Broad-Cast Ep. 69 - "Speed Dating"

Friday, April 7th

Vicky B, Sailor Sage, and Destiny read off some listener emails; talk about how they all signed up for speed dating as well as tips for it, then end up chatting about how weed is beneficial for women! 


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Any new. It's Friday chipper. And beautifully. I'm going to move this I think. Do you predict big. N. Angry and Lou. And not devoid. Yeah. Welcome to another edition of the brunch gas. And they keep it. We got serious stage yeah and we got a lovely destiny's. Behind his destiny and you look at that head. Unfortunately Sarah he's got the thickness she's down with the significant downwind. Well actually she kinda sounds like that's why. My tenth. With you. Yup. Welcome happy Friday MIA. We get in zoo of today's festivities stage. As a contact and you can't get the collar attacks leave a voicemail. You've 5377. As a team down deep broadcast. And Graham Twitter FaceBook. Is all be broadcast. And if that is the ash. And actually I didn't realize I got a new phone has one why we weren't getting any messages. And it's gonna get a new phone log to be out of everything waiting home and I did not like and doesn't allow it did record of me. Until recently in my condition probably logged back in. Little bit so. I realize we're at and we do got a couple messages also won a good drunk message yeah. Okay and you don't have to give judgment is an up and does not. Well this that and a text I don't know what it is but I don't even wanna think the guy's name because of what he says it's. I'll call you TV. EB. He's like I half. No idea these sexy Farrah he's the author's name onto me pistol deepening agent at beating any didn't capitalize the death of a pet even yeah. And horny Vicki had their there their own pod. These cast and they put a capital a in the cast you what are you smoking FYI I am drunk as at obvious you did not take off. What any have you black seas have sex with a married man now now. Will there any hour now not in our. I mean and I accidentally yes than have IA donned some of the guy who was engaged after she was watching. Sweet how they. Does kinda and that's when you know it's it's not permission of the lady you know I would not though land. I'll be received buddy. We did get another month sentence. I think yes. I've read this Wendy Baird you read this. I think I think so ladies I've. So that's not I'll be officially single for year I was a finish relationship then endorse. That thankfully from youth yak and yet could you talk about how he'd end up be a friends and her Friends With Benefits. Honestly I'm just owner of the terrible memory well the messages in juvenile hearing here but I think he also sends a message after that. Annie road so that I've only had sex in public once and it was an Alley. It was all right I prefer climate controlled factional I had I I. Notice. See he's going to be on the cast but I'm Tony are and on and there but I don't use it much anymore. And I also have a question what was the craziest things sex life that it happened TU. Mine would be when I met my first tender match in person and she to this healthy while going oh to a certain place on him. It was pretty wild. So I don't one diminishes a boyfriend or something or X. Group it partly have a girlfriend who's. It's added it's his or her boyfriend is he likes to be coupled. So whenever she reduce says she'd take pictures of her doing other guys and send them to a more show it to when they get when you get home and he nearly get turned on and why hasn't there. It is. Yes so basically what is. So like he he was on the buy gas while ago since the engines. But what is the weirdest thing that is up in a while the thing that happens you laugh during sex I mean I guess mine would be being in the room wall as opposed to other people never. I am when I was younger. Aides switched partners. Oh my boyfriend at the time he and his best friend and he's desperate girlfriend were out getting drunk together. And his best and girlfriend kept me out with me. And was trying to do other stuff with me but I am proud in that we really anxious. Which partners. And we did and ended up in it disaster because if either I was batters and my plea low. Like that ruin friendships relationships are Nan it was really awkward for two weeks it was fine after that. And it I was hoping that everybody again as it is yet sobered at a pit stop I no it was just it was just awkward for about two weeks. After that accurate with and it freaking apple obviously. Great days into it that night. They. Actually have another message as well that's up from injury he says ladies. Ask because you guys are so passionate about tipping in a bar restaurant situation. Well what do you have an ice cream shop but don't shop fast food cashier any other situations or somebody's doing answers for you are providing. Is terrorist or you do you tip them. For my opinion has always been I work hard for what I do I do not receive tips so lie idea easily to situations people feel requirements. To get them for their jobs so for us food places a lot of them don't they don't allowed to have. Same with like your cable guy some some companies won't allow that they will let you know if there on the up and up. Yeah. Also with that service. Direct unlucky isn't it unity lower gear pay anyway it's definitely. Even well that's it says so in other states and and I did not Washington State actually priest who. And I wonder how is he can attributes. I am and you don't like about ten years ago are selling you a gal from Texas who worked in and other. Let's just eighteen. Bedtime place. And she got two dollars an hour. While