Broad-Cast Ep. 117 - "Surprises for Guys"

Wednesday, July 18th

Vicky B, Ooh Sara, and Uncle Chris read a listener message about breast feeding and give their thoughts; Sara gives us the rundown on her jury duty experience; things get morbid kind of as they talk which tattoos they'd get for each other if one of us passes, then they girls chat with Uncle Chris about what are good ways to surprise guys.

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Is he and we had a friend today. A pop up a mop. Tell them. You know when a man. Who'd. And training him stand don't know how tough talk on. And in and me yet that. No not get ahead. To a firing couple things are on fire that has happening on Knight hit it. It the first time in as little. Little Italy your book moods where I'm. Everything. I'm the I'm going to be this. I mean. And. It's been yeah. The okay. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Need. Welcome to the broadcast. I'm Vicky Barcelona across really have. Oh yeah. So did you Black Friday and as a special guests we also have uncle for SC had the committee's. I'm not technically abroad but we enjoy having you here newly moon with. Union avenue this is the first thing united them I know the right in the canal and and aka congress Eleanor again they're done. There. I had meaning a second thing before. We do the thing paint follow us let us are like us or whatever based but the broadcast past twittered and drama broadcast 999 caller Texas at -- factory sevens and an 86 near to an email us at the broadcast in nineteen pound and please do keep the messages coming whether it's texture voicemail I've been enjoying reading them from equality at last week's have been getting a lot of the couple today not quite as many as last time now we do you have to from our buddy James. Yeah me. He says hey because he's the one that gave us the voicemail with the whole you know. Is his wife situation that was going on basically. Half. Have seen the memories. And basically that he's been married her seven year reasonable mind reader thing to get around that. At least not in any you know I want in I don't I'm the kind of event Tuesday we did it any new there Monday. Basically he kind of was frustrated that he's married with his wife and that she plays the whole. I'm Matt and you should know why I'm gay. Oh no island and here and as it does do that. And I called the Catholic don't don't be doing that ladies at the not the not a good thing now that we for some reason following failed to act. No not not to give you the outlook many automatically should know outlook means is that why you that you let means. Please I understand your men that you need to use your words because they're adults. Yeah and a child who developed technique for that long time ago. Called talking. It he replied hey Gerling guys I'm sending a little update from my voicemail so my wife pat what's playing if you don't know why am mad I'm not going to tell you card because I post to build our off some bad. And he seemed pick with Chris and I got called into work. And then after working a fourteen hour shift I got home and was spending time with her and when the whole conversation happen. She don't wanna tell me because she knew I had worked in with tired in the last thing I want to do is building about frame. But the next day I knocked it out happy life again Allen and since he switch from that Cali frame to a solid frame with a whole new bed. I sleep better we got in no pain while before I woke up huge amounts of pain tolerate strongly suggests a solid bet for lack of respect that so. You. You thought maybe she is playing if you don't know I won't tell you game when in reality she is shooting unnatural exposure if she said that. It's moon okay now and then what honestly it sounds like to me you told you're gonna he's coming in you'd Intel higher. But Sheen are you know she's the sat but she doesn't. Felix is the right to be upset because you did work really long days and he understands. But yet still wishes she got our and I am beating exact thing happened answer. My wife and I went this in happy hour plays he was convinced he knew how to get there I told I don't at all. And did he know how to get there now. And I was like YE in my mind I'm like do we could have pulled out this week and done it even that well our phones. I mean me he does but it was like a parking that we are parking and a rock structure on. I personally aches I need to. Folly but I need to afterward then you're okay to bureau okay to be upset if I tell you on when Andy's opinion and I don't think yet there he I think that's an accurate fair where he was telling. And he clearly didn't and I'm only bits and abominable and our friend who he had important charity. Adam will most likely getting them maybe right and so a lot of it coming just communicated though babe caught hold on to work in my Eli Sunday at my second at bat for him. He was an onion you can bring them up. Every right to be at. I'm not saying that she can not be upset but just like. She accidentally you know I was really looking toward having that done today but that that. Back can spark an argument the get at least that I I just had my phase in my mind I knew that I that sat at a but I like I don't insane eating because. I'll brush op it's not epic of dealing now. Who he thought he knew like. So I am just have to. Take a few deep breath you know he knows I'm irritated he can see it but I don't complain the whole game like Lima can tell you climatic he asked what was wrong you would tell. I had the face to gag question. I would say babe