Broad-Cast Ep. 113 - "Take A Deep Breath"

Wednesday, June 13th

Vicky B and Ooh Sara read a ton of listener messages and give their input on female/male friendships while in relationships, what you do or don't post on Facebook for your family's sake, as well as being in a rebound relationship. They also talk about little things you can do to help fight anxiety.

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Group roasts and although pin on the phones the much growth. Where's my water. And look Paula. Don't let me. And she is zone. And I. Is a picture that couple we try to conceive for seventeen years welcome sextuplets and someone says when you hit print Helen times all copies of that wants. Q. And while you're at that tech. My knowingly and lowered. I think it is that 18100 dollars every month that all you do is complain about me making too much noise walking around. So I bought a dog whistle and blow at all hours of the day and night and now I complain too much for dog barks and keeps me up. That heady move an apology. It. Damn you element. And Heidi. We answer it says is in pain and how. I think. It's been. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Need. Welcome to another edition of the broadcast. I'm Vicky Barcelona they can be. And we got the senate and Taliban. Don't know if I can actually see your name anymore just about in the news media who Sarah. Is Sarah if anchor. Think that on stars of we can't go on for the iron on if we should. Okay the on animal about if they lack the broadcast path for an incense at the prime cast 999 collar Texas that you factory seventh and an 86010. Diner in not for the broadcast 9918. Pound unpacked. Quiet. Answer makes a lot is our co worker call learning about it that way. Yeah I'm a big deal some excellent to see now he's just another guy in the building I am they yeah I've I have and a guy and yeah take as he is via a morning show host on the hot with her sister stations. Right here in the building he does broadcasts on things how to here's something that house we seem from. And he seemed rideau he's reeling from a few times and came in the that it has been a topic on the. Diddy out of my mind. Think it's productive since light of day time has beaten up. But I when actually acts of mine and you take the picture of him way like with him like they grabbing him and haven't printed and and they have brains that blank right in my name round where everyone if you Aaron NCA at a macro boyfriend at the theater and I feel like honored. Yeah right he pig you actually get to tap the sound right and I thought approve I was about to say like seal of approval. And I only got to talking briefly on hair when he is playing B meg yeah because whenever there is any lives you know whether it's tape or not and events don't. Steve the wind. Yeah just utterly and totally apps I definitely cheat every single time. So he cheated for some excellent athlete and and yet and I think yes the first person to who played like Islam just like giving him just with. Heinous thing. Can you don't me a commie beautifully there's a beautiful woman of their Indians and like I didn't give the answer is but I'll take the company's but I am into the following an. Some. Speaking of things other things that make your dad happy to hear. I answered right. All these district in weekend I kept thinking it was next. Nine. And I am hoping BJ. If you're listening balance until unless and until after all music or talk presents yet I don't know what the hell. Tomorrow night at the body Tuesday. Did I did not super expensive now rang it honestly I am lucky because my dad. As this out session the board games and it spent for the past few years so his list is never ending. So he sent feel lists all the board games he wants and white became a story yesterday and I play some games but not his planning gain on his level they didn't have like five of the games that he won and so I haven't actually gotten his numbers six and Simon just fine but then the peoples are talking about all the of the games are buying to mean I'm clearly is but I Allenby like. This isn't it means and now I'm nineteen you're talking about how behind the net a lot. I can't wait my guys gonna love this mr. ask me questions about it but well you know the original as if from this that out and out like on that did you know that and again. I like this is. Going on and on and on out like I that's how you get to see that he did. But yeah so I got him. Some games he's now but I cannot wait it's coming. June them both. Out halfway over now. Love what is it that Lyme Disease is a thing my parents have this thing in my brother to you I guess all of ST two back and look at more sneaky about stuff. Whenever it comes Annie and I gift giving holiday. Hey what do you want to honor you have to get me and I don't know I attorney crazy because you know. They would like to open some things are like a Bobby there are Macon some manner some you know IE. It's like do you want like there's when he in my mom's like I just want pictures but the policy and the pictures I mean that happen via. Backtrack and like OK but just tell me what you want my Brothers is infinitely immediately you alert. He not a college anymore he graduated. But he's still candidly in college kid totally out another college in their apartment looks like discussing and smelled like that viewed. They both runners such as very musty imagine it's smelling like you after yoga all the time. Around so. You boys and it is now sometimes went. And any but they. You want to rice cooker. Crackpot like what tools out there at. And he's in top Rodman and -- duke dot. Other runners can't eat something better than Topper on the avenue and I'm actually a crime potter blood brother to us accurately in Atlanta I don't I answered them fumbling bumbling and how the whole point of the planes like African rice cooker is that you can be turned around I would never do your very cheap and very easy. Red army water done in Canada writes like 23 days have a narrative that. Yeah crows and write about it in the microwave don't cook in general exactly mean that you like. But my brother has learned Q but does he liked you and will he will I don't know if you exit he will. I would add that he has a libel NCAA. Wade he can't wrap it takes he takes his health Sears. He didn't drink soda he doesn't drink alcohol counseling if I had never won a race that there are like a blender or your ticket unless he isn't coming woody and the wants some like. I need to give you something you're not giving me any clues. At every at a is. Gift card last year after for Chris is ripping professor at T sixty jacket and you are. Says for him birthday. I've bought Cain the sell these really cute it's. It's like a shark bowl yeah and it looks like sharks opening its mouth and you put the snacks and there. Yeah sleep a little goldfish crackers they look our linkage in his mouth like a top currently are not probably when that school interest clients snack time in public. The little ball and container but isn't like a ceramic once again nice won. It's not me app plastic and it's about a Matt and I put into snacks in a box. And treat you like I eat at a school that you like