Broad-Cast Ep. 72- "Boxing?"

Friday, April 28th

Vicky B, Ooh Sara, Sailor Sage, and Your Highness Destiny talk about Sage’s new relationship status, The Dope Cup, a new method on how to get people to leave you alone online, a weird way a girl applied her makeup, then a 1930’s dating guide for single women.


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I really wanted to. Lightly here I am. Thinking. Yeah. And it senator dish. Yes seriously tongue muscle exercise obviously a lot of like can't practice like the Mexican army's golden. In this area aren't so let's let's go out our our our yeah. On around on its. I. And I'm deployed to. If I could. I. You know wake up have you gotten and I. I am quietly. Now I'm Kim nine I don't think you gave up some nobody rubble. This is your highness her so happy Friday isn't in it. We got destiny and we got crazy stage. Sleepy stage and age I lobby cranky you keep Tom him drink yeah I can already feel like I'm like at Harry I know like I was mentally kept telling me how bad it is like if I don't like panel on them. I'm just saying I'm I'm actually have a lot of energy it. And. On today and the island I swear they like spike a cop Ayers thing blows the doors just coffee I don't have a I'll assignments I had yesterday and I had its day. On line. I know I take. Oh good crack cocaine and it completely bank singer. Or actor. His act. Do you before getting rather read that and yes it's it before it begins festivities you can call or text it to 537786029. Footer and mr. Graham are the same it's the broadcast at 99. FaceBook the bride dash cash used in less at the broadcast 999 at And you. I DN. Before we get into one thing we did say the last podcasts and I feel like we being disservice if we do not talk about it. You did you bailed on us say yes. We have to Bailey UP yields I damn I can't recall a few out on the last time it was out there you know what I. I'm a. Apparently I'm not only now notice well. Yeah yeah and I met someone. Today you gonna come out with us. No because I'm pretty sure that I met the actually I'm not preacher Hampshire way and then you know now. Now I'm doing what router and where I'll ask that is like I love everything about it like when I hear the words sold me like my my heart in my may throw the hard dislike. But allowed him a thing. Believe in the theory of multiple soul mates don't like and then you get it's the union Jack on it's always agree expert exactly like because I'm not multiple soul mate and gotten you know my best friend Katie I have my best and Ryan might. They both kind of community that you're so people yet they both kind of complete different aspects of my life and you locating yes an increase in muscle but I like soul mate like. They like I am going to marry the mother of effort yes I wanna. Even as an fed Paris now I have. Myself and I don't know I had serious. Dial cold and ray Hebert the ailing grandfather and really go into it to me like get her a little more crap did you say it's okay Allegheny Democrat before the freaking grip line it was a group an advocate a diet for twenty dollars off Y. You meet crap for. All. The I. I don't negative crap I got sent that link from another. It would not pay for Google surged. You know I. Yeah. And careful. Yeah. Now that and I don't care and us as a as people I thought she said about where my. Following in her for you know it is like a little whisper about Reagan and at fault. Good as that but no I've been going at them and instantly how do you mean what do you tell trying to get it to sell now it's my. Is it a few months ago back in the beginning in March my name when my difference I was bitching about. Tender in crap comply with. And she was like you know you need really need to respectable and paid from which. And so I finally did it I paid for a month. Ended up like two weeks after. Parade and I were playing public profile negative outlook each of the profiles my pictures photos but not Sany saying that's what. I don't so that I finally was like he answers and here's something stupidly. And then. A few weeks later we like iron in my hand we're finishing each others sentences there's and he's now. I. I got I know there frozen reference anybody now today yeah he's got an act like you're cutting. But yeah. But yeah it'll only guy you date battle it on one day and I hash he was the only I topped tee on so as match. I currently I. Is it different is it so you you have to pay for a marriage even might communicate with people and a half and it gives you complete different brackets our hero and grabbed it gives you people who are actually like looking for relationship that has seen the F take care where they're just looking capital a half hour ago. Yeah exactly so these people are gonna you in theory would be a little bit more. Serious yes we're area. Were you nervous like the first day that they are all hell yeah you don't want a couple you know when Imus like all agree it doesn't have still terrified of us. I just like mine Harrison stems ram what is the vibe could be the agony my god this guy is going to be awkward luckily we pilot on a bit like at Doubleday. It's unclear Fran with Taylor the others who assistant and then she had a tendered aid. All eight yes only Ellington mariners game school credentials and like at first date to me because there's a lot of times are you mean it's not like the movies I think the movie's content here and mercy to us and never met in person. I yelled at NIC baseball is that you have the new distract you during those are talented and reason anti Hillary DC BI because you're watching but I and yeah how hotly super quiet to talk I really thought that the place to go for her statement is really an idea when posting that like all those like little areas even go to negotiate. I mean none of our own game and I just immediately make. That makes that makes sure it's and a month of is it what do you think topple ball game beating them like especially here now and I dated a guy win or aren't saying oh foot first they can go. But for aiding the flippers have the it might happen if they allow its two holidays much going on Mike and honestly about shippers that you don't really see that person. And they don't want diapers Simi looked like my full twelve outfitted in my glitter and an NL I don't yeah I can tell me that wraps yeah the rest children AD after I'm going to be into it. The bad thing because you're showing lake. I. Not now and yeah I like to show that part of me because it's. Or wildlife yesterday and I need to extent that it I was ballots one. Let's really. Into it like my friend went on a day