Broad-Cast Ep. 124 - "How Much For The Night?"

Wednesday, September 12th

Vicky B an Ooh Sara answer voicemails and texts involving what to do if a female propositions a male for his “services”, coming in last second at restaurants, what songs trigger memories about ex’s or moments in time, as well as Vicky’s surprise announcement.

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It's. It's been. It. Yeah and it. Need. Welcome to another edition at V broadcasts. I am Vicky Barcelona Vicki B. And we have boom. Nikita and. At all much reasoner what's rimes might throw her spine like to feel all the gunk in my throat my nose tells stern mean Joseph is sick. I have isn't feeling it Steve and they're really feeling at that rank castle was sick. Is this like that like that and of summer like beginning of folic seasons changing I think that's part of it to you programs like. Like a home. And yeah it's in nap yes I won a nap eat soup. Before we get into today's festivities there ran as a contact in. While we have a FaceBook which is the brought that dash past we have between any against Graham at the broadcast 9991 caller Texas at two factories seventh and an 86 years in and leave us voice mail to your heart of tires. Worry not for the broadcast 999 email back. We got a slew of messages and ways. Yeah I love excludes and it's so let's play and the first was out of there. Hey ladies and boost oh. Sir for him. To slow. Yet in order came a short circuit our. Age is the Oxford to Haiti's. Former mine company. Name change in her murder in Euro and our folks that are also note. I would. Charge that you're not a matter that would be. An option. Right or whether it. It is a I would be. Image yet. Well at plaza that first call propositions illegal and we cannot can down. Illegal activity on the podcasts but a few word and just which you look at what they're though I'm curious had she not offered money she'd like that on the back rumor commie and the island to do these things to you. Or even just hang out would you hang out with delicate hanging out. Just hang out aren't like paying and now it might be something like I want your company only listen to me because it's like companion and then like you to do me. I want your did you live have friends you have just a theirs sugar babies and they don't necessarily dealings actual daddy just really are like arm candy. Right they wanna be like they want to go out to lunch or dinner with these. Beautiful women because he's a rental model. Yeah exactly exactly it's an issue like rent you're like. Either and I mean if this something are you comfortable it is would you feel like if that's assuming there is no money on the table. Would you still be comfortable with this whole situation like with her did you were you by the with her. But I'd tell you know me. Questions like what did what did what did you mean did you really mean what I think human because if you're just. She's renting a model I don't think that's illegal and then if she does models on them from him is like you have to ask like how lake. What is he comfortable you bundle at you know like you like the peck on TV programming and a bit of a you know an anemic some cracks. What it would already thinking this means and is as a onetime thing. Is it. Play where is it literally she's going to the bingo hall and she wants a hot young stud next to her act yeah I would so do that I wanna go that Ingle halted because it'll lady I've been giving out of actually it looks like I'm and I jokingly telling way friendly. Mine element where different issue here remain just public's only eighty year old white woman to slight wanna take him balancing them like five and a box that. Right that I might they be so beat out. Must furry eating fast cash and dinner. Yeah broad. Going back to go back now so it's more or less just what are you comfortable in the us and please follow up and let us know tap and I wanna like how old is displayed how. Lake what does she look like Elvis she and then ask her what what she is paying by campaigns. Dealers Eden opry money. I have a these questions and I did if you could do and she did not human if you let offering imminently. The it just basically think of as a spare. It's not that she's paying for the hunter staying in a right. And got another message. Hello radiator the rock. Either there. Or I just turned over to your podcast. East recruit your current and acres. We have our heart can make. One I. Work. What is your worst ice sheet. You're all done you know in his artwork and you're ready to go I want to. Also argued one. The more experienced and iPad that hole where you'll just locked in to 9 o'clock hour and major ordered. In our house later this. Weekend. We get our. Our current. Debacle. Eyes on news story. What are you. Thank you think they'd thank -- yes he is H app yet you call open and history the restaurant industry and finally coming I -- and if you've noticed to put aside I feel like if you're in the industry you meet the people in the industry especially in Seattle everyone's like cool to reach out totally like and that one analyst oddity is that the manager at bar at the pressure on all line on this man he's like got to industry discount well. Yeah I had them later but he's a bit odd I would also now an awful anyway half hour. Yeah evidence in an industry discount. On political we did that feel like some in the industry yes I regulating. Just like earlier the data can via the B gap. Yeah but going back disease question. That is the thing I hated the most and I will have to admit after working in the restaurant for a couple of years like the last rush on a plan that ended October. My favorite thing in the world was to be able cost and secretly that filled me with so much to play when I was the complete right to same. You do that so whenever I have a party coming and at two hours Maury could be ten and and it was ten minutes before closing at night is just adds peaking at a victory at the clinic it's in closing intend. That UN but I'll I'll allow the order food well if they're like can I order like tips to go our Laver lecture. It's if there were hoping to sit down because also we're closing in ten minutes. I would just tell on that and most the time they. Okay. My polite way of saying bitch get out here he went tunnel did you like it sure I want either but I still minute. It's like our SER kitchen closes at a certain time but if people are still in there like. There so they can go we have an ankle the other day at like six common link. Think fifteen minutes before kitchen. What's close but it's like hey Mikey that we ought to have the note that rightist kitchens on pigeons on out like we have to stay there as they once there. And it gets awkward because we channel lights on our lineup candles and sometimes they're just too drunk to even by the realize what the hell's going on and. I think that's it I you would respect and a little bit better if they're drunk but we know they seed chairs are going up. Yeah like you mean you know DCS opening trades away like. This is your Q if you're sober you've seen if this is your habit of trying to sell your dry drunk I would notice. I'd like I held out get out we should get out of here like right now if if I don't know even order food in needed him. Be out there back in time I'm out there like I think it's nine panic if you like and like five minutes later and cleaning and settle I don't care it's a