Broad-Cast Ep. 106 - "Wanna Makeout?"

Wednesday, April 25th

Vicky B and Ooh Sara talk about how much tongue should be used during kissing and what other things they miss about first dating someone.


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It's been. It. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Need. He's parent and hang. I'm Vicky that's a lot of that is in say around. Look into the broadcast. Before we get into that today's shenanigans. Serna beat that. We have faced the page to the broadcast cast twit and and Graham brought past 999 collar Texas at Q 53 sevens and an 86029. Or enough with the broadcasting in nineteen now docked. But one of the things is funny it's like my name's Tim. I'm a big fan of the show Vicky said at the beginning of the tech talk at the said that she gets this right away from had a responds I did at that high duties at night have fun. Not that kind of kind of funny. And we actually got a message from our buddy Linux. Man it. You know I think the women haven't gone down. Because I think unless we talked. While. That he was with that that check who has cool if you hooked up with other checked yes I think the last time he talked to us was January. All Lowry of Ben and Miami he says up kind of podcast because having going to school to become and does not say. If lake and a black apathy vacancy pattern I found. Mail. And and an SST ideology that's really all anesthesiologist anesthesiologists of them and it acts when he can't and lack. I think it's just like adding they got sent out orders that feeling it's been awhile that really the high on the podcast and going to school to become an LP and its owners miss coming to a hospital near you. I guess Meryl. Anyways tried to. It these are all out of order I don't know why. So weird I just realizes. That email out attacks both. But it's like I'm reading and Utley out there all out of order and it is ultra a news. Is that if you're out with an excellent. And we obviously plan had an Intel piano. Basically an he's trying to do the poly Emery with a Axel she moves somewhere recent and now it's pretty much the same situation that one with her friends. And becoming a great lifestyle for me now that I realized how high can sex drive is. As far as threesome with go it's usually my partner to find someone is interested in any goes from there any questions before the cast you know I'll answer them. Keep it short remember. You guys wanted to know more about it said you guys any questions about Pollyanna marine. Probably the race so he acts so that's what we're talking about I broke out I think she moved away he's been in the early Asian and is doing the same yep I'll. A pact while Anna Annie get an X for you most secured the busy busy man. Have a bunch of different Laney and I think that's kind of lost them I did get an email as well from TJ awhile back and did not flavor because like at a spam. Al 'cause he's a window pane documentary very cool which ID for low window pane and I body sending my link that I I mated beat me eggs making of music video for some reason I thought of that. But he accidentally calls you make picture frames with a pictures down into the protective layer over them I assume. Our products. ST do let me out thanks TJ. So I basically take comic book speaking do you any kind of picture you magazines or. I think that it's a little easier if it's not so glossy of immaterial it's still. Easy just get some mod podge I think is the brand recouping whatever. Honeycutt vitamin craft stores online and in some places like Fred Myers and I have my haven't data target. You just put down like a thin layer over the picture frame here realize it's not it's. If it's not treated so it doesn't have already like a protective layer blu wood will soak up a lot of it and they realize that your. Your pictures of south kind of bubble a little bit. Hey I had a lot of. Seth was that the authority like Ari treat your painted frame. And so yes definitely if he can do that I find that makes it easier also with the firstly you're just put a little bit on the back of the paper. Kind of start comical watching it out save your favorite pieces of the ones that you want to be the main focal point to be and answers and earlier. OK let's do some background images is that it doesn't Bobble gap but it just put a very thin layer on their otherwise it will bubble and if it's obviously it's paid retreated. It's not the ball as much as found in mind. Limited experience here yeah 'cause. But out here on your belt though there's a punitive realise on the and I took me awhile to figure out that sometimes that you put a couple layers of mod podge that should help to. I don't think the what can you ever on bubble of the does Muller now that it's hard your pastor I've figured out yet and still learning. This is the nonprofit path. Him. We have a short putt because that makes it a lot of stuff going on today. Ali what are you doing teller and that not happening now. I've supposed to get attacked a and my buddy is apparently who's going to be kept hitting me very sick and just text me before the podcast. Literally black markings on going and rescheduling really thick and I don't you sick and coughing and exciting. He you know yeah and I skin