Broad-Cast Ep. 66 - "Outdoor Action"

Friday, March 3rd

Vicky B and Ooh Sara welcome C.C. for the first time! They read a text from a Listener named Moose, Sara asks the crew what they think about outdoor sex, they delve into C.C.’s love life, and talk about how we shouldn’t “glorify” the “bad crazy” girlfriends.


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Ready ready for the dead where professional care your hair understand. We ratchet. In fit in well here. And I'm devoid. Yeah. I. Welcome to another edition of the broad hat and they can be. They got blue never. And and and there would have buried loved Lisa seeing. I'm sorry I'm. See you hear her on K is the view on Saturday. From mainland in ten says you are now if you can't it's terrific to his hands and early Sunday morning Stevenson who that's right that's what his income visa and yet what do you do in fact act to inspect I don't know there's a little nice for around 6 o'clock at 10 AM. Oh yeah I'm reason I'm thinking night elves are handling afternoon. I'm really tired I have like in the probably a total of like fifteen hours of sleep in the last four days. Even and a comic John Pratt. Now let me getting eerily. Yes and she's here in the drivers you're dressing up in a very long time but we get into all the craziness that is the Vermont can and stuff I do you want to mention that we have a phone number that you can call us that vortex status. It is 253778. 6029. And we also have an email address the broadcast nine and a We also have FaceBook in sir Graham and Twitter that you can check it out the broadcast and and and there's a dash on the Facebook's the F financed like us all of like it's stuff. But before you get into comic con talk we actually did get a text message looking. For some advice actually. Very Smart female. This is the place call for a I I had a gaming and gaming Penn radiates ready but I real ice ages and here today. So I feel like burn amounts of swears is gonna be very low half I like at least ten. I think you're out like crazy when. You an idea to seal him out now keeping it clean a guy. IA says is it's from our buddy knows who has reverend in before him he says hey ladies feel this month well officially been single for a year. I was in the seven this year relationship that ended in divorce and I have been struggling dating. I either get frenzy around or just end up and a friend to benefit type situation. Any tips on what I should do or what ME be doing wrong I prefer to be in a relationship being single is fun. But they need a bill I really they usually get a party thus thanks guys well yeah. The party must depend. Phil sees CN the so my high school graduation coming up. And I was the nerd I got picked on alive and a lot of people have reached out to that Juanita my friends like you don't realize that you're complete A hole to meet you half furlong timely and now you wanna be my friend are you were friends think you watch people Bellini European event like. And yeah so I wanted to kind of do the whole lake. Movie thing where I come in look at awesome and hi we have a party bus and just look like a total bad ass but I don't I. Was debating if that's gonna make me look good to be pushed back is that really gonna help now at a yeah. If it makes you happy internally then do you know more about nothing else. I. I'd like you Madeleine going to dates back ten. It's still early yet but anyways get back tomatoes c.s then he's in single free air it was a seven year relationship so. He's and the friends of benefits seized and the friends and thing. That sounds topped nine days. I'm thinking oh how you meet these people that's what I wanna know pilots and online online. Because that's the promenade it was watching this video online Hussein like what is number one problem with dating today. Are with aren't like you know younger people or whatever it is the fact that. It is so disposable it's like no you know we get one little fighter you're you're doing some analysts are like cool I'll just get on my phone and just pick from the buff Fay. To Billick the first person that says yes to merely. I would like first I would say right on your profile like you're looking for a serious relationship or lack not but. And read now religion just like we'll look at your picture animals that Utley they want even pay attention to what it actually says you biker like lines and they feel English it's be like which it's her revolution we get of get rid of the meetings as a stop using them if you really legit want to find somebody that's. Let me say anyone around here know not Seattle lacked the hard part and that's you know I've been single for three years. Every single for four years and I just started eating like I did not try and offer. Thirteen year because you want to do or can he line two amber just creating does not include the casual encounters. It dies oh yeah. But I just gotten the governor later. Indiana happier note I know I'm dying recently lake. I've been out there. But partly careers again but I had just it's oversized and violence as person. And the AC taking here to three years and now. Fiscal. I get DC I mean it's so impersonal so easy to just begin posted it right you know there are you on center now I am. How how that kind of happy to gone he dates yes I have how they how I've gone where I'm. I was single so long night and so picky. And and so it's collate and make that lake PD one thing wrongly and and and it goes swipe right Marat. Edit edit edit online dating from linked when he won nations to Bally I think it's not do on an off until this past years so for quite a few years. And I met a lot of interest in people people that an Ike now considering friends. Which oddly enough public has seen naked but I think Miley you better as a friend but yeah actually the bullets they burly good buddies and we are. Think you're doing exactly what news yeah Patrick like thing and it's like I honestly don't think if you're looking for love. I don't think you're gonna necessarily find it online anymore it's like it's just that's just how we grow all on and actually talked a person in real life like for me. If a guy approaches mean like that they especially. Not even necessarily at a bar or clobber anything because alcohol back it up like liquid courage for any kind of intimately even a copy shop or at a gas station. That ban on that that effort are sticking guns she said yes and it's you know Timmy. And in my am wow this guy actually has the courage to come talk to front and just