it's that bank. It's okay. Note that I keynote he's not media were locked in this situation he apparently did not know like what it was that she was upset about our retirement to non. So yeah. In mafia related Kanye she shouldn't. It's about communicating and there is very much. A black and white kind of person comes Pakistan fatigue easier to do something you've got to do it and I learned that her yeah I'm I'm there humans it's hard for you and emotions. Though did it I'm irritated. You know without everything bank notes Kelly as gloomy there and everyday. Which is why it's there and I decided we can never live together anyway. If we sigh each other like every day outside work we can with him we would like there were some BB market. Exactly I think he would slow poison mean with like food or some answers like. Tainted but an NIQ it's just now I was just out out out they're at it full on just. Your geeky and. It just hers would be just a crime of passion. But he did all the sins of another text message. And says hey began catching up on the main show's podcast and be brought up the subject of the Sports Illustrated model breastfeeding on the catwalk. And I think that's a huge statement for women. As you know I have three kids and my wife's address that my younger Cuba whenever she would do it in public pseudo we cover up with the baby blanket or the press being conscious thing. And more even when she's approached by other women just tell her that which she was doing was inappropriate public. Once in awhile I we're in the south and a mall she was sitting on a bench feeding my son completely covered up an older lady told her. That she should be nice that she had a beat my son public and she should go to the restaurant take the car the Sports Illustrated model has done some huge hasn't hugely bald as a hero. I plotter for what she didn't help she that'll take something away from breast feeding. In effect on Dexter. Pittman. Like I I totally see where the old ladies why heeled ladies think this and it's be scared I'm picturing like that is something my grandmother would mean because. It's just a different time that when my mom my momma tell me stories that when her boobs are coming in by the way. As hurts. Your groups are trying to first time matter it's a line of the press your prisons without it. But I am and instead of saying hey you know what this is what's gonna happen to you this is your body. You know here's at least so relieved that she basically told my mom put a sweater on. And don't let the boys on. Because she's like I just wanna hug you so they feel. And such that just put a sweater on that Mexican Heatley that's not so we didn't act and early eighties. Have been stigma. That the body is just like. Always specialize and I feel like our generation my between like the free an apple and then just Alec open neck feeling the millennial and then whatever the next ones are that. Eagles and humble and exactly it's going to be music fan it's it's not that big a deal as we get farther and farther away from the puritans who settled this country. Enemy and being consistent here yeah. We are. Throwing off some little mores and it's becoming more and more acceptable for these types of things in these types of attitudes. To be more prevalent yeah you know. 34 years ago a woman breastfeeding in public would have probably. Wound up in sensors trouble right you know. I honestly sloping it's weird they're not when people aren't asked. And they all have sons are perhaps the double take it like it's not really late happening now it's just. I think in any other lake Howell. Rogues is it to have to eat your child. I learned that his wave batter and I'll credit disgust I think dramatically new way. That is discussed they would much rather feed my child about him and public that is why I came here early covering it up like now you're sitting on the Twilley began in open the freaking. It's called the war or sit on its Wheeling it with your child with. Like you're okay I'm hanging golly if he's in the background not like literally you're ultimately come from my trust and public individual or cut. So like I was going to stall. Uniting and a right places to test all antsy and most the time it's more comfortable sit down because breastfeeding can take a couple minutes and you wanna be able to be comfortable it's. Yeah. The event is a statement and that's even greater now I don't mean that I'm not more votes might be less disgusting and just whipping now. And having her babies how like a breast disgusting and how is. The food coming from a disgusting it's. I'm not that's not ill never some honesty when dining. It's never something bit. And that's because you have the same sort of stigma attached to that that everybody I don't want to ever heard a lot of people do you know it's a bits of naked woman's breast republic and we are trained we are conditioned from a very young age to say that's not okay and and there's not and there's nothing wrong with that attitude is just. I think that I can't even get past they have lax state lactation station and that's and there's an and I did him in mind which I think is awesome that we're having that there's more and more options but I think there is still out stigma that we don't wanna see this. And you don't live an app and so here is and especially our present and it's also it's kind of sad it's like wire we see. There's two reasons why people are a couple of reasons why people are freaked out by it it's like. Guys like oh I'm I think I don't wanna see that because it's that's growth isn't wise it grows it's because