with a guy from senator. And like he was dressed and one of its pictures Michael Cole like CU uh oh don't do that because C. Any he came to our apartment any his number was like. It's the one that some things he Hough. Like he he and number this is not dying and the girls like our youth from this place that area that is different issue Kerry Munro area that now. Did you like that your number of her that purpose and it Buick the that is why it's not that it that's Teemu modesty that LI IC a few of those around I don't like those are some adversity with a guy who was a slight. All in a game like did you did those you know like night and I'd be like and I'd like I'd let the ball like. I don't know Lilith about it and yeah I mean like tomorrow we're going and seeing tiger's game escalation it yeah but would be. Well it's a little easier to actually it's not a person with the founders and encounters especially because years it's nonstop for five minutes past. And with the Seahawks it's so freaking out and honestly and significant what's happening. Conference football. And you and I like out of an idea like. And a thousands or which one Eddie you a day in. Thelma basically ad is clicked I and a guy he is so much like me and we keep finding like these stupid little link simulate Ares. It's it's it's cutie and that I like butterflies phase late and I met in high school is like you may just cuter just gaze he walked by your crash type thing. They say little that I know it's like I don't care anymore are noted this and I know what Ellie after a couple weeks you're like this is what she hits via. Remind you hit the yeah usually it's now. Added yesterday. Yesterday I got a call from a friend that's. And I heard her Gigli. With any called me and she goes. You have a delivery. And I was like one howl and here's what you should come operate now and get counseling after he is talking about it and I'm it was a back issue. And the silicon Altman and felt like I am walking up there. And I I know of what my doubted that means I'm saying yeah our because I had mentioned to bring in that I hadn't eaten lunch and like I don't know if it's that means or whatever. He's hours. Aung and Freddie are all purple oranges VI ET the moment and Stu grant who are they saying late and there. Yeah when I worry about. Is it. Hey maybe that's why she's tired today of these and I guess what you get when you can't. We got a lot of iCloud does and a bank probably not a likable the boxing. And I think. Think coming in May or may not be the beginning enhance and enable. These like. You know learn that it nick at that haven't. Well all of thinking. Which is held on an awful lot no reason at all that up now. How do you like drug the whole podcast I did not think ethnic easier activity texting Hughes nothing it was it's no ice slots I just. I kept having really badly cramps Lou I have like we learn fast and then this morning I woke up he arable allergies. That sends out game with the IQ this is Ferrari Albanians trying to me. Hello guys. Just keep this summer expert equals spring crap now I can't I that's what I was saying except I need a couple of our months before summer's night and actually to start going back to urge you to write. Hang out at lake pretty much I got your lunch and I didn't ask. And for my ten year reunion once we actually finished planning. I haven't even heard about mind how they gonna be doing at them. Oh no I mean it is. A way to get the name of a sudden. I'm the one that thinks class the most sad and your school or would it. Am I going atmosphere mean. And you know again. Whenever ever comes out and not thinking about you find your way Bradley went when did you graduate 2000 earning. Realize. That match. Yours and I don't. We undefeated come down yet. Shah. Yes okay health and okay. Millionaire. I had and I 'cause that'll make you not so pretty anymore and hire an ailing and have you ever heard the phrase black don't crack and yeah I mean how. Her extra activities. Opposite would like Mexicans it's like they're gorgeous in the in the second these are having babies booms and what else. I mean a thing about Asians it's like they're fifteen it's fifty in. Iowa and this is these gorgeous like. Like the man she knew him and then they winning anyways here is turn into this like check 8080. What are quickly and grocery car and an iron nine eating area on the hill with white hair. The trailer along dominant white that is right. No no we're happy presage. Although you did something that last weekend and leave them is you as super excited about half the duke cup. I know you both went. Yeah I mean it was it was pretty dull Abdullah that I think the thing that's not true that it was raining outside again it was all out yeah. Their tents and staff but it is just some muggy without the people in and I was stoned and I was kind of like. It was a little cold and I was hungry again. Now I was C Bridgestone did billing there was a room where I get to integrate and even more stuff and and and so like after that session Estonia's lagoons are down here him whether any like food trucks. It was out there are as Phil Jackson like that makes him a lot in ads like I am given ice cream sandwiches with all of this thing and about. Gonna lay out lattice like this. And then an astronaut I don't. I think it is like locker ran yellow side we took some pictures that I will be posted on in the ground. And that's the land yet for example. What kind of samples and they went and what went. Let's that's like a hobo Cilic nineties that things lately candy is in step like that in the last hole which lighters and I acted to sticker stick AA is it's little like bottle cap opener opening up my little bottle cap. Here I'm only here for stickers violent stickers like I just found a line downstairs its the best to leave the morning after. No idea that is as it gets thicker. Why do something completely totally horrible connected outlet stains like I. I items he didn't. You did not and I audit bringing to market down yeah. Cost. But overall I see yourself maybe going again picture of clips hopefully it's late like their permitting GAAP. Weather permitting I think next year if I gallon it's raining I'm not going out. That rooms are yeah well I mean because we think it's actors that I was super stone I was. Kind of hungry but I was too cold to be language yet hunger again and again Jolie yeah it was cold and Latin Mikey and mine. At duke that was pretty -- everything you look ahead set like all the vendors were super cool to have agers hasta the it was it was like and ultimately that theme was super marry a parties those