quick table clean up. Cash out quickly and yeah. Be done don't linger with your check there in pain and that's paid guided the show off for it does well locked iron need that stricken credit card receipts like I put my tip into the machine gap later I have to go do all my math crap to put my money in the little Bergen safe. That's why people OK if this happens a lot I'll give it okay it was on a date especially they like don't laugh about opera like oh lake who's gonna pale like as Japan despite an enemy don't wanna be like you're not paying that makes it feel like you're eager about leaving. Sometimes detectives lingered right yes then once. You finally put it down and a person's life that. Into the back to you people you have to. Fill out and you to sign it right away right away because if someone has on clock and it's trying to leave like their first topic trying to get app out they need that flat I don't have a lot of people know that it's a part in the end is. You need to put those altogether put dollar credit card receipts together. And I drop it yes safer gas and then everything's coming catalogs like say. You get overcharged for some name or someone used her credit card like public stellar credit card and used it. We have facts yet and if like you valiants Miette tepper something and I decided to I don't know put a hundred dollars more on and or something guy is. The record that we have that you were like knowing indeed you know actually it does piracy. I think it's really opportune when. There's tables and her close down their slips there but they're still there for. Like hours talking and I feel so well this is an appetite they'll sell awkward being like I'll just take this I mean like taking their slant well this is when I would be like. I would goes in the table and they had in the extradition that there are not using it can take this in just kind of grab that long I got out early trying to water them and yet Mark McGwire gathered at a like Houdini or water and hit the water bus was full it was just like the glare that I Iowa and unlike. I don't know if not I can't think I like. I went. They haven't filled out at that I know it's weird thing because for me when I get a backpack fill out and you leave it right and a state airline and it's just like what I normally do and I like let it that there are you going like I take that and not fill out and you're like aren't out of the hard. Or what. What I dealing and a few ever do this especially like if you Liz like switching off I usually was mornings. So then when I went and I would close on days. But if I work that morning and I had to switch off like with afternoon girls. Let's hear other setting usually a little bit more chiller by that was like and a lunch. They're like you know and to practice you know early lunch like you know let period attic and get me adhered NA in it's like given a iCloud that would be you. I Carolina like that does very casual but and nice feeling it's a little bit more she Elton and then especially the something like K magazine it's like and luckily for me in my restaurant. The last person on the restaurant was closed the bartender would always with the manager even when I was managing yet another manager. Typically like sometimes like the new guys aren't back. On the man that the bartender had the last say on you can go through the last server Alia you the lastly the art and music on how I can take any tables we just close off the sections push everyone up the bar. Like that was coming and they would take tables. And sent us on our way side the up my my my bartenders ass and he had a hair if you need anything shall check up funny him. That's usually how I politely say that it's like and get Matty here in my. Yak are like if. That's how. But the hunt unknowingly accounting and adding your knees leaning thing sounds like both in owning a team there's cycling they're going items other drinker and I we don't know yet it did in the charity cash Allen noted having. We haven't dropped their bill that's when I give them the option. Depending on how the repellents like if it's. Fifteen dollars I can on other cam industry is treats the bartender she'll keep an eye out Fauria at the mean things shall shall be yours or relic partner now Obama. And if it was a fifty dollar Sadr an eighty dollar tab like eyes to close out with your package at no problems sharing and other tablet you. Right after him more often than not people say yes well I learn and he's so why not be answer ranking apple why and being human statement like I didn't get it now I have had an industry I totally. Yeah that is the fourth I am because we worked we see especially if you said gee if we serve you your drinks are for streaks. Your food in extranet drinks you're desserts. And now you might have one extra drink definitely was out the tip for that eighty dollars half the because you want. And it would like looking you'd take you'd differently because. You know people look people get I would definitely owner and a close as close out like most people at entry into the industry and ST yeah I have 1% transfer mean he was my friend you know like team. LA like Fran isn't like mutual acquaintance like we've hung out bleak yet comic con partnered friend. And stuff for. If he is on needing to use it wasn't called meeting with his body against the island. And as you like like adding I don't think lately are thinking me ever shares that are. And that's. Where I closed out with mine and I Alice doesn't BS he wanted to and it's like I can transparent at the close this announcer and Eleanor systems weird with my grand theories like. I wanna get out of here so here's your bill paying and if you add the longer. Collateral eco car like. In my adult ads guilty especially like them them them on it like running around and I am trying to drop off bills when he asked where it went close to the end of their meal. I hate to strapping on 'cause it's just like what they do you want more I think hey you guys I'm gonna leave this year. I'm not there anything now thinking he is right. Actually. Chris locked in real quick and I do you have a question for. And congress oh yeah Hyatt. So moos sent left us a message and I thought as a gentleman you might. Might be able to and let us know an older woman propositioned him for his company. Like. With the money offered to mean again you know we don't know what kind of company whether it's like an arm candy company or whether it's like an. And yeah. Am volatile element we don't know if he's attract to earn knots how to fuel interest and he's wondering how he should go about it on the teach her like rates oh. Should he do it all. Well from my sense of history as the as a male prostitute. Guy like that could be very poor carrying this would be in incredibly flattering especially if the woman. Was attractive and she felt like. Best way to. Get involved with me trying to use as many euphemisms here that can't of them being older vulgar. I don't know. It I guess it would depend on exactly what was involved I mean if you just one meego and hang out with error and go to like a dinner party or something like this and pretend to be like. This guy that she's seeing. You know I can package agreed on them like that for probably as little as fifty year hundred yeah but if there were if it was a full service date then I you'd probably be well into. Quadruple digits at that point. There aren't a lot freer than they