Broad-Cast Ep. 70 - "Deal-Breakers"

Monday, April 17th

Vicky B, Your Highness Destiny, and Kianna talk about "deal breaker questions" to get ready for their upcoming speed dating night.

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And I'm devoid. I. Were. And then we have all the different crew. I don't know we docket of this thing. Technical difficulties so don't worry about it. Queen is that that will be decided queen and I mean because it means they can put your highness Harrison. Obviously can call you queen with a KW. That's a ghetto. I haven't had Alan C does he hasn't a flatter than he sell the public Chris the queen crystal. And made you Ian. Well known that they. United. It's wild and they had this this were on on the podcasts like the nickname and it is to keep feared. Keon which Eleanor economic. We as the one from my eskimo yet that would be Anke on national wanna marijuana smoke. Cool that held out of that way what my old friends does what they randomly with a key on the show one. Marijuana smoke it and if it does that's the IN RA and right now. And before we get cute Ireland idiot heads up you can text and call us at two by 3778. 6029. Lead with text and I will get notification on my own we have Inkster and the broadcast 999 is a Twitter. Check matter beast but pages the broadcast. On dash cash and I can finance. But. Phillip included it is only three of both hands on it. Plenty. And you add up for every. Then. But I products that men in these CNN news report. No okay. It's nothing really it's nothing if you. Look at me you that they did you christening as a mean yeah and I'm. It's you here and let them live literally with a boyfriend as what we're buying furniture together now seen less and spend our way as we we've accomplished a couch. A coffee table and the new entertainment center so we're little irony and I am involved with. And let and arguments when deciding by the furniture and or build the project you know I ate I am so lucky we we have not even really thought. We just get along quite well so yeah I don't like to fight so it makes it easy. Might that my girls my girls can throw them implement them. Well the buzzer. Enjoying the single list yes. In doing that strongly. But we did talk on the last podcasts. Sage destiny and I ain't. Signed up for speed dating and he knew I did see that happen very exciting. We as a way to look at. It was good noted it is coming up on Wednesday opening lines of the afternoon whiskey will be involved yes that's definitely. We're gonna be having some whiskey before we attack and a cents its options such an area. So eat inside it. To you know all the questions and gun pointed out that it. Alice talk every last talking do they said look you only have a two minutes doctor experts and even so you wanna entry ask the right. Questions. Nature says flatly can just cut almost like a tender ask. Biopsy can say yea or nay right off the baton. And so I started we started serving people around their regions yeah you say she can't be in day as she's. Got like a mountain of work fishing to take care of the she did give us a couple questions luster is an hour lunch break. Busy busy lady element responsibilities. In some of these questions are are basically supposed to be the deal breakers like you I'm gonna questioning you can gauge as the something I want to do. Person out click here to tell prop them immediately and then Bakley and that let's go through songs that. Right so anything you guys to come to mind that wanna be just reading off what I hear any to come to mind for you as my gut for senior single moon what would be a question if you're at speed dating you say. Here's a question and by their answer like yes or no. What would make you just say no out deal breaker. For mean amber Lyon. Kids. If they have a want to have. Have I yet ask don't don't I don't mind if they had next you know married form that's far and I'm a little bit older I'm 31 cent as gonna happen. But at the kids thing having kids from prior relationship. What if that's the whole thing yet element of all blacks I don't really want to tackles so what the bit about what if they're like I like having kids and they whether adoption aren't Havilland. You know that's that's a tough 120 I don't necessarily want kids percent. You know maybe I mean after I'd rather go in with that angle first and then if something changes on the line. As little bit easier but I just want the you know the biggest thing is is not and not top priority for me add two independent I'd have you built so tied down with kids I think I would Guzman. I can as an adult would deliberately and would that be for you of someone like I have kids and I want. At Dior will injured your reaction BIA. Am completely airlift Keon way delegates I don't know for the manual that a bit and especially that you know somebody else's Susan is it took prior issue of it live with the mother which. In me like I've let a fully understand like that somebody's kids you don't want him around. As prison that prison so that's a whole another aspects now. That the deal breaker for me as I do believe in the idea like Quentin put the Brady Bunch family and I see it was my remain his handling they do. Again I've gone his like birthday dinners or whatever it's like family celebrations in mom's birth. Day and his dad with his wife go to you know his mom's birthday when her husband and the like eagle on vacation and they hang out the end and I think that's awesome if I had a feeling more glory yeah. I wish I was those using his divorced parents like it was an