Broad-Cast Ep. 65 - "The 3 Deadly Topics"

Friday, February 24th

Today the girls get real! They talk about some people who are making “girl time” better and worse. They talk about their musical taste, “puppy paternity leave”, and more!


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We're against her mood mood. What is that on food fuel and. Up. Their loved theater. Hague. And so we can and I guess I don't but I gag yes definitely. I think you're supposed to like put your thumb in your hand like those. And squeeze hard when you're doing that and you won't really I heard stick your tong now. And exhale here and I'm afraid doing it now in case it doesn't work and that. Could. I I hi Gil and I am Blake hung over and I camera Q it's the worst. Yeah and you. You're homeowner within a minute let me put some good up and a and not devoid. That's right pitches. Hi I have a theory pentagon today. Yeah I'm a real sassy this week. Not dealing with anyone's crap yes I love it love it and is that he'd be content and there at the Grammy got booms sit around and guts they would say he should mean. Think I'm cats and came people that we have a number. And it is T 537786029. You can email us at the broadcast 999 at And we also FaceBook and dram Twitter. Which is be broadcast 99 in an hour with Twitter with. FaceBook there is a dash between abroad and passed everything else this it's streamline. And with our phone number you can also text a split extended again. Any says from last podcast you lease just made me laugh out loud when I heard you quote tec nine and laughed cast. Yeah that is my jab and a pair of Hulu are delicious and dangerous. I never would have guessed that he losing your wheel house years. I actually I listened to a lot of rap. Like everyone my girl weird Al. That mean I just realized a few weeks like the word say I was shocked with happiness. The Anderson to island different there's huge. I love rap rap like rowdy rap and it pod is Georgia man at night and I mean it's it's worked him. Obviously yeah there yeah pulled in new data is and it's just that sexy and don't make fun. Coming into town and concert and I don't accurately spend money on their back nine. Now I did in the idea I did it and now gonna judge you don't judge me pellet violent on. But I try to go to a concert years ago and it can turn into a hot but in other players here but I really wanted to go pilots but now I'm going to. It adds. He AD recent openly punch the one high credit where I yeah. I did we need day death. I mean down the road team leaders but not in the Neitzel. I don't like cattle. He's just full on public I mean not quite as bad as Kanye and I think you might have has gotten a little better but hammer when he won a Grammy or something. And the saying you know lag I've may have done things in the pastor you guys believe I was certain way and I didn't think you guys forgive me this award. Instead he says if you look what I days. Yeah not classy dude you have the ability to be to clean up your imaging you're looking like jackass Q he's definitely a cocky. Yeah B odds but I feel like kind of all are lying in girl lighten the match for them I am on yeah I mean. I mean I don't. Understand like how big good looking. And I have like this talent and I'm so much money league wide and hit women. Bowl get away with it. And he iris I don't I don't he went to jail payment information or to gain Acer is I think. Something that celebrity treatment yes. Pay for the something depressing what are what it like you we were all surprised at sage likes rap. The what is something in the music world that people surprise you like. Like something that you never thought you would get into that you now into that used to listen to the hip hop and rap and all that 1000 middle school. Just a few like Ellison Eminem every now and then and I never thought. I never thought I'd get into folk are bluegrass kind of died like the country not yeah like Taylor's at the Lady Antebellum and talking about. See I'm with you on Allen idol is like I grew up with the blues music. So in coming along with actors like honky tonk and bluegrass and I was kind of now. Like the southern not the donkey announced that very like southern Axl Rose Bowl. Light yeah Mary Ann if you which kind of coming back a little bit with people are bands and musicians like whole year in and click Lincoln in Ellison's they had in the heart Angel. It color and sitting color in India Cingular and has letters Ayman. I mean I ain't. Don't like popular country whatsoever but after working for an hour com you don't have to listen to Dayton is it's one earth stations. By they they're seeing that Kristi Appleton that I can get around it because it's more policy and bite you played that stupid do you know who held sings it and I always joke with wing nut about this. But there's like some song and it's like. Fall in love with the guy who. Ruins your lipstick not your mascara and it's like the entire song is just. And I'm just like I've seen that posted on people's Facebook's so yeah she just took like. It on line mean quell my lesson aim crown it came from her noted that came now. Like recently. I've seen them in for a while. That's weird is I AM. CM kind of like. The opposite of me because I start working for countries to your basic conference and the wall. And then you came about and public letter I mean it's it's Asian country but man. Latency all those crazy countries and over and over and Utley. Yeah I didn't count you'd get Shanahan. Up due back in in math trick let you know as I love song I worked at a restaurant and leaks the. And I told the new country ground. And we