Broad-Cast Ep. 116 - "You're Doing That Wrong"

Wednesday, July 11th

Vicky B and Uncle Chris read some appreciative text messages, talk about a listener's voicemail about how his wife wants him to be a mind reader, as well as discuss 8 Thing You're Doing Wrong and more! 

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I is that and you look like here thing. Is it's so quiet. Okay. Let me tell you. Used to it and yeah. Okay which welcome. To think. That Brooke I can. It's been. And yeah. Yeah and. You need. Welcome to another edition of the broadcast I am Vicky Barcelona. And joining me this week. Another not he now I'll poker and I can't think you Vicky at real quick questions for you know this. Using in the open no that is not mean that is actually musician friend of mine you little row which we actually had a podcast and she perform for us live on the podcasts and acoustic set. While back I think that is you know on our broadcast YouTube page which is type in the broadcast and I should find us and he typically does well. Celeb face but as the broad dash cast Twitter Nancy Graham is at the broadcast point 99. Hour the broadcast and managing the com and need caller Texas at 25377. Eat 6029. You know we get a live performance with Terry and I reached out to her because I wanted to have an intro song done by local female musician. And have you ever work and I kinda gave her some ideas I had like the vibe and I just let her and take care of the lyrics and everything and that's wished him up with the ever need anything. And she also is that she's in a band called for a folk and they're really awesome I really enjoy herself says you should check her out to Berkshire. But. That's the story of where we are song now fluent. Original sonic and it's much to get myself from them it was fine you name it did the job that. And money in chapel. But moving on we did a lot of fun last time that you were on the podcast as I could have. Last week and we did have Sarah and Danny sector and conceding anything else to do. And we did answer some more emails and such but we did get some response to some of the emails that you. That you were here fortress it'll get messages. Like one of them this is. Corey for rent and he had and the suggestions Father's Day gift surrogates to get meals in June he and texting from a from the competent episode allowing you to catch up I'll allow. Which is the one that you and I were on. Following the advice in tricking my brain but your also right. Not a lot of people are very sociable around here but tricking the brain works at it also appreciate the shout outs there shouted again court for RA. You re. You're here for this of this conversation trying to anonymous had message on FaceBook and basically the short version was that he was with the girl and they were both and to keep stuff on is that she had gone to a group and she in SX on anybody while there dating. But she let some people stinker in Japan is okay music well I'm not really comfortable there but I'm not share. They have since broken up then and now he's taking classes on how to tie ropes and stuff. Now she's uncomfortable at Simmons doing it. Learning how to do that like these learning that the people that they're broken up exactly so what when she units and about exactly so we've we've been I was not that it now. So I remember we all thought that kind is hypocritical of her orbit and special announce that they're not even dating. That he responded back in polka well what the first response was before he talked to her Percy to think skies had a long night thinking about what you all said. I'll keep you updated on the situation if you'd like and I now think that this friendships last relationship has been one side and healthy. Thank you for helping me realize what kind of person they really are even though only feel I feelings that I. And then he later sent another message hey broadcast a little update after the conversation I had. I didn't directly say what she was doing was hypocritical I had nearly said that what she said was not fair. She then got very defensive and angry to make a four hour conversation short. I probably told her I did not want to talk to her anymore and realizing that there are naked people in your life helps you identify why you were unhappy. It may have not been pleasant and I still think you guys think you guys for helping me figure out the toxicity in my. Own you know. I'm glad that you know we rate doesn't. Kind of gala inside him and I ended up item again now. It's kids can get out of those situation though is it better in the long run. Comment but I do think that you were here for the conversation about. The guy who found at his fiancee was bisexual. And we act and that he is. He's very excited like alike you know possible priest. Ams and people wanna have the waters he wanted to try finding partners for her but Hewlett let me on meet them organically and he is a good partners for him he replies I can't just listen to the latest podcast and appreciate the feedback regarding my fiance coming out as bisexual. Premature right after a message I realize I had answered my question but I was still eager to hear what you guys have to say. For not thinking I am. A Duchscherer immediately thinking about three sons rather than how she feels now I definitely changed my perspective about it once we talked about it more. I'll be listening to you guys Mara island have really discussions are taking. Now AA all I was a part of Virginia good vibes look at the facts here. And if I'm James text in JR excuse me I think he messes us in on our post this on the broadcast face the page and I thought it was when he's a picture and it says eight waste to say that your foot is open. The barn doors open. And now that the XYZ PDQ. No. Animals though it what is the cucumber has left the salad. Two