Broad-Cast Ep. 73 - "Cinco De Mayo"

Friday, May 5th

Vicky B, Ooh Sara, and Your Highness Destiny read listener messages then get into a conversation about what Cinco De Mayo is all about!


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And I'm deployed to. It. Welcome to another edition of the broadcast. Time that he'd been. There we got Boone Sanford and this is your highness has so Palestinians. And destiny. Before we get into today's podcast. Before we get into it you can call or a test text as and it. 2537786029. Footer is to Graham is the same at the broadcast 999. Gmail. Al email obviously as the broadcast 999 at team now in FaceBook is the pride that cast. He could understand. And we got sent out that we got some Texans for mum instances of sorts we one protects it's from Tristan. His pay they regulate that boosts us up every down near south side Seattle there's a killer el Salvadorian bakery there just called the Salvadorian bakery. Cheers from interest and I I didn't talk about that on there I don't know I talked about on the podcaster not. Who's a lower lip what does that exactly. Navigator. Have both. That it is. In el Salvadorian thing it's it it's economy like Peter had a tamales. Oran like homemade like tortillas like handmade tortillas and it's kind of that similar my son. And I stuffed with stuff. That sums me in any kind of a couple Monica griddle and possible do like being in cheese and you like meets. Just so good in the survey with this flaw. It's a little tiny bit it's not secret hanging. In in my cast self or like bill that comic drama which is just sour cream really thin like big Paula yeah like almost half off. And they're over it could easily savory. Yeah at the favorite thing I'm now it now and asleep when you mention that my eye and have no announcements even more and diet yeah. All I'm going to keep those things I can't have IndyCar like an off night for late that sounds Harrison as the I that are getting married down their cannon won my girls don't care if I don't eat vegetables or any fruit or anything but the fact is already bred. My beer yeah your mind she cannot bear a low prices Psycho I don't know that I love bright silly I am dying of a Mountain View on. I just plain weak Q at my apartment. Sugar not halt saying and that calling our eyes abruptly right it may not like real and if I didn't find it's okay substantive but did I am so sick of cancels an omen Q. It excited about it but I'm pretty Sherman at him by a biweekly it would be like I'm sell or at the dollar and sober for Pratt saying it's well over the entire thing. I'm excited on the way I did find this funny tweets from theft. One that team and it kind of relating to you as saying it's like. Eyes held at city is being a being a girl is spent half a mile life on a diet bleeding or crying while boys helicopter they're not think Paula ficus my affiliate helicopter didn't get. I'm putting my hat here and had an salient. You think about dividend amount but do we have that I can't we have boots well multiple. Egos at the yes that's the thing. But even then hey there's a what's the point that I give us up there hanging about and I team. I mean I don't wanna get sometimes they really have moments were days. One like act which I was due that are I'm curious about it until I ask allotted time recently actually at time went on a question might. Do you ever wished you happy now and he was like. Hal. Oh nasty they did you guys are so all means you lead out. Outlet and itemize. It and then they put it. What are well. I said Alec what O'Malley we get like multiple load New Britain I would much rather the only medi did say that well and Connell would like them that it kind of cool I don't play and all day but they don't have the sensitivity and I find my yoga and I like. Although I did I was scene is due for a month seeing it should be more I saw him now. It slightly leaning so I poured time and let us threatened it's one of those like a regular conversation. Like it's like and I am here and a kind of you know lands on enhancing. It was little mutual agreements words. In it for the fact that they even kissing and that's how much it was just for the fact I like that yeah we only see it right yeah just like I slamming LS this direct in Nellie kind of cool it wasn't like it was discussed during evening and has just talent eyes. We come out this house we get drunk off whiskey which possibly that there are bitch about life at whatever anger aggression we just drink whiskey like bitch about it. And then we just have this awesome just crazy dirty sex really hours for an awesome or aggressions and anyway I'm good afterwards as. Did happen I don't itemize on the matching okay yeah that the green Ohio Pennsylvania like no kissing no none of that and number the point that you Hewlett doing that than Arnold so he should. Not this is a kind of he liked playing it I got Evans earned an old time well because you know I don't like he's like known Apple's. Really do think brain that like most guys here incident northwest he has tattoos on his chest means Sony Demi get these cats who worked on. His hip he likes and evaluating people's are so sensitive coming up. Iron hybrid at the goal area and like I can't focus on managing young. I'm glad they are clinging like sitting there just like playing with them in the videos of flight. How. I was slightly less than mine and line behind. The Iowa and regulate it really do. The first. I was that we evidently like I realize that yeah like Ferraro reaction because they even and Natalie rationing was that you add that like gas. As a freshman Hannah gets his doubles they cubic who who who yeah I know that is an X yeah staying at the U I was really excellent excellent. And I have like Olga can't its account to do on the other guy man. Emissary. Here on now. Well speaking of boyfriend and all that we got an