the minimum is like it is an eminently eaters something like that I remember with Texas so. But it was higher than do dollars and hours she relied on tips via a lot of a lot of states like that or they'll they'll either make it's that I. Your base pay is lives and then the guarantees your tips. And earned him copper and guy you know what I differences. By on Washington no Washington you get minimum wage which are here in Seattle is now in the and man. Ice cream shop folic if I get a five dollar race report allies and opening up and to the shop as. Earn a buck I love her him for example I go to this little mystery on the time you guys are in the house and if I'm getting solid from the salad bar I don't. Because I'm one who's doing time yes on that but I guess which means I L it's at least not yet because there doing something for. Buy it just kind of depends on. What the service. Will go ahead. I eat and sit at that he knows that but that's that's at pats pats him load a guy like I highly active then because one X million questions to them shortly there did you know like. One I just tip. If you can spare it doesn't hurt it is an agonizing and you have to do it's always paying cash it's certainly. Not flat dollar in it's it's ultimately it's to kind of build a relationship like hey remember me next yeah. Heavily and there's something Boller like and a family come in and again I just drop like he's fresh round Langston. His kids industrial Manning and his wife gesture on the earnings. And might he. I don't like his mood I like view. Necessarily dismissive or Rudy was not original. Intel and convince people that really one Alec. Talked he is a waitress. And ask. It's time. Is time okay cool but I can have the Vietnam and the BM annoying of them asking questioning injured again okay. He left me all Lawler there. Caller tip and I think it's the status symbol for some people and that's kind of what I. When I can't LD I don't like his rate and genetic yeah it is it's like I love doing that like when I cannot white care act ever for example I went to. That's in a bar. Take a little long night at a man I was hungry my girlfriends little hang recent issues. A little impatient I think the people use drop and that's it down in their brain yes and so much acknowledges I felt so bad for the gal and she works so hard she got extra paycheck I brought him. Popcorn upright unit which ordered chicken strips I did all they honestly do you like I get the kitchens like yeah some of the kitchen might forget your order or you forgot something in order something happens getting in. You out of their way to make it better oh yes I'm like how isn't really nice for you might. I always try to at least cover one that cost. Extra food are at creek or whatever would be. It's as if somebody just like I messed up cruelly. If they're like whatever about it then I have had people fever apologetic and you can get an answer to it because it. It's it's the fox if you like speaking about that I got so pissed off this week and I went gay and what now. Be complaining but. I went and pulled up and it's one of those on that pavlik the tube. Right through Dooling and Chileans. So I pulled there's not an out there. And I'm hearing is like static crackling. And I'm waiting there waiting for this guy's like say something and they don't seem to have been there for a few minutes I was like hello. And is that Al I couldn't do it how to help you and atlas like and I number seven barbecue sauce and Cote and he was like okay. And then he like put it on the screen and he was RE 645 I. Not know that a meal of chicken nuggets it's more than eight market. So I was like 635 is that the meal or is that just that night. And he was like oh you wanted in the illness like yeah. And then he likes sat there for like five minutes trying to fix it on the screen and he was like adding different meals to in taking ill gotten. It was getting so irritating three people had gone in the other lane. And then finally I app today when get a pain she was like each worth one order and I was like no and we had won orders was. Meal chicken meal. And she was like OK and then my handed I handed her back arch enemy the receipt and it was four. The 645. And I was like this is incur a heck it's late I'm. I should have just. Taking it because IE and it paid two dollars extra anyway. But then the manager comes to refund that doesn't see it damn word to me. About anything no one apologizes says anything. And then I get up to pick up my food they can meet somebody else's food. They're like oh here's doctor pepper spray might. Love. Yeah cannot do hanging little my guy. Irene. I'm angry does amateur it's being used to doesn't dismal starting with I don't expect. At greatest risk. It's fast grass but in these areas of the you offers Jamaican fifty dollars an hour you have one John Ray I when I'm gonna stand fast food places. And the food's not. Just in a freshman it's ash you know what levers. That's a fresh meat whom clearly from the will have and I can't YouTube. Bad service and they're not apologetic then feel free at my the thing Willy even you know on the serving game. I will tip portly. If you're rude. Or appear like actually you don't wanna be there I think that's part of the game but ideally you have to pretend. You you're excited to be healthy now and they Kyle ideal and we all have to do it so if you look like there is of gala this story freak and issue always have this like I really don't wanna be your face believe they have degree he has and look. And she we have his space and you always look like steeper noise and a very proud in really hot boyfriend at the time. Oh she warmed up super glad. And so there are