you. I would notice how both hit the other day when I went little ones and I visited. It actually went inside his apartment in not only to its not that yet goldfish crackers and it. It was like out fairly whenever you wanted goldfish crackers I thought it was really Q also I lobbed the real anger and different serial a thumbs out like all of us so dope but I. Collecting and you know like one ethnic app you still haven't. If I do it's downstairs and my like gifts that'd been there for like ten years it. Yeah I might actually be Celtic element. Of pocketing. They don't know we don't have it anymore I Don I think you I think we gave it away. We did a focus in on pins and thought he needed you know what ended up happening was I think we did it a test. To see that we each brought something into the studio. And see who like totally yeah able literal studio now it's basically like you can put food there or you can like hey dad these books or whatever this is. It's free take it T shirts who tape who would take him first actually you'd I think even Yuri got proper hello kiddies cereal dispenser and then I probably DDR until he put a camera there. And we saw who took a coup how long it would take for somebody to grab something in what it would take yeah have all hoping like our I would get. And yours ones. Yeah there. Are yeah yeah yeah at least we're here Jenna he. And in ninth and that has really been heading and they do not happening and it's. But going back. The task at hand Father's Day gifts. They got the tiny and because of buying myself the special song. As he's got the projects to work ninth borrowing costs off our tank that it's special type I'd Alec it's the one you see Africa Kenya Kenya and musical homage to those rounds about a hundred bucks like do you want that like her would that be get for others say that he would blindly without being appropriate gift is it not not equally cookie sent me. The type it is titled wanna it I don't know what it is race. And he's like. Gimmick with split my brother kindly tell middle. This is perfect my mom RD gotta get she got them so close that he's been eating and them. And. Is he gonna do you haven't yet. I don't think he's gonna well. If he does you can always try to fine I mean. Wherever it flies. Pixel corps depot or wherever I don't know what went and saw her. He can't think he is whom people. And if you think in that despite evidence that. And they're really weirdly coming gift cards are fine really can we give occurred in my family are for like. Hair if you went like solar panels are prepared and get it different than solved like Pampers on yeah exactly like with two with my boyfriend potter I don't give parents were experts say it like ethnic that's what I've been getting him and I'm Artie Mike oh OK link. Can read you some council luckily he wants like this grilled copper some things like out of that and beer so I feel like it's actually like. Eddie goes to a specific place to get as just the supermarket re out Amazon partners. But I mean Biden getting around are not doing anything wrong morally what. Our go to I've realized from him brother and I is beat by him jackets and sweaters teens and at least stick Clark in sweaters like at patents and cool like. Their studies that there once you can link where it's like a semi nice singing yes I am finally you booklet and more dressy than just wearing steered her eighty year desperately sick jacking it. You looks young and cool but not like you're trying to heart and a jacket via and it really good deal. Incident on said you're not tired at anymore jackets or sweaters because he has a ton. And he has so many that we have no more space on the coat rack all the and I hit his house basement closet and we need to go through that there really about it like in itself. I'm not I filled out my blog and I mean like. Thank you for the pop it holy no more there's no ground and I know I've gone through it and it like all of I have the plate. You'd need a bigger plates are screwed unite and so. I went to the under is game a couple weeks back then but each case. And people easily you know we can look it's up in the story inside if you go across the street when he keeper as we keep the good of the discount and I got myself. Founders tank top for ten bucks Holler and he talks tank top for thirteen now which teach think Philly thirty to forty but he acts now like the real mountain and so then I found this really awesome zip. Non Haditha like I don't know what the what you call them. In fact it kind of think that the later than a jacket asked. Not a wind breaker but there soft material. Am a Seahawks you'd get a I got it I don't like I got X I figured. I will be able to give this to somebody at some. It's like our Christie is now. A. Only god is perfect it's really cool looking doesn't have anything like this. And then like Perry promised to damage kick and I said to my monster but that's illegal your brother like it's to pick reverend. Plus it's not Brothers days Yakima and zippers birthing link you know six months but. And presents I have this in a bag in my closet chill is John Haley who backed it now right. At this Ali and I think it's so easy to get like winning and stuff like generic stuff. Even at that bad it's like a camp guy and soap and my body washed flowers every year yet chocolates and Hillary. I cannot yak jewelry orally for my mom lives out of town I can't thank you. Anibal arrangements are sent you flowers from others being average pay interest you know and I think link by eating at the end. Keep in my mom. We digger build an airline here and I'm really roads yes that the sound effects and I guarantee you know can we knew she would panic get annoyed by it so he puts you heartened at. On my brother and I went and did it together yet but I'll read it I give my brother builder charm under purchase her Christmas kids. Again he doesn't tell me what he needs some negate its ethnic and would be fun. Say that when you should get a gift card and I would much different than like random crap this year on what it's like you know on my random crap you're honest with what you want them to you. And I are the darling of anything like I mean in town like bottle line exactly. The youthful man regular visits. And thinking oh when I do my brother for Christmas when McCain's asking what I want to always go to we know it will go to each other like who wouldn't want what his ruling your mom and a so it's my brother when every season I want. I cinema picture it in and it went on and ask this is what I want. The picture of like these heels one year and I brought it up I need to heal here no I like hair strainer to specific care thriller strainer. Like this is the one. And it's Pacific time yes they count screw up yet but actually they're not bad like he can't get some into gimme stuff that I didn't think of getting from my math and reading through them right illegal ones like that the face ever thing either really expensive. Claire Annan is. The one Billy gala chair ASEAN. And in my mom got me on the flash and I opened and I kind of sad there's a deal mother like. And it was actually funny it was the the DJ game it was oh you have to live link Yemeni Marie now any