trade call Manuel direct her dad you know I grew up maturity Alia be OK okay are clear it was also was Patricia berg there I remember right I saw you don't don't you know you just he just play games. What they did some demos and demos in my games ambassador to the place and stuff as well I was and one of the things I got to play is again missile brought over from Athens. And in this game was called a wacky wit. Okay now it if you look at wacky wit I'm BGG doing it now it's well let's just call what it is but it's Pacman the board game. It's 100%. And pretend they're more game and but they manufactured this thing. And clearly you know not license or infringing the under license and projected that. And I'm lying if you gonna buy this game it's like 450 bucks or something creator euro's so it's even more expense and so. Way out of our race range. But. What I expected out of this game was OK it's going to be kind of a role in move came Roth and dice moving Pacman round of players. Throwing dice movement goes around like this can become a light came whatever not a whole strategy to it. There's an incredible amount of strategy. Because what you're doing. Is the pac man players general their guy and he's gonna you know try and move around now. He hit every time he hits one of the not a big power pellets he can go around and he rolls the dice and I think three times and can move that many spaces. And he goes it's in the back to their their home but. You still have to get all the dots in the place so. The very beginning of the game feels like my hand pac man this is gonna re surrounding these two and a always little pellets and you know it's this blackened house there's no windows can win. But then about the records the way through the game here like. And there's no way pac man's going to win unless I destroy him. Yes and we played three games and all three games ago swine OK so we checked return changed a little bit like a chemically Pacman I'm going with a different strategy. And -- can I think it's in my moves and finally staying there went around the center first you know it could that the board layout is basically Pacman is here and and have a winner in the center of the board first to collect the things over nearest where that goes where and I was able to. Positioned the ghost player into four different corners like he had he was tranda. Go to prison renew its gonna wanna go and kind of winning but I won with my last life you realize because again Pacman right. That when my last life right before I Goss was about to get me so. There's an etch a surprising amount of strategy in how would you like where you move how you wanna move. Because again in the Newton the amount of moves that you contagious no based on the dive roll. It was an. The production value of this game is from what really threw me as well. The board itself is this so molded plastic. Tight Ford. And it's raised doubts what's really thick for me about three inches today. And then the pallor pellets. Are actually underneath the board. And there are these medal. Wrongs that you grasp onto and you you pull them up and it raises all the power towards the route the bottom of the board which are moving around on. So she knew pac man around stretching getting this phone clicking sound pushing these little dots down which is. Sued her in increasingly gives a really fun to do. And then that goes well actually cover over one of the to pallets in the comfort out. So they didn't phenomenal production going missing in this cool read secret. Do you do that tactile feel in the real represented here and you're doing something every time you move. I don't look at it pictures here and on on or indicated I mean it is you're exactly right it is packed and attempt that looks like a really neat game but it also. I'm not surprised it's it's expensive bit. The components are right. I got that they're next level as well well put together I think that cost goes into the illegal conduct an accident but the fact that the please help us get did not get sued by tsunami or move whoever doesn't controls Pacman mean it's somehow they had this on in Chicago and Indy got booted and shut them down with kids kind of surprised me so bad but I wonder if one of them is gone in with. Or is the pac man license plate public domain now I mean I don't like. Don't think so Munich I was eighty's I don't know taken identity. Cut the really really unnoticed awesome news. Well thanks for all that guys that we need to a quick break right now and then now on the other side of that I'm gonna who I just don't like to complain but I think I'm gonna do a little bit of it and then now we'll get to well it's a lot of people said their favorite segment. Not exactly my favorite segment but shark and a quick starter art. So. Guys yes sir you know that I try to stay as positive as I can. As about everything. You know thanking me sickening sickening and that number eight UNN end and that's actually you know it's it's a compliment to me because I tried to make sure everyone knows. I don't like to get negative about anything I don't want to put people down I don't go on the Internet control people I you know and even even when someone missed spells terrorist uses a word or something like that it's all I can do. To not be that grammar troll you hear Sean know people are all capable of not mean it could pass a a friend that you do you guys there. They're in real life all the time of course because that's fun for me but I don't go online do it and don't mess with people online and I don't I try to stay as positive as they can about everything. Especially games. When defining game even if I don't like that game I figure something out about it that I do like and I lean into that when I do reviewer wanna talk about it is something I've got because I don't want. I don't like to coop who anyone's. Product Britain prepare them for this horrific not a poor product poor. However. I have had in recent troubles. With. Us with one game company in particular. And I'm I'm finding out why and I can't we get it got upset about it because I'd. Because like a centrist a positive I've been trying to complete my a firefly board. 