Broad-Cast Ep. 46 - Chompy Chomps Down There

Monday, July 11th

Taryn, Vicky B, Kianna, and Sage talk about how everyone is going nuts over Pokemon Go, people's connection to their pets, and give some boy advice as well as sexy advice!


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But on the land before time and to link Christine killing her seat in dislike. Oh my god and anchor steam like oh my god pattern Julie I gotta like. Yeah. Yeah. Like shook off outnumbered. And let me be able. And on the note. And have deployed to. Yeah. I. Welcome to another edition and that would be a girl we got there and I'm his age. A high homeless that. Yeah. A little bit like following. The new. He won by the management. Look. Crap I mean I know my grandma out hunger on another nice to hit thing it would give me nightmares. Really creepy guys. Colleen did and heavy rain its going to be able while we know about a wake existing and years Lyon nice round of rocket speeds. But to detect and things I'm contacting. The conduct impact of hope is that fair to. I think I should ever come out and I ever cared that he it's been awhile about how it went in its hold on and the search for an in the film because I'm very organized thing that. And get up and Catherine the honor. And as well yeah. Always when it. Or maybe in the definitely felt that way is I pray at the amount and I am at. Our phone and I. Is 2532719343. You'd think maybe I would memorize my now now. You know in my own siblings phone numbers by heart anymore it's a sad. Our email as the broadcast 999 Via Twitter is to examine the FaceBook to strictures that Twitter in instrument leave them broadcasts under and I. Eleanor the dryness and hardness. Unlike so many letters and numbers. Are much after her out Obama a lot of collateral. Here's that I will have to say that we are missing villain today. Still. She's getting post surgery wrong not to sound. Tennis and home from the get in tone of. Everything well I mean when it when she was first experiencing like. Non healing. Into. We are talking about it media need surgery may act and I think that at one point her doctor was like no you're fine and we even we were like no something wrong. Along. How the new doctor thinks cents that's got obviously was not a doctor he found. In India and I don't know for how long yet or it's we planned sitting now it's up to it yet I tell her brother please videotape her if she's altered if she starts talking nonsense. When it comes to pain pills don't don't try to divide it. And yeah this REI yeah. I'm pretty and there are forms of medication finally. McCain is that you know that's the problem don't you don't have any additional prescription drug or Merrill. Is illegal mayor wanna. You heard alana. We do week. Really. A so that there and we hope you have a speedy recovery yeah. You don't exactly what they're doing to her toes don't I know that they're going to cut and exit to day like today it's like re break it probably wrong. Okay. Knowing enough and under him as a man now yeah enough till it tock I hit a useful it's a memento on the ground. Both feats I'm not a big foot personally I don't not like I mean it's I don't like he had a tougher for them and other not. Thank Allah and teller flip flops all the time Mike and Mary and me and heat in flip flops and a little fat feet. Heat from soccer and talents that I just got teased me computers and you're there hanky ya Q Eddie yet as far as Nancy Gallagher some man. He had that I don't mind going to feel like Honda fever like like. Here messed up town now I like yellow and cracked in the NSC will guarantee yes like don't flip flopped cubed and not. At their town and they just don't care thing. I don't want them literally oversee the animal movie analyst Rob Schneider. Yeah. Many years you like at the very end that a box office and oh yeah I went on around Schneider. He seek it says that number he becomes like half animal or something and there's another one going around each and people are eating stuff. Trying to think who the other animal is that they probably be on him. And it's very and it would drain out trying to buy new animal can't figure out who he's. Everyone kind of makes you makes you think that you the whispers and it appears in India is one part where the creator of the guy who is responsible for Elvis. Take the socks off he had these men are the Tony held it looks like analyst Dick kind of toenails I know a guy who had the exact O'Neill and. Alan. It worked out there is Steve and clean the air like and I would floors. Loss and I'm Laura and light now how did in a part of it. And I was like dude have you seen your browsing of the legal relationship we need to group take your bull crap to all I know how do I care bill goes before you yeah why not talk today. My name the way you believe in doing that the Monday. A move more. Are all separate may be coming everyone's been running around not just our floor. The entire building everyone is losing their mind to report Oakmont no I just aren't what it wasn't the Smart. Right Cavendish showed me how to I'm not getting it now by the way yes and here's the thing so I got into geo caching a couple of years ago everyone made fun of me and was like I am I now look at a bad time and now they're doing basically the same thing but without physical. Treasures via digital treasures Mike this is some BS. That I took so much heat for it whereas the GO capture or dived and stopped doing because I was bullied I was blown. I heard about how I got tired that. And I know just. Like going hey I have this present it is skull when middle yeah and I have another present for you it is another middle finger. And I had another hand I would use them in now did you hear that some sort evenly robbed while playing and people don't really found a dead body out crap going on with it found a dead dog like this is your energy asking for the token on and she idly by giving you the natural thing like the guys. I don't know we murdered like that is what they're saying. She doesn't like a little money what is the feature called. Think it's that TD but not too. Virtual. Virtual reality facing the screen shot Schweitzer pictures again one and Ryan had a like a bat was flying in our office he showed me. In front and comfortable it's funny because my father called you at all. Hole in the upgrades are hungry and act in Iowa as my brother was into it very brief moment and I did see one of the movies. They had that means they had multiple me the president of the best went to my little brother and it was then when you first come out it's a twenty years old yeah told the nine Lou Anna mania two billion ponds back then we assume we have senator Arlene cash and not my ninety's yeah yeah yeah. But I don't know how to right now I'm in my mind Clinton and 199697. On the alien is around the time that beanie babies yeah well do now adapts. That was an eight iron yeah. Actually poke them on in my spare I've got into it and when I eat some fourth grade hurt. Denying and then ten because I got my first game when an S 10 and I am. Online ciller angle tells trustee Puerto get the other ones the red blue green I think. So