accurate statement among. Dislike them because you want it hits and a stick together in unity so. Common nowadays. If it's going to be that way then why not be like this with the Brady points that make it work with you a whole thing. That. Not for me yeah. I don't want it and it's like whatever and no. I think I would like I would like to get someday nine and that there and I think now here kids preaching for a draw and I'm just like okay do. You know now operate as Obama birth control efforts that would be in for its own hands the key is that that ever ever seen alive. Ever bad and its okay. I was having to get lake here is it's getting out of paktia yet I don't think I'm going to go drink. And it's not your response to it. One of but if they had kids and still I think. Two young enough to where I don't wanna be with somebody who already has kids and then as big a deal breaker and Michael Cuddyer meeting here also. You have a tear up front okay I'm out how to help out. This is always gonna be like how immediately at lake like I know as the threat secondly I can be completely let them and didn't see that oh fight broke out. Hollows fields are you know I think you left it actually got an idea idea quickly and you have got that that's a fair I think if I'm still single. By the time I'm 35 I don't think a mini scare me like OK it's it's gonna be rare to find the but he doesn't advocate. Not you that yes he what's another with another one on your list so on my list. Came here hinted in most. Religion that's. Anything you know really. There for basically pretty religious. Because I am primarily is at now in fact have the year to Europe with a religion as it was in and private schools like my on the capitol school. Against those so the first it was it was a question Kristen and back is currently in the rest of them are Catholic. But I like my high school is cool because every year recently in class with the teachers in new religion and hi there won't have solid that's Elias Howe island as likely. On the flip them practice like and I associate with this like I actually do you have a little bit of knowledge of other religions I just know for a fact adds nothing to do. That it's an most polite you know way. Rihanna I gather religion thing to I didn't grow up religious at all not add anything against it I just don't like it seeping into every day life. And and frankly I just cannot bind yeah you know this is not. Good for you great. You know a budget cannot then is it not for me sorry I take Allegra Catholic for many many many years Mexican Catholic Diaz was at church. Way too laughter. I feel more Richardson I didn't hang out with like friends or anything like that it was pretty crappy I'm at at friends who head coach's idea have been and that. I think it's wonderful at some people who can take and lead a better life he cannot use it for hate. And they may know people that like look I was going to rough patch and I found religion and I feel like my religion my. My personal connection with Jesus has saved my life and that's cool and that's my thing. Mike Fossum and country and you that I knew everybody has anything whether it's music whether it's one ever going to school everyone has their one thing. Mean however some people like only be so much more happy if you we have found your religion again I mean when I did a lot happier since I left rehab I am doing OK and we have some downtime Celtic religion would only bring downward. Up for me personally so when I see someone like and you're awesome Mike check out my question this or not you're not looking great. And they're sheep religious and I'm not gonna be going to church every Sunday and I'm not gonna be sitting in rain. Like that's not if I have any connection with a higher power is my own personal thing that's why might some right there with you guys are awesome. Stage suggests that this one asking. What is your ideal Friday night. Let's look at. As she once she's not into the partners carry out getting wore a black out drunk on a Friday and I are you you know going to a club are you going to bar you hang him home. So what is your guys I'll ask you at the numbers and your writings. Q what is your idea of getting. Leno left outside the clubs and that's a big no no for me I do not let the club's weekly into the club went to try that was very awkward yeah I was yeah I was trying to figure it was Seattle is that club for you guys academic some tells me is this different times there like it yeah foundation in which is currently media and I think that in my roommates go to that yeah yeah so there's that kind of Glover just you know at the dancing where there's a until lights a lot of drunk people. Lot of tiny skirts okay. That's all horses health at the time he scares engaged in Kenya and then that that's the club yes a great touch yet. Like you know inhaled. We go to bought our first yeah and like you know play pool or whenever that happens began to have the bars on a big deal but. There's a couple pars and as a barn Fremont where even people you can hang out at the bar or there's a little area we can be. One I remember the clubs didn't serve beer either which I thought it was just atrocious. I gonna get a beer and doesn't excuse only alcohol as part alcohol they want airline again and I know and I was like really disappointed as a I'm glad you know I do like a one out sometimes. When you go out what you. You know let I would love just to go to some might. Hold while little bar to hang out chill Chad if India that that's cool I like the I don't that's like being at home all