249. Put up firefight again. We played the base game I had justice house while ago and everybody were elected I was so. I wanted to go ahead and just fill out the rest of the game because there are number of expansions including extra ships and two extra side boards which you view extra space to explore around more. Planet's more context all the stuff. Makes the game almost twice the size of the base and it's great and so I asked for that stuff for Christmas I got one of the expansion to get caught us expansion the newest one. I went after Christmas and pop myself a lot of the extra ships in fact I think I have all of them except for one and one pair. That the brown coats and organs set. But when I couldn't find was the first expansion which is called the blue sun expansion. So I went online video ports nine I went to their online ordering. Partner. Flames of war. And orders that things and I ordered it to like two weeks before Forex console but not quite two months ago right mean genuine and in mid January and it's so. Fine I ordered it and they said great and we'll send that out using his available okay and it didn't they didn't lists like. Out of stock or you know not available or anything like that so as I look at my orders and great. And waited. And we. And waited and waited and coming here we are now like you say nearly the end of February and I had just cancel my order. Because Davey wasn't coming and I and I I wanted to see I want to call up customer service and find out what the deal was I wanted to get them some feedback from them my sentiment emails and what's going on guys I mean you're doing I'm expecting at any time soon realized. That your UK based company may be shipping it from somewhere else that's fine bit. It's been a month I mean who waits a month for anything anymore nobody right so. I've I just I felt like. I could have bid there could have been some more information. There could have been. Hey it doesn't happen to be in stock right now we're waiting for more to be printed from them in me and we know that we know Leo first nine has had some troubles with getting getting there are in their stages album we have these are trick ascendancy. Differing Ian occurred as the united did debacle of of 2017. And that's fine with me but I I wonder have either of you guys ever had any kind of troubles in this field when you're ordering directly from a game company online. I have it. I had don't do a lot of online ordering because I'm really impatient and want it now. But I've had won the company really one of the largest companies not. He even return. An email or message or question here. And it's getting frustrating. That's fair that's fair. I I. 22 something we're talking about in the first part of the the episode. I actually got to cut in touch with as Modi and I was asking if they could just sell me. Extra ships for TI for. Because what we what we want to do is take all seventeen races and have each of them with their own individually painted sex and we've got somebody wants to do that for us. And they were actually pretty quick about it they responded to me within about a week. By email and said no we don't really do that we don't we only we will only to send out more ships if there's factory defect. So what that means in a nutshell is I would have to buy three copies of the game. You flip. You know and and not for nothing and if I if I had that kind of scratch laying around I would do it. Because this is something that that we have been warning for quite some time since TI three in fact. But. That they were really quick about it and they got right back to me just I mean. Obviously they had that going on for them and that's fine so I don't. And and I do missed call out Gil for nine and say that there online service is terrible I'm not saying that at all I have ordered from them in the past and it has been. Very efficient and I'm government needed. This particular instance though I feel like they're could've been a little bit more communications so have gone a gone online and done a little bit more research to find out what's going on in the that did the bottom line is is they are not supporting firefly to gain as much anymore there's not they're in more plant expansions there's nothing else like that they feel like they've got their product out there. And now it's all just. Reprinting and you know you know restocking and things like that that they're not there are doing anything new with it. So it's not their primary focus they're focusing more on the eve of the new firefight card game that they have and some of their other newer products so. I get that anything that makes sense but I just eighty was it was frustrating I think for me in that moment and I didn't that. Economics. I'm not the night. Google and anybody I just. I just wanted to get that vent a little bit and the big get big props to our northwest sports cards and games down in a coma because they had it on the shelf next. Now I just getting that