Broad-Cast Ep. 122 - "Weekend Shenanigans"

Wednesday, September 5th

Vicky B and Ooh Sara chat about their crazy weekend shenanigans that included a California trip as well as a birthday party!

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Yeah. Yeah. Eight. Yeah medium and yeah. Need. A snare and a handshake he welcomes another edition of the broadcast at least that I'm Vicki B and we have. Who say men and a change in the early on to today's festivities. Yes with the contacted them I'm ready this time we defaced but at the broadcast cast we have it but NN and to Graham at the broadcast 999. You can call our Texas at Q factory seventh and an 860 to 940. 9919 health come. Like a proud yeah hey we X. Did get a message yeah. From our body move. At this haley's it was great to finally meet you we met Emmitt hit the grass Abbas from maybe unity day catch all of the other event and we can opt more and I giving you that drinking a promise. I had a great time campaigning ended up doing my extra grip thing and made ton of friends. I mean and need to treat my bipolar disorder on the weekend I can't treatment medications being cross stated in the normal. Thing for me on weekends also I used to pretend to be my lady friend different republics of the Kendry. In b.'s. Yup for assault whereas might keep me in each. As a guide have totally before a BO like the backgrounds or whatever and I'll just pretend and it only got we did that add is that we out dear friend and karaoke ones young iPad goes trance like Mac on us was so we're like older two I think he could have been liquor ads yeah. And uses. Big and drunk at that. It's like. I was being kind of the the day and I protect your friends my way for my French it up and that this is my boyfriend. Get off because like he came to annex in the sector of just considered mixer. I was weir yeah I've done a lot Mike. Here's my commitment to hang around. Let me am. I but I'm so glad you had a good time indymac frowns I mean I have never gone to an abandonment well ever. So I'm like number of fame like I was getting crap because I only go to movies which is funny because you really do anything with somebody there. But I like having X experience with somebody at the movie but he goes seat. Living together and and if it's awful and whispered in each surrogate and we've done on time or old movie via. Nobody in the eater than what whispered to each other really counties he adds that and then afterwards is that there we get a review each other we talk about what we like that we didn't like what we can catch. A what we did cats like Easter eggs and that's like having someone there to do but what would you go on the lead by yourself and selling out like your meet up with the parties in the movie. It doesn't feel the same immunized also I mean Estrada I would never as well. I did on accident because it was a movie screening he was for the movie Jiri witches and for a decade or let me ask some really good movie. But it was a screening for the station there for the show. And I went and nobody else from our show I think as the read her somebody in nearly gamma going last second I went on myself and Peter packed. I found it last seen as a woman as a nexus woman. And it was like author five heats and author of Clinton either Kenya that apparently last sacking the traffic. But at least like you had no choice at times things like I think it be weird to go to a movie theater just pick a seat by yourself and keep like. Are you sending any kind of it and I say LA now I'm here on the as to come here and then apps electability of science like Alec up the days are on XIRA can't stand up. The. Yeah. I have never stood anyone apartments and a I have any other. Like I guess really canceled like close to last minute which is not a ferret thing. It's out on earth lately it's like a and they have actually Everest. So. Does not is the technology they went fine on FaceBook and your anything legacy like okay you're so I like what the now mean that close. Eric and that means that up was the guy passed out like he is he worked the night shift. Acting like at least on we still line and then like I was block and the mall filling in our exit to the food around Molly and decided where. And it just off work yet he passed out it's like finally call them after an hour. Yeah he's in adams' Ari and then he's staying as he would work. That he eventually you are yakking and he immediately the shower and think that it intently until he did and that's like the ones of our god. This is a horrible idea was to highlight by the way constantly Kelly Lee are acting in factory early innings like. We met a prevalence at least both meet at eleven and we didn't eat lunch and wild yeah. 1. AM may act 130 Q and then he had to get to go to work and public needs more. I have on your step on any Frick in Kimi Hickey that you did think he's going to be don't know if the guy yet had a mop up and take you actually know them partly snow lake. What there up you'd do it for operator. And I was flying ants in the next couple. Your whole got to see you for scares me the idea re just I was so mad and never. The new penal. We did get a message from here and me on face the team. He says hey Aaron mentioning on the cat flying from different places and adding ops cheaper flights Ireland. And so my I looked if I find out of the Hoover is the closest airports either Vancouver or Seattle sea tac. If I fly out from being Hoover and stop like two or three times I can get tickets. About. 