also I have as you are the issues of quality with it's the heavily oh really. Time I was scared yeah I later hole. What I like is we went separately they're looking at different found that he she exits when anything can help you with our biggest smile on her face and he's at it around and looking act. Damn him. I had. And and so I went over. Naming them and building is an too. Aggressive. And I think that. And that I'm making now Megan and I wanted to see. It's like it as slowly as she as she did a pretty good job not letting it just like who spy on her face that. You. Court anymore and have dinner a couple of yourself OK I. Since some gears. This week the three of us now. To. Note this past week the three of us decide to do something say it's not smoking pot before the podcast. I that you're talking about when we were when we decided to note dad a couple of days ago and no I'm not. Before the podcast he did after. I didn't do podcasts and busting your car compound don't say I cannot work. But how are they embroiled girl c'mon back ups keep saying yes any. EU loan plan really where do we bring you weren't as close again with him. You know sort of and giving any. But access. Put this thing on face that are sent us this thing on and they especially should do this so actually what happened with I posted on my own personal FaceBook. He said. Sometimes I get so fed up with the online dating games and wasting my time that I wish that speed dating. Was still a thing. And one of our friends who works at the station on cheese ninth. Responded. And goes. It is still at me and said merely. That the and then you opposes that we didn't dampen business now I can see it and sounds like that plus thirty years ago I can't speak it goes speed dating entering. Every bad thing about that you that a bit more immoral it freaked out it is like what went away and I don't let's talk like what are we wearing to this because it kind of like. We need do we wanna go like actually try to make it work or do we wanna know I ended up like hot add a hot as a matter now is now what contour has you have to. I NGLs make economic and I think I'm not yeah. I believe it. You know and is terrified because they are we gonna and there's like try army there is like. Plea around and Avi is slowly and be all right we heard he spent money so I feel grammatical try yeah I mean we'll survive and it's feeling oral Kana. Men. Then we all you know I'm doing it by ear like the there team I'm going into it it's an experience and its content for the broadcast. I mean wouldn't it wouldn't be funny you tell you meet though the one you end up marrying or some some crap like that Lebanon and we all right. Really somebody at least get a unit at a company out of a move. Nominee. And Anaheim and it. It. Right. What also what do you think it wearing. Something in just like black dressed I want arming converse yeah I don't wanna I wanna Wear black dress different and where Alex Guinea's. What do you out on Wednesday when Wednesday. The nineteen. Open close. So they know about the closing it depends on and on land where she's I'm looking. And can I don't mind when he when I dress up all party in staff because I like it's like false advertisement. 'cause I'm usually in late teens and goodies well first impressions that you go get your best version offers via I don't show mine and it truly mean. You know half past Mika itself it is prepared for aid. It doesn't seem real hair and that's him so this is. And yeah. And just like. I'm actually kind of nervous you like it. You as a free you know what they did what they don't think that there weirdos and I still haven't gotten confirmation team asked at a time does actually happen I am an emphatic style that. I don't all the wanna go public because you can either sign up as a male or female and like all the male you'd you can be on the waiting list. He does be a fight off that path which. Writer or more options for hasn't got mine. Operating right up there. I'm pretty share. I think if you're on mice you again. You know check later at an enemy Narnia and but yet he tell us why we should Wear. In any questions you feeling you should ask. I actually think about is I'm outlet and you can basically what it is is. LB anywhere ran six to twelve people eat cocktail and talk for six minutes. And every six or is at it and Zia and acting. That disciplines switched. But you know wanna go with the same lines like hell I've never been with before had you an amendment. I've naroff. What would you say it's like hang. I'm positive and a quote we overs you know that. You have to look at them they went completely the one you very moment. Yeah. It's giant. Essentially trying to think. And yet did we when I do than it slip the entire time where I can honestly it just like bounce bounce bounce bounce to tell alls. The site and you forget it. It and that's about this kind of and a new. That board feet forget I didn't kinda thing from an into the match dot com dating tips they did. You know a advice for going on speed dating and I thought I'd share with you and then if you broadcast listeners how many tips or any dumbest please let us now. But tell one of the things they say avoid duds and deal breakers so be kind of boy cruelty and noted vans and Gilbert mr. duds. Who you will disqualify from further consideration if behaviors such as smoking or excessive drinking are out of the question asked if the guy smokes or Felix and do you like the roaring drunk. And you tolerate being a football widowed burying the fall season there's no such thing as a football for me and I think that I may now wide as a football and yet. I believe it athlete does not asking. Ford I'd pay attention