the thing that you find sexy is now being used. Burn not quote unquote sexy reason and it kind of ruining that fantasy preempt that. The other one is just like women that were kind of train like own and we need to like be conservative we can't be showing that that's exactly. I mean I've seen women with a not to skimp beer outfits at restaurants before. You and sometimes it is ambitious player like and I didn't really show out where that figure OK it was like it means some people like you're that that have pain. Figure out OK with me feeding my child especially if they have the point overnight like OK and home. Like when I see that's like a pig does not currently yemenis do double think that there's an apple cool. Living on Friday that's not my business. That that's my thinking. I think as time goes by it and I prefer not to sound very weird to say out loud and more people need to think like you Vicki. How does anything about Apple's. It's it actually I think they were things of that movement and as I do or you renovating. Not gonna. Then what does that mean myself and I aryan no. And. Dozens and. Ethnic and we have not done a jury duty oh yeah it's got closed yesterday every. Angry. Monday night lie and I don't wanna hear about a month old at the loading and Miller down alliances. It is not some epic from a pace I was hoping that means that. It was not a murder and on and even there were no policeman or an element in. Jumpsuits with her actually in it has some chick decide to sue accompanied hand. Got a month of history. I'm thinking about meant learning. Mesothelioma. And has asked. Hands I mean it was really cool. The lawyers the chances I have checked in sustaining. You know let me get side bar all black and it cooled stuff that you DC is. But a lot of atlas like. Oh can we move onward and OK at one point jackpot for my jury members sleeping. I did not fall asleep I was very very close at them. Point but it's and then ninth yesterday we deliberated and with civil cases ten have to agree with top while on us hand. Ten agree to that did not and I was in knots. So. My name my heart's arteries Thelma it's because you have to individually. They asked you answered questions to say yes that was the opinion of the jury you knew the answer your opinion. And I was nine people that yes that's been injured up opinion mean in my heart I seriously it was like I'm don't have a heart attack again we're not gonna finish this case the passer out of zone. Yeah and the judges for naught she was so cute she came in thanked us. And might ask how will we on an certificates but the certificate might brand I am divers the certificate now yeah I. I told her I was gonna frame and his. And really do think people frame means like you did your civil rye economic players that. Battle but just I've. The I. I filled. The Albright as a citizen. Solidity and a but yeah. Are you yup but are you are you excited to do it again and you're the only one coming back and I think that hey yeah is excited to be here has this soured you to the experience to see if it was funny because the other during an amendment agreed with mean. Now disagree that out that it was like with excited. Scared and definitely. I would I client yeah I didn't think it was going to be on monkeys all the other cases that started on the Dan Simon were like one Q3 eight cases while. Yeah I didn't think it. The whole core can disputed. Need a traffic light. Some like it traveling at Arlington OK you know when get some of that but if it would work this that we went back to like the eighteen under in this it was a it was like. And back in it did today is like. Civil action. In an area and and you know I would be I would be curious and excited to see how a criminal case is different than. Dying witness should be winning more. Exciting but. Right guy you know high. But this is this your retreat inside the courtroom. In time doing it in color your opinion every. Legal thriller movie is Steve from here on I was really hoping to inspire him on Beale air after the third day of all let's crop. There's no question about it as I. Just so I think. Just like legally blind. I part of something that's what I pie and there was this. Though a blonde attorney I was really hoping that she was gonna kick that. OK like I don't recognize that. I knew that going in that that's why you were excited because you thought that there was a chance that this was going to be an inspiration for you to to have a hold my career in movies it's sell me and I think it's definitely yesterday until after the case is closed and talk to lawyers they like to ask questions about a couple wasn't as good as an empire poker and that was really cool locate your human like right in during the case. You've seen them. In the hallway they don't they can't even make eye contact I don't know I don't and so they color jury tampering and having to turnout fake ones and we are all waiting elevator and they decided that Ayers and it's just too awkward scene like the judge everyone. But so but Tynan afterward that it likes uber cool you guys are so bass lake. Obviously this case has been years in the making it all the work that what did it finally came into an out Stan like it. Bath resulting it's all that it's a slick so tedious and so we're in Latin and like if you phrase a question just a slightly wrong yet. And again over they they say I objected and if the thing about how you say it if it's and a that would drive me create I would lose. And a pan am pregnant with an okay. We our case may be with the and it students. I like the ugly she's at it and you