Broad-Cast Ep. 100 - "Holy Crap, we hit 100!"

Wednesday, March 7th

Vicky B and Ooh Sara chat about Vicky's true idenity, then go into the top things "white people like".


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Hey Sarah and sons today. Yeah I mean are we. Than than than than. You're always gets there acting out of the that they don't. And I get a scenic and turnaround. To a skit. Ready for any. It's been. The yeah. Pentagon brass yeah I mean it's. Yeah. Hang in and Aaron and me stances. I'm Vicky mean. But to Sara OK. And this is the broadcast welcome back. Before we get in non craziness. It's wanna be a heads up that we do have social media networks that you can contact us through if you can't there is FaceBook which is the proud bash cast Twitter and answered and it at the broadcast 999. Caller Texas at 2537786029. Or email us at the broadcast 999 at So special announcement that we are now officially on Wednesdays and mean we're going to do much more condensed that awesome podcasts and we're going to be having some of our land. You know our regular voices I have been around for a minute they're going to be up you're not against Anaheim (%expletive) by it and we also next week are going to have an awesome guest. In the burlesque world. Mentioning really sad about but please stay tuned for that. We did get a message on the FaceBook pages Graham and an island remember loads yeah me. And then one of the guys like what did ask the podcast and all funky I fixed them are all up so meat I should be all good. Tim message to lessons and Haley Islam the podcast. I was. Listening to the one where you're talking about weddings I got married last year in Las Vegas and the ceremony itself cost thirteen hundred dollars. And we had 500 dollars on the bar afterwards and we paid for dinner which is 12100 dollars and then to add up everything else hotel gastric driving down. They'll money for my best man and a couple bachelor and bachelorette party the price was 6000 dollars. Which for what I mean not too bad. That we only invited forty people and it was hell with that. I can't imagine an imagine a big wedding whatsoever. Minus the big day itself that was the worst time I've ever had in Las Vegas. Love the podcast ladies also I work as a bartender and I always hate it when people get mad about her V and options as well I always tell them. The in his choice and you made a wrong one rock on ladies. Think at the and I lining in shock you that. You can chuckle today it's kind of a stressful week. Canceled Wednesday. It's we've wouldn't halfway there when we do these podcast we should just bring a bottle of like. Was that a yours some champagne for them the most because I mean today's definitely the whiskey and a you know having a ladies. Brunch podcast type deeply at least the last June. I'm liking this idea. And she can teach as a few things oh my god I agree video that would be. Was she if she began it and impressive ten pats it. That sounds. Like the thing you know he would shrink it down for people. Like piping up that. I asked them I mean or is yet to be OK with people. More or understand that they if they're really. They wouldn't get. They would understand I know early that I would get you really your Frontline and like my one of the closest friends you know her ash and it's we had talked before sheeting on gates and Mike you know lack I know you have. Occurred at a got remarried and she got to new sisters when he married and she has a lot of sister and lines and she is a couple restaurants and child did. And I said look into the a lot of emails your life and I will not be upset if I'm not a bridesmaid. And I'm like if you want me to be there I would do there'll hold your dress sleepy like one every inning did you. However. Don't feel like you have to make your. And so when the time came she said you know what if my husband has had one more grooms men you would have been last than last bridesmaid. She had you know her sister in line her two sisters. It's so I went best friend and Altman. I think it depends on how I don't know how close she is with these early they teach he heard as the mayor a couple of years now. And even at a faster. If I like her. Acne and she likes her sisters are just as a chemical and yes I think she knows. Yes I will sit at a party. It's like I don't. Really get Sarah you said hey look I'm going to have this tiny little gathering. It's just my parents and a couple of friends like me it's little money people I would not get by her like it. Like to pat how big your family is in you do have a lot of friends. And lighted. You know them out there. Care. Yeah that it. That's a problem I have to 'cause I have been. Caddie kept at fort and I would condense it down to who has the most connection with me. But I typed on a regular basis who makes me feel good about myself who is a support in my life. I like. It lightly my cousin Sarah. I would invite yeah because like one that was her I was about bridesmaid in her wedding her and I early messaging agent you just funny videos are sending back and forth. Constantly checking in on each other. On the turner brother and then maybe her other sister and her other sister lives are nice enough I wouldn't let her Natalie and her. Like me it's like I feel like I'm in by her like for kids early equals may be her but it went in by my other two uncles. You know now to see her I don't care and I told my mom I do not care. And like I could cause problems that you and I but I'm sorry mom because I'm not inviting them like I haven't spoken my uncle cents. Two years us and that was only because it was my grandparents that is what universe are adamant last