Broad-Cast Ep. 105 - "Pamela Moore"

Wednesday, April 18th

Vicky B and Ooh Sara get to sit down and chat with singer Pamela Moore AKA Sister Mary from Queensrÿche about her upcoming album "Behind the Veil" which will be released worldwide on May 1st, 2018! They also talk about her CD release happening at Louie G’s on May 19th, as well as life and they go through a rapid fire questions and answers bit! Get tickets to her CD release party!

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Spin it. The. Oh yeah and yeah. Need. Then. Welcome to the broad cast ion Vicky Barcelona. And with me always is in the San Rihanna. And in the. We get into the craziness what is one way people can contact us on display the face but today it's at the broadcast 99 times out there and today's very awesome day because they did promise you at the union this year. That we are going to be talking to more bad ass rock and ladies Helena and we're delivering it today because you may know her sister married. But we have Pamela Moore now are you. You've been since grade cement their spot even here it's very cozy and swing key innings. Yet. And we know that morning commute that he'd have to deal that we down and that we normally watch out there that I know. It's worse and worse to get to see listen to ridiculous thing originally from Seattle's even if you knew what it was like before her. So far everyone decided to air athletes queasy after it's just the crew has increased CE. Pain and you've gone now like speaking of growth and everything you'd gone to perform at queens right keeps saying with the and you have a couple albums under your belt. And dynamic series he hit it isn't quite a lot of things I never had children and I'd ever want them. I'm not really yeah your music your baby at all that matters and I guess you don't want my god I'm little puppy. Well enough at the door he's a he's a lasso apps in the room with the and I issued soup of the founding bigger. Apple users who. Will love that theme he doesn't bark may not lot. Might not be part just a little land and investment is the perfect time. I have Mexican hairless which doesn't make it's a while yeah and it was like it's too loudly bark yet everything every one and when you stop until the Alec fourteen and then it was. Now at Disneyland you know. What he didn't and sat still and I laid actually tablet it. That's cute. Don't think the the world ugly as Don I think any good evening at the time now on I think there are you watch the movie cocoa the Disney movie they how one executed as telling the big long time to wrap around themselves as it. Derby little dog and it's the cutest thing. But. Actually the reason we can't Hamlin made you having a CD release party and written your album. Yeah ain't first you're gonna have a worldwide release of your album behind me well. He pounds of vaccine. And what not let it what's for the title now will. Really know with the title this is another bite at al-Qaeda. And weeks meaning kids. Anyone. Those little secret. Thing. It's not that title on the album for second. The album does strap on May first it's definitely room and then it's taken them long time for immediate. Get this one going. Mainly because they had you know. There's life experiences in between certain things totally firm actually doing so released just a big deal to. In those who don't know what it is between a self release an anti and so release should be read your Italy's. And you release of things from your distributors and you paid for every piece of bridges again. But then it's it's pretty satisfying to be able to do you have if you're type of person I expect to be hands on. Like I am from. EGG back control sometimes and he has controlled so women are not feel the same way with everything from. China. So that's the difference between except for at least and then getting someone else to do work for you and you have to share. The profits. Or when I'm sitting at your first Alan you self released. Yeah out. Of my very first and two from you know the beginning to. Where Iranian and oysters eaten into the recording and then nauert. Releasing it more work than me. I knew what it was like we're back when to get into it it's like he's a little overwhelming they have millions but I'm still working I I put out another album that was on rat pack Packers. And 2013. Albums commas around me. And I was working real guitar players that'd been working with for a few years. And we coat and then did the same thing on this album. The kind of non. However I brining another writer his name is Craig church and he helped a lot lithium everybody have a lot Clinton. You know making this project candidates on Timor can beat him so. Anyway. There's a black eagle and I don't mean to an accident and are now I had a life is that there is. This and that there is going on any topic in India asking of them in fans that case where she can. You ever gonna say. Well it's going to be just after. Seeing how I think they'll probably find out after that once you get the album. And you listen to it in the. You'll find that the heat picture album ain't birds. But also if you're in the Seattle area you know definitely come check out she got CD release party happening Saturday may nineteenth at 8 o'clock at Lee Jeans and fight here at the AG's to rape and you've version was so. It's happened is really cool and Levi does it mean in just communal lives to regret and Shannon Eads is not and stage in writes from unions and not that lets. You know I also do. Vocal coaching vocal