everyone played goes in the and you got silver and gold which is the next level up like. You have your original 150 Kokomo which is what I think we're dealing with here it 150 to poke Mullen. In this scheme that where we have now. And there's just like over 50700. I even know how many cancel all Alec I'm I'm a purist and your original generate. IIIRS. I collected the cards collected. Quite loosely. Loosely I think trading card Abbott I never played with them and you know I did it in house could be about the the Pope on treating our games played very much magic. Play magic in like elementary school girl lurk and very cool. More likely. Cut. Can't tell you an embarrassing can't comment on now for being a freak. About beanie babies. So my mom like start I mean she was a part of the problem yeah like and nationally probably. They'll let you know when McDonald's had they need any day yeah passing out so the line would be like. My around the building and my mom and you might issue a violent when he having time and then she would put them in. Top winners and freeze them and not. REE heat nag at French Fries for the for her four children might not is how insane she wasn't frozen McDonnell we have okay class and she definitely like she'd been an unlikely though she would then there's online right now c'mon what changes are we weren't ridiculous. Hair and a the ninety's are weird and it really had no but I didn't I didn't wanna get in to vote on them are as late last year about the freaking nano pets in you know baffling I'm not gonna get into that. And my dad came home game. The kids like eating my brother and I pack of Pokemon cards. I don't even like mine happened. On Anthony opened my pack up and see the Indians have a picture nightmare holographic first card. Com. He recruited. Well I'm buying and then that's when it. And I had a collection in Los left behind. That carry everywhere in the I think that if it was my and withholding idea it. And I trade related cards just to get peak too wanted to do you like TV GO. I don't know. It's. I and my child that god is my name's Josh take Mickey nine happy they're. Yeah I can't. And so at. Lee high school little school in cool anymore and went to rule out cool again. And now equally because everyone has plane. I read that there is not a cat high really. Had a Peabody are all the now he's like that they need is you that. They're pretty much like the rat and that's the Asian the world beaten down hey without insulted by them so it. It plays like an actual map and then you have to like travel around to different spots and you get the thing in the game boy games like simply passable insular they have ruby and Catholics so many theories now that the for the young kids don't. Haven't played. I use you basically Qwest Field at Oakmont mastered it. I had a currency union the book it's when you're here on him I mean you're basically different things like you'll. You're getting into the next count and complete classic d.s history to get this kind of tree. To feed of the game and I became Vito gamma master. The incredible not mean as though with this new thing that ever raised doing right now is it. It's is at my age that have paid out played you play pay money to gain points in the quite Italy buys stuff like incubators or you can buy ink yeah. Find an eight you to Aegon incubator and you walk in and I think after what like 34 miles paxon of new book one. All my god has its volume around something is collect him yeah it'll tell you like where then you're spoke on like it's essential sealock and try to find economic yes Amgen basically. Am I guess so. So does this happen. Keep track of like all of the people playing it like is not one person that's like in the lead right now are like how there are a bunch of people collect. I was at a restaurant yesterday and someone like other disgruntled goalie you that while everyone. This guys appearing here for short mad mad time. And we all have access to counsel to all action base as everybody can catch Saturday after. And now we can't fight getting go to gyms and turned defeat generators and two dollars and is that they're not real jams. Now to where you attribute you fight your Oakmont. I know Pete I was all up in arms and they created their own little funny little video game online for awhile. Which is the welcome on game but it's where the Pokemon ski in attacking the humans. For making them do illegal animal fighting spree here. Crap its own mind it. Virtual reality. Not actual reality of pokey current word I'm not gonna get time when I can't play him out of Stater Catholic here. Some eyes. Speed like we're in the same right now I want into the studio earlier as like what he'd do you like over in the corner of them Larry doing it and then again bad my roommate has been going on ninety mile Lorenz yeah. Yeah. These are key theory you know QB acting I'd like a screen shot SE can take pictures of the Polk money like when you're looking and the DC and like it if it was your room where where you are. I was laying in bed in my no pants. And and I pot deny human beings. So bright brat and John are legitimately having someone come on their radio show tomorrow morning to talk to like explain it to the old people don't feeling they don't ban on her status of the The Who would've known that video game would cure obesity and the right. And I tracked. In censor pollution in the Acton sense that this is an. Make them social they can party like I have really you know fizzling ID and all these people are showing up there's like 3040 people to script up all strangers Tina talking. Well it's steadily help a lot bigger than GO cashing because I mean I have a brand like ran across a couple of GO caches a couple times and I was doing it but. Not likeness and this is like a whole another level of crazy. I know I was watching the thing a pair played well all the web sites Google and whenever the army really funny April fools' pranks certain members on line. Two years ago Google Maps stayed in court said oh. Google Maps and where you can catch me it's basically the same thing it's a little bit more elaborate. Well it's either called or Nintendo sitting there. He Ian Ian Kaplan to imagine it would take more than two years to get the spelling but the idea sounds pretty impressive now. We don't have fun that you know at an earlier this conversation yet either to finding it's my old. It bring him his tour I think we ought to talk. Aids comment I'm calm I face yeah. It is an Islamic settle accounts and on into them and and one of the people that come when I got earlier cats. That's why it is like coddling animals I don't look at 'cause I am allergic a little bit but I can elements mauled the problem is diet. Harvey doesn't coddle and she's yelling social one reason Lauren going home and he's cuddled and you'll be all right you mom holing some land. Like WB kittens or puppies. On the bulk of the weekend this weekend I saw. A Golden Retriever puppies. And we quickly. Uppity puppy can hit him like it the dog tears. No alike got paid eager than me like a quarter of the size of my dogs it was like still on you can be so we went to this place are still