are pretty good that we needed gap and asked how are you today as are we gonna do package that city have like a whole list like to like. In this whole package deal went down hard on kids for an LA all right get satisfaction guaranteed you'd like a combo plate and then or you can like or McCartney can just mix and match like that and I think anything can really. I'm kinda bring your own devices to be a freelance for the mighty effort to to to make it a full experience an offer a lot of selection and choice. You know people are willing to pay for that if it's quality service hey you know and I think it would be asking is if he wasn't at least a little interest rates that are. Now he wouldn't be done to this that this wasn't like I even dream that I'm ruling and are back at Dana. Like if it depends. Now I got an out of luck but it it not a lot of it but it's it's it's it's like if if it like. I'd like you look at it is a quick Heatley in the thirty minute in the hall bathroom. I think it's like a fool you home in the evening like whip and mining being aids is their hotel line call bodily. Am I dressed up as prince charming in years you know Cinderella and the right are winning night you'll have to perfect bike do an actual performance if he that for. Hi I would get I would do that just for the real you know. But not just the guy's opinion. Think you think now. They mammoth. Charger. Winter games but I'm not that we're saying she'd part it's been illegal activity because we would not condone that never ever an error. But yes if you ever walk into restaurants. In their about the close our feet you don't electric because our restaurant closed at. At the latest I would hope is there a point for us that they open until 2 o'clock in tired because how many other Mark Hopkins like. Party restaurants we would close at midnight and eleven on the weekdays. Snapshots out of high pressure just make sure to check the door when you walk Gainer check your found that this please close enough I noticed people are moving stepping closings down. Be polite as the barging go to it it's 2 o'clock in the morning gas bars close at 2 o'clock in the morning accident on hollering. That you like I can't. I'm such a hacker can't line Buick I had and that drunk a hole that spend twenty minutes for a restaurant closes by. Holy held the restaurant is open that I really wanted to go to I'm Sharon found out. You know telling Mary and Robin and whatnot. So badly do you get like a full meal experience as a quick food or is it like some things at 830 minutes the cut out not out and now. And I think clicks on the like Alec Kayla I just wanna. Eat I if you notice what time it is like I just want to I need of food I'll be in now am yup Alec linger but I'm pretty wary when I really drunk I've been very aware if hey you guys like they're sure to close up like find your tickets I I don't wanna be person yeah I'm still for as a dumb as I get when I'm drunk I'm pretty aware of that kind of stuff. There. I indict your ballot you're making fun of me sorry Jimmie your gums yes the thing about that and we don't act like I I do I have lingered on and I'll handle. Yeah it's Ara. The only drinks on you you're drunk. An alum myself. I think he's the drinks on me twice and everything. You just even on the you're sedans and away how funny is your attic and like giving you look at meals like. She's in the islands it but I always rally its meaning. Ike by now it's not hope for ever one of paper to excite. In it is now. I they did get some text messages a pack. This on is front joke he says hey broadcast. Both me and my girlfriend. Love the band door at the I like their latest album because the music makes me feel sad for the person singing. My girlfriend does not get the same reaction she loves the new album almost as much as the first I know that one song can give two people varied. Different reactions says wondering what a sigh during even an album you ladies love that your friends or have completely different feelings towards. Much of a really good Washington. Who's. Ha. It sure does like Vanessa and like that when I hear. The fallen album which like the first big one they had yeah. I raise the speed like soundtrack to my penis but now it just kind of brings the softness of me if you look at the yeah it brings you back it brings me back alike. Being young achingly just having a whole world ahead of me so even though it does bring back some sad memories that was killing ghetto during a time if you if it makes me feel good at the same time and a fat. We're proud of that you're like yes out of those cannon right those feelings and finished just like it's on exit and both person and like two different people. We're gonna have a lot of sad and he does like him. How on me while tacitly fats just like what you like in a mail kind Aaron are you know you have different feelings towards like somebody might find. This happy album really sad because they listen to what they're ex boyfriend or bad than ever and out of it that's happy song you're happy album. This one nice note patrol an alum I think it's fallen empire is. That not a lot of the thongs are very animated in like upbeat and stuff like K kind of a movement type Exxon gas. But it kind of like it reminds me I sent thousands around the time Jackson I broke up. So it kind of makes me does he think of him but it's awhile for awhile it did now it doesn't it just it feels good but I ran into him. A couple years back where it automatically do that whole album was playing at a store ones and I just like went to a bad place even in the music was really able. As you. Like I felt so bad about how I treated you and everything yeah reminding me of our relationship and I'm like oh that's interest etc. being right. That's so weird there's songs on my reds on a princess of red jump some cantina and the sun goes like. Do you feel like man when you honor. County and being a man shooting well all suit that's left side yet I love it and I get such good happy thoughts from it because me and my best friend used at lake. Put on this whole this polls show her in action with a birdie out and with her and I and then her. Ice you can fake yelling and screaming and singing their songs one of our cute friends but it just brings you back such like. On manna fungus so let's go back Matt and I sat like I love it even though now I was up really. Really intent song but I surrogate like such happy died from. It's about like a guy that pigments beating another guy calling him Graham that are calling him comment yeah like deepening and media and. Yes like Anderson I think a couple others like okay. It's weird that when I hear it from his plea to. I think it's weirdly tree makes me cringe and passion to beat right now but I loved I did it at karaoke like when it first or getting to karaoke early twenties. Media even when he won. Back and he. Liked mount on it does heal in time. And date rape. Yeah Philip quicken fine it's such a fun downloading songs out but it's such a mess ups also I think that's so crazy house that's actually that's what. I am trying to not think albums and trying to think songs to you that kind of how that's similar yeah this song. Brings me just backed. A bad place the stupidest that's a personal fine. Run ally here chasing cars chasing a car out of that time with that land. It's like Willie is just I hit and then. Day asked some human men on the gap but that's on I broke my friends are Q. So I did they didn't all I hear it outside I feel her hand I broke her hand against her arm itself you've breaker he end because she does plague. Doing the sunlight lying on the floor with my other friends and I for some reason was like running. And I ran like just rushed her yeah yeah out and chizik. Freaked out bottoms broke down like it's happier being dramatic and next issue with the doctors and yes it was. Economic anchor here are not scientists think in my apartment and then. The when I think of like a stone by Audi a slave it's it's weird. 