comics. Now nick is a lot of fun so I'm sitting here. Hank he. And so yes you have any suggestions feel free to message us. Yeah. Mapped to that yeah a few days and speaking of messages we did get a couple. And the salon the standing it's. And it we actually did it click you. So this person did not break who they Wear this to a 45 numbers of Haley eighties have you ever had family member's comments and other family. About stuff he said on FaceBook and that you need to censor yourself. That you can't see the things that you say. So are you saying that we have we have family members that were saying. He's like that to your momma seeing teary enter your am missing Tim can't count if that's like. It's like. Whether they're talking about your crap or not are you saying that she. Order are they saying are you should be censoring yourself is that what they're talking about yeah or is like your hands talking to man like your mom your mom saying like. Be honest on that. Term and ideally it doesn't your cellphone FaceBook. The on my answer would be absolutely not except for this job. This job is what I feel like I have to censor myself often with FaceBook also a media honestly because we get inning were it were looked at but we're elect that. As part of the stations one break so we have to be careful where it yes with my family now not I mean if I've always been and meg this is my boys I'll say what I want to. And mrs. you know you can't have any control and if you don't like it then don't be front and beyond. I've always had a very big belief. Very outspoken. I may get the irony like if I've had a wedding like. Bear gonna be sung better clay there's going to be things in my about that I had are Graham I've you don't wanna hear it and I wearing earplugs you know. But no I mean I have like Hanssen staff to. Theirs and so on these items will host a bunch of stuff on my page will face stuff out like Imus. Roll my eyes out or whatever back. Mean if they were ever really talked bad about ice and make I'm either and let's. I don't add some my family members I have one uncle which Alina is a he delight you married my aunt who is Mexican and he's actually quite racist and well very old scooping he's a little bit older Q. Animals school thinking. Yeah you post some very sexist and things on base but in any of friends on base at an Adam and other cuts and a screen shot it and sent it to me liking you believe buckled down to about Mike. I believe it but what if you have family members like talked to your hands out what you post on it but I'd probably delete them my account I don't know you like no there's no family member on my face that pays that would do that. Where either my mom like if she'd feel like we'll sees her own person so yeah yeah what irony and I post on stuff like paint like I I always those slate whenever he's willingly gave pride related hello posting those literally the touch my heart went. That's intimately Q that he is recently and I thought I some Palin rumors that would now like this. I will post it. It's. Really post on FaceBook anymore. Yeah and I would say. The facts first on that family members coming in here other family members revenue directly if I have a problem is not cool. In the first place has been an epic just talking and your back at that I also think if they do come EU and you. Dull want to change the way. The choice to see it or not. There was one recently write comments on tonight's picture him actually you keep posting mess because it was the it was a picture going around if Prince Harry and what's her name when he married capers mine down I was in on. Carries the ginger anyways it was a picture of the with the what would your goal you don't just mean he. And think it's madam are lowered or whatever and then you put in begin with the ones really makes the first out of your name with this this and that. And like the street you were portly you grew up on yea out and that's how you get your name. You know and the one that they did I had seen someone else previously point out. All of these are common questions. Four when you look at get locked out dream. What was your first pet's name what was the street you grew up on what was that since like oh crap. They just having that information out willingly. Athlete and people that their driver's life. I mean that's like helpful like haley's filing you know like if could be sketch and it just like I pointed that out nobody commented back in well in July while the picture openly cap on. Your adamant that it. Hadn't I would give it sort of saying like I hair ball I think it probably overlooked thing. But we did our messages. This one is from Jones. Now says Hayley he's like he's the ice one of my best friend's a woman who lives two and a half hours away. So with that drive an hour schedules. We never instinct and so we only see each other a couple times a year. My girlfriend isn't the jealous type. That she doesn't like me being alone with making a friend so she is usually invited whenever I spending time with a female. But a lot of the times she's varied ends up being them. Teen girls together like. You know talking about fashion and make up type stuff in me basically feel only the third we'll all Dane getting no real one on one interaction time with my friend. I've talked McGovern about it before and she just reminds me how she got comfortable with me being alone with females. And how to win without its lying to my girlfriend are causing me unnecessary drama. Tag along Texan I think you guys for any ice. So they Ali if she is jealous that as the tells. You they're that Iran nervous weren't in crackling back. Basically she's jealous when he hangs out with each with female by himself. The doesn't have a promising Hanik female friends as long as she's there but he doesn't get to have that one on one interaction time I do you feel like one of my really good friends who you know. We he. And up like him and I talk about comic books we talk about you know life and philosophy. But just we get deep down in my and his girlfriend I'm also friends with. We can talk about you know gossip and this and that but usually when I'm when working out the three of us. Any like when we do the gossipy things. Not a lot. So I'm usually done at that time partly with app that type of stuff pretty quick and then I go on to the conversation with him and that she feels like they're real how to act. That it's a different dynamic for very tricky question please what do you think. I mean it's it did it it's definitely good that they get along any known each other and they can interact. You know a good time together. I'm curious to Tennessee had a friend feels about a eyeliner a friend and it feels the same minutes. She is missing that relationship but there's you rather than it being all three of you don't they do feel like I have to overcompensate from times with. Make surely you on again pants and stuff. He began to kind of make sure that the female the girlfriend of the wife feels very comfortable around me to jail. I mean there's actors aren't forcing it aura like I put way too much not not like force it but it's like that if I mean priority but it is time to come naturally my friend has a wife like. In an