Broad-Cast Ep. 47 - No Babies and No Rings

Monday, July 25th

Vicky B and Sage welcome the new intern "Friday" on the show, get to know her, read listener emails, talks about odd ways you didn't know you could get pregnant as well as marriage proposal people wish went differently!


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Did you noticed that I binding dress that looks like every other dress that I down yes he's. I'm listing your fundamental. Challenge. Black dress well I had not thought this lecture us on us this lecture it's like posh spice. In affect as many Iguchi. Well if you can keep we're such girls. And not deployed to. Yeah the. Hey welcome to another edition of chamber yeah. And it could be. There's stage. One. Tens should be here shortly she's in a meeting that we don't away from her for. Though we have a special guests on today. It is a new intern who goes by Friday. On a different radio show have welcome to our broadcast the broadcast happened to me and a he actually lines you know the security called Steve Abbas on air today's most critical thing now on and it dropped. He now would literally at she called them but is often like you know if you put the so tell us a little bit about yourself young related. If you need a minute to think we can get up from number. Yeah it. Yeah okay. So weeding out of an amber Andy get a hold I gals brought us. It's 253271934. Victory. And then you can also sent as an. 999. And then also Twitter and FaceBook. Yes that's now Jack as the no broadcast and then I'm the only one who posts are answered them all to be fair I have like five minster Grammy count on my phone that I am in charge of and it able let me put and another one of the weather would. That's the log in out of one of them log out. Almost any pictures supposedly had sent me pictures and I'll be toast them they say is both is whenever. The I I feel the collapse what nine. Are from me. And we'll take the topic something that. Defeat keydets at that they are my feet that there haven't talked about the epic defeats at. Any use so going back to you Friday. I. Occasionally go to school for now what's going into. Her college. And I'm going to Green River college four and and some. Short certificate that you can answer to the Taylor air boats and sometimes the NA. And against an Internet a couple of dishes have there but it never really on their stuff that night. Mean your mechanic and a host a control freak and Mosley the only one that would talk caller. Are they just had to make like music an event in Oregon and I just sat in action and now you're on the Drudge yet so yeah have. Eight and I was just lucky to have some really did people to be able to recommend me there. Anything that doing right now some XE percent to battery thing and stuff dollar what you dream job. Honestly my dream job I don't know something music something I don't know like I was action issue yeah I actually was a classical music classical music performance major now before I switch to radiate is like I took like one radio classic and needed like a summer class or it would feel like it was easy. And then like rated can excites me. And before that I am. Been trained for like over a decade now classically for singing up for a flute for the sooners played Carnegie Hall. James talent and so musically challenged after they can seeing camp plane instrument I've tried multiple. Knowing your history hates me as an strings even like just a normal acoustic guitar. Ages they'd they conspired against me and it's it's. Yeah it's like I'm so bad Adams agreed an everything out from. You mean on aid for its. Early on here on aid. Yeah people didn't know it was a year and you idiotic is duke and a youth nuns and they estimate that. Weird Al. And that in which is because you write her the the screening in people. And it is coming actually think tomorrow or sometime this week. He's any performing adequately doing coming at the woodland park there which chemicals on the broadcast. And he can. He's pretty awesome he does he's the heat surpasses anything does not to manner female he has done to us. From both your piece. Make sense. We would have him on the broadcast from the broadcast in a heartbeat no no question that either of them actually. But I give us a few of the things three things about yourself like that you know about what you Laker your personality just three random things and pressure widget favorites movie. At right now is Charlie winter soldier I like when it went on demand and literally esprit gone and watched at least fifty times. Not even joking and I haven't seen so Gloria because my work schedule an internship you know it's definitely yeah went against his own. They alliger soldiers just excellent character in the play. And shaft and went for LA we're gonna love capt America civil war than. It's. Yeah now because Chris Evans and especially an analyst at a think it was the last avengers movie he. He still hot the keep in rips apart along with his bare legged arms. It's. Not for me like oh god girl or watch these movies just for the IQB they do it gratuitously. And this is in the trailer so when I'm not spoiling anything there's one where. He grabbed the helicopter and he's trying to keep it from going off and it's basically Italy look at me full acts shot there is one where he might even lose his arm. And that you know like her partner who. An action plan I. Girls can be Kenneth gimme tees sometimes and I am OK with as I am something like Ohio is a delight in not only is lake. The that is themselves plate you get answers for the people like girls and people like guys like