you've got windows in your laptop. Three you need to bring your tray table to the upright and locked position. For your pod bay door is open house hunt for a that'll. Of the Buick is not although it may in the garage Buick thing you. SeniorNet is trying to make a little short leave. And we. But you're you've got a security breach tents knows punt and an ethic ethic and it was accurate. And that mini me is making a break for the ski pod. Like it Auburn does sometimes. My eyes tend to like wander around and looking at your. I am I work like how it kind of bring that up to like Newark is at their fly is down there because you basically admitting to looking at their cry. She by no well. I mean on one hand yes but on the other hand if you're used to walking around and seeing people without their pants open in the front. That when you do see it it sort of draws the right you know I'm not necessarily. Looking at your crotch I just happened to notice that they're too shiny bits where there ought not be you know it's like. But on the other hand yet sometimes you do Easter Island and looking. Calling in my hi there CE. It sends it tends to happen. But we did actually get a voicemail this time around to poke in the second voicemail that wasn't from Google Voice. Let's see what brief Hedlund looks at the button at the. Tiger. Here I have. Worked. After being Eric percent one. Or something wrong. Action. On her. Practice you know something's wrong. And if you awarded on the we expect. To what is so hard. Action. On. As I. Have a line in terms of our minds too we can't. Thanks for minor. Matter. I yep I've a couple of theories. The as a female I kind of have a little bit of insight into this. He things. One reason why women expect you to know is because we're kind of brainwashed. Into seen these movies romantic comedy just romantic movies and he princes and Stephanie always end up doing the right things saying the right thing at the right time. Pouring isn't real those movies not real hasn't. As a whole ladies need to realize. Now as much as you want I thought about their feelings and communicate you need to do the same. Says that is something that. Gals get over yourselves and thing that's of the Galilee. You're not gonna get anywhere if you don't communicate with your significant other and it's just an intimacy. And my other theory why is. Relevant. Off that the if you get them that if they get back to mine. You know I I I agree with you 1% open communication backcourt if I've got something in my mind I'm not going to. Keep you from knowing about it because. As my significant other 88 and because the only thing can happen there is set maybe arguably helped. You know and if there's something you're you're doing that's bothering he has significant others and if it's if I can figure out a way around in my own head he from being a problem if not I'm going to. That's when he gets tree. Because if in my automatic assumption being that the self conscious. There's this this that I am I assume when you won't tell me what's wrong. Yeah. And that's problem in this round don't terminate you know it's like when you're. Politics. What I think what did I do it's when your folks that's cute you know while McCarthy today. You don't use use Ngo. No because many stylist is because my fat the artist an umpire you didn't why didn't quite yet actually detonate an analyst at that you did. I think the other well to the point where he said thank you should now wait why am mad. If that would instead. The reason why girls and the bottle up feelings and emotions at least I do is because we don't want to seem emotional and it is interesting that like. You're just showing any emotion to some people as a team count it is looked as being overly emotional. Because it gets a little bit down. Misconstrued that you're acting you know crazy irrational like I'm just having feelings right now are a little on the little I'm upset I'm glad to be sent. I'm not setting the hardest hit umpire you know that's when I'd be rational so I know that sometimes like I don't like to would be too late. Even like. That good feeling like being overly romantic or leaks you know she and Stephanie dated guys. And at that I recently that are more. The romantic side taking a lot for me like just let me let me do that again can you instantly and so used to like hiding that from people. And so I understand that apartment for her to say well you should know what's wrong. You grow up yet or not and a high school anymore like if you need to play this story here your wife of greens and that's OK because I'm telling you this as a female like one officer in the world. It is not by doing that you are making the problem between you and him in the past or red lights. It's not use him against each other eighties used him against. Exactly think you're a team figure it out and if you if you week whatever is bothering you and this is this for guys to keep whatever is bothering you. You think is so bad. You can't tell or significant of the person theoretically you should be closest to all the world. Then. And vigna you can even bigger problem and maybe news talk to them about Somalia a professional but here's the thing and here's what I want this is what I want them in part in this is not my. In racism my wisdom is something you gleaned from. I'm arguably one of the most philosophically important movies ever made. White men can't jump. Where can you. A serious way need. Now to look at it over and expecting it. And this goes this goes both mostly for men but is significant enough that I want to share with with that women as well. When you parked your significant other and they are upset about something they complain about something or making note that there is a problem. You have three choices. You can empathize you can sympathize or you can solve the problem