type. Found something and it scares people from a wagon and it is shot out of a lot of habit isn't it flick gets where at that I mean it's like I mean. Dancers always known you don't try right. I'm old nieces because I know it's differently I mean Miley thirties and you guys in your twenties in England is late twenties now. How did it for then late thirties. It's you're married by the way had an entirely certain it's he now that cigarettes drugs and color. Yeah yeah. I am it's it's it's weird but there are a lot of men I like the old news leave my nature a few years older anyways that is they have their stuff together most of and most of them are either divorced Bentley I want. Lots canned goods are cut off with kid like 1280. But he with kids that. That is my number one yeah Hank Aaron and at me and yet and younger that style like. I don't I'm not ready to be a mom period amateurs aren't mom and I feel like that in its own is like a whole though the web just complications. A half man because you have to deal with like even if they are getting along luckiest of the exit deal with the kids that you know and then how much authority can reign over them and nine and island that it sounds terrible but it's so it's true I'd I was wanting to got a kid that I know once they get to a certain age and going to change my mind it's gonna be a big deal and I kind of like had stuff going on with guys can't. But it is very shortly and it was like look I just never fun let's do our world where wind bro man. And then when it's done it's that and you never got married right I had I didn't make it north slang. The I was married her. You're happy we're together nine years he's actually news and that's. I had never again I date it musician on our college and I had another you know they can damage but do you notice that on tender Matalin and out until everyone has like please get tired after everyone else aren't now height seeing guns like that this is important to me. With this ski goggles Osama yeah. Or fake it like it's like that so there's every left I mean Gervais is probably not so and so it's true actually figured out yet the academic you like that now on the wellness weekend as a like I and a unit like hello villains like they have a hot body that you never see their face like either you're you're ran. Catfish Saturday are about a vase yeah yeah now I look just back advocates think it is indeed. That and actually into you and he does teach it. But he surpasses that subject matter but I have nah Fella I'm allowed to he's just he's he's interesting. As of this but the meaning of the key interest me news is and he kicks your interest. And then if it you know. Me and yet. And my parent. Just one thing that we can maybe tell moves. You know I've it's boiled down to is these people on the other end they don't know they want. And so that's where they're constantly just like you know kind of backing away it's like you know it's like the you know what you want then let's go out you know and with this guy I asked him if they actually detects adamantly. Just let me know they keep your gonna ask me out again and if you think about it then have we pride not hang out of that happening as they. You know I love that he had. Grateful and pat what do you Heidi replied that he did it and they end up at any quick comment on this page now. Know my expert all the time attack sent in he would respond to me in and I seen him post. Something on social media and I like you do and you same device to do both of these right did it. Do not bear wallow in a female even if you don't do like that it's something so stupid but and then and then I called out for like well like. You don't you on I think mining like I'll be back anything that you that is at bank on wall like I don't understand and I look crazy and I found crazy right now because of the passionate about it. But no I don't get it I just don't get it. It's like he's avoiding being one on one with here it's like there's a bumper beat your pencils and media I it's not a cop out either was. Now all that you said that you were so extreme parties because I had a guy if you meet Alan. It was all that it might not and then. It was pat him on and off I went back and I job at tech art market fanatic I think I really is one attacks opted out. Like I just like he seemed very shy and maybe. I'll just put the arm my cart and a half the guys like no don't you app that's now spread. And let nine and then the other S break you'd you'd be Chicago or any other guys were like you should get up super cool like. I he's not gonna make them make and like I did it. And he. With cooler than it but not nearly as excited about why and if there is no exclamation mark are now highly paid Hughes though they're actually really important though usually. I think it paid when you and honing in on T yup time and he said. Of course carry it where Alec Annan plan your down you know and then you'd like yeah I beat down. And. And I know I'm so Smart like don't go don't go if you cannot. Just me apparently I don't think that library yeah that's a good rally but maybe they run the video stage freaking bomb in borrowing our greatness happening is strapped and that I am. She's really wanted to be an honest and civil and that depends on that night. She walks by every day and I my studio and will scare the out of me I am at UCL dystrophy at 3 o'clock hey. Yeah but it's. No I Alec walk up behind her house in in the window and doesn't notice in the image screen but that have wrapped up to me all the time especially there at that they now. Yeah they and we used to have like either really weird masks and I'm so easily scared and now. Is that the white might have and are there and I. Remember a guy who. It is and yeah return to jab blocking us GAAP. But anyway will say since you're here. Wanna answer quick question to noose. He they surely said. He is in a setting your relationship and it would divorce he's been single for about a year now. He gets friends owned or in a friend of benefits type situation he would rather be in a relationship. He just like some nice and that's what's what it may have been doing wrong with either how do you not get front done and how do you like general art or not I get benefits yeah. Oh my god I'm the wrong person that rival I was sitting like they have fun and if you're looking for an actual relationship give up on online dating I know some yeah it has worked for but not really. Yes I don't know I mean. It's hard to stay in age to find an appointment. It