plane that. Well that. And I hear about this down payment goal at long long I didn't get the rising unemployment. Are you going to cool. Expert. So anyway John you gave me that's enough of me. We didn't make me getting up it's on my own head about dumb stuff. Once you just going quick start my heart truly be well let's get to it let's talk about call me the EB I did don't convert his day job. Now I don't medically you know he used to. Here trapped as the governor over there it's freedom maybe is. They thoroughness that I do like this may be an this this season two of dice thrown out by a mind boggling games and rock sleep. As they fast playing card game dice game. For each player has asymmetry powers in season two of their group together two different factions so you can just get. One net a grouping of two or you can get. A whole smorgasbord they've currently got seven characters that are part of this. The based pledges nineteen dollars a get you that two characters. 59 for the season pass. Which is going to be beautiful seven net Iraq's is on board that big news came up for mind boggling games third actually do some different things as far as like how the layout of the board's goes so. The production values was really nice but they've increased it even more so. That's pretty cool. It's nineteen Lisa making dollar for the base pledged 59 dollars for the season pass other currently attest. 392. K. Their effort to ninety goal with thirteen days to go it's it's gonna end on March 9 next up is pandora Mumbai cosmodrome and James champ that's. This is a one to four player game 45 tonight as you miss it. It's not my team's chances this team's intent sprouted to our attention Lou he reached out to isn't real quick. I want to big help names I've I talked to Chris about MB in Russia. We had a meeting we disgusted Chris is all for right Paris yelled yeah 100% it's gonna happen here. At least we'd planned on that but. Sean has veto power over his nemesis so. Yeah yeah so did unfortunately our two votes don't stack up against his veto power compared to our I'd. In order to enact his veto power we each get to punch him in the face when it's really hard it's worth it tell act as 100%. So pandora owned by cover Jerome went for players 45 to ninety minutes as the Euro style competitive space themed a planetary colonization game. With many assume so different in feeling this game very much in the Euro style. SE 49 dollar base pledge a 115 for the deluxe version which continue to battle coal means game expansion would organizer. 57 K. Of their earth. Well it's a fifteen K goal thanks Anderson's gonna wrap up on now march 10 looks good idea next up is Robin Hood it and of the merry man there. This is a semi cooperative love me some semi earner. So the place and highly committed import game asset in the legendary town of Nottingham. Each player is a famous member Robin's band protecting the town. But you're trying have the most glory at the end. Very dramatic your style game with lots of awesome components. He's really cold would people's should've judged. The curtain really just gorgeous board are by the meego. It's a fifty dollar based pledged 64 for the deluxe version. For ten dollars more you actually get custom wood pieces and upgrades and almost bonus stuff so there's please Hillary really race. Can only upgrade further. I thought. I don't like pain in people's thinking man that's fair. These like awesome though here's your wrongs Eric Dyson and I really like the days just because people source man's entire business on this model and everybody seems to love above me it doesn't make me wrong. It makes me completely wrong and I of the yeah exactly right so listen that a 168 K of their twenty K goal. And that's gonna wrap up on marched when he first place. Another quick last one this is dead weight 1876. This is a safe running in game of teamwork and betrayal by facade games. Aside games need to Salem 1692. And took to get 1667. They've actually think those games for our extra life events so there are doomed to verdict do. I'm Jamie these these games that go inside these books they look like a book's title. Game and the Republican I am I have got the other two so that's pretty cool. This is a competitive game were players are going to work as a team to collect the most gold and then I thirteen means to the death to keep it all for themselves. Western theme custom wood dice there's a full leather bag would tokens. The Arden this is just awesome I cannot imagine why you were drawn to the scan you know little delicate thing at all. And 33 dollar for the base pledge but you Kangyo hired to get to their previous games. A hundred and former NC had no skipping 120 K as what they're currently acts under 25 giggles again very much in this virtual land. And is gonna end on March 22 nice I think Salem and that's really good game it is more that kind of a level of game play than them I'm all for it well. Well guys that is has actually just a ballot all of the time that we have for today. Weird we are back on a regular schedule you know. You're ready CC never ACC season earnings season that's like eight policies. That's seven SEC EO CDC's easy as. Coming up so where hopefully you'll be able to put together a report from the con but you know what I see the weather day treatment upon us here so I real quick before we get snowed in Josh what do we say. Play nice. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our PCs and video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon Wells. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.