legal brain a little have cool Ali and things all over. Elliott players yet they're like little like clouds late just like him a Mario Zoellick the whole does there was a McCormick Wheatley. Everywhere you and hypocritical. About the maybe I'll go next year in the stupidly. Before we go on I did that we deed we do it again message on the Facebook's so yeah from Jackie and and it says hey girls just heard in new broadcasts and have fun movie recommendations for your sleep over. Yeah so yeah. Stage wasn't here. Dusting night came up with the idea. Biggest Tea Party ever yup. So it's we got a recipe for like chides he'd make your own bed Canada since used her feel so good at MIT yeah. So we may get and then I would get my mom's like he sets that she has in the house plus sleep over us and I'm actually over watch movies and just be stoned yeah. And listen there is things we can at last Alex Lindsay advance yes boos or questions at events that but again it is part of the tees though. Last lastly I think we said that Edward scissor and definitely Allison Linda Allison wonder airline and pulp fiction and dazed and confused as my ankles and accurate that is the second one Jacqui suggests yes you my girl Jack these entities or for that could I don't ever seen as an adult and especially that god should watch as an adult stones that. You will realize so much crap family eating places to eat a hole and that Allen is a bit belting out and oh my god when she does opera singing all out like bloom I never watch that sound and either multi pass anyway what does Jackie eyes as she says the beach dazed and confused fear and loathing in Las Vegas. Loathe yes and on Donnie Darko yes repo the genetic opera with a heck on that and often at all singing but it kind of creeping Gabi and Paris Hilton than it now. I'm boiler hurt baseball off. The parity and nothing gained it's actually kind of fun yeah I am liking the eldest. Mainly I. Gray from praying and. It's like musicals on an old stick in the news I'll let you finish let but the meat and musical. Where is that. We're the hunted world. And super bees which is. Freaking amazing Rob Zombie kind of thing and lover and then interesting. It's a cartoon in Everett and fifth. We've returned home. Witches. Is witches cats I love. I am I used in with there rats drank them. Defensive efforts. Stairs overly nice and I I don't know any of the I don't really nine and is now we. Put it let's and yeah it is at 111000. What year it now let me like as the U. Are you listening yes elaborate. I just yet the first time this year I haven't seen it first yeah site and nursing an inner. Any idiot are you must. Don't ever had it all rail line experience I mean isn't it really Christopher's that's when he's not my first time and I Lyle. You know I got baby sitting here is mostly solid house we're going to be Padilla was and organ in a mattresses and anything displayed on the couch and I want thing I usually just get really really quiet and just think nothing's on Altman's. Let's not seat this outlook aren't you got a guy you can. In the regular I'm glad that I'm. As I'm not your peer pressure I am back. And yeah I'm glad I wouldn't publish him in the Almaty in a widget on the lead to the company's is immediately name change. If you're not in elect's history. Now Patrick Higgins will be full line and milk and eagle eye cream actually yes Amy and I can honestly peeping hole you know lawyers and I'm doing something else the whole night. There and she. This. You when I ended up once yeah but he was so crass about it. He's like hey I have. I say other and they're pretty like they're scary type movie you know we got the doubles carnival Matty your place I'm not just cannot escape any person. House of a thousand corpses yeah that's no yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes the devil's advocate. Grind house and house would be fun doubles re crying I was not on the island reservoir dogs the lord's lord the Salem now. I totally with a shotgun and Pink Floyd the wall. People of the wall and beef. Freaking out if it usually at CNET and let me but I beat out here for whatever it may be and Jackie asks also what was the restaurant that you guys mentioned that was next to destiny's house all day it was client Barbara Russo is actually the reason yet especially. Really hard to even globally had a decent growth specific things again Barbara recessed last blind pig is like when it. Is it does that they see Canada as well as one arrest warrant during the data to plead for one night. And I want to take yes I am glad he borrowed please please of those as of right across the street from serafina actually sent a few minutes she Berman you beat option like that as a that we Achilles lighten up its hands and. And now goes away. And slash or a Paramount home. How long. Month. You need a buddy at least I New Orleans I got it does. When trying new oral. But in Ireland coming into and I'm so excited and I'm excited for you I'm gonna. I think is why now why are high it went aren't van de ya gonna trip I've never gonna buy it at the first and and I said. Exclusive club in the two. No now nobody just like I only wine. Like going down down people they'll let out people on my birthday and I feel that way I'm sorry about it. Yours there blade so always uncool and down. You you should always be invited to the party. Out on to say I. I'm only opposite I'm the one of the eleven to. Right here let's just put a little like a comfy chair proceeds for her to get stoned and he's gone but yeah admit. Yeah she I have is that up and her honestly yesterday and it. Or make statements and Steve but he does AS which I told eleven out his Graham at a time share whatever the Fisher island and it. Actually always line and Arlen but I'll line when I just got to go out go to Athens GA and it's right there you have a New Orleans has much better fit in history history solitary. Moment that I wanted to rally and do run in in due to release that Clinton is like you said that I really wanted to pass on par. But I'd like parting like urban street I'll I really. Ayers you have to do me a paper OK because you're gonna be a few Clinton's right. Coach Elliott I'm doing well. You have to go and get big east for me and how that they need you bringing you need at ninety backs them in a kennel they get from that morning they're gonna he's awful and again here Michael writes this yeah. I don't think is right it like that right down there I guess I don't like yesterday. Likely to get a bit and asking you with tonight opulent. And no. It's like different you know. It has its airing it yeah added sugar