excellent and Mohamad on a puppy that's now you know the funny I don't wanna bottle Latin linked. Like silly and I cannot I don't get it feel like my brother announced I don't I'd rather small baby grand in the hole I don't differentiate the do press. You. Know milk and a month adorable public even feed regional people always milk a well like Ben gain dash. A pop up AK medical. Does not two but as the Golden Retriever baby was meaningless in the. But it. Arsenide to get a puppy. And Brad has but also working a good sign counties on real focus on goods and you know it anger resentment. But we went to this place on Saturday called dog would play park in and it was either here club or castle that had technical linked to this place months ago and I kind of forgot about it that. It's an indoor outdoor dog park. With the bar so it's awfully ish very cool hopefully off leash with a bar. I think you can order. You what do think they have liquor they have morning and on any day of the attack on license is automatically hasn't been attacked since a they had like six different ideas would you I had an obvious to say he is plus Madonna's been around and have a good time like. And yet pat puppy and a look at how do you. That was one of like rub between dogs that were there optimal time that we are there there were pugs symbol and a golden doodle. There were. Bull two bulldogs a little tour added text to Cassel I'd like look at that as I actually. Josh has doubled and. And I mean all in the name grandpa grandma. And other EMI is the sweet and just. Bulldogs are off. They're very chilled. Brand councils on a little bit too close insane that can add on which and it was but there is an ever hit a Super Bowl party years ago. And one of them just staring me in ninety different actually come. In and around which brands and brands. Which is brand. Of dogs or cats and allergic to I just know that someone make me sneeze more than others well some not are hi beau allergens I am fine collaborative like I have ones that were that we are that gold Dooley saw. And the golden doodle that we saw was a standard. Poodle breed like for them for the doodle for you and it was. So at all really it's Blake I had leg and because I've short lost on the legs and his dog had legs like never seemed forms likely going to be. Our legs a debt is. But anyways because if anybody that has dogs like I'll get whose email over there and anti vaccination information. And then you're in years ago Jack in it to ten dollar. Entry fever dog and you get toll paying out Palestinians though it's otters it by don't have a doctor or half team all them mind. Vaccination yeah if I'm clear say I was just does come from the but look at today yeah my ST DE I can't say. Irony cleaner who has only to get these small sample. But you should come and go watch all these off years hey if you're if you haven't dealt only for. The dots with the and then here was like you know couple blocks everything was great. So we are out there for like three hours and was off Sunday at the founders came on the people were there to watch the game with their dogs and then there's like an active play area and then and gentle play your dog's obviously in the active. And a very gentle because their labs. And that and then in the middle there's like a bar area where you can have your dog like on the leash if you're in Sydney food even if they don't serve food that you buy bags of chips and to act and stuff that you could bring in your own. Pete's narrator. That picnic it out or even hasn't delivered there and it was awesome so highly recommended dog would play park early counts yeah I'm like in love it's my new favorite thing I just wish I lived closer to its in the League City places. Maybe forty minutes from his own pocket knowing that our friends and metal plating. At him. Munich cap on that hole Molina and I had a days in Japan for players and they had the Seattle in the Al too polished and to get open they're not a problem today that they encounter I'll play. Place than it is like cap place. Elaine and a so tight and things on the lately and I want your opinion how come on in this makes me deep. And I don't think we do and because I think my cousins being there is. A cool let's hear it break it down now. Shealy got another. A huge animal personally I think big check again you puppies and kittens I'm getting better over the years like ice tonight and to be able to touch them and immediately wash my hands likened. Like take whatever I was wearing a sweater and I had a Donna heron at at two flat early on there in the Los at he had on gonna get really itchy and it's not it's partially allergies but I just get really anxious. And it mom passed down I mean I'm working. Off so not too worried about working on my let. You're definitely will want if I get pets in the future arms and ammunition just keep heating quote unquote pets so that way don't ever have to get one and go through the heartbreaker in. Yeah prices in the money. It's for the best I should just stayed the broken shell the human eye. So like 'cause she's I don't understand how how you can beavis away. And she's very soon we should lows all animals. All the animal she wants filling. She can do something with children and animals and melded together that would Peter career choice yes cashier with a bunch of patents mean none really had parents that they. There Alice. Weird anyway. She's just to me thinking you just have found the right diet. I mean that's sound like when someone like I don't know about you guys if you wanna have kids or not but when you're like wanna have kids. You'll want them eventually. You just haven't found the right here clock just hasn't started eating out when you'll find the right means you're gonna want kitten home ass off like if you want kids and you don't want to hit and that's kind of means that I don't need a pack like I have I get the same amount of comfort for hugging my stuff stitch stall and and anger and it and I am moving around like I'm comfortable at best and it doesn't. Who opened my back at noon and I don't have to worry about feeding it. It means very responsible and like it I mean you could then I would probably. Please take this country. Going she said you know she's trying to be like one day. At (%expletive) me off. So when I started doing back to her. Which makes me that huge and she could see that it is like she visibly not like she gets mad if she doesn't wanna blow up on me to the sweet girl. You know why I asked if you're if you're if you die in your apartment tomorrow. Only take your dog a couple of days before TO who doesn't love you. It freaking you give it food and shelter. That's why not unconditional love it just depended on new York and she didn't. And I have to and totally me and I. Lake is as he sends me all the stories like the dogs crying on the headstart on those are horrible. That at this point again it may want you read the way they start to Rockies beat the crap out of you you're on the other hand also eats you like the day on earth. What they here's the thing now. I would say this the dog is it isn't an EU because he doesn't love you yet the dog eat because he's