import from pitching so I mean underage students and accountancy. Beat me. There's carried it if you ask these funny moments ago plan apartments at love like that. There are so many great news here in Seattle on them and that's a little bomber thing. Eighteen Camry made senior Albany is that made a summit is that. Throughout the years what has been running your finger and used here in Seattle even to watch your show and or play. You know it's sadly. That's the editors I mean when I was with queens recruitment and marquis and it was kind of an interesting. You know vintage theaters that's pretty cool without terminating. Found soon. Italy is awesome thing to do I mean I was there as part of injects him. Singing crude stuff like that but. Are an excellent than they actually are you want to get like really doing parents bumper he what I do I get I get like a routine you break on stage co author healing that you know a lot. I think I I do it. And it it is nerve wracking so usually right before a show I'd probably don't talk to write people can. In my own manage our nation can only put Russell Wilson does in knowing he's visualizing the perfect throw and visualize the. Perfect food and you get your and then this. I guess I'm gonna have kind of have to be that. Just chance and because we are just different kind of energy governor and if we can't kind of corral it and make positive. It's going to be all over the place I think after really can't focus of the flat Atlantic match being onstage at different people like it's just. A lot yet over well if I get you want to get at our let's focus for a few points and what's interesting is that. The room when you was with my am most of my experiences in the bigger stage Lenovo has been with queen's Reich. And the experience that I had was when McCready is huge festivals. And you know these bigger arena type leases it was. It was an in beating me with more intimidating is playing through. Tighter and implement it because you can see he's. Actually listening neck has its big as him. If he's. Are up in Allen really will have more an NFL all that and think honestly you re -- Aaron an opportunity with the rest of the morning show to go talk to Clinton high schoolers are premium and talked to many people are usually drunk. It was a listener is. You can talk about this you get in front of these teenagers and you realize there actually contention judging me and you kind of feel like your fifteen again I dine you and kind of a high molecular testing them kind of feed them on their phone and -- have to do it her class and I Woods Hole dare. Slightly when you are nervous but I thought I'd be I was like sweating and you know it faded and I have Gillick and the older age I'm not call me you know like I'm coming years older than you but you know I feel like it right now and is likely. I think it is just being closer. Yeah there's been a sensible her beauty with something like that definitely. Use this to me space and doesn't mean you're ninth on that stage everything is dark. Yeah anybody past he's like it's just you know it's just start balancing act out what kind of make it out they didn't get it how would I mean how is. Hope not of the hi I have and I. Face those Hezbollah parliament AM all beings they edit I hope I hearing some more from college sensing really no way in heck this needed younger than me you know it looks like he's about my Gerald and you looking. It doesn't seem like they're. Just a more permanent and we were down. Yeah. It is a week ten. And fourteen year old and sitting him like how is it that your hair make up an outfit who is on point I'm sitting here looking like. Grabbing an extra person now is can we need him. The game and you know it's crazy that these kids these these men and and I could tell when my mom with a look at him like my grandma. Had these I don't know actress for them for April if I ever have children like what going to be like. You know technology and ever and still make their clothes can't get any shorter Ernie hit the probably it. Think they aren't going to see through it like that clear plastic you know in Connie go full circle and come back and I am not become a leading well Jean skirts then I did not get remind youngsters from middle school and my friends made fun and me and guess what they're back to the Arab I don't have to go shopping. Now see everything goes around. Where about the technology stuff and it before or the year before we came and podcaster talking about you know. Social media and just how everything's kind of gone on the men actually tomorrow you're going to be doing which is your birthday so happy birthday and April 19 that if you're not a fan of her on FaceBook you would now like a page and just kind of monitor her page that she's going to be doing. Feast for quiet and very dangerous thing in pain. And maritime ever think he's a quiet yes. It yet it's actually really cool you know I know this. And stupid but I have to tell you you know I have these I've been blessed with these wonderful wonderful experiences and doing all these different things and many look to do. Singing in front of a bunch of people Boehner comes to me in different. As a camera. And after top. Then capped things I'm such a door I just I think. I got to practice it more and that's why units and like I I feel like a deer in headlights that can link. Improvement. I guess he's stupid economic news that. When something at. One minute it's cool student fees but alive apparently. It's funny when people watch it back in