the trick is knowing which ones they. I'm not have a face for females. In this and then Dolly's me because like I can plead viral. Most females if they're complaining about a problem don't fix it if it's just doesn't involved IUE percent of the it's just that they're wanting to events let it out. Correct that's when you got to pick between them at that as it is at the subtle but important difference to others in in the teens in the an awfully understanding your partner it's like sometimes. If your partner is the person that likes to get stopped on herself. Is kind of the leader Mitch. Most likely she's complaining of and also its being apart and it. Like I am very like I'll take care things all opted as well to the planning can that in my mind works. I what I look for a partner except for and it's very similar to me. And her partner is kind of what I. I want somebody to be equal he's very like you'd take country I'm here is your support she can't do it when she's feeling weak Laver. She knows she can count on him lean on him he's not crumble he's not I got this right. He can step up to the plate any kind she needs and that's kind of what I do would like to happen so if placate you know at convincing but I do need you to help solve the problem. And Judy Davis and it's funny you talk about that is like as like your ideal because he. It's in my way of thinking that should be. Normal like that should be that thing on both sides you know whenever whenever. You're in a relationship with somebody because UC something in them. That you are compatible with their that you want to be around and mean generally speaking we in any situation and I'm not just talking about you know. Moral support or in financials Courter anything like that meaning in the bedroom and things like that when you. Have. Opportunity to help the other purse and and you don't take it and you're not a very good person and but if you. Are doing something and you need help if you don't expect them to help you win it you're not into the relationship right now. Out again being able to communicate. And one of the things I've iPad to talk to people like one and going back and you know therapy and talking to people like my previous relationships. But my first major one apps at a high school and out eighteen. First like I look academic high was taking care of him like that was what he writing mean that's what was kind of the main focal point of that relationship. Because I was badly glove and attends weekly golf psychology in men and Freud in payout but I was basically in aren't. Take care of us some needs heat was so desperately meeting and I had to step back and think OK can never give this again I am not here to take care of somebody completely lightly but there is nothing wrong. With leaning on each other and that I got that from modern family it's like. We're in a relationship when one of us is weak we lean on the other it's about you know being your own individual person giving it as a much you know 100% not 5050 a 100%. But sometimes your week you can only get 70% think that it's about you know balance. It's it's that's kind of like even item in a relationship for a long time that's and I party have plants or whenever that does now ready for it yet I'm ready acting. The clinical skating rink pretty practicing for relationship exactly. It's moving on. Speaking of doing things incorrectly how well. Today on madam segue hack happen. Fashion being Zach. Lifestyle and that it seems like and they did have a list of eighteen he'd been doing completely wrong. Is there anything that you can look back on the eve millet I've been doing that on the line for saying your honor eating is wrong and who lately I've been eating is so. You know that the fairly count Kiki in the freezer section. I've been eating at that kid like eight might you're supposed. Apparently. Because it says he'd epidemic we've for the next time I'm at what I eat it cold. I only vehicle ET so much better colts and then whenever I have warm county it's gross. And ever tried that heated up at two uninteresting. To highlight and holding Duncan for milk and yeah apparently had been doing it quote unquote wrong for awhile. And there were no okay. New New Year's fairly. But. Actually think we just got a text message for our Catholic hey it popped up a math and own or. And it as seasonal amazing great. So that show I'm Netflix nailed it inspired me my wife really wanted to turn our bed until one of those Q interest bedrooms when they let the bed on Pallet. And some candles. You know make the badly. Like and make the bed and watch it burn down well take them and you that your season is a picture each athlete as a donor base that page and awesome it is legit it's like. Bed on top of the pension Pallet. And it kind of a Christmas lights underneath their candles and it just glows so. The little notes at a please note that on out of text YouTube back and say at least have that honor. I based a patient people conceive actually turned out really and that its offspring as its job and he knew going back to the things that we are all right incorrect what else might donor. I take a shower. Let's. Apparently taking show. You know this thing better than a long hot shower right through and especially in the winter yet. Yeah you're not wanting to take a hot shower because hot water opens the poors which promotes water loss and also washes away the skin protected. And leaned oil's new furthering com pounding water lines and also you know causes dry in the teeth in. It does yes I should airports are open in the they're susceptible to get drunk in there. Actually so I solve is the recent exit to my friend this woman he says Japan she's fifty years old and she looks. Smoking. Q looks like she's 28 and currently she is gorgeous and so one of the things you don't immunize and is she