hot artery app that's very positive idea because I real I mean. I think you know I'm crazy Donnelly I do think that every dog has such a different unique personality. That. In your cousins and there maybe a dog out there in the universe somewhere who hasn't heard as much planning like your soul mate might be a dog out there in the world. That would work well with your personal maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow maybe not in ten years but there's probably gone out there that would that would. Relate to Vicki B that you would be inseparable. But adding timing has to be right you know not everybody is ready ever get a dog. This decade. This party life like whenever I need to kind of be like hitting a lot of things have to be in the right place in order. In order to and bring an ambivalence yes you know I mean an out that there have friends like oh we can't go out the dogs and penalties can go do something like its worst it is really mean and that is definitely true and I I think it's easier to find a baby sitter for human babies than it is to find dogs that are. And I also know like how crazy my dogs can be. And the thought of like. Off loading them on someone that's like not my parents is like terrify like oh my god on I think that would be a worry. Weren't freaking out the whole time they want with my parents which I have cats I guess you can leave them critically. Eludes us some water. That are out there and actually. While I mean the docking is definitely we at my cousin had a birthday party over the weekend and we left is identical to the dogs you know it's it is what it is and and my parents are least likely close enough to where we can take them over there if they need to be but on. When I come back to my dogs offer that I could have been on fifteen minutes to the store. Fifteen minutes and when I walk back in the door. They are losing their god damn mind again asking me any area they I mean they are so happy yes you there is unconditional love was dogs and definitely my pass out Meehan and awkward at different. Each feed me mom. I mean I got my parents place their dogs is go nuts I mean Davis and rob onions Latvia I mean yes there's a deep on him and for me and her government gene. Anthony Perkins. OK I don't. Mean it's the same thing like. When they see a new born. I'm not linked in plain everything. Aren't as though I have that C I'm with big people like well children. Good lord discussing the guys like I disagree because I'd rather cleaned like baby you do. That dog because the dot you do just reeks and mice went on I smell like yeah yeah I clean it up and you just. I'd rather snowy river not look as they like the newborn babies like if someone is like forcing you hold it and I don't hold it like. I don't reach out like honey hold up high in I'm not awkward girl that Stanley ray next even I barely know the pregnant and young. How he's feeling a time to take a break up there a theory the idea I don't I don't think it's you know blacks. I has mine now. Hi this time I only do that if it's like a family member yes same animal different human yet but I won't gush over Anna Nicole Brown's funky. And I had. Seventeen cousins and we actually together over the fourth of July weekend for my grandparents fiftieth wedding anniversary. So it was kind of funny to cedars. Eleven girls and six boys. Granted to missing girl missing it's funny it's all these kids. Around you guys you know. Probably change some of your diapers a kinda thing I've stated I changed my Anderson diapers between first second cousins kids I mean he says nanny I've. I have the end it. Yeah. Have a pet thing over and that's kind of bugs means that Islamic community huge back. Normally UConn like I. Don't like it when dogs jump on me yeah and figured out well trained yet he still very puppy narrowed the winter house and I respect someone's house I respect that it's the dog house. If it's sitting on the couch or wherever likes to hang out whenever I mean he's area I'd take him this is the dog house I respect that respect people you know what they got the non. However it surged dumping on him and Beagle that yeah. Sounds like Chico opera at Madras skipper getting ready for them lighting. Mania dude off and look at. Him. Is it if the doctor is it like. Thirty pounds forty pounds and it. I guess what Katrina happened on July holiday is tiny takes up no space she's adorable but she barks Scalia constantly. And that is like not acceptable and came home with our labs like. They are not markers he has weed through and I am not we don't a lot of departments and if someone comes in the door. But look you know they'll do that whole thing that they don't bark like just instantly to India whereas story if she hears like a creek on the and scenic Torrey story tackler do. And and nine month Australian Border Collie Australian where that a lot of and I hit a lot of and is highly energetic those are and I don't like how in my seat lost a lot of good pairs issues as you can. He chewed up like I've really have any he'll. Our goal and held now that's what I'm just like how the hell again I don't condone violence to animals have helped you cannot drop kick this thing like kinda hitting my knee I don't condone that hard helix issue. Holes and like my actresses. Going to be paying any of my stuff up. It is shall candidate Aaliyah. And I have this one precedent by. And I think Warren wants and she'd she'd like three holes in his own no knowledge on the seamer anything that I could fix rate of maverick mentally I'm an army everywhere else and make them zombie party dress yeah. We'll let. At this. But I do think there's a dog in the world tree that you do think it's not necessarily that you're gonna hop like you're gonna actually own. They just the guys that there's a young gather that you them and they. Don't mine like my friend when Hitler gambit. Again an event. I'm from god yeah on the podcasts like when he was a puppy cute babies like to it because they are on for two weeks I've watched him again also in my hand that was okay. It got bigger and can't they can't too much too much. So like him. But he sees me your members from the little sweet loses his mind when he sees me yeah I think he's such whining crying like he hardly seen any kind of thing you know my body you com countdown I'm here at school chapel. My best friend and her husband are that two young boys ever again. Twelve week Ku least all the talent and then three year old is he and Jeff. The husband wants a dog Silva and Caitlin has like put her foot down and we are not. Ding Dong until these kids drunk yeah that would schedule again and dogs in around their babies and that's and I hit a little bit different but they had to like come up with a compromise ideas Caitlin is. Not a dog person and Jeff really want a dog. So there during all of that come from a lot of handled it with that. Odeon and entity get a puppy I don't know who has seen gas that's weekly news older younger fresher greens and use the hand. Yeah the children a bald dude Joseph Juba bullies or. We eat a nice green and Adrian years apart that's that's a lot happening you know now against the disease