'cause I'll I have two connections that song and there are happy connections mining height of rallies an odd because both having you do with ex boyfriends. But it's gonna action like it's not only it wasn't happy moments so it's nice to remember that because. So the only adios flavors down whereas on an ever heard it like when I was eighteen. Was like sound. And just logic to hear on the radio like so cool. And then my weapon at the time of the huge like mad on hand love like nineties grunge. In them like only got a lot does song I like this on and still compete in my BD Iraq faces yeah and and not just on his nose Selig sound garden like who's younger and handy like. I got something like on. And that he treaties mean to sound garden Alice in Chains he got me like I had a new Nirvana they get remained Eleanor on the on the Geithner he burned meal binds to CDC Geithner on. X and any unable to metals afternoon he's accused of warmth that he's talking about with it and so I remember like a stone be in true to all the music because I had this boyfriend Hugh. Let me show you the world and did an OK this lifestyle like me like it it's weird because looking back him and I broke. 89 years ago so it's like I don't have any. Feelings like that anymore like am I yeah we actually brain into each other like at grocery star and it. Then it'll probably is that in hunted down like your family houses and it was just click. Do you think if it did and terribly and you were still matter out of you mind. And relationship with the music so. Ice school of music I still love the music and we eat and it kinda it was. Bad person because we broke up forget we are also retooling it when I was in my early twenty broke up a photo or relationship race we broke up shortly before it turned when he won. And so he. We broken off for good where like we're just done. But we're still hook up at this loss I'm not putting your dying now so here's the pain I also have you are not die I think there's my star here is my story and how picky became the horn that she. It tickets are lit and I had this is sort started Sarah Brighton port one. Because I did this guy for three years. And whenever we broke up only you why. About I I turned what I want and I didn't I never went up to put our. Critical on at eight you know where I'm not already beating the person out for a Catholic. Guy like Steve lets you. Have to experience at all. And so I started doing online things I'm meeting guys their meeting as there and I am just being an entity wants something affects them like. Don't ever on did you still have feelings facts well why would you down banging me acts that you have all this other evidence that. And how do you do that I can't like yourself like it's three years and this guy and then why would you continue to do that I think you're I think. We're both. Tired of trying to maintain actual emotional part of the relationship I remember when we ended it like. When we quote unquote like. Like FaceBook and it I should say if that makes it easier to explain. Like he came over my house we both discussed that they're defeated it's like him coming in the room were both like. Via and we do I look immigrant on her music is the warily trying but we can't adding crime crisis like I you know what I think president. Yes that clicked on before you actually access the Alex so he had and it it kind of FaceBook status then. And that we still kept looking up partially because. This is before it looked in Seattle and it worked here at the seizure and NC in downtown Seattle's sometimes when there was like snowy roads all for a year Wayne. You are but we got that really bad snowstorm and a so IA that day we had a bad snowstorm I had Weaver and seemed to be here in Seattle firmly the show is like a leave from Iraq. So I went to his house that the new district. And I would stay the night sleep. See use your booty first yes and sometimes I get like a good place to the college house. When I was in college next I'd only plays ever went with his from his room with the very top floor. Away from everyone else I would just walked in the door is always a locked. I just walk in and even if he wasn't there and I just sleep on his battery scouts because it's one of those old college house's there's no insulation. It's like house with coal worries. That he had just gone off work in that he's sleeping I'm like dude it's cold spewed over like work work how Maya. And that's how we stayed warm. And. You know like at least like it when it's it was fine. And I remember her. I think and I hooked up with him once and I had a deet shortly after that I just a first date and he was cool that now like it was in any of his business in my head in my excel Audi. Like I gotta go pay Thea. And I think he knew what I was doing now is mainly he simian messenger called me eateries like hey can lead talk tomorrow can like you come over and we talk like what's it about to Jesus as he talk you all like. Aggressive about it in my troubling real I'm a angered lay it sounded like payments. I wanted to agree candle stuck in a kid mentioned it publicly before I mean we should start from the and I totally unfeeling and here you are just. Saying you didn't do it and so the next day I felt so savaged. Sarah. So I come in and arms and what's up. He's like you know last I think we can't see each other anymore at this is just too hard at we can't see each other at all. And this and I'm just like. 'cause he because he was actually making me think like maybe he was still wanting to be a relationship and I was considering it. I thank you are done on purpose like. What I had my fun in my head on my fun I got to sleep with other people see your average guy and you're still sleeping with each other right out and kind of like okay and I go on my phone and I delete his memories that Dr. Phil one trying to talk to him like look. Yeah I deleted off my phone I'm not going to call you I'm not going to text you. I'll give you exactly what you want it knows smiley face them like. This is what you want I out there I'm done here I was I did say quite like that I'm like look you're to lead off. IPhone it's done by and I walked out if train music on we did united Cymer armor and I do in one point I don't know what an. Did you like we usually the number might make secretly like banning Amber MacArthur yeah I'm having my brother attitudes and I really needed and I could get it. I'm just routine and I locked. In my head it's like for a device that eighties readily chatter anything and he didn't say any thing like he just lagging with dumbfounded that I had so much like it just coming knows Pierre site fell on top of the war and mouth like the end that was and until years later we went out so we get mutual friend introduced me to you know. And in Miami with eleven hours to go party it up it's like six years ago. Complex and it just broken