basically. As such because it's not like it quick. Opening minute bang in re going to be a minute what's. I don't mind. Now only of the week there's been enough which is nice and excited and it's soft and the economic storage unit. To buying clothes because it's summertime and apparently coming to reckless and I storage unit prepared and apparently it summertime I feel it's rainy this week at all as weak when that stuff on nine. Work and all that. It's fun. And as we its history. And Ayman analysts that's to get a tan. Ethnic but different ethnic. Mean are you ultimately got out and happy parents Stan and Blake outside. Say it for me. We can't do anything I have Aaron some political lock. I guess for lack Panasonic announced. Like I its own name faults with enjoy it and then next week earlier isn't it next damages that texting. It is his mind and his hands Tuesdays and Wednesdays and I don't think. Spears at 1 o'clock today. Actually accept it and I am just gonna go home and eat some points. Really hungry so is it next week for gas well I mean assuming that neither of us are sicker brain happens inning at all get I'm excited. They have that image in mind I kinda game like here's Romanian anti wants. This chick and it's like a bird person in the she's human but I wings in the can bird legs. I don't care she has wings or not she's wearing like a school of a crow. Well I'd like to native currently space around that kind of looks like ants on behind her almost. She's holdings all but I kind of wandered into the school be holding Nia microphone. A long battle nod to. The many years have been doing this in the right beyond in the regularly never forget it like I quit tomorrow and edit your radio again might this is still a big part of my day light. It spent most of my adult life at this point you're not doing about it but it's. You're not no I'm not wearing that yet I forget I'm not putting and I have always up early. When people would be changed really that's what that car and I know what I wanted to be something for it in the and I on the image I love. At the here's an idea. I want these three elements you do and Kelly pressed color black and I am thinking back. By the I'm very excited for next week next week it'll have started yes Hendrix at. But oh. So what conversations behind the add her name and at like behind the scenes they should say via off air men are all just think of something random. And all posts and we have a little face a board. And I came I was thinking negativity about guy I was seeing about a year ago. And Houston he didn't complain he pointed out. That I am kinda weird and making out. In a sense of I don't go in like he would like try to yes it is time in my mouth would just fine on. Like we just do it a little town like my whole ton they do a little tongue and I use it to tease it's player Allen his little bit I don't I never really go past. His teeth too much. Yeah I don't like all of and it just about it so he can I feel like you're using time yet but yeah like like and making out the only ideally I think it's fun playing and by Lance in my. It's like on here like on your nose entering your cheat sites can get in it with Ed. Thinking out immediately. First time ever made that it was 21. Hole. Twelve and thirteen it was in the library of freak me out brawl are. Yak to that on to says he's over your mouth bigger times unhappy I got a sore letter mountain. And like it's the wrong thing to realize if that's if what I do is does not count is making helped and do it in I'm not gonna make you are doing like making I dislike like that this did this guy just like. Might wanna make out all the time it was like when you guys are just getting like hot hot iron. Both like when we are just yet is usually hot spotlight when we make out in end up going to on the other ballot has apparently just making out sometimes I mean. It conflicts with. It boy Gammons and asking Mountain View exactly so early. If I'm gonna make out with somebody like. Mine in plain thing. I've made with egg I currently. You kind of stick his tongue completely keep losing ground a little bit but he doesn't like swirling around my entire amount yak. It's not like you're typing on now that I might do and I spent on the other Saudi amount. Am I supposed to go in the settlement was trying to play without them like I don't have real life I don't know and I'm pretty experience a lot of things. I I am won't be much how the act of I don't think I now at all honestly and I do you like to yes I don't like time. I I have. Bandwidth and have hooked up with guys in it for like at the club via singers coming in that how you make out meet the slate. I can get your time more than I feel your lips it like. It turned me off your mouth is like why are there. Op and then Mike had our eyes upon my time dew on it like play like tong war is with you or you just how Mike until an hour like again none tie in any badly that I put it I cheek. Right now and then and we are like going around in circles. And musical chairs we. And it just admittedly my whole mouth as well and Michael Brown I live like everything's wet it's nice use of the White Lake. Await your X bit and hop off me like yes to me it does not do when he thing. But. But a little bit is