Broad-Cast Ep. 120 - "Party, Party, and more Parties"

Wednesday, August 22nd

Vicky B and Ooh Sara read listener emails and give thier advice on giving kids the sex talk, telling your s/o your "number", and about number of pairs of underwear on listener has! Also, they chat about Vicky's plans for her birthday. This leads to talking about their ideas for their 30th B-days and even future bachlorette party plans. They update us on their Chicago trip, the Halestorm/In This Moment Show, Rev's Housewarmng party, as well as #PAIN2018!

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It's been. It. The. And yeah. Yeah. Welcome to another edition of the broadcasts I'm Vicky Barcelona. And with me is always or almost always unless you on jury duty. I just away being granted is in booths and ran. Hand. Barack. Eight Kia in the conflict and of all. Up any news yes I feel like you look for that I will at you know we did not have a podcast last week and I apologize is. I had a meeting ran long and for Sarah so I year waiting to podcast I was all alone but I gave O'Brien behind is so odd path at least. In her Q and can take the points Napster. And analysts remote in my office load times over. The smoke that mean. Like all just take them exercise ball it's writer and hopefully if any already bought I thought. His first pumpkin spice latte it's these they were until yesterday yes. That is a little ridiculous. I at least in Hume wait until September 1 at least yeah photographers of the day. That's like not even hybrid they cannot. Now down at eight contact at FaceBook about broadcast cast Twitter mr. drama broadcast nine and a collar Texas at two factories and Anthony sick zeroes in minor mouth of the broadcast 990 at And we have plenty of messages yellows do it let's start quarry from Renton says. Around. Rent super crazy around here begin a living at Tennessee for a change of scenery. He's kind of cool on the little wary because it's. I am sale hey Tom by here at the got a good music scene there's a lot of good food and places so why Tennessee. I'm curious that you but it is probably honestly cheaper. Oh I always think you'd be so cool like earn a bunch of money here and then move some plan. Where it's week cheaper it is the running all the same and I mean thing like 600 dollars for the department. And heat. Angling. I watch the shows on HDTV. In intact you get paid for house for the cost of meat he and it. Yeah Pena like and the condos and again and again. Flight I've just look on load and all those web sites like that pleases and typically looking at. I feel liquor getting cheaper some hope it means that then it's a little depths of the night just now I want and fuel are handling more like a simple life McDonnell. Need this city year in now like I can't why behind in count I kind of I've. I used to be like especially before I moved here and then when it live chair was very much all about the city life but the city's changed a lot since I started working there and so I was probably on busier busy year but it just a different scene. It's not as hip and cool feeling there's just a lot of rich blood here and senate just it's fest grungy music he ally our guys here. Forward money can't they I have for other jobs and an icy and statistic different to the people locker on the streets. Lisa that the weird because let's face it Seattle but it. Not the RT we're anymore it's just the way I thought money like. I live in a city but it's like we have to drive like 1015 minutes like a smaller movie theater like I can imagine. Even if you do have a son like crazy house belly driving. An hour to the closest. Mall or an hour Cilic closest grocery stores and I don't act like I'm wrong that out any bets that the country. I mean I think anyone older. I'd like to live somewhere that like I'd like to be within twenty crash star and yeah neatly at you know most of mammoth. But I would like. If I had my dream place now I would like a little house like in the Everett area. And with like privacy a lot of those old palaces don't they're really close to each other sound like some sort of unseen and you really love it when people do like the big portions. And I are out there Nancy do my neighbors to that like all around even like they're frat house. And improved enough like OK you really don't want to see what's going on there mean it's it's her niece that keep you don't feel like your exposed. I made friends neighbors are selling their house they were renting it out for awhile and other selling it. And aisles looking had never been insides and looked at their fliers taken out. And it's more than I can afford to possibly relating right in front of my parents how they would love that now it would never move comes out of this thing. But they have had since I was a kid these trees everywhere there are smaller. But the cover the house to Tallinn house East Flatbush type trees that all lawyer around their property line. And gossip you never see the house and I've never seen them in their house like maybe from the side like from one of my windows but. It's privacy and I like via yeah just cozy two looks like because he has a hot subject and I did not know all my life they have not done. Early should press them I'm used I at least Brenda though the people that rented a house before hand yeah. Hot tub hearts and and we got a message from our buddy moves with. He says matters but I a lot of first stay and the girl asked me about my body count. Apparently it's high and that was turn off. But what do you guys consider a high body can offer guy doesn't matter if they've had sex with a lot of but the island I know I love you a body count as usual laugh a little area of murdering people money at them. How okay. Like. You know nominee and your boyfriend yeah. Seven as an all black cropped yeah I wanna know all firehouse relationships funny and right then and like. Don't like that audience sex plant might really have that bad dream to for an interview like you're in of the toughest interviewer possible like at your dream job. The preparing us I just plague tune I do I'm an over share I feel like I over share. Because I don't lining an ounce to. Fine out coming about me through somebody else I want you to know about it though. I'm the same. With my friends and with my impact migrants yeah that one of the first half efforts are made and to mean I don't care ball. Make. I don't care of that he has had sex offender when I'd be like wow all have even tested recently. Because and I really that's impressive ID hi five because that's the apple law. But I hear him saying he if you think about it. Does is there like that does is their number that matters if the guy's only been two people are one person. Is at a problem. It's a problem if you like ask okay law. You know they'd been there in relationship like five years of white checker and they never wanted to get up there are saving it till marriage and then it and learn or they didn't Marion you know what I mean yeah but what that might put other concerns here had that feeling the reason why women. Fear hi David guys why anybody fears high a body count if you will is they can tell us. Maybe he feel like I have to stack up against these people but if you think about it it's like 500 people you didn't have 500 committed relationships. Evenly. Fifty people he didn't have 58 nations Alice because of the relationship they get jealous like wow youths. Compare yeah I think about. I feel like for volleys with a high numbers I'd I mean of a person could say oh my god you know there's going to be people that are bad better than me your bigger than me or whatever. And by the way if you're guy that's legally get cute girl that's been the blue dude he's she's going to be a loose down there it's like. That's how that works in practice our heels yes but I mean like what's the difference between her having. Fifty the Dong. For like the course of a year or you know the same amount of sex with one guy with one about it's I think. Okay your and counts on getting sick just downtown