and I talked about my cousins don't know me. It's. A lot of people the public they bailed before our critics are different people do via surprise wedding McCain this is my. Or they're whatever they really want to comer I read one. Where does Halloween parties everyone can cost him in the rendering them my anger out there it's. I my wedding and if you came in my party you're going to be a part of my wedding. And released yet by any. That is and you just have to like guilt people like now you have to come to my party you have to do anything they missed payments. They feel like it tough if there well the feeling you have to be like cute. We you're going to have problems if you missed the party you have to come up all parties. I took I wouldn't that it would be any different. It's our answer to. All of my heart. That theme. Few celebrities have done that to like ever read like they've had like having a parent guardian in the like what raid. And they don't and parts of reckons while I was Chris Pratt and Audrey Aubrey plaza character like they weren't a party by the way it's their wedding. But they don't even if two months ago. Mean it worked out they did they got married and together for ever greens. And maybe with a broken away people's I mean if it makes our short and right. But I am a little upset why. So. This last year I found out I'm not a Mexican as a kind of I've talked about on the podcast that I have. I did the ancestry and and I thought I'm Mexican at the least majority Mexican and I am more of something else and I am Mexican engineer at all. It's I found out I'm only 28 and person Mexican soul and 30%. Get tying Greek. Really am 323%. More some more tiny Greek and then I'm native Americans. Like that which ranges certainly America to Mexico mid Mexico kind of areas. Try and yet sold Mexican used to be a lot. Baker before white people. A so a lot of that a lot of native American tribes and next contrived kind of dynamics of the border lights have moved here. And hundreds of years so. I'm native American and and Mexican in a mostly Catholic middle Mexico I was looking man. But I'm aren't trying Greek and makes sense because you're so pay L rates. But like Mike do you look at my grandparents their real dark. We are there is any element. I don't know which one it is I'm guessing it's my dad I dodged the waiter one. We her and a. But I also found out like I think I'm like 11%. And how are definitely some 18% late Adam Portuguese and Spanish. And I I'm also which makes sense of last name might there on the Spaniards came in Mexico and at some stuff up. And then I think I'm 10% pretty sure you know UK. And that and I and I called my dad and I called my brother embolden them heifers did that team thing than like an am British. And has your appetite in the testing firm. I would take me back pain in her I mean. And we boots. I don't know why. Were all the same. Ancestors and I made it and know that should be happy for it on eight but it's like what ifs you know little spurn me what made. What one of each comic doesn't make sense to me but I mean science I think it's possible he could get to for results. Like blood tightly and I don't like I don't hear yak. But don't put it blows my mind too that is the sooner rather. Although I mean because your parents to be two different blood types and against the you have to be this. If your parents have to get her blood types and you have a different one and they are not warn somebody Geithner. Yeah man. Let's tell you find that out so I know my dad's like oh something some thinking my mom be positive otherwise mom that's explaining to do that. I know I'm B positive I don't know what my brother is but I know my dad's like universal Gunner. But I don't let our favorite donated blood. Don't. But bath and now we would know if you're donating blood on the scantily you're sitting there for awhile like ten minutes out and are squeezing a thingy and bullet to keep pumping out in adding you have to let me you have to know it like I when I was in high school like donated blood. And then I got my little blood donor card. And it's I'd be positive on. That's the only reason I know I am struck out fairly useful information coming next go get your blood drawn governors ask asking eighteenth check. That's weird your march 9 in France and and I need to tighten its listing on Rinker. And it says they are only white people love an I'm just like. These things I guess really ate all these things. Probably their whom he can't. But number one it's a Billy Rinker buck is it's a voting things everyone goes the site and clicks up or down only thing that openness is so that Thompson it's this is based on what the people's it was like a formal Serb nation if you Clinton. Clicking in the this is what number are gonna go ten down or one down up. Ally to view from at least Adam Oates light. We'll know 'cause it's like 1234 by examining intent and the list goes. All the way to go golly. There's a lot. Load more can. He's 54 seats OK at the it will attend animal go play with Atkins and number ten. Outdoor clothing. So wearing like that Colombia and kind of Jackie it is northeast crap names that the very Seattle thing too by the way. Very white light it necessarily get convenient if it's like raining and I mean Arafat at the thing I do like me where drugs those that true. Mean Alex with eight and yes that was at the bear claw or by upon. Yesterday but super admire what when they're on sale usually is sixty. But during before the holidays like Thanksgiving and thirty bucks. Spastic and again you can even. But I think that wonderfully workout gear councilman and you. That's out that's like I could