Broad-Cast Ep. 67 - "Mary St. Sin & Barbarann Kym"

Friday, March 24th

Vicky B, Ooh Sara, and Sailor Sage are joined by the very talented, intellegent, and fun Mary St. Sin & Barbarann Kym to talk about Mary's awesome 40th birthday bash that will include awesome bands and a fried chicken dinner this Sunday March 26, 2017! More info here!


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And I'm devoid. For the. Welcome to another edition of V broadcasts. I'm the TV and they got. The sand. Hang. I stage Hauser of Sarah. Fair that they same stage in her potty mouth don't know I don't. And isn't very very special episode because we haven't I will be first cast of 2017. I wrap. What track we actually hatter on before. She is the talented the wonderful matter is they and they wanted to do that. I'm Mary. I enemies being so for those who don't know she used to hang out here in Seattle the left us. For Portland and then. And Seattle better yes and for her try triumphant return and her. I called BS her fortieth earth are you sure it's not there yet because I am calling yes. I got later and hit the moral and I'll no way. You made it yeah acne and a fantastic and it's it definitely not a not even mostly. And that's the key. And a party it up I ain't. Party it up now I'm not what I you know damn well pickles and I. I love it and then also joining us and possibly coming in and an out of my contaminants Catholic and kinda like my opinions on it done and I lovely Barbara in him. Just that yeah. I. Don't like talking com. Because you guys are awesome you guys did bring is in some chicken to sample because. It's your weekend birthday. All the plans and then on this Sunday from 7 PM Tempe and howling and blues club going to be Eric Kelly and mayor I think sins birthday bash. So what's going to be going on your birthday. Well as people. You steamy outside. Air at the chicken for it's and then you inside there will be. Reserve tables and the teensy. Senate the years and offers comfort serve for dinner then only enemy X amount I'm not sure with the man is it. A lady that can pack yes it down and she's in her service it's not like just club you're actually going to. He served which is really lovely and there are three bands playing it. Instant is doing an acoustics that from clergy and leveraging and I think he's my eye opener song. And then Jamie nova forum which burned in his pitching this guy. She's doing an acoustic set with her body tiger. Shivering denizens are of the headliners line them there though on their soak their lives. So that that is going to be just a real who's. And a doors open at 7 o'clock like I said I ten on at the door and fifteen dollars for dinner bell. It's a great freaking many of fifteen dollars you're getting. On tonne ensued so you've got two different plates they got a fried chicken dinner plate and a vegetarian plate what comes with. On the bridge in their plea yet when violent lag. You'll see it than an order Mac and cheese and Latin fatal pretty salad or Colin firing of those salads is that Sony brought today than it was stolen bases there is a big and a salad there I loved and then I guess I avocados raison at all on our hands up and there and there's also going to be cornbread of course of course and all. Mac and cheese the chicken and cornbread are included pre. So hey we think Nancy these things I have I'm learning a few things done in Portland. And that's a stomach guy all and a good chicken is writing coconut oil now so it's like totally healthy and he's at 8 AM my diet meal you can. I lost me while eating at. The site and hasn't you don't taste like any difference there in our group raised the bag or their this and know it's there's still so much flavor all the spices you you hit every note it was a Mittal were out Axl and I had a lot of good entry stuff because I'm idea that kind of stuff but that. Jurors where it way different than. I've had before they they tasted exactly insane but yeah you wouldn't know they like. If it's missing the gluten from green any any doubters out there I'm always shocked at how dare you not trust me that it. I'm the reason they don't know if the way back when he bucks you get to see. Three awesome they and do you have a full on fried chicken dinner or if you want to vegetarian bit which is the same things have to get you portions Mac and cheese and what's vegetarian Serra has got. On that Alia. This Sunday again marks when he sick at. Highway 99 blues club and it's like 7 o'clock. And I'm so glad you're joining us because we we look talk about different things on the podcast we're hoping that you would actually. You know give your input as well picture. I so one of the things actually wolf first okay academic on a stage. A gay lawmaker and a big effect they realize forget that the with rugged phone number real good so I'm Kim remaking opening very soon. Anyways so you can collar area I got excited about I think I'm get a phone number it is T 537786029. You can reach us by email at the broadcast 