is a busy mama she probably thinks. They're like in three hours it's loosely. I am very much about my stuffed animals and I'm going to be back in myself if I'm wrong in originally Q yeah institute and he's adorable did you know your crazy. You're crazy like character early year whatever with everybody talked you just my friends on FaceBook people with high school. You'll see states thing whether it's attached to whatever people packed me. He's seen as I talk to fight here at home yeah you know I you know I probably like in I follow on to that banner pages and keep area Al likens I'm guessing pops means. And a year and that community and as I get that stuff I get all of our government to end using these Arabs think what what you're up that people attack you if you like furniture that you love it not for contact me think of another hour and time. It contaminating your yeah. Taking an average is like series and I went out. I I got my every need and means. Every base yet I don't really go on their team that's not abandon. The idea how many it's short topic. They they ultimately kill calls the charts like all my gun and I. Look at it like every single thing that has stitched on it for some people got me T shirts and the big freaking the like stitch race culture and where. Too aggressive to. Not only the states are probably not. Toughest which some glasses that little. Lauer on Aurora all have a very subtle Lyndon OK maybe getting to apparently. I'm new new boy Danny got the soldier that I eat I don't need a picture of meeting's theme that was him you never. I don't know I was if you look at Disney young so we have our new guy he's the total to be free you should ask about his pin collection he is like Alan tonight and it in on demand chain anything. That sort of thing. Yes. I have dipping to talk about the one thing we talked about on Aaron it on the tapping this week we'll do it. On there I'm stuff. He got some we kind of know the story going on but I was cutting out the student he's candid people known in this town little Potomac facing me thing. But we're only took on a couple of I thought Dietz. Clinton and you and in you know we went for coffee and walk around like I finally got the guts to ask Malick. We should have done kindness. As very sly about it in Cambridge even read I just. I want to say hi Elena Beecher was using a network them how he'd. Kind of army veteran anti for sometime like back and we started him. And so we had a great conversation in the ointment the movie actually got nervous the first inning that was fine in the second and we hung out to witness on the nervous. Just my feeling. Like Beckham and I don't think that apparently I'm. More and I. I'm pretty upfront I'm pretty high I know at wine yeah I'll go get me. That somebody made me nervous. But without scandals. At a lot of freedom and use him in for him Preston exceed that was difficult. But in my head if you want to. Make the efforts going on I kept hearing does it mean to the united as a friend thing or is he just playing chicken with me he doesn't know why I like them either. Now. So I want semen person and I haven't seen incidents in the impact on the show. He didn't show recently. You know they. We and she and I crevices of the story does not end well. I don't think you can. From this. All get it up a donkey on the Internet not. I think I am sorry every analyst mean it doesn't need him yet he could happen. He'll turn it down yet. I'm not yet Johnson now we don't know but I I nickname fair and Johns now because he clearly knows nothing. You know in time you don't know among John John. Affleck and Josh Powell is and we saw the movie but I got nervous wreck because normally and partly it was currently your hands are touching you were touching hands yeah. Any thing in the one when he goes is practically in his hand right back some. Any group of checking in with ethnic diversity of an ornament diversity of an infant found at one of his productions and we're talking funny and making way to talk to me specifically most the time ya know like when he was on breaks. And and we're supposed to hang out by later that week and talk about things and I and my either a top adamant let me down easy. To try and I mean I mean is going to have a phone owners text. Or he's atop I think McCain excellent YouTube and Andy's look at. The it's we rescheduled in recently rescheduled and so went on. Fourth of July he's like any chance we hang out today I acting optic no million plans aren't you with my family. Where the July Shia thinks until the last minute and copy right now the two hours before it to go get my hair make up done. He's about liking XT Wednesday. And then to murals around and it's at in a relationship with somebody else. Is. Finished where that is. All. I gotta I'm not even cool. Say he's John Snow because he knows nothing. Either he knew China confused me just didn't learn just ignore that fact normally wouldn't be the wolf the bottom line is he wasn't really forthcoming later yeah what is life is Leo what he was going there and not only to break are you trying to network with me very legitimately trying to be my friend I don't know what it. Gay was a very honest or open the key and just to the point here it is ultimately you can call me a text if you had a feeling that I currently do which was I was gonna tell him when he had his production thing. I was gonna sculpture up like at the pep talk can I talk to my buddies at the shell okay. Hey at a press and you know it's a lot on somebody about it I don't have to go anywhere feel like me that way. And I can in the but couldn't get that okay nothing's gonna work on. Well I mean you know I feel he's yeah well yeah exactly and I can get over and I'll be over. The couple and yet you know I don't want to be kept hanging gap we don't we can't get together and talk about it. So yeah that happened counties and then when it comes your own response in it yet in Texas or anything like that. So this is going to be your second movie date yes there one overall thorough and I heard it over. It's I didn't think anything and I get a text yesterday. Around that almost a week later Eden from. The dumpster on these jobs and now a week almost a week. Maybe we tomorrow he has a girlfriend. Hurry ethnic group today down. They had it in numbers saying yes. Message Texan by making he's got to see the movie thing. This week after the show would be Brad says in another production coming up. I'm thinks of the ball in the next week. We should hang out and leaving power eagle you should be like you bring her girlfriend yeah I have ambassadors and they should should bring a date Q is that the double double they have. How cool it is and only agree to check. There are no way that. I know I'm not gonna tell patty I'm not gonna sound annoyed and I think really is Johns now because the finesse. And he hits I write to him. Where's it's. That I am doing well look the same freedom my only concern is that. That isn't appropriate for girls hang out with the alone with the taken out I eat nothing bad will happen you know from vendor anyway. Like you know per say just seem odd to me. He's like a good ear and as hanging