Broad-Cast Ep. 68 - "Welcome Destiny"

Friday, March 31st

Vicky B, Ooh Sara, and Sailor Sage are joined by the newest member of The Broad-Cast: Destiny. We get to know Destiny including hearing why she is a badass that could kick all of our butts, her awesome baking business Queenly Bakeshop, as well as the ladies describe the best WA/OR road trip that includes Kurt Cobain, beautiful coastlines and eventually strip clubs. They also talk about a travel company that will book you a trip without telling you the destination, then Sage talks to us about the Dope Cup!



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I am on the struggled with that. And yet there's an error in hustler things mechanic and at times continue to. Uga fan. Then again it oh yeah it is resumed with the and it governments and. Don't pick on oh yeah well like. Now I'm actually craving. I'm hungry so I want I. Have really had to act today so funny and I get. It does feel like Marc Warren is going to be our equipment at some. Caveats. And how not. Now caviar down to do it I'll. And not devoid. Yeah. Welcome to another edition of big cast on the big. Arrow half. Day. And a ice you know I don't freaking serious. It is already I had friends there I will refrain or try to at least they're not that that's all I ask. They come out every now men in this league. You. I don't Hariri now you eat your Mac and no. He hadn't gotten as as a no brainer we have a new special guest joining the broadcast. To a BM recurring cast member who yes yes so now another lovely lady here at Entercom but let's just stop you because confetti. As. Big of a lovely but still name for the agreement he. Little bit of well everyone I am a grizzly from a book Smart man am I moved from a New Jersey now. Speaking at there so I moved to Seattle. Because it's beautiful here my first mission ever live to Seattle anyway. On efforts like if he Siemens it for a mission yes it was an air force. And pick me up and it is about and I did. Really you did this and hold being referenced directly here has dry holes that we have as antsy out and airports and so I was and it's up and basically. How these. Hate in people afraid of that but that's actually with on the plane is an honest absolutely over its two. Sea tac. And a presidential mission as a drop off on their thing gain that. We get times you know we had time to spend here and Allen here who I was the first thing you did go to pike place. My interlink airless Ream me oh my god. And I. Please tell is that does. That. Yeah of course is that when I and I atom in Attica. And a concern. Where dogs snow announcement and damage. And and night and I did know then and now than I am I mean affords us the land planting people. Aren't is this. Let me it was like when I don't think you can have a feel like and it like I was like you've what was the job ahead. An intimate affairs day. I class with the head eloquent dialogues against the president Klansman sectors and only job better than a little master is that rock star and points act now is like. Hell yeah I guess a sign up for the rights of Venice. So yeah that's awesome we get to travel on on a world like we had some hard times Oxley like. When you're loading and plain middle of the desert for contained that is when the dust the yours sweaty gross at. But she did to go to Germany and have Tony there is an. Santa Anna or some of the places you gotta check out. Germany out of Seattle yes Seattle another infant Wear out. Honestly sincerely I am forgetting where I can and cannot say them as their client then I. And doesn't matter and so maybe she's been nowhere. Snow. Why even the places that you on enhanced and that's the nature to him right now. It's okay you got the attention. Not only is it like she doesn't handle plane she knows how to handle an accurate. You you actually do a lot of cool stuff for this lesion has worked at different path in the streets but never here when that happened to email and enrollment rates. Islamic showing you Gilman sometimes okay but yet look delicious you know so funny I started baking and. Because of an a because an Everest like we came back after deployment. In images like me Meehan I have my crew and so we were board Monday and I got a whole bunch of bacon stuffed in a commissary and two years later is it's a thing and I have my business in China might get it going as I can come. In. I am obviously of cooking out of the Becket yeah. I always look at it and they cancel after revenue that followed they organized a benefit you know what I'm gonna put them at Elena do. Especially when your business com. Queen will be baked immediately to face but that's what's so yeah has slowed debate at website as cleanly they except dot com and you can I mean mr. Graham and it's creamy it's quite easy to get her cool little things what are your favorite things to date like like flavor or whether cup kicker taker. You like to like build really fancy Fletcher you're my favorite thing is cupcakes. Because you can make them eat determines you know climbs into an amended anything under so little importantly can make it. However you like him less Impreza is the weight easier to cross a little teeny cake in a hole didn't get a beer geek it's an opinion that obviously acting from around. Peanut butter jelly. It hat and they are so bad. Because. Why don't you think in the morning and rat is that so we had like. A cupcake opt. Out she posted Q our company's. Like internal FaceBook page the regular arrogance do you. Are you saying yeah. Peanut butter and jelly and I was all TP BJ. And then it many data animation to make them next week in and repeat to him that I generally it gently minds I must say happened though pat myself with that and I had to stop them. Like like. Can't say if like peanut butter cake and Alex how resilience. So it is a young Kate strawberry current quote in side of the way. And in asking a better frosting with beginning published on aids like epidemic in the mix and would like there's extra racer out on top of that thing and not just average and a little extra thing we all have our company. Well he's I don't. Issued on cupcake wars with with lean back on now because you may ask. The most adorable little macro rooms in the pink packaging at queens beach not mean it is if you. That we cannot he's now you can. Because I had. It well after moving to Seattle despite made clear. That well it was like I was like well