at 2 eastern demand service that it you know hide it doesn't do anything like like at school. And it's a favorite band grain. Got a base. And and and it and it. Like now it's. Yeah Arabia is my band. Actually the pants I'm wearing right now I'd definitely it's. Paid like to have a lot of memorabilia is and how did you get that they hit their actual yeah that they Warners. And maxed out rip shredded or is it like it when somebody like it like you know crying you west makes a clothing line and luckily mine is there actual pan and isn't a user honest to god has claws howdy how did you get those. His newlywed wife Julia and himself. They'll put up that parents are percent on an app that daily use and I was like that's cool. My and I don't go for like memorabilia that. It's sits there like to be able you know. That you sat yeah. Yes again because Andy is like apart from the fact that he's just admire him as a singer green in the band. Loved to death. I style inspiration to paint. What happens this amateur app called deep pops that's right DE POP and just like them on to secondhand stuff like. I've gotten bombing boots off there that retails like those they reach them like 1605. Degree day and for 600. As well well I know that it's like this just like retailing stuck in second hand in its ups those those those cheap in comparison industry has ended its. And it's like bill that just depreciated value on the retail market likes 600 or something like if those actions I'm I'm gonna pretend you've stolen from. Our that actually kind of funny yeah and his wife and your Nina weather yeah I ache and you only keys flee the for the bid like eye candy of the ban exactly like. And he's like six to agree that skinny guy blue eyes and stops and our honor. And watch everyone go in scream like you know. They're. And while there these girls in the audience. I'm going through rounds nominee this week but I'm glad the sixteen year old. Yes she's kind of like my adopted me like I'm anti Vicki had to she comes to mean sometimes I just come to me all the time by. So economy for advice and stuff like that issue excited to see brought you are just department of mice and men girl I told her I told her mama and my. If pastor mom like would she do you think she'd want to go to the show could wind to take usually show and she's like honey Rob Zombie what were her lullabies and use a baby like yeah. So my text image and admiral on his recent. I. And she's the chill is kid Evers either permanently to imagine a thermos daughter she just silly to hunt exited tilted and if we're excited till I kinda. Like Buick like hammer a six year old I'm afraid of everything off all are there sixty year old Indiana I ask for tickets so thank you get tickets. Yes it's neat guy. Okay fair enough with the that we can we can write together I'm very excited on the golf ball out and hoping that I get to its brand new. Brand new that when they're playing that's pretty hard Saturday. And a. Lou I remembered yeah in a while ago. Trendy that tickets and the and trying to get tickets or nose giving local am station as we have a combatants in a Huff and and I'm just really about getting attached. I I know somebody needed it yeah. All month we will we feature will figured out for. It is but so we hope that she will be in a new addition you will join us for on the broadcast from time to time off well. And get them practice and here. But they did wanna go back so Melissa has like as a member of the pica hasn't been on a minute because we usually record on Mondays and she's at work being an adult. And I'm like I'm not true. Your lunch breaks that technically so we are looking at the messages we Ellen about. Almost a month ago from Kathy in our favorite German and this actually goes back to the conversation we had about roommates and all that stuff. He says means in Memphis ties. An eighty's. Cast. Is not a German accent through and it got to say I get a fed if that influx of podcast again sorry that plagued this is a month ago and we haven't podcast at two weeks of cyber around the busy eighties and you guys are talking about the talk with truck due to his jealousy so and Sarah was talking about how he is all adults and everything she's during hurricane out. She's in other girlfriend he's like oh. Friend Ewing announced. For wanted to female friends and shut up into continent of your businesses with Ferris and we're not boyfriend girlfriend. Sarah is definitely right and he needs to call me down I called down and discuss his feelings and as far as telling a significant other to stop pain out of friends. Yet the freedom to express your needs but they have the freedom to leave all the same as they are not happy being controlled my personal opinion on jealousy is that that it's pointless. If a person is going to cheat then they'll cheat and there's nothing you can do about it and if anything you're more likely to drive in towards someone else by being so restrictive. Did you think is true it's like if you're. Not communicating. Your being kind of abuse should people are gonna wanna be with you in there and on views of earth. Says an as far as her horrible roommates ahead of her roommate in college that when he moved in took the communal closet and filled with Hollis crap and trash. He also never clean anything in front dirty dishes to the kitchen so we would have to read his room for dishes. Then throughout the year we kept having mice problem and we can figure out mentally moved out there was some mice nest in the closet re dumb polish craft. I'm at a German. That is there. In that horrible than you think you've ever had a