at times I'm having sex. Like so that doesn't make sense it's it's going to click track back in. You're doing some ungodly things I mean had a colony that clusters as like to do to get them yelling that there are I mean if I have seen that born like that whatever is not us off them. Mean even and it tends to go back pretty dead. Eight I think it is double like what are your there's probably some really hot snakes and you and I you know Isaac Ike panic adding content and meaning and it can mean. If I'm thinking of them having sex. And then it's like a few people you Billick while you were really love what this person you're with them for ten years has that compared to hike its. What I did it sometimes 1819 and he lost his version and he would like. 120 jeez and like how Carty have like he was a few years older about hat buying. Triple the amount I like maybe quadruple right yeah and it didn't. It didn't phase and everybody kind of looks at sex different hand on her yet now and I like a lot like I really cared for some reason I've never had that in my mind like. Parole. You know she probably does this it doesn't do this this idea there. An ever really have even bought up all that now that with my boyfriend. I will he really obviously like the but. So your booted me I'm good at it now I know I'm willing to do things that I don't make a lot of females do psyched to have them back land mine and I. Man. Magnetic Goldstein. Of the big bat that's currently the only thing I've ever. Friday and hear it and I think anybody male or female that cares about account rates again they have I insecurities exactly what it is and it's not a whopping it's like I you're insecure it's like. Okay that's you need very slippery to have feelings of this but. Is it going to interfere with. Certain aspects of your life and that's on the you can take care of with their appeal hours until the valuation. And someone I am I wonder if moose if you asked her the same question. Yeah like. And it she answered and what you found her race here think how. I don't know if you Hannity and you'd like the answer like how would one I made. I had a situation where it's a damning amber at the time by the way. My number is much larger than the number is it that was then. I angrily like now local analysts. Triple. Yeah. Am I didn't double it. No big. Large number but these are female on and yes I mean so. He we are talking about like sounds like. Yeah my friend on this girl is you know she'd been like eight times or ten guys went up there. And just like in public or what's the problem with that took wall units. She's just so many it's like I tore a CY broke up with them like not. And I just like it's not it really isn't an attack that's not a problem he said well I'd like. Despite. Not the guy you're really panic seeing like this is. Aaron. Started doing and even say you're actually my boy from permanent. Casey it actually had. A relationships are. So it was fun. Mr. Klaas as well. Editor reason not because you listen thing here but I told my numbered. And they won the last thing he says telling. Middle the end like LC beginning in the end has already kind of like Everett via before like I broke up and I think it's a cup weekly nearly two weeks three weeks later. Andy he's like ha and they cup really like and comfortable for a second secular thinking get over this and like. Ankle C that's for me like having not all on the open and right is you start eating like there isn't that operate it like. A problem like we really like now that's going to be a problem like now you look at me differently because I ain't my count lake Villa and I. In what it whenever I done in my pastor whatever I'm doing now is probably be different than what I'm going to be doing next year or in the next five years. So I don't wanna be with anybody that's going to have a problem with my past yeah viewer might presents. He should only worry about our future that the only thing. So I've I've met guys where they and obviously they've had problems and I mechanism like I really don't care we can even talk about it. Get you that's that's and that's what I and he I am like any committee that I can talk about these things because honestly I had to Helene stories. Yeah probably tried different things amount. Multiple different dudes on panther on outer banks announced that already tried that for Natalie. And so it just like a little open to conversation and not have that Rory little you know Sunday's night I do you feel like. And it could be a hormone thing earning just be like the days and crashing on you and your not as strong willed as you normally are that for me. If I just had a tough day Aron whenever it is. In the recent talk about something like their pasts and think you know what today can. Because normally it's like those insecure at the Catholic you know face those gut feelings this present this of that economic that man and a logically now. Like we're dead my self esteem is awesome but it's just like when it's hard to AA can't. And I can't Olivea has bad thought my brain can't stop thinking of the bad things. So I need you to please not do that right now don't be offended. We talk about it later via and so I think. I don't have a problem with that to you and the guys again what I can we not talk about the Islamic. Yeah be expanded. Via today. But yet that's. It's interesting interesting. Just interesting too because I was just thinking like. Nobody else laughs I count. Like if you're hanging out her friends or whatever like none of her friends are in a minute or how many a how many people he slept but you know an anemic here it's not like. She's gonna go or go around in Buick he slept with a hundred people got such a sly like. Well you know. We got another text message from our body of the steam I'm Justine. Pieces that discuss listening this is a couple weeks yet discuss them listening to the Monday's cas and I just wanted to show you I'm not one of those guys that only has four pairs of underwear and Healy didn't laundry and have a picture of all his stack of underwear. Colorful the and I know pink. You. That yellow one of the strengths. And thank you thank you for that employees in more than four pairs of underwear. And every round. And way. Getting people watched a boyfriend and pull it all as plunging. And it's just sitting in the hampered because then and again it but it almost a week now and I need that hamper. Like that that the baby keep the closely you like oh no but I farm. Paula I'm not gonna freak out. We did get. I apologize we did not have a podcast you likened likened the other than a podcast this weekend and a well the reason why we didn't podcast after the meeting was because from the off these program. And so I'm trying to clean this up as much as possible does that and yes. Girl they really need some help doing that. It's his name and we talked about it before. Since this means I need the Pallet then his opening games in Beijing thank you. Aaron. This is going to be along Texan I'm sorry but I don't know how to handle this one. Who last night I get a call from my sister and she's freaking out because thirteen year old nephew was caught with his girlfriend giving her the old you know. I. Like what the reviews but I'm not going to fame playing piano. Yes. Says to talk to about seeing how she's a single mom and I am his uncle said no problem. We're at heart his girlfriend is in the Foster care system now she wants me to have the top with all of them. No I'm getting stuck with his girl from what I am. My sister and on sending them blow up from organics weekend. The hard part is I booked a charter boat to take my nephew fishing and I have to have the talks announced overnight with two horny teenagers on a boat. And supposed to be talking about sex with so girls. So. It is a security. Did the majority of the bu bye and now I'm not Larry aid. However I want to know what happened. How would you talk to two teenagers errors. Would you talk to the theme now I know how to talk from dying. My high school boyfriends mom