up my other boyfriend. And my buddy gets drunk which is one of his closest friends and he's like I'm so glad he can make it we invited him he couldn't come so that's when were able to live by. And that like on the regularly I shouldn't have to walk on egg shells around and so on at that point yet had been. Cup like match at least was ears like angry at the way you left that Nardelli was just like he's very straight forward. In that sense he's actually I think something's up in his brain making his very like he didn't understand that there are things that you can and can't do it. Like he did understand that it wasn't okayed that you know. Slightly hit on your friend's wife. Like he put his hand on her die like what are you doing. That that's not a Caylee he's kind of trying to like wallet and about their by the way. And the husband was nearby plagued issue like what are you doing buddy. Like off and I maybe he was like so on my kin wanna hang out you know like after Ike and still in town we he well he also. Another friend of his that he moved for a little while and he ended up having sex with his friends ex girlfriend to do not understand that there are things that you don't do social mores that aren't okay. He didn't have back concept. So I think there's something the next. Any you. Colin you're up but asleep and it seemed like he wanted to still be with Theo and get labeling you as a report Pope broke out across the regional break up right up like still in owning the act like you. I think as. We went around flap with other people's hailing really. I think bothered and his 'cause there is couple time in looking back that was 1819 years old if you're eighteen if you're that age group by LA. Like don't be afraid we'll quicker to ship that's totally fine because I didn't even after. He break up with me because it's brand without singled. Any trying to block with her. Out girlfriend and she app female friend and she was not until and so many came crawling back yeah. And some like and I even called it out on it is exit you're only coming back and she can have sex with. Any minute. And you say. Kind of dumped for an eighteen year old have stuff that I will not put up with an island I am curious to see here what are stuff that you guys feel freedom message text us an email. What are things that you are not willing to put up with that you Mayer mean out of how to put up with in the past Yemeni. Yeah and cold relish the rollercoaster I was so like blind by the swung at a lake 1819. And he was. Little older but not too much older but he. I was just it was like the whole break up get together break up and it would be the dumbest reason ever and he would get soap has for the stupid that I was afraid to like. Leave my phone for more than five minutes because if I didn't answer for some reason he was gonna blow up an ailing most Arab oil and gas abuse snapped a like when you're so like blinding yourself like that I if you're young and so young and I never felt like that's what anyone before and I haven't and he was like the bad boy and I was that the girl I was gonna save him you know like that hole now crap everyone thinks that they don't has a relationship like that at one point rethink you conceive peppers and gas and it was just nine and that a tentative. And I had I mean I it was one of those like I put every thing in every one councilman back there and like I yourself yeah yeah it was all about him and I didn't. Realizing until my mom was the one who like pretty much yelled at me for him demos like. This means to like stop and my mom. Is peace we ist. Mostly kind hearted like never yells person so for her to do that I was like oh with a slap an eye on phase out like I got man. Get it together and you guys have friends now like. Well one without one news item like. Yes I know and I apologize several times because I know I turned into it uneasy about winning I never want to be coming nap like. Those up and down break up get together it's it's not screening. Like even with like the following diet which I know that went long when did talk about audience for. Oh yeah. The next like the short version I think an ex boyfriend he was really gonna karaoke. And so he would sing that song beautifully. And I loved it but we broke up I could hear that song for half furlong while I could because it just made me think of him. And yet but now I love it like Mike it's been our removed. I may have you don't own an iron. Looks weird that I'm tanking of lake connection I have with acts by Franzen on I don't really have any which for me I really really enjoy it but the current boyfriend. If we. Break up like they're so many songs now that like either he introduced me to Ehrlich requirement what have other weddings on our like app that I like. If we ever break out you ruined so many songs for me like right out like positive and I have always stays positive but if not tired you know like. I have to delete all those I'm ride out. Or. Actually at no legal complaint I realized that connects sometimes songs with people. And I do you have at least one for each point and but this person and it lets mom you know preach it. Boyfriend is probably one like with partly prayed against you just can't think about it and it has assigned probably about right public want artists like we can. Love yes and it's ratchet. By day and going back to another long story with back and I ended up texting him that night on drug like dead. What are you doing and I texting based messaging ban on base but what are we doing much did that the data that it hair of the difference one. None that I get no one year growth yea and Mike Weir drunk and with his past randomly do reference and have to decide who. They can fighter who became the should be able to be the same room for the birthday parties and for all these like we should be fine yeah police had agreed we don't see each other at all that's gonna be easier for both thought we follow the same Ross and Rachel BS crap. Italy can we just be OK it's when you can certainly be your friend. I just wanna be okay cordial and so he eats at many months can't expect him because he's like how the words off the hours only to Sadie you. And we week out and it's still light. Kind of like he's just very bad with humans interaction and yet he's is really about it that's why does it make sense in my head of why it's comes along. So we copy and we talked about how are light spent the last couple years and we met twice. He like honestly adding that they still hasn't really been a soft spot for my family began likelier islands dope right. He's like how your brother you know what's he doing raising collision or your parents how badly can he love might add any of my mom and my mom's cooking yeah I have been there and now he'd he'd like eighty that they didn't happen. Conversations via. So it's like it was nice to be cool like. I had a much on these but as a front for alignment and deliberate they ones. And he showed up it was fine like it was because my other friends were there and we're friends with him it was fine. But then I think he deleted me I don't know if it was too much for him. Or he just in. Maybe he just didn't. He was doing your little one neck got away EE EU broke his heart. Mean keeper at my her pregnancy belly I would think I don't know if like finally tonight. Now Mike and I have snapple we have very different. Where night on daylight keep it can be an Arabic around friends