Broad-Cast Ep. 48 - Allie LaRoe

Monday, August 1st

Vicky B and Sage chat with singer and songwriter Allie LaRoe from The Feral Folk about what it's like making music as well as her upcoming show at the Nectar Lounge on Aug. 9th! Get all the info at! 


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And not deployed to. Yeah. Welcome to another edition of these brought pass. The mitigating. This states. I don't know and it is just two of us today is do you have the info to give to people to contact us at and I do have a bad you. President Jimmy has that are active and so if you wanna give us a call. I mean you we do have a number is 253271934. Theory. And then you can also reconsider email address which is. The broadcast 999 and And on answer Graham in the twitters aunts and FaceBook. The broadcast 9990 I believe so on the counter and NC Graham and then distaste registered to the broadcast via yet and you find us if we have a special episode today. We did a great days so today we're filing a deuce on and we promise at the beginning of the year. I said we were gonna have more guests more awesome ladies to join V broadcasts are only. Getting it. It's a pretty kick ass lady camp yeah it's been a couple months and yeah hours 2% she's one of my good friends up formally known as baby grace we have and the little rumor has gone and gone get married lady. The brought on the broadcast. I hope you don't mind that name that we embrace it here not now I look now. It's wigs I keep on calling Abby because that was your staging for a long time he just recently changed Alley and row. And for those who don't know she's in a band called fearless. Doctor they're grow did you did you change it. It was bad Christmas for a while but we have our teachers that they perilous walk that's what I was a key more clever okay that's what India is me because I have like all the gear at the shirt and the the the cozy aliens in. But what all of the idea behind the name change. I'm. It was I'd been going back acres since I was sixteen and I'm thirty now so. Yeah it changed. I changed a lot on anything about his changed a lot the style of music that I team. Performances changed a lot. So I just didn't really feel like it was Judy who islands but also out make. For whatever reason fourteen years ago when two people started naming their little girls Abigail Greece which was mine name. So another of the bunch between me like in degree hammers. Taking my old performance name. All of their teeny bop offered instead Graham. Posted didn't like cats. Apparently but how do you think you how's your music changed from sixteen at thirty like what's what is something you would always write about as opposed to now what he'll we write about and what's the vibe like what's. What is your band by. I say that I've been kind of describing it as like an eight XT Stevie Nicks. Led three piece Fleetwood Mac yeah I was I was gonna say after listening it's definitely almost like ST you mean like Florence. And some which used to go. Area which materially element fellows who would what was your buyback back in the day with it more you know please tell me not. Like right in and now Catholic asked at all this. Didn't trying to make one of my songs is called hall which it's like I'm cutting all of the things that I love about you out of mean. Which which who doesn't want and sometimes he does need that's just let it out it's there and actually along time ago because we're we're buddies I downloaded sharp teeth which is one year. Single issue ads are working on now for your new album which you had previously had a different album acts know what happened is I really like that's. And so before the end even started I'd kind of sat down in my bedroom and decided to record it myself. And was able to get mastered in there under Abby agrees there is a version. Sharp teeth was just me honor present mean. Whitman drums that were added in by the the guy that mastered it later conceded like boardrooms and you're seeded that I am not a drummer yeah I got about eight. No idea it was coming out before I even met and it's but then I answered that on the band Weezer perform with the band defense. A different vibe and the drums are not programs there are real person. That's all that mattered except. And and you know lake. I am I am primary obvious on matters when I'm writing based parts that really just basic following whenever or in other instrumental parts ala around the malady. So for me it was just more fun to have other people that think in their instrument. There are thinking about how it's all gonna work together I Billick music it's we were interesting to people on economy and bring air their talents. And now and one of the guys in the band is actually your significant other and he just plays the base is that it any does that complicated at all. Or is that make the music even better or have what are the difficulties and the pros basically of that. I think the biggest client is it's already hard not to be in a band and he spent a lot of time in a small car with people into it and if it's. Thank you just never gonna break in a