999 and Better answer at these books are social crap you know. I've got to make none of the agency came in running into the studio hurricane. Before we even started broadcasting the I have to tell somebody something I just realized that there Monday's that I bot. From the tour with not a Jersey love our cars is right there like free panty. I could be I couple he had a couple free. But UVs for a while a little bit after months of Barnum. You know probably five times. You've got up something fancy about these countries they are cross lists technically and I had no. Light it. And yeah. There you. How that works that you don't realize there's no price of kind in about it I'll need to count when he. So there's there's Q. I know right there you keep the blades. And the overlap each. And their own I wouldn't be bad so the opening. Today's notice. I was sitting that bad interim I was like I really wish when my friend who's been here right outside and let all my god. Patent that. I don't I. Oh. Sure I didn't hear I don't know where in front of you that my money through them I wouldn't drown my not that now. I'd just be awkward and I'm tired you don't learn the lingo I. Big TV she can. You give it. He can't she. Only permits to coal mine now in. Milan and Mikey did you think this area. The real peak YouTube. I. That you and your thing is saying. Yeah. And I really just how to make them so I didn't across the skinny now. We'll now that I know they're crutches I'm don't think they're going to be in my every day he means. Like Deanna and I my you know me and you. They let it might nannies can view. We'll dig. My new party trick to the party I don't go to a minute by you know part of Al Golden's part I don't. I don't know how I'm. Blake. Can be under downstairs area I I recently went to Mexico to visit family and we stayed in my grandparents' house and I traveled with my mom and my grandmother sister. And is does not really relaxing to it with a vacation trip and it was great as I can see my family and I got to do different things that I did not rest at all. And I toxic to life than us on. But what I was sick one of those days I had a really bad headache. And I had a conversation before I left with age. And I'm gonna be gone chilling nine days. To my bring any in my special you know devices. As in. Mentally and then the I was wearing ethnic group. I am going on vacation again I'm going with my mom. And I mean we didn't should we we were my mom wanted to share room but I I sprawl all over the bed so we didn't units again account is she prefers it that way anyways. But I. Would she shouldn't you be bringing that on like a family vacation. And gas station I bring my favorite one witches about the long. Wanda. It was a different little portable and an end is inappropriate to use its which wit went what I believe was my mother's childhood bedroom. The wrong thing because I got a really bad headache and I know sometimes by achieving that. It helps with headaches and I didn't do that one thing kinda where was it weird. A little bit just because of a headache kept interfering thing at a stop I wasn't talking about the headache I was I was at the that you (%expletive) too worried about the headaches are really pay attention that it was it was one of those like Andy coming up the stairs like what. These are not soundproof rooms now thank you very quiet. And grant granted you know I've known death but. Pile those blanket on exactly the pillow is the beginning it is the start singing. Lighting I'm more worried about. Airport. In the meantime he's seen nothing to fight club and they have a policy about ivory luggage I will play I'll be minor concern and don't let the lottery yeah I put in my in my mind the one that went under. I put in a bag and carry on yeah sadly that inlet and I'm sure the guy that went through my lunches like hit it it. Only one and a why carry around coming out would. While big stage and this is what we colors yeah it's it's not like. Some swimming can get off by just using their hand on the majority of stereo. I cannot demean women cannot I he had all. Well I elegantly somebody yelled they're like sweet wanted my hand like. How we out its own. Do you all I can with my own gym that. Yes you're right in there and much more difficult with the L and for me yeah I eight seconds and cool our net and next what else. That's how could something else when a guy ever is like. Trying to. Do stuff for and do stuff. For me with his hands and like I can do that from myself wave better than you can get OK and I know exactly where and how you adjust your mouth I like I guess. Or play. But don't be upset if you don't get me because. And that's why I have so many devices so that I treasure trove by the way and I have I multiple people I've told this to you in a minute can't use their two minute. And age group made them as a couple they're girlfriend at something from Edward I have enemy. You have to get rid of that term trend Obama and going through something perhaps