do it but that's not really for outdoor because Billy it's it doesn't help keep your all. At the hands out like fate lululemon. The breeze hits you well it hits so I think some that are more work Audi and there's more like their late teens but felt taking. Says it all for the yellow and green it that I can crow behind outdoor Wear. Number nine Willis is flea markets. I'll like act like. On me markets. That are it's I have more items like I think basically. Think of a bunch of either antique or through stores. He asked if they combine the two it's kinda what that is and that's a global ten boundaries and it's there where you're at an out watch a lot of HTTP except in thinking what I want for my future both kind of a thing this girl is. Fifty years old so I yes I am. And I'm occupant from. I've come to terms of a ferret out shave my old lady. But big Jewish show. Some days and it's like furniture. Flip or flop for whenever you get two teams. And the eagle flea market in the find three items and sometimes athletes certain types of items that you need something that comes at a sat eat something. That can be used as some think that like there's different rules via per episode. Solely by these items and they have to come back in the get help from accrue an actor like basically. Revamp them all have seen people used take crates and a couple of wine rack out of an eagle back to flee market and sell them and let her exit the profit wind and when I all types Batman now sort of like and what we can do with these. I solemn and wanted to it's so bad and they got it for so she cannot eat like old pirate ship kind of we you'll. Oh yeah there could 130 dollars. I'm like and we aren't yeah. That's seriously negotiate with people hate negative but yet when I've or whatever you need this awesome said cable but the class over that equals and and. I I'd give you a hundred dollars more to Helena I don't go to dollars spent on that a quiet night but no idea. If you think mark at me ethnic backed house Atlantic. On the now Yemen I've talked about going to hunt them flea markets that it's not. And do their dirty. He can name flea market to sound there. But I think I did feeling a lot of light people go there and I feel like anything Baltimore's third shot past a lot to do with it in ago the thrift stores now and -- expensive now. It's. Work clothes from more expensive I feel. Yeah apparently a lot of these places just cousins parents shop and a phenomenon. An excellent as hiking. Banking. Angle with people like an odd is going to be. Itself it's just. That bank and think about the Catholic relief to them cause panic when. Trip amber colored them. And now the expert at. All. Mark and I went with it could be noticing that he loves hiking. And we went to ice caves in falls. On them pretty has absolutely no reception. And lock up I don't know it just adds Utley got scared him like how am I gonna impact I don't know if I remember how to get back critique then. Like meat in with the money Dominic that the the perfect. But there's a lot of people aren't likely. We packed like a little lunch snacks and that yeah really sweet. He look like if round yeah and now and I asked him. And that way at the excuse and no. Our priorities and I was a little nerve racking up the tree or people. Like war. Believe. It and yet. Not that I'm a plodding nature. Numbers that Phyllis is my beer places target. The heat day they thought of an excuse the ambient and excuse from. The just I love it they haven't and that dollar section it's. I hear her eye on action is still especially because a lot of staffers after today. I'm in eat them at the statute. I'm in this like he did and I'm not writing on. The Portland and it's I'm. Mean. One billion dollar happily to sheets it matters date tattooed. We use in all these one on your. But just don't play by different than them assuming scene after they saw that happen in other I want how did you get. I don't think rabbit up in a coma and that's probably. A million viewers what gal. Can't think of as the dean and fine. He does surprise at random. Like its cell. It's a means for you it's not fun I mean it on that like I'm on top and it's just like. It down lower I'd be on him then my iPad dude that were like same thing we're sweaty little byters. And use all of my feet and he couldn't get that in the music far in it try to wipe. Like. Don't. Eddie you do it like and it's pared them get one of those Talbott a sports challenges keeping your knife like flat base Catholic but I'll. Help now is is not yet doctor. They can in performing intends to features. I let me in spite of her body. And I think. Much talent at and a out Stan. Next up on the list. Brunch. On it's it's it basically. I've 200 realized that I liked brunch in theory. I don't like how like brunch can get real expensive. To go to some of these fancy places and they give you basically fancy eggs and bacon it's like now. Just go to impress small breakfast and kind. Galley. There's one I'm really into right now it's up in efforts. In culture every patch it's not just couple blocks away from Congo never end. It's. Acute insecure little plays to The Beatles are buried in that particularly decorating until the people really. Like a really care about the food to conceal the Cox yeah. To me theater practiced right to go to rain now. Accused Pixar with some alcohol and guide I don't need fancy app. They too don't want to get chicken strips and I'll make my waffles on the toaster like I agree branches like and in theory about how something like. Chinese stand bed till like one just gives them play French can be eaten in new amount you could branch breakfast lunch. I