horrible roommate yet. Nothing like that I had a nice circus in my closet. Digit. Know us as witnesses and another it just the fact that area was. A complete mess Fiat and thinking of the ratatouille and be as the united yeah well there at the nicer of yeah and a core line I never saw that dollar onions. And corps are not alive I think that the pieces I'm the only thing it's really it's. After day after is Aaron and it's kind of almost like and was is that the wranglers and bring him. Jen and logging on Jane now is the one with Johnny Depp and in that lingo out frank O yeah out where it's just. It's. It's animated movie but her certificate yeah yes that's an audience is going for pain it's. But I did find them laying oppose this like we are private FaceBook page that we communicate all the broadcast members UC. News. As kind of NightCall try to get in the group only now. Like this isn't isn't what like a fun girl group page where you can post your. Annoying posts all the time garments. Probably land only a few. But those of this cooler than it was really funny. And it's that right now I I feel for when it's getting married at his wedding season everyone's having babies are getting pregnant. It's all you see on base but it Ali see everywhere US some better probably MI and maybe a little bit but I really just kind of annoyed with then. So reading this. Kinda meaning if a letter to sixteen surprising ways you didn't know you can get pregnant and that no. I'm not trying to get pregnant anytime soon age Helton and now. Yeah Friday and I'm 191919. And they are not look at why is every of your money one people dining card me out just like I don't drink so it's not really a problem so but you know I'm with my friends this. At the bar. Sit there as a way a governance of our sit down and only a question Meehan on disorders and and on got to write down your so where young lady and a bad influence. Game dammit. I move the page I don't know numbered at. He and Annie Mae's and make you feel better. If it was really. Yeah I can you're due any editing from now on the screw you and I'm a cup of disarming you're gonna do the editing. You haven't been on how I can handle around Valeri. It is but I have no intention of getting pregnant anytime soon on purpose or on accident. Where ever you want that has ever. Never never never so there are some things sit completely to get the facts so I got this from buzz fees as Mary Jane thinking it was a clinical professor professor of lobster tricks and basically got to college she knows this crap she's over Yale. Yeah so take notes. And I have to find a way to eloquently say this not deplete myself. First what you didn't probably thought I can do this and I don't have to worry about getting pregnant because you can't get pregnant there. That. You. Can pray differently. And yeah you just stop talking things you've got hot it is going to be one giant believe. I mean I think patent last. Kansas pretty vivid. But basically that's what it's saying it's like you can get pregnant and we need do. Back stellar as the tape rear window. In another term that these are in the morning show rear window when. Inning go you know through the rear windows sometimes it just doesn't it doesn't end up. And just makes you pregnant doesn't just end up there it could end up in the place where it make a baby. So they're very close territories basically what it's saying. It is kind. You know where I'm I'm a veteran like as just. Number two opening a condom with your teeth. And I recently saw the men do as one of my buddies at Heatley did dynamic carries serious the lights. Saying yeah I can do it lightning input played my eighteen near the content I just did on the rap from my Gabby now and sometimes you're doing hastily you can't do that all the time right there. And welfare. Though he's gone beer or you're an actual and I was a relationship right now. On birth control so. It does say slowdown in the heat of the moment rushing news UT ticket being the being open is unknown he can accidentally punctured the condom without realizing. And singles with scissors. The flu. Yeah it doesn't really well. Appropriation yeah. It's a bag got better and he'd. OK this eyeballs I'm hard on his elementary I love it and many. So you're kind of doing the deed without actually doing the deed but you're wearing your closed right and so that actions stop they take see your face what are huh. Dry something. But that so I. Bomb but in granted so rarely if they could still lead the pregnancy because guess what your clothes are not made a blend. Stuffed in the leak through your clothing and get to any sick basically those who appease them capitals went from eight those things. Didn't. I don't view it as a scary and this is scary. You can get. Pregnant when you're already pregnant. Mine lose so it's a strange and very uncommon phenomenon called. Super fit that he shin which according to the doctor and says we already pregnant. Sometimes you can continue to ovulate and a second fertilized eight implants and aligning and will resulting in second pregnancy. And a sock. And that is he would have to have like. You've got the lever like a few months later he countered labor. Or would you go through. Are what they tried in New Zealand in just try to like he section at any I had no idea I feel like that they your baby you would like accidentally like squished a little baby somehow has like it was twins like other similar size so they would basically just like bump against generally you get them they cool 'cause you have. Identical twins share what one aide one hack. But when it's fraternal