miked and we where girls and it. Like the guy like they knew it was an. Remember items that may well Athens and it remains legal here I thought to lamb combine my team for everything's baking and making. Connecticut Asia this that'd be called if they came out and spend noted that is the name of my new blog at think. I so athlete SO about you guys some of beans edible French man Koreans. And I must say actually Frenchman greens are women and our I went makers meet may have been a pain in my as had been trying to perfect as relics six months I can say they've finished delicate McGrady a kid I feel like I would not attend this because how much right it's like in. Only so I am gays and I am. It's deeper art is the right now with met with its all time but holding for sure about and it was restored 25 to 35 if they. These greens so how okay so are tiny. That on a case over somebody I don't hurt hacker. Him. I don't smoke very often actually recently like edible candies and angling attitude and I. At that's tax you for life I don't because it would I want to pay attention to it. Had a feeling it but then when I would focus on my attention on it in her so that oh yeah and guys. I was like well I feel like academy with a jagged knife. And doubles that you die in chopper and yeah yeah because I Pattinson. Has lost in XP. And for newbies. Maybe start with a quarter. Of that as likely as they have classless and despite that does take one by a popular album. My case right now she's like all my god I mean I like Ali and I got. Yeah a bubble that wouldn't have this isn't around. And it's. That year and another founded try to text underlines. I understand you would get that. I'm an Atlanta Hussein's old laws we'll have you give our city if you probably are human being a winner to Janice. Probably be in just a swimsuit top and the bottom forgot the bottoms or misplaced the bottom members felt that this is Monica we had action was talking about this for hybrid a couple of years ago we went skinny dipping. There is a never Allen's an idea that person amendment personally I've ever done it and my buddy. He's scenic in my. And only idea that you'd think. I was super immigrant day. And there was also. But where was one thing you point out though he's at its funny that she got the pool the thing she covers up is her blue. There's this. But there's reactions that I mean I saw everything Sarah. Pop up and because we weren't that to be in my urinated into and Natalie where naked. And well. That sounds like two dollars on it and I. OK he's like tetanus shot for ya. Ya can I don't like that it. Didn't have quite the as a commitment and people might think it's excellent room upstairs and different brigadier Ali and I really really really out. That house like little. Bit different I hooked them up like you haven't Texan like you and technical and I know for a fact you better each other type. Here's my home I did that to my house in focus girl. Mean back in the do we bring six people back to my house. To have them on the couch. Ireland movies like just the scout did not. Pitcher Mitch gases on my stuffed animal or pillows and then whatever your naked body touched throwing it on the ground in Washington morning. That's a good defense there used to you know unblinking. Our entire back I act they are drunks and optional for. A lot I am. So like and I've I've ever tell him on doing and I punish our to a slowing silliness I walked in on them I'm like hey guys. And she's you know. You know eating solid month. It would play Ireland it's. God with the byline I mean. It asked. Is it. You know it or perhaps cap she may be a dangerously. Like. You actually. And the Tina get down get down here in. I am like and so thinking about it weird anyway you're which it. So announce engineers. Imagining reports that animals dislike traumatize that you just let these I I did and I moved I get done a lot decide that again of actual total amount of them serious most of and it has lately you're used to and epidemic there are in the shower just like with this line out and saturated with nothing that they had witnessed an awful low fare and a people in my bed and it's kinda creepy when I act if the gambling habits like keep them in my closet I'll keep the list Erdogan and also on the click on display being I have that hair and eternal now. Telling states. I have a stitch stuck in which I hug and then I was that my friend gave me a stitch. It looks just like a ball but the pillow of state in America I. Once that I lost it as another good thing about it habits that you and I. Last. I have a little bit out like Iraq every have a stage one seat every indication that everything isn't pretty cute and and destructive and an awful flown on a little fatigued and Internet access on Catholics vote no and it's I was Dina elegantly your home plate. How effective at tablet. No leg and this ship the big activities they like I just just aren't as I watch him and have more heat that they don't care and I just soak in half sacks showered. -- I shouted at my home like at the time I had it was my new agreement I have managed our ambassador. And -- are currently no it was my last place it in John Q&A showered equals disaster on they weren't well not my buddies on the drive back to my housing ended like forty minutes apparently you're not getting into the car I don't you report calling the cab you're going back to my house here's my house key but can he forget like leave the door unlocked so I did not as a he would run out naked and I love it or I think I just can't relate because I don't. Deepak. You don't yet have backed out of it a little late I just don't go out and get drop like so I would don't ever be as situations. But. I do and merely outlook like I drink. It out and play it cool. Now that is owed back. What is he is if you someone like in this house anyway yeah yeah so I think that if not is that well honestly. I would as I feel like I acknowledge that's. You funny comedian. And in the front and you know in the eye. And on. Like you out you're gonna do at my house and her parents and just you know watch. Us that's I think salmon and other parents room. I have never been into a situation where like I had actually very loud Disney likes it and sneak you know the house or are going over us like like like that house with somebody else's house and never. Why would you do it at an ale house. Without asking what is it like and I'm