guess Cammie but sometimes we. Act. By. And again happen niners ten ethnic and because I finally die. After thanking them all let's assume we're drinking the night before which I mean I know doesn't happen often. And I never get brunch if I'm not bring in a war that rare occasion and that's funny now I never. Ever think Brian's. Now now. Manly response from chicken strips. Have some waffles again and it has to be together. Man like that from real ones that are actually down. Excuse to drink during the day. I'm really at a you're not a good teacher. Canada I honestly Alex I'm respect want to. Just like checked out like act and Canada's. Overall audio I think Sunday afternoon the feeling that the difference on Sundays because they party it up Saturday night. Hannah guy here that on Sunday you are watching gamely drinking some bloody marries a man notices. And once the games over whatever it is you were doing pass out here enjoy your afternoon before in the back toward. Number four fancy cheese depends the cheese for me IQ let me which include cheeses. An island like every cute I don't wanna spend like. Twenty dollars. For gas now I am totally perfectly okay with like a block of chatter and block of Colby Jack. Maybe like a little thing of something Nancy inch inch little painting a target like a slice is all priestly so yeah Moscow early now that it flake. A month's third chatter Colby Jack in the Swiss amendments to earth. It. Needless go number two tees that. Athens underneath some. Yeah number 390s Disney movies. I mean. That's onion that's me I'm Phillip says I think that's ninety's kids in general from me. You know childhood. You you obviously had Barney are and I were that Steve. But I asked that the market and I'll like watch him want to watch him this is funny. I think Iran online it's a completely there is no pure hatred in Munich kicked no expert. Well. Because there's an age where you like you realize it's for all cell equally hate him yes likes Barney hate. Because you don't want his semen cooler like a baby anymore siege is develop that each report hatred for Kellen daddies or whatever and then it's weird because and it only goes I'll make it. Becomes cool. Air. You know people get a little backpacks with art with the reactor is the. Barney on him. Again I mean isn't. Or a whole new whole brand of one evidently there of their own special kind yeah I feel like rain Alice ninety kids have been taking over in everything is. You know throwback jerseys is like Nickelodeon's everywhere although a cartoon that enemies that we all watched as kids there is coming back. With a vengeance. Everywhere just throwing up on dollar merchandise in our crap and all of these banks. Did you really care I think it's cool but when ads. School again. Why pick out a little Mexican drug like Simon Disney movies. Actually a little Italian Greek girl missing I was raid on a Mexican houseful NC I'll shut up and I think enacting tough stuff. Number two online shopping. That is nothing and I mean you shopping in general do you now and I never even think about online shopping like. There's a space wash and I really want I'm gone euphoric different stores try to find it and I dean and think about online shopping until the last but not any of rate he's. Never it and I like to try things on an addict. I clothes I think are still in that world where. Least we the only reason we saw have historically do like target in subsidies to try stuff on Kenya but it is a point where we won't even search rankings on Amazon as a really good like return policies on the doesn't fit with certain brands. But there's also companies that like hey this is we'll send you like those. One of the comic little Boxee can pay for every month. The send you a couple of items you pick which and you want and then with and you don't whine like you get like three items of like the five or six they send you an if you want Maury can pay more for those items. Now and then the coming your size and they don't face and back and there's so much stuff going on he can do online. I used to live from me it seems like more work. Sending something back and actually going to store it is but they have it's steamy it's so easy now only have we seen if you've been to our downstairs. Garage parking garage is big orange yellow lot yeah thank. So when I had to return something I just say hey returning and return it to which locker. And I can pick which one in their own name differently the one downstairs and then it's yeah funny enough and in sizes and hail and return it to bits that they space in the locker I put in the box that the Adam Pacman boxed put in their tech and the code. And then eventually somebody will come and and take the item back an overview or in the Cindy your money back or. Exchange and whenever how to think what I've had exchange something exchanged it and they immediately sent me back get a product they said that if they didn't get the one on the original one back that it deters a second one setting up yes so I mean I got the atom quicker. Do you think it up boxes that use returning and the same I mean I mean if you saw the same box return to match. In just put a new label on it but what I've done to use it because he. Like anchors she story just take one of those free shipping boxes you just take that box. In history should look like shipped three years to set price or whatever. I think I enough fiber and I like it that what he can do with anything so dangerous. It's selling its one clinical way. This can be yours in a day won't member I acted out of I mentioned this on the podcast and waste got this new app called capital. And it's it's basically my