it's two eggs that were fertilized the F time so I'm wondering if I might be a but if it's like a month due to yeah it's going to be huge difference I mean that the only a couple days or couple weeks. And maybe it's authentic identity I'm not a doctor if I would be created glamour. Not doctors. The secret growing up or how old is your elders are how much older older sister -- only two months after all he sets saddling now help now. Chairman and medical phenomenon. Another one is do not use oil based lives with condoms. Yeah dinner and thickness silicon based flu can also wrote silicon based toys that don't do it yes yes at planet a never keep your silicon. Silicon based toys next other silicon based. Nature all of your silicon based my eyes are in their own little rapper or pager ever. In this little suspect. Make it fancy actually have what I am November 1 and I don't know why just got to the phase and I Washington that is what I use ten separate stuff. But he. Here's the thing with like stuff like petroleum jelly or even baby oil which I had it. When un brokered previous Podcastalley years ago when we but he he DC they remain at a podcast called intern radio. We did the condom challenge for we took like hand sanitizing identically baby on her. Whatever we have a regular emotionally blue of a condom. And we had a rabbit. Until one of them popped. But I had that the when I was in college I was at human sexuality class and then I was a volunteer and she put the lady that demonstrated by pulling up economy gaming baby oil. So it rub this in just keep running it all around the condominium pop like Matt. So. I am sorry there are so many different types of lube out there and Ayers only you get special thanks I click a Safeway yeah. Why would you use anything now because you're lazy cheat do not be lazy and cheap people apparently during. Yep says that according to the doctor says these type saloon ten degrade latex increase microscopic holes in the condoms increasing your chances of getting knocked up. This and also scares me fooling around a tub without even having sex. Yeah yeah you can't get pregnant in the pool about the I'm thinking if it's not too hot so. I don't isn't everybody all eyes now I can't get in the and fair enough for me to act signed into it. It's rare rare is to force my banks who is now kind of like an investment anyway but like he really likes paso we just like squished into a tiny lake. Night the necklace separate bathtubs there's like one of those about tubs and buyers allies like stuff it down and then Meehan I told the he's like six when it. And applying them without the boots and a group maker and a giant yeah I would edit them like and act I've ten without them and somewhere between 54 and a half and. It's still follow the main equipment. The basically you know. With being in the pool but that's a float around and can end up in there it is not super likely but it's not impossible. Sweeney. Even if you take the pill regularly can still become pregnant. I just think. It's not a percent. Ever so deal at a 100%. Of CNN ace. Ervin that in school. I gave it to you know. So I and I and I and I am like are you having sex now lets them. Know that we're not let them I was gonna at about your boyfriend. But I know for a fact he's been very lucky man his age. You hit that left a number eight another difficult one to say but basically if you. I think you're going only have a good time. Chinese its from metaphor. You don't you don't wash your hands before you go our before you go do anything you should wash your chance of turning out over. Someplace you know in your general area heard general and then go to her general area we wash up before and he. Had done. That. One mean my nobody ever upstart. Go to my hands before I live guys do that I acquired if we're if we're doing stuff and he has. Told outlaw yeah tandem right did got a public and yeah it's like you can't go wash go wash up brow 'cause I take I I'm not American to alright now as. My insurance in Philly like. He. I'm glad like I think I'm gonna leave that in there because people can't see what you dean yeah. And disgusting. You just gotta wash up before you we continue this or if you're wearing condiments like OK either. Clean up berg dues on things that don't want anything kind of flown around. Not leading space at the tip of the condom economy has that steep little classical art ever present why. It and it's so it doesn't own the former aides. Eightieth but it also says there's room at the front and it does because there's not room music and at that liquid goes can make it. Liquid. And I can get extra push yet tend to having sex of a man who has had a vasectomy and out of the percent. Down and sometimes they don't take effect immediately. So it's said that most and it would take effect immediately. Place. Couple months Munich Elian a sort of says yeah announce a couple months afterwards is TV's still in a clear area go to file Latino analysis. On it is possible for different areas to grow back the other Q. Eleven it is possible to get pregnant even after you've had YouTube site. Again. Having sex when at that time of the month you can still get pregnant up to refer it's because. To keep and I really believe that you can't I don't know on high school waited. Like that went into the human sexuality course at like. Seeming can live into an a vagina for up to set of five to seven days so heads up that a medical and a lot of faith however. If you take the morning after pill is not a percent effective but it is on her left pretty expensive. Out that I would ask you a prescription or yeah. I