up from agency yep nope it's otter. If she's in her fifties you know rightfully I think this woman who worked out everyday but she also goes swimming in only. Every single thing 360 by the easy year even if it's cold she's as the cold water is really helped. At least a cold showers as both really good for you but does it say so doing it cold shower to warm shower and things like. Warm showers are fine in I mean if you can handle the old story here is disposed of really good for your scanning parent pass. I don't know the summer though coach hours or so guys T do the thing I I I take an extra hour so when I get out of the shower. The air around me. It that much who. It. Earlier shipping your skin's natural whales and it's gonna cause it's a dry day it might answer that know me well. I'd going until browned that your little bit more familiar with gaining oh. You'd play monopoly wrong everyone everyone has and I think you know I'm dying man it. So apparently and if you go back to the rule book and what you're supposed to be doing is. I basically when you if you. Liane I'm a spy and you don't buy it then becomes open for everyone else to exact that will make the game go I still much faster much. It just and it will probably hopefully a lot less headaches also gets free parking is just free partners and who does nothing you know. Great determined middle known collectively and I mean if house world the levers the counseling you don't buy it kind of goes up its auction. So any other player can buy it under her precisely. Charging your phone old. I saw this little while ago and I'd do it now and it's. It's good advice I don't tell the people so the idea that you when you go to bed at night for example or or whenever you plug your phone in. And to chart so the state. The problem is when he gets 200% and it's still charged urged the plugin it is certainly. Losing power in the game parent whose parent any parent is parent in parts of it bouncing back and forth from just under a 102 at a hundred. And then what that does is it causing your battery to Wear itself out. The but they talk about is the ideals zone the voters don't wanna have your phone stay at or around is about 80%. And then on a yes I need to do with mine right now back in 95. That way you or your battery doesn't get hit with all those little micro recharges and that is killing killing the battery. That's that's actually what explains a lot and I would have and that's exciting in the middle and I don't wake up and everybody starts on the planet you as passes again. Finally happen. One of the other things as number four or trimming your fingernails. Okay. So you might have noticed fingernail clippers have a subtle curve as if they're designed for a single step action. That might have been the intense that actually takes like three forcing it to get it across the length of the average fingernail the tidy up that's canned for. A whatever you do do not cram your nail and the clippers ahead and start sniffing. A common mistake men and women make when churning their O'Neill and stay angle at which they. Is the England which they approach at bats and which is slippery and here's the thing clipping straight on can bend and ultimately damage the Neil. Don't go too short either because he won a little bit of oh fresh white coral at the end of your nails. He tried trimming nailed down the skinny open your finger. You open your fingertips up to the risk of infection in game. And its market I'm I get around that by just tune atom. And now see my end up getting really long and they break like I did frank before the podcast started that was months if you heard sniping that was explaining that. I Heatley accidentally scratching it or touching something we can all cut up to permanent long recommend it. Those in the evening I'm half black and I think you know owns and you my name I would shop teacher in middle school says that he at a guy who Wear the baggy pants and about condom machine. He could be described that he would. It's like I Alice fingernails to a point to okay a little actually little. Point point out and out like that is groups ethnic up next that you number five is holding the steering wheel. So that I always heard the enhanced stay at the two intend position and which you know ideally it would be like literally right across from each other street on yet from the middle your steering wheel straight on. Well actually no other saying that it is widely seen as dangerous. Yes filling air baggage check very near the super hot nitrogen gas spilled the bad forcing the plastic cover open your steering wheel. So the bat the pact expands towards you at a 150 to 250 miles an hour up and the higher your hands are on the wheel. Likely they'll be over the plastic cover more likely to be injured when it was rightly even seen a thing when he was driving ones like it like the airbag deployed in it like. Burger heard SP owners see it on. Physically you've known him and I think we had read recently I think the best way to go would be more like the three and nine position and I like before and eat position he had a down lower. Down lower. Actually so that way. Anything that happens the bag and comes straight at you and it goes through your arms to give you break your arm or with a plastic cover is going to retain your flesh yet it it's it's a thing. You're the gals with a really really pretty either rains. That coming your hands so packed yet higher fees scratching the crap they. People ninth. Are. Really comfortable holding that six and ethics can't fix a thing with the maybe 630 and five there. Or are put your elbow at a quarter past nine in the and one hand on the wheel and about and the other one around your your gig ever now and again. Especially. Number six is scrambling eggs for practice. No eureka I mean how ardently Danica. How do you