because she apparently some gains MySpace. And silly as you both have not. You know news. At game so why can't tell it it wasn't news there was Donna at the so when you first have sectors are first or having sex you think every month you're pregnant. Probably I mean sometimes accurate it opened up so fulfilling. Sometimes there aren't pregnant like especially if you don't know it's like sex is a new thing I would arm bring it on galleys on what government. So I had posted a guy like one up like it's something about that own ends issued credit and so we went for a walk. And we talked about it measure being comfortable as a step mom and I was in the next month. Why why why will why would you not. Feel like and because everybody is really close no matter I mean I was over there alive and it was just. I think we're just both economist at teenagers and we already had enough issues is again I area and that's a player plea and dance you are probably time. We weren't a lot of her when they weren't there at least looking like it was basically she said do not see that you're not over or when no home the Catholic advocate just said. If that was payments and add. I'm curious because I understand obviously you'd talking to the dude and I feel like. In a weird way like you're his father figure in a way yeah and I feel it you. Even kind of I think the way. It's it should be delivered is. The cool guy girl and being like yeah now I know I was thirteen like I was totally I guess you know anemic again and I am I hair yeah I don't schooled him yeah yeah I'd be kind of his body I think that's really better approach because. And you have an eighteen scheduled to hold on I'm going to be like form if you can create a comfortable environment I think it people get really really I'm the parent should be the money you know I am the guardian I should be a friend on the guardian. Like okay. The word about that. In town. And then. And what we say be a friend to be a buddy it doesn't mean you know let him off Scott you know freer now it's. Create a comfortable environment because it is a very uncomfortable thing to talk about it. Totally and especially the timing can't write like I don't I mean I would. Obviously the hole on some things but I feel like everybody knows about also really really. Put their brain about it CD's is obviously sentenced to a mere manner how well on the like I always back like birth and early asses one thing condoms yes. But also do a whole. As she thing in my. You know the guy had a scare lines are had a buddy that happens at the Sox unlike any weather that your kids are in heterosexual relationship from a sexual relationship remember I had to my friend. Had a tiller daughter who's a lesbian. Honey you need to use protection she's like. I'm a girl and I like girls like note and told him that I had this and that I was there when that happened and angular I try to explain to her like no you can. Still yeah you still get stuff girl yeah actually trust me instantly these are the things he India issue countless Demi thing that liked. She didn't believe her mom and so sometimes it is actually better that it TU your uncle. This kid sent to listen better yeah it's not a silly to correct parenthood. And if you come across like. It I was answer it again no likenesses. How this goes down in the real thing and at CDs are in pregnancy is on me now. So I need to approach it with her like that you really and just being there with the facts because. Kids think all the dumbest things well she can't get pregnant she's on top. Or Diana became pregnant on appearing achieved and our whole plot I mean yes that doesn't work so here's a little thing I filled. I flunked out of most of my classes and beauty college and one I didn't off on catalysts human sexuality X and one that we learned. Like that scientific reasons purposes of the vagina. In all these things until one of the things we did learn is that. Semen can live in the the China for up to seven days. All like it could still be eyes. Here so if you think oh she is on her period. And she won't get pregnant. That's depending on where she's editor cycle that that little soccer could still be. Raring to go to fertilize an aid can be ready and we and sell used condoms. Especially if you don't know the beepers and be saved as these are real thing if you're committed relationship you know you have her. Discussions of but I know people who aren't committed relationships with the amnesty because their significant other with people. Yeah I hear is that Tom like all the things. The B I hope we relate killed hopefully it sailing gills I heard your mom got Jeb. And I thought about it and now it's like your mom like amounts telling people it's that weird. And now he and I know that uncle's family and talk about sex is gonna tell you want to say that I think there's a differently at him let's just pretend that it's no secret I what I want our way via mom. And honestly it probably area have not acts. Maybe in the kids nowadays. I mean I mean kids that Wear and and yeah my my boyfriend was twelve like not my current one back in Atlanta and that was let what the hell yeah and how it a it's like. I Nissen kids early in my name that I graduated with their that where my classes that had lost a virginity at thirteen and I lost my fifteen which for some reason feels like light years away from thirteen yet. And they keep get your drivers fifty. I mean I just think it's you know I have. This is my about it this is what I'm doing with that all this stuff and I just made. Yeah trying to think like there's fifteen year old like my nieces were fifteen like I wanna have sex it's like. What I A Hadley what I think Betsy young animal and I think fifteen or sixteen decade out effect at the earliest. I am gonna say it's going to be an uncomfortable situation in conversation no matter what it's I think it is even with the parents and there. Child it's just weird you know but I'm just do it get over it. An honestly. I mean you can wipe your hands clean whatever happens is gonna happen. It's a conversation and that they should have but there are out in the and it they gonna do whatever there and out. Agreed. We did get this text in this was for the care study text line earlier in the show. And says the payday yet to set to listen to the podcast for the first time ever and the broadcast was my pick of choice I'm absolutely loving it but also. Tick me off that your Brit isn't a week had given that plans trip this year just. Yes it is almost here. I need talking about it that sounds like a gimme standing tension it's just but it next excellent and Tuesday. Next Tuesday ST the coming up like a week from yesterday. So we're going. To the casino. I Victor really bad day. Because it is a lot of people going wake at Indy during Labor Day weekend. Stayed the weekend like after Peter Grant them so that the by keeping after my birthday. It's. Payne and Perry it's Foo Fighters that saying. It Safeco and pax is also going on. Under. Appear Kate expo it's. OK with me as densely left the group that I nearly focus on our page and but it SI economics I don't gamble. But I like the idea of ever and can you ever I held an abuse and parts that happened. And I'm trained you and and Edie Britt did you like dinner before and anybody who's. I don't mind being on my folks might have to be busy all day so it's like will have dinner together often play well again. But it I because that Matt are denied that he used on kayaking for your party. About light at the scene is dancing like its going to be like that alive band playing top. Top forty hits jazz is gonna be off but really like it that ten dollars from the three and again. These actions micro optical dancing and I want to gamble that put into the birthday girl from the topic for me. Ovens off. It's not like we do whatever you want is a day. And not to worry about it in amounts that he likes to dial how many people have to pay for men on nobody just. More adults now that Grassley is she as seems like it's our like it's your parents now