think he's the Benihana residential good advice if you are a student or somebody doesn't make a lot of money. He goes to your local Planned Parenthood and they see how much money you make like the Pentagon as to make a month or whatever. You can get effort to kind of price of belfry in Sutton has. Using old condoms especially those who have been exposed to hot or cold temperatures. If you do and you do not deserve to produce or just have sex you should just be like now honey you don't have to have sex with people. It is by yourself and and since married and you know. Yeah. But yes too hot too hot or too cold it's going to compromise the condom don't putting your wallet either I think the idea that I'm just sitting here early guy friends are you. All out it's all like wrinkled and there's the ring in their wallet Heather wringing your wallet that may not be a good thing brown they're better like a silver dollar coin in the magic trick polish I'm here. I'd love to see that display K and then push. Higher. If I only on the amazing. Tracking your fertility. Is another one. So fertility awareness like I had a friend. Who did this for many years she can use any kind of birth control she was married. She just issued track everything between her temperature every morning when she is ovulating everything like that Washington apartment now she eventually did but. Many years went by before she actually got pregnant. But it's a good idea I understand your body know approximately when you're gonna ovulate but it doesn't guarantees that can keep you for conceived from conceiving but it doesn't hurt to know. I think that's just human to work with her or hate. Sixteen having sex life when your breast feeding he's announcing time. That would be funny yeah flake. I was people think oh I'm breastfeeding than that can help me from getting pregnant on my aunt got pregnant two months after she had my cousins. Knowing about it though Landon you. But there isn't it's there's families that have babies born ten months apart from each other enough blows my mind my cousins aren't even twelve month apart from each other. So you can fill you pregnant even my. Even if you haven't started you know your regular cycles again you saw and apartment so I think has the story a little while ago I was looking for stuff for news and it is like this lady that had. Three sets of twins in place excellence. We had she locked worried are you saying. It's too many yeah and it's like an entire family areas there in the eyes of soccer team a little hooker he. I. Quit your parents at nine kids are look look at just the twin overnight and it would notes as any other kids dished do you remember she did not and the end partly images of focus on the fact that he had. Three fifths of its which isn't. Evidence that the pain volatile. And link it wouldn't it and comfortable. Way. Some trouble are dying and a good thing I think about the article in. Including Kansas City and glad explain. They. They call Holland says she did at the lesions says they call me double trouble and every down I get pregnant it's double trouble. Belongings and people you know Lara holds news. Guess. She's twenty. She's to let. OK I didn't say that then he should couch twenty has given birth to reset the fraternal twins in just over two years all without return for her fertility drugs. And she sees as caring for young children is hard work that she loves being a mom and calls it an honor. Because your Childs. You're you're doing it you know bad you older than me that you that think I'm safe and I don't even like. I feel blessed because some women I've met in my life and Kenny and had kids like that what you not a blessing. In. I mean her even. It's our am getting really expect that they're. If they relative. Call call my. I. And a slew let's shift some gears actually we are talking about babies. And all the fun stuff comes at you. But again. Put it off at that pregnancy season Diebler bus and other babies or their. You know bust up Burgundy desk and everyone things he pregnant right now but things beginning gauge right now tale. Erin from high school everyone's either getting married again. Close friend just got engaged last week. And I found another one at. This is what he police seeker people who keep people leave now I became a stroke a little bit I think a let me restart take him. This is what people secretly about their proposals. In one man is sick and then I proposed to the wrong girl. All that's all well like I wonder like is it weird than my first Vallone read that was. Who did you think was. A push you bring a match play. You kind of playbook what date for the economic way pat pat pat I got it bag you added. As does somebody recently in the said that comical how is you know how to unit you know knowing she was the one year life and proposing on that while. After a year of dating she told me she want me to propose and may be proposed until new ring she wanted to and I proposed door and we got married and she told me exactly as you on the wedding. And I'm like Psycho. Can trophy all in purse. Hug him like a freaking locked cage that you'll never see again. My eye on that English should be on his terms. Yeah I want it to be like not necessarily complete surprise but I don't wanna have to typical. I think you'll like LA gay the other component to be one like talk about in the sense of hey look we would like to get married at some point gap that's and because like that terrifies me and panic I had ex boyfriend who we talk about Elena get very Monday and he wanted to get married real soon. And oddly enough he got engaged for months