see necessarily being an issue since we have plans prior. If it's platonic when we're friends and it's no problem right. Are you fishing I do it's like you like embarrassment of writer. On here. Maybe he says that oblivious I think you really astounds me. So I. Europe pack one is not prolong the longer I'm like yeah I just think it's weird is home. I've had many guy friends in the past and once they got girlfriends that because I didn't want people to talk. Or to have you grow when he. Respectful to them like oh yeah brown that I am respectful relationships. I just don't wanna get any grief from. Anyone you know our make things weird for you to you so either way I lost my free movie ticket when my wallet console with my thoughts on the same in my car broke down all of us are. And like a week and a half ago and filled the we're supposed to hang out that day. And mine is I don't think it's working and doing all the work right now and it's like kind of blending in the time it would be able to get coffee with you. And my well my car broke down and my wallet pop stones I can hang out anyways. He's like these times are getting a bad day. Nothing else brow like no. I was kind of annoying and so I was trying to be do you wish that was my gauge room like I lost the free movie ticket when my wallet console and so don't feel like you have to go. And he's excited and up NC in the past I wouldn't worry about that in the scenario. Your columns base. I'm getting out with you only now you seriously oblivious. I honestly don't usable. I had I don't nine is stupid and he's playing Steven but I want to know why he's playing stupid this is me over thing because you and man he's a man with a disciplined in everything. And I found that. And that's a steamy one at the top of a apparently. And why would you do it. Here's the thing if you played on the pretend it never happened and because it's a situation. Think first is from a part of the country has no problem being straightforward and the pack your shopping trip for me or your playing the game is very faster guys for East Coast yes he just don't attack is I'm silly. If I'm not into it commonly straight audience. Yeah well. Also like I mean I. I am I don't think I've ever lie got Ed I have a boyfriend also a lot of conference he. I don't hang out one on one with my guy friends very often adding some of them like yes. But you know I've been in my relationship for a long time and I like we have an understanding about if you're a new relationship I don't think you'd go out making out a single engine eggs on the time noted in I then EO Brad knows my friends. They know him like we're all friends. And if I was gonna hang out with somebody went off without it would be fine but it's also like established over time you know when you're in a hurry and your relationship I would be like. He it's so great to be dating you for like the last three days I'm also gonna go and have a movie you know one on one with this guy I. I wouldn't do that does seem appropriate I immediately and you know homes so we kind of work search you know due step in the same circles. It's like I'm sure things have gone out about me in the past with like other boyfriends and stuff and I don't want to see. Labeled as that person you turning on you while yeah Jessica tuchman Aaron I'm sure somebody is speaking out who dispersants. There just like and I having in his name I don't give it a try to get any clues on the person is it. I might have include some people in with a back when he says that day. After fourth lines at. The moment because she posts on her agent shared on his page but it's fun. They but he doesn't happen east is single and now attempting anything. So he's not being forthcoming and I think he's in a relationship obviously like it was tied in is there content except if you get that you make in a relationship thing with them yes you have to accept but then you can also. Choose whether or not your relationship yeah if I don't so again either you can have not show any of that information at all but it was shown on hers because he had to hit and and every one is that I liked it. To show signs like OK I know what's going on in the hope this careless with the broadcast. Telling her to run as pump the brakes Carol I'm wondering if that's unfair but I'd probably right back in the basement and I she lovely gal she's actually got here and by. And that place was somebody that I know and not get into too many details on who that person is what are very similar thing. With each had their relationship with a guy for a bit about pretty long time. In the Canon decided like you know appeasement as patty Leone to put a bunch of stuff up there like so it is hat is that accounts never polite in a relationship for anything never really oppose any pictures. She posted a picture of her like sitting on his lap as the boyfriend for like yours posted a picture on based out of of her sitting on his lap and I taint him and then he like on and hanged himself. And she was like well that seems really strange and if you iconic Aston about it any thing bad thing I try to play it off like you know. What ever like it was no big deal but it really to me turned out that like he wants to appear single face. And this is a man in his forty's. I get dressed up. They can be gigs at any oh yeah I am being drafted in the same absolutely. And I was definitely get pushed kind of like. In the end up breaking up like shortly afterwards because he was like yeah I kind of don't wanna be her relationship under the thing and it was just like wow that's. That's I'm relieved DD yeah wave going to pound fish just. Well yeah some chest talk about it and don't be. Don't feel. A plea at his and gaps northwest have decade. The stereotype that you know you can't see things to him because we're so. You know where there's a freeze and you know we were not straightforward people can't be blinds like work can be blunt were very passive aggressive. On your door to somebody get their feelings hurt and they're just not used to people being blunt. This note quite work when The Who men I work like I've been here for seven years and I know how to take something race. And that times. I'll I'll take it. From. I added you don't much. Like you can. I know. I am also a skilled at taking. Up I can. Get there anything that way wouldn't catch. Whitman he yeah. Yeah. It's. The alien given mainly not a Mexican. You know. Oh my god we additional. I mean this podcast the choppy choppy yeah. Well iTunes. Nine with. What little Wolverine. Am I Beijing empire in Louisiana. And not going to be that they have hired on. Like with those carry horror porn now it's like to. Jim guy and it's it's it's gonna be awesome in sexy hot and then Behar via obliterated. Yeah. And that's what I came off the tracks yeah. Yeah I. One girl not to Chicago code I hurt my get a feel sure I get a break and gone over everything ultimately like Irish person I got this anybody else and a a year feels much better if somebody just straight up tells you ask and you don't have to sit there and play games and sticky gas everything one there week. Excellent and going back and forth of these Texan stuff