doughnut. It's the app or Madonna as opposed to do something not doing it now on because I can't do you picture forest. The tension I promise I went out and well isn't she and I had him it's going to be a lot of that especially. It eighteen being hastily into U haul and isn't this article one. Did. Our yum would you be willing need something that has like a fish out and it. That SC daily life file. That song though they have. To. Now all chicken chicken I have no legs being stuck. How many of them. And ethnic Reynolds Iranian and impede that she was very very very very long time in your whole life on one. And I'm. Just think they didn't want to let you might ask me why has he should actually quietly yeah. I am investing is never heard the story. Clintons as to how that'll in parts. Monster chart my mom and dad he's mean and I am on became Krishna. And decided that. Comic. You know he blip where the things that men and temple that's like they have already different religions that he does this event. Yeah well there are very very strict vegetarian so my mom is there and my data. And that you've been a vegetarian. Or an area. So my dad enough balls back then click the ways we needed in these older. No need do you now though no we don't bites and and he became a vegetarian. And I pack my dad dad didn't go to their wedding because they meet there that you didn't count the most annoying not a very proud night on state credit from and I did. Yeah and so at a wedding because. There on me anyway it's and Gothenburg in the forum and then some years later never. And I'd like did I really meaning what what how mom like I guess asserting those personal reasons and others like Lyman honors schools I have to try everything and I'm just like. Every month through your brother and I didn't know my dad. Like converted eating meat to you and go out to Bryant's. And he orders began. It's not they can make in that way what's going on he's like. I have to tallies them. I ain't scurrying. Bull like crazy and not rest I'm not he. It. And and he's technique. I think he's cool where you're like I'm 1415 no idea I could have them they where right yet where when or tackle you made about yeah years ago yap so I screamed and like how could she do that he's not a human rights like like stormed out of the restaurant and that we never gonna that rats I'll. And ever and it I. Let me give yeah I am like. You I praised it is in now mom and Jolie and you might and it actually F filled bat I felt that somehow out of that you're re like an icy very vocal and Bayer like. That means people who Diddy out like this without supposed to be. Here that armored god that her only go to think inning like at our family because they all can agree with us not eating meat. And though there'd be chicken I would just be that girl just like this is disgusting like I would go off and of them and they all like quote unquote turned their back on means. Any did a restaurant and all of those people keep my mouth shot just smiled like this is gonna kick your ass rumble not if you're asked bright and now. Like. Even my well. She's a dance but I say is I don't you don't Asencio betrayed her considerable acute yeah it was my grandparents only that's analyst now. All I got I thought it was Jimmy Kimmel is around. There and I don't as us. Any idea how are you I don't like mom people are saying urgently that makes him as a relic and it might mean let's let what's going on like. And my mom like. Game exactly. How owed them. I. I. Like you that's what my parents my line I mean are you kidding me like isn't terrible and I went to school like all my friend generally. An. Hour. You aren't you know literally every cared their eyes have seen or cartoons are now I didn't know you guys existing and the like you are reasons absolutely. And that's basically Angelica. I I had had an anti Catholic who would even in doing. Yeah pinnacle alike and so. ME SC I was the mound the little man not a thing too is that Selena I am I. This Michael Howell and Larry is to slam into me and have to tell any news pictured on an interior ground. No loan that where no ally guy are you guys to see our. I should image that your ennui as I have had some pretty interesting like I've ever played more than anything. But we've had some crazy drunken like exchanges I don't I don't think I can say that about anybody on little that it seemed like my roommate. Yes. My paddles exit mark an air. Personality is about to throw out because he like. The greens are instantly went down anyway. Every time I am trying to remember. Onward so yeah yeah and writing. Just did his faith and and I are pretty feeling how busy up that's like AI ST bits and pieces title at the district and the data and decide that one. Serie a group. Gallery that are drunken exchanges and I've never with my roommate who I've known for eight years and never had one. Well I I never thought we've had a couple like I've had. Me. Knowledge drunken like he Simi cry but I never like couldn't crichton got mad at him yelled at him. Kind of thing you see me cry island wire big night it is and I seen him primal. Well planned an extra. I've never gone so mad at him that we're yelling at each. And I don't have any friends that I have not compassionate man isn't passed and I think you're the one with the both of electing. An hour and a spider and I de L. Go down we come down see I'm I'm so on confrontational like the other night my brother and a buddy steal her. And his buddy and his girlfriend up until like 2 AM. As by evasions like super loud and talking constantly and I. That I text or rather not. Team. He TV does person here. Out and it's to me and shot him and I can say that I that was literally all that that in the nineties when paired with it until enough sleep but it. The next morning music you could have just come out and yeah I have Diane. We have different levels of confrontation and the feeling destiny and Sarah would have gone out there and just and I just. Now the first they that did theirs at the president Billy K guys that you've allowed I'm going to sleep. Stimulated things it would have been paying. So we still won't remember I'm actually. An event yeah twenty minutes ago. I was fine and did their time Disney's agreements and I would give them a chance of Miami's in my mind I adamantly that. My roommates where he had a bunch of friends ever before he had a girlfriend and he was keeper. Just running around louder college buddies playing really loud music and I am I was also worried about me or my neighbor is second on the health sleep through anything. Now locked down McCain guys it is 2 