how do you make if I don't make my term status Crist make it okay so I depending on how many people important. Example. Measure certain amount of milk. Throw in salt pepper and just splash and whip the crap out of that. And then once the hand is good and hot with maybe a little better view of the world well and then report literally and at that set. Until there's Butler edges then the crap out of you. And because he let it sit for awhile and get some of the moisture out to be. The only way. What a look like and what scrambled eggs the only time they're okay my mom makes these and she calls them went off and he can. He Mexican style and where she will cook onions tomatoes. Like that pepper clearly fine and her opinions. It's a stock tables first as a loyal and because via onions release all the in the water and she then put the eggs in the agony do you come out a little went. Through and the only family my eggs a little little. But okay so what might do OK says. So it's like to take less than and it. Because you actually scrambling eggs over medium low heat. Back quick sizzle drag your eggs the trick is to whisk the eggs to get an inseparable drop of dollop of butter into a nonstick pan you put those eggs over medium low heat while steering them until Libyans to solidify. And then take them off the burner just before he looked done. I'm gonna continue to cook until leak so the point is just not some people as an anchor on diet which I've been guilty of OM I used to that yet to like hurry up cut. Again. I didn't mention what temperature I always can I've got I got a one to ten I down almost five here that I took almost everything that and just because. It EE sometimes it just a little bit longer with things like at proteins and invisibly in the evening that but it also. Let's whatever flagrant and. Proteins cut faster proteins and sugars I think our remaining at cooking classic and microwave like if you'll notice that he cook rice in the heat in the hottest culinary school. District because proteins and fats sugars. Our capacity fast. One of the things I grew up with a really crappy stove and only one burner and actually really get to and the only way to get it to work. Properly was set on hind appealing probably medium via. Ally everyone that it is that tells the kid and I would like in Attica and yet it's Pakistan hopes with my aunt's house and thanks so who. Turnaround time an am in the middle scrambling the eggs they are putting temple. When I left the panel with. The hall oil on them. And it's such smoking and I panic yet cricket like. My dad was like yeah if you plant south of cooking you know it there mine my cousins. And and and I am about to move from the burner is like having good at the umpire he air is your problem. The fact that you've still got these watching a soccer game or something and then highly panic comes in as. I do the thing to do you know he's through water was. Not what you know about it down I. Think I might. If she and I go running. Out yet. You got this dad I know if your heart set on fire. The thing about him or put the without payment. Number seven is you using cotton swabs in your ears on. Knowing that they go out and posted do it at all. At all not to put anything you're here in the inner ear canal but if you just swatting around the app is here it's like it's like you. If you typically your now makes wax on purpose the waxy years waterproof and you're now and keep the water from going and getting stuck so. Keeping your ear at the cute tickets at the lacks the house after that which is in their hand on that news. It's I I'm guilty Friday. I love Wakefield. Who's been in some years. That it Tina I think we'd its research and I was wondering ears so itchy. 'cause if you had phones a lot yeah you're gonna produce your ex you know who wears headphones. Yeah. Here and every podcast industry it's what. Wearing it from Britain. Yup we can if number eight is sitting at your computer. Notary of the problem here isn't what you're doing it's that you're not doing much of anything. So even if you exercise act be long probably not completely reversing its activities that chair. Don't exercise might be heading for catastrophic injury. Says you work what part posture than the average American watches about six hours he. With poor posture as well and apparently. Scott about church which is the actor president of the empire packed with the nations council. Says I do that eventually I'm going to do something I do every day today. Not it's not that he said and Terry activities that take place at every day. I mean you if you're at your desk in the eighth via the ground. Eve that's what he stand up desk things have become as popular as they have and also people taking. Taking more frequent if shorter breaks to get up singular comic because it's been shown that this is. I wish we had any death here because like I I used one that Hadley double screen and we act and it was a standing desperately wanted to cynic just bring it right back down up and down and so high. And Allen Nelly. It's all effort whenever I have my math and I. There's Anthony said in an. Indicator of human human as human and can heading of but he had just as well so that you're not you know if you have a job in our computers used to work out just kind of start moving around like on top of back that. Feel like if you're sitting at a desk I when I was a waitress in the eighteen granted tablets and it's changed a lot of years well. But I from the first couple years and you working hair like I did gain weight even leading like diner food every day. I was on my fetal yeah yeah exactly the thing in wind and you know back when I was we're gonna target and unloading trucks. I didn't I didn't eat well at all I mean I mean I like crap and the problem with those in almost the best shape my life because all I