selling honey and if them you have been really want to. To my parents get the cut that well lots. But it's only ever happens to you there's going to be a mob of people going to rushing to hear how does this well let me well. Not that I pulled it. It. Don't want to get my own house and I wanna room to commence its own animal like. It's just. A guy that I have guns it's the love gone out for land and not. Here is how you actually feel about. Doing that action on a family vacation because. I still with my father then and I find it really weird to you went home. We aren't and a sophomore Adam and the mind. Hi can any foreign power but what if you rambling not and I don't are like yeah like that's totally miked. Block for me now don't you know when you are teenager I didn't have any of these problems and I was teenager I would out of sight of that guy in the Meyer grandma's and so brazen like I would like do stuff to a guy in the backseat while parent you're right I did not care and now it just seems. I got my age I feel like clay it is disrespectful of the things Americans as we. Creepy and weird and like I can't do it like I couldn't do the things they did I tend like not to. Ten years eleven years ago I can't do that I think it was more like landing at and now since you're being disgusting. Where you certainly hear. That. Doubt that would would you guys like ably he went on a family vacations that you went like a cabinet or something you always saying in the same place would that be a mental block or would you just not even bother with it. It. You take a lot of parents yeah. Indication any bad you just put I arrived. Get waiter can have loophole that Florida and especially when it's a shared Bowden that turn that you. I mean if if you're in the bathroom by yourself. Or locked. Have your phone with some music. Pretend like you're achieving nearly the electric in there. It beat out. Of yeah. You've. Got half. Well and that's play you know you are running day. To think. Yeah alone. In the water man and a partner and an audience. Those still. Yeah I. Yeah yeah yeah. As needed to get an up and my deep that we minors and wanna try and finally try to conquer this now. Well and try to Golan occasionally apparently making I just bring that theory that body and mind your view and tennis. And the media conference humbled that you should forget it. Out. Would be drug and like I cared an audience. That I am I mean I think I tell Allah if I have a cute and tolerant I don't she's about them. And I'm outta my mentally. And giants are that would be my eyes and the badges on life on the campaign that look up every now and then they liked. I think that happened in my different it will not mean about my friend. She and that dude. An an on and that's about it. Right next to mine and I would like Newington anybody watch that much at the nets them like this click. I don't be evil ideas some eyebrows go up and down and out and out like. But he's seen explode like hiding under the weight and I actually feel like. Her. Yeah. When I try to. Get HBO and Cinemax and yet that's life you know. And tunnel on the part in me. Our effort you can't seek to thank you making the editing now and have fun. And it and a. Thing a little less dirty and a little more angry. You hate them. Seems like Selig had ever gone on a Gator hat and eight rejection where there are where you rejected the person and they took it horribly. Area. Like what's. Angry sad that prank what happened at the last guy that I needed I broke up with him and. And our teachers. And honor we it is. All. That will ever leave me. That's not. And it dash let's say I'm still single it's I really don't want to get all that was packed up its heart and all pretty hard to do that do you like Kennedy emotionally. The guilt trip. And Blackmon like in. There and you're like oh I'm so sorry actually together they don't. I'm not saying I'm. I don't want you anymore and I. The country doctor. Pretty stock. And cry. Is. That. Those guys that he. You the answer is well. You can't. Yeah yeah especially when you are older is. Despite last week. And hands on with their strategy like that. I have lagging flat man. Hits you man I Wear you pants all everyday. Albany and then. Down. Wears skinny jeans and a certain that as worries skinny jeans but Craxi all that I am in now and mine but now. And. Yeah I'm not the eighties for his. Well as a touring across pennies here and ask you could hold you gotta know where Pullman easy access will be an hour or genes are we look at the end and I now we're. We gonna talk about the day you know we're not OK I didn't exempt from there I. Any you what I thought of on this story online about. A girl after first date. Tells the guys okay. Let's just be friends. I would like to be friends and his response surprised there and then. I think you will have sage and Sarah acted out are you going to be a girl. Gas have and then we can then discuss after. Particular day. And seeing. Eight I just wanted to say it was a really