investor in three years and it up once but. That's I think she and features you know. But. Like her and I get along really I love China curtailing like a chat with them about different stuff chat with Eric and comfortable. I can have conversations and not with both of them and half they'll be inclusive. Yeah but there's other times where I'm sitting there like focusing on this email right here they don't want to make it weird books highlight. Your situation to Iran getting a sense where it's like that cute and Nia not girlfriend how. Different things continent and I was gonna successful I don't mean money is it do you something. And I felt all like all like that's a little bit more art. Do you you know like say she likes working the best friend like we're gonna car as the dealings were gonna cars but the best and also excitement gossipy stuff girl fashion hasn't as they like and they all try to work on cars and it back has a more of them. Middle ground but I think in your situation it's like. If you turing in to geeky stuff but other girls nine a gallon and I wanted to pump on something right there are totally out of her ground right it's just itchy Gatti feel left gallantly Q I have nothing to contribute to this conversation. And cycling you had that it like that when you really like freaking out stressing Alec when you're with your boyfriend that one time. Where he was chatting with this early in menu where feeling great. And so there's talk about their own thing like politics or religion or alleging that I had nothing intra idiots you're sitting there like them. Totally yeah. I'll live boy this very tricky situation especially because she lives so far away it's not like YouTube in just. Grab lunch or some you know some and make their task to be very plan now and if you're girlfriend's not indicted. And she is the Dell's site it's not NN Altria what I would suggest. Like something trying to mrs. Clinton apparently you're saying really tricky situation. Talk to your friend about ideally canine knows this is gonna be hard. But can we both try to make an effort to link you can talk to her about the fashion and so let's try to remember to can't steer the conversation sore all talking about everything. Not yet totally I mean when I felt left out. With my boyfriend and this check them talking religion like after I didn't realize is that's. I was having all types of insecurities on the sunny out after they realized like. Okay that's cool you guys to talk about that for like a little bit but realize that it's the three of us and only cure talking like race. It should be more of this is my bonding time yeah Annie you're so far away and I won a bond with YouTube so I feel lake. I mean that does put some pressure on your and that if she wants the same kind of friendship like she's try to. If you don't you can see Billick we. Think did you see the outfit that they put on Captain America this then you know yeah CA how are you see any Seahawks. Ever get comfortable with you hours away. Cnet's checked. Off I. Just on. An it'll get. You can careful. And I mean. Often not like I whenever early my preference would get girlfriends and wives and stuff. I would put my distance and it's mainly the thing that I get get along with him and his wife really well. It's like when he started he starts being when he started the anybody I would skip that didn't want them to. Fine me as intimidated in a writer a fat yes and that. In others where the base is such a and at that I can see him for years he was allowed to talk to me. And that Michael. And we don't want in you know on top ten with your ear for ray but that doesn't want this happened to it. Like long distance on the one LLC to keep an eye out for if she starts saying I don't feel comfortably you hanging out with this. Not because of a sexual thing the because she is like disperse via so once you're your significant other is telling you who you canning and hang out with. Seemingly people like drug attic crack and that are going to be stealing your money dad you know. You know I'm also not right like can be had these two Lal and you know he always just hanging out with so many girls they won't settle down link. Once this person like mailer FEMA whatever is telling you who you can and cannot be friends with for non of real reason that becomes intro that because controlling that in the form of abuse. So I mean I get the whole. You know being in Ireland Spain it. I mean I would like to say how I don't itself that's why I'd do I'd totally went like nightly prime minister and but I will actually like honestly still curious to seal it via lake of this for the chick like relief. Think in long term and dear friend and right speed you can mark the friendship and get more of the remake of friends today. I am. Is it I'm excited and getting no help us help fall out of the bed and question. Says site for this weirdness just wanted to reach out and let you now Hamachi on mean to me your shows have help mean a lot so please share this with everyone else in the shadow. Levy got electronically of course anything else would just be weird half I I don't think you mean like the morning show the podcasts like that are packet attack. And so they they definitely key states. It's lit the smiley face with the and yup. And in place and no doubt and not. There is going to be along text and I'm sorry but here we go first Vicky how are you doing after your gender Bender you later commented fender Bender. That out of the last week that after the podcast actually. I Euro Sara hall grooming company she sent its. I got N drop rather Mercer Island and then I just take for a five their value to get home in lake Stevens. On the DRX on the way to go to every it's like Agassi the console that we have and hasn't knowing. The car and our enemy was kind of slowing down like flowing like stopping really fast like enemy cherry gave some distance from Ghana this guy is doing the person behind me got. Annoyed wanna get ugly and fine that's fine. She is not paying attention in. To where she where I watch is in our lane she's paying attention to the person in the left plaintiffs it's swoop in and get an idea and so she got real close them up my back. She bumps you know bode and trying to deal with the Canadian insurance people and likely have a friend sent to Alina luckily enough she's that's what she does she assesses damage to cars and more exposure as people some of the image here what. How to regular the Canadian insurance the Kennedy TU. Insurance to me only different companies here their opinions or so but really not that I had some back pain for a little bit. And Larry have messed up back beard and a pain you know can't add that the most of the pain is probably Saturday. Crazy how like delays helmets with whiplash it's bad. I mean it's Ivan bind they are paying your car is drivable it's more cosmetic damage anything's some just don't want to look as if well scratch all of a lot of scratches in them. And like that nothing I can drive it fine and don't worry about like are we on the freeway yesterday Catholic pullover yeah how we are couple in the lanes in two Seattle a couple of really two or three lanes to get the rate you know to. So stressful