email from TJ needs at any time about a previous podcasts I told early losses and lap wade to a lot of work in my super quiet office. When I heard crying in the shower with less cheeseburger in a bong which is something fingers and like. Love you on stage glad you found your soul mate hopefully there's no more crying in the shower but cheeseburgers I ultra. What you Ambon and out of our time reading actually in the tub would be better just imagine just sitting there. Which you're buying on the side that's in a couple of Dix cheeseburgers. Leon or doing and yeah. I'm gonna go into a battle but after that. Did it. And it's and then we did getting down another message from base from our FaceBook page from Jackie. Girls had a share it is that you are the guys possibly get for the sleep over wee Mac and cheese and we can share that idea on the G men yes all you know we should view we should record as sneaking various. Cannon as being or I like identity since I'm going to be ruined and baking and I don't. Or docked at the -- at the the legal aspect of that in Dover area of very nature on the Fleetwood Mac and cheese and she also asks any plans to think of them I know where did places that goes bars food enjoy your weekend ladies. Think they think Obama. I don't point. Why not let it ignite do you spotlight at that volume I I recently have. Kind of come like I've had a change of pace linking to mind. Like a hole like dressing up as a gardener in going the finger in my I've now like it and now I'm starting to see where raised it didn't care my RAI's. Especially with the state audit. Yeah there's actually a story about there's the university it was a fraternity and they hosted a sink in my party hundreds of people like local it's gonna do the mile when he got there. These are also guys in previously allegedly. Would she can't build the wall a blue all answer at a parties and stuff. And now awaits you know rich white guys and channel it goes yep and so apparently they hosted a think and I party like last week or something. But instead of the you know you know if you're gonna rarely you know the big Al's okay many other flowers and things that you can but they showed up to the party dressed as maids and gardeners in janitors you. If I heard them all right I'm. How many Mexican notified about it is you can't have seen it go get my own party not on his ego they Ohio about her personal. That this would drive me core rate literally means let's get a name like yeah what that you can't operate for the light not on the fourth and there right at the click what the hell anyway Alex. Well that's my o.s CD for that and that panel at whole eastern up. Like I did I will admit that I'm super like Nike when it comes to a lot of things especially now on the world so like. Yeah there how there and like everyone I'm talking about like my friend invite me to a birth date at a Mexican restaurant that G there anyway. And she told me at like. Oh my gosh our Emily does that bring some rare that you have anybody by a lot I thought nothing of it I told my other friend is also really like that who's dating a Max I like gallantly bring mall lot and she texted me back in the late. That is like the most races saying a lot. I wouldn't covers up the matter to all of your right now like I think I. Here's some I don't whereas some are alike I don't know many Mexicans that do are the only ones that actually might do you are the ones that live like an actual farmer or ranch. That part of the band are like that's a different type a sombrero Abumrad she's Ambrose are a lot more there embellish that usually made of public involvement didn't know it gathered different as quickly when you see the next impressionable put on your head for Evan Chandler we ever see what I did but ended off the charlatans and chasing him lines the Charlotte are probably those are more associated with it being on the sun that's when they're so big is for protection. I think there rally cap category that's Cabrera coming our but there's different style that's like saying oh we'll sombrero literally mean hat kind. Even think it means like you let them Laker LA Nina. I'm not so I got. And I would make note that I was leaving I thought that I was like Clinton like it about Nancy no proposals include a mile from these you know it of the black is like it's. Mexican holiday plot applies here I mean a damn sobero made. Did I actually did plumber usage and I was actually. Kind of expecting a lot of people ask me about think of my adding thirty new liquidated growing up Democrats my parents and I'm glad we celebrated at home apparently celebrated in Mexico. Italy and I did more research so. Why do we rethink them out less than folks. Less SS with each anxious think Miley is not a independence it which is what a lot of people think it is an independent state actually in September sixteenth which actually happened a couple of years after the think of my thing happen right. And so apparently Mexico owed a lot of debts because they went to a couple different wars they have like a war against to have a civil law are and they had award. A couple of wars going on so they'll like it we can't pay our debts you guys so were gonna get to go bankrupt or whatever that is not gonna pay. Franzen I think. Englander great Britain and money a country this is like yeah that's not cool friends the only one that like Matt lower and I go in and take care as. So they take their army I think it was like 2000 Mexican soldiers and I was like 4002000. Lives. Basically 300 style battle going on in where's rants against Mexico Mexico's severely outnumbered and it's an up and a town hall Puebla our city's main problem. Which is south of Mexico City. And back to came up victorious it was a huge deal. And this around the time with the civil war was going on to for Mexican Americans to hear that that kind of boosted morale a lot