the ever watch I know I'm like I miss a lot packed in for the first flight five and second he liked. To Sweden for someone to me and I have. It's usually a dance and I it is a setting up the camera and how many are now. On the fact talking treatments on the don't iron your continent but what got it. An interesting too because I'm not really sure what time we're gonna do it because it'll be the first day of senate for my video issues. So my birthday I'm going to be feeling like ten or twelve hours. OK on it I assignments on the new album. It's called white signs can be. Remove. I'm glad that he abused by high. And that is the at all. I mean who knows who knows about easy manner that. And it's it's the cools on Serena atypical thigh while a year and make yeah well. I mean it's. Tough to always planned something like that has its I was in Korea and we didn't. In a video they're setting up the lives and takes a long time for them to set up. I've got this wonderful company. Content tetra or not. Didn't has been doing some fairly new but there's starting to do some more videos and silent of their videos with fat and called blue helix was really well done. Certainly he is. On he only idiocy into this so in me. I'm going to be a lot of and that the song the premise of discern is that. And it's about who. It's about us and about the ridiculous. You know obsession had to sit there devices which is really important to me right now we have our phones and her name. And your green tennis. Airing now we're interested to hear from by the way that's her actual hold it. What I have to work but I go out and real life I just bring a specific content. And I. Think that's very CNN it's to put on any parent well I like airline. This is definitely is on for Sarah yeah. But anyway it it's kind of a key content because. It's dark humor and it's an entity a little bit tiny bit. Kinda serious term we're hoping to reach and teach some awareness of people about texting and driving. It's not like get treats type of thing it's just this hose us like a hundred pound man obsessed we all are. Lottery yeah I migrated from these really funny clips of whom. And people whose security cameras. As people on their block reading their phone there in the mountainous and they file into a fountain yes for some of your friends into it. A car and not even looking what they're doing and I mean obviously you know what I'm missing when. At some point when you're sitting down to dinner seeing your family and you see all these people that they images on the Internet at tree. We got to put our net put down our devices for Ohio and have conversations like where happening now I'm really land can't public about it. But this time everybody has their economy they're tablet there I patent their. I don't know what else will happen will be out but in a basket away. It's it's one of those things like may I call my cousins on my families are having season is an iron you know 234 years old. Think where he put draw a line namely. Because he wants to make sure that theory you know at that rainy they know the technology could ignorant person now write an elementary sides had their design wins the last Chinese curse that I actually my signatures crappy that was my signature. Yeah. It's kind print draw or something really weird I I had recently doing it by just writing it I'm like oh my god hasn't changed its fourth grade I thought every yeah. I signature at this point to the scribble and I think the real person is off the but I mean it was still eagle eager V which we can do but has kicked for if you don't get them started early they're gonna fall behind the rest the kids underclassmen and on the had I I had time early hours a day like it's kind of weird and began his cannon it's kind of a new. Seeing and knowing it's very important to have them because they can be very very helpful especially when you and your own business and staff to that on the other hand it can consume olive. Kind that earned him use tomorrow I. A and you remind me if you went there has your basket whenever she has kids I think he should have wide eyes on the boxers yet on the yeah. Is white guys on the album I am back yeah. Next in the and your shop and white eyes on people who could be happening at. And teachers in. Its public awareness. Month long evening. You perform like recent with queen's Reich and musicians performed with the ears which has been the most terrible either because then who they worried record being fired at a shell at what's in the the most memorable experience. At the top went. You know because it's any time either earned stage it's always been memorable but I would act you know I would have to saying. When Ronnie James Steele came out to perform. With queen's Reich and ring her up on stage he sang on. One of the songs undersea current operation mind crime to. And he came up to sing and I had to meet him backstage and that's when I first met release Arrojo and everybody in the that was a that was really a wonderful experience he's let it is they're really wonderful person wasn't. And Thaddeus and I come up and yeah. Yeah yeah. The accuracy. Most of the data shows that we did where I am the UK. And than it was used for. You know. For the operation my my. In crime when in Q excuse me. When they get they put out the city so you know he is part of it and he is often the instant he was really wonderful and was neat to be able to meet him. I got can he then me how I. Can I please don't ask Terri about him please there aren't. We were very near someone