can't see the senators podcast lives that she'll most like turn yet yet. Oh yeah I'm all about the jumpsuit and a bad way of knowing your weapons testing up for now he did now I would I. With you here oh he was the top yet but now Alan I'm. Yeah. I mean everyone has their at a and after. But in so acting and like I think I getting late. That's the word getting prosecutor operated outlets like. Activity yeah. I feel like I can't hear. Can't be here in the injured infant life like that one of the things that. I think you're what's the K need to recuse myself there can't be here on eBay probably excuse. I mean to side with him to the youth now you're probably right it. Because you know anyone. Out there but if you're like the he has so. Yet you're gonna have trouble being being objective not union pay attention. To the right it's. And a jury duty once and it didn't work. I had Steve write me at Litton a letter saying that I was it's well into intentional in an integral to the operation of our yet. Program I mean it what I like new new and so I went in. The first day. And then they're like okay call this number and we'll tell you if your a you get a thing and I called the number and like to see that my number was picked and it doesn't. So like I still could have gone picked a couple late later site had a couple things off you know and I've been going in that consider something you can. It leaves that are not who I got to my and I poly really thoughtful and I might deliberately don't match so. I'll hold my idols I waiting to get this with such a tedious process that is a month long. Alec I'm gonna get them next again literally down the people are doing it right now. In this city. I finally you have an Irvington new reports I've got my mommie has been in about my mom excuse. Because it's like this language barriers amnesty air and on their sting and we only she does understand but it's not do barely big word and they all they Lawler that play. Mean a lot of that's on I just I just filled Alley to the Max like cannot understand English cannot. Someone who cannot get out of work like I did I checked it was offered her she actually couldn't get off port it. Yes it is Hannam like this is camping this. English as a second language but I think I'll be totally lost and with that a metal look he's like man in Cali yeah I live here without kind of step in. And it's shifting. Meets. West and the best husband who. The deal with commercial. Never. Mesothelioma commercials right. Oh Harlow has suffered from some in the U I don't know I'd have to. Just where it and you can you currently over from the case. Including military. And and I mean that's. A if he worked on ships back in today. It checked now I'm my news in the paint and me in the aren't feeling. Which is iPad. Before. Error bull my health alliance them I probably have mesothelioma them when life called it while if you do. Goodbye and giving out here not not a moment. And uneasiness marathon crisply to test you for me now. I'll probably be like eighty years old. Actually doing everything in with an era drama gonna tattoo shop and chase yeah and like your rink leaf yeah. And lady. But I want to know where he's really ring glee. Old ladies only scuba. So I'd give it a mark on I think for a I'm so glad I will be long gone and I've just went up before because I've had people gasoline I have looked like a memorial pat and I have another one I'd like to get that I've been trying to get and definitely. Sixteen. I like it would pass in my young age. Would people get tattoos in to memorialize me and it's so what with a tattoo like what would be picked that would represented to him. He's been there is a crowd the crowd with that you probably need a higher it with a gimmick heard his radio man. One of those weird and a higher ups again prior girl power. Well it would take to pardon. Me I like Ike. Like Sierra. You're no with us there is QQ I'm going to let up for. Actually I like I was just like a girl blond hair and the David and make as we did the David and make it to that long in the first couple but that doesn't represent me at all but it presents like that's how you and I became friends that we started like we hung out the first time I think we did. When the first filly. But I don't you analyze my down yet now they re not letting Alley you're higher rates silly but it can also be married that you have with the person. And it's becoming manic. Every night patsy and I'm getting it again it's about me I'm getting formally Chris I would get start track for share. That's I think you guys your am. I would and they're probably just get a big tent to of this again cigarette from the think the Babel the religious beat them army air expert Jeffrey let's put him in Barcelona. Okay William and it'll OC and church not as a second out of the media is also can mean like the only family and it'll be like Jesus Mary and Joseph no I mean like that they they actually picture rule again the church itself just because it's uneven and it's a big thing in Barcelona say that's weird to me if I thought I would never ending its McKee. It wouldn't be for you. I've I thought I would everything up Turkey. But honestly point it's because you're either picking something that means something to you in relation to the person I would want for you guys to get a mean. Either probably most likely apparently apps for share. I know that is bad so bad if I get there Heidi cricket. I'll be even Dover I like it usually just. Picture and clothes I don't even get totally Kirk and how do you bugle U young and I don't having more space on my