the time you like light music yes my music civic on for me that there's a BM plans and I'm down for that kind of fishing rigs coming I know you know I'm actually am going to be often actually finally able to those of cricket in fashion and Harangody as a gag I wanna go to them now that's governing you that's. But they. Yeah I mean. I'm really easy going and I I just don't like staying home all the time that tries mean I don't like being in an Iverson and I watch I don't like watching TV like that you play nice and staff has. It's not my cup keepers out of mind and sometimes that does all the time and what is your idea deal Friday night tightening deal Friday night so I will. I get up for about 530 in the think the great thing about working here is is like it feels like. It feels like a Friday Ares I could you know in any good ways I feel like Emmerich and somehow he's jazzed up to do something. So are you still live shows ever since instead of working in radio then letting my shows indict a hole and make a hole nor televise as well. I want to win recently whereas like all it all pinball machines. Food and paddle out of all you have in Fremont yeah I Allen fun and love -- so that easily that kind of by early karaoke so some hamburger Al little vigilant but you know it's like you know. At least yeah it was an. Something that's really important I wrote in my list of and I karaoke if you like you if you OK with going. That's cool but I don't people like I'm not going now I gotta economic and informed and more. The problem. I am like that's what I do every year for my birthday like I even know that lets them based. At a karaoke and you know this is true I was certainly a click away did you go to camp he's really as they used to be ball for awhile it was an error on the teen spirit and then it went over to system of the down autopsy if a book. That. And here's. What I wasn't. I believe in my billion things I was like on the eighties in the GOP and get a and just have fun with and screen. I completely though my favorite goes to to a one of them is Jack are you gonna be my girl. That one. And there's one called daddy cool and I heard placebos cover first but I the usually don't have back covers and I did you deal Disco version mentally treating it'd be something I remember he could cut that turned. That make who. All it is really fun gift nearly a long time ago tees and when it might go to is don't speak by no Lula is again. I. I have been that you of that upper sixth issue. Yeah. That's. Radium isn't all eyes and is one of the bill went to. The NC using it yeah. The lyrics to it but recently added but he is because we there yet alone the U silence of the show we do secret birds. Hottest. I think there's a task. It slid it SO did a Buddy Holly the Catholic indeed they get back on weekends. I think Arlen beaten them and arresting correctly and I think I heard the song more sun Miami remains and I have to on the radio and forgetting using their now. But it. It's teenager and a sound guy that I am. Add a forgot about it to me it was like. Whole image humanities to keep Hillary and I think it's so like he's not a great singer but he sees it's if people haven't had. And it. He gets all I'd why is it I don't think I am add to this happened at an Indian. Alley in the course. If sometimes that the dipping them in the night tried to your reveling Allen's. Are you guys only know the course is like strand like and a good man for the a couple girlfriend they come with me karaoke all the time in a great time to come with me but they'll sing at all. Like they want to think about it it's like. Excellent and much else that excite my place. Noted though that's where did you go and I commend you on wait I would have no problem coming and watching but I'm on my eight year Diet Coke my Diet Coke ad I will not missing. Yeah I'll want to be funds yes yes. But you don't he added actually part of my ideal Friday it looked at a karaoke I'm really I usually because I get off work pretty early in his home line nobody's off when I'm off. I do my Netflix watching at twelve. Let's look at what's ahead at times it yeah the cool. So I mean if you want to go when watts and it looks series or Benji line made dinner at home in order take out I'm totally up for huddling in and doing all that karaoke you're going to see a show our. Plagued boarding house in a purple you know couple friends over that I am hate the board team thing yeah and board games what I'm with you. It seems to be a good thing that he served but I hear a lot here it just yet there are level huddle parity here and now there's a lot of it Seattle especially with what happened mocks and Paterson asked Harry Reid can go to yeah. I was bored bored I never plated as a can't I think that they may be canyon land in my monopoly that we just Wear a board game and we have. We kinda where we played some games we didn't have a whole lie and then. So the reason I got into it my buddy Brandon Gerber is around time public really serious brake button. And I was sick I was actually had the flu or cold or something a buddy Brandon asked me to drive and Kathy month in living in north gate at times a game arrived. And he's at all we're gonna sit here and eat we're gonna play a couple of games. Him in another mini mart you should join me just went on mall and then be sick I pop that you. For a little bits I got a cup cup copier tear something and we are playing southern Yucatan which is just the basic standard. Board game and in. That's not monopoly. And I just a good time with the you know the crowd of