400 less than 400 dollars one way. He says you have to do that anymore air leaned Estes started flying at Seattle there nonstop flights to Dublin now for Anderson. Lot pol. For nonstop I mean adding a couple couple bucks to that but it's. Saving yourself. Al nonstop but it's not round trip rate now. Ask about 14100 dollars as opposed to. The 800. Saving yourself quite meet me. Fourteen hours you have asleep at a twelve currently over went. And twelve. And often. Years ago or I tried it just like when you're by yourself you're carrying your luggage and half hot he's big like an hour ago it got the subway and tried and Chinatown and like Chinese food and kept locking these places any money in and nothing good to me it's fine and that he's very different and different and here we have our. An hour and a tang I wholesale likely overs are of it's again it's just adds so much time it's exhausting in Lancaster flying all law. Think everything he needed a few extra. It's worth you know I however flew to California over the weekend he asked. I am. Let's just say we're gonna read a complaint and yes elements in Ireland and whatnot but. So my boyfriend at both our tickets and for some reason. I kept getting move. Like I got moved that ten minutes before we're start board announced that editor claim there's two different seats that what the house O'Reilly aspect I about it and humans like Ali you're like on a different survey or you're on your supper supper reservation like we thought you were alone which I don't even know how they pop act by name Atlantic yet he kept us together. Break it was him and plus one you know or whatever they mess up so and there are like will we are trying to like families together so we moved you the stunning I was just like. I honestly I was I know I was like not a dramatic the person I was super would not sitting next to someone. Especially if you reserve it together really really really bothers me. I was like how aesthetics so how does an excellent now like to meet Allah like a fun part of traveling and being together. Getting drinks together what I could lean on each other noticeably exactly so. He was again I would put I can't I don't have anything. That two seats opened all lot of other ethnic fine turns out like ballot all complete. Bowl crown us is in my seat didn't even exits like it was completely like. Blocked off its I'd like to not occupy there was like tape. All over my seat that dispose I was posting mine and I am so my boyfriend's sitting next to this like. Seat that's just like all tape opt out you know what I repeated it some don't you got and then their whole lake. Trays and tables like all lose them like kept hitting him out of they had their whole row with like an answer out. So I was like well like you and the the feeling like something happened with this seat that like who knows what happened Blake. And I'm like at least he'd I don't mean an outback and was talking Amy knew about. Then Matt in town yet if somebody might happen in her act they just use feelings and as an excuse which. I understand trying to gut feeling together. But if I'm reservation with someone way in advance I think you should ask that person is there even if I was by myself if I was looking at moving we're like the background like maybe I really want the background they are really wanna be an accident back there whatever you know I anything get. In OK from both parties agreed anyway so gas I Mac or at least Kelly like if you degrees you consider it like to repeat that seat yelling had to take this the out like at least be honest or something so. It was just the mass and my boyfriend is like a big do Somalia still lake or kidneys kept. Like the thing kept falling on his knees and used a slight and he couldn't lean. My seat because my seat revenue and like. A C and a is with Hamas and plants in the tea grasp it with like Acco at least. Dahlia we got some thanks. So ballot thanks iron as X rated down I mean we think meg getting upgraded but. If I was still drinking on the flight back and we would it not great for like thirty bucks or something now back on the public that we don't we're drinking by. My liver was so shot by the time we got back I was like Hal now. Hell. I just looked the same. Day and I sat. I really vivid dreams lately when my vivid dreams was like I was on an airplane and as those back to sit down like I will be created in I was like. And the flight without getting on the plane feeling and a man yeah it's here anyway. Old first time in first class had a lot like waved the hasn't been doing my goodness it reindeer and I