because I like an upside my my personal philosophy on it is that. There are so many options out there are so when you get its relationship you start to think is or something and her. Or or someone else or even if like any little thing we're just saying to you it's like a lot you'd do this or you didn't devalued and you know. Yeah I extra smiley face on that tax just recently he will give me all you know EG. Yes it's not like the 1950s where you use kind of stick and we'll it's also like you know you have more choices not so much. What's in the palm of your hand literally in your like okay cool so. Get rid of it that is what if you cannot literally in shipping your doing online dating and we'll tell you now dispelled. Don't if you've never tried it wanna start go for it in negative situation Gloria but. Now it's if if they had in giving your results by now. I'm only had one relationship online dating him and obviously along the violations and six months and it was a good relationship apparently lots but. What's that worth to act like flatly yeah. But the positive and Johannes and I still have some sort of faith and online dating. I mean different matter girlfriend and engaged town and another on. An honor and a hundred. And man that's next month on enough I don't know I am. I am getting amble. But you didn't talk about some things there minimal fat tax idea next time. Lack. You're gonna miss this great man but I do your answer at some point eight you mean. I want you bring up the topic of public. Yet. I was tied my girlfriend and my friends these nations ROL and public sex panic came up and bank and I think public facts is awesome. And illegal illegal and kind of adventurism by and and sheet. Have never got it and never really has even had. Wants to do and I would think like with a boyfriend they've been making for lunch I think it would be so fun to spice it up and like you would hear there where you know. So I just think. Everyone can have. Wants to but Miller and quietly our boys yeah. Yet it plays to do it all the diamonds out of necessity like we couldn't do it in our house is because you were teenagers we out where did you go. And everywhere silly week and dumped there earlier I we have of when we're part of the got like friend group and we like one and a couple of is Ian funny well here. We had sex in the school bathroom only had sex in Italy I think during school out is accurate that it was after school. And then we did once it's like a ticket Booth. Like the football game he going oh yeah. Have never like we went by like we were 1000 PE and I realize that the door is in its its locks but you just push it open. So we went we missed luncheon we ran in and did that during my eighth. I love and he on the high school bleachers behind horn downs and that they put new and not so happy lady now anti named gun and then I and I all the content to the stuff in the little flock of illegal wooden one. So. I am more worried about him at least use protection yeah. Aircraft I tried Heatley and it splinters your house or something I would December's made the sponsors like frozen Michael what was frozen for about one. Yeah it's great yeah adults we winning it happened yet it was a pretty quick and assuming cool down your growth. Holes like the first time we were real nervous. I don't think anything really how you're just like I get physically OK we want to make like a McGovern shepherds and anymore we're not virgins anymore than our nerve wracking you know my dad thinking is not easy you know and no it is. Like yeah look I think I origin ally affect my first time literally got like 37 and you not I think minded hero which. It's totally on public. Eats up all night searchers you know it was like. I was fine with not public doesn't pain on them growling. At calorie diet like everywhere I. We're going your younger ever Olympic athlete to get her wrist and the national economic. Teaches hate me if you do some light pre work out stuff. You know it's not an aren't hanging there is something that's gonna hurt a little way it's gonna hurt a lot. Yes. And you think it does if you do a little workers out it is scary thing and people really think that part that you reviewed and I'm good for UB you're going to be snowed that I was saying ever mayors that lasts until I was fifteen. Yeah at what I actually am I'm from the midwest Nebraska and that is a huge thing they're very religious and very late. Like I was a single girl there are no children in my thirties and I was carefully three years to break back and the eldest assumed that I Specter in the know think of mount airy they would do anything to me. Well honey one day you're gonna find them I'd like Hahn. And I'm lamb that's like an earlier unions than 27 and I got a Mexican family reunion. Think oh honey give a boyfriend at it now it's yeah in Atlantic Jeep mine's Nike running in the know I'm totally good. All OK honey were praying for you and and sick and like it. It only dilemma there with Eric everything I don't say it's for my mother like and money from the moment I love her. Because it it was up to me I would have since an awful things to my god doesn't like it's OK I get banged on a regular basis in fact I'm an old. Yeah but right after the show. I appreciate your print they pray for me not to get pregnant Mary someone asked me the Philadelphia like ash. Maybe I'm just Wear one and I lie and it. Now they. Think about it now I'm passionate you know well you amongst kids Marianne back on for. And happy I lacked. There is leery like well there's all with one eyes and. Those like you'll. I got to that might add a mom like and they don't really care I want and my age now they would there they would have been married to each other. And LA times axle and my dad so when I ran like. Need to change a light ball or need something better on a house or really anything in my left of the can't function. But I think that we need to find you a man but now nowadays he says god need to find to a man. A woman here Intel. Any old US in my house. Guy at the lots of these basically be competing with your dad you know which honestly. Have yeah I have to have the patience on the saint mobile me you now are would have. Yeah what a woman and yeah. Matt public where the men mall when about the woman and anyone the goblins and trolls live from the militant and an old anyway. The food to the public sex thing I dated a police officer. I don't believe I can't we believe money together yeah I don't think. I can never dated an army men Armenian