sleeping gained like us announcing my gap probably in a problems and it probably most likely are you have in a I was. I didn't seem to remember I don't know about this until. Recently eighty. When you're young you don't hear we're having sex like we had that everywhere. Or having success a parent's house could be there. We didn't have really blame to go and like I do it whenever we had to and studios went sneaking into the big improvement now leading to violent. Say for whatever reason only you're between like hey I need only to stay at my parents' house like a month between like leases or whatever and nine would you have sex is technically living there but then what your parents are home used to not if they're upstairs been out that it feels really group. Really. I knew that we used to not fair which is so funny Kelly maybe it's we've matured or maybe just like. I'm way to distract is I don't wanna be thinking about that when he used to be like who don't act yeah. I think that's the argument and I are both like adult. Like where. It well yeah I can't tell aspirin did not like Justin's beard. Now like when your kid your head like. Yeah but now I'd be like. Oh my god not a. Are you know we're really quick you in you're at it talked about I feel like at this point. What does he not know Biamila outweigh everything as I. Like in normal whenever the house when he. It is like he knows an accountant now and I know it you know and Hannity now. He needs and he. Might do that so funny. Like the my. I mean I can't understand my parents and it. It's you know we haven't. You and now where. I'm theories like. Might have a code words or at we have like sorts out how Ebert on shares. Our downstairs. Or. On where. I. We have to have where. Young I'm really hungry. It's yeah. No matter how. I'm never gonna in your asthma is there a Jesus Crist. I have been planned everything Taylor. How cold where it is that hole inaudible. Yet her portrait be ready let's don't find your apps act. A party. You say normally that is. But man or at like you don't like hey I really want to make and that something you would never say. Hey we're Kenya. To the latter part like what are you eating out and not act at six. Kind of like you like about normal sutures are about Campbell it's reds the only and I forgot it was my trunk and found at the and I brought it back in the back it looks ready. That you literally ran a new new one. It looks really let me Somalia is that the Long Island and yes I don't I've never seen it on Roddy mobile exactly. Right and I don't I'm hoping I wouldn't. Francis downtown read this. But I I went out and to get I wanted to give it to me yesterday I forgot it and then I Texas a bottoming backs in my car last night when I got home since I'll be the beast island. A lot of guys at MCI has Sundays you'll see silencing I think Ewing ill sister love X cyclical growth. But I walked back to my house in the this morning when I left I realize it fell out it was still sitting here since kind of went from on morning around you yes I am aren't I yes. That guy on that until castle or rent. I have. Some hobo on its program of my. About that theater and we are going to make it I have a phone and it I mean. Hubble is the thanks to found and I was time. I'm like I have seen literally a four or five phone Manning mad about it because as is with age eleven I would rather my my alone can have a phone and then and be able to communicate me. Communicate with me events and not that. And we have ninth 2000 there with me. Everywhere have eyes are found and say around. Having. You with. My nine year old. Daughter on only 2000 since she. 2000 I noticed her third version of this now please keep those not like such as. She lost one and a toilet and then she also. When she theater at. Resembled ice am I he does social media. And he has to you says she and the specifically for. In Wi-Fi area. Only at the iPod Touch yeah. Yeah. Look just like and I don't know what I don't wait too expensive and political backing up at the it was I that by the way I am on my opinion you're agreement and that the she. She. Really yeah Dana me I have to immigrant as Alex. Is social media and him. I. Tragedy at the house of the public at one of the free game. He's an accident. Like you know like the telephone and the when they they don't like really old telephone yeah UK like Victor Allen AM ES. Com. I had gotten them out Utley tonight march 31 6 o'clock thing and a Moroccan operating. Married. Close it and we'll sell it at creek creek casino pilot. Eye popping up GAAP as an out of well he see he's he's equally ill. Well for oil well. See Greek Katrina paralyzed and app but adding social media like I don't know if they wife and a cameraman and I am adding that like Deborah Bradley out. In your bond and I'm a leg lock and Ollie beat eight stop and think I got it reminds me and I. I'm sure they'll like she did really easier reading this in that's the kind. Of out of doll and yeah and here aren't you we. Know what comes out and it can be cubic actually at. Those so easy to slip right on in the past but I am back. Now he's at the club with a slit my friend is going to be consisting as the kingdom right parties and nothing small sliding on and. Allah and unfortunate. After evidence of Bob Barr I'm just like you are honestly. My dad I guess I'll. All of her with a sliding in their mind you know I can't I'm a little jealous on the other hand I'm non. I know where exactly. Nobody out of time I'm going to see when DelHomme and guys who are here play is two of them planes and today it's about the only thing I know right now this is Lily learns. I'm against those were and then the from the as well hustle girl whose names tomorrow. I forget their plane actually am hearing panel as Padilla is on FaceBook vote out the struggles they can get on angles and smiles I definitely want to go to that because of its own let me know your gig as a menace of leak at least be the intern here for our orange yeah you know. He's so this is a pastor at the he has to do that tease out the best thing he can do is grows hat that looks he's getting his beard is gorgeous and he's also I also like a hole from percent to jam this and Kurt Cobain. On them that would be toggle I think man pennies of that period. The man Adam. I imagine should the name of the bam bam Oakland is an analog goodies some line. And now I'm trying to ban let where and there are giants and