fat in them having some you know team and I just felt so relaxed and I didn't have to think about mechanics. It is nice and so we needed tradition every Thursday after the podcasts and we would goad capping accidentally couple games and reliable and yeah he's got involved and we started doing game days and we became and I got my roommate about this card game you play that's key and yeah I became obsessive schemes like the card game in the eastern nine more games like to introduce each other Marbury is now we have ridiculous organ collection via the massive collection I. She had to lend me a I still have your own she I'm going on to it I have wanted to book cases he gave me a bookcase that I depart elements and when I'm out in the past and it's just fill the sporting event. Like while your public key for a year to ask you find anything out wanna sell she's a I don't really have space for us if you want kind of how is it yeah I was at Clayton. Calling aren't actually in the house this team and he's. I just I got one of the board if I had his BJ's on housing like you like I'm giving this year is the one I wanna back to playing Al asking I don't play very dolphins and he just keeping an easy setup for a little bit. The cup and might again be right back it's. I PR. Problem. Just because. I have so many am you're the lead I would be doing. And so what's another one yeah how often you party kind of goes in with the agency on a party and Lebanese be drunk all the time. It isn't about me me me and another guy on the longest relationship. Is a Chu who. Justine kind of maybe get a gauge as to kind of seat. I don't know maybe levels of maturity in a sense because I don't know at least at 31 years old. Think we're talking about up there to some is only have like a series of very short relationships that I how lake. OK I don't I wanna go there he act like Ellen ID with a guy who we say never wanna have kids coming at an angle we spent time he but do you. Care about that at twentysomething rice I'll end it like well here's my thinking insulin like never wanna have kids. Mike Carey cool why would I get to know you've all public view and then a couple years been like I'm ready to get married you have kids. And then for him to say you know I don't want kids do you collect panel had an annex like that he's like I don't have never won again like he kind of what him like maybe Wendy Wendy wanna get married and then we start dating that I never wanna get married. So glad I'm just like. What I like and get married when they can't do it I don't OK that I like I wanna get out there that put me falling in love with you fix. Pummel its only gonna lead to zepa when he says I might I don't really think seat assigning kids but I might. And yeah some like even and ninth let's see work go but if you're like sperm I don't month also he's like my longest relationship with two months. Yeah that's a red flag to me I know all the yeah yeah Italy and the year I think he had it yearlong relationship. I have yet to have been yearlong initiative really is like that and agree on immigrant whenever I don't I don't know. Here and held it really only have papers boy for and it's one needs to. Really well host of really fat grown up and I had planned ahead probably and I'm honestly it's. I'd as you know it impede in high school game. I. I think like if we had other people. I didn't say that better. I forget forget aches like I told you get bad Ali I never out with Kennelly. Lie a little bit that's not due to let me know that the red flags here like I have never been in and that was something like I was a late bloomer and changed the game up a little yeah. Hopefully just like to Syria elevators that figure conduct about this one after an hour at bats is kind of like. Gallagher is treated courtship like courting them as. What are girlfriend yeah see and that's not right to me now I'd I had one of those and and actually in at a dating him for a little bit and it was yeah I was way too quick ran up and and I was young and done two's that I learn quite quickly after Natalee up and not to panic and you know. I learned my lesson and learn one like I know you really dislike the media I mean how did you ask. You know discolored I don't know losses get like a little bit of revive the what kind of which Woody's sense I. Four and I like doing things in my onto I don't only problem you're dealing prison I know they could go on a road trip like for like a point for our like you know driving from yeah battle through like LA by yourself and be totally comfortable I love it that's that is late. Clears my mind it's it's I'm loving that about. Arab minimum freaked out I was like 22 anyway you know went to Canada by myself because all life or Africans once the content of the slats of the began like this is. As Obama girlfriends bowed out in public. So yeah yeah yeah yeah MMI legislate. But you can't quite as a public again I can insulate in the late con I go to console as well as those vacations by a so called me I don't know. I think along with yourself that way over here like a lot easier yeah I want to New York last you about myself like at them so they wrote trips and is now. So it's established a little in the beginning like it if you meet to talk to me. All the time ordered that I don't like that I don't like the constant texting Adam like the constant calls. You know insects they just don't call me. I agreed. Another lion. And he does for the part one and I David Egan and we took couple reunited from the mean that was the reason why I dislike him. He started hypocritical