was doing. For six area it was moving stuff around. It it's merely acting that kind of come to the realization that I don't think I can ever be like a salesperson. Or somebody that hasn't jolly I didn't work in radio like what the job I do think. Her now. Experience and me experience. Threes early had you some work her price and it was just like. Mindless turn your brain knock on auto pilot just all the numbers grabbed like I was beaten shipping co opt. I had fun. I turn my brain op I haven't music planeload. And it was just like that after all the stuff makes it's right on the label put it there for someone else because we double check right. That it appears. To sleep literally back and forth back and forth. And kind of fun of the public where I just saw this I where is item on the style well here is your equal. Just saw him a ticket that does and that means is that everything is currently out could they be granted they're really organize everything has certainly helped you. And like they're still working on the organizational process we have. Like three sets like everything's pretty much. On the side of like this is the grouping of what this product is in this product means it. But then late one of the main products they're they're all numbered but they're not numbered numerically that they're not at all winner in sequence rats so it takes you minutes to find it. But then it's like opposite problem I think you know mr. and I found it. So I'm actually I like working. Rather work with like on my feet in my hands and from like power I think if you that I had. I'm carries that you guys that went things that you've been doing wrong. Forever that you realize you were doing wrong also. Like is do you preferred. Being part of the computer or like once your hands atomic ever be a carpenter. Nutrition or anything like that I just tried means saint I would like that. Yeah I think adding I think anything right actually got to work with my hands and make it I'd put my hand on sending it into the answer I mean that. That would be I would enjoy that so carpenter yes electrician public. Probably erupt and that prisoner but it didn't ask about an iPod is like a panic and FF I mean I there's some ideas he arsenal I got up until watercolors. Men papers in India the same thing on any. Hey man has like and I'm not yeah same tires that they asking am I getting wounds I'm I have to sit there and watch some tutorials and actually. Donna C a 900 Buick just from watching one week at a but he did so that that'll that'll do it to the bank. I never asked which should've been doing for the fourth of July weekend oh. I do know for live went on on the fourth of July hung a typical treatment to them appreciate you know lost some money hand every minute dinner. For the weekend itself. We eat we did a lot of extra running around there is on on Saturday we were at the Shia district of festival and paste that in while we were down to it. You know we have been over to that McManaman and queen and a wild with there. We lost. Excellent year Karrie right now yes yes yes rhetoric from there but from from south lake union to lower queen hand. And walked move. That's far watch and then when we're done with that we walked from the queen and these union street station to get back unlike real you know. So all told probably walked about. And learn that you worked feared for your food and we did he had a I had. And a couple of Beers and the food in the middle there but we we still walked this five month. And just hanging out for the rest and the week and then yeah and it we do not have a lot planned we didn't today didn't you back in touch with anybody in general just kind of was just pretty chill in the misses in the north and we got some armour irons weren't in Herndon mr. Eighth if I got my weekend just kind of the couple Butler academic levels behind. I'm struggling to hammer me if I'm Dana thank you really relate to. Like once Sammy was fourth of July is on his ticket selling used today's and one because. It we we're busy but it was an overwhelming and just like how we got to go run from this Erin do this and as I had some friends come over. For a little bit and had to go to another. Gathering but it got heating up my nieces and just we made and it silently just hung out. And filled and they laughed and then later at night and we had fireworks going on offend. We were hanging out my I called my nephew have known his mom since I was like six years old I was her maid of honor and I was there when he was born cell. If you're you're my nephew just the eagle at sometimes it could I consider it fail yes he's a fun stage he's four. Got an opinion and it is he's very much like this is what I wanted to you know if the fifth of his favorite games chased me film a I'm just like you can't eat. Now and it I'm tired now although I. I can get around it by a lot of book and I can read TET all of that but it. Obviously hurting our dad bought him some bio excuse sliding along often. Mom's charity over its final lighting of pirates which made me realize I'm being built now so that was weird. It that government uncle mailed a route like government. For a fourth of July whenever we 4 July with him like he would be that guy that would spend hundreds yeah on fire port yes it's good every at that. And so. It's like chemical that can hit at at a wig that we items and money by Arizona's only a couple of cheesy ones that the core. But if you question that the departed the tentative part on the eve live it yes and where. Wherever that may be that Stevens lake Steve thank you. Where there are a lot of backyard fireworks going off like like. Or was it sort of intermittent. So. Very when we were lining them off nearly. Eaten so they're still light out the it's two days cleaning up even Copley after we see we live in place which like suburbs but