I'm picking I'm thinking first and then about Magnum and one note note of that and that that does is that he. Didn't act that has not been as they like I have and it's like him that decades now -- Christ. We've been named Jesus lord Jesus Cobain actually see that as well and that's easy though and and the youth who view is mag mile area. That a fun fun week and it. But oh and I'm doing a bowling being with Vienna on Sunday yet again. We are actors actress ground. Gamble. And you. Well I think it's not my accountant yeah. I am personally pissed off that he impeachment. Cars cause I'm. That's not how pop no pop I was very very I am pop culture. That is fumble poppy now and yeah. I don't know Alyssa mothers and ultimately that was a dime a day because it's kind of on. And it and lately and I think as the basic symbol pop I was like I talk every is not believe in those like. And under people saying Mo I yeah I just let it play or something like. That woke up. He's in the pop culture because it's not just music and how I basically it's MTV now basic. Good let me about the fancy out of our exit that you guys you know a lot of blossom music exhibit there's the fact that when I went to track in decades and it. Ended December and the Hadley wearable RU SO yeah all the fashion like it was I was gorgeous clothing but it wasn't like what you would typically where. It was an actual art that you just you happen aware it looked phenomenal. So there's a lot of good stuff to check out there besides my museum. So it makes cents. I'll but I know I think the name is a little silly. Where the debate Cuba and Iran is that they were at a base and that when asked what I when I when it was called no pop it was still there. Oh and I was who has done like my day big Addison and and apparently acting a lot of there would be companies that artifacts it donated by people are how of them are on their museum. I'm sure they're kind of people. And a lot of this time it is like actual setup where they take it from museums and seen them. The states because I literally literally cried the first time I Lankan team being in the leg reading everything in an environment because before I even moved him or knew anything Bosnia orally. As the enemy women feared and died I came here and I can see Adam is like. Hysterically crying and it's like I wanna eat few households Harry label with into the went. Man. And two. His hometown man no I have selling my favorite road trip. And I honestly at times and I love it. And you could extend director as well as I go down to Aberdeen which she only really go down Albertine effort that you think's a victory. For Coca Kurt cobain's you can see it house outside. The you can go to the little park and they have a statue with a legal under the bridge yet people from all over the world right under the bridge like her we love you love that name is. Physically can feel that on the there's also this hour store. Which shirt off at a knee they re recently remodeled a few things that went back in December and checked it out and he start off with collection the collector with his son then and he just are grown running got the space to call their collection. And he is why it's like OK can begin the thing we're sling it at the science stuff Sony just it's basically thrift store for near east the only sour stuff. It's pretty sad that I went there but he's got everything paper Christmas. And that's different. I think you are in poverty and he's got an early and somehow that and I think operating Aberdeen went off in Aberdeen. Adding that's it's making a profit and it's also. Like to really like it to people who really care and a yes they have like for Christmas trees they're all different decorated different dirty stuff and so much fun. But the drugs. Which I that's what if he were going to use it Carlo but don't ask her coat and play well Kobe in that back. Am I what are the best talent and a pack probably does he go to town and it is funny like. But I feel of small towns but it feels fat there is a sadness he going through that county which I think is part of what it is. Other when you go we drive through we first drive through it says that come as you arms to welcome averaging. As you I'll ask don't get your cry eye and I don't know I am a really. Bad. It's just that author of the emotion so you drive from Seattle yeah I don't see Natalie go to Aberdeen drive down. Did take I think the 101 all laid on the coast and go to the story which is and when it replaces in the world. I got booty shake up the column lot of great restaurants and if you didn't see what you should it and I now. What you should do is start is go over time ticking stand from Edmonds ferry. Go over to the peninsula through sequim and Port Angeles keep going until you hit forks and then from forks when. Highlights while no. I'm committing tile damage Al meet John and Hannah and I might like like team ever but like yeah. Hi I'm Jerry about it not a lot of duds my plan in the little series of six I'm he had experienced closer your theory you bloom is that it leave me alone. And I know like that that's and Elizabeth is that these guys don't like. No I still want to see it likely that you'll watch now does that beautiful and I know yeah I figured you know it is Monday night I'm really not mine and I I grew one. Like my summer vacations were spent in forks Alley bush angle here today. And which is the one of the reasons why when I go down the coast I always go out there and never really gone out ways yeah. But forks. A round attempt Thailand. It actually started kind of like bustling little bit like they had all their shops and stuff in there is a ton of Taurus you and now there's like one shot and you like drive on the strip and there's like. Try it store closed islets were close at. That's kind of ski. Areas let's tell you they're trying to capitalize on fat but like twilight with the unfortunately too much about it if it was like a Star Wars thing I can't I felt towers or Harry Potter whatever that makes money and like to read more like twilight is because everyone makes fun of it I'm a play nice everybody that. How how many things have you seen replicated. You know like me being an advocate for a pattern like that very much Armenians were paid for and actor who I know how but I thought I hit many they teen wolf. And social on Nickelodeon in some other it about a vampire rain and a simpler to visit some some some