and it. He's getting well is that it acts as an alien had leg to act like it fuels the fire and he or the exact same thing about the aids. So it even something that you want and I'd sure like a committee and his money should be I don't humor cargo shorts. He wore. What that Marvin the martian Aaron with holes in it from target did not have like probably and and and accept Edmonton. That I wouldn't who have refused or in the ten issues. That's a big turn off. The bottom of it as like I hated. OK so neglecting both states. Honestly I'm mutually I hate to be back sound bad but it would be you know whatever you know by its. Fashion is the big light turn on turn off than me so you're you're sitting about a guy at the speed dating her and Harry acts what is something Hewitt where they behind yet know Puerto. Honestly I didn't name a couple things every got them that you just say yeah. I. And an a hole leisurely. Took cool yell or leisure and feet teachers and how cool would that I have developers impressions. Late I will be beyoncé if you make a difference for email and that's your first impression Beagle apple. But analysts expect that every single decade LA for the first day. A hole a doll up a little bit of them passed a little bit yeah I mean who. I think if you're Crocs. Now you act now to sell them in I don't think it'll sell them any more events I mean M yeah like knockoff versions without the scene I think there's some a couple of the a couple of years meteor tees had been there at the outlet on the crop store all alone look I back. Rock needs and the shaken hands me two pieces. Could it. I will we do live in Washington and how about the marriage alana. It was an honest when he had beauty kind of like bummed out when I was antagonism and there it is like. No I don't like we've only to be at I have control is that Steve distances like honestly. I don't know like sounds title and a better in the Atlantic yeah and it's like whenever LA they but Billy. I had one guy who dislike I don't like to slow week and he's just look at the way too much needed this is there a dynamic that's understandable that aid. But I would credit bureaus and who enjoyed drugs say with me. And I asked yes it legal just completely yes it's legal it's planet in going to be done it and it is in. It's a bummer if I'm zebra IV in eager to sit man now yeah I like judging court. I sounded too off and the guys like outspoken advocate you do I don't really do it as long as they're not a bug kill. Yes. Not super harsher about it 'cause like you know my boyfriend it I don't drink I had no problem going after the bars with him and stuff like that and an everything's but on harp on about it and say you know if you're cool with that. But I'd like that and still too little. C didn't. Began. Karaoke stage did bring this up she's like they need to be in to sports they need to be into football. You just because she she said if they're not I'm going to feel like I've wearing pants relationship and if I fat she says that. It is indeed policies that in her that he had apparently. Not exports person oh I'm a huge aren't proficient or they all. Yes tiger Natalie Davis say sports and up so placed what's the deal like Huber fall she doesn't definitely I don't do fantasy or anything like that in a I do policy hawks quite a bit Niagara aren't properly amber Havoc football team so let my moved up here ten years ago I fell in love with the hot sun all my gosh we have achieved. As I know that never see of the public and steer him not play the thing was my age and if they might actually yours Seahawks and the united wildly connect twelve can be annoying. Yeah I enjoy watching the games and it fits on I usually work on the weekends of course and we want to but at the games on I wanna watch it in a baseball to not. So are not really mariners and on the Dodgers and Arizona you know vehicles is kicked off the bike and catch a game catch you know my whip you just enjoy sports but he doesn't mind. Washing it with means of getting pretty cool it's excited with you ask me like is is not his cup McKee our sales so it's a compromise for us he likes video games online video and police compromise. Four I doesn't plan time bad you know. Mean everyone has there it and I mean but it you know that it's often if you have somebody that that would really be and go in the games without. I am it's 12 I am a god damned well president and brown yes I are you have my freak injury the pre ordered in the source crystal lately no only that it. They with god custody late so. At least he Oxley it's I never even in my minutes aprons back on the back and its main bases background in my friends back home. Let would text maybe like. You could not get you to sit down watch a single football game here at the games late. Idea that the crowd which one of them like it that we have bees hasn't movement. Seattle. Notes he spent hometown yes they can be any sport to be the biggest they'll be crying about the Sonics and in in me and I'll still appreciate that it's O. It has more to do with. All of the councils was with Seattle sports lake. Is what it you know if elected ours game I would be like what I'm going to via this is it. I get a good. Really care where it out differently here by a lot in the games we've been having in the background working doing something. I think that's fun or even just hanging now watching game having Beers on. That you bring up something has an ass like he. For me at one of the questions I would ask you think what we ask them their job. As they say military I think one of my