at their unity Leo for dinner at a calendar and stay back. Call that thing. Holy crap that's on hold dear are you like. Whenever I think it as as a gone older it's kind of in the bullet at a really cared a celebrates as the campaign last Jerry did I fell had to because it was a golden birthday. He had and I tried to make something big out of it. And just like man like that was one of the things like I if not many people are gonna show up to my birthday. This surely something do it because Andrew on that one should do at the weekend off from its two weeks after my birthday yeah and I just feel with a it's just. I'm home it's at says. Are you like holy crap this last point I mean like I mean it's cow like oh that's kind of cool. I already pretty much feel like I'm very picky just accidentally seeing him there a time like hi Tony and I and I'm home I'm just about thirty like coming up when life. So adamant thought that. I know it will my brother's share and then and now he's always been mine so nonchalant about and might actually kind of excited about it in the sunny and high hopeless and ultimately fat but I don't I don't I don't well. I'm all is always a frequent member at a party like. I I'm gonna be late twenties. This year. Yeah. Tuning in silly thing and I I think am gonna be the exact thing when you land party I mean you're not. It's not gonna chains like you people think that they need to change their everything's gonna change when he. When they turn but it's like if you could still be the same plot that they get deal handsomely cries am I mean he probably will Sarah. And a friend although I already have plans and bury it in it's about yeah I'll tell Alan go all like I'm gonna do different. Ever I'm ready to got a bag as ever at and Holler that's mean hope I'm not going to me. My friend night. She loves they were two weeks apart she which actual talk about affect because we did something again for everything is well. So we eat. I'm going to. Because you automate best friends of nurses as the years old we decided we wanted Q a cake smash photo shoot president but to me about this forever that. Should do this. Got. That is is Google cakes smash it usually do this for babies that are when you're like for the first birthday begins McKay indicate that they gonna raise the cake is a sugary and there are all discovering frosting it's key. On the sometimes the plan a little spy like Photoshop elements to singer you know high chair. So alone a trend that's going on is for your thirtieth TD deceiving you Motley cannot mock me mimic a baby's one and sometimes you Wear like its utility. Like rocker all. Former opera Shelley's I have an arsonist sitting in the thick with a cake it's got a big bottle champagne drinking yeah it's a super adorable but she also deadly at Q1 which is during an racetrack since she just at a photo shoot of her at thirty. Apple does really cool so I decided pay for our thirtieth birthday let's combine our efforts to get her hair and makeup done kind of really pretty dress and we'll do photo shoot like together and separate. And I stress. And animal do you the silly cakes smash into pews CEO it. So I thought I'd be very fun that we had that planned. I took my mum about initiator pictures like you I wanna get and I stress and we took place like man on the news this place in Tacoma that sells really really cheap dresses. Because in that are keeping an address. For less than Jenna box how hollow aren't that big move beyond. Apparently wedding dresses there too well yes Mike Graham actually got her bowel renewal Strasburg hunter bugs including alterations though. Yeah I'm going there for my dress says I'm talking about any big dress Ani am going there. So we we know there any jokingly said Brad says I need asking to get. I never had making thing I'd be so funny it's Sacha vague hassle and party in my between food and DJ hall this night it's basically aligning suntan and a yes. Civic no one of the gals who work here Katie she had a double in the you know when she's thirty she can never fifteen. And again. That is so cool I've never and I I mean I think it's just that at the funds silly thing people do in some identities at that time mom and she told my aunts. On the phone and now they're planned they're trying to plan a and a. Not me and my mom we're not gonna let you know this is perfect it take those crazy pictures those fun pictures and it's the way it's displayed them I you're keeping an iron Connecticut slide show. Unlike all these like fun as you so I sure not well. That yeah you're thirty if you don't think I love that. It do anything it's not like. Like I am here is that when they do it they're gonna wanna do like OK and that hinting at a now. So when you're in thing you know when you're than. I mean it's been like sweet sixteen they had him like some people like and it's one of the things they do is they hatch on an X. China land as is basically think of a group. So you pick in usually when your fifth it at all in the dancer ray yes you do multiple audiences in accused lately Mexican theme. Hyped dances certain news or whatever you usually have anywhere between like five detain. China and it's easily get your brother your cousin and your you know and it is Selma that your I don't wedding and you have to go landing he practiced the dance. All the decorations in emea all like the little what in the world. Not souvenir. I'm Ahmanson's articles. Beavers party favors. Guy. We pay for Latin all these things there's a church ceremony along that goes with that. And you have like the presentation of the issues so you go from it's supposed to be like you Wear your little girl she is so if someone ended differently they were flat and put on high heels after. Two shows in Milan here at Birmingham now it's like just kind of symbolic via like you have that you presented with chairman dally in an honest up like a little virgin Mary or whatever it is. And now some people get a rein in the ring disposed to signify they get your purity ring he had done some excellent myself I've seen some of those rings they're behind he. Just like gold ring the number fifteen on oh they're awful so that. Well once you turn sixteen have come over gray like it's really done you know. So that's a little lunch it is very much in the very next yeah. Mean you leave that part out yet over the part of him as a development the partners. But I honestly had a different idea print paper and I talked to a few people in the we might make it happen but it is hell hole your Hainan on if you're gonna convince your mother and on filming different things and yet now yeah I think Miami has another keynesian as she's planning for her youngest daughter for next year in June. So I that Eli is that the did you have time or money it really shows take all the decorations that stuff from now I love life no so my cousin is a country girl because they live on a farm. That's surprising at Miami went off the hunt. A picnic with. But she wants it cowboy themed. So all that they're gonna do at the farm because there that you and I hauled it has to be too expensive. So the have a kid like that service that's going to provide everything for very cheap. I granted that has. Cake food music decorations. And clean up. Why everything gas. I have my. Public insignia and let you provide yet to go get a venue on top of that but that's the service that kind of does everything for. So she either gonna do that at their house 'cause they have the big yeah like beta space because of the farm in seventh in the country theme. So there haven't little blue decorations Albanians there candidate nine years my stuff on companies are decoration. At plus they renting now for somebody else. I mean in the opposite people and I to have make ash yeah camp until local man. And what shall I need to know I would like him kind of an open air venue. Parents' house. It's all good but parent and a it was the right Barry was thinking like Tahiti is and Everett because it's a close to my house. The society X and Audi really cool is it