you know homely narrow. You know mystic exceed your anger however began. Rights or going to Seattle to. So frowned and so from Edmonds are wreaking stands at Edmunds Kingston. You do right through. Mary so the fairy eject her ill. Sequim. And then after party and let's engineered a drive where around this or that that would it this is where they're stopping. I mean you can I honestly I never stop and swim because I am in port Angeles lakers keep an. Yes and you go around late crescent. Which is a beautiful lake may have a ton of like little. That little. Brain fart and little turnouts news where you can might take the most beautiful picture. Many. And I'm I have a total black out as it may and I. And then you follow a diet and then you're gonna forks and and you just keep following Manhattan it. Curves and then it goes all the way down to. Aberdeen hit it. And they hit some app from Aberdeen historian Horry again. I does the dimension org or in is because okay easily one of my favorite bands now is at Richmond I mean it's LA like I realize that owned business Morgan and don't like star effort is definitely on the that has more incidents on a flake. In slate isn't like bloody events I have and that's not going to say battlefield leisure stimulate is that one of the swoopes of the economic and organ and. Yeah and you do a story you see there are ego if it's in the summertime you go to seaside eagle on each and it's like a bunch of stores and bars and unless you unlock go out in December time. I've been there too but I loved it when I went in the summer than they left the late hour news hour that July 8 at outlets pop and now just so cool that way you might December. That was fairly good on day it was then called and we would now a couple of beats guys and I I got hit we got Mike hale is starting in Omaha art. Or did not go back is this Maryland it's very outgoing a summer. Or just an assignment you hang out there SEC at about 2523. Minutes away from. And story about it and left little bars and everything I get really drunk at a place called Mary Todd that every bartender at government there. That the couple different ones. Always kind of thought to define everyone's always like you conference and at that bar and it's always so much fun I think the yup that the nine dollar drink. But it last year vodka. But. He's not gonna have got to get a Mason jar it's there aren't dotted snow organ if here's the reason why. They added war I'm guessing to treat me more shots of vodka see them Utley the juice of a hole and in. And then Elizabeth the syrup. I say yeah but the nation the they closed them Mason jar rapid and clean Bart count and they give it to you you're sheep. And the utility keep shaking he shake shake shake it in pill. Then the towel just like field off because it's so cool feeling and hybrids get stuck. IPad. In the more you shaking ops. Yet the more you shake it the sweeter again. Let the sounds of the Harry putter did you look there's a little guy yeah it is a couple times in my house so that mentally it would only. But like nine dollars cash only bar and I if I usually pisses me off its way to. Nice job and it's cavernous area in seaside he go down the Portland. We noticed it as we go get from state and babies. How how are part and it still clubs. In Portland way better and better and I have have and that it was all about a year ago he doesn't want to I don't know like I I've I've been C onyx and have been. Avid is an investor who. Okay so does this lake and Agilent mr. Clinton's yen down notes and appoint if you've been Newser club anywhere down south. Now girls don't have gone on yet at you know Atlanta now and then Atlanta Miami Heat I like the ones that look like they're out of a movie where your best right there being liked. And yelling did doesn't acrobatics. And asserted. There. Like did antley the Ol like. All of it is high are high and they think they drop like make a foot off the ground like. But what I have to Portland back in January and went to Haiti's on the recommendation of the diocese. As my home and I think the girls. More impressive in the sense of like he did like recently crossed it means you need me easy treatments. You couldn't really touch them or like. Thanks I'll put it you know anyone that you might be cute you put like five dollar billing your bra straps like we can't take money off the okay fine he would probably see and it does you know I wanna go see it like the booty shaking no we go to the Acropolis. The things I've seen there. I love that idea. Was like all right up for when you get a ten dollar flaming on and it is delicious. Not gonna happen doesn't feel really. It started off as a state house it was six of the guy who we are in the innocent or your business and any of that Ellington open now isn't quite easily have pleasant feeling it lays there was. A bow. To rest I would I believe that one and his it was kind of the Kenyan heritage always appear where all the girls Wear it like the scheme tied oh how to feel like a missile like what are these kinds right class you know that yeah. It was far away from. And. Any of those the way it used to be kind of in the middle of nowhere there's nothing else really around at Texas kind of like acting as a tennis CD but they just put an. Another one next to an include link on the name I think is still months atonement acts Noelle it Jones has access downtown and not be I don't know I've been and I'll know yeah I have been hit it was union union Jack you eject a mini Jack. Posture and. Up but that. It was excellent. I forget what it's called that basically they do live action news with themselves. But than me why. Where they do stuff there you know sleaze and follow ons the aisles at react. And we're gonna go there but this is wince portly with having only the beginning of two really bad snowstorm. Really how does it. And went like right before that yeah Allah when I left like my the day we left in the morning my car was completely frozen over. Linked ice everywhere like I had like chip at the ice to open my door every thing right. And so I man as early as Clinton that's a big you know. Yeah I Italy and the picture you as always you know I was I was impressed myself because I'm like prime minister Ivan ice and snow pitches I know what I'm doing good I had to oust parked on a hill of and yelled out that way I would I had will have to get back home if he should say there. Trip. Trip