to guys grooming clothing overall appearance clean nails clothes that are sure look you know Chris. And even sleeping and it's plants is really at issue lose but it is what I usually like they counted this but he disheveled. Yeah yeah I absolutely. Like I kind of don't get cute pretty up to Mike Allen rocketing human. Glantz. Discreetly at Hughes packets. And can you be discreet about. I'll take notice conversation whether he's trying too hard as he relaxing comfortable with the self. You know kind of failure intuition is the today. In check at mile buoy up. Mexicans I put your best foot for its a smile asking different questions of different men. Not so much because they will notice but to keep you from going out of your mind with boredom. And if he seems genuine sincere friendly and interesting doesn't really matter what if what he does for a living are you hunting exclusively for doctors employers. I'd be interest interesting by showing that your interest in what they have to say. So like if you like that guy wants to boost his confidence early let him know he's hitting the right one maintain eye contact and leaned forward. Glory that without make sure he's like okay she's big enough. You would think. Via turning your feet towards him or maybe twirl a strand of hair Roloson and and it's it's a. I mean I have is actually the NBA elect. Me I. Went and that's why it's such. League when you're on the day on the first tee you. It's it's a grooming mechanism like it's kind of like how Albert puff up themselves. But like you will play your hair or extra clothing. Or distinction here in the right position. And so guerrilla moments I have a OK okay for. A digital drag at the deed at it's an idea that collect in Kenya havens like that people's minds as they. Aches and about at. Also says just as you would pay attention to his weaker mean Yates engines your own. Wear red said he should women are more likely to. Pique the interest while men who Wear blue to a more appealing to women yet the question. I'm being out wearing red lipstick is that yes sir and I think so I'll wait on under the alleys hair differently like me who he make that logo at the apnea and a outs will be. Mutually man. A tiny little you know do it just I plead not provocatively leads some cleavage imagination and save the slit skirts or at least the third date is. Yes I'm very lucky. Go easy on the per him within the learning but they'll marinate in the mood do whatever. It yes expects sports and nothing in general the to rule my roommate that I need to support them like now dude in like he leaves a trail from our room all the way to the bottom when are you player I don't know. I don't that's not acts it's not taxes actual perfect model but I know I'll come home. Ten minutes after he left and I could smell like a lot through the front Arctic it's not up both like affairs like. Like the growth he's kind of this hello I'm like this. Tonight and I mean it on either count. Like incentives like cute and it comes out like. Yeah that's actually kind of what I imagined it fed and the fact. And I like seamless last year like if you forget like kidnapped or murdered I'm like well I came home and it's not like he had been left ten minutes and yes. The fact that. Conducting your interviews. Relaxant remembered he's set my heart failure didn't come enhance. That's the way speed dating works but it also gives you the power cycle the powerful psychological edge. But sitting at your table keep automatically. Conceding that he is on York terror. You are in control also steer being the conversation accordingly. You're saying is that your socially anxious via. Ask open ended questions that can spur conversations such as where you like to go on vacation or what's what's your greatest experience you can only avoid questions and and yes or no answers now. Yes no question in Lebanon Felix food. Like Fuji electric parade. I'm not familiar burned many many galaxies that make you think and man. You are ain't got real creepy. Well I changed so is there anything that would be like it actually some data completely Terry. Well it is anything how to steal me. That you make how much do you weigh that you look like without make up on move. Anything about my physical appearance now. Yeah Alley if you have any Tatis that I can't these guys on nine just like anything into that tender. Like type of like glee kids. Is that aren't out any type of boy. Questions that are. Acts out yes. Religion yeah I am thinking like yes yes he will be the last finale the paint like and it. I really haven't thought and more more people apparently it's not married anymore. Issue I think it's extremely rude and have had a pro women ask me and it pisses me off. I guess we're in Seattle and went to the amount you're trying to get me to sell her stupid product. So I come port for my company a might look at your by just few words. I mean in Abkhazia and Kelly I would be you know if it's if I keep hearing that women need to start seeing what they've made so we can start China. You know closed the gap where. The mail FEMA now like actually act as well and gonna do for me and a deep honestly don't know for Sierra and buddy I in general acts of the riser yet and I don't mentality how much I make because it especially with these types of things I think it's going to be guys who want more money or less. Or last by I just don't I don't know lick I always fear that. Why it might salaries can be so much less than and other guys that he's going to think. He has just especially in an area or. You know the money or because apparently easy. Which is true that our my ass off for four hours a week now my my fingers on them would be ethnic