that your your britney's summer to react with summer cool like last show the summer. And all my friends. That are musicians I think because of all I am like if it's like an outside nine years something going. How that would bring tents. Sleep with a penny amicable and invite in Atlantic an accident on academic parent's house we at the yard and a member of the art yeah I. And it set up suit those. Tents are not present Z to plus easy huge tents and just hand. Out why can't parents. Argument I mean if it's meanwhile. Prop. I would be so cool actually. Man out and chaos that it Edmonds in LA bella in the year that men like. I'd be more fun by the polls show. And then you could still have your pictures on blankets. I do you and FaceBook I want them really large meddling in my mumble prop. We do that you'll probably print them out real big and how in the house I'm gonna help calm oh in the public flagship I will. Well you want a different areas alive aren't I mean I mean this isn't like. Years ago. Let's get real. My either it's gonna be my bachelor party I'm entered Perry is one of them is going to be eight yes I don't know it whichever comes first of enemy in Vegas. But. I probably a boat and I think it's you can plan it out at Johnny rappers to proposed around the time name. Shortly before your thirtieth birthday and due diva but I was thinking about on different nights the I'm different bicker on the net not at bats. Could act funny thing I really die. I don't I like I would I deliver this what you've been training for parents like Sarah injured and I bachelor party won weekend. I'd be like we could see an app for people to hang out with us because that would be an event like be in and then I would like some sort hardcore drug I promise I would never due to deal with. Picture cocaine crack and heroin and speed. And the horse strangle his. To deal because I was that was nice I was C deal the weekend but yet to I sent to the islands this one. Ever and I and other which I deeper they feel it and only everything's when Britain fall line from my 33 in CBS Sunday or Monday. Yeah and covered it up as this year. When I understand. Paying. But apparently years only here at Levy's entity. On my sugar. Three years things three years and being. That's says double in the 28 innings. Here bird date hunt. Is on Monday. And all of a. At such a terrible but your current egg in the day before Pearl Harbor. December 7 the pro harbor. City before. Happy tactics of science and yeah at. Your birthdays of the day before Pearl Harbor him out and and all you always like Friday. Like. I can do I can do Friday. Celebrate. My bachelor. Bachelorette. Friday Saturday and one son and I like I guess it'll transform like afterward in an overt act actually okay at that. Take Monday off. Day Tuesday house used its if they can buy back Tuesday. It back. Our flight back Monday night and sleep Tuesday. In Britain due ignored it in what you're gonna be wiped them one day. Your dirty parity. Mean. They will be. Act that is. Definitely here on the twenty. Think that his client and that's pretty rat. Each week in the top. Players. In India by the Democrats apart before I decide to like Celtic played sports my friend pointed out of casinos I'm not very tradition and what not so much traditionally. The religious or to wave the traditional in what everyone dies like everyone goes to Vegas for the bachelor party and other. There are only doing what it. I'm thinking unique. I'm Uga if I have my own crowd but no one out of bonds also. Like it's over don't think. And I would like he's going to have seen the pictures in and also it's not something I like to do normally like about biggest I would help I'm not a gambler I'm not debate is person. That's just the doctors it doesn't make sense ran like I see people do and it looks so funny like I don't I like. I won planning one for April normalcy clarity get burnt out of and I like that split and a dip from mine grammar but like. When I see on these and like. In which has a rather than mine. It's and so. Well she played that expert when every this again Mary for your bachelor party. I would like we should do your. All right that's exactly the other play that is so dope to. They're yeah. But my thinking is it's a little I guess it's a party town but I I wanna highlight the fact that I can a little bit about I get the party and history a history and the man who. And if that's where am I do I really got friends she found out what that. Up front about the icon you see so all many girls with big groups. And they all have the shirts and out and we think this is like up especially if you're like if you live on the east side. It's like they ants. So firm the only thing I can't think of what is it called Atlantic City. My dad like the middle of floor main thing. But new Marlins like it's our Vegas pre match if I would eat that had gotten islands away ever going to be against it it's way closer here and other ideas are actually party. And Disneyland. That is so you know I mean that is so you immediately go out have fun all day and and then come back and go and I know how I really cool places and or Eddy Cue if we all public matching like. Years that's ugly. Bride tribe or whatever and now I'm not really mean for me it's like Ayman. By these things that they brides and xanax and never use and so it's that there's a point for me all the. Crespo. Yeah and even then I'm not spending a lot of money on what Gallagher rain with a summary yeah and again I'm not spending a lot of money on him. Are not spending any money I would. I mean like I parity found buying engagement ring years ago as. Ho. Founded on Etsy and it's a replica of the rain that so Eric straight and you Shelly. In the Vikram. In the most expensive now. 300 it's down I'm like I'm I I'm really bad breaking pleasing thing summit in its. And going to. Skits stinky and I'm the same. As I'm like I am not one of the girls that's going to actually told Matt Cooke if like I found this election a couple of years in my mind he's carrying on an ear my wedding ring. And I told that he got down on me like that I'm gonna marry now because that is shape you like first thing I'm like any of your dating I would like I know my engagement and I think are all so. Just say and I'm cheap way. And easy and I mean. Not off advertising yeah I like it. But I thought would also be kind of fun to do a road trip down to Portland the different short clubs and the and that everyone. The Acropolis. Like your. Think there are in that and then me and him can. Do all ill probably meet not intentionally out the other strip clubs stale right and we currently plan around its Alec you hear here. Are different ones like. Yet the state well my god and then get stake. You're like. Late to get accordion and go back to the room and being re. Popping amount strippers. As if I'm like well what if Heatley wouldn't bind future whatever months in Vegas to ink. Is that weird we both go would have like separate. Areas like on the lake is clearly difference. I love that idea. I have to accept it separate occasions and it will save money on the African manuals are going to be trashed and drug ring up on each other so much as well exceed money out of room Jack sounding like that be stupid if you kind of motivates you is it separate weekends. Yet like that little weird to me yeah yeah that's steep so what I'll hang what we did for reds wedding is we all got in on like a lot of us got in on Friday. I cannot work and it's of the girls they went for them. It's a column the Britney Spears. Mike she's not it's not my girls and it really feeling dropping the money to Kosier expensive yet it's ridiculous so they went this year and I met up with them after instant movie how to party bus. And we need when it's hustler Hollywood and we checked that the ship Holler weight is back as a and it's like the first two levels or girl I am very top guys so. Mary hall man it was a lot of fun in between now we're drinking it's and then you leave our Huskers don't think we adding we