OK. Okay I like you're like the little barrier lake. Little sees. Little key like in so now it's like. I'm paranoid. That like I paid in not making out properly exist not how low apparently you know back and things like. Yeah I had a French case I guess I've always liked product and I non. The areas cancer I loved just. Announces Lleyton Texans TJ is that yeah my video Ed and Mike leaking out at and maybe they think that hang in there and really only just a little bit every town on again yeah apparently it tees yeah. But you. Usually that leads to more or show it because I may have gotten when mark compliments out like you do now more than making way. So I'll. I don't know all. This article from you and your tang an dot com your team. Yes entering the action video into some in spades later but like Kathy they're kind of doing the same thing just like that little link the mouth open in in just like. This smooch is it's funny because I audition hustler what a few years ago and watching them and they always walked in and zoom on how people can phenomenal like. That would be my. Fear our. Own over time by going and our director at the right place but you see them like Mel open. He splits his time she's of that back and it really is like a a dance of the tongues battling drive but it's not real Hillary is like well. I like there. Maybe I Bennett good concerning but I just Arlen I know what to do is I'm just like ending I've you know I mean. But and I thought like accurately. Well I believe it tells you on how the profits to be two French can Fat Albert and on and Irving Ackerman here. And I won't be victory. Am hates the where's stage on the meter and a she's busy and you waste if it is he working partner. Number one is decree build up. Rabbit thing going straight Tim massaging your partners tong with hires. It's have a little built up the start it's looking into the side just that that your nose or not no way. And each school is your partner's upper lip with your lips for a few minutes so it's kind of like. Basically kissing one of Netflix and violently. It certainly can. I like humans fighting like I agreed on golf full force now wrapped a man. And then do the same with the hourly. You can alternate between upper and lower lip for a few seconds or even. With an action and that is use your time but let's see what it says next is faster easier tongue from squeezing his split between viewers. That's slightly of the decided appear mount a little more so that you can massage your partner's lips a little bit with your tongue. And he seems like this can TT here's your tongue in Mars that just complain when it. Critics that you're talking a little bit more sleep massage his time with it. Apart is enjoying it you'll mentally being claim to reciprocate returned the favors. Make sure not to expand your tongue too far otherwise your partner me feel comfortable and the like playing a little bay out but not awful tunneling maybe. How to make tons accident on the open. We imagine that game out LaMont really. Different of the relief for. At doesn't have boyfriend had such a long time on religiously. Like open now extremism and I was like scary. Holy. You don't the a's sir please I've down you don't feel how like law and it is I mean if we're. I mean you have like he's not like that but I don't I know evidently know about the relaunch linebacker. I blew it when he saw healing touch it. That's. Just about ten. The same. And it's not Gene Simmons and yet only. It's. My time out in palm Macon now. The next thing three is the eat out of the kiss slow. You want to stop French kissing your partner the easiest thing to do this to pull away from them and stop. Ill little abrupt. Did nicer to stop using your timing go back to start squeezing his upper and lower lips. Between her isn't the four people way so don't forget about these two things one thing should never forget that when French kissing. Someone is your hand so you can wrap around your partner and leave him is another great things you can do with them completely going. Like scratches and a and that kind of like. The eighth. Just gentle I mean out islands. To wrap my phase in my book like he. Me you're a robot and a me. Programming had about kissing with what he likes on movies and drag me if that's the great debate tilt had nine degrees going back. Tell it like you know Obama got his eyes are wide open like oh god this is not. Here Riga. And I. They just centrally. You know kind of happy and they're based occurrence that. Perfect firsthand online do you. Do you prefer just like a Packard you preferred. I make out of her church. Like a long. It's like not just like a pack on the lips like you know. Technically it Kelly don't let a little open now and you think I Catholic part and Mal. And let me. And then if it's like hey into the fallacy of that and it non public and (%expletive) up and I think to act I've I've been. They have broad. I. Sleep around. The easiest thing to do with your hands is to have rubbed them up and down his body and don't stop there you can also enters hair. The back of the scalp is one of the most sensitive and Raja was found on the body. So that they are being distracted gently. And a in the but I mean it makes it like it feels good to yet. A