opening up with them while. Anything until like when we when I broke it off like I think it was just our friendly. They knew that he'll Cassini and they knew I'd wanna see him. Unlike years late eloquent and an epidemic lot weary like I'll likely be OK that was basically it becomes like we have a conversation via text and we met in person discussed it. And see hey how deep and it's been doing this that and so we were able to kind of air out everything it wasn't anything that and we needed to be here out but it was nice to just sit on top and be like can we do this again closure and psychiatric Kelly sit in the same room together in the be here and we had. Coffee twice that so was weird for now the deleted you know not never went back it's like it was subpoenaed as. Or five years is that topped him. When he tracked him lean on me like I mean I didn't facilities fronts like I'm not offended that he deleted me that he's so differently and so extra amount range of sometime night lights on faith that I did go after perjury certainly like Emeril how. At least now you know him you would never deleted him in now alas he was being. Her and knowing on these quick eyeliner political clout or something your friends cool like inviting both things and all the friends that we were all connected to I don't really hang out with them anymore not that we unlike others just now. Port that they got they had kids. Yet another account leading at different life and I am and I live up I live appearance Seattle near you in the settling down lake Stevens the kids in the house and linked in and you know can I I reached out once the reached on the other and we agree but it just life like they travel online they do a lot of stuff so Catholic. And he airports even had kids who awful expect like texting ads and public in fact. The basically that whole big turnaround by. Songs for ex boyfriend's team member. Those that hire and Thong I do lose let's in the gulf now seen. And now and that is the goo dolls. I mean. We got technology in place where it. That's the attic now. It. Oh yeah and. So this song was playing when I have my first boyfriend when most virginity to why you lost your being tired no because they're outside. Hey we had a very like romantic moment at a friend's birthday party I love the science behind Ireland. The end. Herbert Israeli rent the pool. High school full gas coming after hours in the can and I the summertime. For so many like dancing kind of together on this low are songs. I don't have any like IL well I think did you units about. I think Heatley break my heart a little bit but I select the song my got to my parents for he for you. Them so they leave we became friends again and then this. My sim like him he's the friend that I don't talk to her. We'll OK okay. It is seen me. And I wanna count and my son and China can affiliate the other one and so the same guy I was talking about that is. Has it. But one that they pulled the whole story about that we didn't talk for many years and we're still looking. The on off. He had really that depression. And he is on the on the can always medication and shortly after Easter dating he certainly a sell off that thinking he was dead. Paint but every now and then he would go into these really bad depression spelled and has must've been looking back. The ladies if people aren't treating your raid in me they're basically using you to peel. And no indication it is a doctor like that OK okay. Basically I spent most this relationship taking care and yeah emotionally physically and everything and so the only time Heatley can I always wanted him to eat that romantic guy and looking back we are very different people so we had no business being again but I think we just both wanted to be company. And tolerated each other and a lot of people yet we learn to love each other and like we love each other firms like those brief moment this class we learned a lot each other really followed with each other because we were lonely and and honestly elite we go to a company rang and we didn't even wanna be dating link it was bossi hook up and done. And they called me the next day at the but the only time that we would ever actually. How any particular is there appearing now so yeah. Like. The only time you ever actually appreciate me and ceemea Buick any sort of romantic epic show me actually. Be expressive with his face or with his words how much he cared about was when he was depressed. It I would notice can't make them feel better it like out of loud yeah right but then when he seen me like Aaron this particular time where inner in his kitchen and Ammann his split us up can't that was where his what you think it is still a company. But then that he was playing on his music and the sun came on nicer dancing to it. In heat is in the big is skewed via smile. At the basic idea of them. I. Like I'm just in Danica for Canadian. And I'm singing along with day and he had Vegas goofy smile on his days. And he's like I love you so much and I was like the most genuine. Not song I ever had with him that I remember yeah so even after we broke them I'm like I still think about it when he hears a song every single time. Ever a moment but it it anyway. Yeah honestly even though we had a like emotionally. And mentally was not a good relationship. He had he also moments and I will always remember this yeah and this is ninth time. He's videos and takes money. Yeah okay. Like oh my god I was totally it's just the one song in like Meyer elite money's there this to that. I mean now I'm obsessed with I've been out since few years that a fifth harming some work from home and I say at anyone and like if I'm in a bad mood. Or from like not trying to god or something or from dismantling blame is played out song and I will lag is like black jam. So instead like a pop like stupid sung. But it's so weird Titanic and I absolutely love music but that's like it's always been kind of dislike. On me. You know owning Kelly also any collective soul sign of course I think my father and I feel like when he passes not unlike hopefully they'll be like for another hundred years fray by I will totally think of him I'll prop and a bit it'll be happy but it'll be like so sad my charity now. But lake Nona. Not rallying. And now I'm. Curious like any points in life whether it's associated to relationship. Or our area a tiny life like Alan I know what song or band or whenever. I. What are some of the songs that your sons and your boyfriend now. Oh okay are a wedding song every fight night and he goes. It's totally inappropriate it's like I am I hit it from the left and I hit it from the right I'm not that. And like fight night funny yet etc. GQ that he that they kept hopper's continues now like. I'll pop Alison there it's like sonar romantic about even better X nine I'd now like and the I don't oncology. If that's on albeit old there's and game by Taylor Swift. I'll I think I love Taylor's that I lover and gobble them but I do. And it's and game and it's like. I want to be in game one of the year if there's standing a lot of beer eighteen. A lot of beer. And game and I ain't gonna last so I'll tearing up I do I play about funk especially at efforts now from boyfriend like a million times that I sang Itula Mili and concede is gonna happen if if he breaks that would mere risers or something really is a Bruin Nissan it's gonna Bruin. And that's yeah there's a thing as somebody who's had. You