game my a known I was would be okay are you active military in which you get deployed me because like I said that the people I can do about that can get deployed and have their families. And that can be that them the military wife her husband even hiring commend them because I know I'm not strong enough for that and I know yet. I had a time slot is off on the I would be able to do emotionally mentally. But have you had any guys that are like oh your ex military like that get a little put off by a matter give you crap for it but nobody has ever ever do meet crab a bit or been put off by am. Have likely have all only guy is like thank you for your services cinemanow and a gimmick in awe and all of that. At a bit of you know even come across anybody who was either like anti war who you know may have never gotten haven't gotten it yet nobody never do that lake. Specifically abouts I did toll actually understand that ends this is that we about the spouses slam. Let's say spouses and end the people in who active duty have seen firsthand. Like the spouses are just as an enemy yeah yeah that's when when when we're deployed in melee that Sully I would never atom. Fault you for the winning city enemy have have its go to that because some fans are gonna Christmas recline. Yet whatever the hell hole yeah ever is easily I would I would never take condemned that. But I would as with their view was in the military in general because. I guess that have never got any anti war and by a military presence before but if they were like that. That's an ogle yeah and I think that is I am now a veteran fire fight land air force on your needs. But sounds. Yeah Hilo. So that's so that's just me on what you know it just depends owed their stance when those two different situations for me then he. During military. Because hand in hand but it does bring up another you know. Touchy subject would you ask on speed dating who like who they voted for what is the political stance. Actually that is an intrusive question he had he ended in a hand like I am also now be answered. That voted for somebody that a lot of people. Think that it just piece of crap. In my. Column. Right all in specific. Public I was told them that my significant other voted for this person way. Kind of eighteen point the honor and honestly wondering how marriages that's been together in Milan. Even I have family members who think they voted for the specific person like you is that you are everything you eat the person. My my why he voting for this personally we aren't a certain race in a certain type of you know whenever situation. And after people kind of that it makes sense to me says. I would like to think and it sort of on a previous podcast and don't want to think that I judge somebody based on the fact some people just immediately and the other person yes. So they felt like maybe by doing something different. And I Cheney in my Shane yeah it would shake things up an offense that is kind of shaking things up in the end literally earth into this. It's yeah. I can't promise that if they're like yeah a bill this person. That I would stand and her more than head and I only had apparently being. And digging yet but I. Like the next as long they're not overly. Political and a sense I respect each person's beliefs and and that's a thing because I I don't like politics I don't because I think I think they're all crap and just. Does not my garbage yes I don't sat on either want I don't know I would necessarily fall unless they were overly in my face about it and she did it's like. Can't teach and you probably that grain. I do that I knew an old guy who's. I think the correct term what I was saying game. He was my boyfriend is not mine out OK okay. We were just doing it every on the close for. He and he's dynamic and different you think he was very political I mean he did we kind of believe in the same stuff. I remember we would lead take a break to eat some food. He be watching like CNN or whatever it Michael's Paul political think mostly very I think this is just not let my brain hurts watching this how might you make yourself supper. 'cause you my jam at a home. At. We're talking a few people before the podcast we talked inch from a pants from a on the hot and you know getting a few ideas and questions each asking he suggests asking in. Usher out this one like have you ever cheated. Knew that there speed dating like would you ask that. Kind of a simple question how can I say it's a bull question. It was yeah but it. I want and not asking I don't think of the lake Anna in Libya off the table now I think I would probably asked innocently. Nominee would but it will be due to someone like if you're at speeding insanity you'd normally think have you cheated on anybody. With that often what kind clinging need to come in after cheating and detox and gotten into the top of cleaning that just come off as naturally thicker have you ever been cheated on. It depends on how. How old the guys it's uncertain how much. And I get a feel for him yeah. I rappers and before. You know Roman back question. I think so for speed dating I'm thinking maybe we should have like that strategy like like black it's a little stick that in an easily the first round of the random whoever's it's like. You know it generally generally Janeiro and he immediately. Try to get the more you know the bid hearted questions again and human nature because off the backs of these that are. Quite abrasive and personal. Have only insulate life in ways that in AG if he nanny like him and it's like. Yeah that's what some of