and we are doing. And in festival and I think Jeff and I we were going to head over to India. Demeanor someone or something and this may hand Condoleezza. And he has. I don't remember it was like some western cowboy act like leather outfit I don't know red light blue I can't really remember but it comes at. And and he has the state council's. That jacket and he has is. And that on the way up so late late. Isn't right yet a layup and he has this pants and you know apparently in tucked into the since. It is and has right to do it. And they are talking and everything in and just looking at him. And then you leave it. You don't know let me know me as an instrument only. Sound. Crazy I've never seen him when he was. He's always had his gene backed Yeltsin his leather jacket and stuff but this thing was. He was to the nines. And that hurtful it is. I don't mean that bad. It is they who is as well as high up there. Casting cash and thinking I I adore him again it just seems like you a lot and just know what you get. Is what you exactly mean he's really you know and it's a sad having him too that he's lived it. Pretty full life house pretty awesome you know it's pretty neat that was that is in the moment and have you ever had any itching like wary you kind of missed Alec Iraq and parole moment like I had one occasion where. One of my favorite. Singers from high school my list or change in persistent and down and I you know I do the morning show I'd go home I took a nap and I woke up. Everyone I like to think everyone knows here are some calling smiled and I love system that down my building you know. And I wake up I look at my phone and I seen a picture strand can Estonia associates thank you and was in studio and it's paying out. Like three hours ago. No I'm called pinky are you. I promise them. I don't mean have you had something similar despite let me. Know it doesn't regret now lives like. And crash in. United and really were remembering. Persecute members of things and transmit. It doesn't mean and you know crazy back. I don't leave and then learn opinion. You can read group. Back to winning drive rumors go only. When they don't conform with them. They'll be pharmacy only. Air rain around my anger and always wished that he can from him. Her at his crib now and then can I. Tonight of being Greek problem here in Seattle and Seattle music. It was such a happy day to wake up and you lose especially when you're from Seattle. Analysts that he hardly knew what was that we can't that tragedy last year well. It was unbelievable to me. And he would seemed happy and healthy. You know rank and so I thought yeah you know nobody knows except in. A parade I think nobody knows what happened it. It's unfortunate. In between person he institutions. In some. Some amazing some way to its it and feel bad if I had any regrets I feel bad about. Certain artists that they never really delve right into except for their immediate hits the term I'm always. It's always about you know me writing or something in. When I finally went and he does pass away and mixing with couldn't and that you know created sperm and even Freddie Mercury. And he died in two there in them and cuts that they did it he meaning me. Police are you aware it still feel like wo men okay. And he moves in and Christensen. He had a lot of depth and earned his place. The talented and we have I in an area and I just on the interviewer and just being there just like. Seeing him be interviewed by on America workers to Stanford he can get mesmerized and make sure that there with the messing up the footage. It's how he was a very interesting individual and how was he doing what and when he married shortly kiss off like it was right before I showed you we didn't think Aaron hall. Just very chill guy can. How talented but you could feel it when when I saw all the jokes like instate Tutu long. Our but apparently the three have to technically desperately leads ten global player and he has my. He just gets. Oh captivated in that Maurice and it and it's just it's super inspiring like us doesn't hurt and he scored just. Things. Scary even. And yet it's as colleagues you know special attention to light one and bonuses even like Chester last year and like. We don't we don't know I mean if there's going to be is silver lining to these tragedies at least we know hey you know what. We have like people are suffering we have these things and we feel it we can't talk about him and it's nice to be able to say you know what I'm not okay and that's okay. And let's talk about the suns make this discussion let's not make this a taboo thing like I'm having all these bad feelings on the top ten into the attic as an utmost talk now. If it's this is a good moment to be in reaching out for home. Think especially with fat and no dissents can weird but. With performers especially that have gotten to that level. Eat eat a lot of people know you mean you know a lot of people but it will get a little bit smaller. You know I hope people understand I mean about the eat you know have to worry about. You know we contrasts so you have a certain people that are your inner circle flip SP can but the more. Popularly made beginning in more stuff that's going on for use in Regan who grew kind of in know it sounds really weird but it gets smaller so it must be tougher for people I hurt. I've heard Hewitt would now like a big stage like loved by so many people have so many fans felt like went off the stage or one like in their hotel room by themselves or something. They're