know. Links a song ruined it eventually get. Miguel actually like fade and I act like I love what I can listen to like a stone and not think of my acts now in another sign that the song for the look like the last big access. The last class plan to. I guess for the past a lot of past relationships I've added we just had a top boldly different. Blake like a music genres. Like this one's on them one IMAX as I and we did like panic come kind of like a Mumford and sons on I guess about one. The blower feed them. We I love that I can't idea gaffes about I guess they do that that's remind him that but he's so whatever into Denver on her intensely. It's case we've talked about song. And we actually did get this message. It's a taker all your body James here and I have recently discovered a band called falling in reverse and I've heard this I don't know. Is there a little email from my taste but it can't stop listening to them in the song remains in UTU PS sorry if they swear. I'm playing. Some of it it is called good girls bad guys who. Earlier this RA is dying while Vicky and that. Look at this yeah. They're very yeah. Through phone. Come on that deeply affect me I'm ready very hand begging them please get your suit that is some stuff might go to little sentimental school and I mean out Good Charlotte blink claim it's news man. Like Danny from and so it finally elephant in the and a and I'm ideally and that you like theories that accord from life. Did died out. If you guys have any songs for us that they pay the son reminds me of the broadcast its earnings in Sarah or Vicky like what and I am curious what people think like. Not signing anything Canadian. I get it up on that panel I we view we love them back at times selling sexy and dangerous for. And I definitely I don't like to be treated well I guess is yeah. Like you add. But I do like the last as kind of seeing my date rape was one of our songs because it was that we. He was thrown into carrier pieces I'd like someone picked up on the Pitney downpours all I would kill someone if anyone that. You're really can't do what I can't do it might cost you with you. I got it and you in Philly thing at the others silently that's like what are I don't know it's a messed up songs I didn't honest people that I would. Reeling mariners. We did have one and checking. Hey Vicky and Sarah I've now become a regular listener. I they used great seeing you at the two fighters pop up and I had to go just in case a surprise we're and a happy and there was the super show that the by pop and yeah almost hoping for our active they was once in in California. I might be you know you're like the holy s.'s. It. A man and actually that's. The galaxy gaining and I like there is no place they could perform now than they ask us a president do that here and it's Seattle Sonia. I did here you are going to be there is so it was my chance to eat any meat to. I'm also going to trying gay you a cool little cheaper if they present that dammit they're all gone dead pool pop. In asking for help allow a good idea street next time my. Non thinking oh. It's like I ran a bit ago about seeing a girl that just wasn't feeling it with her I've moved Donna don't think I'm going to be looking anymore just gonna let one ever slam ever comes into my life. Just walk on in. Again I love the show and both of your opinions and advice and I know it's a long while but if you wanna come. Our walk on I live in the album so I alone in feeling of him. Well that's usually when I got to actually where I went that went into the content and now tonight. Keep on the airport interrogating he owes me a beer Levy ladies and have a good restaurant week and I look the common man yelled. Sometimes you just got you just gotta wait till. From incomes. Yeah they seriously think the least expecting which is the most annoying in a plane all about expectations I mean I don't think that people should try and get out there like a half and girlfriends to. One of fine guy but don't leave our house I'm like so. Not telling your DM doors happily you're gonna actually. Go out and be social like I'm sorry and you don't necessarily like it but what eating UPS add and drop off the package really K you might package does not yet not about and I haven't. But is sometimes it does happen late leads in fact it's like now the girls or you're out were record while demonstrating at the supermarket picking up soup. So move and. I mean. It. Dents on it now now. I was you know from friends and I met somebody thing and I body was really cool. He's really you know. And they didn't think he decided to eight and a half. Miles on I don't know I don't know the group of friends in case you and I talked permit them that he looks really. Our. School. Who looks familiar with I don't know what I'm reading the things cooler anything that the week. Herb and then like everybody record patted me on face. He's really. I think. And he posted a video of him recently and playing music with its cash. Look at the camera. Is an epidemic in the morning he's looking beaten yeah. He sees me and I kind of like really really horny right now hours as IQ like I just want to make sure Emma wearing you know I'm wearing like Corning. We have all some and now. She's not he's Cuba and asking not to doing. And like I never really had a conversation on bespoke. Waved at you again I am the way he can vary. There is the season and. It. Just and this is like me. Anyway. And I answered now. Madonna for a couple of days night and that he's like well like. Even if like nothing happens are we don't buy it or whatever. Are finally getting that legally anybody there I try it out of my comfort zone. And I am so we. Mention some time like well. It's public. Long rallies each other person is on time do you think something like that. We know we get it is big. We might pick the game quick release dignity but today. Tonight. He am like it he's like an atomic and I think it is totally fine from the hospital and clinic. Hello. How much you know like I. Go take a nap and I feel like death yeah and I'm Anna yeah. But I am at the plan knowing we if there is near you today downtown in the middle they don't pay in the mail if you let down the south. Snaps the downtown where me being at its okay up and so because he's like Iceland primary to the illegal plays and it's okay. I. I am a big problem. And are you winner Arie came center. So where it doesn't I Wear something to block she means that I over you know yeah of all the asked him to hang outs all know maybe he thinks which is a friendly thing I go to coffee or dinner we're going to like. Apartheid please the weird funky bar a pack up to see pictures it gets it's at. Even type bar a bank so I'm thinking you know. Drinks and median appetizer at Al asked. Just kind of be guessing and talking Rita BS and a couple days at that I'm getting you know and as a get to know Mike we really freaking cool yeah and it sounds like it's going to be easy for like the congress if right now and I look at my you know few things I know what to talk about and stuff but he just like a very. Positive personally very. Well you battling it hasn't had on strayed hasn't liked together on an alloy. Is bad Alina but he's got to look at some is pictures he Dudley you know he looks like a bad way of Angel tree in some. And where's the stores like. The dynamic. Aspirant here but it is really plane and maybe you become Fran I rating reached out and you