great media last night hoping haven't agreed to pay cobra who gives him he seemed like a great guy listen. I really don't CEO of the romantic partner but I hope with me Franz. I hope I think your hopes up. Not at all a why. So I really decent. Excuse me Deb you see that. Not why do you feel that way. I am confused. The new literally just saying you don't see dating happening between us fear is played I know rejects a reduction stains that you don't have to get faulty an attempt to throw back in my faith wow LL. I feel sorry for you and really dale. If you didn't think there was anything there why that F did you text needed and because it's polite and the appropriate thing to do after having coffee with someone who. Wow. You really are pathetic someone who looks like you'd think he can be that picky Al and they. That is the really rich BZW the amount of Harry blocked at thirty makes you look forty and you walk like an old man jester rejection like a man. Just your rejection like a Manning quit being a little bit X are you kidding me. Baldness is genetic outside of playing out ten K for her. I don't know nephew he has been thinking follicles from thing and care act there's a whole lot I can there's not there's not a whole lot I can before it. Also I told you that I twisted my ankle carrying a patient on the stairs you're about a hundred pounds heavier than your photo implied. Something you can change up and up until now I said nothing about. FYI the deal breaker for me was the fact that you were texting all night showed up half apparently. And really didn't engage in conversation beyond one word answers. While it contributed to my lack of interest unlike this conversation. Didn't make me think you were about person. Well and at G you're making fun and my weight wow you really are such a big news there. I'm so glad that rejected you have fun trying to attract women with that tiny Dick act act case salary LL with our. And I think. It. A salaried class there are areas that they hear okay I'm done with you. Do the math my equivalent hourly rate is more than you make on overtime I thought it was strange that you passed. But got an ally. Bullet dodged you've really blew this when the user reach today. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Well my guys. Like. Immediate that you instead of crazy anymore everyone's crazy you know every every pregnant women all of us we are crazy isn't it like what are react to them and ask how much do you make. But on a first date it's not near Athens is an ass out reversed and it could be done. Like what why don't you marry act. I don't know I ate. I don't cast judgment and it for me is just that some were asked me to me that's just being curious about. Much like movies and a house cleaner it was like charge you know yeah well yeah I Wear it down and not weighing. On him. Let iPad people will put on airs it out much or how little and make that and not make a lot. McNabb had people ask. How much charged on my design work that's as of today are so it's not way it's different I guess for me it bothers me come and have for example I went Hugh. I was told you my friend who works for Mary Kay and they're putting on the aggregate they're doing free chills and stuff like kind of cool maybe by the chronicle. I get there and for the first like half hour 45 minute it's like a sales pitch. July and then like I don't that's not my jam I've seen my mom and I see a lot family members do that quote on a pyramid schemes. And I hate it I hate those kind of things just 'cause I've seen. At the intimate and now I'm I'm over I don't want you part of it and I had this alchemy and there the blue mom and they are all such bitches. He really where when gas reckon idea that the generally it's like yes like I graduating to town picnic 07. Okay that's partly why don't remember your name Mike OK but the total. It that air like bitch genus of around her and then her mom came up. The worry got power in her work at certain ethnic and you work at Starbucks not I don't know and I we're for is Asia help misty may leak that immediately my face while she shake my hand. But the firm grip on my hand I'm sitting here like. Not only just says she'd be likely make Martell hardest how abrasive she wise dislike hate anybody asking that question to the automatically assume radio station do you think one thing or the other thing you think I'm cocaine making six or. I don't know like you are. Think some people think. And I live and I mean I am really aren't here in. Bachelor I was told I would that was to happen next month it had it not happening. Birmingham and music in the damage he had a sign get the coupons. It's. She doesn't sound to me anything on purpose from the time that was not on purpose. And deal breaker and that one question on the first day that would just kill it immediately. There. Wondering what I look like with them and make. It. Or any comment about brown and about that. At all. Materialize browns beat the trailer and it looked real. Part