seating so whenever I know tea get paid I put money into this way pretty can't touch it yeah. Because. It takes a couple things for me to get money back. So and I get money back. Now. But what if he's still in high targets of hype they don't really line. I don't d'alene. I went well when you go shopping. Like. So like Atlanta and online betting money but an entry if I'd get the money I would still. And Nash starts the hassles I've never grab money back from account. Yeah and I had a firm quietly just. In my head it feels like too much of a hassle yeah because sometimes it takes longer than three is or sometimes ago the they close to there wrote this didn't work sounds like script just leave it. Do not care. That much right now. But one might grow things is whenever I buy anything on Amazon online. Eight point five dollars and my count. And I used to say hello my old trick with Amazon's that feel less guilty. I had a but I bots bunch of stuff in it came to eight dollars rape. To make a letter I bought. Forty dollars at a time and I about the other forty dollars a little later. Whether the same day or the next via psyched up there and spend eighty dollars raised to forty dollars twice. So in my head that towel but now like forty company gap so it's like OK that's you know ten additional dollars so I really like really careful with what I order. And I haven't really been also looming parents and they'd move which at this time. Fell down the Catholic outweigh the public needed. I bought some highly keyword in some other stuff like I need to think about some bees wax because I wanted to make my my issues. Water resistant. Which actually one of the things I think they missed them this list number eight with life packs. They isn't simple hack. That he can take a spring from AM. From handing you just putting your. Your if your chords and afraid for your phone. Just put on their hopes and it keeps the Andean won't prayed the court so quickly and now I love like Paxson wanted to take beeswax and had a pair of boots that they were cloth bits. And I just rubbed bees all over it. Any take a hair dryer I had heat until it was faster. He's melting it so it kind of solidifies it makes like one whole layer over your thing and it hit that water resistant. Water roll kind of translate. Not eating and look we're not in it does before you do that here at here. Any kind of not into it. That kind of so. Weird weird or Smart I don't know. Beer. On this a life how I on. Where like I would like let me go by the black bow like like I can use the beeswax for other stuff like whenever like my way I like doing acting crafts every man and a so I'll do only you know make motions or candle tired I have like candle making stuff for the house right now. A lot of crap. On my own house economic crap there. It. I'm not but you know like let's do something let's make something in it feels good to you coming here hands and he keeps me busy and not pre. Becoming a little picture for games and you have a lake again make an app that's like. Whenever you buy it like arts and crafts crap. I like hobby lobby here dollars goes to that made it out like you really easy that's how I mean I can put that for hobby lobby but time has passed priced in that means nearly. Any time Vicki by its crafts. Might add an extra money. In your safe definitely is it worth it is this these lax work fit yes. Because my issues are now organized and get your frame is worth it actually agree on the market and that's actually what I've been doing lately when I'm really stressed out. When like I can my brain doesn't shut off. Now silly and some people are really get a late you know working out but I I go running and working out. That doesn't get my brain to shut off this mean it worked outsell heart to Wear it like you feel like you're like I. Now that's pileup IPO that because I feel like and a half out you can't think Johnny in Munich. Now they're closed down like I've I mean your hot yoga. Think that could get into but I don't. I don't do well in heat like I like my Ashland stuff. Yeah that's really wanted to play out I wanna get into playing soccer now that I have quit when in my side muscles. I will be able to get into that. However. Only one of the things that actually is I've learned has come and bring shuttle is when I'm doing crafts hands. And it's when I started in my. I am a picture frames I'll take my comic books himself in a good amount and it's home relaxing to me in I don't know. How my brain shuts off did you think I bring a million miles per hour but I'm so focused and trying to make these pieces fit like part of paktia. Panic chopped it off in the whenever I am working out I'm thinking about how much I hate this feeling my body's going through but then I'm also like relating it to other bad feelings. Some extent. But that's. I found my saying witches. I think apps I mean I'm gonna work out a not for meditation reasons that excellence I think I'll. I mean I think working out not gonna hurt anything but like I found and I am really excited about it actually that it sounded but it just a little. Oh yeah. On the other. The other the only metered panel and eighties and I will diskette or drowned. Kinda drunk and witness apparently candles and piceance apartment complex life and it's just like I think like people going to the sick and slight pain and staff they spend money on that Mike while I'm spending less money. And they can do it again. But all the world in. Yeah it's like it's funny because we are like in a lot of ways are very similar. They're totally in mostly many different night it's it's it's funny like actually currently tied into. The last analysts