in the morning. Like that we we got to keep down for the neighbors and I got to wake up early school kings are it was my other. It was like on a weekend but it was still only calm down after 2 o'clock the bars close I think that's whenever much Chappelle. Agree that even after the health and a little lower at the matters and it remains a zealously than. Yeah I can get a little off and I mean I had early Kara neighbors honest because like. Now my neighbors are super respectful that super cool so like I would like any and we have a party. Idols don't have parties sit there and I'm not the personal data on wall won it the last part and it my neighbors like Romeo note that sent by. Quiet. Or ten. Yeah. And how that ten really not a weekend and I Betty how are you saying I can't until tip. Let's go to bars close you know and maybe into third because people disperse yeah yeah. But I normally I'm a good person and I do actually party like if I go home afterwards like my sister's house sort of like a friend's house. I'm so party after TO tell you yeah. I'm ready look at the house got gallon at a time you know. I've done Howard had parties map and I'm Betty as a fun and it led to an idea about of the and it's. Actually have a fairness I came up with my birthday plan. You know what I'm doing for members say this actually told us I was in. These right here I only know me. Everything is August and then August and since our concert is gonna be then it's perfect. I'm gonna have vehicle barbecue potluck in my house. Half my it's my first party years that I haven't been during parties announced that and I friends of the immediately different people's parents. Among my friends are and hang out I've water balloons and but it's going to be a costing parties. Some of those looks like it's gonna cost imparting we're gonna walk on over who were however to my favorite karaoke bar the rickshaw in our costumes and those holier than when is this and that and August Cameron and ball. Cost you an idol you know and I'm going to you know on August. Well and it and I printed the 28. And you. It's an age residency graphical means my eyes is about to judge your sign and I did notice that when my enemy is that they. Out of Havana Fiat net that a bad thing it's like a conflict what you said and I guess public I'll be celebrating for identity that does. Okay. Moving on to something I found that I wanted to eat his opinion on his win. Doing this this girl found the perfect way to get academy. And I just kind of monitors randomly deal it's if anybody's mind. And Phil you sell a guy the guys kind of message like Hannity and gorgeous hang the random ones obviously who who. I have zero big don't know yes creep in. She which I am a story about him I do so FaceBook has this thing we can send money telling then mound. Again app our nation's opinion like daily lives Alex age we went mrs. To pressure on it and she paid for let me send you my portion unions and liked everything yeah I it's and it's their accounts like them now how any how Clinton. So when this got their messaging her. Hanging who regions with whom she just sent a request asking for 200 dollars. Dissent the request and he immediately blocker. And I'm not perfect because I can say anything she just like give me 200 dollars to I would you do for fifty infancy and it ain't there yeah. Funny so speaking of it so this is one and I've seen or intend and does Guerrero in her profile she does like. Sony's Sony five dollars see what happens yeah and so late. You'll see that screen shots of the guys in her dislike what have been howling yet again I Easley I'll see what happens OC what happens is so she. I block them I see is it's like five outside does how does one I didn't then really what. Things are let's hit it with a how to access. Itself like she doesn't mean of the blacks of the seek that. I don't know how much money in the I think that's a fair like fifty bucks humane tell us about solving idiots. And I am average and money to somebody I didn't know just do it happened Barnes and you know ease if it really says a match for no reason you can select no reason. I feel like we and Matt and Matty. Gonna when it's in many men. And now. My five dollar. So it was still little make up top actually. If I don't have stories. We are sorry disasters. And so probably like two and a half three years ago I match it is due on tender. And he added. He even add me on face that out there I mean think we're faced a friend he found me and FaceBook. And would like randomly message means but I did talk to is due to any yeah I over a year yeah probably. And even talking to them like it's very like short I am not interested at all. And then he just like randomly this month. Starts. Chatting me again. And I'm dislike. Who are you Bubba Wallace stuff. And he's asked me about what I do for jobs and I told him and he goes. I said well I worked for the sales team and he says that we'll still your sole lone and I was like not allowing it to you and then he was like what's in your brain knows like work. Painting gear and mostly full of joy and I sent him a gift of April at the firm parks in Iraq Zain I hate talking to people. And then. A feud probably fifteen days later he does it again. And so I was like is reason why are randomly messaging me. And he is like I do to everyone knows that but I don't know who you bar is very paranoid than in scheme dynamic. Parent I'd just not he Trinidad and people I don't know for no reason. Let the the bad ankle I optimizes like I know why why I have to keep going. Do this with the electors get the freaking it and so my view of things like that they will step. Texting you if that texting them like just ignore him. Yeah mulling it conveniences like. Eight normally it always happens on network and so like I'll already have like FaceBook app and the coroner. And seeing it pop up and then he's got the same first name and very similar last name. 21 of my other friends and and Zoellick I'll look at it now like respond at least that's what happened the last time this horrid tee times of four. I'll respond to get around that way this event but yeah hiding. At a very diagonal like everybody like Mickey X yesterday they had spoken anybody from speed has now Blackberry that. Adding that. Did you talk I I it's our attacks they want to add about getting back at them and it even a super busy the day we are. Elena actually was Annika I'm gonna go how old is Regis how many little nuances. The one I mean them. The one I think he actually mentioned that you guys were talking to you briefly we were ought to via. Yeah yeah yeah Angela blocked them