after we broke up so. It's working out for a zealots get divorced that doesn't make me sound better and down. One thing I hate right now is that I can't make it joke I can't say anything because I am a single friends anything I say gonna come off bitterly. Relationship I was worried but I you be saying on your bitter because you're not going through it again that there's no winning. As I mean we always look bitter we always look like bitches I just about it and crazy. I just want to be like an annoying little. Huard and Justin Alina I'm not really madam I am not happy I'm just I am. Anyways. Blood ran over though some friends over there are right it is AKA candidate. Thank you we love you because you're better. My thing and we've pattern rocker amber would matter on the podcast before she had the stats and really London it was hard in it's a bitter over it. And because you bidder for heart breaker her whenever neckties and now she's traveled the world Jesus often human beings out. Who's built the right now I'm better because that that's what I am bitter about I had a trial with her. That I didn't get a speech or reason why he wanted to marry me just a simple question and didn't get on one knee telling meet him. A crappy proposals just like. Heartfelt. They just feel like Patricia Kelly do this for tax purposes or something let's just get married. Now Barbara. I teach writing and BC for elaborate but it does have to be heart felt like bank yeah you just play some sweet words at least get them in the. Yes I'm in lake with my ex if I was gonna imagine like just knowing him you know like the way he would do it it heat he traded romantic sappy thing because that's likely I'll like and just playing. And they take it to Darren and I eat flour is let's get dressed and actually giving him players have a weird thing that then yeah it would be like does it is at this proposal itself but I was imagining and UN based on his personality just be sitting on the couch. Is like Haley Sheehan an. Would you be OK with matters as we imagine he would be. That's I would imagine because flaky. And he's also preach easier than to consult so you know it's like a romantic gestures that than the actual proposal itself just like super cat usually be just like. Michigan is they dislike you and me to my casually looking at me like. And repression. Ask me. What eighteen how she got here proposal that you thought Jose's Anglo would terribly quick and again you want him to get away but when you have imagined it will geez what have you thought of I am. Honestly if something price fits. And that the thing that I would love. Is to have like something planned after it like a party of some sort with friends and family. Because I've had a couple of friends that have had that. And A it just kind of like make the day away more special because and you get to kind of share with all of these other people. On the day and time them I don't know romantic sweet. My idea and my friend almost that this that we need you have hearing gave him break is this freaking parties by the way that go along with getting married because you have. You're. Engagement party bridle bridle shower and your bachelorette party which. I've found that my friends listening I have to I have to rant about that in effect a bachelorette party and that I have coming up. But I apparently did it but it just does just so much to do but actor Daniel frenzied few is that I think that gave friend in mean girls. Oh yeah. Oh ice do you post your boyfriend in a Starbucks again you're opposed to his. Boyfriend in a Starbucks because that's exactly where they Matt that is a really care as I was very very suites tell you something kind of like that often the year I path. Another one from this list this. It's from the whisper flights and it's been tonight confessions. It was done over Skype. But it think that's coming roomy TC DC him his girl got engaged because they basically how to do it out of they wanna get married. But they can't really have a wedding first of the can't afford it but they want to be together so they have to get married first. And then they'll have their wedding eventually into the game really had a traditional didn't you let us out of country session isn't different countries and Saudi Arabia. So there was no real ill effect how did you propose it was. Hey we should get married okay so the day they said engaged on FaceBook was the data put in the paperwork. That was their engagement like they look at it now or engaged or officially in the process of trying to get married. Because it's not just planning a wedding it's actual process MP four to get married doesn't like two years I want supposedly that she should be coming down I think they've been doing this front of the key is. Almost a year. But I think enough anywhere between October November December is when they should be getting married. It was done to Syria wish to would have waited before you rush into it married so quickly iPad app ex boyfriend he wanted to get married like after two Lisa that I think Eminem area. And I and I think and I'm like I think that some I would love to marry you X five years from now that I am connecting with he great he's an awesome but I'm not gonna of idiot honestly like I'm not unity EU. Mean I don't he cents a future in that Anna and my dad told me once you think you're going to be the girl who like me to guy falls in love he falls Mountain View and then only a year later. And everything will happen and thanks again. Your hand or don't play and a number of hit it a this person says he didn't make a big deal out of it and I wanted to