like alone. And their merry way. That it's almost high yet on the day and I think I might any kind of drop back down. Who's really here you know thank so that's. That's where you really as a performer I'm pretty sure you really have to make sure you with some relief. Strong core of people and that's what life though is yes I mean. Mean there's like that we've we've talked about it before where performance is like our art any art there is some pain to me it's my there's a lot of pain to it. Utley get your inspiration exactly. And then and one of the things I always try to tell people it's like to practice self care. Whether it's you know going to a fair based or. Taking now bubble that they're just giving yourself earned vacation thing they. For me iron to yourself number one right and I can give you exactly right now I'm obsessed about the bath bombs who moves I don't bat an eye on and take a picture that I was pretty telling huh. I ANC I can't see an apple and on behalf of me and I'm a little inspirational moments on the last I got said the best time to relax we have no time for. Like. One how do you practice self care what method UT community cares. There is I try. To have at least today weary in doing. Like hitting out of a week early people can't here. And it again I one day. And. I have a lot of people that keep me grounded sometimes they come out and in the game no matter to people in my in basically keep me grounded. You know it does have to do with my outlet in writing team does this album behind the veil on. Almost everything they raid is like about life experiences. And I eat. I learn a lot so that's kind of there PV 6 am and I like writing about the human condition. And and like writing about things and I'm learning about this album. I don't mean to be Debian and this avenue is dedicated to my mother who passed away while it is raining and I'm recording. And it was a really tough but because it was past. She came to get a root community came out and you just walk. And I years old it. You know she perhaps gotten Coleman and we couldn't we survivors of the year ago it was horrible as it right after her. Birthday her eightieth Britain. And really matters at. Stokley has its and my CD release party is going to be about twenty former cents to date until. That's a big deal is but they. That there's a song called money turn. That reflects my feelings. And the stuff I was going through doing that. And a lot of people my demographics served. Realizing that you know their parents are happening for every so hopefully. Their healing process that. That we go through sometimes uncertain times Lou will connect with some announced. And they'll get something. Here that's via. Incredible that it's out of pain that we. We are the best teachers and if you learn something knew exactly what to tell me who's going to. And then just to be able to create art out of it seems as you feels much lighter once it's all done and it's a pretty self on the apron and thing you know it actually but you can't Tesla. And he science you know an album and yeah. Yeah. And again that CD release party is going. Saturday may nineteenth at eight and it really g.s in fife who definitely go tickets are available by the way to get flight com. And her album behind that they'll be released worldwide may first and only had her face bunker and I get your tickets to anything and I'm pretty fast and an exciting yeah. Had him. I have a question that you if you were to do any thing like if you were not in this industry and the music industry at all from what we've beating him. Did you have any other passion besides that there is this like out of the loan. There you may well I always on. To be an actress and a singer I don't know my own being an actress. I was formerly pro family and and my mom was a little feeder and I think that's why going to get into and then I just kind of went into the singing part of you know what can we do I know when I went to. I went to that collision I was my nearing in psychology. All ball and it ties and had a cool experience. Yeah. And you know if I would have been that are not Kazan don't like always going to school. The girl I went on not an. Right there you right. I don't there's so many things they like to do I not I like gardening male thinking beer can and humor from the behind. A day like music art mean yes show I don't I'm YouTube. Anything you guard and you do anything radically like amazingly guard you can be at like a metal Disney and I. Can't. Eight and and like mad you'd like this big laugh like flowing dress always flowing there's no way and it's always slow. The right thing guys that have been in new area. In the public. Cup. And craftsman. And generally do it again and now I have had kids Serena now never it was never that you never know. And I never had a little a little human filling runaround went from his that this person names. Screw that person picked up today and and dean now about this currently. In powering women and that's where things like we live to talk about is. That's really fine and you shouldn't be bragging on somebody because they don't want kids and should be right on them because educated yeah. And it fits their needs each person's. And decision boom can you think let's just live our lives and just support each other whenever we get as long as you're safe and healthy and everything that I let matters is exactly exactly. Going back to like I mean we did talk about Chris Cornell how I was that you want to wish you could have. You know collaborated with