of unarmed that the it's really like coming like I that you really pretty. It's. I am right you're staying I don't look pretty now choice of how to present itself to the world hammered on. Islands I'm asked me take my shoes off so he wouldn't that I wouldn't be tolerated him immediately just walk away that it did at. Oh now now and yeah. I am marry Bobby pin and then he'll not so they got he can't feel that we should not even be talking she is a gorgeous bat last tattooed lady who models who cleaned house is. And I'm glad you want to make sure that he mentioning this price ticket she will be trying to cameras on the group and Ralph and I I'll answer my friends. She will be frying. Shaken this Sunday at highway lane and blues club from seven to take doors open at seven music at eight we got a bunch of awesome bands prefer performing as well. Tonight get to the door fifteen dollars for delicious fried chicken dinner. The double meaning get chicken cheese salad corn bread like it it's that freaking fantastic meal homemade. Country. Super excited about that I really you don't think what they what I think my question and advocate complete. Dumb now. I am a racist and I feeling I would walk away from you. I I don't get I think did something like if your friend I like I'll complete joke around we make that the racist comments and but. It's all out of love. But I can't intelligent offerings in the month and that's what I immediately just. But clearly backhanded compliment Mississippi knows that only a Mexican you speak Spanish do you agree guard. I'm not going out with you because they need a freaking green card or. Hope way to stay here because. Not just say in. The news that it do you have any Barbara that room. Us I'm sure you've had some Goodwin's old white cans or even like her somebody like trying to hit on you like as a way so unanimously they trying to hit on you they say something like. And the whole thing we're talking earlier distance. Prettier without so much make it I'm like who you. Don't know lake I had iPad guys tell mean you know. It just didn't do this victory Mary be like why you object to it's really. Not defining. You know my standard and how I carry myself and I choose stress if you want to do it again paper doll. Yeah right yeah our daughter of a puppy in drive. Cutting off of. How they treat this the wait staff. Every day my big one for me because I've been in the service industry whole lives and and if they are condescending and jerky and rude known now then when they don't and I'll I'll look at the bill and see how much they tipped off I've done and I. I I stop paying out the guy because of the who went to wait until I got I hopper Denny's or something we discussed that Europe I was very young but I had worked in the service industry. And he barely tipped anything and sitting here it really and had to put double tip on mine that I made sure we split. And heat it to day because I eventually got this job. And since he liked found out it was me until it once a year he'll get like a new FaceBook page and you send me a message like. All I remember when I blew Vicky. And just like are on the ice W vase but in just like there's a reason I don't talk to you. Man you are cycle could Arab lovers and I don't know creepy we have and we met online like unlike it was like MySpace but even numbers in my yearbook dot com that emerges from. Just friends hotter not back down right and so we we hung out music well. Get this isn't a day you know I have a girlfriend and British she's she dummies and I have to break up with German hiding she's shooting on year. Who will they go through a phone I've no problem going your phone or going to your FaceBook or her MySpace messages amble law. And semi okay and read my mind you are not adding we went again only he's going to our town I think that was in the second time with the Denny's. After that no no you're crazy my friend. Hi I mean I don't. I don't you nothing's gone how on on my. Efforts. That's right that's what your. But if I'm going to want to hear from. Yeah or an even isn't like I for anybody from Europe and you know you're passed which you're now now now well now united on. There's a trust that yeah exactly that point. Outlined you have to. Be able to trust the other person is in. Being creepy in usually when people are that. Sketchy about needing to need to prove to them they're not cheating it's because bear they're the ones that hey yeah right it's it's often. It. It didn't wanna move on we were talking about make up and there's a new make up trend that is missing seeing jobs. They all paid beyond what I thought about the last one that went on so the last one. I think my UPS. But he seemed like the silicone. That little little sponges the payment on a silicone are supposedly battered their total crap. But so this. And new one is that people are taking boiled a slightly hard boiled eggs and using them like they would keep digging into a shell off. Now they don't please the shell out boil it used the