photographer and to look nice and it looked like crap and we have no offense. Why ought to feel like crap you have no photos are fine. Here is the tip though guys if you're going to do this if you're going to do it the bluntly it's. The Internet world especially if you're girl like this. Bill gets. Your nails did that's exactly exactly we use age and I and if you're a girl are even get my friend get out or girlfriend how her mom how your mom whatever if you're gonna ask especially you ask her parents for permission. Which I think he felt costing and I think that's an oh yeah. We know that you future has been and you better. My well you know I'm sorry yep but no it is a perfect idiot she will be pampered her nails are gonna look grade. And she's gonna wanna take a million pictures. So and you had a really good sense of humors go in nearly done with that yes I don't like hey I got a young guys that do that yes. A I tell you get the photographers eager for our very comfortable at all out you know I don't re created just to take somebody's English is. Pretty much because you are something like at a restaurant just pretend they're you know that our aggression or shall whatever whatever is YouTube. I think that the biggest leagues like the highlight the reactions. Or even the wedding pictures when you look at that guy's face when she comes on the island and that's very sweet. Yup definitely like the reaction when he gets on me yes like on her face so. I would feel like. Maybe the bid for the prettiest ugly crying face ever. For things can card actually. Cool little in this president that he did that Christmas so cheesy to crossover events and I was sick I was sick as a dog and wearing the jam is zero romance. OK I'm fine with the holiday thing especially the around family like that's cute and this week isn't like yeah she's sweet day yeah I know you probably planned in you are excited on a family man but just wait. I see for me out how anybody else to know I want as few people to know about it is possible I like. My privacy and want to be able to revel in my excitement by myself with my significant other. I would want that for a little while before we announced new. And a not. That like if you like with the Christmas season to this section does happen to my cousin on top of the fact that she'd only been dating him for like a month or. But the only kid he ate he proposed to her like a right in the heat of Christmas season. And then you know she's all excited and stuff and then like a month later they called off. As they just needed their game month yeah and they just they're dating for a month and then like the holiday season nine and happy is doing Christmas and gingerbread. It pump and everything. Exactly and then you're all happy in Ohio on whatever the Christmas again ion has missed it but now I have no place. It. Other snowflakes on them and that it play. Thank you get a reality ends in security in your relationship is you both just so happy holiday season and then it comes crashing down. In January nearly eight. Your bills you get everything will appear here and it. You're so much honeymoon phase and a leg of their wool honeymoon phase lasts like at least six months I think I would say leaky need to be. Q I have. My acts I ain't thought I would you know wanted to marry him type thing and that was around the time that the six month point app and then I was like I am into this I could see it going there. But before that it's like it's just too. It's just doing new EST yeah it's we have a five. Now to win at least two years and the like depending on your age raised to think. When I was younger when I was 21 of one nearly five years none of getting older like Erica that's kind of the patent them. Bigs aren't so fresh anymore I'm just I'm after like six months six months of my bare minimum and even at that point I might be like. I'm more worried. The suns funny he during the proposal he knelt straight into from time to. Yeah I didn't sign. Love his light a fart if you kept the force that it's probably correct. A is I feel bad at making up. Silly that I didn't make him ask me properly I'd waited thirteen years for him until like the ideas so when he finally decided it. Would it be bad it would be too bad I said yes before he could change his mind. Sell and nearest. Does not sound healthy something here in light. You Natalie convince him to do it and then you just say yes before he changes mind. If I'm sorry if you've been together for thirteen year and he has proposed to you. He doesn't want to be with he he's just with you for the convenience yeah I don't know no. I can't have like a few friendly though they've been together for awhile. And one of them once again and the other one doesn't and I'm and I told them like you've both need to communicate I'm hearing your status during a hearing yours at a story you need to figure your crap out. Yeah and I am an I told Mike aid this I have to happens in otherwise you're gonna asked it's gonna and and it's gonna be crap near the leader it is. And one of them said well. We Marty's been through a BCD together so regardless is gonna Gillick divorce. Well I mean even worse because you're taking a wait time for them to go find who they want to be within the should be I mean if if you. If you don't wanna get married and your partner dies but you love them enough. You will Mary because it's something important yeah. If you really let them stop torturing them and we let them go find somebody that's going to give them what they want me like if you can't provide. Let. Me. Mistresses and my husband didn't take into account