like. Okay here's the deal brown had a crash honey this makes me feel by. And patented and will. Not I think that's not actually I was I was about the crush on you and you know now with their current. The situation you have asked if we don't get together one on one. Yeah I was getting out groups adding I'll be fine I'm not. I know one thing he means is that than people look at me like that's partly kid he's going to be like being near hurry can flamenco for a and together it's like. It's via an expert he's the floor on his. Wealth in the ex wife I hear me over the grapevine launcher adamant in all the stuff and pictures and all that stuff. Around them pay its opt in her I got over an organist here but also like with the stare at one point like in love with you by any media this is like I was had a crush on you and I just feel it was a small spark at home disappointed. Disappointed in the way it turned out violently panel. And the way it turned. I just think. I'm one of those people but like communication issues are the issue are like the root of so many relationship issues with. Family and and loved ones and lovers or whatever in. If communique any. In an honest and open Wayne then you're doing yourself and not person to service and I don't have perfect communication you know relationships and everybody in my life but it's something that we can call continue to work yeah it hurt. And out we buckled up as it is beating me eggs are going to be going to review convention leukemia. So I mean to deal or had a time and I'm going on channel re. Going to story. All the story my only thing at once apple look and yeah. Alpha house is very. Hey any room. I made room. He went out there it was a story that's the story analysts say and and street people block in the sports without. Omaha permissions I walked around naked and done that trouble. I. Act. I would have taken out that I'm sure there's a naked picture somewhere out there and let's be honest funny. There all the Nicklaus and leaked that X now and I mean economic meaning you think. If you believe that these but is now now. Partners and I. Am. Me. Some VP is different that are not we not gotten in on TV even TV is now smiling. Isn't easy the cup of doing the pictures them round gonna. And and his trip to I think there's like I can explain it but it's basically. Kneeling on the chair. OK so even if it's like you need divisional we have always done and we'll discuss this. You pop your. And it's in tobacco. The metric you can crash and I hate her back. Share. It. Unravels you kind squat kinda like it's almost like you're Eaton. And then take the sale from down here. And his examples isn't it before. It's tough. Yeah but Campbell who knows that you but it is. Legally she. Winners. He got you know things that for expand on sending nude is that it's so identifiable. As mean yeah. Yeah. Yeah I think that the pre and I sit off it makes your waist a tiny. Makes do you make your ways a tightening your and that I mean both of those things and especially after this we can have complete over indulge me here. Let me just admire so many Beers is Egan as kind of stupid let me just their eyes that the mute all. Corners and you my face and that's at the life and figure it people pass pictures that we need to. And sent anybody picture that they can if you're at the picture of The Who it could be anybody's. Mean. I don't have a tax if you the mountain or entity it tattooed hand or whatever that might be in the picture and you play. Anything else that is my but is it your bottom yeah minister comic. It's ha what are the app on my god all I got in trouble for being at a party in high school because someone turned in a picture and it was of my back but my shirt was up and you could see my tattoo you into that southern knew it was me or our team element as a service. In high school yeah. Get the same girls were still prank calling me after high school were the ones that term picture and Napster has yeah office stationery it should turn. Maturity people K and now that's enabling dozens of kind of you can take good. But sell these aren't trying to. My favorite is when we talk on aaron's Steve's like he girls Louise poses wait cannery in the magic. Own internal Leon is always girls like pulling their reads Catholics eat it's fill their boobs look better know either pushing their boobs and trying to did you make that on mystery agent my boobs comic. Grab your kids. And then push up your boobs are gonna look much bigger Catholic girls did pictures likely to girls always kind of coming in you never got our time of likewise they always touching their hair their face that again they're pushing their boob up with their arm appeared in their hands happened to be in their face of the way. What my hand in what we do you DNA intentionally it would not oppose any sort of the salvia or anything like that post like no like zero like Littleton Oakley is he is on the cream brazile and you know on some yeah. It's her. Oh. What was posted it was like seed patty fearsome thing. You posted to pick of the year to the misuse. I'm sure an improvement that old she dislikes to show offered. I'm like are they are pretty hot about her leg but was hit it yesterday sure doesn't some of them the other day and they were like yeah bulletin on underneath it and unlike. Brown in what would leave your own. I'm price there a couple layers of ski and the adults experiment. Texas skeleton of little cracks me up like it when people do that kind of stuff on the Internet I laughed because I think what would you expect that I was gonna personally NASA Jeff Gordon thanks for the compliment well it's account and like what do you think yeah yeah how he knew women and I feel. My favorite in this social experiment because we were talking about air about the whole thing with this guy. And Steve and you and I need to have an idea of the panic Chinese heaping need to find somebody who's. I'm pretty chill and kooky crazy but I am from a appropriately I mean he's keeping you need to really pissed me off this if you. Guys Hubert out there and high energy that's going to kind of match. The deal is in these kinds of its knowledge the guy seagate and at least they're at dirt bag looking ones are not their bags all of them. But they have that book he's trying to conjure Blake writing and yeah. Oh no country boys some got a guy who has no military way. Oh for crying out loud you really hard and I can't do it for Matt respect and you can no kidding. And others back that. I posted them I think Danny was on the beating makes page on base that thank you. What kind of icky guy Vicki gate and I shared Richard and I campaigns on the beekeepers campaign on my gosh having. Now almost 200 I think we did win and it was Eric what do diver winning Indy and he now. Wendy was there with his speech I could care what I do you. He he's like just do your thing has that element involved here it doesn't fear in your time Medicare's. Meant that I'm going to be that person you meet a nice way of pain in the grass isn't he a lot of it is there. And go about meeting views and girlfriend she entering the bar. Of those aged and I love. And another Lebanese