look. I don't have Aries some little egg fantasies or whatever and I'll make some hot I would like. Give up his first masters how it happened bites here are some in Munich man just so beautiful and the teacher conference and I Munich. You both and is it like follow mum on the plane I always used to think like. You always hope for like hot I Atalanta I was wish for a hot Australian and this violent relationship like I was always hoping one with the next to me like we just like you said I. I gas and again you hats and tetris like that again yeah I sacks that he simple but then. And on the embarrassments attractive. Oh. And he definitely gave the closest suddenly went to use Chicago bear. I sat next to you that the couple is really attractive and they are they where there really good look from it from California are really nice they look like maybe from California. Can and gathered is very like severed you'd Alley people that really really sweet people like the first thing the husband that you need. When he's on me like. It's your lucky day you get us that Nextel they be atoms like. Now it's cool I like babies you're singularly. Why do you have to have a wife and baby. Now I'd be like picnic at the whole time. She is okay but like I like a it's front I currently play. Hood up like it's leave and then I have met lollipop in my mouth when I travel because it helps my ears out my ears and pop ones that you think she's like. Have to you can barely see your face any ever afraid to see your mouth. Is Google autopsy now yeah as a wake up I let go bird and that was sleeping in them honestly in the baby's face smudged up mom's time he's sleeping was the cutest thing but in hair like while asleep and here and that's Corey when the babies sleep and the only time she made any noise was at the very end. And I went ears popped well I think it was when we've had landed we're waiting on the it's ever to get it took an hour and a half hours to get right damn term retirement not being like is this really long is it just mean. Like that the pilot now. Yeah at a time now leaping. Now active in front eminently consulate. What else did you do and account. So I was down there because my boyfriend's. My boyfriend asked friends got a Ph.D. So weird down. Q. Go to his last presentation. Or the censor. This or what but yeah me ask something and I it's he's a Smart game and there were a lot of big words a lot of words with multiples well I like I don't know how you're out. He did an it was for an off them and I've never an ounce of Smart people and we went to his lap and like. Lab coat them linked one it was like well I did not touch any thing misses some real asks what was the at Ph.D. For what he is studying. Cancer cells and make some sort of island yap like. Metabolism and cancer cells linked specifically breast cancer early trying to go it definitely isn't buying different tiers and select map Jack so it was. It was awesome that it was really funny because of us from Seattle went down in the Ehrlich hits Seattle crew and like. All of us were like. We don't know that's an added Mary parent groups and we have no idea at attacking. Me because really I'm. I eat and drink some. Sorrow. Came back here in am like fine minds and it. You know ever pack of the year one month it thinking I'm deaf gonna try starting today. I mean yes September it's bad month yeah notes that they'll only it's like only a month to do I mean in November would be close one because you'll only really have Thanksgiving that's where I solidly Jolie's birthday and my where ion and today's earth. Yes that is really so fingers crossed for me. And the only really. Means it's a nice week and it. Yeah out by turning out. And a miniature because you mentoring for allowed me feel so much. And Alec I'll gladly wonder Q link every now and then yeah but usually just at the most one. Like I gotta make like a heater hats and it is yeah I mean it's time you don't feel like lighter and cleaner in they'll be eating a lot of it. Today epic is it gonna be very team might rally folks out there and have a look a lot of weird issues with soundly uterus. The moon and came down the main issue is certainly uterus and a man to dandy little IUD and pants. I'll let that happen the five year and 5% yes. So it's possibly helping the issues and it kind of getting battered. But basically. Let's just say that I essar in passing and even when this thing so last week eight. I gave you and it is I'm sitting there in union like I'm trying to like put double a and then like I purposely putting in living rooms and Whitney and an I get up and we've gotten to like and have a decent man tackling nine but I like an eating. Every thing inside that I am feeling good gimmick and if you for sure I'll get pregnant now right. Well if I do we could be topic one but the it's that did him. Duke or something and but it feeling that's the risk that happen anyways because even if something try and plan my uterus. There's a foreign object in the air so. And the like and speaking. Very I don't question them just very curious about it so one of the night hasn't ever Disco IA. And it innings he receiver drunken having to leave Burma and I always take member control in the night right. So I got home I have my birth control. And then I wanna say Amy be Blake thirty minutes to an hour later. I threw up now. The next morning. People like my boyfriend's rounds relate. Did you. You got your birth control. Is that same. I've never even thought about that hello how long does it take for your birth control to digest you know and I'm saying. Because I wanna like you've been like well there's a written policy you know times. Like I mean I've dissolved at that point. Like I it was Seoul curious in the mouth like a man maps. And that's scary. 