sexy dominant way to French kiss someone has to put his hand on his cheek and change which side you're kissing them on. The final thing that you should never forget is the slower at slower is sexier as far sexier hotter and more sensual and passed washing machine French kiss. Not a natural. And there's not. Only basically the main point of this article. I don't. Brady learn and I'm like how do you learn word you learn middle school and just like. On random dude like meaning high to practice a mob pillow and I'm air safety Kidman dance. I. Is typically just the pack and I didn't hit until the next year make my it was so weird my first of that I did it closed now. He did open mouth so he kind of just eat my lips. And it was very wet for mean and out like. A link in your mouth all. Day. Yet now is really weird I don't. I. It's like and looking at the articles once as a how to people Ernie kisses mr. experience or watching on TV and movies people learn how to kiss by the just pack. Them like get a kiss buddy. Just practices slick TV like kissing that I actually got a very political thing to do. Really talk about me he Shanley is like you know having sex and stuff like K I wanna try this I don't wanna annaly desperately this instead. Like I like kissing it's one of those things you just seem never when you don't yeah exactly united cube but I have a new partner I think would be like and that's the player around. What do you think there ever reading a magazine as a high school. Was that if you go get coffee in your significant other gets like a hot coffee yeah hold one so that when you're drinking you can't say it's like different temperatures. Root beer or take an ice cube with a pack of four and obviously huge one so small via little guys kind of patent it hasn't backed by our. I think hold it isn't how it's just weird I went back to but I have been like one guy. One other for about. You know the team like you hit tee it feels weird and it all cord and I think like. At all it's like like air follow that might well look well like what we're T knocking to T. Yeah and he and it's weird yeah storytelling is yeah they're T it's though that when you're biting into food it's a different texture like cattle like that yeah. Yeah Ron Cummings thank you think it's hard and soft like only and I I don't call it is funny emirate that at a friend's house really demand and Kelley Cain and this can say. And Eleanor and he was the OP comes back and we lubricants and a lot of it and had not used only used in Washington DJ. Half an hour and a tag them as little bit more I got about him and he's the. Well I geared hourly news and I meant it and that's so weird to his lake. You can. With that so much tongue action. Want to Heath what you just happy for him and Italy to taste I had for now especially because like. Bear that I don't like that migrant meats like. Fried chicken like oh really needy you know what I'm saying yeah her face. I'm in line. Tell lick your top I would does do that normally. So why why I don't like an opening actually and were really about it how the tongue but. Why the French students I've noticed how would become the norm the dew and mr. Ellington. The last thing the difference is that down and I. CN authentic that actually happened to cut it out by the teasing what you had but I'm not now. Thumping faith in the hey you know I know. It was at nine is cupcakes think you know. Vanilla cupcake like when it like it is. And I mean it's. Rather something like. Pizza home for citrus. Like an apple. Pineapple like I'm thinking like that he can learn like cock felt. Something like I gotta eat like soda water and a lie I'll see you about not mean. I mean that's what it is in. A group. I mean it when you know you're an alligator whatever and have pilots really chapped immediately crap and it yeah. Shares grab on your lips. Outs that's. Not too bad now. NC take. I don't know what the parts are beaten and kicked consistency. And sugar. You agree that your. Some things pitchers like lemon online game. And in. Some sort of a little bit of oil leak coconut oil. You mix that together and you can it give it to rush into your finger on just brush its lead off set off it just it takes to death can. And yes especially neatly in the shower at is a good time to do in the shower after it looks a little softer the water via just an optional tickle your kids can play in the finisher Scott is good for achieving that takes mutants can often years yet erotic or something. If you sell out and do and that's not Hamlin from what's. The difference in excess of 99. From its patches you. Got to app and tap on her among the case that kind of thing. He's like electron. Phil fulfilling. So my new favorite chapstick is like them and he kindly from the act of if it feels good but I made sure of the name before in Dominic hit the bank I putted nine. That way tingles handling in its attempt. And then when he leave like he counts as a team and they. Like and I pressure on Atlanta. Outline in every time he's self government that can you know make comments that you've now is RO and a chapstick and up from honors that's like a spark Coleen. And it comes your mouth. It's good. When he makes out you did not that can't believe exe uniting and I know