their performed with his or anybody else like any other bands or artists that you could you know. Either tour where there collaborate way it could you gone to work with some amazing writers and musicians over the years mean anybody else you know. You know. We can keep the edge of Canada. And unadorned went. And obviously they have to Easton he. Would be sending them to users and. And grumpy yes Britney Spears now. Why I. I guess that can even answers and it. They worked hard heavy metal rock with Britney Spears and and it down would be quite it's now a look at anchor man apparently got. It's. She's a great singer to every time is that if there's nothing mission and you move it anywhere and it's you know she came out in the real. Give me key Mustapha chased it. That play and that that was and how do you think yeah. And then you know and then she's starting evolve to show us and let him ruling in nineteen sing in non answers did that in Metallica and subsequently with today's that they with Tony Bennett. That's Maria yeah she's performed with him as well. He's differently she's shown her range she did. A musical signed with the sound of music she and I can perform that once it did it beautifully they keeps adding it so bullish you've got the respect than Q do you in and she did I think the gimme keeping was paid. I want your attention now here you can. You want to have him and I bring him. I was I do decrease in 2016. And it was really neat is they've put on a workshop for me you know vocal coaching job. And then we did shows and one of the bands it was on and cover bands as Breaking Benjamin and then there was machinists and lie why do I look back at his my shouldn't. I am I think is seek it can cause it can happen on that secret can think telling me like them mantown. For forever Cutler shows before we stand up with again. After Chris is Chris is a wonderful and as early cool. But they don't you know that's pretty neat chaos again and it can. If it's a little bit more industrial hasn't been that turned all of it done. Mawr nine new. How many metals are there you collier said. Aaron hill's new metal new metals industrial metal it is it was absent on biking metal I think it's been. Think it. Think if you mean and president. And it's got the members of the world that no thought is that John as adamantly ethical kind. There's only one kind leaks that. Hole is home and he's just briefly getting the last thing grind core something I'm going to hit the and it just only only eighties to pick from spine. I mean I'd just like I'm not I'm not I personality and guilty pleasure. Term because I think he's just owned whatever it is a lot of fans like it and I love me some pop some time in. Let me from. Issue of the party favorite I mean. Yeah like pop pop and thinking pop that. Right it's okay. My wife and I am really really I really like rap and hip topic at hand Alec you go to club that booty in the park in fact that you think he toward. Didn't I. Die I don't know how yeah I problem I think I even in my gut that I think I don't I am I gonna need a lot certainly. And it. It's slow motion where in not only targeting them a little pain. Ask their rig up and you got a key down without. And it popped. A particularly great I I have always been in cash a man. Earl yeah you've got home. I mean I understand I love how they're there ever buy her new album that made it more or less poppy I love the poppy that party it ain't acting. In the UY thing yeah you album Catholics and Dolly Parton on new album a little bit more of everything but she can say she definitely can thing. The only one night again. Our concert last in my friend's husband bought her ticket her her birthday message she's sending a message that. There. You're pretty. And I shut your house and really tired that day she's exit my ex pat cash might. It's like no re detect and taking you with me I got. And it was like a religious experience as I grew up Catholic and when there's so much La and him having different people RA high hitter so you laurels at all and I mean that's the I think again it's like when you go to the geez just like everyone's annaly everywhere inspired have a good time is now. Nothing like crazy going on which is why I'm really excited through it and I worked errors. And they're so sweet and a pizza is bomb I don't. It happened and you have to again at lax and we can you know after one hour you know lights come on she's quick uphold high. I. And Ochoa Aaron but yeah told it's really get it in your little one that is imminently yeah I brought billions but that afterwards yeah and the black pants and you've been busy Nubian bed probably isn't the events morning and it. These boots here who. I like I had bits and they're not I this and it spinning disk Obama. They've got these writings stone. They're like be doubtful that is the best and put the picture based bank. And students than in Apple's share exit and I don't know licking my feet is and the collectors than but it's. Opposite they're so cool. The Steve Madden isn't. Saying you know like I amendment you. You know who's in and I would never be able to Wear me anyway. And I think. And pressure shopping and I that's my guilty pleasures boots. I live buying beaten them an obsession to many things have been telling where he went there I added. Hi through these I think I have like planes going now Booth but I always an important casual food for going out because they can't screw up my going under the if the thing in Britain and then I don't know. I listened to so