body venture. But you'll have space that I don't have space I have I'm getting onto tattoos. I ran out of space and piling up little space well now you can't pay because it's. Even if I die. Old when I am worries of hot. Yeah and get it doesn't mean now what Morgan silly discussing what we would get the other guys on the show. That's okay the things that come in my mind that you guys please message just like if you've gone to memorial tattoo before. Or if you would get memorial that is close to you what would you get on Newton Danny and get peeps are pumpkin. Yeah for sure you punk and I wonder origin or color me I do not warns them not into the I don't like Mike. I. Mean kids here's are not Star Trek. I dragon tattoo my friend passed away when she was sixteen and ginger own a she drew a drag and head. And she'd when she she colored it yellow and red I didn't money and writes I took the image that she dream when I got that tattoo on me and then I got it colored in. Different colors. So it's still hurts or isn't her she drew it and it's just different. And I'm like I don't have to get the different colors it's the punk in I think maybe equally. Now the black art rage now tattoos are really in kind of sketchy looking on from the electrical pumpkin Halloween scene. And Cooper era I'm really very literal be if you get it it is funny because when she's not it's from you about light. For someone. You know exactly what they like not like. It's like you like what they in Lancaster still wary you're still gonna half that you're not gonna want something that your that he and yet this is for this person I hate looking attic he how ugly it is. Click the start acting like I. Debt I don't know hourly care product like I would get it because he really liked. Again it's the bond between the two of you guys like if I wanted to get something for Chris I might do some things start tricky but maybe some things speaks like something more her. Stars in general it's something it's in the and it reminds you and I actually does something even better and because I'm thinking about the building. And it was on the cover of the very first time but it still happen then universal. And our but ethylene from the united. But that would be that thing yet there and done a little and I thought I could come. At home and not gonna put your brain. When I making. It. Well. Pol. And a mate because I don't have any tattoos I'm not that can be placed him. And be alone your heart and I'm an artist that Miley doctor Newman in a pulp and now suddenly your attic. I would just I just get a little something is not a big fan of like the ones like an early for me like adding biblical of the people when they're like RIP. Insecurities mean that's not really like something like an out if there's something that's that's too literal that's the kind of thing that I think there would be more interest. In those in in this particular instance act that's just symbol. All that you done it like Robert Zoellick leaving the pool steam punk line. And they can put its hourly. In order to where it looks kind of cool if you have space on your pilot I'd be kind of cool. It's a big portrait of now. If you get that I have little space that it like a little on the would be kind of keep somewhere illegally I don't balloon and reminding them because Nicole. Joey had no idea what I would get for him. Wow yeah well and very just immediately shot again so I act like a corona not a jacket and glasses. On only. And it just like on the silent. I would work like they're both sitting on the same enabling men shots Korean man I think in my early. Late bottle thrown out there. That beats you really cute cartoon version got her on yeah I would be down I mean. There's that adversity. Like I might depend in Orlando now. Like some sort of either like wrestler like the only what I had gone on sleeve lies. Like I was thinking Lulu to believe anything a normal and in New York. Need then yeah me pages. And family and make and looted or mean with roses or something or even a Little Lulu and ask yet. Now we do recruiting class thing it is. It's everyone's dying one by ones like he's getting angry book on well how about each day. Arie how microphones and I don't I just honored more centered on. Great to devote the and then. Most human they're athletic and all of all of Mosul that meant. Is this the most human human that the beauty and choke on route for. Yes you. I know me a guitar I have now and I was there aren't friendly. Signs that would be Q&A yeah. Now. Our Red Sox I'm staying out and the thing that to a one like a Red Sox globally it would of one of religious like my mom passed when get a like she's really religious I would get a religious symbol on meet that feeling that instance would be disrespectful. And also silently disabled that it and that's why I never Koch like the virgin Mary tattooed it on economic data at school. I went to David X I want to represent my heritage without. Being something I did you and I and other crops are now it's mind. I distress like and he's just announced that almost you know I mean I think she uses. General verbally not at all of the churches out like that was me and I did not I'll and then I would. And you name it it's not like easily over Anderson and it is weird. When I was in high school there's three of us and we still like one of the still Thursday talks that are on face but she's a winner re getting tattoos only bit I haven't seen you like hung out with you. In like ten years at CU like in passing. But we were supposed each get a symbol to represent the three of us because your