I'm glad she follows apparently that she would follow me just keep going. After the athlete you'd be really on your game to get Alex play here. Are they can be gone right. Unlikely she is very apologetic very serious sorry today at a I very nice. So that we got that up figured out of that I don't iconic cops I just wanna go out that's outcry tablet in action currently. So I got home on the timing just chilled but so. But I am doing our and it sees it and second today well in the wind Kelly I was buying my sons and raspberries along with other groceries. While standing in line to pay my son was holding the container raspberries and I see him. Boy don't open them wait until we get home in a stir up painful talent into when he asked when he something blonde hippie looking chick behind me says. Some Richard collier in for a child abuse CPS needs to take that child from you. When I inquired as to why making my son wait for history till I get home is a bad thing. You know because teaching you know patience is a good thing. He's a patient that the doctors patients with patience now ha. Ha. You actually look at me and says you're forcing a gender on T your baby and you're abusing it. You're not fit to be parent and that child needs to be able to she's done an up day I sweet YE because. Week he said boy. Uh oh here's. You are all like it is there's a lot of people out there handed attack now. But there's a lot of people just kind of explain to see this a lot on the Internet that believe that he shouldn't quietly gender names or because he really needed you like. Genders non gender specific names here kid that you should be raising them with genders and fast I feel like let your kid like hey your boy or girl like I won't. If you love dolls and your boy go for another missing now again when I have kids. I think it's still believe they won they grow up and get out of a boy I think I'm a girl let's explore that another deny that from them but. For the most part feeling most the population is. They're they're gender that biologically hormone believed what. Usually right at your board would have seen S you're going to be considered buying in nearby out of dining you're going to be considered a girl. If it changes along on where you want change or whatever that's fine but until. That happens are you eat in your mind you stink. I'm something else I'm gonna call you a lawyer miracle I don't Earl ray Anita Khalili eighty clay abdomen and LA did not clay do that lake. I caught on to you by the way did it generalists who I don't re at a different and guys yeah like geysers at this point. But people get up and it's an able to get offended I feel like there's an over correction. Right now that's going on its theory it's so. I've not in my mind her race sometimes I I have. When they say you know what I am no longer female please don't come don't call me she year you know a hammer please say him. And then other like vice Versa it's no longer guy please refer to me sheet. Okay yeah again like you know can heal kinda just I might you know might slip up I respect that and that's how I would do it but the fact that these these are babies. They're kids. That they think they're at. The problem not think it all I care if you review of the focusing on the boy party was focusing on is picking raspberries. Out late. I mean I think there's an over correction because we're trying to fill politically correct or over correcting and I would say it's really. Like. We'll see my friend says you know have you seen archer. Like. You want and because this is how we get ants. Not to get too political here but you want trump because this is how we get trucked over over her compensating. Over correcting. You. Think when she says if I was completely dumbfounded by only replied okay look I'll raise my child the way I believe is best and you can reach or is the way you feel is right. But don't but chick. Chick don't ever threaten someone like batter someone could take it wrong and you could get hurt. That's where I mess up because she took it as a threatened stormed out of the story. I didn't think much of its like after the card is crazy chick pulled up behind me into down my license plate number and called the police. Sheet cops that I was abusing a child in the store and that she had. That sheet that I had threatened her when she confronted me about it. I live a block away from when you count before I got home I was getting pulled over. Actually the cops were very nice listen to my side of the story and since my son was giggling and happy they let me go and told me not to worry nothing else would come of it. So in the light of these events I have to ask since when is it wrong hole boy just that a boy why does gender matters so much and wide as ever when feel like they need to stick their nose in our lives. And that's any of its founder and not gender Bender is considering how they can all you have above your your message. I do you think it's you know way it's. Whatever gender you are aren't is not and in business and though with her thinking that too late or you know trying to get like it's like yeah it does not your business what gender my child is so back off. So you're not acting in a few slapping it around her like throwing against the wall and coffee PS. But yeah I mean even if he. I I get totally dumbfounded with the whole boy girl thing did you call. Even if you if it was a drug called employer the other way around a lot like that is nobody nobody's business spire on. The people get really offended Blake. When. Remember once my boys owing to a table and and I didn't realize. The girl is dressed very he. Susan violate the cash and short hair like she look like a boy she at a hair and a beanie. She is wearing a hoodie in the all look the same they are like the brother in the and the gap with the same my daughter here I would like the presidency nearly. I didn't it didn't click until later in the day like damn it I'd I'd about what it tickets to go through that solid what is your sister one of the zealots. Boy. Tell you look like a girl okay like I'm sorry I don't know and then today and then in. Like as prone counter or whatever I know somebody that doesn't want me to call my routine sheet and that's another reason I don't like Alec and because. I asked him equipment that yesterday and I was like. Now learning English language as it can be even more heart. Good little hook up. Our your your grasp on the going to be OK it's going to be. It's going to be harder. I laughed like he he and then now in all day and then but it can only be lockers but on multiple group of people like. Insists it's confusing. In public. Mail man made men after. Like. Now. I'll be wholly generalist Athens which I think is cool. And people complain link relative. Is I think when I get frustrated with the whole link on the trans people only in the bathrooms like out of the safe friendly. I feel more safe around the trans person you know whether they're male female whatever they are in my bathroom and those students. Some like I'm not worried about the chance population and worried about the pervert knew that there are now. On the. Whatever happens to be singled. It out here and whooping exactly exactly