these questions are meant like they're supposed to deal breakers like I'm made it yelling and we'd. All that he's. Might actually be two in Canada. And very bold and as well and that's we beat consuming that was. He's. With. How often what is your ideal number of times have sex in a week. If you're hitting. I. Asked how often you wanna do it can come up Andy you and you look at them like. Snag it does and that delivery yes. Because you know I'm I don't think that your only injuries in the fact that Illinois dispute and right now why would we spend the money to sign up for speed dating with only one of being. That issue is quite easy for their money do it anymore than I'm expecting. Him Canada's Gaza can kind of of the I. Pregame fuels isn't free or cheaper army navy Alon anonymous due to its where Andy and we'll because they personal howling with Ambien waiting list I'll. Cheney's. Probably got to feel like. Carrier and early regularly lie is an eighth and 98. RA high essentially sold in the forum when it's Biel gets. Like there between her and saved anxiety he had writing. At Ceglia now and that's what that does help quite a bit and then hang in an eight year at what is your ideal answer that question if you ask that question how often would you like to affect week if you have a a significant other. Let's see yours. You're going steady in honesty like super committed that you're going say nothing anybody else. Coming times Gillick have personally see 32 to three times affiliate of the normal. Good. Especially if you're not living together because it's hard to connect yeah. That was that began and some rain and you know it's going to be a couple times on the weekend. And point three of you know I enjoy it so I went there and and they Yemen on Syrian bank and via. Is that good balance them with like ethics good. Human dignity and admits it. I think the question he'd had McCain benefits like do you have any mates. That's awesome to have real. I heat. And it's. I mean I got myself in any reason gas is silly like for me I know for. Am I am never let anybody that's I don't even think I can live lately that belief and give it out of the cycle of them that he people. They don't like each other people he'd ever meet he have to be quiet. Him lake. Media as a weird so that whenever I technically three roommates and birds witching hour we're going to be getting. My roommate that is that beyond they move in with as wanna get married at all really knows that. Call it how on some time and then I got a visa. Hey if she needs a kick that her in the room actually Africa can expect to. And comedians and supported so all happy for Steve act. And it is. And so we'll have her moving in and then our other needs moving house or any another town. Fleas and -- and yet he's living with a girl law how easy she's awesome marina and I'll aerial. Five names written so I mean I like my remit and where they're only a male I gotta say that you have some corporate. Ashley did have a was aroused is one bank in New Jersey in his. The Albert indices do Robertson C restaurant any day any lived like the top floor of this. Apartment building and think you know it was it was it was really cool and they were all cool only if you know there with the best friend and I I love them yet. As for me since funny really depends on the roommates that I began from them. Didn't do me yelling my name it's funny piracy in this day. Actually his become a friend of mine but they do an and he can compete against. I think right now people like him like you they're not stupid endings and Google wouldn't sing like they're well then he might leave they know all grown ass woman. I'd like to not act like they're not going to attack you for being naked with me they're not gonna get mad at you or they're not gonna like intimidate you they use him with a broad. Like that is it my hat he like when we went down. Downstairs in. Heatley bolted for the door Carlisle on the third floor of a townhouse in the quickly ramp for an advocate the C act anybody. That and I'm sitting around like I've taken my time and apparently were not high school anyway and it's like out it's like an opulent. Make make fun of you really don't know you may be paid. Yes hi I have a Milan and I wasn't one of them wanted to implement the lagging island I haven't a little tired makes this feel like we've Imus the next time. This isn't. Yet like camping like Ari you heard us may be that makes it little comfortable now in here is the 11 remain totally on to the other army death itself so we're fine. Here every item he's the blow dryer and everything that what you're. No. It. I love my remained adamant that the guy has roommates at delivered their folks I'd make a couple questions yes. I don't let a question. I know you're literature folks up until recently yes until the reason for that was they had a mother like you and yes and so they sell watches comeback and it appears I have my whole I have a whole party she to myself. Yes she does that you had a couple of medical issues yes yes and as a medical issues I had the hospital bills to pay out so I know back in with them but. House's right on the water and it's got so I had no problem you were Cilic all out and I get along with that there was fine but not in the back in for financial reasons as I can pay off all my bills in and save some money up at all. Apartment myself so yes I like it down like the hole for repair no and I was working full time to let him I was freeloading. One of the big things for me and I know it's going to be there when is that pet questions