just came backwards off the warriors on thing and we wake up early and get ready for the wedding and I met some people like for practice the day before and I would not about separate meaning get it isn't Vegas telling you that weekend. Oh and then. Big I is also went I think it went to like steak and lobster dinner and they had. They already have gone to dinner at a time I showed up. And then kind. Of are they went and did the sure thing that you guys meet up together now added its name. 888 yes we Al can't split off and then we came back to parents. I would hate to keep you'd do that in islands for years. Go to Meltzer. Millions and man I have strip clubs around here I mean all the ones that I've seen like the signs for I do not trust to end it was a liberal shady. So on but like Omega OK so when we're in Vegas. Greg's wife Michelle had a friend with lake in her wedding per you know group one of the gals and she was very electronic data and shy and I had to add. And I didn't just get injured and sitting there like the background like its front I have my money and putting them like I if you're sit up front you have to be putting money down and granted and we were sitting at the front has all the girls are not like he's. Yeah not the same and I feel bad so the guys are very much hustling. They're trying to like flat with the management indicated kansans that. Sounds like dude I was like. Drooling. Over this how boy a country drawl you know a guy. Matthew McConaughey ask. Which is not really my type items like this I was in the top man in the coming. Who's buddies at camp when and accent you accountable so I had like my thing in the pocket money out this is all I'm spending. I am done I'm getting a guy's done out there was uncool as he grabs in pulls me that. Lies that your friend papered entry and and that she looks over and let the thing that I love. Siler gray area like. So it can't come I don't know I don't I don't know I've never actually had Latvians have more and he gave me wanna like. I'll gain as is often times. I wanna touch you Elena scene that I'm really cool in McAllen be like on into them. At a because both touch U. I wanna you know it at them. Can silence he can repeat it. As a shock and afterwards and like I hate mafia. Thank you for that really it is such that he I don't know how much gag that's that was out there night and a back to my room with like and I got and I'm sharing it Matt got being. I can't do squat. Well he may or. May the mistake of forgetting. Your different which I did also in Chicago for. SP vat and while everyone now. No wind and got action in Chicago now no line no Vicky note though no nick and got it together. If there online and whenever my visitors showed. Yes. Do you want governor effectively rob I've isn't going on center. It with your YouTube. I have to watch. I just don't know if I don't it's a shame that. It should be cliched and for me and thousands are you know that's what. Let. Yes nobody got action in Chicago how they'll a lot of action didn't didn't. Phillies acts out acts and we didn't was as we didn't have the podcast last week we did not tell you that are shenanigans. Yeah let's do the just the highlight reel Hewitt OK okay. They forever ago. Danny vomiting it. In the hotel lobby bar her body right right. Right on the heart in front of their primary. Oliver himself. There as much as leisure industry darling mean a monstrous base because this week. Now know he'd name union is close enough and back home and put them in the case her. Low Alfredo icy Cave Creek. Analysts picking up I can't wash any issue case Bernie not really. And guessing he would heated up Friday. We'll explain. The story of how that keen to be the one out yeah I mean we're we aired during game and. New federally sorry. Abbott to drink a lot so. Your dream before we went the club on him going to the club and there is bottles and people are buying them shots and I was kind of more in my own world on the dance floor and now currently in paying attention has he Jay Sean was in there which you don't know he's around ergonomic. He's grabber he's yet has like a flash back tonight early school middle the middle of the and it was cams and I was really I don't know with the private party or lap but you crashed. Actually. Though. So we're just John Reid they kicked us out there was two or whatever time and so we took an uber back. Like we're all drunk but eleven anonymous I. And being war. On and so we got out that you Wear him. And Danny just starts running. Like and like. Yeah. And. It passed its yeah apparently you Rihanna like pass Vickie and get RD Vonnegut Abdullah only clean. After he knew I was the one or type to go through the bar so heat parlor guy he tried to make it. But dims and try to catch in his hands but it Lance. Andrea and everywhere and then eventually it is about their men continued to botnet. And I just go to the bar on my way as happened now thank some Burris. And a and then proceeded to will be key to go upstairs and proceed it's cute more. But I am he said it was the kind of emotion of that Hoover and driving back and I have banned there so I do believe because he usually can we now. He's pretty not really eager and I've been and that we're drunken. You're in the car. Yes yeah I think about that but it's on the areas. And Ali never written. And other Chris kept getting lost flaky it struck me just kind of literature heated did wrong key gives. Hammer. But sometimes he'd like to have his alone time but they need to communicate that the rest of excellent where the hell is the secret papers that he he vanished. Three different times and in minus and where I would like one of the lot like the last night where hundreds nice meal and he just gets up from the table. And leaves me all think he's going to ask her something. And it's twenty minutes thirty minutes in Ireland while Howell so we ask our waiter and the leaders like no heat policy to catch a flight. For all of us have to catch a flight I'm about. Like you are fight not night that he just. It I don't even now you know and he just passes our ever he can pass out. He needed to the realm every time but rather his roommate would take pictures up on the ground passed out early passed out near the door hurt. Heat and drink but liking it hammer. And I am dyslexic and its people against you. Or is keeping in soldiering like when he loses and the air I don't know but it like you. At. Home it's like that's no longer fall and I looked like all of they've been around LA like the top fund to me. Like this idea. At least. Yeah I aimed at nearly. Drunk but I boost as. You you can contain your sales and how shocking yes it was and is there now I'm on medication with a little bit more alcohol and I wanted to McDonnell weird. Vicki got weird when we got pants. I was just like the right I would like. I guess Rutland with Anthony regularly and it doesn't do anything yes he'd written just chill that Israel although we injuring pounds on the bloody Mary's before Utley he would drink yesterday at that. Yeah so yeah I does that and as a drinker as a trip because I did not countenance the medication and then have like a hole that the early half of that the PG vodka and just like put it in a cup and made the boys at all. The Al blazers do some airlines like towards the mound but nominate him and eventually McCain and not get. In get your fine. Yeah I mean I used. I know they have out half gallons of fire on happen Europe that fourth and what. One of the spill some arrows and an on Danny's laptop. And then they had to sleep apparently. It's. Right. A lot action none action maybe for everything out at what is there are a fact I agreed who wants us I get a grip that angle that we should probably do you have an idea that. Alina some people's do you get any money like I hope they can divert and a couple. It's of people coming hopefully coming out of town wealthy. I. Am might get a room and I get a good deal on one. Really yeah you should get around north and 200 dollars wouldn't leave fifteen to. But like