McNabb in oh lake of the eight rebounds the Demi and everybody like yeah I usually the second the last one are signing might have been. Third to last Rio. And a. We're talking about like please go hiking the beloved hiking we got in like we are talking about what that you're a liar like idols he keep it busy. I got and I did as an up via. No but we sent you the school like he's like you block and this is and so I'm aquarius and confiding in this benefit of mine and a I got in early on yeah you like by Q school we're an Angel he was qualities that threat after being about about I don't like. Spelling it was a weird aid and it's like it yeah I'm gonna getting annoyed him like I message yesterday but I am at a message. Like that to me at thirty minutes belly. And that's the line I think analysts have my body archer at that point me into my friend our show last night. My column like because you're drama going on ice caves in the winter like ballot. Did you think you'd be cold and a they penalties that he wanted to on the winter. As a little Annie funds are plans in the last thing I asked them on her back so. Some like deeper story and is something that I shared with ego is episode aired again I was openness and I have. If this is you. I'm not happy about it that this like I did yeah I Egypt's probably just stop listening to our podcast. 'cause I'm not I've not this is like I get I am the way am I am very. Like openly sexual idea I like things but if I say please stop knows that the aren't I say I know you think the youth. That is it at dun like just because I am over at least not hire an executive Jeff. I like discussing sexual things I like you know my my private sexual whenever I end up doing. But if I you tell me something and I tell you police stopped or no. Enough. That's that's what that means it's not meekly being coy now that they do on snap Chad kept messaging me Catholic. Propositioning me like a thousand dollars for a picture. And assuming they get. And hello when he really doesn't have to be day gig just be for I get a broadly now I don't do that. Like I don't want like at any pictures I have ever centered people that like I trust. Him and I I'm comfortable with I don't know you. I don't I don't know any of magic that you're stupid screen name on that Jack do you think he was really like. Giving is off and I don't think he's pretty go up to twelve under I'm actually in the message 'cause like I if you screech out a message on sat Chad they will now. But this kind of took a picture of and Jeremy to the picture my phone and in the last thing I'm like hey please leave me alone after I said yeah I elect's leave me alone. Mike I guess I'm not even gonna like I've said no multiple times like you you cross the line yeah and he's at wow. Actually respond up. Hyde pierce so. I like our picking forty year old like a hole at the UN title piece of crap just because. You ask somebody did offer money doesn't mean you're gonna get it and a decent at. He's like I know just letting you know I kept going after it even after that he's in sorry in the okay cool. Anyways but I'll go to that I 12100. Not only recent Ollie stop you giant 200 dollars to it ain't gonna do it's he's like. But the the most you can offer maybe 12100 so for whatever you would send non nude but if you don't trust me that's fine but I'd like nobody else would like you why African trusts Ike message on snaps that I would really send in the money in an attendant like a picture of what my toe jam or something not have a and hit a picture. I was totally thinking. Him having my buddy at a buddy Kevin my beer anybody Kevin. To Andover. I am getting into the picture. Picture yes but they do it would be Harry. He's a hairy bastard grounds you guys ask them like because as giant African beard it's African phenomenal. So he would. But honestly on mountain ultimately he tried messaging me again like hey gorgeous and without. Not responding if you notice discussing and I hated me and I hope he's listening. You sign up with that. Anybody believe that one you know if you don't believe it is that that the deadly lightning hitting. As things I want is no stop. Yeah like. Something like this. Operates how much money behind it would you go far as we did hit it. A lot of money I like you. Twelve dollars a drop. Like I know you and I met I've ever brokers and Assam. Match. Yet. You wouldn't think again it's up there is an amount Miami and it all hell yeah for sure what is likely blame. Might well it's finally he had a quick picture and I knocked down some random somebody random like this again ten grand. Yeah super five grand I ideology of her actually my my metaphor rained again minute this kind of broad picture you probably like I take you art by. Five. Not now can act like if you say three grand in my internally lowering it now Mike can autumn or then. How did you do I guess minimum. A grand. Not. Haven't effort I have under and I honestly I would do it and I would probably send a photo that's probably already out there on the Internet some. Honest brides like a bikini. Like it is because he was scientists argue that a hole if you like I just like yeah is it to you don't is there anything. In. Our connections are now on BI he's there on a picture view like got my. And that it'll at one point in my fan page to pictures of me on the you know they Heatley that some people we years that like treaty act at the top the pre Egypt jerks. Print that you know prized added it's like no that's that's disgusting. And at that time. Let's talk about. Sun make up the yet I love them so they apparently has yet to get the scene. I never actually clicked on I mean I am not a lot is at an embassy. I was on the bus and finally there is an eighteen year old mean Joanna and as a boyfriend he's one years old super yeah I think it said can be very cute together I land lobbying ID filed on is that and I just aren't Charles. Okay yeah. So apparently. They've she made a joke they they started joke where he started putting his junk. Like the the beans on her head. And says she made a joke about using of the Bieber under now on the podcast they talked like especially say is she's in the make up queen. Kind men. Yeah we're gonna make a addition to let the men used the word clean now I feel Bonnie is with Kate W in terms of agents Qaeda beauty is. When he and that's the thing scars that ivy queen and you went all the queen's. The giant step out and saying. Hi now you're saying yeah I agree this is more that's different than a queen what is. An adequate. I got between two countries this is different war how we're queens from different