well. A navy guy but never their cot and then off out what a police officer neck that heavy I'm saying well anyways and he lose its own menus big Tom Alia. Anyway he and told me a bunch of stories how they deal that constantly. And just let him go because they have other things they need to goatee but. They say those the most by a minibus. I got they want to and dear to Bailey you go yes yes live content and turning the gun bust at a couple things I've done it multiple places in the first. Most of it happened with my first boyfriend or lost their virginity do because we were in high school than have a place to do that. So legal in the backwoods of the high school we'd go in like the there's a trail lake around the school and then it leads you to the house is back their tickets to walk to school. So people walk in one way not noticing as the the second sat three girls walked the opposite way these odds but as a wearing his lazy indymac basically quicker like Brandon. I changed ladies yeah hats and Seth. And then. We got we did it in the spot this is true story smoking in my bathroom. Because I his mama Massey. Let it affect not even talking and and elegantly it and I'll happily write it like that you don't get very little about an hour I don't sit on like couches and all the they'll be bathrooms at commonality do you actually TV ads accidentally. But I. Am not content. The. His mom specifically that do not have sex in Catholic she's really fun about it pavlik and he loved his mommy and it is my mom so we had a fine the only place because it and we. We it. And it happens to whenever anybody would come in ages from my feet up so make them look like he's using the toilet a lot of us are lining up for the other violent and being here. Looking back like this is disgusting got soul I knew years ago no this is over ten years ago that happened and Singh's handling this pretty growth. Like I don't I can't fathom doing that again. Like with people going number one number two next element there a line here they probably all hotly. Did you your win I'll have a real crawl that. Are you. Hey I couldn't play at AA UEFA columns Leven and link you discounting knew he had and then. Is like at this time though I remember it being very exhilarating. No problems yet. In so many races I don't know if you noticed this it's like online dating. They're normal first and then and that is just now for that I can did that he's an attorney. Mean and now he. We lanky dates it would you know are really telling benefits of that yet I we went on a key dates in everything was wonderful. And then all of the sudden heat of how this thing and a picnic is here's eating any amendment she complies they want to do this as well he wanted. Q. You look at girls I was willing to go around and be with other men. And a map and tell him about it crackled with yet tackled. That I just learned that turned Vicki I never heard of that hair I've. At a guy friend. Herb. A group had a lot and I had a girlfriend whose boyfriend actually lobbed she would go into. Not to get too graphic but she would need through she required evidence. Issues with another guy. You know yeah she would come back in the united they get in on what the evidence you know liquid from out yet. You know. I wanted to conduct in. The way and. Why I had. Made it there and then there's some. Agitation. About and other I was eating late Sarah. I was why he had and why halting or he's like Allen a dude. To have sex with you but how to be underneath. Emmerich. Did you do now whenever he egos and even in that violate the started putting the pieces together though pulling out of anger that he was still. Weird dynamic kind of crazy. I'm bored I wanna see what's gone on young and I was really canines and Javier like yeah her. It. And a little hello I'm Mike. And that's I get back we'll pick it out and I told the jury and I'm like I'm not so they get back to get my mind is. Blown are now okay we and I am I using it just needs it added a couple of bullets at the guy told you that now said. I want you to go out and do what every while another views beep come I can't tell me about it so he'd do the same with women are now. And I asked them that in the goes it is nothing to do with me wanting to be with other women. He does is all about you doing that. While I'm sitting at home you are doing this with this person and knowing that you're gonna come straight back to me and her gonna get out on him broke first you said I mean it's really sweet here in the amber and it. Yeah very yeah. First of all you're have you Lockett like side to side for a lot like a look at all a long time brag on is all but for a real long coming you're like doing it. Any company handling your doing it again next night out do and it with a random and it well I'm a lot. That and are you Wear me out as Qaeda I know a lot of people that are into it. Good for Kelly and I can't sell off and that I am man I would never be like go out and do other girls like like Annika I don't know how that he is an American I'm an icy faithful and completely monogamists you've made. But I want to go into the days. Nearly dang it viewed blindly Glen lake I couldn't. I did that so much pressure do like the way he gets turned on is me going and being way and make a random like that so much pressure forming where they're finally you know what are some. I would be one you have like regulars or does he wanted to doesn't have to be random. We owe her a bunch of dissent in I talk too bad skip was here now I'm I'm learning and that. He he did mine at their regulars but eventually he would like. One of my choice to come back Torre threesome that you know. That bad MIK I don't know if I'm. Here's an explanation for why this turn and he said he learned over the years to flip jealousy on its side. So incentive getting jealous he would get naturally high being jealous in twists in the gateway and that's what he enjoyed it it's is really deep and I don't know what went on in his childhood that he. I don't. Al-Qaeda in Dallas and he has been awesome. You know so what is so wet reunite now feel really look strata out another word every. I have yet together and we keep in touch all the time and you know I. I've you to this whole thing again you know I've seen on the air went on an opinion my. Edit the because it is for its allies especially your game back into the dating scene. Now I'm not that easy I think you stand is Florida with where they'll acted out milk. It's obviously not real and not really married but