only lovely country music from mom and pop joint I think it's still there. And I being completely coming off when he played like rock rock me no no no not actual rock people are complaining about you know hi Helen like and I am a morning. But just the whole is it. I'm Julie blinking and all the other songs that just pissed me up a lot of Taylor sway if Taylor loved Carey he. The average a lot of kids cared if there is one that. She thinks my track the facts ahead in bell Canada exam is a very much like I want to make love to McKnight make love. There's nothing loving about what he's doing maybe after the cuddle and to his farm equipment that is not men and. Yesterday it was an acting class actually usually it's about a rocker. Like pop and music and it was but she actually played country sign him play golf on it gets from. Country it's like. She thought it was like. From her like hoe down she enters some thing and for me. Lake I'm really not well but I would totally go to Idaho now I would totally go line and DA there even though I don't the music and iron fast friends like I think I'd be so fun and there's a place here in Seattle I think it's in green light it's called the little red hand yeah and I used them in effect. Yeah I I would totally I like it is easy a lot of older couple major has the part and I would miss daisy dukes and how probably it's well they had their little moment. It's and she's yeah she's a and it did like how I only went we went on a date we are walking around and see what this is all about on Earth Day. People on its I would totally wanna learn to where man. And up for dancing but I don't gets aids couple moonshine and why you plan on Merrill. It's a marathon my camera with my turtles lectured and yeah I love it. How nobody and I do like. One pop artists like who is probably my favorite SE. And often she just. Fantastic and she touched her music be everything about her spoke to the art artsy. Yes exactly necessary part is one of past. Plus I love. The girl on Matty act like I think we are at night for the LA I know her after. But it's also just like that also have I I didn't. So terrible but see I mean I am not leaving crap for it but she's a talented kids and hang out and I'm so yeah I never watched Kersey. Did you say all that controversy when the Shia LaBeouf music video for. It was that the song and and also plastic part yeah I thought it was an awesome day I am right of like almost got a first time cy 'cause it's so much raw power and motion. Is Terry and I. Pent up fear that it's 'cause child up and Matty is like thirteen minutes like it was not there was no inappropriate sexual touching or anything in. I like that. I think she explain what it's a poster present but I I talk to different people but what does this mean to you and everybody had something different but it is meaningful to them. Yeah I saw that but my roommate had never seen in music. Yet I power idol I loved it I think I share a mention on FaceBook and yeah. And I really shared the news on treatment and I don't care what other people. And are now on track again let it out we don't hear it on music taste it was definitely a weird video but it wasn't at all I don't like. They felt like an appropriate app and Felix and a you answer that I'd ask those screw all you people who thought that it was obvious link. Blake chemistry between them was almost more like a Big Brother little yeah I had history I I thought that is. He has grown up and misses his like playful young side and he doesn't wanna get rid of it like his his innocence. And don't get rid of it but it's slipping out of his hands and then you know he has the ability to kind of go back Tiffany came. And you want asylum but he's a crazy malveaux. The heat in happy until he caught in that video but I saw him in that inning theory not to and briefly in that same time period if he has never seen Gary if you like war movies he's phenomenal and it's like he's just a great actor. Talented and my daddy minus the rat they'll. Yes and just. Do he's Battie beard but I I know I'm Holland left and you know and even students that and hair and so we know am. Speaking of weird metal photos. Let's talk about this is a chiropractor round gone and I hate this person's. It. I think this and lesbians located. All day. Daniel stops is chiropractic are already heated name. He apparently creed deprives product for women to help us when our menstrual cycle well how easy you know about it. Though he he he decides to that rate that's on FaceBook. I guess I'm a man as you'll woman should have come up with a better solution in diapers unplugged but you didn't. Reason being women are focused on distracted by your periods what do you 5% of the time making them less productive and they could be he intends to beef. More creative than men the imperious that's stifled them in play with their heads. Do you realize that most skin care products and make up or developed by men. He said that men these sound incredibly awful which is as product and I'll explain what that is an effect. It is not even though women are secretive and try to hide the fact that period can be gross crusty smelly incredibly awful. The theory itself is none of that but rather than the diapers the women are forced to accept our growth and incredibly tired. And in credibility awful no matter what color they may give them acute means the give them they're still diapers and woman have been duped into thinking. That they are wonderful not true. With many easy isn't field in the blood and fluids they are sterile and as long as there inside the body that. Osiris Beano basically your stuff is still inside