that the detective flag amendment tonight that's and it sparkling. Sparkle and trying to be discreet and not make out with it and fight it you know they hacking it felt like as both your faces are governance sparkles and yeah. Again and. Like kept out of the bag than ever and there are an expert on their face and that keys this law. Well like you and I just make up for fun these right rent and that the things they did and all these lists. One of the most important rule about making out and get things as we don't know the person at the pictures down you know that you. I am I am and it's like you need to convert that things and confront. His kids and I feel like. The teeth and you have to bite bullets. Team. What I'm biting Valencia. But I don't do that I usually that's usually gets stuck on me way mar and somebody by Ireland totally but I do love giving youth. Follies. And love getting even think they're so fun night to mark my territory and how likely do it like a little bit of pain. You know it and like yeah you like it shut up. But it can send naked as the evening Francis X and think yeah. I love I love giving geeky on the you know amber and I like to easily do it like a little below that her client chat so like wherever and I'm like the second time. And everything easier Jack evidently it likes and yeah he can pulls in matter how he acts then it's like when media that Chester whenever it's more bone. You like I I I do like kind of having Vickie Kelly giving picking at the same time I'm almost thirty years old. In never killed there is I'll tell you yes it is called graduating high school. I think yeah well it's iron and now now I do like getting picky lately and have them do or some thing to me I'd just wait it out by the. Think people think the root certificate and explain and sometimes Arab racism. Would have that you have the perfect excuse. You can't you'd like the whole of the restraining your Purdue. And straining my hand Gergen it's. Actually got some and we would do this now I am currently my shoulders and my face with a IPC your house ones that comedy actor we played board games. Was your forehand as like I did Miami cheek math huh. And it's again congress isn't perfect that's what data in on that justice memorable guy. Calling me out. It. It's a lot of fun in Italy is one of the things those optimism recently. How there's a lot of things that we did we were younger that super exciting that's very and now. They never gonna happen theme excitement. Like the first time I mean that was somebody in person you meet somebody laying down. With if you did have sex you mean like are older now because we we do all the time that we we usually just make out to have sex. Mean may Allah and so that. I have done it in oaks and recently you know just birdies kind of action. Wearers like eight we can't do anything but making things kind of fun Yassin the economy out news like comic on the bill that was so much. UIQ. So how aptly puts you actually take it light in Celek. Like. We're going and I. Maybe it's accurate maybe add content until it says it's like I'm kind of ready like. At this point do you take its announcing that you have to take its lower Vicki kitten. You know I'm becoming not cool anymore to change it up like I'd been doing it this way for so along. You know by doing just the sex things even afford just friends. Let's enjoy it. I still going to be batter like in and day if you have different feelings about it it was a new budget like Kerry had a crush on right lets you like it might get butterflies car. And I think that's. Where do you get butterflies in France Russia and sometimes they might get myself to think. Eggs and you do and I put myself in the public. Let's pretend note that it's not the same yeah like this is kind of Yad doesn't like raft the pack your ethnic months late if they text here like. In our. Speed then I think the first will be like yeah I like the idea of having make. The first of its sex in the first and make out too if that's and can only. Never happens outings and I think the buildup is kind of like the idea of it yet intriguing to me it must report I don't know. Now it in mean and I totally feeling and IA I mean I kind of sort it is stated that. Because the first time and we got wasted and ironic tried excellent but it didn't work. So then we went on a date and it just made out and then you being you know running means so it how about like. That kinda like progression Garrett for like three or five gave them away but not me that's the deter Bernadie. In eternity to wait that long when girls are silly Diane five B roll. It if you can all knock it it does it doesn't at this theater the reason wiping were rushing into nowadays because we have Constant Contact with these people. So yeah go on that first date. Thank you met a mountaineer wherever you've already talked to a lot looking as you would ask on a regular first date you've already topped out. Via texting me ha Phillies already talked about exactly and that's when usually the collect it really let that affects both. Pick your shots we'll get naked but just happen I mean Olivetti there but I feel like if your trying to kind of you know get a little more out of it and don't think necessarily hurts the weight