best friends okay. But one of the most pain and and she's like like kind of like the pagan symbol like that's the agreed not to do religious symbols yet. There she's not pay in and I'm not taken to be weird for me to have a pagan symbol correct so we ended up it's like moon. Sun apps on afternoon with a flower. Is it really crappy drying out and I very am glad we did not get to that very basic it's so weird and I was like I was an attack to a few years ago. We. We're. You get your lips as it lips right on. That. Nothing's really changed and it tells seniors. I might add to my comments. Protecting yeah I ask Clinton when I sign my name my beekeepers and autograph media again broken states apart. That's that's its upper shoulder and it's shoulder presidential what is wrong with holder because my parents. I can't think and I can show up my cat's excited it's them they would never see yeah crave okay finding daddy sexy for apparent lips on you know high and. This is why don't you and coming your duty Turk. I got a tiny little luck on my shoulder that was the very first thing I got and then later on in my I covered him but this teacher and pretty yeah. It's what objection animals across like a little circle crowd across loop instead of and it is it symbolized. It was the the power of all the Egyptian god says there long life and there so there royalties. The reigned over the that the egyptians and one on him like my original idea when I was in high school to protect is in my wrist is going to be. The higher. And I'm just so I've no connection to accept that it looks cool so I never did it yet and there you go and I'm glad I didn't go his way into. On accuses him of power and better as well because. I mean fair not. Think think of size images of my friends in town and like her higher rounds and mar like I'm so glad I didn't do that because I wonder as a pilot about tattoo I've. Things like yeah mostly united beginning attach you with us we go to Chicago I'm Hal. What are you gonna get out of it absolutely and a camera in each camera. Because I feel like it's Chicago. Huge. Irish population and I've been wanting Schumer for one and banning it from me than he's getting enough help cool. Figure and is now at the time right next year and I don't mean the way. Right next man who. And I have not changed and actually they may and in life and then it'll stay feeling lucky and. The lately going down there I would not feel very confident about what's about to happen. If it's so great work to do that I think might. You know your act now on how element of one camaraderie and I like the idea of going somewhere and just getting a tattoo because line onto you like collecting yet again. Are like mugs at collecting panties and the differently than we did it rate him I love Utley gets by and I don't have anything area at an immediate start enormously because it has careful address because of that aid solitary and slightly lower rates. Have been. Able any U. I wanted Chris in on the podcast today you know just tattoos. What I did and articles. I'll learn this is twelfth things guys like getting surprised and we did talk about it on air ones where. But what can you do besides sex for days and the process. And fair warning it. Really romantic ex boyfriends who like the little gestures like they would do it for me and we do it to them. Silly we would do it each and 68 overtime this is the music that I think about when he got you display them on that remind you view when he give me copy and I give them line. We need to act and four at. And I like with in the last year David and I am extra cute but does that make you mean because your specials mean. In there's on the he'd really like on the exit at all it was his music Sony. Is. And that we are also went on talk about Ali you know like leaving little notes and Steve admitted he'd. When it's like every little note that there are. Useless. To talk about the flip analyst increases opinion scripture to. Spoiler alert I am a horrible hopeless romantic. So from a lot of this is probably getting accurate word means to carry our way there is a couple excellently the first one in fact I know. Scientists say they jumped on top of him from hiding spot in college unless I'm alone unless I'm really into that go for it. Come on like him coming home team dressed and lingerie or feed you wanna spring for lung injury just. Being eight it would get a and that's pretty high score. Tim having dinner already made for him into that the place you. Look at this. Yes for the curse to items on the list are sex and food because these things that run truly deep through me and means what it can't take credit for and think that accounts of anti big dinner even like a freshly delivered pizza when he Audi is going to have to cooker pick up food along the way. Is the huge relief. Yeah I think it take it is look it takes that off my plate no pun intended it means that I don't have to. One less thing nor yet it's one nothing to worry about him it's not that sleeping in the kitchen is it is a big deal for me like cooking from my wife but. If I don't have to. Especially tight end when SI guess yes and that's what it is if I if I minus. Oh crap what my and it doesn't matter what about romantic illusions what he wants that's ultimately what it's like people. That it is at her or. I'll give it to. You ready yet kept paying attention. Give us food. And a list don't worry about whether or not something I'm in the mood for I guarantee you I come home and that's who I'm in the mood for that hot and it's it's and it's it's true and and and I don't know if