your body. Basically it's like a lipstick that sealed everything shot until you go to an after. Yes we're talking about your. Its attempts. But it kind of liken it down. You re eatery this down because I am not swear once act. You know this mother there needs to get off his god damn high horse and stop being misogynist. All because guess why you're the reason. Why women are free of their periods and why we feel like we have to hide. It's not because we're shape my ashamed of them could were taught to be because of this well. And it huh. Here's the thing out does it it's not just what comes out. It is everything that goes along with the period that you're not taking into account yet the best. We have a hormone real changes we have Koreans body aches tender breasts like every thing here little chapstick is not going to solve our problems. It's too because he's sad that it distracts us 5% of the time so in my mind I would think that's what he was talking about is the pain and all blob that is distracting. Because we don't feel it. Falling out of us not distracting us but now we're tip because it's not like his chops to get going to. Erred when it comes Harry a calling it is gonna like help all of our symptoms that are quote unquote making us distract. And how many times a day to guys give the owners like does that distract them I think it's not because I'm pretty sure that would equal more than 25%. Yeah out there might or violent once every like ten pecking act as some comments do anything about fact that I think that's a remodeled changed like. You know now. Who I might not the island about it that and get a phone conversation with somebody from Forbes. And I he's surprised that there is a negative reaction. Guess what he's probably trumps partner Tim boxes yes he says. A lot of that LG BT community lesbians in particular theories Emmy because final white straight man. Rather in the back this product is Steve and suggests the complete misunderstanding on how. Anatomy work it guy ale like I think early last year some point he's like why can't girl to hold their Blatter. Yeah I'm like oh yeah. We doctrine that chiropractor Selena to take you Paterson to last African podcast kinky porn hub for actually starting Q give sexual. An education. Yeah beat his these jerk so it yeah. I have absolutely no idea how you vagina works. Yeah I am I ever seen why am I I would probably never will again. And at a at a Y read this article and they said so you glue it together and then. Bright as you if you as a woman has peed right as you surname. It ultimately a neighbor at it we ask so the glue comes apart and everything flows foul and then I guess the expects us to just. Glue it back together one or not. Yeah like at and nice because I don't know where you have to sit on the toilet for fifteen minutes. Letting everything flow wow that's so we like what if your like at a friend's house is being your. Just chill and that there are Angola my may. Floodgates loose playing here. The thing human beings have been around for how many centuries. Montag yes and before I was to say how glad we have come so far when when he comes to feminine hygiene products. Back at the Egyptian times east east crocodile dung just David you'd like it cherokees used hair yeah. By the wall and a lot of cloth and I did not now I am it's yeah its it's it in so we've come quiet. Quiet always a way. If it's not ideal do we like this happening do we lighten up having to spend money by the way on all this. And have to feel comfortable or uncomfortable because her whole bodies are. Aren't happy with us right now and that's why a lot of girls ops for birth control is because it lessons are completely stop your here it is I guess what I at this d.s bag would take our birth control away to jail. I think that it's not like either of us wanna shop op a con and whatever like it's not like fund presser and we don't wanna Wear it I like. It did it's they get ugly not art it's your fault for not coming up with anything better I mean there are there things culling the deep a cup if that is something you're into. And you are OK you would then go like the deep a cut you a deep. It's like I like little silica content like 2030 bucks yet Healy to buy one in seven years you folded a tank battalion a the neutering and almost half cup. So that happen it's like a little knob on and Nowitzki and pull it out. But you basically can Wear it for I think it's like 48 hours or something something sick when Marian yes an L captures every eight collect everything. And then like you can in the shower or actor in the bathroom or wherever you only out and clean and wash it rate yourself. Cool and yeah. This isn't they've developed this may wanna send I was reading some stuff about a while ago that they wanted to as the Third World countries where some products are not readily available. This the one time purchase for many years. And it just reusable. Yap you got to take out green and straight Leah back a little. Simple. What I mean you should it take anything about the program. Well that's true it doesn't mean as much fun as time travel and XP shall look at those new planet that could possibly live on the vast. The one thing I would love and thought like in the scifi world to be real. Is where you can switch bodies of people that I would take it out all these idiots like you tried I'll give you. A month. Yeah a woman for a month and a and my you'll feel in rationally you both in I've. Luckily like some of the guys I've been with they've understood and like Titanic is about all again communication bonding we preach and communication. Look nothing you did is wrong