shell total and then make up having Tre. You want kind of normal country do you live in. Where you decide that you need to go get an egg to put some make up on your bike that read you real crayons do you. Tell them. On earth. A lot of work the ball well today and then put it on your thing we would just your fingers. My best tools are on the fingers. Do the ladies make up I have to resist doing. Oh. And it. I hit an agony. I'll buy an IMAX I'll hire an extra eggs from the salad it. A I make up today's again an outline of condoms. I think it's not like. About that are hinting at 3 in the morning. But in the middle of the game you all for you on how you want on you do yeah he got. Here and now I. Icon on it. I. AM like. Are you doing this act. And that. Day if you're sex and all the hard boiled aid and legal. I can apply its. Rather elderly. Aren't yeah. I. Okay isn't what happens you are reporting there. We don't know that we'll be right chicken and then hopefully not. There. Now I'll be single for there and I. Your you. Bat again momma says and I intimidate boys. I'm sorry I mean that you want and that's okay its moniker as. Most the time but it's crazy that all things all of us is a LE IR and skating tie with my yeah. Gone towards the back you had eight years so we're right about. I think it is super into being out of related. That's hat sun. I think it's actually I don't think it's like she's an independent look I love and I think it's also it's not just. Like a look I think it's also the airy permanently in the senate side via live like KD UIIM. Yeah I got myself taking care of and that's when my mom my grandpa my permanent find your husband went into the that in like that. You know what is the enemy hears those stubbornly. Well anything telegram box. That is why I'm single can I got my stubbornness from you. And you intelligent yet I am I broke and he got I think two shots in that together. If you're in your body can't do that and you're you're you're you're you're not gonna you're not up for the fight in the sense you're not be pushover. Like I have not put our most the time. It's the rare breed a man can actually. Appreciate yeah you look at one partner and greet them and yeah. And you bake the cake. Part of it takes. No it is but like I. Can read. It to ten I'm another slice. And I mechanically that's on him. I that the Mexican in me but I like my. Animal I think also take my advice for it with a grain of salt I think the way to having managed just keep instantly fall absolute philosophy people guys and girls yeah. I am so lucky that I had a lot of time. I don't know yeah. Yeah I did today. They and they don't really like doing it because they too. Want to do it you know I'm. Like the American people you're cutting wrong. And I cutting out man the right plan all of a I think that is making it what is. What is your go to mile we have to cut something makes and the neighbors if you go to meal. My goat to menial. And LO ST. Cottage Sheen. And in. Needy. Like. Not cooking. And no I'm not I'm not really looking in my in my life like you never eaten up on. Yeah. He changed. I make oatmeal. If I don't win against. It's funny maybe. Maybe I'll assume the government -- you make on the stove heated up yet can't clear yet but yeah. I. Doubt is kind of following directions on the back in the pack yeah. I am getting me about it like that. Get the code box the Darth box and apparently at Allen threes break apart and you know the thing I beat the people. Really. Salted care mall I cook evenly. You know what other apparently. And I did but the and that's hacking. Out Hartley believes there are made. Mean hey. There ash and water. These elements and work. A dental. Well. That would be. Reading anything that like that that was thing people don't feel like they're middle mentally actually very. The hope that I don't feel like until you know that whole hash tag and belting yes thing. I I swear I started. I'd. There have been seeing for years now and opening up and a everyone that you're such an urge you re not. Out of paying bills on time late. I don't. When you're normal adult you'd just do those things have to put on FaceBook and accolades for me you know like I but I still do that might that the things lately. And ran. Aren't. I yeah. You're closing your eyes you did so let's say. Maybe in the next days means sitting on the couch with no face island and duke and we're hearing it was on time and that's. Or she's. Illinois team. Kind of one of aimed at doing really. Work on the cash you. Cool. Style thing I don't get it now I put up really is what words and Iraq right now I am not this is my best. Effort. Look at your anatomy I'm Natalie it's amateur and Teddy could heels order. Yoga pants I would rather own blunders I am I between I we're pretty low. Geeks who live in the Pacific northwest and we can do is that the casual is actually. Work out here. Everyone likes to where they flee utilities in this manic like that is migrated to casual because I actually