of Mexican Americans. In the United States fighting for the civil war with the union which by when she because your fighting against people who where against who want slavery in. You know we kind of heard our people so they probably are trying to you know take our rights we have a so that kind of boosted morale for the civil war in. As well the so it's just Kyle like that victory like look we got this until at the time I think even France even took over. Did actually appoint a act and like on some forgive the term of his actual title then but they did appoint somebody. And so years later they managed to overthrow him and for the ethnic author independence. So Independence Day in Mexico was in September years later. Interesting so they did overthrow the French so they did win that battle it took a couple years have actually independents. I'm so Mexico itself does not celebrate because we do. Had I kind of battle on that this in good and I yeah I can OK so what did do you Mexicans celebrates this summer and so these hundred. Things actual running of the lord. It felt right at September 16 yeah I was kind of like shots of tequila I don't shots of tequila they have their Independence Day okay Phillip fourth now. This is more just the town of Puebla and celebrates his kind of like the historical significance of it and birth of my ex con. I think I'm trying to figure how attorney didn't see you think it was a and then the video I was watching and some of the research like years later can get either. Like early 19100 something like some of years and years pass and then the immediately. 7060 and number. They felt that has an opportunity. For drinking holiday. The the the beer companies like okay we're gonna sell Mexican Beers we're gonna from the X computer from a Mexican tequila. Promote it this way at the ha ha. Basically a hallmark holiday or is turn into a hallmark holiday Cali bound planes and others it is like a science and yet exactly like we're just to promote Mexican beer Mexican drinks and just kind of form into this fatal drinking holiday counting Patrick. Out effort because it is it's really refers to it. I mean we don't if you wanna get into it though and Greg and I honestly do believe it is in a lot of people don't like to see it that way because it's like clear white which we can't be racist towards. White people he had no that late I eat eggs easily and I get there is a start like I ire at Cecil yeah because we could plague him as general drunk. Delegate mentally I'm obligated to say gazing at a bio gay. Our thoughts are always tough playing not it bit tired I kind of over everything and I was like Connor equals that I opposed addicts are alike in I'm not I'm Dan latching on get out there. You know I. I love everyone I don't given half like all celebrating even if it's your call or else I'll rename it to your holiday like I haven't the Irish but if I wasn't I would celebrate in matters that your hair like I'm right I. We celebrate our. There isn't different though because like when it with the whole thing out talking about the college students filling her they were just celebrating their heritage and no library they are not because that is not our heritage our heritage is. Well look beautiful arch in music and food. And dialing a camaraderie like when we have our parties it is a family affair you've been in my parents house for a Pratt. Ever average on the my girl who are talking about me dating. The Max indeed he like they just started dating and his cousin are some of getting married Mbeki was like Balaguer might come of the sliding out like. I barely knew her boyfriend and I didn't really get your bite it like everyone went on and unlike. What is right about my wedding I look forward you know I netted the difference. Mean Mexican like I remember like teens yet ask her anything and I used to be a success he's initiative like I didn't what is he sixteen Atlantic yeah. And I don't know my mom is the hell are you talking about lately when I bought the mind that about Marta would concede the island of ABBA tunes like. Destiny with a guy but now as they would thought about I had a commendable about about misled kinda made me Lakeland and idling sixteen on ethnic next. So the reason. I picked the cards to car it was going to be like what a grand maybe that the starter car. Digging Siena is gonna be really. Ten plus to attend a birthday Eric harper right for as long as I had in my credit we have Paccar I was up to them today I would who. Yeah. But that's about. If that they are looking to get as in like it's a little different for like weddings thinking CNN than it is like in the Mac vexing culture than it is in the American culture and I realized. It is literally is that the term it takes a village does come into effect. So if you have by the Dino what's translated means god parents are sponsors I guess I heard other people call it. So I say hey I was like you to be that by the anal for my call for my you know then you. So you as like back close family friend would put money and you would get the hall he would pay for the love of thank you for the and granted a lot of these and you aren't super expensive like the ones you see that early twelve that I granite. On. Orioles like I would like you would GBM Paladino for food eating mean most people don't say no but you can't you know like I honestly can't turn. One Bahrain. Iran so that I if he. For a Mexican family of relief agency status and things like that that seems yet very plausible in making a lot of the episode differently it's like everyone pays for everything like it helps it helps and I never realized how weird it was. And I am really weird accepting gifts and money that like like I senator panic in Vienna and I am like man. Howard van Allen deal that. I think his. I haven't heard a lot of that I didn't I didn't I'm so glad you have a Mexican or how well