enough to take care of myself. And take care my business a hole enough it depends. I got my car ever does that actually like that line. An advocate the aftermath of the Beck and that difference we've reviewed that you that you that I like about plans to do what I wanted to. Last won in some getting you as a kind of freaking Allen allowed comment section here. Who keep yourself safe. Don't reveal a lot of personal information while speed dating. At this stage and really needs to know where he'll live her where you work or your phone number. This is why we at any again I'd been avoiding it the what's app. I just have a Google Voice number. Like that's what I used to my design work and I really don't want random knowing my actual numbers Renton. So I'm just I just got a likable and get what tapper are sat tag it's on to get it hit me up on that technology my FaceBook you there. I thought insert ran that is a Grammy now that says it and I'm just I snapped here's my Twitter I never update I'm here that I. Yeah. In time you can Kerviel does. At the end of the evening you can arrange a swap emails or phone numbers which have witnessed one dollar baby due crap yeah. Really miss me yet so at the I'm like if if you feel so inclined to give a guy your email or your phone number you can. But what Biggio is at the end of the time can you let your Mac cheat and an at the end of it like year scoring people like saying if you line. To know more about them if I'd seen them against McCain. And then. Whatever your matches are will get sent astute person and and and if you get match with someone else if someone else wants to EU are out anymore. They think your emails saying this the food. I like but I feel like. And we daylight I think so don't bring that firm be quite effective between four to four hours after I really hope that they'll forget all. I want you can't picture I like Connecticut notes like. But here I purity make two T yeah. I'm David and he. Let's hope there's been it has been it's okay don't. I know this I was worried about half by two by knowing I was actually doing good is like what if we start liking missing people. Which we probably well and we can't have the same style of men like out of that it'll work how how actively would be if we all got the exact matches. I like you like Ali and it was at pat poly on an Italian Italian. I. We like like that they we'd pick like three or four guys and they like on all. Legal group date. Annie on Alley and a public plan that was another experience. I do it again and. Isn't that what epidemic originally well I've been like I liked to put like that is like the music I like them because. Yet a big. Houses and these are my hair out these million same kind of candidates canvas. Or something and it's just like OKD I mean I still like where we have to deal without winning time I read what we all like BO OK with at least going. Honey first date went to be kind of plant that actually would be. No I was I was like something about the idea and we hope that Jack I don't know at least you another round as India with just that beard and it's like you I. I don't people ask you as a team but if you get like I well all want me who who might get a ticket like now you got to impress us again. Does that grab. And not actually. Got an. I'd forgotten that equity like Billy actual positive parts to this and is this all negative is there public immediately suvs and cool them. Worst source to meet a friend. And they can treated there. Perk and ray X that's cannon now finally done it single bearded friend. RT scared as. I was I am concerned that only speed dating is a bad element out speed dating and suddenly. Christian boys wearing khakis and they're pulling stepped in to venture. The I mind like a lefty it's just coming from work type thing. I think it's like I'm looking for a good Christian girl I can take home to mama we go to praised Jesus something out that's called attache here dot I don't know that that's the scariest thing is at about the whole thing I hope that god I think. I'm pretty seat if somebody does that and it's gonna start speaking in tongues and I was sobbing back in far you wish like. Tutorials on the Internet where you. It's like I think it's an actual product you can do the fake tattoos and then you click on Matt. Ko over in it looks real and how that shine to it via make a statement today as we get into Graham Tatis just in case like artistic polar shut down. I think we're gonna have a problem brown. I'll illustrate Wednesday. And hopefully. It is this guy on my instant ram. Who have he follows me nicer following him Mike and reading his profile like K and I quicken how you like that if you're you very charitable. You know you do stuff for your community a year we work out. You're really Q he has a beard like OK yeah path or what. It'd profile he had to mention his answer M profile that he Catholic. The fact you have to bring it up into the program in nineteen eating profile I don't know but it means light. It's very important that is important to his life yeah my exactly and out. Outs like I've I've been on like dean web site that stuff where they put that in their profile and it's not just like an option that you can issues like on match dot com and you can do you religion whatever. But they're people that like write that stuff in their actual I like to know asked milk. At this keeping them when I did do online dating that I would read in the would be an automatically flight left sorry. Where they're like yeah I get a problem with my died it's my dog before in ethical. Like commute every animal on them out. Huge animal person title economic furniture in an eye wash everything in there in my