talked a girlfriend of mine she with California to visit friends and stuff in the city. We're just gonna go to a dive bar six inch off the plane issues wearing her out of those. You click that I handled front and honest burger art dealer in American stocks just appeared you know gene the teachers nobody. She shows up and you think California and at his diet bar girls are walking around four let our silicon core a different style and she turns servers are I think hitting me he didn't tell you were addressed the flag. Fun little thing of the story though that I learned. She's that the guys reckon like them I can mr. McCain can we ask you question why you drink what you asked the question and a security should ask the question. Are you from Washington. I see that package itself. The dark inside and it's and I'm like man reflective like you know there's so many corn called beautiful people there's that oh no money. I got laid so much because I have different. I don't know like the ressam's I'm not so much hot asked. My teaching and soft earth. So they would like accurate reading getaway day here like that's the casually we league ball club and homeless look it's cool yeah it's not bad it's Seattle casual I think my colleague fine. We didn't hit the. Eleanor from last night is on the cheek. And if gore had you know I have watched my hand four days. Constantly constantly. At my eyes and Hotmail account and weighs in in eight different colored and what did you hear there. It was what she does. I'd back home Anna and I Aqua net growth. Right up and yeah. Learn how to do that on like this hour hour and a half years they're running out and I. If I got married I. Don't go nowhere or. When you are going to once foods and yeah when your hairs every op clinic you don't you don't watch in the months. It's not like its own ecosystem that is going mover custard. You know you run their fingers through this kind of hear news and I want yeah. Huber out doing gras. It's not well I was definitely duke and Carolina Barbie dolls to play. Is actually pretty nice actually a lot of that she's got. The bank and you know we've. Aren't there is a project we teacher medical Emil he. Emil million once Aaron and doesn't let and number eight your guide that I thought I can't you can't. And then Jesse all at all. Upward in the back. So cool pretty pin majority view I think of armor that women do that more as the like once we get older we suddenly stop having parties and stop helping each other in here and make up and fashion. It just becomes like a competition. And I only worry hunger and we easily. We're learning together when teenagers and help each other and now on. I got to do any of act as my mom is very sure that if she and I newbies how to get kidnapped. Never really had a lot of the slumber party things until I got older and that included alcohol but I only a first look birdies. That my friend and we just it like a facial. Matter Maria and I had. I wish let's get real but no actually better. Half abbey in your mouth and I really aren't very I am your god or not. All. Of my math and killed off and not match. But then there are super super and make up so they are all make it certainly answer and then. It. In all of in which is really fun for me because they'd like to practice on me eyebrow. I am tired at the grants count in the air and he had grown up more than three. I asked eyebrows. Are nonexistent at a Marilyn Manson it's. You did say that was that they really in the nineties and out. OK line of hair naturally blonde chairman known now. Girl rocked the line. Girl I'm not written by. Pakistan extra cash that's kind of my trademark and later Cutler last week. And lesbian she'd been using leverage and the cabinet and something green and Mary and it just. Eat at a local. Let's turn our back after it dialect last night 11 o'clock at night and I look good on the radio yeah yeah. On the eighth I am. I gotta look again and joined and it's very. Well good or instant. And if you go to our FaceBook page or and I have pictures posted and also the event hosted I want to keep hammering Nissen because if you don't get on this a perfect date night. Tweet iboxx tem looks get in the door fifteen dollars is too delicious fried chicken dinner may primary herself and made gluten free delicious man she screamed a salad and cornbread. At the highway and I blues club starting at 10 o'clock that yeah like I said it's going to be on her face a page were sharing the event. So go there and check out for all the information. Tonic yes obvious dissipated off edifice picture of the lovely ladies. And I think I told my man looks so gorgeous and where. And dry dry night we're ninth at that very few times afford as a step it up yeah. Can't walk in greatly and actually handle a leg that I work out. I. I note that like where is today and they just you and you're eligible I have problem gave her hair and York. On Mondays and Friday I come and I don't have make upon and I'm coming up on its just browse. Like Redlands