Judy few finally. Three or four other people this but backed off that you can't but I also if I'm going to get a room and went through two months. You line up and try to get late. Don't wanna immediately or be able to banning everywhere. Like them find where is not gonna Value Line late in the house can't break. Then you McCain running around the bills I have is that that's like with health tonight we're going to Portland when a standing right next to the hotel. He gave me a really good deal. Like it gives you disk really close air yak they're like oh if we leverage if we give this person a deal because their rates here. They're more likely to use this hotel and I'm still the empty rooms something completely once it happens and Tennessee likened scored big deal near. You I mean like worst comes to worst I can at me. Different has a spear catcher so it's near there then. You wanna do it every weary and her agency. But I mean like if that is the the most they can do and I'll take it. Well is worries they hate parents begun in that aren't that yet that's part explain like gimme a dollar and then trying to Bain. Thank you amounting to your house to please pick this. They went they understand. Like his defending your parents really a lot taller or sign up. Just blame it on the panel monitoring and our on our library and now the here's the thing though they know I don't really drink it. Try not to drink you have it's your birthday Alba are currently seeing. I've kind of him home. In a and I I don't want my parents pay for and that's it's it's. It's a free program. Only make it the pride and have them pay for that. You again can we aired that night I don't want that's began. I'm accents. I mean you're I would never want my parents to buy me like. Adult toys. Because they are not comfortable with it annually if I really passed they would do it but I don't want to put them there have been into a hotel room you know like explain why am but the heat. No they're daughters are. New man. Me that they need to pretend it never. But speaking of crazy car keys and cameras party off this weekend. Off buying why is it a little bit I was exhausted because it went in the moment before. Explain all that bit. But I got to hang out for a little bit before heading compact. He is average for hearings. And that's thing. Fundraiser. When it costs idol is better for you. It's the mishap. And flipped. And. And offer our team man LE I wasn't even dry and it was literally is that my back pocket I was wearing shorts. Before hours in your back pocket. It wrong and Leno over okay all actually ever been in my back pocket and it's on a I would be surprised. I've put on top global Lawrence and drop it like they're so different things now. Well I wouldn't hold again I'm way principled but I got a tax that you say totally. Didn't even remember that I had and then it's an. I. Yeah but its eyes. And that. Injured new income. It early Friday the latest this time next week. So a long time and have you switched over to the know like he mean I music life diabetic like capitols. You haven't switch it. No I mean. That's I mean. At times mine and scientists. But because I. Don't care all. Feeling afraid about is like at mainly. It in trouble or like. Is your bring here. It's the phone at all like if I ran out after a freeway monocle on line but then I'm gonna be like man what I held it I can't call it like what they do out again floor like something stupid like that you know all the locked than yours and use claims he's a pay phone that that they do not exit and I keep everyone like. Especially this weekend pain in the grass I hope my brother might hold my boyfriend in the coming if at random number calls you. Cancer via because I have a fawn and I get lots or something to ask three and a brother Bob you memorize numbers and. I don't eat. What they are not a lick one of the top things Unita now you know as many rank in need ten aren't enamored because. Now Iran could diet could lose they you could just forget and call me could you go to jail you ought not know they're not gonna get either. Numbers like says the radio station I think I only have ten numbers as. Three Amber's mom dad brother on data host house and I remember and perhaps theme. I think Ottawa Edson. Don't you all used to it I am I I have all this space in my brain first important things apparently port. Money not by AMD Phoenix I think also Ali lesion failure like. Well what emergency packs I know like I know you so. Yes that happens and then. It was so fun Chris several drug and Chris real drunk and managed again he went to the story Gary says which I don't know I believe but. Up that story OK I heard was like they saw him eating them on the eight yeah well as an Aggie. And then your t.'s. It in my opinion offering company and then have some outs. Theory. It's like very crisp like in an area when used Marianne angelic against like it. I'll it gave us you at all yeah what how. Yet and I my way from an iron Mary. Area strand are very similar yeah totally makes sense why eight ground hot dogs. I moment lightly I mean now I now I didn't but that we started the beer pong saying we taught multiple it will how to play bear pond and telling him and I like. In college gang and all these. Getting knowledge and then and now I didn't but I want to frat houses and crowd out. But I was like and get a wee tot of I'm told people on how to completed not later unfortunately. Hello went notably at your. So many not a breath. Friends you've got to figure out like having to watch the movie a feeling most the time you they would say well and we wanted to drink we would just drink we beat the game to play an outlet into my son being a cop out like kings. Air time what filling you do that's and we did it engaged maids out favorite. So we got apple started in Israel. Is not enough like this next on Saturday and it says no way. On agents novel that exactly. And it was and so like I was so bummed I was so apparently. Rates but might not great but have more. Fun my yeah party agency not that I could have had a lot of fun it's just more. Which has more in our. The night before on Friday night to dad is finally this is driving it did in two days. And we torque in Seattle. Drove back home which is like Steve and I thought maybe fifteen minutes. Ran into my friend's house I went pizza as we can eat anything in you slept for 151520. Minutes at a power and a when I got pizza went to her house. From her house we got ready Tressel pretty. For her house and truth to Seattle because I was gonna help Terry and filmed the Z hill interview. Which is actually on her blog is the check that. And so I had to be there for. So it's from leaks the a marries bill. To Seattle. For. I mean I left at 230. Yeah me yes and we made it like ten minutes aspire. This is like so much traffic so. Like I just wanted to be done excellence that are Democrat. We went back to. That was kind of honesty we had a pick up my friend has he left his car I brought him along with if the lions he'll storms until. Happy yes so we had to go get his car we do but it too is our heroes are back now parking lot back to to the bar. We are hungry and tired and need pizza no antilock. We had a couple drinks walked back to the show I did. It's like I mean every neighboring Iran backs but I can figure out how to get and and Whiteside county Idaho will hold its services are not outside they're inside I didn't know where ago. I'm running around the building like on the outside and act like I'm. And back Alley got in about a meter and I lost my mind and I am I probably do blog about it everything's you. And then went out. Watson this moment and they killed it was so amazing we let you did the state announcement Agassi's answer for hailstorm of ham and so after it was nominated as agents of health storm that while I was in the crowd for in this moment. Like stop these two guys from fighting. I guess certainly get up unease because it does and I like literally on the middle at this of other people trample on the tunnels like