which we didn't get to act hadn't gotten team was from ten to and one was a documentaries. On Friday at my weight trying to salon. Document needs like every time. Like I am asking what he's doing it's watching a documentary. He loves war ones he just lobs and and I really actually like them if it's an interesting. Shame. Like I watched one about hookers in three different countries but I was really passing the baton. Like got a black okay and it was so. I you crazy to see the difference. In now and world and world and how they treat their workers and how they even display hookers and house fascinating. But like. A document rally wore early plants or some time now yeah I'm not much. Am same here my grandson my roommate and that is now wife my older me and now his now wife. They put on one in Gaza. Contending that the controller first yeah happy is actually really fascinating and it was one about. Back in the day like The Rolling Stones and so it was all of those slight backup singers. Yeah I have been a part of these incredible songs. In war but I don't parts of these songs yeah and trolleys differently and that if they think that veto but never made it. We years something like regular that was called something along the lines I echo you know 1010 minutes or ten miles from fame adding. And one of them was. Pinning this on I think The Rolling Stones song like shot away. Think it's just a shopper went yeah it's like a move further. It's just a shadow so she'd told the story about the Spaniard ruling. Stones and they were thinking when they were just becoming big. They colored 2 in the morning and she's got stuck curlers in her hair she's like eight months pregnant. She comes into the recording studio to record like super early. And she belted out an election like man and I. Click here she's let me do it again. And in the isolated her vocal. It's. It was so fantastic it is even just knowing that stories whenever you're outside and we think of that story that can shoot eight months pregnant and curling recently to 3 in the morning. Right and so it to some of these women like they would talk about like yeah I start cleaning house is after I quit music and my song would come up on the radio that that's me. Weirder. Interesting. That here's another one of I watched a couple of years ago and it was about. Musicians she was from Seattle I'm toll blinking on the name's Susan as punk band she's you know Kurt Cobain. And just like how her life and how she changed music in her own way like the emails and stuff like. They would on the shows because guys who get all like. Mosques pity that guys used and the back of the rim ladies to the front weird like so that they wouldn't get hurt yes. And so she just kind of revolutionized in the U the whole music scene first at a she's dead and I had even seen her. In this whole thing that he should have been able to hit the and spoiler alert. She apparently got lake. Wind disease says she's a lot of health issues and stuff like that for these kind of stayed away from him the spotlight. It's his leadership Olympia. It notes and I was like some. There is a kind of cool and how much programs like. In amber for out of called but it was like a this due to an EC's wife and his kids. And it and likened them in on it either like murdered or he killed a Hong ha until it you don't know until an area and it makes so I would. Do you think about murdered and yeah limit what. I love like Alec murder one like that. I wanna watch the one about Nancy here in whatever thinking it would went. Hersh I need slash before that I Alec Tonya Harding yeah I he asked you wanna see the document you wanna see the actual movie that came out the beginning. Did like. Document that they asked the girl who didn't. Tonya Tonya. All about her history her acts have been an. But I want the true. I mean grants I don't know much of the stories don't get confused so there's an article. I sell that title to this that and the like I a happening in the apologize to yet. Those Haniyeh. The one whose husband at that. So it's like okay lights that the league wrong here. I mean maybe it's worth watching it and then watching movie you're watching a movie first I want to immediately won awards. Are nominated the very least. If you don't have any documentary is that you think we should check out. Or her or tell us about the Bachmann is you've seen recently why you love them we want to hear from you only had to please give us a call on everything. Or if there's other things like white people only white people seem to like him a lake which can chip impressed me. Went in Lebanon like us for married her but it is gonna go through some of these alumnus who track. The teen. Walked food products. Much RS giants keeping tracks are always around link key especially like in construction site I've noticed he has apparently taco trucks. And you can drive around me that you serve your people but then he just became really trendy. Such an event like you can't sit down here at non undercover. It's mould. Eating my car I'm weirdly whenever you fast like sitting in the fast food place in the I rather park my car neat I like island ER. The most suspending a week in an ice land. Oh documents. Such deal that looks like it's a Elise trendy vegetable expensive sandwich is now by onyx. And flow. Marijuana quotes from all the rocky moved me. Cross that. Her drink menu at Starbucks. Could Chela driving a Prius come boot Cha I do like at all. Eating sushi with the four. Joy it's an animal pain and how would store. Jean shorts. I. Alive. Give us your thoughts and let's one of the white things like people like do it and it talks he has littered by name.