it is brewery in Seattle in Capitol Hill in the half of there's all of the normally opt out of but they're all like a neat hole that's only use. I ain't so you watch Allen will think you're you. Here's how locking out wherever it kind of weird and is that it could be someone who exceed the viewed in the U but only the audience. Here. And the sound. One martek. Trying to attack. Most reality check as a neagle human being. So while ago we got message. We did not do the name of the message but basically he was saying that. He does ease the 45 technically three when mentally and 38 physically. You know he's kind of dating someone she is kind of cool. But reserve and he's a little bit more outgoing at noxious Steven. She seems like she be pretty cool and the sex is okay. But you know it's not horrible it's whatever he's ominously feeling her she's kind of a rebound. But the demeanor personality field is ex girlfriend. And so she is a rebound to eat and a adamant he got a three year relationship. And is the first girl he's been with since summer of last year simulate what should they do. It's like. I don't think he feels or that he's going to end dating her committee also feel she feels to too much axe he's the great the whole sex thing. And then. Sony said I talked about the sex thing with her. And she says she tried things we sent some porn clips back on foreign that's said we had fun last weekend but one more thing that I failed to mention is that she's tiny five foot. A hundred pounds no boobs tiny I Danny B has bigger boobs yeah. It's not pretty and sexy but I would like the whole package now I'm no chanting the united in class and I think Allen think. And why. She's pretty and sexy pretty aunt at. Is entertaining data not even close semi being shallow now and that. I but I asking if she'd ever thought about implants they still don't know it's dear help on my. Part Al Marty Murray. Marty in Tacoma it's like okay. Opulent girls and move widely viewed she's not your body type. Honestly think it's if you guys are madly in love elect Al by these implants whatever but. Finally I wouldn't go to like certain DDI because that wanna change him. Macbeth seems a little affiliates that you're trying to build this isn't bill that it's like pills opinions I thought yeah summer I don't remember where natural products that are. I think you know it's. That's a little silly to me on it it doesn't. Really sound like here. It's a figure out a public hearing on the fence about it and I think you'd think. This is an okay rebound. And but I think you also kind of I don't mind it deeper into it because you'd deep down Allen's I had it. This is just a rebound you're hoping by you know hurting implants are becoming sexier on this them and I can drain on the hour sexual saying in looking apart and lie I think you're hoping that it's going to trick. Yourself. Army you. Quote unquote really be and where I admire her. Yes especially and I who broke up in what situation with that three year relationship did she break up with your big break up with her our wasn't a bad break up. Regardless are you kind of rebounding with this person because she does kind of mind you your exe missed that and so that's not a healthy situation to be and yeah especially for long I mean definitely it's like a month or two down hitting credit but adult like keep leading her on to where she thinks it's going to be something more men just Serena pilot really the most annoying thing anybody that just kind of leads somebody else on. Question we run well yeah it's that I if she is. Any bank have a woman with a brain and had she's. Probably asking if she's the rebound. Especially that was closely after three years he broke app like that's a long time demeanor relationship and then if you're gunning and something month or two after like. I would question like is this a rebound situation. She thinks like us and it's like okay I know I'm a rebound I'm just here for the facts and justly you know to tell here. You like that Q is she she's not gonna get fake implants like big movies for you. You pay for them unless you pay for them she never seat right foot and having we do whatever our about you but whenever I was with the guys that I didn't really care about him emotionally like OK we're just here for the right. Literally. As like I can do anything for you I'm like you're a cook might treat you special. Are doing these things but you really call her boyfriend now. I think is like their boyfriend brought the status I think he. And let us he I think he Marty I think you know. She's not the line Hughes just the one right now yes. And I think usually on a and get an eerie to think that you enjoy any ill find them guns and here now I play days. Deal that it's tender and I'll let that there really good for us. Renowned yeah but I have very low tolerance. As a link acutely acute care how these stories like just people just being dragged on its like okay. Be up front or just freaking speed and same with the girls of like carrying the Philip going on his just her kind of not how it's gonna hurt. Period but it's gonna hurt Morris animal are you read on the Mori's they like. You and I read you know and and I can't you see is feeling some Catholic. Kenya really about McCain you really if you can't take that next step to they. Get it to be where you want to be actually start the relationship. Danny you're worried that hurt somebody that you already. And I'm done you might be in mines like if I think that's right thing now I can now get some action and I. Speed I know. No go to your local bar and get some action from our our plan. Actually had a topic in mind that we've kind of gone a little long to think we can do it outside at. So what do I promised article. Talking about seventeen small but significant lifestyle change that and help people things I. I feel like we hear. Not only living in a time where we here to super stressed out we're living in a part of the country at the you know that's very you know we don't get a lot of sunshine every hear of everyone here is very depressed or anxious and I mean speak for you but it likely we experience a lot. Ideally depression and it's just. The pressure of justice. The world now in the succeeding in succeeding in my money and how everything's so expensive and then at least. In Seattle and you're getting crap on because you're like you Ian but you're not doing this I think your also being tickled well you can't do this thing we can't literally I had like kind of like a little. Many freak out moment with the money they're late. I feel like a failure is an adult because I should be like how most of my down payment ready for her when I buy my house and I'm not close yet. And she's against I don't know adamant and try every Democrat Alexi the big chunk of money like something pops up like. I'm appealing the deductible for that like my insurance for and then this and then it's just like I there's no winning. And memo that we don't everybody don't have read that you have to panic. My pride until I've been told address the world and les millennial. Right or that we can't do anything ourselves and we actually can't because we don't have the resources and everything's act. Yeah