person's as often as he is and as much as I adore him like he's going on a work trip this week and it deflects. So a couple of times. You don't act you're enjoying you as opposed to seeing you call that I absence makes the heart grow fund its tune in the reason we're talking to -- he literally has a week from tomorrow. You're going to be performing at the nectar lounge is 21 over event. Doors open at eight for any thirty showing a bunch of other cool bands that are going to be there as well it's sure I'm really excited the Los project is touring. And so they're coming up I receive from like San Antonio wow now. And they've been on tour like for over a month already and they sound great like I've been listening to and everybody's music like fan girl like. And any other end is Ian hail and the legacy of her and I just one like now hard rock actor turned them for. And terrible. Named now now now but if you check out our FaceBook page and all of that we're gonna have the event already on the they're seeking check it out I really recommend going I'm definitely gonna go community there hanging out sport my girl. But just just a fun I love going to your shows is just such fun music but it's chill but at the same time there's a lot of heart behind it. Which I really appreciate because it and then I think that's kind of ramat in my life but we're about the same age as an okay. I don't wanna look into the teeny bop or stuff anymore and feeling very un cynical or if that is even a word. Sometimes I click on cynical. Things are just so angry to earth like I just don't have the energy to beat her. Some angst but I'm not like constant like you know I got out is me. Just get it out. Yeah I insanely to repel out and just call again. Which I really do like. How did you get into music let's go back to your roots like how like you're sixteen years old. What made you pick up an instrument and let me start singing or what was your first experience on stage. There was with the four sixteenths at sixteen as it is exciting to perform and staff but even when it's like for your four. Am a parent to both ministers. And says nothing about me so yeah. Any assumptions that you have about people administer parents just process. When I was little because my dad would have is guitar out anyway and I would dissing him we. Was just it was normal. So funding and then we we traveled a lot. And and dazzled like Volkswagen and again and with the mean time to listen to radio. So I just kind of likely to tune in and and pay attention to than whatever was on whether it was Kenya and my mom's plane likely upland. Really good click there and cat. An eclectic it's good description and then of course you know. If anybody is ever gonna in the church usually end up in the choir they want to be there and then. I don't have another well but in the so you know you kind of get free vocal lessons to a certain extent at least not amateur vocal chords. And that was a huge part of it. And also just entertaining myself I like words like playing with words like singing to myself. A lot of performance as you go around you do a lot of street performances. I did I have. A contract with a company called gigs for you and they bring music in to the parks here and that's all that. And what's at their place do you like outside venue. A claim by occidental park them. And that's pretty fun it's kind of an. RC neighborhood anyway and you're square and it's a little bit. And east yeah limited GM. And up close and I'll put together. Would you like that as opposed to doing it at and you please. What do you like about forming outside and what you prefer about forming an opinion. Of one minute and you I have to bring people and many people are not actually usually just like hanging out in music you waiting to see what's there. Whereas when I'm in a part people are getting on super wandering through. And organic it's but it also challenged because people necessarily different music so it's always exciting when a wreck and anybody currently turn their head like oh what is that. It's like extreme performing. Ever harming your heart out again. Now and again go check out she's going to be at the nectar lounge Tuesday August 9. You get your tickets in advance to seven but but the the tent on the door in Yemen and then break dot com that is ZEBENTEBRIATE. Dot com. But white I noticed that you're do you have album is gonna becoming counter shortly actually on the sixteenth. Begin doing an online listening party. What is that I've never heard of an online listening party I am so. Basically whenever I've played an album like whenever I'm at once album release party have a bunch of bans and people kind of opposite through news. You know two bars of music to get to the band at there and it's not even like the version of the songs that are necessarily going to be on the album. I'm so I thought it would be more fun to just how things streaming through concert window. So I can play a couple songs and then have our friend pat heated on the production might have an answer some questions and tells stories. Me and Jack and civic I I know have those stories