I am having a tough time right now for no logical reason other than the fact that. It's happening yeah so please understand that I'm going to be a little rational right now yeah yeah and one month I'll fat heavy super emotional. Isn't as an idol in the month with them and little four and hearing you know black Sox. But that's the way it is just not telling and I it's I'm sure guys have their crap that we will never understand. Ice PM ants yeah. Meant it like Michael Mansur trading via Kia. A man and it's been great. When it comes to women in their their cycles Lola a New York mayor signs free tampons for school jails shelters in the law. Now school jail salters yes because a good one of the big problems with balance that with the homeless shelters is that. They don't have access to you know. Patent tampons. My friend and I that we sometimes make. It's images for the homelands and the inside is like I camp on that I had in mind. Some like the fact I'm gonna girls. Which is awesome but then it was really weird because a lot of the homeless people earlier this image out there like I haven't appearing here and I'm like oh just kidding. I'll save you won't forgive and you have a few of them don't need it how could. That's so what I don't know it almost two dale exactly that's. Crazy. But apparently so they're three tampons and pads going to be stuck in the app in the city schools. They're going to be you know handed out during homeless shelters and how Matt jails. I mean I've seen as the new black but you take it. Just the idea of like okay what do they had a what don't they have. And apparently this is the first sneered at the first city in the in the whole country he like make this official. Did that it should be. Nation wide right. And so it was mayor deadlines CEO who saw him. He's as let me deserve to live and work and learn with dignity health and inning comfort. This means acknowledging the basic fact that temperament had to not luxuries they are necessities. You heard booms might to rocked. I want to really get things like. And everywhere like you know on movie theater around this is how old school like they would have like a kind of vending machines running tablet in our bathroom. It got letters machine yeah it's like what I have answered yeah he's a little numbing freely at Tampa and it would be weird that it Tampa on hat chapstick some gum or something on the bag on condoms mid really. Oh that's funny. And as bad. I water it'll start being like. Here's just a bath in Tampa and places do that cut is like in my massage which makes sense that's odd I think and there's talent that. One of the. It's at the bargain that I was safe you're off your being off footed by this conversation I'm sorry but we're going to talk about it via. What's empty on a winning I'm not sorry you should get mileage out sorry. Yet that it's but one of my friends I was at her place of work Aaron. Lake is a big office but you know it's pretty probably over fifty people in office we have what a hundred people here's something. And I went to the bathroom. And it was so cute they have like this little basket set up. And it had different types of tampons and it and it had Patton had panty liners and those displayed at the ready for. They're female employees and I was like that. Is awesome I laid wish that we would do that and our job. Yeah that's like I think that's so Smart and so can be in a plague. It's obviously I'm my span class we have like unisex bathrooms and they have the same things like they're tampons or just right out there via an I in my mind I was like. I want credit in just like put those away only. How got stupid they know the girl's mother like it's a thing so how the Tampa on bow like the guy shouldn't care they should. It should just be like. Most helped all ocean applied to this huge break in the one thing that I grew up kind of not a silly being ashamed of it's but always touched ash don't you know or currently my mom. Because she Europe and Mexico my grandmother when it came to anything reproductive when it came at anything with her purity. She was very close off like when her her breast came in she's a panic aspire. In that and explain to what was boil their bodies to discuss what because of food to growing she'd want to waste. So she be Mexico wearing a Beagle slack and yeah and so well in so me my mom did a fairly decent job but. Still I feel like I can learn a lot more. Integra with a different Sheen like when I like my pads were and I personally know hike Ike liked. Or like when you know you throw stuff in the garbage like a rapper it's like not why Whitey white hat on the open like that freedom your dad decease those kind of because of how she grew up in so he's kind of group ashamed of and then when I was with guys and we reduced like my first couple boyfriends I felt very comfortable even having sex on it. Just because I felt the sense of like Cheney and McCain would be discussed that are and I don't don't look at it don't you know in now and especially not aiming as much as. As I can still kind of I I was really salty at the guy I was seeing recently and it broke off with. He we're talking innings has been very salty. But I do appreciate one thing he instilled in me it's like in I don't know if it's because he's older he you know had been a very long term relationship. But a lot of guys don't care because they understand. Yeah I feel like nowadays and that's allowing an alarm via. And it's just such a weird concept in writes I've kind of finally accepted it's like look I will talk about this I will be open with it because that is something that league embodied that. The nitty