because. It's Adobe or tossup because I like the idea of having sexism and pretty. Soon to get like to see if it's entitled to that and so you're not just looking at it through rose colored glasses. These guys filming and I had no girls that would wait a couple of months before I had sex. Yeah you're building this person helping your head and you have sex and you like OK gang that's known her. Again the next big step in the moving in together and all that stuff but that's still way down the line. So if you're kind of you don't mean this persona that every yeah really excited pumped up to half sacks at first time. Assuming you also like puts sex on such a cut on assault and for a meal like that I would just. Pick and have a lot of pressure because I've been might have been the skyway for this many humanity and I like now has to be like the most glorious thing ever. I liked the ideas just. Getting it done fairly quickly here at least kind of experimenting T having mobile app ethnic island one day at you know. Fuller round and then you finally do it. Have you know the good thing about. Selling it sounds. Atlanta and I wherever he was still and his parents opt out. So he Italy picked me up and he dropped me off I would do like. Doesn't have good we're in high school like hey you might invite you over and you can't invite neo or at the hello find it ain't. That's kind of looks at me like he public I kinda feel like I am and I are now because like how about that might well. How how if I want to bring guys over. You can't get they have really need to whenever there as you move back to Europe and yes yes chasm and a traffic about fun and Ryan. Simon now. Yeah I'll allow Seattle in his eight years to build it does not know we're coming. It. Like how explicitly bring them home at night like. Texas somebody. Can't do that. We'll see if you ever if you go out not in lake Stevens hung out excuse like parents and errant Alley to dude like let's go to your house that would be ranking them. If we currently Stephens or whatever reason he can't hit their house. How much of what at least those the I'm not gonna drop money on hotel dad and I everyday like. It doesn't and are. Gotta do police aren't. You relax and shower afterwards and have a good time with it. And I comic like exe command McAleese to speak out of my house than ever snuck a guy in an even when I was in my early twenties living at my parents via I never. Brought a guy you know the only time I would hook up is my parents' house is when there my boyfriend's. I am and it doesn't know they ordered stated now out without feeling and I felt all cleanup to do it like yeah picnic there weren't that. I'm like OK apparently stinky and but it it's a sometime at the bar and mystique in my parents' house and I explained. Was not saying what he would random really go and forward. Vagina yes he probably would but you want back at a gonna sneak into your parents' house late. I even work an old friend I. Like work I need any ID before my doubt meant my boyfriend I. Blake. Totally cut out a whole separate entrance on ears and out like. All all I don't want huge Theo I don't like. That's disrespecting my parents you know like Emma an age where it's like I don't we learn that he can help time that I had sex and wearing hats ex house of the teenager. I was just believing that it would not do that Ali. I wouldn't have that they have sex everywhere in my house except from well I don't think. Hallway area have on the brain and not yet army in the kitchen in the lie under it's still do that. It's like means. Kind of thing. And fantasize NAFTA or like having thankfully while their homes and arrangements you have in our current level and a site. I. Thought about how you coddled them lately nothing. And can happen in linked to have a guy chill and watch movies and chill. And not instant aspect alone Netflix and still it is code for. That group is right about my parents and the thing monthly cash to back problems in the count is more pampered or something in hand. The problem with my house has its old. Annie and free dance like no more all the spots are. Being here it will people upstairs and and my feet into the fighting dorm room upstairs on the deck conceit is that. If you bring two people in the front or you're gonna hear two different. And passes. You would never do that I wish I could as I'm saying yeah. Every green and acts of them I don't think you would even. If a guy how to place that you couldn't go 20. Think you just kind. Watch him. If you like I let my parents you'd act as a serious situation weren't you a purple pants and Q how big is this how often hard for three years ago I picked up with that went high school at the sky and they knew him we knew of each of the coroner friends we never talk. I just knew his name and night. Add them on the east or something and we are talking and we actually got along soup or else. And we thought a couple times. On its. Greek nation EU in Q. In. It was in there anywhere like. Rooms and Il. If you play. Time of the life and nature he thought I was at the time a life of the guy critic. You know I mean it was buying gifts like that's not what I I don't. I purchased the happy meal for the black guy purges it for the life. I'm not. No