are going to be Manhattan. In Cali check them first. I cannot I'm even thinking back. Gilani I got a lot of work an album that's one and he played all of the guitars normally reprimand guitars but when you know somebody who's that gonna added an instrument dislike. Can you do it. Now this and this the show coming up do you have any of their plans of touring or any other shows that the parks we are playing throughout Washington all summer so. An artist funny if we're going to be in Yakima. That. In Norris something coffee. You get this information on the face pinch hit eight minutes dot com slash the Ferrell folk music and you have mr. Graham Harrell spoke. Also the website you know you do a lot of blogs and stuff fox and Phoenix records dot com yeah. Now tell little bit about that that your own your own site you're doing debts my own record label and amusing to promote and my music ring tone but I'd love to grow it I just as I felt like I've kind of reached a point as a musician normal little bit of a veteran primarily candidate. Getting people aware of what I'm doing in an authentic way so I'm not about trying to fit a stereotype and not about being. Hollywood A it. Polished. Bordering. Adding that that if there's ways to communicate to people what you're passionate about and get them excited about music that is an about. Trying to fit into those pre established roles and it's also not about lake. Obnoxious Lee hitting people over and over again with the same masses via. And so that's kind of like the name pox in Phoenix records is all about innovation and creativity and being able to read for your self so Fox's there. Well known for their ability to kind of re route depending on the circumstances are and be really creative about how the survive. And Phoenix is of course are rebirth regardless. Yeah. Now besides music was suddenly musicians or bands I always like hearing this about people like where you'd John aspiration for them. Whether it's a personal place. Moment in time Amer other forms of art. Whether it be meanings her movies or anything like what is yours would you like to go to for inspiration. I think teachers here it's like any time I can panic out of the city and just enjoy something beautiful that. Just happened it's not about inspiring anybody really that we nature just happens to be beautiful. And sometimes it's not beautiful but in no way that still beautiful yeah. And silence is actually begged to like I need to roots and hear what's in my had to move. I felt like makes easy brand from general. I I am I love island. My favorite. Part of their Kazan Jeff my meant significant and a path to wake up super early in the morning and go to work and so there's this thrilling ninth quiet period where the pets is mostly. And apartment is just filled with like kitty and I east nor is now. And that's it because nobody else is awake enough like my favorite time artists. Be with you with me. Just relax. That's sounds relaxing that I know if I did that I decent merely tapping on something like now now when he music and it's something like and you aren't patience for I don't weekly meeting I have. I I have like a light laptop right next to me at the king's eyes atoms in the gal so my laptop is my partner OPEC had a accurately where a guy should be leaving. And it's. Basically on Netflix all night and then I remember I had a difference and I get an anchor there like I'm to drunk driver like if I have a bit of bad ego. And how to move the laptop and it turned off a little and I it's like a wake up in just turn it back on. Trying to get up and move in the later on down now or about it I and meet that happened on mice item entity be able to hear something. Related entertainment and kind of jealous that week I hit that are able to just love silence for the the whole nother thing. I don't like being able against the demy and things very even of the plate they're human. It's no music nothing. Just. And we need your songwriting buddies you have to be alone for that or do you ever do you collaborations with the rest the vanity just read that this is what I got. I usually at least start alone. And because it helps to have some sort of banality and some sort of an idea where I want ago or at least which accords to start way. And I can't hear. So I think when it's on right and kind of just like trying to listen in my own ideas and pulled down. Think like I think it has I had no idea the having a fishing pole and you're not and try to see what you pulled down to act and so it helps to not have other things going on and it actually really angry at somebody Epstein and am in the process. It should not trying to listen there's nothing going on. The so so the government what I right I like to be alone at least initially and I'll bring it to the band and I'll say okay here's how I want this to feel. Like let's flush this out a little bats are basically come with a sketch. And and then we kind of paint it together. Like and from sweet and beautiful. I Dana. Perform a couple songs for us thank you wanna remind people to check out next week at the nectar lounge which can be in