anything that I liked or wanted. I appreciate that he did well what he did he just didn't think about me when he did it I'm not flashy at all. I think if you are flashing girl she wants the flashy jewelry shall want the big elaborate proposal shall want you know the big fancy wedding. But I hit some girls just want to know you love them and doesn't have to be flashing don't think. That because she is a girl she needs that flash units to get fat into her personality down. The president that I found out before he proposed he wanted to be a big surprise. I do you telethon pointers what what he'd do. My cousin we are chatting her boyfriend let's line that says they're gonna go to Thailand this year with these to save some money and a week or next year ago. And he let it slide that during the lantern festival and Agassi he's an upper house. How do you let that you really just wanted to tell hair. I'm terrible I like secrets when it comes to surprising how many. I cannot keep it. I am I keep keep it at somebody else like if I'm not the person of good to now I have done it if I'm not the person with the surprise like giving surprise I can keep. But if I have this presents. Until yeah. As I buy presents annually. Over now never intending over now. You can't just open and happier face. This further says that that I had a force it out of him after four years again on grass. Again on Christmas. That's definitely. The year inject a divorce like I probably a little bits of my mind when you get in divorce this make me panic Arabic person and okay. He thing because you're not. You don't list like one Ephron the link listening to project you're just listening to. K rant this'll be fun to be spoken to Graham later yeah. Plenary on him not for the sake of being in a relationship. You wanna ring on Etsy can showed up the floor. Alina this is amazing so this is another proposal went down. It was in safari exhibit and when it went down to get on one knee in monkey ran up and bit me on the NASA. I need. That's kind of cool. Chipped the ER with Ferrari B shot right now the good. This person probably should've gone to the irons a price he didn't. My husband didn't propose he just told me we're getting married and I shouldn't let him know what I wanna bring I want it I want to slap them that I love and so whatever. And so he doesn't and he re Munich now we're getting married Allison decision. Do not like do not I make you call daddy in Edmonton. I feel like that would be the person who would I don't like fat. I service on site down and I know this kind of oldest of seven Nissan is called daddy cool. And I downloaded this album from Bangkok placebo would it depends who covers. Yeah I never heard of on the until last week. Jeff ready you're on mining. Although no of them they were on my. List of songs text you Italy for not talent but I downloaded dollar covers and daddy cools on there. And it's the so creep I love it. Daddy blue. With the efficacy and next on bed that it happened in the shot. So there wasn't a major fuss made and I knew it was coming that I would have still like to have gone to dinner afterwards nod to street home the meaning get laid. Some guessing claimants like elicit a piece of pizza in the back and of those pictures I'm guessing it was at pizza shop. Iowa did get down nominees after she got Don one. Yes and but you have to do beach hot you have to do something that's yeah. Literally give if you did a good job I'd be like. To ho hum what Jesus and if you like any it's ultimately up to put an. Bunch of like elaborating expensive crazy thought or anything like that into this is just stop don't don't be like that guy that said we're getting married. You're not getting. Sage action from now it shows that you know the person who you're talking to you I mean it clearly is if you don't know what they liked what he can. Why are we marrying them out right away and marry them my husband proposed to me last plane Mario I wish it would have been a firm in little more elaborate. I do something involving Mario and if you are as much. Is great that I had vetted him while he was getting up in the fact. And we were hiding from his parents until he buys actual ring he proposed this entering that doesn't fit me. Says she had butted him in neighbor trying to hide it from everyone's am guessing is while ground have been able black guy. What a happy marriage she hits the little down the stairs to Emery did tests. He proposal having make up sex. I guess me leaving really scared him all. And one line and then we're gonna wrap it up. Apparently Karen cannot make it yeah. He is why did you on the beach but he got assertion the airport security so he had to do it then. Was romantic but look back it was a special moment we did get free upgrade them. So you got searched and so the ring powerhouse Downey I'll recommend to this seat. Act I I feel like that's. That's panic Q&A that's a ticket though it's. His final like summing like now rom com or something like. Like being so nervous in the home. Un human gatherings Obama and so. I know that I faced the trees and Vicky Barcelona fantasia because that really hot gift of equipment. Our luck ladies guy your welcome on a call from. And you so only where. Where I think we're more excited about apple called on I'll want to call a draw but then we are about babies and or. Marriage or proposals now. On that note we're gonna go. Yeah just give me succeed in winning at about 1% or and will be our books. OK I have to go back to work from. And I don't mean that you've only got two minutes reviews of innings come on homes in this. On bikes and I feel and.