dolby you'll be one guy who is kind of like the slave lake it's usually the husband is a really hot woman she has a husband and she like makes fun of his junk size all that and she will bang somebody in front of him instruments on him. It's animal face up like a react he satisfying me he's doing this and the like to feel he millions of people like that five. Some people like it says feels strong empowered like oh yeah UN did the speaker still mine it's like a weird little thing into bed. That they had. That goes on it's like it releases palace and endorphins or something it just makes them feel good and turned them online. Yeah slightly people like it's anger people including Qaeda centers I'd ask him gently dating this girl for awhile and then. Wanted to see her. Get it. And I have a lot of things appetite I lakes is that he would just speech on Watson Washington girl I mean. While doing it on it's not hurting anyone belly in mind like. My mind hurts thinking because I'm so not and do it three summit foursome or whatever it's like I didn't. I mean they were home care op onion and not like. They appear most of the Yemeni relationship without Andrea it breaks my thing at Buick. Now is that programming Mir now outrage. In I don't know I'm training in things I ain't liking Billick have changed over time via and so. Now you really enjoy it sees. Yeah. And Bobbie may be that. Without your life did you grass is it going to be like 01 cent once a month then and I ask how often like that every time you have sex has happened her heat he told me that. As long as it's the fun for me as much as I. I but he didn't spent violate their Caspian and a man Maureen down I think that he would probably hit toward the regulate you we eat we need some fresh dirty Tucker something you should probably gone today. Yeah. Attended bureau and labor and you are yeah that I see funny if you help he's like yeah. So Q what should call oddity and derelict. Okay you'll be looking for unite on actually do other guy and you know this post that on their insights on the underside to like and we're looking for. You know like work couple. Actually screen on one of the girls have like crazy they thought it was hilarious at a you're not gonna get I and you I think that the man's mind you but I don't know the couple that was a shot. And it's my mind. A person and they just not funny ads and we're looking for another girl either for relationship for just for banging. And build list out their rules when it again it's more often not bill. Everyone has rules and they're pretty cool about it like I understand like OK this is what we did do lake. A cake kissing sign all the stuff you're gonna have to leave right away or we have a supper roomy could stay manner we want you be a part of our relationships it's. It's the outreach person I wish I was facts howl. It takes time I think is what he told me it didn't happen name the he also was I gonna say oh yeah I ask from the time I LO I did this would you wanna see a picture of this person he is absolutely no. He goes to meet at their face their disarray and then penises yet. Like act. And I can't be that. And that's is Cory is the oh yeah definitely have to keep up couple creek without a well. And link it is that we than that not only to me none could you do it all could you do all that yes Mussolini and make these are my and they know he's not going off getting. Other stuff. And more or less worried that when he had anything open to what what what diseases are you bringing back because are you using a condom every single time and you ever afraid that like. The I think they are hooking up like they are going to find someone. That they click with fatter bigger you ever free and open relationships. Can play and that's like being raised some. Thing and that's why like if I were to be the open relationship I've thought about it I've been in pseudo ones. It wasn't like a Fuller relationship where we'd like cared about each other but we are seeing other people. And it's like I don't I in that's when the last that's actually why the last situation thing I had I ever got what they are still friends. But as just like now I can't do that the I don't care where that thing knows. And go anywhere is make sure it's safe protected that I know the unit feelings for someone else and I am I want out because that's where my jealousy comes out. And a cabal let's forget is heatedly even if it's just to have been away getting into it is a very. My personal pain and like. For and you and I might turn it off but it's still light and then if you like really I with the first person to Netflix boo right Kia actually write the and I like doing you tired and the other girl I like him kind of panic but I'm. Sounds selfish but I would like to see like I like the whole idea the CC's. Situations she had with the do it or not situation you had the best situation that you brought up big and I got to do the do like. That is why I. It's the demand Gillick and I can I'll consider this slip right let's get the shots in CI and yes he's talking to him because those curious that I at this moment that the did not do yeah I mean temptation was because normally end. Thing. Hello. Yeah. How and this guy done at all like the nearly enough. We did yes. No lawyer. The one who wants you to go on line is Saudi agent yeah I'll get out you know Lanny you're Carolina ticket and gosh is that you're not known. Alec bosh it's music I quit trying to keep. At this pace there and I had a romantic. Anything you didn't lawyers Olympic it. Yeah okay I knew you. That in mind. Like how society like an old you might but I did back and he the first announcers at three years now. Now that having technical I heard first time in the first time it's over. Well I don't ever heard I mean well in Ireland if things are a couple of times Theriot I'm worried I'm Elaine calm and well. It the it was it's it's cool I'm. Half of natural. I immediately. Almost all of last year it was almost a year earlier also linked out also crippled Mike and I on injured at the librarian and an announcement. It was like well OK in my motion back out. Yeah who yeah. Pictures artwork that cancer. Can hit hard do you read about how. That's a statement mechanic and about them and working helps. So I do I did find this article from us the past really yes did you ever do your police cop boyfriend and you know where. I never did have now I'm very very picky lake as far as like who are. High temple yes. He was thinking you've got hammered out and he would