91 thing. And finding articles. Google help me you never puke. I never Pugh back and honestly. That's why it was so shocking he's gonna get very very drunk I like to meet the world I don't carry it attracts you so we're all this really nice it's not really nice there really. Great yummy Italian restaurant. And there was pizza and pasta and salad and wine in it was so great like eating eating eating. And I is that one point just like looked at my play and it is full of they had and I discussion anymore and that's when Sarah knows she has to go. Because of Mikey anymore there's problem. Sent I went home which is get kids. Nolan likes keeping restaurants. So I'm signing here it's as if you're up more than two hours after taking the pill it's likely your body at RD absorbed it and there is little concerned about however if you threw up less than two hours after taking the Philly you'll wanna take your next act if killing a pack. La said that vomiting is from an illness that if you before it wears you out you're not sure if you're going to be able to keep. Any food down and he thinks it just eat to take the bill relying industry to. So let me get this I believe in keeping on the athlete. In and take two I would never pop you know like I wanna be I Elena played very. But this is also asking McCain if you have at the pills call coffee vomiting but that's how I wonder if habitat get the pound cute but detect an excellent acts today. Eating at missing time in the morning. On the fifth year reload. And it did did your doctor me advise you LA now that's and and those are thing. Your doctor may advise you to insert the pill. Somewhere else so that it can be absorbed into the body without risk of further non Asia I think that the unit that killed causing you know a lot. I'll seize back the contraceptives such as condoms into eastern U potential Packard at the go ahead. Mean it's well day. It gets to it. Replace me. But also sock and land that. There as a partner but yet I never even that analyze that ever cross my mind. If you puke after the yen makes sense to make sent Dow that's badly I'll have a complaint that an hour at six. Yeah take medication forming sickness and they keep that'll up are like that after I had my surgery I took I didn't. Kids. Of god and they those anti nausea. And was also via I a lot of like after my surgery my dad medial food execute meaning days then like OK so we try to eat and then eat too much the next day it's like lose. Can he. I alum. Gave on day. It's the worse. I just so glad. That because we are sharing an Arab Indy with three of us front and just so glad that we are after amendment catered thanks guys galloped out. We make it a night because we got locked out the first night. And highway from the so. Haste he was like I'm getting a flight back that night that we almost immune go to graduation her heat and I was like. Or hey do you see him graduate you know. Right but now we got locked out for us on hour and a half. And it was like past denying. In San Francisco bike none of us Knoll relate how to get around at all. Idea I was a slight while we're sleeping on the bunker it like. Oh well you know it. It's not tackled. But we eventually got in. I am. In my boyfriend continued to for. Yeah I thought it was hot staffers I'm not beautiful areas to get here on my column that's what happened all of us were all stupid and since they're that they just like Jalen. But. Key in the earth. But is is that you don't really really is a lot and few days as a lot going on like afterwards Utley and got work. Over with my back. I mean. That's. Yeah sitting at home like passed in ain't buying Monday and he's that are covered. And that is very happy about it yeah how is purely Ernie weekend. Celebrated big tell you know. I didn't. Do you hold. An eyewitness to the Foo Fighters pop ups or is Stephen. Like I have like I'm get in the insider sounds like okay handles the honest girl friend longhand. And then. In luckily we had already gaining I had just we've got to. Burgers at to play a burger madness down Oslo good and very inexpensive and very big delicious and in her of them it's like kind of closer to the Costco in yellow day out and soda. So we got a Biddle meals so luckily at. Flattered and really yeah how many packs and think. So anything from yes I'd originally bought for my