they're still rule areas apparently pickets. Yet so we would hear a lot boom. Moon who agreed ambulance and one. It's like the mystery ape like over the course of the gators multiple on in there wasn't anything really lighting up because he could like in the street a one way there's pirates off on to the sky to. It ground. But I went to bed around ten. Criminal lady you know and I can just hear it it's just going off like all the big ones and of course now I go to bed now going exactly. Actually Aaron thinks it was fine bank. Is where I was living in south took home. From a bouts 8:30 in the evening until well past 1 in the morning. It was literally a constant or raw fish. Just nonstop laid it seemed like every other house in my entire neighborhood for at least a three mile radius was having something. And it was just. It was constant talking in a war zone and it's it was both awesome and terrifying and it's like sleep and and and African catch up yet. Hard liquor. We did and it the came like running twos so that escape on her neighbors' houses and it went to my next our neighbor's house trying to get in but nobody was home. Had that those neighbors in home there'd be a lot more by. Her thoughts. In so the thought trying to get and it went out on Friday as we grab them and so we call the number instantly becomes and sleep that we potty BO OK we locked them up apparently not they wanna bring on the belts were taken Molly on the boat now okay enemies is very very appreciative like particular hugging now. I mean nephew was being a little cranky sometimes only did know we're waiting till sun goes down a little bit of light up the cool one death. Exactly so yeah it is funny because he went from being scared of sparklers. To move blocking them yet to thinking used to call for sparklers. Mean of course than I and that it's too album at same time insert with both with both hands and the school miracle again or some like. Some emotions kids to think again. Thursday. I think it just hung out. Went got brunch and what science and that was really I like going over the period yeah I think is I had so much stuff to do in my head like Friday am and went to Portland. So when I went to see the movie like crap so pack cleaning business. Like in the movie too long to me. But I think it's just because I felt I had lots to do so scout camp on the beach is begun begun the only two hours. Or something maybe a little more. Have been through time they're content but now but I enjoyed it I think even if you're not. He you know. Our golfing at the insulin joy there were a couple of references that it made me realize I actually don't remember how in me in the recent movie and did I don't remember like. I tell you weren't there how you did do that have been on the merits and a memorable the first in man who necessarily love all right and and event. So if I were published in a few Israeli and Michael Pena. A lot don't Alia. It. Think my Thursday was when I actually finished up the project that that I just put on the YouTube channel beat issues he may why you were making money hand was making her play board games he's not doing illegal conduct. I hate paper money and game and I I I figured out that I could then make copies of the government came with the game and and cut circles and he's closer goes on to portrait basically I mean there's little bit more involved and it's very practical when it suited to go over the geek nation YouTube page and I it was some that was sent him a good chunk amateurs. Yes I am an act of opponents of the lately it does feel better compound here from there. We have Nolan and now almost double the weight of the game with this but it's totally. The yeah I name and Saturday came back we went you Portland and we went shopping and and I. Only about one thing I get an anecdote about shopping trip when you buy it now. I guess one thing I spent a lot of money on food there yeah. We didn't go home my city government Alley at sixty news and he had. This and that and then had a African find out talking about like alcohol and stuffed them crowd really drink much anymore I'll do like one or two. And Colin today I had so we like wealth I'm required children to be tasty and on the east siders. That our rose's senator. With high biscuits and I love all things. No and re I have to bring it in NC okay because you love fighters to I do those senators so Ike. There's something weird about it I flowery perfume I can dance like it immediately goes to perfume you without the sweetness got it says it's like okay that. It's still missing something that is just a little sweeter that's nothing picture and this plan make it a little better. And I have to bring an NC in trying and you in town and we think that would be just fine and I was you know another tape yes we suggestions on writers. I had the most amazing pine apple cider was at the eighth on no okay knowing this this was. A smaller company I went into Aniston as the city house I don't mean. So don't expect a few blocks from where I walked to a and they had. They had a pine apple cider and then they had eight mine site. Right sounds weird. But I didn't have been together but I mean I have both of them in the rough from the same company and in right now of course I'm blanking on the name of the company but. Be going there too as the city I'm sure it can tell you exactly what was but both. Incredible and and vastly different. Which are lining up right the line one is was like. A picture like I'm a fighter with a hurry. That's exactly what of it if you could imagine a cider Margarito that's exactly what I was drinking without the two Q it just. Of the pure and it's like of about line since it would be if you will and so it had I had to. Like a stronger martyred Margarita. LeCroy. Love it is that that's what I'm happening and happening except like