kingdoms Hamas and Lilly didn't get a chance to see any thing you have the yeah. It seems. That I love your censoring of a originated about using the beauty blender. And sages taught we've done. I had conversations about a repeat of blunders like con Donovan condom pigs. Who had told Hagler is that the economy around their expunged media blunder and what. That's literally the but they stupid hit and giggle as it is edited. She joked about it and such actually did it and I can actually plane I. Know I leno's audience for. And it. Arrogance again in the reflection. I can't I meant treatment through that one. Brandon returning that. I. Doubt that that yeah I I love that Imus playing I want you know and I just find it funny that she's just like. Ford and with it highs and I get the corners make. Any at all and squishy like new lineup and have they as a sword and some went before I silently receiver. You know it's not like act and at this I have to yeah. I mean you already gantlet. Anyways from your going to have kind of gone might as well they can useful. Again in a row then how can make a bandwagon involved in their routines are easements a senate vote in the let me love you it's all they would happily although my fans. They have to like freshly like. Oh yeah that way and my dad exactly champagne yet because he'd. You know I can't even hitting. Plus he also on the prickly is that not extra problem Toshiba. India and flowers just goes on the island just how good a so far. You never can be heat or go to all and paid seven dollars for the and I mean. Real techniques. No it's an orange on it's literally exact same it's just got us tonight notes. The eyes and in any pampered I hate it but Nicholson. I it's. Still I think the flowing into a pair of so I found this like article in has dating tips for single males. In the 1930s. And I've done this and it's going to be like how many of these do we do you are do happier. Right so bottom is bad huge senior who who are. To keep your and there are so this girl there's a picture she's like things like fixing her tights and stuff in front of the guys. To basically you know are in the war and united he mysteriously don't do you dressing don't pitcher. I like it ma'am and want to see any aggressor and asked. Italy if you need a brassiere where one. I mean yeah. If you guys every plane and it's out I added this is also a 1930s down in the hole flapper thing where they all eat now. Decided to do the whole tomboy and be very androgynous and not where. Bras and undergarments so boobs are all over the place out but I won't like the whole bergalis thing it's coming back as he a lot of girls who are wearing bras I really like it that confidence IIR I don't I used to be secretly I'd always Wear brown my house and expect to carry an economic I don't care it's my freaking house a lot ground my teacher writing up and I do yeah. Yep it what I am no that's given it's as I don't Tug at your girdle and be careful. That you're stockings are wrinkled. You know hit I have that I every day Michael as a wrinkle all the time I leave my clothes dryer for days does chemicals lived an hour around the league. They die they put him in my dad so I'll. Mind they have to not angled they take them out the man accused. Her dad on the iron. And always come up with the estimate of the street pay them up in house seat on an urban and Luxembourg Turkey. No I don't. This does not play at an all the men don't like it when girl's bar there handkerchief and smudge them with lipstick up its privacy. Now where he sees you. I don't know like six or whatever with his anger computers meaning his handkerchief so funny. It's a bigger than this picture she's holding up a compact Mir but it looks he's hoping I found my hunch kind of funny. Anchored at a fairly like make up an editing I'm guessing like back then your hair and make up all the and he began in privacy is can be seen like. Yeah he's in about it like about your face under what I like the Jetsons like as a whole think has yet have herpes on yet. So in air along I mean the irony is that I'm not surprised yeah. This is don't sit an awkward position and never looked bored even if you are. Be alert if you must chew gum not advice to the family with your mouth closed that enamored did it yeah I'm. I don't have any amendment I can't have like my legs open and I'm like just chill on the couch. Attend your bitch JC potential like everything he says even if you're Blake is like the idea being ever able. I am I'm a all hall. Then is when cars are a little older he didn't have the smears. On the windshield. Hey cars don't have those. I'm sorry that balance of over dramatic but. I have some friends who don't have. Near an address in LA into the actual pet peeve of mine that I know a lot data that's irritates the heck we hit but it did I think we're similar but doesn't tell you lose the car Mir to fix your make up men need need for driving that that they're actually. I really. And now you know lying in annoy her very much to have the turnaround to see what's behind him I I I think I guess this is also before that. Okay doesn't get some experience on land on your car so my mom used to be sold his stay event like I would like to this day ask people like you can get time on the mechanical handed them. Distract you all had so like I think you're wearing my I'm being Griese who knows I like my candidate to get about everybody you know way it is it's all of the other illegals who grew up in the scared to be out and system mechanical internal and I go yeah. Yes and yes my friends and again I don't care and after a while and maybe after driving for a while my kid a little. Little annoying but yeah. And that is especially like levees and minimize flipping the night at turner. Don't be familiar with your escort by. Harassing him in public and open show affection is in bad taste usually embarrasses or humiliate him one know what I do on public. The ground. My dad I. Really neighbors that I didn't like even more PD AE and I'm like the money PD AE. The PV HB BA it's. As if you're my age you eat I was in what does it look easy and for our. And get on my level I know that we rocking their crate and barrel on just like. How are things. That I love PDA you know I got all of that. Constant. I don't be conspicuous. Talking to other men the last straw is on maritime Reagan my eyes are apparently going. They'll be conspicuous talking to other men the last tries to pass out from too much liquor. Chances are your day will never call you again definitely don't be talking to other men in general and and don't drink too much sleep. That sounds pretty