friends because they're like oh my god he by any but he ensures a voucher for her husband and about a ready for her. An article on is gonna buy a mug from a month collection it's like the one with like that he's dealt Indians. In the more I was there in. Here. Hell I might end up getting pressure from myself to think thing that the elephant handler out feeling today. Name filling at Connecticut and care. And so I got that we hung out for a bit and I drove Diem mean to the bus stop because he's flying out to New Mexico and major another gallop to the station and then a second for hour and and hours or so slick. It was this worth. This churned. And we'll because the reasoning at least it later than I intended was because than Harry in for you know our seizure in the Melissa from the end showed up simulate like wrestling I'll find any of the ball club and the beard. I mean in on the line. It's not worth the water now. That's. And actually a big. Part of it costs. It was fun. That got home and just hope my parents with that Utley moved. Sony actually about buying up and groups yeah. Yeah I going to pick up. Yelling at him within your community it's like I have this who wants this and from picking up from so yeah you can delivered if you're nice and that we had couches pointed findings that you really need couches and delivered to their house does she couldn't get to see columns we needed to counter Al which helped the flopped remodeling kitchen right now yeah. So there's just like plaster like dust all of the ground. There but in my house and an ominous posting news and here we are selling our house. At that everyone's so close together and stay. Think we were all downstairs for and time again in the palace like make you kitchen and out like. A year or make the occasion like my dad. You'll still have the stove kind of in the middle of the whole kitchen yeah flooded into its use it. And it just kind of awkward and then we have outside we have like Catholic gas burner in Catholic it's really camping yea and it looks like you know we're in for like the real deal camping. So we ate breakfast and food out they're sometimes. That we did just fine. If he out the other team just like Chinese food it is Alan's tape on him I'm hoping. So right now they just finished in the walls and because they how to take all the Waltz out. Like reinforce that they like close up an insurance. And then they how to fix all the wiring and fix the plumbing in the plumbing with all of the house to the wiring was all you know shoddy. Plumbing was shot is so he asked that we had to. I didn't do it and my dad and are but he Crist it'd. So the walls are finally sealed up at least in the kitchen and and on top of that they're doing because we have the popcorn ceiling that house with me in the seventies which as fast says that says do it. And that adds. I got that something like that it'll kill us in thirty years your fine. So we're pretty well but L Killian fast girl so instead. I can act if I take the pop Priscilla I badger month NightCall. I am I haven't mesothelioma mesothelioma six months in a goner hip. Any view. So. Leave that to get your popcorn ceiling or who is very expensive to have when do you need certified team to do it in new bike all the crazy equipment in Hannah so what we're doing and it. Which is an easier cheaper and saying is you just put boards. Like these special. Why can't you just have ate popcorn for the ugly and it's eight is for that. It like my parents really wanna sell the house so aesthetically. It's a big selling point it doesn't the popcorn ceiling. Weird Alec. A feeling matters segment right in 88 to house a lot tapped it really does so they're putting these boards up there and silly stuff to finish things up all through the living room. Aboard thing what you pain out yeah right we put a texture riser on the Maryland went to put it like the feeling. It's tricky. What they're doing with the boards in the blue in the kitchen right now the just finished so you have to use fuel up because when you put the boards and used groom and on multiple spots if the putts. Blake Ellis called apple. I hope it over the holes for the journals so it's noon and then where decreases are. You have to take with a special kind of keeper he put it over in the pits apple over the papers so it doesn't have any creases and also. I'm so it keeps it cheap it's exhausting area and those that accept it fitted. I ain't right and then hit the attached her eyes are on it so it looked like a wall. Yeah and then then they campaign. Our father I know we're not even death but that's just the walls and ceiling. On top of that we still have to put the floors down. Which is gonna hit it in the hands because. We're trying to get rid of our dining table as well. Eventually I knew when anyways at ours and it it. And so we have to move everything from weed in a waiting list everything entry. It's still nice balance the united that expired in 2000 elevenths a top Lang. That we and that everything out of the pantry likely because Everett couches. We