send me all of couldn't randomly youth on beauty and with the new picture. His dignity. Nobody really did it like next to his guns human needs that are. I was in the pits. Okay and. Don't waste my time and and thumbs up analogy it. I think like I will say that I been away at what I bring a look at me it's just like there is no way in hell. That's going to be fund. Mike Brown playing differently. Could I grew up like maybe like you know do something you know put an umbrella pole day but didn't. And it though there was just their specific shape of what's and they got going on. But when I because I was drunk it was. Comic con her. I'm not buyers I. I don't know but I guess is actually pretty neat little noisy he kept talking ugly and it and you're premiered yours you're a lot more vocal about it than I am but you're doing. Noble and I'd I'd I'd pick him up my stomach content. And then. Bodies Cuban in the neck and I ran into moment like that club world dancing is like after party for comic con. Well dancing and eating out and get time am and then my Weezer dancing because everyone else like in the party was dying. Out when I got there. And I was taught at an ever I wanna keep bidding and that is filled dancing and and that they can home. You ain't as pretty you know you keen and it it was on an erratic at times as I was like when it kind of solid organ without error. But little. He actually he did a really it's the only good thing about up our mind is. If you're having oral negotiations. On the big it makes you look like acts tea OO yeah okay it's like. Especially. It's like how like I used to go to that it's like it's a scuzzy here. You're not making it difficult especially if they don't know like they don't even I don't know I don't know they're not pac ten but some guys don't actually so they think they're like. Wow you're so good about like the jail like that but it Q tip is again. You know and I. I've had a good reader as women have to worry about them. You are doing that and you make life any legally that we have to worry about right now it's her own Lola my whole world got blown when I got all mine everyone looked like mine. And now. I'm friendly now Google. This certain word Google beep. And Andre hurry. You know why it. Blew up alone and exist are worried that a motto. Link thing once and girls ages wander around naked and I was like how changing in my little corner like turn up in anyone's way. And on this one don't sustain a we're having conversations with everybody my dudes and stuff that are going to be taking the pictures of directing it. She stay there like naked just talking nodding getting dressed and I am I trying so hard like. Phillip and you're like what what it wasn't like I wasn't trying to under house wanted to lock. Yes because that carries the man did not look like that feels like. There's my bag he had it was a curtains like flashes that I am pretty beefy downfall. Yeah they apparently trying so hard not fluently had said like it was. Fascinating and a went well why why why why all this time. Yeah hair in women have surgery and I thought oh I. On the television like tenth. My friend to immediate plastic who has land that's really like prettier whatever she sadly if she her as one as she quick answers and doesn't think. Like. Unlike Elian has told me that so when my main climate sisters and she had her son. You do tend to rip and yeah so she gripped in a star he said. But then I tell my cousin Mike how bad was it when you know and you give birth to media and she says Marianne Elliott creating much. It's all like me. All they sew that up though I don't inherent and I asked him like so how was like how. Are you now she's like. My husband says there's no difference I'll I'll take corporate. She's doing when they went live at heart but I mean he would light bright and he would not be like. The I don't out of navy. Ponzi doesn't care but yeah it's now up. Right. Back and Matt Cain and having to go air ray if you will know how they control the bleeding in the risk of infections. Perm because sometimes scared the back in two and so those app bacteria is not meant to go now north. If you well Yemeni girls had a baby and she said in thigh wrapped. So it's like in kind of her like a lot lodgenet had a cannon chief seeing them like so help me out if she's adequately. Really scary but cool is critical in Europe. For Darryl I think she is still anyway yeah apple girl and I hear an irony. But I hear it could legally inject neat answers spot. Yes only your injury in the long long time after that he. I never mind children in town and probably not nineteen anymore about it I don't ever want to. Instinct is that the animals yet that's it but I just. Like that woman went and it's blocker and here in the keeping childbirth and display when a tree view like it's like the Wendy's he walking over only a dear to later. Or I get a bad cramp and I don't want it happening. That's one better practice like I think they should be treated like. Lake goddess like today if I ever get pregnant and it would human being Guerrero in I need to be the thing to think I never I think it's notre over I'll meet. Read reviews but. Every lake. If I don't wanna pick my back you pick I have baby growing in English and I think everybody you're young you know all the guys out there that are in your dad's hoping we'll sweeping away at Chatham house an. Higher for the Angela did. Not blowing to me I understand that in my wife and she was carrying my head I'd be like yeah oh yeah I got my age. You might. Well. It's some pickles yeah actually whatever you want to chocolate milk. Do you like being here and you ladies and human unity Levys is because we hear all acquired tastes. Yeah yeah. I could ensure that all about and yet we're the acquired taste. How often does seat. There inappropriately filthy where only sometimes leave you like you. If as than me yeah we're pretty awesome and I think but I did kind of those spherical and 24 picks only crazy girl will find comfort him. And a annoyed me. All the entries by his family I. Some like you know doing and you you have your moment of gesture so pressured you're still angry EC's east say your knees and they need to act or whatever but many of those. We're not saying that these these things are okay. But I lately. Let me get it's you always keep your craziness camouflage during early season relationships mean and mean that's like. Kim Kardashian sipping wines are revealing and looking away. No would you uncle Brady out like that