really cry sometimes states like. Spear of its own yeah like he does it like it's missing like it's like I went here and I think on Africa please forgive those stock. Into the that it is that it sounds like what they did is they took some water and rain and over and and peeled orange and then put in McCain benefit. In our now I'm like I'm thinking it's probably take strong and yell yeah it's very flavorful period. Written and finances topless. We're gonna go do other in and just can't the Acropolis and lot of fun and we stick by it's we it's Catholics are convinced that I got he I have to and I. For the moral imperative now yes it was so did. Excellent and there we went to bury it toll blinking at what is college just down the street from our hotel is just a lot of fun. We went to content tube that was kind of not pop and there was a lot of people kickoff the gavel one has more people in it. A tree which went to weapons permit area it was it was it is the president elect for diablo. Two is not around them. That means it their very much my my different pointed out she's like they're very they're much more are costly and it will. Like a beer they're like hey you again this this is McCain's office and like what even top tier right. Make you think that the air. Like for hustling I'm not gonna pay a thousand dollar seen naked. They're their prices and more. Time I dynamic emanated via like you give it to mean on the east lake as you'll see a lot of ethnic. You know bottom non union yet humble meal deal like a beautiful meal that our bucks now. Do something right now flights. Like really like Adams makes cents but that's just me off a girl there your. It was a fun time or exceed the girls are about you up and Kenneth I got everything that you like you know on any any in any and I did try telling one of them like honey like. We don't prevent you from making money via this isn't good and wasting. Valuable item it will think about it completely previously think about it. The echo you know work angle in the granted there was not many people care they got via and that's the thing when there's when there's not a very big crowd do you expect the little little. I've heard yes it is. That there is muscling dying and that I did on the with a stripper. Her name is like quite an idea that plan. At the Acropolis means you just so much punch like crazy eyes. She did this thing and that is what me on this and the growth and really funny you know the trick. When people do like the mind trick where it would be tired string around it lit and it kind of pulled it from either side absent an anchor like. Jennifer Lawrence did that too and that figure morial let our hair and pulling like within a year younger lip goes wandering about on the cause you know if you like it looks like you're literally talking with your fingers. The press she did that in the where she got her quote unquote string them. She did the invisible string like you know from a certain area there and move locked up. And then pretended that type it onto her bottom lip and then up her opulent and in and in times like. I'm Tony if they could make money you're awesome you win. We'll play she's like. Yeah I am I mean. Which prices are a lot cheaper than the other place and a and marina. Italy a couple of minutes. But I appreciate you and says she payments lights and meaning friends but for now is nice there is lovely. In Italy and the fifth that at that. I it. It's time. Came back in just chilled. The next couple days at the front over. I mean it's Mars itself felt like liquids mores you'd like to read. It okay and are accurate then you. Almost about the picnic and it happened. They can. The be in. Basically the way on the speak and you know again this coming weekend. Mean. No I think not much fortunately is is going to be one of those weakens or don't have a lot actually play and yet and that's. I think I think just just Killen and plea to videogames. And you know to your work and things like that that'd probably be. Fingers crossed picket weekend. I have. Have a friend coming to town for a wedding and eastward at Paris which means uh oh we hung out a couple months ago and he was buried and even streak in him and so he is seeping out all get together again. And so I might do that and go to Allard and so if I do you do that we'd be without fear dismantled and then try to get all the girls from the restaurant in together. We might all hang out on Saturday the and it's also like the white means and the wreckage slowly under an ex LA where they went on the plane tractor cap and sat out of the tractor. Q it's so much fun so I mean if you as you can do east to hit them up because the year from all of them. Am I had it by hand with them is ladies and Nathan. Absolutely yes actually young estate it had. I'm not mistaken Mattie loved patties ethnic and really I and I I say that with no hesitation domestic ever. Acropolis is pretty awesome that they do a good spread. I mean the state had he decides to here's the thing as much as ideal of the Acropolis I'm not too fond of their sides are completely d.s French Fries or like. Plame leak to we can't get matched. They wasting your time ago and it was one of us went inside the caddies I did. I did the mashed potatoes and the team to move and the Kurds in Berkeley in it's it's in garlic butter. State. And indeed he can't depend per acre advocate with garlic and rent and then. Go to Russians on top of that. So hungry. That's good I'm and the threat happened really because I need it I think and ethnic conflicts this morning it's four. Getting ready idea here at the way that is I don't know if Sarah be back next week if not. Gave him any questions that have whereas any comments on anything we talked about today please our way via text and voicemail and we'll definitely play that podcast. The F next time.