can put that in your living room now for now. Have the pantry in the living room and then we take the flooring out but the tile floor down. They're big tiles and hopefully it doesn't take too long. And me in the law then. Say a time we done. Other February. Next I'm hoping. Two months at this meeting hopeful to mine incident eating hopeful when did you start us. Among a limit on I think. Again they mountains and change at a number it's seven of them for a. Yes I think they just started. And community and we'll see what happens you give it November. And about our. Christmas or Christmas maybe. Or not I'm saying as of November. In the fourth Christmas could be like the 24 that's got a hold of the month. After Thanksgiving before December 1 the past. Look at. It again that really. Only got to be really nice to have done before Thanksgiving. Beat oh. Earned include. But mentally it was funny asthma and my dad look like if you're moment that you can. Place in the place and but last I honestly Ashe at it adds I am like after if it's like really pretty cool how this could. Continue to go up and race. Yeah like my mom when we ticker time I think you in the land lady and a polygamy be the that's real estate agent leaving my mom worked for. She cleaned house. I think she is to really excited with all the remodeling its apps account that's been really can add value to your house and ink. We needed just change the doors are paying the doors and we Apollo doors for at the closets and bathrooms and stuff. Can paint them at new hardware it spiced apple I thought that's I think that's gonna be really big. Keep point as well yeah definitely I think if we Abel and my people's commitment on the move quite yet because we're gonna clear my brother's old room. Could he had a lot of stuff in the that he didn't use the dressers full of old water bottles and paper. And a authority get useful stuff is a lot of up like I wanna do garage sale and everything be free to move them so that he is a Dresser take it just taking it hears us energy we'll take it I just don't you know money money just take out just how. And I hear table here yet gal. I'm giving out my group. Right and at the table on notice that anything's in my post that again if not into any goodwill and about it and I am I think over the comes back today he borrowed the track can't. And ethnic. And I previous. Remodeling. Socked in my room is right next to it so I had taken that the other day and Ollie carriage to. A very out it's only. It is only someone is drilling into the wallets on Alex and was counting of the ball he. Still menace of wealth and somehow. Now hunt. Been a lot of my life but on same. Hired me we need is me and it was my birthday. You're celebrate. As we went up to the casino it was a lot of fun dad actually went to Pac's first though as a model for my friends panel we did and make this is model and all you need to infuse comes to lay an egg you know my diet basically take the calls played the U turn into a pretty looks from here was repeatedly purple. I really funky purple eye shadow and just about rice I kept confident. And I curled in just added more make up. I went out that hates worthy pictures I don't know who took them at a time of and at the consulting and for it to the lipstick off like coaching coffee and politics mattered anyway. Stated that went home with the casino and on the buying everyone's standard. She's so sweet how it'll have been an arc sounds like to spend a lot. Our a lot more than I thought would come up. Did fifteen total capacity to 815 people are at LA they'd just commitment casino early two out. No I did invite. Wow that sounds like blame my Ian my cousin and she brought her mom and like I mean obviously she's indicted team because my cousin has been different Nash and her husband. The night friends Melissa who's on the podcast or wasn't my cast and her fiance. So my brother came down economic you know just out of people's Hugh Grant and his yes you Bob Allen was like 9845 bucks for them. Suspected Iranian parliament. She wanted to I've polygamy she felt really guilty and my mom this is how the public they're expecting. This is finally they were expecting come in pay that's how it is just felt really guilty. Like I got at an ever showed up at the right at exactly the same time that Jesus could just get my parents. Insider and as a thinking her and like it which he told me immediately Europe. And just like we make my baby happy Ethan Allen Mickey happy. All of my momma my Tokyo but those leaks stressed I'm still kind of like. Richer are gonna get time in you know everybody felt like ants I didn't really eat a whole lot and then I had friends that showed up not the dinner part is they are showing up and I query out I'm eating and my. You have a stress I did back we didn't want to happen right and I think is doomed to be stress on my birthday just like Rennes on each hour on lake yeah mine how it knows the difficult part like after was Norwalk and see everyone's following me around the dispersant some people did. The