benefit postponement for the sheets he added I got says that could be on time and a lot of the clean a dog hears this in mind but I always heat in profiles when guys are already dislike. Oh if you didn't if if you where it's most Estonian and or oh it is a native on the LA though like boats that if he cares so much about my height and because they volunteer pictures yourself believe they don't like. The boy about it lay it right now I get basically like a bad as my biggest pet peeve guys are automatically does Beijing before anybody has centered and do you really has not the other day I was on match dot com because it's. Yes. Guy. Talked into actually getting membership for matched opponents by an actress friend doesn't think India they paid for it do you helmet it's like four bucks a month that's ridiculous high. Called anyways. Days so I used to like tender and Salomon. It I'm fine if somebody's tender profiles has not looking for anything serious Imus like laughed at I get. But there is this guy who was hitting me up a match com. And his entire profile is like now looking for serious epidemic and how you act Haiti under team. Did. Well like are you hoping you're gonna get less like. Hornish ladies can grab on where you're going match dot com people are paying money they are actually looking for and I actually find love I nine. Looking for some of the bank because ice ice so that dude on the back burner like I'm running an Internet. Very young and now that's ridiculous as that opposite literally with that's it for sound and silicon for the dude actually read his name mentioned empty but we can keep ducking. Gonna put me and honestly I don't think people sometimes. I don't and then I like my big problem lately. I've. The recently met a lot of guys in super TO. And then my feet like every alien to me and then all the sun and it's just like communication either drops off or changes divide changes. And then there's something in my it's coming gaffe I don't have time. Like. Things get off of freaking dating sites if you don't wanna spend time to get to know someone or like. You know puts someone into your life. And yet again and don't indicate yes the date that it's a bad I only its label them B learn below may haul a hat. That's quite tender I just stopped trying like because like when I had in their back when I was in New Jersey and they panic I was on it I only trying to find a relationship. It's people aren't under its is. Millie and at the relationship as it is is it like to out of your legacy as a dean counsel I've been on river for users and I've had one relationship. One same. Now it happened that's probably like one in 101000. Phil was on it for a little less than a year. End of that to me yet Alec I. Gotten. To. Fairly good friends like I've been topic on a lot of friends out and I haven't had a relationship out of and I had to get off dating phase in general I was thinking of doing match dot com's I feel like it's a little bit more serious you. Let's just like I TE there's if there's if it's true like social media is rooting. The relationships because it's like. Well we go to court went online help candidates and I like I don't like that feeling which I hate that because I do that crap like I did I do yeah passing me. Or has a slightly South Asia and the first thing I'd do is get back on my cap and talk to someone play and that's what it's eight I have no whenever I've met and even online and it doesn't matter the beatings like. I don't really care like I realize that I don't put the effort in and I don't actually. Care about I don't take them seriously re added an and really don't think it takes a special time for me it's. I actually in his car for me to find them Ivins I don't know automatically have an Antonov and when I don't it is OKMR right it does is make a lot of heart of me intact and people. Well and Aqua that you would let them in the regular lives and as I've been trying to purposely go colts in an enlightened on top of people and it's at a friend's beacon is. Everything soak up and I will I have done. Millions of viewers like. I've I've I've I've got into that's what I'm not giving myself an option right now of online dating. Just 'cause that's like I meet somebody like all my boyfriend my last boyfriend. I met its that a friend that was like a blind date action Hondas up in the one before that amendment had to expect I'll never met. And guys not in line for like it's kind of it's it's special late it makes it that's much for specially does he like me to do not. And that's kind of what I wanna try and I'm gonna like that kind excited about speed dating it's like okay we're gonna get out of our element. It I guess there's going to be other options there but it's not like you know. This sea of Seattle I entertain your hand and I just so curious of who like let these people are going to be life. Completely obviously us there were Roberts X. All this bench where it had to rent it at normal force you know Howard had to use it we all work the same reais each night. Kick as author had to tell what you do for a living out of Memphis Tennessee marketing. As Timothy social media with the promotions. Yeah. Yeah we shall have some different mommy would do we are in different apartment here and not think spell the end of the rock. I also nails it she has some Clinton and then there. I haven't upon how does one put them. Actually put the puck one end the pictures and match profile is me hitting men threw a bomb. And I got a message today I'm not even like can talk but he messages me and he likes it. And then it says. The men's room right is that making it appear however it in the bonds and light that's because the dollar. And