hey a little bit immediate at all. Like two guys and their girlfriends only. When I was mad at the other guy was filming in its the skies base. And conference space and it's like okay island and at school he's over here and I did the game and just. Just separate I'm like I'll be right here in the middle of the plea cute little guy. He like in the high five and he had had this and he is lancing that's now under things that accused sweating under its belt so died. I will calming thing I don't know where how like how he's producing the scent but he like after every song he would like at that time fan. He likes being around you know on to his injury. He's fabulous he was fabulous hat. Like big glowing red goggles that the sweetest thing. There's really cute guy standing next Sunnis so pretty the same time. And it really well you know when I give thanks to amateur is there's he raises hand like military ethnic explains some of. It just insulin and I had to go would you buy it announced in an exit I am because you're like at the top of him making Victoria. And facts and I mean really gorges at. And I had to go to these announcements. And it's. He is probably. Like. Agent he used and obviously yeah I don't know if you recognize me from that angle. The eighty sailing cam Nicky and that B. And I about the blow them I don't know maybe by. Influencing events. You can contact her instinct. To London. So are Texans best of its government and get a that they are being. I was exhausted he got back to the other thing Catalan it was really got like I mean. What about the primaries you know I wrote it down before hand and it kind of memories in in my. And saying you know beautiful people in. The TV when we did man had a permanent clinic and savvy viewers you might now on here like they give it up for the standard for the standing now. It's that balance sheet as part NIC as dance at they need to have a great time. I'm thinking next house doesn't like that. And it and people agree on that they weren't like that you like it. My guys like Larry like like child. Right and I am nervous scenario. Was so nervous and a gal who's into our managers sweetest. Intense chatting with her for Germany's. That's on his way about it okay like I'm an epic held up we got a tap from that house that I mean they aces in just your me. But afterwards doing. We went back to the bar we were originally asked. And got drinks and I was just because they are. Currently at 3:30 in the morning slipped in the fourth. I well both believe I think you know that's true that showered. I have a great area. And knew it was midnight and different. Dynamic hey you haven't in the station you know give it witnessed each and we came back LaDainian in the beard. And yes the take a picture in the green room I sat at me with that when they sat. In the counts. And like OK guys I cannot drive anywhere to. It and any apparent at 820 minutes. But at them out don't wake me I sent alarm for an hour. What they do so and so they ended up visible. BSE in. Yeah. X idling on the counter leaking game different ash and tea on the talent that counted them but he was on the other side and we just they are BSE was asleep I wake up and alarm went off them like I am married. And who impact Asahi. And I think it woke up our pre morning. Some staying home and. And your front facing camera stands and added I really like I mean. They were fine air Canada's Helen app is my car and. I am I alone. So it took a soap like it's a disparity can have a come on let's get up let's do this let's it was hard yeah we got our stuff editor of my body back to his car Iberian and the drive my friend back to Marysville. And then drive actually Steven sell I got to bed at 5:30 in the morning to my bed. And I suffer a couple of hours and then had. Go to the store and I went to federal way get the its historic pick up and greens from my dish for rights for it there for her breast party. And hand with the party in got stuck in traffic. And drove back to Everett for parents thing is they're about an hour and left and I immediately went went to bed at 8 o'clock. Yeah I'm frenzy and it Iran or something I just think if she and asked for me to come in and heavy element. I was tired I was policy on account terrorism I'm just gonna chillier in the eyes closed like I would and actually I think and say I felt secretly helped. Awkward and like I I for the bitterly honestly Britain narrow again to rest distressed. I. So if I was a little lethargic you know online comic Fermi long two days for me when I get stuck in her neck upper. And our mind I just I freak out a new like I am I'm an like. Actually. After getting partly. Just she'll be about and hopefully it's just. Because I mean it's just like I don't know the track of them I am Bynum and a fine and I hit like when the blue angels aren't town. Like pull the ads and in traffic this link at that and I'm like. Of course you're by yourself. Yeah and India after at least there's somebody very can be as their images to that it and things. He acts up I'm like the pants now I'm like and tropic earning her bad drivers he gets like angry. He hits. My dad knew when he's in Japanese I traffic and that's why a lot of guidance on it and you know the carnage it's yeah I'd like well what I can't do anything about it and let's just put on some good music and disheartening that responding to. And blood bath and so product so now so I slept only Monday that the average afterward on. Yes and a couple of ligaments and discuss common past four hours of that you get an happens is look for four hours that apps on an apt. Now like I woke up and I had used up after the negative practicing bring it up and the mine maps and and the if and then in its its sleep yesterday so once I get home and have lunch with with a friend my older son actually from a podcast pol. Let's stop hating and normally I'm top and yeah it is apparently she works four blocks from us. Doesn't she. Yes a lot here get luncheons and Democrat cast that yeah and you likely gives a news. This is not good bye forever but. Stages working for all we gotta get a job. She no longer works here but she will be in on the podcast from time she well yeah when we do on a week and we get a special episode of Abby got an. Old old school people ray reactive oxygen from yeah him and he's saying it's a you were incurred now like a weed thing that we company which is so her race it's perfectly. One final thing before we get going because it is spreading along. Pain of the passes this week it's a talking about a crazy ass weekend yadier to the next craziest weekend and the Mexicans overtake. Not paint you as to count my grammar. Yes again died in the article and I toll recommend getting the VIP was the premium experience tickets 'cause you can't bag you get a is that the private ours they're so it's easier access to outlying casinos Johnny tag line that you see cat and a front usually like opinion there's like undercover area Arie yet just in case and is hot if he gets initiated. Which was very helpful last year and you don't want to interview all the bands dad and I was I think that's yet you're right there watching these. The musician and it's not like enhancement setting in now exactly. If you can't they are tickets teach us our parties like we have that the BJ make party on Saturday. And you can each get a beer included with say T shirt. So that clinic with a little kiddies I picked one of those with these than the ones that sand is my idea. At a gas on news and meet and hang out with still BS that you assign you stay and which. And I think that's on them boobs and butt and for headlines shall sign near our I'm not planning that. And they it's going to be crazy in outlive their hair and an obviously I'm honestly summons. To get ready. Definitely. Day yes we apologize for it again last week's has not been a thing implied do you hit us up. Yes. If he had text ads with our audience leans Dion money here every one EI's abuse Ali with they get in you guys and listening and well talk about pain. I am.