net like Alan I wanted to apply my twenty bucks and machinery in the high because. Seven people behind me it. Now I'm calling me and I feel black think every ounce would feel about not spending time with you like you're saying that's why we will go to the cabaret afterwards Libyans into the sit at a table and that was on the we are all just sitting in be passing it moving around chatting incessantly asked where I thought did you go to the club are harassed them however not everything yeah have a they had a different and we first got there and it was like kind of hit poppy holiday but it wasn't like. Hip hop like dirty dancing is just like this earth can you explain why aren't eating more I'm thinking of my. More RBB seniors and it was really really cool and they took a break in the whenever the experience at the break. They would have just regular music has like it's in the and I so yeah against the little bit. And just kind of hung around via Aniston like introduced friends to different friends. Not this girl home. Have division and it's never a Lina. We know so she's like oh my god I'm in trouble or something AM in the doghouse McGwire immigrate if you think it's because they're present like opponent only. She got me down and lies ticket. You maybe you like we're going together or not turn over of all the speaker of yeah. Picked at that good he's a dog Utley those are pretty penny and so it's a girls night and a couple other friends of hers that I know are going in there and get my friend Ashton my ticket to surround. Yeah an awful thing Espinosa. About Alina Emmy it's something we're doing together so the cool game app it's not just makes me feel better. Once lawyer gonna go with someone who likes her two and a is in appreciate. Exactly. I'm excited it was a really good maintenance Sunday. I definitely out of that much there's also more construction going on we went to a good thing yeah I would like in the morning I stayed in bed all day and then I hope I went to goodbye party era has. Farewell party you really going to be yeah and so as pretty tired against I flats. Lot in the mornings and know that we can I do what I can't act this I series scene like slept for twelve hours humans. Unease. I felt refreshed. And rejuvenated. And hydrated. It. Enough food. And eating food and electoral. Enos on yesterday concurrently. Yeah I'd leave my half the edges kind of BS that home the entire time I definitely. Laundry and instantly random miscellaneous arts and crafts that have been. Avoiding finishing somebody may mean. You've. How you like iconic the only comic books on making comic book frames. I Anthony. I doubt any help I got eighth of prime real fun. I'm going to find you worst schedule and not and it's just going to be your feet it's not to be your head it can be your feast is just like overlapping of all the gonna be so that there's a beer beings. You last presents. I'm really cool bad man one for my buddies the athletes currently grievance is hyper is that we got the Batman comics that's so I made him. But the most and this is mine masterpiece today. Than I than that and let like patriots. Well the comedy is as ideas for picture economic officially again. Gotta get that manly at a decent in real time yeah something wells do you data that the pictures of you mean. It extra. Yeah. It is you nightmare reader do you paying oh and while I have that came at the one that pretended to be your boy different ones all. He would that pictures before and Thad Matta on the and new CEO we're at but it's usually not secretly Cuba. The end zone and have them through. And I union we are you. That are Newton found them both of you meaning you. But I've been very excited about for a fresher now. It from. Actually since I was talking in her uncle Nicky she's like basic and somebody and the seaweed on the ground and tired to craft at the moment. What they enter the video and she's like. How much for. Him. Brownie here I thought I'll try my only thing is and I I was on my daddy like yeah he used or your business like. Yeah because the contain all we have no action means for an evening. He's well none of us have any space that's really do they have like my little laptop. Like the lap. And a desk I have no idea solved in the air but gets little. Into the conflict says yes a bigger frame like that I am among the big. I. Think it. From Afghanistan that awful way I have an idea of this somebody gave me day in big big vanity. Mere idea Allen playing with. As Kolb Verizon. In dealing grew leery kinda. The red AA am I gonna your account better now what's browse on it's playing. You know let's tell looks like. It's not bouncy medic imagine like people use residents like the bouncy balls late look but what it looks like. Well bouncy okay the bonding let's clear channel put up an end game Africa clear plastic. There's a lot of videos on how to make different present things they're so cool that counts. Ninety Pat Buchanan is not just pain with littered the quicker it. Letter and homeless and if I can reinforcing inning cutting