Elena Elena ram and a man woman thing because exactly that's that it would we can talk about how right after my wife. Figure out where she actually wants the later you say let's take up that line. She says and if you however gaffe is taken him. Yeah run taking part in. I Cheney is yup. Half. Of the that's that would not work with mean. I've been challenge accepted the dollar re getting Cheney yeah. And Gil or. Brad. Brad this is not new information on its. Yeah make you feel childish and I feel like like that it's down might yet get it exactly the kids you think the compliment but like William Bratton gets under your skin which got a much stronger today and election does charity feed you'll need half a on them and you know. A last minute date eight or number for that crazy going at dinner on the Wednesday for few drinks at the top can help them get through dress the week and he's. Not gonna thing. One of my favorite things related to the earth everyone says this is it dated a girl that dated. June 3 for another. And a I had he had I'm on the planet of the planned big old date night for us and we went out to that okay scenic very. And that's what we're doing but you need during three different it's clothing you're where you become an interest in the house you bring comfortable clothes and then castle. Because I only read mark and then had him come to my house where has already set up. The fort in my living room all I had made a state dinner. Yeah and we cater state dinner tactic in the Ford on the table and we just near me which has been writing them to I think. Three or fancy and then we solutions account because. The casual clothes go out I was just off. I call it that earned on loans you. I'm afraid as hell and he did he has been around and study by the way but fifty dollars annals. I never seen this guy again. We weren't that Dion yes I can't wait so I can do that again to. Get bad recycle you and your arms and me. Oh the other yeah I got you the gulf port thing in. Indeed in its movie history like I was impressed that I sent text and impressed yes it. Texas one of my friends we've blown away again. McCain as I like that's. Maybe. I think this. Effect some differently like this and he's like I would marry her spot. Effort. Can afford tickets to a game or concert. It it coworker had to unload some tickets last minute and make sure is scheduled clearance at the minute it's something he you know you totally hate you can always make it seem like you want him like me can take up and have him do something that the NASA Eileen. It's true and I think it I mean obviously it's very guys specific you've got a guy who's now and into today basketball football whatever that means don't the president with. Tickets to the sport and joy ray but it yet tickets to our editors and that's. Play your movie exactly. Outside the box. Got something ending the tickets kick your buddy go see them via I don't wanna see. Any other convention you'd think you're getting into it at its. Just the presence for no reason yet present for a reason is always is always a winner in the immunity thing been in the present just your typical presence for girls the chocolate on the our workers in the little car at eight years just like needing to readers might like. March. And it don't like alive but I now right there and I like flowers and get here around here and I and that it. We'll see what we get it. You know what and the time. Teacher or watch. Agree really get paid your heart that they weren't into it depends it has taken a brilliant guy like so I don't. Have a lot of use for ties and if you give me cool. Right ordinary star path to our collectors ran into the wire your teacher at. I'm a nice but nurtured I would come here. In a very mixture. If it meant that I was showing up an awesome. Here. And he talks under the good from. But it's only a little bit more it's a little bit more broadly a bit more generic and the oxy locked around parties seasons ox like it he'll like these yet. I beat Turkey. Mean the rectitude and yes. Bowl bid mean Beecher is a gift and on not a meal union and prepare anything Victor a teacher can really cute it's like food. Beer. Sure Beers good time as they appear in. Or is that his favorite wine you know if you're gonna Switzerland it costs whiskey and and don't get him like him a box of birthday. Unless that's sticking around eight and a half a dozen. Outside the boxer is based in the morning and kitchen table right now and just as yours is now. It wasn't yesterday if you think that. Is why it was your share. I think about it like that pay well yeah. So that purse one. Shaped like peppers. Funny and it's an act because number eight on the finger at number four is grab a bunch of his favorites. Yes I'm. Path and that's actually did this from my brother because my brother is the worst when it comes together it's conceivable Tellme would meet me he just graduated college and he doesn't make a lot of money is absolutely a college student what do you want Unita racecar occurred do you want closed. He never tells me what he needs to he has everything he needs he's. Slightly and a knife found in the excel at a target and it's a shark. It's looks like cash the bully area but it looks sharp opening its mouth like jaws coming out. And so the picture have a goldfish crackers in his mouth. And I bought him that and often goldfish crackers I bought him all the fear is the chocolate Hershey's milk chocolate and cookies green give them. And I just like through all the beer candies that he likes and snacks for cultures and Mike Brown. Here. I didn't know