Fremont I would definitely be there it is it's when he went over event. Tickets advance tickets are seven bucks to knowledge at the door you get them at that bright dot com. It opens at 8 o'clock doors open 830 for the actual show. I mean you're gonna have the last project and ED hill in the legacy which is going to be it's going to be a fun show you're gonna get a lot of bands are. And have to pick for. And a fridge got a FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash the Ferrell folk music as well as mr. Graham of perilous folk. And you have a bunch of cool blogs and stuff at fox and Phoenix record stock on seating check out lots of cool stuff check out bout my girl Allie loved. Alex being. Analyzed it to life than. But I did have one more question before we actually get into you do in a couple of songs for us now live in studio of the first for the broadcast. But if you had to say give any advice. To any young group of ladies because it's kind of what our podcast about it's not about coddling but is about empowering women and we don't take any crap. About we go to crap from guys and we don't take crap from other women either. Would you agree with that sage has that live via backward we're trying to be equal we're trying to be cool we're trying to you know strive for about if tomorrow. But what kind of advice for young ladies like who want to get in the music industry here wanna like get their music out there are just wanna do what they love. What would you say to them. I would say figure out what you're trying to say first. And spend a lot of time not trying to imitate anybody else and may be being really terrible. I'm because everybody does not terrible Sais it can be a terrible knock off for you could be a terrible original ending a terrible original always we more interesting. So go through a period of time where you're not trying to be. A version of anybody else and you're really trying to figure out what matters to you why you wanna say it why it's so important to a lot of self exploration. And then really come out. Doing whatever it is that you wanna do but they don't try and fit and op. The F. I liked a lot faster that there really being good look at me out echo on the ushered a couple of accurate and be awesome. No but I think yeah it says human mind you play if you teachers. Are you that. Writing so this is the time we've been waiting for super stoked because you've had a beautiful voice. Alley the row is about perform homeland. From. I thank you. You know I'm. And they. Adding son OK okay on the. And I. It's a night. It you know and these days. He's not. Me and yeah. Yeah he. Yeah alone. It's. The wind. Number. You passes down the independent I. Thompson. Eggs and meat and. This guy announcements. That. I'm. Exit. That's me as to this town has been paying him and his. Mean. And yeah and he. Yeah okay. It's. And hand yeah it's. Yeah. Is this. So he's not saying. Yeah yeah. It's the act. Me and then games. Yeah I mean. It means. I don't C saying. It's not yeah. I Aniston Aniston and human. This song I. Yeah. And me. Wrong. I. Can he. Says. So. Yeah now oh. Moon and. I. Sing his songs I don't. Pretty. Yeah and here. Still mad. And it. Ion. I can't. It's. So yeah it's. Yeah. I got you stunts Caro. Well I can't wait for your show it. Again go to grad student connector rounds on the ninth of August camp get. Seven now making a how to hide under our which again you've seen three great fans and the freaking great deal I'll swear fact that pro and I almost more. An and I guess ill lover Mia amber who do you have one more France. You know yeah and then off hey. The voice that guy again yeah one more time Aniston is new don't know the title of it. You were. The move that I'm scorpio. And as well let me ask you about masses sirens went on thank god bless you bottom. It's. So I. Stopped. They. Just. Saying. Banana smiles yeah. This and not. Yeah. Yeah. This could be. Has anything can not be once it's out this. Amy acts of campaigning. Is on the rise as. So. He. It's. And change in Spain. Currently view. Use and hunting and zero mask. What does. Me gotten. Me that's that's all me me me. I haven't business. How. Has thing. You. It's. Act until I aiming wrong and resounding days in his hands and in June. Sit and as the eon has been thinking not you know our aunts aunt. Take it back and blaming. Does not days as England's. Him. So yeah. Okay yeah. This non has been thinking. It's it's yeah as you. Amy act of them came in the does not face in his hands and friends. Sit and as they now has been being not odds and ends up. That's the I am an all hands on clay is as good. You know. So. Oh. AM. I that is the kind of quality you will be getting when you can see her actor art it'll. Anywhere any the other shows that you're going to be performing over the course of the summer which Egypt not out on your website or your FaceBook page. Super excited that they use so much for joining us on the broadcast. And I think that I have that is the end of this episode so they are guys for joining and I don't think resource or once. Iraq had made gentlemen I telmex and as CN I.