stand in them. Aaron the night before maybe I have to sustain a little bit and immediately if you make an out Phil on him to turn around they're so chapped and rock turn into the jokers drinks and finance necessary Orleans. I'm not talking now haven't you southern building people and I think that you had from the U yeah there with us so Wonder Woman. Yes they. That they released the trailer. Right there respect that and I harness and a scary. I'm so the trailer finally released and it clear that Diana and it underwent Kaman is going to kick some major but she's fierce brilliant at all around tough girl to fatally. But that's not what the and it is talking about now. There are talking about her hairless armed. Yeah really how a lot of people are about her because she doesn't have hair there pants while it she. Exactly what's argument. They think because according to fans one element. Doesn't have time to groom her armpits because she's busy fighting conflicts of the world may be so why was she ever were. I superhero. Maybe she doesn't body here. And army IR. Yeah. I love art house impeach and McKnight Alan peace act. Flake allocated to us notes to tell. Us. Yes. It. I think. That those tough isn't just goes. Oh. So yeah about it. But nothing better to do realize we're in she has. Focused too much on the music. He's had a hell I'm here and much time and David they can be. Actually bunkers about whether a fictional character in a movie that aren't here. I am not gonna work and beating yourself and keeping your group and that's when I would my stress level like at all like it but I'll hear your sick child is vaccinated them in the I'll tell my letter. But said things you honoree let some able fans are again. Just stealing some potter related Twitter searching until this plan I had realized how badly I wanted to Wonder Woman how armpit hair. Another on controversial hot topic I wish one Grumman have visible armpit hair she was raised on mile and a woman. With no chic. At the brand kick she chick. I don't know that since there there there's sick. Now. An island just speaking asks I can't medical aesthetically. The new Wonder Woman trailer had me wishing she had a better. Either not like hair unseen announcer if anyone here not about about innovation and in my sister's coming up now though like isn't why I won and it has been. Angie Harmon had burned fifty years you know I had other. Other women portray Wonder Woman and she did not opinion Peter why now do not his FaceBook. And Twitter and on a plane at AS thank yesterday should get our pitch hair should she not or do you not care she can decide whether she wants that are. Alan he has not adding up like make up thing you need to do what you wanna ask her what she wants to Olin. Letter like that I don't think Al Goodell would have wanted to should I not she earned it. The high. But really she what I feel would that be too distracting to for the movie the fast track to distract. And crap out of back did not today. Light that was more of be very. Lake womanizing. You're talking about like the seventies. Yeah Wonder Woman right yes so like women needed to be careless like bond girls are not tennis. That I feel like it's probably more acceptable back. Debt and for her not to have. And now we've got our fan Nazis that light you know. And I really I'm not really think. He did it and you're for it that's gonna henin yeah a lot of friends who don't like to shave and make more power Tia. Not the same time I hear freaking out that it's not really physical like she's the goddess. From a fictional land how is that realistic. Well. Can we bring it Tarzan from what like a year ago yeah he went on thinner one now people are freaking out because people are like ball. Tarzan was in Africa like why is he YA and all this stuff 'cause my original book first of all it's a fictional book. Second of all it was South Africa and they were colonized and his parents were part of the colony. From England so they're white. You know re exactly. And it plays and that's very ghetto with the anger. Rock no hair shave your pets ladies please if you want to do you want a lot where I probably. Well you make a nagging and check your panties before the mounds and I'm up. I don't know what we're not telling you what to do with your life except the one thing. Am telling you did you were you to do is go check out Mary's birthday party this Saturday at the highway name and blues club starting at 7 o'clock. And you get a delicious French and in fifteen months and adds an amazing man and I go to our FaceBook page for all the information. But Barbara and and Mary thank you so much for to. Even louder and I was like. That. I would lap earlier today and I apologize it has been a crazy podcasts and it's flat I'm glad he's back and think returning. Yes. He intimate and weasel mile Leon Iowa and I'd be lying in gifts of food yet you know any any work right here it is coming out and I know I picked up. Eggs in condoms and apparently it's okay yeah. But I.