and I think there's a lot of pressure on that this has probably everywhere with like. Your age something that's so simple you know control over by there's so much passionately. Oh you're you're older let you do now you're almost there you'll need to you know what I need for Q&A personal situation at a different time yet for very different time. Don't get me wrong I wish I had my own house right now on ahead you know all these things I do yeah I was channel index an arrow but it's. They're everywhere. Around outline you don't supplement peg leg cannot allow their right he did they don't double or not. But isn't this a lot to. And techniques and different things you can do to reduce anxiety it's like recognizing that you are not alone that it's okay eight cannot be okay. Therapies a very good good and bad. On don't be discouraged by their peaks and people like I tried it their puzzle that in light coming cares about are unfair is there on their fantastic eagle eager haircut once and even Africa hair. Are never gonna get a haircut again. Now go to a different here's and I like that hunting. And I had about their pants that had been there so it definitely if they get to giant that I with the it's work. Out poke and by the way his work that's usually it. Why haven't there be badly the worst hour of my week I come out swollen eyes because I've been sobbing the whole time like that I go and Mike are not a duck out and you noting me like it's really in intends. And I mean it's Sox but it like a long ones that. It's it's it's a good math added. And it's a good way to think at lake. Little things to help when you are currently ancients better but things to DO. That being said though there's other little things he can do your lifestyle that can help and these are things and they're really not about. And this is just finally what people shared with this article one of the things is making your bed every morning. I'd never it once a week unless I'm like. Clean sheets obviously or I'm going on vacation. How I love to come home to that like clean around and made bad. And. Says that many that every morning that way start McGee feeling like I already accomplished something so also no matter how bad my days I have a nice home to come. I'm really good way to think about it Buick thing I think of accomplish on the dress. Truckload thought they and I got up that are. Does that affect wanna keep your phone on silent. I keep my phone on silent and I never realized relatives I eighty came from sudden phone calls or text like I wasn't expecting. And it doesn't help that nineteen that a Tenet's attacks that causes me more anxiety drummer stress. It's weird I I'm really and it really big. Person when it comes to you when you go to movies like you figure on alliance on delicate Knight junior you know. And it's really really nice though is going to be it but also when you done on the leak there yeah I'll have your phone on ivory you don't have anything and that's like Q2 and a half hours of for sure enough but when I put my phone just like on alarm mode or something nice studio went to bed and it would give me anxiety seeking blank. What if someone's in a car accident in the middle and I'm trying to call me that's weird fact is even more anxiety. Like it's. Likely the U they will find a way. To contact you like the it will if they really need you because it's among the car accident like Scott. I an emergency in an anemic on them Thailand blank I mean what did we do before hand before we can't patents. Foul line exactly that would fewer home and there's an accident like it's just it's. We adapt and I'm thinking from the start can they do I am addicted to my felony you and I really hated it's one of those like a pit stop. In an event without thinking grab it's on trying to find. Ways to kind of put it away. Media is safe for at current thinking like this or a box and let when it's in there. But I finally battering like. Family dinners are like any candidate there early going out of a restaurant you put it. In your purse for the whole time I get this anxiety than Italy in it has happened. Think that when I take a nap or when I put it away. That's like all the text messages from work like well this is that this is a fix this isn't like I have that anxiety like what it. Or something like kind of the same thing what if someone dying but that's like that's for Munich when you're in a movie like. Exposed to the way our Winger on airplanes. Well it's mine and exposed to be a way now like honestly they found out that the actually thought that night did anything with the south on Paris and crap. Emling now must tell a better way to do battle in relief of them but they still stay put on an airplane and it's weird and Gary. I think on the list is opening up to others about your anxiety. Like I didn't feel so much lighter in Tilly started telling people cannot carry now lake and friends there professional front Eileen I guess both flake. Even with some really closest friends and I sat there and I said mrs. What's been going on with me for awhile and I'm just now coming to terms that they and their like oh. Was not expecting that and and they have been linked. My support in Iraq and I told couple references and link even friends and I'm not particularly close with anymore yeah like luck. This is what's been going on and pandemic being. So I'll be at hand and I am not and then just like and I this is the path of traveling and house classic I a lot of people can currently. Any link UN know that until you open now than like while I was you know illness England last year and like even the same dynamic. As part of the writing on it probably won't be eating out. And every now in the sun like reaffirming like pictures there to cute picture or something like hey thinking of humans here well. And a lovely like I think well again I was really and I am not me it's forced many less time councils comedian limiting screen time. I'm really gonna pack my. Saying no. Being honest and telling people now saying maybe doesn't help and I am telling you know for a reason respect back and they'll come back at me for it. And try my best I have my lip and what I can do and if I can do that I willed it. I'm pretty about it that. Because you're really good at being honest up front like I'm on do you say we. You'll see you yes but I also. I understand that like friendships. Are working you have to see people and you know as much as I would rather be taking an app rain hour there's another we have plans and I'm not gonna mail you know or OK I haven't seen human. In a weaker to iCloud scheduled us we'll schedule that even now. I know I would rather break. But you're not doing OK you're having a hard time decade Clinton not this week let's do something for next week yeah. Not if it's like if authorities that let's say like we schedule coming for next week and next we cannot be on Latin. I don't care I mean the plan to do it like I'm not gonna be like I have to say now actually you know when I mean I don't like I think although. I've kind of on the point where I am not offended if you come up at me honest about it I don't have my friend like luck I'm having a friendly Pat Knight. I can't go out right