loud I want the. Game. In happy I want Opel deal and the like ninth. My goodness. I am not exaggerating the first time through like an unbiased at zero. The big. Thick that one's ethnic Tutsi Earl yeah that's not too big if you've never had to do Ehrlichman that. I didn't do well and we're making. It around and I like I like my hand up his way to find. It but it's wrong it's sometimes it's leaning to one side or the other depending on the week in and on. This way before even he and aunts. Whispered into the red whisper. And in the picture. This is so many years in with you entirely won that he's married now and everything. You'd. If so I'll get married an online as tab and Mary both at all. To me yourself so that must work and not like. The guys short say mine is like. The size and we pulled off like you have clients. Is such thing is tees on there is such thing as too. People think that too small I'd. Expect. Five we'll. I left I last played. Really cards. And the beginning of my way. Having sex. So I average lately T. Yeah. Yeah an anomaly. It. May get eggs and I I've got. Rain from their tiny. Pretty. You. Humble recently it's it's. I recently the last few months with a dude. In and like leaned against. What he had going on in times you'd. Packing heat. Much like you mind that you say. I'm scared I have both a route and terrified team. Is like well you widget like a brain. Action news in the act like I'm like. Yeah. Whining you tapped that. A fair bit. Of late here. I'm just really happy. And Jimmie is technical manager at the end. That initiatives and I aroused you above average there. To an average. Of cool. And Hudson have. Been our he really didn't. It's like albeit now he must now. You Google staying with him sitting apparently. They modeled after. A night like this are really all. You don't like Imus I said. He said the speed of like the Braylon like the rubbing it I just try something. Like so much like when your a Sampras that Hollinger. Do now you're like make your iPad Macon out stage and then you know you get on top. Yeah by your senior like jeans and like pull on out that because you're not ready to take that next play step but you're just like brining on tanning you can deal. His. The crew did you like rubbing up against and you do it rarely turn dime but there's so much fabric. I've really I really letter it better for girls. Death rates because at the routing of the guys that got elected partly it's a huge huge teeth and knowing your and so but I really like it yeah I cannot actually Darian. Averaged at Africa you were on the front you'll get for you. Skip that for us again and you like. Paid in Munich to the pants off and he he you're up with the stunt your pennies on the boxes on figure like. Clr that's. It feels like what you're totally cool right there right there about it got so put up with one little late patterns of I've really missed I'm yup that's right. I'd like and that I did I did I brought back I'd have went crime and at that how how were the reactions from both parties it. Obviously turn in the sacks real facts that I don't know Monica lately that is so fun and that is huge and I images of handling non. Done anything for the man that I should do before like. We got a workers by both. Be back there and I. That's the shot it was. And that the genes. But again predatory kind of court and you know. Yeah I Arabic first time meeting was lightly again Netflix or that we went to the corn maze in October that as a man and sixteen. And so we've got lots to. And we like found techniques like let's get as lost as the hand in this maze and violently a corner written nobody would come in we'd be really careful. Mean. Latest slate ready down it was raining and muddy. And Mike latest really down pressed it really bag Ulan liberal skinny guy but he was huge extra extra yards. It really get played on it they Heatley on and I highly likely knees were all mighty. Second since the in depth Tokyo it was a waste somebody's cell. Yeah and its sister MEI and again I'm trying to get my pets until next week I might affect and hit him up. Hit him up 89 inch it's. Italy what I could kind of measure over clothing hats I mean I know you're not into it like fall league. Braver. As one of the Atlantic section is an extremist. You're a bit and hopefully for a full. In the bathroom you adamant about her legal kindly on an Alley doesn't seem like that alone and Alex. Those who like that is that that is impressive and Vicki of course this every doomed Beatles became aware. I want guy and it's like man let the do you. If you any recommendations and kiss seeing help us help us learn to make out yet like. Iron properly from the other or is this is are we kind of are you in the same boat did not actually act I can't tell you have a what do you like become sneaking out. We will definitely read and I your text your messages on the east. Like what. Little insight on that means and then make of not felt so weird you miss from like. When you're beating your early eighty years the butterflies and notes you pass and I'm not now it's. Definitely make acting out you know I mean tourists. Apparently probably seen me. At a bank. Like we did a pretext yeah exactly. Pick five of the Texas. It's. Not a day for some guys.