I work with and me atlas and make. He's like oh you work with them should house. Note now. Absolutely. I didn't realize how how old. I was going to say Intel I needed some fans did it for a big guy is and so we are now I would not at all. Aguirre. So we're gonna go undercover into. There is new. Upon that it can't real equal story about it. Yeah it is April mean it is. We agree on three month and we can among generals in April. We pull people. As I was trying to match can also combine and mailing the IR. OK don't ask Sherlock. I. Could I don't know she started that I blame her I what do pretty Gatwick fades. So I have a list. It is fix the reasons women and we'd pair perfectly yeah. Whether that Israel. Could. It. The number one ladies run. In history of it especially in Seattle players like eagle on the meter sprint and yet our calendar started by when. And on to audits and there's a few other. My name right now because cam and it. All of that guys. But the cool thing about it is that it's not just like people shops if people like destiny you're shafts and speakers and there's attorneys and doctors. And herbalist and Arby's and using women that are. You know contributing contributing and kind of be fore front and my favorite part about this especially especially with academies being Leo as a DC. Is that like that we like women have a black women. The same thing you know again as the grown in that jam knob as as a that was involved in mind. We can tell me out like like now like European human being copper footnote to that the time that we need to buyers and there's that's made a theory. Pars on that especially of course some power yeah. And then number EU. Women also lead candidates reform which is and you're talking now like DC a lot of women. That have been in politics or art lawyers her whatever aspect of the political. Spectrum. That are now working on campus reform. Ice which were. Gonna get the ladies and Howard especially that this is just super good in general health wise as well yeah there's just a freaking bad. Number three he makes women creative which and that's the dementia I. Really expect little sleepy but I am reminded keep going Cynthia. Is even basically pacer. I get sleep I'm always sleep so adamant. What are lax we element went what. Would create a fours that you do that benefits most when you smoke I get a lot of good ideas I can't can I do on the design work and staff but I have to east over to do that. As we do Aaron is I suck you down. But I get a lot of creative ideas and like right now I am designing them by 'cause then. Islands wheel on started. Brand up in Alaska that does concentrates. Threes so I'm making pain. Logo for him. And all the best ideas and iPad app and that. If you like yes story AD is like in writing comics and I this comics since I was eighteen or seventeen and just like dad I mean I haven't really done anything it's a story board the last ten years. Just ideas and concepts and a with like talk to thrill apparently helped me come up with like. Change the main idea of the main plot of the story. With those via sub plot ended up being like actual means thing. So with the F changed so much of it but it usually I'm still on in my. Here's a could phrase is they confusion like what it's like a new phrase like a flame ward hello I'm a fan. Or rally. A new planet in this matter how they do this mode of transportation I met so many notes in my phone. Little tidbits come out and I have to frequent unabomber have so many frequently posted notes is all over like it. Because this says there's like public will be at is because of a big key excuse. And be creative when. And especially when can I get the munchies hard court may come up with a weird mix and flavor company. Is dead end and I had also been I've taken that music class as in. It's a lake right and sign an iris on my life and only two weeks ago and at super high and I was like. You know in a wrote a song so lake island does not only does. Your regular creativity it is expands on its say yet that yeah I actually says and needed a steady at Johns Hopkins University. Where people's socks high levels of creativity just thirty minutes after. You know got popped it opens on battery and as a matter of every day. And I stepped up. The number for our marijuana is a godsend when it comes to carry it access. That's like entirety you know those pills with many events caused me tonight when a murder have to you have to. Period we wanna cry nearly. I'm totally healthy Ian cynic is I I mine Marie I ninety and so I don't. Really get my periods as much as I used to but I still experience symptoms. Which by. It says periods are one of the most overlooked bodily functions on the plane. In which is crazy because Allen to laugh out of it happens every of the world experiences and get other have a sit. Also be around when that happened so but they still have no idea what it. Entails or how it fields and all act because it does happen to have been a man and it doesn't that detailed body. Yeah. One Goldberg actually. That she how she's got a product that has like bath salts and chock. And it's all kind of geared towards. Menstrual cramps. At the public all ill in at a size mainly is that got you got this yeah news the only team. Store I believe this is like way but he works there. In Seattle that sells marijuana infused. Tim. I think of that. I don't seem like article about though yes but it think that there are the only story that actually carries well EU high. And a live for our listeners that's not really my jam. So if you don't like that that kind of yeah him product you and so if you wanna few any ideas aren't even trying in. He turned it down I'm very