when you're in the first day and night to finally meet a girl is not crazy Monica. Last I like. Just different ways to be crazy I mean there's there's there's yeah immediately like who -- texting our. Yes the pack and that only unhealthy treats me like this one where it's like you almost have a heart attack we like to put the girl that you. Like here. Atlanta like and coffee with misty or something and he. Like jokingly like you're crazy like I am crazy to where I will get dropped adults match face the ground like I am act crazy crazy to Wear like. I get manipulative Burton's handling our going to be like. Thinking out and JD in mine line outback angry you but you're right there are different levels. And I think this is this highlights the more of the Angel who won. Like for example it's like you know in the dialect picture girl that's not view. It's it it feels like it's embarrassing is here men. And another girls like it's like York. Blink sucking boyfriend and 120 people like this photo from your point. For immediately I ice usually between twenty. You were right easy I now I'm in now I'm just like if you consulate. You know on. Do it that Google's I'm an amendment you know and it's. I didn't mean. Yeah I vividly when you get older Q does it mean the crazy didn't die against has payout well I think like if a guy. It for our republic like a guy went public do that girl Ella like all look NC McGraw I'll be like yes she is a lot Arlen we like to me it's not. Your other people are high and I got a people are hot issue and it when it's a stranger in public that doesn't mean that you're able to bring you say oh my good female friend that you're not really friends I think she's that's no no you weren't. I accident and yeah no because Aaron. I mean ultimately do you adequately now I'm like now I'm comfortable around here I think he's putting in my head. You I don't like I say why she Q. That's fine but yeah had a way of and he did say in his words. Amicable. And that I'm not used to a different middle school. And then link started Venus and Graham high schools like Larry at home and she says you know this remic. Respect his partner that he's not your man because I'm an ex boyfriend I asked them or my hobbies for things like I actually liked it there is obviously at your head of the XP you can't just exploded he picked the two girls that I found the most to track it in my friends are telling me that I had decades or he did that on purpose maybe and then I felt I felt really. But I just like you really an attractive I'm diamond like nothing like you know you might he says he might not your turn to trap them. You if you Smart enough to. I got a lot of other artists include Africa. It's like another one on here is that we try to keep your ads together with someone else was texting him it's like FEC give and when stone is I've really need not you texting him. I given got hit that far now it's very time thing. And I don't care. I have really given the benefit of the doubt that love their goes your little friend. You be flirt on minster Grammy not gonna talk to me. Yeah deflating an instant Graham. And then you've mastered the novel filling test it's like something wrong now OK I just think it's yeah. And it. Yeah giants next I had adult like addicts they with a guy where he is trying to get back in my life anomaly. Even if they're leave me alone any write me a big long thing we tried apologizing diligently they're saying look thanks leave me alone like I just like we switched genders recited. When you almost master figuring out his passcode lock. Now know well now can I that's three Ager on the island among have to like go and it's on spy on her Facebook and Ian that. Do you not even that sorry witchcraft is gone and a like or throwing a fit because he falls asleep before Ewing uniting and tired yet. Morales holding along date drugs on him because he's the dream of him cheating on high profile hate. And I think here we know. No they're very insecure or is it Winger I tells you he's a malicious or he's joking. When he dry chilis and home T dry ice house double checked cities where he says he is now I had friends due. I had girlfriends yet before our check is like find my friend that by may or anything other creepy like now. At a Steve actually man. But like that enough connect what annoyed me but none of these are really of Catholic activists operating immediately that this is not a healthy relationship. It's as Andersen's and these were gonna get our crazy like that drunk and I Iraq and the and weird and I'm. Or. In my. I'd like OK okay if you look like an animal and this I just think you're so hot and scenario and I don't appear on Vicki restaurant and I can't really help out our movies on that but I can't. You got your face and make out via. I don't know in. Yeah it's I finish out how we just hit. We we didn't make out we just kiss. The different unions until we did I hear the studio which is like a big kiss and reverend ligature running grab Bernanke is there's. Obligates I wanted to catch job Pratt. And unguarded so yeah. Yeah and then getting they don't have picture or video like now Larry Indian. Yeah it's just begun to console OK listen. I got two girls that the that the. Let's we're nearing up to an hour here votes got tentative flat variety fast. So what could not sexy but nobody. We did answer it the whole friend to benefit I think good situation strident to do the only defense if you're doing their yes go tick are all good. Does it to be I came. If you books I've seen a proposed all around and they want me to actually do it says now what guys talk to girls in my entrance of the far line into pure at a bookstore. You see you girl often. I hear her. I do analysts now like I don't wish it'd be really helpful if we had like. A sign about our had Dina or read lately our brief let up like. Are you taken precinct. Illegal I mean they have am I letting me do mania but only as a wedding yes but there's others called. It's not like parties. Where you where if you Wear red shirt you are if you Wear red you're taken. If you buy her yellow then eighteen years old mean if you're green it's like and singled mingled with party like the green and go like you'd get like. All agree birds always thought kids like. She's sure of a boy let's just did a single. And lo piccolo seat figure means a name her drink relatives and see what happened yeah. You people everyone's name who's playing and pass the phone around. They'll say something like RA it's Sarah wolf for the