woman asked for content for us I thought so it's real. And I and Clinton in the antenna over it. And it kind of went as high school. I know you like I know you don't his leg on material like you're that guy graduated west. I can work on to say their body. In the night at a little snap by yeah I'm not real. I want the. I would like to pick like an evangelical. And staying in Mike's sponsor you so accountable and meet men or something better. Some sort of like you're gonna get the insisting ones out of the woodwork like people that are old enough to mine down Malia and so like us and important. And I'm looking milk and the from people all my previous messages I've received and I had some pretty filthy ones like a man who is. Older than my daddy's lighting on via ferry have a threesome my laughter. Only we can only come McCain thinks so. One guy. He was as a meal on base but the comfort messages mean I don't reply because it looked at FaceBook page is flirting with me. Asking me how I go to FaceBook page has a girlfriend or wife or something. And certainly post that he writes that girl like a holes that's our girl got a treat them aren't able to them or something like that. And I don't reply to your advances when you have a girl there's a woman in their lives via US children and that's gonna bring it in a bribery yet I. I'm not into the Chilean thing that would be a while behind two children so he's. I now a lot of emails that mama what is what is the like biggest age difference that you covered it and. Felix seminary years and then almost ten years I think it when I was younger I couldn't do more than five years the last 21 now I can I think eleven years and you are you joining. And seventh. I say turning 48 he I'm turning twenty cent turning trying to annex month. Yes I'm years which is the kind of weird to me that's basically. It's strange there's they're sometimes like I don't really notice the age difference between Brad and I'm very often but it. His friend from high school and their friends on FaceBook and Brad does not have a FaceBook. Ximian has engines like. Are you one of the thirty year reunion and I was like. There area that might ten years and years on the light on the there's just occasionally responding. Well it comes on the ninth I am ideas sold. So I don't ever notice the age difference talent and telling older man you know well there OK so Josh is ten years older than me we went to its founders game with the managers co workers last week. In one of his coworkers like it comes up and its UE one of these. Owners' kids and I was just like. No and hush dude she's I mean. How are you. Women. And children in the family. I am on and want to be are you old enough to be drinking that. Texans over the years that's like this man that is and he and mom like Anna Nelson all. My daddy was or infant half. I'm wondering where I am that is an elegantly and maintain icon essar on and that's. What you can capital. And the guys and we met at the Pentagon. I but I. Think older men. I mean I'm a big fan I obviously amending one firm in multiple years now. But I think because they just have a little more like expand yet little bit more experience and remain. If he ended in and speaking at a sadly that they're either asking you know in the audit to veterinarians are and I I. And not outside again. High fives and that. Your little flustered. I think yeah. It's been two weeks well now he's and to your about two years ago me friendly girl with the way too conveniently there because they are eighteen hostels like people travel. Yeah yeah Getty unease in Europe. And they want you don't let them. I don't know help I'd like to teach him for stand. I'm not gonna sit there and educate this gas like now you what movie it was on TV over the weekend it made me like laugh about being high schooler and are being young and not having any idea what the hell you're doing American pie. And they had that then huddled behind book with well I'm not an added that contour in and out yeah. And as they never got another and then. The Padres I'm out there I think Albert case and lower case I think that out. Name something appeal when he India key appeal. The and that the skit where they're at least use content indeed they are different university class. And doing it and they're taught how to. Go down basically do. Did it do to satisfy an eighty's and it got me in seek it. Out and this. Normally can times Yankee infield made me laugh really hard and they did the big advocate outcasts. Get one time. Yes he now has recently went like and that we're that Andre 3000 and so. An inner I'm the other night I'm told blanket the nickname outcast I asked what may well when name and they ended up meeting up like in a coffee shop on accident but they like are really together anymore and the different like one on trying to get back together again on it now it any way they ain't that good stuff. I. It'll look I'll want to did you find it. And start. I'll. To an incentive and I'm pretty much the new ghostbusters. Heating up alienated its crappy and generally your graphics card that creep back time and I like all the women are and yeah I'm gonna give it chance. Yes. I the. Maybe you're not spot check and marketable debt that's like that the deal and a vacuum. Listen to the like button on the it's my third and October is on it's no different. Bits out don't have much to golf. What he's OK so excited to combat is like a mountain like I. Hope you. Don't. Think. I. You don't want them once I've been around no little homemade. And Paul and. Oh. You. Yeah. That need to be the that you don't know about me and I stayed out and happy all we can't. I. Just the opposite their and it's humid only play on the end of it don't they like they want out and they're women well. And ask him to win it I don't. On that note that actually just learned. Over the weekend. That's our downstairs has 8000 nerve endings and and that then and a man's penis only has four. So we have twice the nerve endings in our lady than you Panamanians. PP yeah I'm getting paid them forever to get rid. Every accurate little tutorial from here for which by the way an alternate. The title amen if your woman says don't stop it means don't stop. And they do not change Richard it get any changes mean slowdown does mean speed app that means keep gone an app that pays and doing watcher knew I didn't because she's almost there just. Well thought out. And as soon as we live animals are. Let me tell a lot to get back on itself. Personal experience. Did everything just got just getting don't have a lot of very adventure and a lot of disappointing. Sex before you get some good ones. Yeah actually that the treat girls. I I'm grabbing them ended. Some aggregate and I'd make it down about I'd call what my dude and I you know found out about the stuff and and I felt that get action and I. That's politics and in fact helps camp itself and its attitudes I think. I a lot of leaping to do with this all the key appeal things I think the debate with Irene is so much for today's thinking haren angels sent from the heavens and with that I'll see you next time and we're praying for your genitals yet thank you.