home I work Monday. I'm sorry now that wasn't snowing when I was there when it got there. It's so on the trip but I had to try to find a way to turn around humans I didn't have turned the wheel one eye just basic treatment but up the break. I thought it was pretty impressive actually I would download. Go to a strip where I can't picture. Now EB is on day willing to with the the do that can act like an. You know I Ngo is just go to porn site because that's been on with the act that's basically. They can't even Ottawa be on the other it's called custody Allen. Macro I don't think that might be able. It's basically you're watching porn on C span. And I I don't like there are likely lies in there are videos on line. He able do that. There will be no it did like the strip club films and it knows it. Q really they have credit apparently. Yeah I don't they're gonna start filming your hanging out there you know I don't know any doubt at all that it equal now is how has it right I'm talking about the strip club itself is not going to start filming without letting you know. Wow. So it's like I'm and I actually got tenth I haven't I have to wait I had. Let native data that is neglect of SI SI Anthony double life. I know we're sinners go out and help out and he and they should apologize I was warned and you're thinking related to. No but yet cult classic album that I happy that the criterion be gambling and a big government with hilarious. It is malaria basic Intel and bits of a free instant that or AV innocent namely the other isn't insure them. Thanks in partly to leave the party of Canadian. They blaming him and Alba and a couple of sixty tapped. Quite a beer taps sleep on practical that is out with a look at the unit didn't look at the succeed under the sea I don't I could. Where I can sit down and smoke doing the man up next a goat and as for going down there we're gonna have credible. We're gonna have a fake out leading I want it I am a big amount of on a win for Washington has that been and so like you know I look I think the cycle of a freak incredible bakery is kind of the old middleman dangerously go straight there and pick out. Apple's. Got that now I think we need to move to Portland all of us yes. And and went and changed title I money out there and it would have Portland's 9/11 avenue and he sees that girl's death as they didn't. Except more diverse. But not all white only sale. I. Had a significant black and. Yeah yeah. I indictment things I thought mr. you know way out keen eye and try to. What is the thing that I witnessed at the strip club for my buddy's birthday. I was very impressed with this girl is really really gorgeous. Black chick just comes out. And that she asks for a glass so when you get the a pitcher of beer the giddy like a little Kirby glasses. I'm about half pint issued a little more than that she asks for one. And I get to machines up like warming up her hands blowing hot air on it she what does it between her butt cheeks dances around get. The whole defense is it still there. Like some team card actually. Yes yes and I wouldn't care accrediting could be that means you have even Mormon as this broke international issues like me I was sitting with the girls at the voice and a one time girls that on the other we all put dollars in front of us. And she grabbed hands each. She complimented me amendment you and she came out and collect each dollar offer our hands with the magic hope. I read it I was the last jet three three on Judy already rounds actually 1015 at one point. Funny yeah I honestly impressive and I don't. I practice I am I gonna go out already picture you need you to be there aren't I'll give. Though she can't easily she got back on the pole with the the glass on it by cheek. About the dollar in the but and then I think time passage of the tournament one of our boys and she asked for him to bring the pitcher bureau. And you either and she tells him where the bigger. The glass. And she stands up up on the accounting and he proceeds it's. Not all he spike standing up so that we have a counter. And and and the thing get on the counter. And I'll bring it from the glass still in her but she. I'm thrilled and he drinks like just you know has to get down a little he was changed that day he's gonna have him makes me through again on as that that I don't have it my body he has a thing for let us. Source theatrically in late last day I don't have found that many events a year he'd ever have guys actually bring up I know he's he sampled some some ladies and I still think that the ads that sounds to me. And I go trying to stop that would change your agent yeah all right another one that might you know I might make you on Washington's. This I. So I wasn't out of sitting at the county accent still like and waiting on the sneak. I I think McNamee I gonna set its. Had you and I've never I didn't wanna keep having to move my state. Because when I was the count I can lose my drinks or she can get up on and do her thing. And I won girls to Tenet took a petition and Carole white had a drink it you like to majoring got to my hand my boobs in my face just like so much. And doesn't know. Panicking count. Like not. Often sickening time manner. Yeah ideally yeah. Got away. And I like to again and one of the girls like gently like hit me in the east with her boobs. The and you believe and I am very hard it's just. Funny and it never really have that. You're not listening girl are. You can't really matter now known. Oh my god what have the rocker wrote that thing again. Notably. And I got to make sure I am heads. Yesterday denied that I know it's nice as a matter comic industry was innocently. Now he's seeing a hi this time I. Am. Figure out my. Eight thigh high and why a device that that it again if I am on Wednesday how it V. So try. On daylight tried I would totally up when the light. I come under the rug are right now. I happened. At a high. I. As in years when a dad and watch your hands and yeah I mean I felt I want my watcher now. I was actually presses now in I. No and movies in my face it literally goes something else in my face I'm gonna he's still on a supply of scary. And I really don't have only been to one and it was fun. It's. I'm I'm sitting aside I'm not there there and watching the fire happened when old I was sitting there the entire time. And apparently the so this comes out and it. Let me do their hairy make opens up this garlic (%expletive) really nice body everything but she look like she'd. With like. Happen to be naked while she's cleaning her house could she have like a real uneven IQ messy bunny was just like. And it's inherently kind of fun and like hey if he had visited really where's Joey a whole lot of makeup of really look like you're just clean house naked she should act. But com. So I got to took away from that from that element I think we should look unattractive but it took away from feeling it if fell out of place I think so I'd just. She acts. Like it. It's somewhere. Yup. And that legs just spread eagle and that everyone thinks happy birthday to the gentleman and eBay those. I hit him. Stupid and made these people with a trip subsequent to the dollar is not the end this played them like. Actually they think would the glass early the other big out there laughing. She put a dollar and she laid them on the counter another honor who died in a day. Augusta wind made it go. And cinema. Precedents and she. Says yeah. I I'm attracted you here know. All just silly like. Looked bigger than the other side of the you know. The bar but it really much went like. Honestly so it's like yeah yeah that's what happened the dollar bill to their. So who sat there a slant. When they do from active. And you know what I'm though it's funny acumen who could expect it should cancel my ankle. It doesn't match I think cut him we're going to blow the panel outs implies I am but it was a match because it in the candidature lacks. Yeah Stiller it's. Kenny as so everybody seeing happy for him as this thank you John people you know and Mariah parliament I have I've got a lot of Atlanta and I have made a block out. An amateur. The law. Went to birth and it's that high am I going there's an idea from Africa guess. Yes half birthday. Because I'm I'm a busy January it's not always in always that it will biting and slowed down and affronted at being an operative. I don't need it. Anything mini servers it. The trip and like Angela Meyers at the Portland and let's do it. That's a showdown and pretty are not doing it in July because buildings. It was done in July admin and you have to. To remain in the building when we have for the iced earth amateur. LIL's. They. Sell angry thank you just around fourth of July hate. Its interface. You can't ask people have you know hey this isn't picked it. Spent their. U I AME Eckerd and after it. Yeah. After eighteen now let's be. But no yeah I the whole family being that non with them so like I am here wore at the party that that element. The planet and we went here I got to watch it is going to be April. And it. Yeah it but sent it in a move to Seattle in August though. Ice in beautiful in the Washington it's April almost a year and a pretty sensitive as her husband Ozzy can't. You're not on the contrary he is definitely be. Yes you know. I items I have never been so happy did the night with an effort in parents and my guys to be around we're nose and I and I didn't realize just how. Freak and we eagerly and I about it pol I love you know that we aired and I. Yes and what do you call eight inch like circuit banking elegant met gala that as a very light sales but I. I don't like sitting there just look it's totally grab me like he's here to the impact of my agent family and it will both see and play. And I'm like anybody it is because I had examples abound and lately that make the talent like that need to be. I mean I like you've annoying little kid running on why not knowing him and that is. Due to act. And I hear you're daggers or in the sales department today I'm so sorry he was an on line he always does when the funniest thing certain change in any start like talking every line that I keep you distracted. This seat okay yeah. No I don't know what the hell we did not should've gotten in one of these Mac room this morning yeah he's got him doing out I don't know talking about a today came over and he was talking about. Each and showed. I'm listening that's not quite as I'm concerned he was talking about. How bad he looks when he gets out of the shower and how is life does not want to look at him when he gets power and really cute. That's what it you know member of the I love you BJ but now I think isn't OK like a bit of a belly. I sometimes there'll forget it's like they forget they're not like. And the radio at that very moment the sums on we'll be having an elevator it early and you'll just be school read you Chris grays and a bit like. Like other people come out of the limelight and I am I am I love it but some others Billick if he does take its personality wherever it yeah did they beat he had amnesia. And I didn't come here and he is it sounds like he likes it. You'll like this is how the active. It's it's got one more thing I'd do it about them. Speaking of traveling and I found this in the trying to sometime. It's a travel company that cleans your entire became chain. But it does not tell you locations please get there and so I wrote and I would love beds but I swear the guy I would end up like in Baltimore or like I like I don't really nicely aircraft already big and rightly that he's still mad about what I hate to survey yes. Bingo eat it and and you've got a question Aron go through things like what you like your budget range and any do the rest of the work and they reserve your plane ticket book your hotel and the pre pre planned itinerary for three week I love that and never know it knew better yeah. That sentencing him tolerant. Engine. But the the company currently. My parents and other company provides a list the things to pack so you and I prepare well. Sleaze and evidence yet that Downey million. Rafts and actually she planet when she was traveling through Europe when she's 23 apparently. And so yeah I you get a sealed envelope and then you can most people wait there at the airport to open it up to see where they they arrive. The most chips are about three days two nights. He try to pair you know with the the destination that's about four hours from where you live and so either driving or flying C Kandy road trip and and they valeo waste half your weekend just traveling. And then. The the aim to kind of send people departs the US they might not venture alone. And up the road trip startup 450 bucks a person while. Flights start to benefit. The win are we doing it let's yes let's. But it does something how often is perfect. It I mean like not knowing