make a really cool vanity thing it's time. Yeah Daryl. Stag and that's and a folk I was gonna be comic books and it but it's huge. I mean Mir it's huge in had a lot of grooves and it's a public great yet on selling so length. Yeah any effect face yet Matt it needs to be flat. So I'm excited. I just need to wait for it states. That. I'll February next year that the that the in actually the ministry. But that's about it on Mayan although I do wanna point out tomorrow. I will be will have this like everything as well I'm assuming you will ask him very special mania episode. With a Galley had on before we can really. Who lose that. How concerned yes and she's so much I love that this is a yearly tradition now GAAP and off yes we're gonna find out what's been going on her life. Living in Toronto in everything that's going on within fencing and everything. Thinking going on this week aquarius. Just relaxing and let me troubles over I don't even started. Real I think in a series and I honestly I like just turned over September and look like what month September light but the mind. And yes this weekend is to vote each. Yes and it it's almost. It's also weird not having plans I really plans on paying break I really I don't think I know I relation and I'm so about it Alec seriously signing of like. So Fareed Adam link. Like a bottoming in the commitment there permanently and. And now all I should. I really don't think hand now and you really but you know like on and count in the freedom and I am really again. Like as an effort on Friday at all five yeah I know we're getting we're giving tickets on the means shout out like issue. Because so I take my cousin to what I was gonna call her first concert yeah it is heavy rent that and I'm glad I didn't cigarette that's because you have been away from her babies curriculum. Scanty little girls that it has just Dana yeah but it ended up being like I was there for a time and would have gone and we would have been there for like twelve hours yet so we it. Attackers leap forward to the pressure on her show in Seattle but she didn't know like I mean. Yeah typical child but she did billing at the music photos and so I thought for first it was a it was a small venue as the crocodile wasn't like. Race. Some twenty you are a big concert like white ribbed her or. You know even one with Peter something yeah instantly you know evidence that this coming in September right. At this point she thought she was gonna move that's when we went to brown on record on that last see her husband's in the military so orders and stuff but they're still here. There is the different like I mean they could get orders to mark the deleting and a week. Mean art can be in the three month we don't. So you like Evan passengers yes. I'm taking your evidence. We're gonna go on now only. High school for feral goth crowd that got kids you like like email music should look like chemical romance and had a failure at high school. So I knew this and be right up crown and where they claim. At the winter with the with now sunny she lives in the joint base Lewis McCord oh crap so after the show I'm going to drive to break down. And just crash at her house for a couple hour and wake up and then try to counteract do you elevate them it's craze as examined a concert and she is flat almost wary. Yes she's a year younger than I am so she's about 228. Why has she been doing. It and care enough. Getting Italy studying. She's been busy. He's seen ever partied. Like emailing numbers you Ehrlich back and crap like. She's doing it to others have hampered style but like backhand like fossil hunts yes she's never really been summit acre. And if you he and feminist especially white river. I don't polar seas and Lindy sterling replaying to you never released her and she's so much fun it off. It I am very idea that Saturday and a few friends playing an allegation that is. But since Seattle and they. Hulu had all my. I'm kind of tempted like and play about it I'm driving from Seattle's. Joint base Lewis McCord I'll earn a baseless McCord. Like I have like either stayed there all day and then come at night. In just meet goalies go to Seattle and then drive home but it just seems I don't even now hi Ian patience. I like. It there especially when. I I you must be at. And me because I go right yeah there's no traffic in the morning. Like other times there are traffic and it just it. As long as I'm moving and going. Taking other routes and it might take you longer just as long but it's like it's counseling that which means it's a matter. For me. Like cited today I was in the media hasn't subsidies today and now I'm like it's not to be til tomorrow so excited Disco. Yeah after first day back. Along a plan traffic at this race. That's actually in and it there's a nuclear spent quite the right to keep them okay I'm really on any breakfast. All right all right so evil tune in on what's going what's that house there is a chill weekend and as well as a I went into my aunts funeral definitely I mania and the episode yeah. And and Diane.