much music and had mentioned earlier that day quotes. In Monday due vocal performance coaching and here Washington's. Darius right lessons and learn. From us coached and know bring down. Comfort in percent. As sometimes it's really hard as you have to turn to interpret. How do you do something in different ways that people process different that really aren't that in doing. I am introduced to so much more. Different kinds of music and just when I do. Isn't so one dimensional just you know doing one thing. And it there's hip hop and there's some hip hop that right now and really it's very interesting so different than my store my stuff is so weird and heavy. You know drums and it's just crazy all over the place analysts stuff and and with a hip apps that it's doing and who missed. Some weeks from Kenya. An excel as deadly. That's anywhere and you and I have. But I just like some country in. Do I some. In pop music I think it's for me it's about the songs at its a good song yet just kind of cocaine when you teach do you they give them. What kind of music usually get your nice to a lot of voice lessons and it would be a lot of like musical theater and we I think more like. Or randomly Italian opera them all and it all Italian food and other risk people. I mean they come to me because it's Amber's special and because of the Stephanie do you I'm not bring the teacher goes in and sit and yes that's an MR champ car and and I mean I understand that they don't wanna have to learn in Korea or whatever you know. Am learning operas really good for you because it teaches you how to breathe really well and get paid resonance. I'm on the other side of it diet. I have to say that yeah I don't come up with the songs ask them to show me what songs. There in 200 artists that there. And then work without the then maybe I'm finding out who learned that something that help with the issue skill sets that they have to do so it's all over the board room. That's cool but Montana Lance. At my music teacher back in the day level. To honor. They are all like. You're gonna be a Broadway action over singing and like jazz hands and took into the muddy thinking of them and we need to musicals and who has he's yeah. Oh yeah I mean I have some friends and school through. Like and naps make you there's their voice it's four you know some people like that you're like I owe you some Aaron stage Ehrlich recorded it. Some boys and I used to be on a lake on Broadway and has. Gotten gas line we have like every every year it seems like they've put out that news that hit at like Carrie Underwood did it I was on an edict. I think McLaren Mary Alice I think she did we interests she wrote the music being really like her. I mean others don't sound like they're just like dangerous stuff and selling as an alloy media pack. Yeah great voice and confusing Jesus Christ superstar now from our so cruel and now clearly I mean he's he's in the Marines left in me and should be. And it cooled Nash and she seems very chill and get down to earth person. This year public at least in this area and we we got you coming in May we have like some awesome eighties. Making their way in Cano an obvious we have. In September there's an an essence of the names in the fourteen of economies like. A death and heaven and in December I cried. Now. Add. That. I'm fourteen and I guess is that Eric this is going to be part of an and a. Music and thank her first album yeah. And and we have a in this moment coming on the heels storm an unused as well I didn't disease incredible. Sweetest thing just seems like a really approachable person. Will proceed to. I come over and when he. That she's like I mean one year I asked for tickets receipt by the way you'll start in this moment. I'm L core zone. Overcapacity numbers wins I it was a loss of that I mean gas it's it's just. Yet again please. And they gave me then and would you mind helping with the meet and greet. And just like signing off names like him and sometimes Iqbal. And so when there is an issue where radio station all of them just keep swarming out in Kenya. Yeah. You guys give me the tickets and I didn't. Definitely if you're just personally units that. Finally when I love seeing is pleased and again any situation whether it's news anchor. Members like awesome communal lake. Happy with it and it's not a if you can make your own life he now all fronted tour. Has ladies. I've and it apartments. It's working die cuts aren't Anguilla roster yet I think that hey. And he worked in my district and my eyes on the I had to put it down and down yeah. Can you why it's working on be seeing your music and I'm not like we got him. I am now I have to make it we wake up so early all of us in the. He can. A lake or have to be a. You Stewart but if you can pick a couple eighties to just throw it and be I would definitely want to work with Lindsay. Is sweet. Are those people are talking about these than need. And just being on girl thing I can like. Leading polluters if something had just the thing you start that. They hadn't won before and that was women and men with a was that the leftovers. From things can ridden it. I think it has to get solved that rocked the higher. And undoubtedly some in the moments. And then you have. Although awesome lady asked I think you know when you're talking earlier about. You would want to go with and can be great minds comes catalyst and thanks for reminding me you have to ask my manager about the. And I am coming at you. If you do you got to let me pitch to me like it was