I'll have to continuously talk an Irish accents and and you can't stop until the game till it stops so it begin you have to drink if he'd taffy demons that. Or another one it's like now some of the captain whenever they clap everyone at the clapping have a glass and clap. Kathy is calling its new rules as it gets passed around or you have to do a game like OK name Laura gatherings characters Easter with the union to go around whoever. Yeah well it cannot king's cup but like. Your current Seattle it's it's adding it's not more fun. Must. Let's for the mess with the cards and such. Anything that we can do organically with each like that lean and mean to me on and a team not ha ha ha yeah. Yeah I. And we talked about the outdoor sex tells your crazy up or sex or is it what. Happened my idea I had that and I want to brag about when. And how I did not get anything bad going on down their eyes and law I had a very serious and efficient. The late gives the early lessons there if you read him Blake fielder got a leg where we where it click on the docks. So under the dock. This area he held on to the wooden part and there are click on anything that any link where you can pull yourself up again in underneath so he held on to that and then I held on it and basically straddled all the guys on the hard job. Yeah I told myself off. My daughters so their back into London and and he uses holding. And first stability it wasn't for me out of the water kinda did everything for you like it motivation not remotely. It was late little fish. A freak you out. Hey how little help from link on The Little Mermaid I've found her little tragic Chad yeah. Mean I don't know nine denominated debt management like. I read an idea I would never do it again bank. They didn't. And I am too much of it wasn't so paranoid that I'll pick hi it's. And you get a rest and that's. Back and he recently even bringing in like no it doesn't matter early facts now but liking and he really seriously and I think it's somewhere area you know poster near anywhere possibly chilling could be totally. Eight. Stick to my room. And when the roommates are on the couch non violent it any pentagon hi I yeah. Here so am I the last time I did do at the earth. Last year. I think it was a little lock in Athens London metals spot this is that you think that you were bad in the count the minute I felt I had. And because the only thing we back at the time. That winner. China any conflicted memories here and yet looping the pop but hey I had like I I I tell myself I don't plan on it. And it's fun and it's not allowed to grandma kind of guy and his legacy are at it differently at the I've never done right if Iran and other ways to go in the back of all the deli meats. I don't see you sir wraparound question. And telling me. Today as a national meet there's snow is called up today. It's fabulous you're not prepared province. She. Knew that title in the knots. Have sex with them let them do anything if I have not aimed Mike what does it up percent whenever elegantly done a lot like. But now I want I got to I would rate there. I'll be right back and I go to supermarket let me every. I just let them do whatever yeah. Almost everyday valley there was one time where like Eldon expecting in the capital secondly we're just general like. Exe ranges in other words just like. We did and it was far away and so is one of those lake effect I have to be back for her eighteen C at this time so I might leave right now. Given our that have to leave right after inning comeback in him you know get stuck in traffic. And I'm so manic as yet chiropractor appointment or something. But I'm in the middle of this I won't be getting off and like getting off what I'm doing here filling of the hours and at that time. And I just made at some BS excuse just now like. Oh yes you know may really it was those of you have a plumber. Hi I I don't know did you do Ali and I left and ran in our unions say sorry about as. Like I am Lawrence down and I like I don't like my election happened that we just like when additives and rambling I'm sorry I didn't say I then prepare I didn't know we're doing is the jobless Davis. I did not cave like ads in mind coming in and when it's like in love it like a force Iranians as little more than in Houston. Well for a little of the cobra. Well man. The war on them hadn't been cut in the week in and not my leg up along you know Islam groups use to keep that up every day now the press I did she keep in public. Telling a guy that girls and Jay and silent in the wintertime and examine damage picking of lessons should leg of the sea and into the that the morning. Vitriol of and we'll get a chick all my leg I shave blank. From an ankle to me. Yeah look at the main part. I do you have weren't like Capri is. Not at public laying in bed. Off completely zone look he crazy relate among moderate just suspect couldn't hear you mean like I needed so I played. If I hourly at a snack the bottom fished up well just hear him he you know then it might let my fire grows pretty slow it blonde for salaries so why oh yeah I would weird body hair colors like I haven't won green here in the condemning eyebrows and times. But have I blind are here for being Mexican I'm blue on our hair. I have launched by a hair and blond impeachment everywhere. But and I have you know dark. Calf in the chin hair dark under environments and yeah blog I'll send them assess his blonde that our act that. And yeah I think got a day off. You're calico kitty I can tell you know it do it. Managing these kinds they don't diet. Yet I don't think I handled grow out and then I won't notice until a shipment that here. It did that you're I don't blame you. I didn't notice until like I was like laying out getting some sun and parents ultimately do they're gone somewhere and I got to the picture it's it's a really cute well the united medium. Well I got a bit aren't listening to. I have all the pitches somewhere I am just like you could definitely see. To save them. I have ideally we do weird positions were you seem like I've and then an anchor and look at them like. How I guess. I strive never show you that. Aren't. And I'll three and element this and I definitely think she really gave them up. I made his exit by the back anything. Oh yeah man you can Manama oh yes. Xavier NC yeah how. Do you think no matter. Am totally madness and he's probably keep it up though Islam burned. Appreciate it yeah yeah. Oh Big Easy easy graduating hey daddy and again. Happy reality and I am I. Man.