date and nobody need to. I'm not gonna come out about him like oh my god you should see it and how they would not me like that but I feel like I should be able to say hey I have a period are I'm on my period. Yeah it over I like him on them as it circling. I say it'll cuter than it. I sure quick cuter than inflow in uploaded a very distant script what they. Visual what are they say like aunt flow came in its outer continental. Another thing that island that shark week is that it when I see it to someone new. They're like is. It's what I did and it didn't matter what. Are certainly. And I explain it to them and I like and next genius. Just and I honestly do you and now. When it is where it came from economic fairness in the shark while one. Now. Because the shark frame. Looks like yes I uterus and over it's because of Alex use separate statement bulbs up top and then along. Yeah I would never in town and I in my eyes is an existing term Greek which is the clutter yeah I know it's not an outline at all at apple I mean they could add. But yeah. And I want it. I want Google chart brains we you and I I'm not and I. But let's shift gears a little bit. And arrogant as that there is a little bit for the podcast and I say Sarah doesn't currently have any pets the patents. I had parents what I junger and had a pet like. Ten years thing I have a dog acts of Allah. And a half years she was. Eric cannot. And sage you have to keep you would advocate Grayson manor and number. An announcement from the equipment and some. Sino. Something in the states where having trouble with in other European countries in has patted under lock is when. Yes there is maternity leave a lot of places to give you paid maternity leave some don't. Some places Guinea pig. Even the father eternity later nearly. A Elaine. There is innocent in Scotland. The brewery. Culprit on. Is implemented. Puppy lean for those who you know basically two weeks off work for somebody just welcomed in a new puppy. That paid so it's paid week off so he can. Welcome your new puppy home. I think there's actually few companies and Seattle. Actually I really hot public health or assume other that's a and they are there craft beer obviously brewery in there. They're called bird dogs they love dogs so what they said is it's not easy trying to juggle work and settle in new dog in your life and many members or crew have formally different home. So we wanted to take the stress out of the situation letter teens take the time they need to welcoming you appeared on it's a family. I love it. I don't know like you're you're making Chinese. Don't dog like us we gonna do right. Now it's I haven't been honey it's not gonna do a whole lot you're not gonna train in a week. Nearly a year at least can get acclimated. Like I know lake when I got my tax it's hard to go back to work the next day or whenever because. You wanna be their friend and you don't wanna stick and then your path through Marin a creep for and it Terry hours and you first get it. After it's been used to like being socialized and Stan who then either get it another Petr like put it somewhere and I know my. My and I had you don't have somewhere to put it then don't go to pet. I'll I I've I thought I had a conversation with somebody granted house again very salty about the fact she Steve I'm fat I don't and it. This press he's like yeah I'm shaky like I'm sharing this go funny because my friends you know needs medical attention whenever. I'm like OK well why did she get a pet she can afford it. Like you need to it if you care that people care about their pets so much there's pet insurance is the only thing you can do for. And I feel like nowadays and the isn't the case with you because they know you're really responsible. But it's not. Eat. And they don't. Think of the long term and it's not panic there it tells Andy. Yeah that you you. General is it because like I've I've had friends who'll. I mean recently over the last I think it was like a year and a half ago. And her dog got steeper sick from some random. Thing because he had ingested something. And they had pet insurance but it still ended up costing them thousands of dollars. And we actually did we had typical find her think she wanted to act that. And I that we actually in office late we. You know all donated money tour and we and it pain Blake and humans. 15100 something. ID think ago fund means be the death her as a pat I just I I think oh I mean in general. It's bull when I like like in assets needed at welfare how many times I told you do not drink the stuff from the sick. And it happened just to provide cash I think the thing I I had surgery over a year ago and I'm still paying for it. I'm not gonna ask other people to pay for. And that's how I feel it go funnies and I just recently saw Alan. And it took everything in me not to comment this the Galley now her son would like EE. Permanent learners from her driver's license she cannot pay the fee it's like fifty something box well it's Jesus. So it's like hey this is his go find me for his insurance that can't get a job because he's still in school in the week of summer. But it's like I can. Vineyard kid doesn't need to have his license order. And get a job peaking get a weekend job did you buy a car. I am of him cardiac I don't know what this guy I think that's like coal mine my Utley that's for it like I. If if you have a kid. Who has cancer or something like that and it's something huge hundreds of thousands of dollars I totally get I 100% get. But fifty blocks like even green come on like I I saw one where. An old family friend was trying to get money. Q movers something to help