think it's cool I don't think that the Italian meal chili probably Wear pants a lagging so that means you're not gonna be covered thank definitely Cuba at the top. Low pressure. Maybe where ultimately companies can and then. And congressman mark. Yeah and in a jacket Michael. And then the meteor. Impact that. I know we are rolled early oh yeah. Well I hate. Apria and at all. If it's you I mean if it like past oeuvre it's like a lot of girls army it's girls and guys like. Going on seats it's so nerve racking yeah Blake. I don't know people running is gone it like at the every week because they're merely data to those out. But the free meal but it's our bracket is the thing nice to deal all the time like when I do the goaltender anger even before the ball. And it was really. Popular popularly it was more like actually dates to paint. And I never would like golfer I was always going into it expecting to pay an elite and I'm going to let me is that it. Like I OK so if it right it's like luckily we have. Allen got a I ever mine in the insist again have to answer the app if it does now. I'm like our I got an X one. That's exactly a perfect if we go to more drinks and next time I'll get there or if it goes out after he hit an iron whatever like I like that completely fair I think it's root. Now when people go in expect the paper McKnight yeah patiently cop car and I. Don't you do off our and he takes up on Alec the first chance blank. Yeah. Mine like. I just want to agree if you. Patiently strand little harder and if the first and I think I got this. And he insisted like double bill. Like I think it they like I accounting rule out the ballots like I have to take this seriously did really if I insist twice. Adding that the rule of someone twice and that's okay that take them. I think that's like the class dignity. Than. And soak it for you now and varied Edmund now on I hope you wake up refreshed. Practiced and probably go home and clean my my bathroom. Like Peter Sayer who on how much. Eight and who. No we're just tell you why the town needed to do it in the bathroom but at the bar pain would be first time. And I actually pushed I into the bathroom once at a venue. And I became an after closing their like knocking on the door like they knew what we do weighing we weren't doing it or is making now. Not out trying to get it done and the public and you are down they're polite not to go back like the workers at an event like going outside to our era like kind of doing that thing away not making like not looking at a cocaine. Yeah. They've just been the attack a mall. No smoking and so Spokane in. That you know. That. Not the W that your parents' house maybe Bart that feeling that Barack all the way back to dry out of and can make you know I don't really the only thing I knew him a little matter. About our different them immediately the first. Consider like countless Felix. You know comfort and also I can't yourself sir. They'll know I think it's ultimately again. Otherwise I would be not otherwise he would hello maybe not belting. It's it's interesting it's different Dan. Why I don't go out. If it's not so innocent and reached. Like fumble late. Anna writes I notice that like it's no inner. Gmail email account. This is wary get all the text messages as a separate part for like text and voicemail email returnees and waste our tax. I'd feed that we actually had. Now writing here from from August. And it has. The pay broad listened to last at the city all talked about the Shealy and how it would be bought and used once or twice just for camping. I was in Sturgis. San Diego last week and with my wife and a vendor had a new version of the product called the Michael bell. It way sync differently and she described it to us anatomically correct if it's not under any muffin. And the best thing into Gatorade bottles for a long trek. The back of the product also acts like a squeegee to clean. Some often alone when will papers around. Anyways here's the website check it out the product definitely knocked it out of the park for females who want to urinate without proper facilities. For 130 bucks there are many applications for the typical bell. Love the Catholic the ulcer just as excited as the dispersant that's Albert out what's. For those. And that she Wii is that device that girls can click on and so they can use the restaurant I'd like it. Correct yes. Because we attacked him up because I can leave there. And I aren't tightly I get it right in and it goes and it just the typical bell with. Two Els and me at the end the BLE. And EE. I dot com you can also get on Amazon as one that is so funny and it's so funny called them often. We can get elect them again I'll call it a bit about that muffin top right now with another name for your part it. Like and it's an in with mom and we'll have the people family. Hey it tells them often and that's what they mean. They are like a turning it weird being organized off off now and get like I mean it does mean must adopt you but not in just prefer to Moffett. Every common hip he. I mean to you and I like is it that you don't need a paper with this company. Evidently you wipe it with a bang and then it's like. Agassi's act Obama to clean air and here it is a video that if you discuss the technical. Term lease on either simply telling you and it's. He made it like OK if failing campaign like. Just went out I'd like Phelan Mike hiking like day trips like a lot I would get their news that bank. Once a year can emperor. In an isn't camping somewhere where mothers support us. Or somewhere. Howard has there looking at the other that they were going to go into the story about. How to look more attractive. According to science I'm done which they can go vibrant past Sudan's US. Athletes elements like paint cliff thing there I little. Wait that are occurring and why isn't so it. And I am thinking Raymond compete clintons and scary picture. A. But yes so please let us India have any sons that make you think a timer plays on Friday or early July song that you just like. Heat that everyone logs or everywhere like an enigma healing for. Like a song that's a happy song I had no really I ate the song happy bank for a while I hate it I absolutely. Hey every time I come ice cream and it cranes that he was Taylor was. You are having it so if you fear. It haven't I hate. Absolutely. So I was watching it labelling in any and a look at a pro quick as I'm listening to stand up comedy on Netflix. The comedian is the Hispanic comedian she Crist Ella and Chris Stella that's gorgeous yes she has and Netflix comedy special. And she was talking about. How there's some sun that she really love it. And have now open Bruins like the song from those commercials. The dog commercials. And yeah. None. Change. It's a piece somewhere that's fine I have my iPod on shuffle and I'm sitting there is championing on top of the world. Everything was great and that song comes up and she's like and like many achingly shaving usually. That it really fat plot now. For her though it's like something like that is. And. Aniston. Yet Chris Stella loans will lower classy. And it's really funny. Recommend it was fun to watch. The seats just the specifically for that part to her like that making Jamie. There. But please let us now and that the Yemeni. Suggestions for any of our techsters today. Who slow moves your and so interesting. Are awesome but Jennifer and hear all about it. I and is IA.