adding a four day so those terrorists period now that might might do like means though leap Assad should have. Don't be familiar with the head waiter talking about the fun you had with someone else another time mentally I would be awkward men deserve design. Deserving desire your entire. Attention. That would be awkward about him that waiters them like. Didn't think this. Other I'll ask me yeah. I feel like you know tip lady things are being a crappy as a waitress we have people like I have like had tables like. I recognize them but there with a different girl like. Lives there with who I don't think are like that are brought in now about like. Like that I've heard it he does Britain nine and and I carried away dad. My house you might think you're inherent no that's not your day. We learn all I was here with us because again I'm kidding me actually goes I really happy you need. Tireless woman never appealed to Jacqueline. Top while dancing for when a man dances he wants the eighteenth. Men they can send a separate from what I want to yeah. QU a sit down he wants to die down and I think that's what I can't talk I'm dancing in my asses like facing him might made a video and data when he used against classic and does not. Bode bode goody good you never happened. Greens. And not a candidate and bring it back to me you know. I in the every time they fed. But it tan line and you want it to my I don't really got a minute span among the united you know who. I haven't gone nuts and I think. So in areas there relations for its own pay. Hey I love AM am I am glad I was there I am not on these bitches like Oklahoma. And excellent deal. He's sentimental or try to get him say anything that he doesn't want an. Want to buy working on his emotions men don't like tears especially in public places. This explains why everything was so like Steffi in in in terrible and divorce was you know everybody wanted to lure isn't obvious as this it was herbal involved. I don't know man I like. Here's Alan Hubble though we like here's a volley Democrat Republican operatives now. Kind of bring in all element of how hi my name and Margaret do. No I think here's another motion I think are too but I. If I can pick behave. The crying and crying cry in public or cry at Kerr holed my brother Crandall via aren't happy to have that experience at home that you can let it out. I can't guarantee cheeseburger and a mom. That's right Brian doesn't really get hired a burger. And bottle line. Another bottle and yeah. I. Think it and it'll. Talk that close to try to describe your new down to a man pleased and flattered you're deep by talking about the things he wants to talk about this. Europe and this dress cost me 2000 dollars reliance on every damn well be eating all of goalies in the designer Larry King for. The entire game all of it. Don't drink too much. Of the man expects you to keep your dignity all evening thinking may make some girls seemed cooler than. The most it's silly. It says it may clever when they get robbed a really Smart does get Howard KI RA. Edit also acutely clever you know Heidi is that you can do you ever you wind lake we get. Kelly Delhi have been spending likely that area but instead you know he does a little fool advance via. As a Q it is a chance and that's magnetic lever. No no assembly in and out. I don't think leverage as they're going to be no meat and you looked at. Newton and I was I was at bats highlights. And I mean it's like you know that team. Right now John. Right now my son if he hadn't been what some it's argument you let him tell him it is tack it. I love me. That conversation got me well. I don't now on out there and why he couldn't walk I wanted to make sure I was you'd like I knew it meant I am sick parent eminently greed something pose something it's not. Just trying to be funny would you feel like I don't use those huge trying to giggling now needling ironically. Yeah IS and Iran than that statement. I do you know of yellow again I have to like completely UP a bit like I pass a pseudo right. They just they've just in case they don't know them. That Y 10 some it was a I was at the Virginia shares talking of the guys teaching the class and the words today like had heard a thought Mike. It's like that over there the what me. Yeah. That means that go over there yeah you for a you know because that's what the heck fleet was sort feathers or like deliberately. PGA uses them alive today Iran is. Which at Mandalay year father. Is the graying man he is he as I love dad but. Any time I con men not looking like it looked today like actually put together like Saturday I had lipstick on. So he comes up and he does. C guy John Reid today hot in the middle sales Clark. And I just like BJC. Not know why tell just because likewise Iran and say that wanna Wear lipstick. And then he comes over yesterday when I look at Billick today and he's like so I guess say it shouldn't have a job interview that yeah. Drew just. You Jimmy too he'll be right now you got a job attributed and I am looking like total crap like I'm not wearing any makeup. I'm wearing a black teacher in jeans white job interview why not like a hot day will be I just weird. We asked I guess it is weirdness. I guess again out where it did to actively yelling for your bonds that you have a job interview that was the idea is my bosses like. Error and it was ultimately Africa's I was working on my boyfriend resonated the diamonds and had a resonate on my. I am sunlight. Now ball. And not just and then if you tell not that oh yeah do you avenue blow. And crystal Cameron tour. And that's. And I is coming out like BJ. You're need. I'm like what the monkey child leeches on the little backpack on hand money but we need a combined it with one of those the dog leash is like that were that attracts. Aged so he's running out at that. That flight back. It didn't think it. I think at least around and uncle's mean we talked that. Lou keep fighting game and sage. And then in front of them and by that I mean the. And we'll. Yeah. I'm going to be news in that tomorrow we. Yeah I. Very tense. They too few hours the soccer game gleaming when I am going to stick kids and you know what you don't worry about down it's my god has gold in its income this year. Well not really our UNS entry link as I believe that I really always use you know practice using definitely does make up. Exactly lenders. And we've learned how not to hit a date if you're a woman in the 1930s. Yeah game just Casey user guide it in fact they want to live your life coming into Japanese problem doctor Hilda back in time yeah. And you know alert I mean a ball.