pay. You know depositors and anyone in like 15100 dollars and in that. I'm like I'm into my brother's house because I couldn't afford. A down payment down payment. I think there's just people like use it for baton like that like. Even if you definitely have something like a figure for coming out you know and EI and the people who think that everything should be handed and that's and this isn't part of the reason why I like I think pets are great and I think the for some people it gives them that sends you know. Allah and love is sure but I feel like Kumble who rely on that he much sometimes like I knew a guy. Who his dog ran away and think he got. Hit by car and passed. He said and so funny I mean dot. And this guy is gone through a lot of cancer wise but you know he hit. Yeah the job. Sure you're still paying for a lot of stuff but. If you can't buy that now than I can't imagine personnel board to take care of its okay don't go buy a dog. Go to a shelter cove at a rescue pop is why I think he wanted us dollars to sick tight person now I don't know Mike. Ask you do. Rattle. If you can't afford you don't. I know I just have to he people like ants like. It that things I have in my life. I have because they can afford it yes there was a time when I was younger and Mike my father was helping me out or something like that but I was asking random people. For money. And again this does this and apply to the people who legitimately genuinely need it like came danger panic. Lead that Sunday in a car accident and are currently paying this my catch and yet to go to a specialist so they only pay even less and and we need help. Otherwise there's no way we keep our house or whatever I understand you know like it to organize it might be our night I'll tell you have to resort. But I feel like we have become the go find me. Generation it's not just the millennial. It's this idea I wanted to little ditty bag same thing and people treat animals like they're humans like they really odd which is at no promise you loving your animal but it's. And I met like I went like when my dog topic I didn't and yet I've attached to call I did tonight dog I was while I have a strong connection to this thing this creature. But they make in your very different leg where the same in fact like. We have a different opinion on animals like that hold on Iran may or whatever and they shot on bank hill and probably. Yeah you're just save other African child over the dam gorilla like ten up flake. Joseph us. Do I think the mothers should you know have some something happened north like hey you should probably you we're the idiots as neglect neglect to me that you should be your kid taken away or he should pay for all the trouble you caused because you were being irresponsible. So am I cannot play but the prime time it's of course like. He felt like I am just like okay obviously human. Life over animals I've met people who care more about animals and they do human beings. That we're a failure pet's board we will kill the stranger. Highlight my animals more and I like other people but let's say OK there's the stranger you don't know anything about them they could be the next Hitler or they could be the next you know. Which she let alone. I don't on that occasion it pulling no I've Stuart guy if you had a stranger your cap and I mean no it's not you. They are shooting I'll shoot you own it if you don't decide to shoot everyone. Yet she everyone but the show could she go and just are you here cat her. No not her she have to survive not exactly a strange cat yes so unifil survived the kill them. Here he you're not now lion. The odds are never gonna happen personal. You never now I'm coming over tonight stage. Allison definitely I'll gonna happen and kill you. Street we actually invite me over my cats tell you. She would tell stranger I think is I don't think you'll bill like. I'm away email Don wick with the cat loving Zach. I want some of the. It was him. It's are now is yeah they'd like. They do apnea but a candle each week tough mentally does. We actually we keep this controversial trade route and yeah let's still have one more and then let you update so I thought art. Well today on Busby and I love my Bosnian I don't them and and it is that this chick. Posted a slide that her professor posted I think that human sexuality class or something at X and yes so. I'm he posted and it was a list of questions. And it was about Petr. Being heterosexual. And those a list of questions that homosexuals. Or anybody else who doesn't consider themselves heterosexual. Would be asked. But in the heterosexual white pillow asked them you when asked again so the questions are what do you think caused your hot error heterosexuality. Panel I have trouble powered. It's not that mine and it will play and yeah and he acts like Carla people think when you think. What what caused you being gay what happened to you act exactly. Think they assume that some sort of trauma happen and that's later day I. Like idol to differently do you ever like house like when you now. Yeah I I like that's the no child and from people like I there's people are like seven years old and Alec. Married with grandkids and the like I think McCain credit the next question is when did you decide you were heterosexual. I. Debt asking way did you know an active that's a valid question. Because I mean like there is time in my life like there's time and everyone's like when you're your question your sexual yeah I keep staring at my teachers pass. I I I not grow really attractive but gets on I'm not gonna go. Like I. Pilot it was important we have I mean dale. The third question is. Is