great and had me very jealous and crack addiction. Because they went about it I'm listening to my immortal just like now I'm happy for us. Its Internet and TV gains. Amy Lee I know. I know she have won I don't know if she's got another one thing and that the couple years old at the spikes and she did Leann. Like lullaby now bomber hit albums to. And in whatever music videos she's indicted in the last ones he had him in detail and is very Q that's an. Awesome to see all these artists that ball through the years and an end because. Ignorant. I'm not mean it's okay. Economic. I don't feel like I kind I don't wanna go out and has been through headlines off exactly at the site on the Internet it's at something like we are forced to grow old and four sticker. I'm like I'm. I am I joked that I am shorts I never actually grew up somehow an egg mixture. Get there it's like hitting a couple more inches I'm not gonna be amateur in the public mind. I am. Proud soundly in China. As the hang out that's when it's it's time for ego. We do have some of my questions that are different tearing daily light two RS I missed her care in Helena and hopefully due to meet you some room you can agree that the coolest chicks ever now my ankle early apple knows he's like who's really isn't clothing equivalent you'd be human embodiment of a cold retreat. I'm super excited lab every saying that she. Does she's just like alien NG whenever you're. But here. She like a miniature gold country and yeah the remaining eighteen and we really yet. Yeah. But she did provide some rapid fire questions to get to know you look at and ready. To each. Coke Pepsi Pepsi Netflix and Hulu Netflix to your vinyl. Winter or summer summer summer all. And look at other tell them like some dogs or cats don't he don't eat for a bank. Purple. Jackets hurt but he. And jacket. And yeah. It went up there bombers. Let's stick Ehrlich wants lipstick eyeliner dying. Vote. I mean doesn't it is I can't add. Anything to make my eyes off of exactly. Eating out or staying down. Oh. The hard line and there's no take out. I'll do it tells us as family Thanksgiving and go home and paella I really eating whom I like eating you know what that's of people that are. And I haven't summation. And user piercing. Tattoos. It was. An errant pick up at a yet you know it's. Really it of the public Alley as the game for figuring everything in. Hawaii or Mexico. Hawaii Italy agree. Greece moved the back. And group. Them by Rupert OpenId with your vodka. Wind OK. Fair enough blighted by getting him. Pain mixed doing similar shots. The trees a fan. It's nice and that's an early quick and I like slightly wanna get in gunshots. Yeah. Mannequins are whiners who let it get their Medicare's. Both in the. Can't really do one without the other yeah I have to go do that today to immediately grandstand for the video or written the regular hours something. Yeah yet until they was telling me that my video of the for the nothing against these five Katie cameras and it shows like in every pore on your. And had a I didn't completely due loans even just a black. I mean we have to. Alan and you. Gotta be present corral in new entity now. And then. Sweat pants or yoga pants. Does this thing you had to be that he won. Yet canceling the span that yelled at this. Me and I think congress or bits that we are in these. Other. I was on actually. I have I say when men and women. And for you Larry Mara and you guys. Nobody really. I mean come up with a statement like I mean yeah. Known you know. That I have my experiences pain. It's a nuisance and you can connect appetizer I've been our parent's not involved 8% and I guess adding that the I don't pretend I'm. Depends. An open. If I can find I have. Feel that are soul mates and I believe Exel people and I haven't seen it it's only it's not an romantic sent them in my mind and I think at. In a bind at females be. It means I'm right here yet. What color preference it's hot. I like all the rain ninth hiring a leg and gave me crap because I'm relieved again along hand funky hair intact excuse me but there either taken. Gay. All learn you know live in a car. That's almost helpless I'm good. That's equally as fancy is Diana who. That's at a decent that doesn't have to be like crazy rich or they aren't mailing card. An anomaly and blizzard at night. That's normal bankrupt and the Pentagon Arnold enough I gonna be crafted just like you and I don't think eating cat is accused in the night it to the hope to add to think about it mosquitoes about the nanny. I. Do worry they want. What I wanted to Texas a violent Vicki dollar. Think. It. Once again. Check out her new album coming up meet first behind the veil. Get all the information panel Mort dot net to parlor and face that also if you're listening to this before April 19 which is separate point. You can check at a face but for the spotlight that's going to get on the set ever of that shoot for Rackers unlike eyes on the it definitely keep and I am for that and get ticket at ticket buy dot com for her see. Deeply rightly geez he and I. He's been so awesome he now leads you in chatting in the from yeah. So how wonderful show and every evening on those yeah Barkley. That outlook now my yeah I might have seen them it came about them. If you that. I don't know and they would love to have you back on to thank you that the thanks so much for the team. And I don't think there and listening pinky and I think. The scale yet. And to put them. We need you really couldn't. Yet I am scared a cable on the.