you. How do you feel answered animals and they have began people who. Yeah when. I have a Kenya and I don't care that I did that I did growing Nadia lake that's I think what they're dog and cat people at school. I like to come on how the scenes the hell. And I liked it's I don't leg dobbs is a slate. I don't have that he should Ford I'm with you that I like dogs but I don't think I would ever really want to own one just because of the responsibility. Yes. That's it and it page like he seemingly she loves her cats and you know you need to be cat person. I like I've kind of similar Bogor I can't really see this in Seattle and around. That's I think they're awesome when you look at pictures or when they're are away but I haven't weirdly. Ignorance he's normally in offered me animals. Like I don't like I believe I have an. Ecological and immediately I know and in a way there's hair or India I get super like I need to take the top and any deterrent washing machine I get super itchy as onto the league. Dog in especially cat here to that sticks them at IC. Yeah I mean compete in and out there thinking like when my name my eighty he really gigs in my eight over in just. Again I'm getting careless scatter hairless not like it's sitting in my lap it just went out there and so it passes sitting on meet with fecal matter particle. I don't really overtake like I'm getting better over the years I've gone. A lot better racing Havel on neuroses like hasten the washing hands when it. Like if I touched my underwear. Neglect and Ramon nor and I just my pants and a touch Mandarin and I think you're washing hands because it might underwear dirty in east even worse where if I had underwear that night. Watched. That I've worn before and it washed and so was clean and I pulled it and put it away then. If I touch my and ran a lot pants it is going I used to be greatly lessen attic in a lot of meditating. Like it took hey it's not that lately OCD yeah a little bit nice to if there was somebody I really dislike. My parents have like one their friends spamming friends living without an aid group I used to really like him and then agree to really hate him. For the key cheated on his wife and his wife by his daughter was my best friend and sent them away like so used to the way. And now you're sleeping with what's what Evers in England in my houses around us breathe whenever he would like walk past me. It would feel air went into this and you wish it was you hold your breath and I would hope I do it's what I felt the air touch my face I have to like a loss I have the spray bottle like a little water spray bottle and I would sprain myself home why would for Brees might hook hook. To make myself feel clean and that he shouted judging you yeah. IC a lot. Worse I've gone way better this is when I was like at preteen or teenager even refused to shower before me I would take the breeze or something and just clean quote unquote clean entire time just losing my mind so. I have gotten better with pets animals cats and dogs I when I'm on tender. And I see someone like if you can't get along with my dog then don't even bother I Lilly it's slightly or cat or anything like left I'm here I'm not gonna play. I was in this game you know it was so funny it's like Issa is a joke on ten daylight if you have if they you know if you're a guy you have them a picture with adult and if they get grows. But I'll see if I see a guy he has the dog it makes me not. Want to make slight left because of the panel to be with you when you're dogging your dog hair yes great because like those opposite. Kelly out one other question for the sending the replaced wrap it up. How close are you to your family. I feel like give me I don't necessarily think. It's deal breaker either way but I feel like depending on what they. Silicon Siebert close to my family like I see him until we care once every two weeks or something I really didn't. I value their opinion there you know and like I'm really close to my brother look we we don't get talked very often but I am. Close my brother I try to I try to see my folks every at least every two weeks. But it just like I think it's cool if you look at relationship if folks are some people they say. They're not my life. I mean. That's not a silly red flag but then it's like okay little lie and yet it was their fault my beating at crappy parents and they broke free and yeah about her life and I'm all but my acting at the backstretch but you know I I would do like it better that they are closed up to propose to my gambling so you know it. I would prefer them to be really close to the it is so funny I am so am I don't even if these easily moved out hair from his clothes on here about myself slowly. It's something they'll be endearing if they were both definitely didn't have them either because like. You can relate really to mourn yet again I did you catch and relieve or at the pretenders Christen and Adam. Is merely act like isn't it like you know what family the big holidays some people make a huge Hewlett cable and a her to do this radio caroling any new editor at and I know friends like that do live honestly. That far away from their family. Getting home have our own Christmas. Daniels maybe Skype with whoever whatever bag. It's not like I had a prepares snap repairs that costs. That's what her. That's my big question for indeed acting rates rates. Right now nine of the good place and we'll have a C. J. Wilson that associates the NYC is easy. If you guys have any good questions that we should ask Texas feel free do any amount. This is by the.