it possible that your heterosexuality. Is just a phase that you may grow out of that's I think he came back like two days that's a phase youth. Back and but maybe I I think phases are hey you being a bunch of people trying to be a thing or another slot -- Ron yeah is gay guys are hunting girls have their slow pace and I think you out but not it's a well sexuality is not a fee but I do ask someone like my friends who aren't like. I think a Wendy earth or thereby. And with their bye at lake analysts trees like oh do you just do you prefer one over the others like an equal all 'cause I'm Jenny an eerie depends on the person and like you have a like if you could choose one together bright now which one there's just like everyday Eleanor. In some people that I I was seeing a guy who's bisexual and that he would only be in a relationship with women. He would not. And do certain things with guys but sexually I like AB and C guys and that is it that's all I do I don't wanna make Alabama just like AB NC and that is it's. And then at like relationship with. And if by nearly eighty ED EF team with a girl like everything with a girl that they select my name they like guess certain activities. Giving and receiving. And they had just strictly. And I thought I'd like I did. So the next question is why you insist on flaunting your had no effect heterosexuality. Why can't you just be what you are and keep quiet about they got those people that have like the Babel stickers on the back of their cars. And flag you know homosexuality is a thinner. You know pro pro that and pro choice. Pro life stickers that the gap ever your wanting your stupidity. At somebody like the like you have the right to fly your stupidity in this country you have the right to flaunt your sexuality in this does it got to keep saying don't the other way about like bumper stickers with rainbows on them tonight and that's like exactly I mean is the same thing they have the right to do so only people why you fly your gig. Here again this is like why you flaunting you know what you're your political beliefs are our bumper sticker and I do the same thing it's like why why you can see your boyfriend and public will wire you can senior wife and public via. Why wouldn't they act lie like we are all equal. The next one is why you heterosexuals. Feel compelled to reduce others and your lifestyle. Excuse you I'm sorry what religion would this person passed that would be African expression. Probably somebody that recruits break. So like if I gave her son Blake. It would be so here to still exceed you know way. The game and see you again and Elijah I mean there are I and you. Guy who really wanted to bang my boyfriend at the time he really wanted to name thing yet he had a few that anemic and I have a things straight guys. Outright and the chase but there's some guys that love the girls are hard to get. My heart to get Alomar. Well Arlen I would say he's part of the chase or not because he's necessarily straight but because can happen. Yeah or like if I would game it really liked it would be an extra challenge yet it's nothing to do with sexuality it's they like the challenge if you're trying to link. You know. Get her to be get aid. Yes you're just trying to get her pant that Strachan sexuality in general we're all just trying to yeah. Creatures that once and for creatures that one from into fruit into being occasionally that's basically we aren't planet. And the next one is have you ever considered. Therapy to changer heterosexual and which is such a big thing in for homosexuals. There are so many groups out there even today which is. To me I mean it's not spreading it to me I'm like why I've held people still think but there are groups out there where. Gay camps where you go to demonstrate our lending electric shock therapy yet and it's just. Jason and I am at a slop. As -- yeah well there's a couple I think our state or something herbs and what are the seat to recently with a couple months of bandits are meeting and I are the app I think did it there's some big you know people in their puck in our White House tree town that are very much approving of the east. Things still being around the highlight knuckles and now her past. It's the most. So with the whole. He talking politics but the one thing I will say is. I've I know some people that voted for somebody that's not of herbal Lanier. And and change my opinion of them a little bit. But I try not to let it affects how I see them as a person. However if you are those people that. Believes in conversion therapy liar believes in hurting people because you think their lifestyle is wrong. And talk about a lifestyle that's not hurting anybody. Mean pedophilia X you know that's something where your hurting somebody like that are going on things to children in her beginnings of animals. You probably should go to appear go somewhere where you can take care of or what and that's a mental issue yet. Homosexuality is not hot homosexuality is biological. So if you look at that believes that that should be a thing. Don't make. I'd like I normally I'd like OK yeah Dick you know how do you get do you him but please don't talk to me. Curious because. I mean I go out there and have an affair based ice just like especially in this state. Like if a guy name and their data or something went to therapy and like the data is trying to. Get there out of big guy being gay or where they and a pair passers as just wouldn't I want excellence and therapy they get there this would. Probably not because they're they honestly if there's a law against it they can't practice like that. Not legally at least silly to