tough hiatus now. I EYE a disaster on trial at 88 at yeah mine's an add on that guy's a panacea and it sounds meant ingesting that you know. You know I was in China just had a Diaz Dina but yeah. No I am I trying to clear. And I am and I don't need him app has not yet. But it would be equal to try it out when I am experiencing. Pete mats and my cramps and it I have endometriosis or even went my birth control iso experience back nine and care herbal as aid. Normally are. You know crippled well in her cap. Monitor. On the guy. That's hot reduces anxiety. That many women's. Health. City shows that more than forty purse are women are 40% more likely to development unit illness in the lifetime compared to men. When I tell you manic as crazy. When I tell you I am a a complete different person than it was last year when I was allowed to smoke in on it adds it's a lake. Yeah and we have a care OK yeah I'm await hat merely people would describe me as a very angry person like Nokia's they'll actually had a very. And imprisoned words and it's never have a soul of the brattle Seattle all of that being. He's so like I can't say that I need to see him right now about it but I don't worry I feel yet but I think why can't. Nobody dislike the very end I can really be around three people at one point if it's too much is the on line. Towards me like you get over on the new freak out I got I think I've seen it a little bit about how I don't know but I don't call her now and one. And it's pretty funny I think that was when you and I really pot and a Catholic it blew yet that was the and I meet is giving up insane. You can that this. Is a lot different than me like school re Meehan it's the floors. And basically just here is like. I guess I'm the same way with my anxiety especially if I'm in. I mean even Bergen peak and lake can I when I myself this year. I normally go with coworkers are good friends or whatever men and for some reason my anxiety was out of the perky. Room have been because you didn't have you know eat your buddy with you there I didn't. And everyone that I made in our new and was friends with were working or with another group of friends that kind of like I was just the odd man how slash LSU it's a meek and at the same reason lighting go away. I didn't say he's sorry and secretive like at some of the same under your breath and I came here than he got to tell me you're gonna be bad tell me. Sometimes you just now it's like and really. I know that our fans are added. I Mohammed. He could secure a political animal trap. But let's last analysts as up as an album now there's one more and number six we'd isn't adjusting I don't like an all lot elated that do often once again. Just for everybody who doesn't live in Colorado would has lived in Seattle it lake. It and that bag a ferry routes is that it's. A guys thing I remember growing up and dislike owes an IQ to smoke we like trying to be cute but delegate for can hide the it's heavily before actually before legalized before and you know. That women can certainly eating it. It was definitely when you thought missed Eleanor. Or if there's a Stoner in a movie it was some bombed Al. White guy or it was a black criminal path yeah like there was there was those two. Extreme they went to counteract to some like hippie looking dude that looks like shaggy yeah yeah as I keep it to his vision that school would do it. It's even if it's an inch Aggies QB do you or. Sag and are now. A playa and it's like it's Honeycutt like isn't it different that he between the Stoner in the pocket and that's what they're trying to make a shaggy is more of a pop head I McKenna missed enthusiasts like I think there. People are IK IA go to work I am a lawyer I do this this match. Little stressed at you know they are going to have a nice nice meal maybe isn't a class a one ominous smoke little joy and have a good time yeah I would really relax watch some TV I got. I know what you would do literally exactly. I have dramatically reduced. But I out OK yes and I've been smoking more over I mean since it got legalized high. That's really started getting into it was actually in basis not just the social party situation. And I feel like every year I eat drink lot a lot and I'm happier and I'm getting to know myself more. Again this isn't much. It says add a 2005. Survey said that 35%. Of women helped on the reef in time and like a month note that to be laying I'm not my mom's continents. That's one that's when lord when things those slightly. Arm she adamantly refuse to do anything when she never drink she smokes even average in. As an ally which like lacy testament errands and and I wish him alive and it's like I bachelorette and had smoked weed I. I Catholic is of the an angular cookies and me and come. Like he was Paramount. 19100 of those that can't smoke we Amman Zoellick. Because. My went in my boyfriend's mom. Smoke weed on. I think as acute as they avarice has agreed wearing glasses and Africa joins me. And it. It hurt us and enjoy the island nagging issue that's of any cat. Easily cash and shares meanwhile those Catholic flipping out and in the item I'll get an iPod it. Yup yeah IE for my birthday got a pillow case. Like a little like throw pillow case and that has a cat flipping the bird with the fingers that I view an ally. I love it but hope. If daily life feeling this is a good place to wrap it up in news and the two adult activists who is. Now that's enjoy your weekend latest thing you guys for joining us send and now we guts of the messaging site we'll have our automatic access to your messages on the Google Voice is in the context and that number is 25377860. To hold to hear from ambulance in and he I have to.