now like I just can't I'm not going to be fun to hang out with yeah. Please forgive me like I'm gonna have to do that's gonna try not to be that person but sometimes you just if you are having hard time. Adding that extra stressed I've done our had to go places it's happened recently like I had to go two up a party. Have to go like this is an important party I wanna see people. And I like and put aside faces vest like kind of but I was not in a good place via and so's you know. If you can make any it's I don't personally able if somebody comes up to me that look this is what's going on OK I understand it. However he just beyond me like. Guys sorry okay. I'm gonna gagged and about it human being linked hated them then I'm like. It plans to cure but if you're having a hard time like if you like I am having an appalling idea and crying and puffy and everything right. I'm having a heart and the accent. Rest day which did you take the wanna come over here and take care that's fine item. Strewn on. The defensive front so it and you know it's just. I I went I think they do love about you is that you're a bit more. How woman. Yeah which I mean I feel like. More than most likely if I did a lot of people they would be like a girl and they. Just today it's a line does not like. Bring their career and a wedding and yeah exactly. Another one is using cognitive behavioral therapy techniques become eight jedi mind tricks. Oh is that like looking in the Mir handling saying positive affirmations about things. Kind of it's this person says here's what works and try to objectively reflect on in the fast my day for example think about what happened a injury how good the however I have to be able to provide evidence from the gate to pack up my rating. Those things I eight convinces me had a crappy day. When I made my day a concrete there when I make my day concrete reflecting on the gold I did meet. And that think they get accomplished in that little surprises that were positive. I seen it was actually a good day and attitude to the day improves. So it's cut down or how often they claim had a crappy day and I intelligent beings I eighty you know making me making memory seemed positive. And apparently they got in I gotta I was there today just stop everything sucked in like well. I got to go have lunch dispersants haven't seen a record and I only did the job at work and you know I fix the car entire album itself you know. Once you start thinking of these positive things. I. Really feel he I was paid its namely that it bobbled it guys it really does. Hell yeah I am noticing that I'm doing a lot like. Like Monday it was exhausting. Thing but at a beer like Terry you've worked all weekend. Like it's OK just channel are like I'm really really deal but it him. Focus on the two classes you do yes you know like back he'll put yourself down for we didn't do but bring yourself properly did YE a holds out the case myself beefing up back here the I. Bought actually. Seven is starting mindful practice yoga and meditation deep breaths. On there's an app the doctor told me about Evan. Content right yet but if you guys have tried it mean now. Isn't it is called had space and coming up he has tried it meditation. If you just got it can really about it and if he does that put. Whoever speaks to you line is do exactly what they say it actually does real calm down I need someone to say I can't just apparently do yourself yet hill now. I'm out of the race went crazy yeah everyone needs to do with the works for them another one this is what I dale. And whispering to me so much peace facts. Writing down your schedule or to do list. Re right immigrant is just so comforting. Need like a nice pen and paper and cross the under the adds up later that it RD Dan capitalists like in yeah. Not. Great get through the rest these pretty quick has yet ago. 89 is working out. Yeah I got really really helps me in it if it exhaust my mind and body acre park act. Tennis practicing acceptance acceptance. Accepting this as a part of why and a allowing stepped back when needed the guilt free off letting go account makes others feel guilt free. Since. A lot of good hair I'm not expecting my. Eighties many. Cutting Allen is cutting toxic people think that your life. Whether it's on people. Rely on and whether it's drugs alcohol Burton negative things lightly. It's really hard hat from Easter break ups it's like it's like him. Regular boyfriend. I've gusted a ghost a difference. Hey hey ghosting. It's just like I can't do this like I don't anyone as I don't have the energy like I Tajikistan can't do it like I need you outs and a comment like those people back and Mike in in away your Q. Because we've worked it. And establishing a bedtime routine might be silly but after last year at this prison up brush my teeth I washed my hands lavender soap it's signals coming and the Clinton that takes a deep breath to monster. I hot idea. He. Kind of like how all these different steps in place at solid like that on video and it's like the girls have a computer humidifier and like these that have the friends and that little mask on his leg. Did like if they can legally do mainly the straightening routinely to your face yourself keep yourself ready for sleeve. I want fun had hands so she finds. Out journal link. Port is doing something with your hands definitely stressed out and and American. I mean I guess. Can't nothing. He stresses me the teen is cutting out caffeine yeah now when Hala whenever I've. When and I was not doing copy for a little bit in once I got back on our crap I'm so jittery now what do I saw and did everything hat. How does and that's I mean why don't drink it enough so where it's like alcohol you don't drink after awhile your lightly I could drink pop in and got a bad. It just it doesn't make me. A week it just makes me your body my body and he acts like my mind still kind of foggy and everything else land. Giving yourself time in the morning to prepare for the day so if you're one of those people that run out of our last seconds might be a lot of links ignite it I think twenty amendments. Violent at the screen. Can we get an up like we begin of an hour too early nineties have a coffee and sit. Read the news paper or people like I work out before I go to work and now I did that I'd be awake it sealed and gyms are earning an open an early one no. Now. Or later the last one on the list is practice seeing I don't know sixteen is giving yourself time we read about practicing gratitude. Missing the three things and thankful for every day no repeat I think for the sun Monday am thankful for this scene now. Going on while I think for that I've tried it and and I just I just made statements Stan sometimes that stick up his let. Let's go ahead I'm thankful for Vicky is there today. An early example. That day. But let us now anything that any tricks you guys you'd have really helped the mania accent preacher at freeway in here and things like who weakening. Its. It's a couple times so it might as well just take it easy on each other and take it easy on ourselves panic you have an am ram. Comments or her advice for any acts pants and keep us posted re news yes and we'll talk to guys next time. But man.