hear what they. Try to use what they I I really appreciate how day or what they say. I think he would have a hard time finding a therapist to take on a client that. Arkansas at bats well and I feel like therapist would be like IA that is against my practice. I can't. You know help you take that it probably is different and I at a night that would probably send that kids who one of those men and camps where. They go camping and learning how to solve Logsdon and I know an audit where they what I and then gags I think what uncle Pete the gay out of them yeah. It's it's pretty revolt. I think and I get real heated about this this satellite. It's hot and if somebody else's life. Is not affecting your eggs then why do you give an act so yeah why they give me a logical answer that is not rooted in religion. It I I'm recovering how I grew up Catholic and I know the stories and I read the Bible and I saying those verses I didn't and is just plain no reason hunt. You can apply that concept everything you can quite tattoos just because I have to use. Doesn't hurt anybody else around me you know just because it upsets my grandma doesn't mean I'm gonna stop getting tattoos because it doesn't physically hurt her. Like and whatever you do there's always on the probably not and it approve it you know they always going to be hate the head. Like live what you wanna live and should in you just live your life. In your enemies so much happier beat Bernard L give a damn about anyone how do not think this has about being yourself. If this podcast is like move up blood pressure today I had if I religion. Is what makes you feel hole if praying to god every morning or whatever religion matter whatever book prairie your reader. Practice. That makes the fills your life and gives you you know. The motivation to go on every day that you could like I've met people where they had no religion and they found in aid just very much empowered them and that is great doing it. I'd but I also do not give people like me crap who. Went the opposite way I found empowerment leaving religion and it is an campers like in. Saying hey look you just told me all this crap. But to fit what you're trying to sell me. You then turn around and told me all this other stuff just to make me feel better. Only you're contradicting everything you once told me yeah and that's when I started question and that's when I'm like there's more. To this world and what we're seeing what we're reading in my upper chanting every week. Let's go explore it and guessed it I love that make you an edit the beautiful world out there and if religion does that for you than fantastic yeah. But I do not condemn anybody else who does not see your way and not hurting anyone else and it's just doing their thing. Have I ever sent my little. Religion is or religion or anything along the terms or religion is like a penis. I said that on now and I have no Canada's kept so. Relate I say it's early jackets or politics pretty much anything that your trying to push on somebody else. It is like a penis it's fine to have one totally cool. It's kinda be proud of it be proud of it whenever. But the second that you start trying to shut down my throat without my permission. We're gonna have an issue. Exactly yeah. I. I did I know we're a little bit more on the serious side that I ladies. I. And period. Would you say like three things we don't wanna dog and I and a can't and you know governments and spirituality. But in LA it's it's we are human beings in this world and this is going this year and all of its it's not the people need to discuss the need to talk needs other opinions and see different and you planes and we have no problem with. You point and I iPad OS BP guys I've no problems with. Friendly debates. At my roommate actually just got into one where someone was super excited that we might have we'd be illegal again rate. And so I but the person like team she used to sell it. Or grow it or any of that and he's like and my roommate is the kind of person he's like I am don't know anything about this world. Why would this be a good thing I thought you liked it wouldn't like why are we putting people back in jail for something that's a like why would we make it to cry again like putting people back in jail. We should totally actually talk about that yet. I am like. I feel like you that especially staged at me because. A girl like I. Am not necessarily. On your roommate side but I kind of got but I don't panic because I'm so I eat you know but like he doesn't. He that we he's open to me he thinks it should be legal. But the person who wrote as a go yell old you know he is OK with that being illegally and even though he grows and sells it and he's like can you give me one reason. Why we'd being illegal is a good thing aside from the fact that you're gonna make more money. Doing it on the down. And he couldn't keep were trashing him. He's like and you're did you knew that yup I am that is why I'm asking questions. Yeah and of course with Sunday we're tagging some people like K keep asking for like he actually asking for it he's viewpoints gaffe after appeal and and the reasoning behind why this person is same as if you have a resent being shot stuff got. And yeah I shot app. For you. I unease and we'll talk about and I don't have that yet delegate and some points I doubt I'll I'll do similar search I I know a lot of stuff. And if you want to talk about it or any idea Laker. Topics you would like to discuss anything you want our advice lines and yet any thoughts please let us know we have our phone number everything. So we'll see next time think you for joining us and I was.