I'm so on it like knowing everything I don't present a plan and I'll act and for my idea. Nine were Al. Yeah I that's perfect dad because I go back over at the like tonight I'm taking my got to my little sisters of the founders game but their game at the stadium. And I got no idea that's happening at times so I've been anxious that while I billion Packard. Yeah. Well not yet later I I'm not getting it's getting my little sister now is now if you can't say well I'm not functioning stone I got out. It is aimed at that and. I mean getting tattoos. To me. I honestly have night and it sets in a while his and I keep that in a just now relies and it after the morning. I can see it in and you know short sleeves and get those anybody not once that is honestly how many nine Manning in Canada we get to did. Philly air for adding that Annika ad business leaves so be it their immediate fear went away next a look at. With a good thing is. She's she's guy. An artist she goes to and I got so I don't. I go Travis Reynolds he's up he has a shop and I Al tattoo at an average. What I hear good things from artful dodger at the rate as I had to pass on an island you live. Like right you know I work. You know I looked real enough money and then get my artist is involved project queue and the credit. Needed my Space Needle I'd seeds and of that that's not at all yeah game that's again that's did and and those you know what's so weird. Now or I I hope it is me in my thinking in an episode abides by people who don't smoke we don't have that's it and it's like. Aren't. I am not I don't know unlike. Me. Oh any night that went up every now that they would like is the opposite like like is like you can show your tendencies like a like amount upon as a son now does and says the plane it's like eight. Davies told me he'd never dated dried and I was having access the a crisis of our mind. They drop like him and I am Ali. Yeah you know improper thing for me. Yeah me he'd never that you aren't. And I are. Yeah he's never on any drug. By the way where did you get your products for Mac current queen. And eaten so I use. A dime oil because that until you can't integrated into anything so easily and without it now getting to him as that they had Donna oil and my friends. And let's late dumb Washington dot com is he any campaign he has really awesome products as you guys will appease. Is it just like history. And loyal or is it like Coke and while or is history ad BH oh if things don't they concentrate after it. And by the way anchored to me adequately. Is queen L why not queen then how he think the Harris face followed by cleanly he's like looking at it was like yeah. You know. He's like yeah I can't be doing. And then speaking of Canada's currency perks and what did you say about tennis. Knowledge excitement can but I April as the monetary months not just because I half birthday in April and celebrate Democrat. By noted sort. Is removed. And I have now you reflect Edwards and bond. Victim. And that's really. It wouldn't be any doubt about it ain't that don't. It's so the dope cup is on the 23 and that's a Sunday so it would be a third Antonia. So just take Fred McKnight yeah yeah yeah you were in them but yeah so on the 23. Is that dope cut which considered to have enough talent exactly but don't cut him at I don't so glad you. David I asked and I'm super excited to go out of so have you gotten rid of the Canada cup it's held in Colorado no so it's. It's kind of like that but for me I it feels a little bit more. And less donor and all of that more crafts. And basically it's just like an award it's kind of showed they give out awards and accolades for her you know the best terrain that news strain on some of Seattle from us. They haven't eaten off. I don't sound like the back to brown mean yeah Matt every and I human evolves that. But it's as soon as delighted Tennessee as soon as the rest of wearily eases into this whole hey can smoke weed and with it but we're all day. Lake and like being adolescents and that's the reason. Is that Sampras and now. No I think. They had a couple before her. I know they had last year that I wanted to go to U. Which is why I'm super excited go this year. So excited and yet I already had an ego thing dynamic yak don't actually. Even on the website and arts BP it's free to the public. Stay out on and in Soto. It's called Soto a lot it's not dockside candidates. 4 PM on 423. You are ready to yeah. I can I am super job I'm an Allen Donald hey guys you die every don't hear a gallon. React so I RS EP. And then it's basically like a first come first served stand in line type of thing but they also VIP tickets which is why. I. Super excited do you have. Can anybody give you are right obviously it's go to that website it's fifty dollars that's an advantage is fantastic for VoIP because normally yankees like seventy time enough but it gets you down. Yet like flag bag own from a lot of their vendors. There's a separate entrants. Ayers a separate like roped off the key area and I think there lake. It's time out at some level yet and it has separate entrance. The capital Ireland there's a VIP entrance below. I think im going with the here and now I absolutely and that doesn't it I get sick of the pitches and that is what I assure our estimates and it for an. It via video that your progression through honestly and actually have a Abby. And I actually have a few friends that have entered and as I have them grow where friends. In Washington. Friends in high places that you're hunting incident and so it any other listeners we have our growers or processors. And her. And during today's and it's going to be so much fun and I race aids and I don't know if I. Yeah economic growth it is dope cup dot dope magazine dot com and I got all it's kind of like act. The year poster for this year like their theme looks like. Old school eight bit Mario. They fell. And Teledyne irony habits and one US and I think it Agilent and in place so that you destiny for a and treating me out with us more ahead as it was amazing night as can I get rid of meat yeah it is nice. My podcast I am what have we done at C predicting. It's but we planned out with probably the best road trip in Washington I'm telescopes. And orient. And women make plans to good sister and a definite plans already in yet that does this measure happening on attic and I'll. And I got a date should get. Excited to open the Brad yes I am.