what town and it will be that mean. It's perfectly beyond per day in and lives on him and his bodyguard when a house there apartment. Any capital cities in the tribal. You can't process. Game brother hanging pet snacks food I you can't go out easy and not that bout back is. That's done and balance and you've got due partly to humans if you're Catholic Madonna's give him a couple. Think it's you're living in a state like us where we can smoke leading me and I feel like a lot of these are going to be pretty subjective. When it constantly getting things from them but. You're not rock yelling don't just kind of airing Alec what gets to get like we're saying like even girls are pretty easy get us food you know gives him the flowers and stuff on a stereotype. Is it what do you academy can't feel special it. Gil is more sex has the branding it with sex never failed to grab it when you're out in public they're pulling in the car about the man that has been the president handed them onto younger I'm Daryn. Still it's like I even and in even that even just a real a surprise. PDA yeah great you know it just before. Am let me act like I could never date somebody who doesn't like PDA but sales at Indy committee who wants all right like I did a careful balance the quick always Catholic all. Yeah. While three in the I would do it hasn't high school just like bowl on my block com fame yet like smooching like switching different I think yesterday we yes. So I have he goes to class class once they are allies have insomnia school self made man ends. Now is C news space Nokia apparently left him like a really big Hickey. Italy game and really big I was really trying not to because I knew he had class. Phil network affiliates whatever but like in school in an item now that I really work would be worse now don't you like alma construction at just like a few dudes like whenever belly in class of the bunch of other people on the teacher makes you younger in Dahmer. In school. Both IE and even ordered. On the ninth lion out like and maybe cancel again I'd I don't remember of life and had Hickey and I must April. I was 21 in the effort like Mike are I was there last time you gotta hate that I yeah like I didn't. Like I was so mad it would seem like a battle round one and just like a couple weird marks are heating in the right now like ID like the dude after and the weird kind of news says Sachs. They're there they are there they're hot but like the fact that they're on your neck it's just like adults mechanical at them like. It happens. Yeah it. He doesn't work out a little less than anybody. Can lead nick he's gone definitely feel every innocently such a perfect light area like the perfect on a spotlight. Eternally in WikiLeaks and more all out there that there's nothing really to grab their use elegant hurting me biting at that editors like patent patent act and a programming. I I am pretty image there. Pretty immature I look like prop eight probably still dressed like a high schooler. Need to be a look and big Yankee game right Mickey Wright have yeah. And he wants in threes like come on you can get a little turn on well that's all the time we have to get up fun that we haven't unseen security at 87 is that. A quick love note tucked into his briefcase. I love that that I am doing in Albert's beating. I think I like doing more than helix receiving. I like yeah I am very much in new writer and I'll just sometimes just eight. Hitters. I still have the very first note my wife broke me in the eyes in the lunch. Like she's a great yeah she put in lunch boxes they still there from wrong when he went at say. Have a good day comer the view park home. Actually I still have a note casts her ensemble a guy friend that's the point. Like it we had a thing for a minute that competes like I got a special place in my heart and I had in my wallet they kept falling out. Trying to have it saved somewhere else that he had written me you know thank you for this weekend like that drew him to take to seize died in car. Like this belong but very sweet note. They still happily eat it slip that it in that call it and and then I kept it there for a long time until I got a new on the kept fighting and I thought I saw have Alan. I don't keep any the other ones I like he's planning and. Yeah so. Again at a Time Warner and all that and I've looked like my Xbox. But I leg was recently cleaning up persists to this weekend and I some weird Franzen and weird for real answer -- unlike. Porn. And from sixteen or L and one what does calm no but like in card it. My friend posted they print out pictures of late. A lot of what the mood is going to be out like ready for your birthday present plan and I'm guessing that when her off. Yeah and knocking his I'm not. So. Then no then came in and. Right Paris Sarah pay them and I like ray rebroadcast. That's weird you've been making it we are distant from time to batter and managers needing help me. It's not nearly as much fun. Think definitely paying on him you know because accounting and you're about. It's different. Added Dennis death. Records they like as great as the broadcast is it the little lately or refute. Since the fairway I give Utley South Carolina the gun never but I'm not gonna tell you I am. With some of the guys play us now what are little things your significant other does for you or you would like and who do for you that country record name IL is against Akron. It. Our lives and I'm so surprised that the sideline on the back scratches Howell also did yep I got The Beatles get crazy emails. Confirmed. Any weirder and. I had written him.