any athlete ever that's for candidates highlighted the from what I've grown have been seen out. But it that's how they do weddings TO. I mean some people will pay more for their wedding in the have a few people chip in here and there like I've had like dance like I'll pay for your food like I wanna a lot of these people have a strong public we will keep your we cater your events and stuff like that Edison and I. America opener was on the late. A lot of things have been legislate. I can't do this 'cause I campaign afford because isn't that for us as my prime yes I look at go to prom because I can address I can in bitten but take it by you yeah. A hundred dollars gas hit it like in an easily because it was only me in my mom's alma that was it so like that here and it. Alia currencies Owens overload and I'll I'll I'll pay for half happier and I think it's awesome I love that you really has that much you know families and right yeah sometimes it's. Like you do feel obligated bent like organic it meant something I've noticed that my cousins and stuff. Because we are a new generation and we were out here and not do that. So I think with some stuff they have done that to but I feel like seeing hi I am solely. Honored and blessed to have so many huge wrong. Independent bad athlete eighties as my cousins. Like one cousin lately you know setting she wants help too he should get an important schools and she's gonna study in. But I should want to work with kids with learning disabilities said wow so she's like she's focusing on that and then I recently I am always have respect for the cousin I have one. She's twenty she's 2120 used to she's young. And she is one of those annoying people you'll ever. Kind of rolled out right now it she just won't shut the hell up pan figure on them and but it's one of those like it's a one up the police are things coming. It's like oh shut up I can't go that yet you would. Lose your mind and I actually knew this about my blood and our dad's always pressure she's like okay we you know getting any younger going to kick the go get married had kids like you continues to use like when he. Think he's so old school right in. Is respected my ex only hears stories are really spent a whole lot of time with them. Some like well you know what she's going out she Wynton. Lived Laker studied abroad a couple of times she's studying to be is another another teacher and a family substitute teacher right now she's doing her own thing she wanted on a vacation like. You know out of the country she goes and does with their friends she's. I guess your face but she's enjoying life she's doing her thing and she seems happy you know even though it's not her dad wants a pair. Yeah and so whenever I got would come I respect her and I did this week. I grew to respect her even more now on the planet. Because I did not friends with this on on these but he always been very nice to mean. I've never necessarily had a problem with kemba he's going to those. What's the advantage of that show nineteen kids and counting unfortunately. So he every highlight see that show they'd make me think of my local. That's a weird he doesn't this mean yeah and the big head and asked if he's not quite as Bally deal where like his daughters don't have to Wear like those long skirts or the hair like my cousin who wins their genes scares are right there today where he. Now he adds Sorgi in there that long all gone now I cannot now actually. And so my other cousin the one that was the first defense back in about and my other cousin by the way I wanna give her props to she's effort and she's in the army reserves ceiling. The only army like she's you know primary now she has a little girls raise another little girl she's like I did I know what I want I'm gonna do it. So this is what I want my family before I'm 30 am having it we've the year financially stable we have our play out in our debt as military blending yeah. So going back to my uncle men. He post this on base but it's a woman with like a vintage gallon it looks like an old wedding photo. And has this on here it's a immense being gentlemen when women stop being ladies and started demanding equality in society that treated them like queen's. Six. You. Click like. She's like the all like yeah I didn't grow up with this uncle I invited him because I know you would hate. My lifestyle because I'm living in the opposite I am my own person I'm 38 no you know husband. Her hunt probably everything ain't all that sets is it unlock this principle is that men being premarital sex. Vietnam. Yeah I'm I'm. A well spoken out. I am so when I read definitely you know lead as much of this cousin and he's crap out of me and I can only handle learn small doses. I have even more respect for her ignited before releasing any Sheen Sheen. Figured out a lot quicker than what I I didn't. You have any light at the options like you are ramping up my thing don't ever let anybody stop you nodded my message for all young girls up there you do you do if you want to be 21 and have your babies and have your family whatever. That is you. He would do it every lines feel like there's more to the world to see. But it that you Padilla. I think that's fair. In. The Mexican stuff. And with the sign that he's very racism and who makes the woman. That does not I do not understand that he married a Mexican woman was she fares here now she's part of me that's. Your your players and how she and her mom is like super sub acute angle on the fondle wide she that the next nice picture of her as a child she was pretty -- if there wasn't a most of them and think about cents. Mean I mean you're talking Mexican Mother's Day. Yeah Mexican mother is a different day than writing them that is and so like I key won the point that out to be evil just just the seeds of buddy's lives like they did this whole holds when he some years living and Iran as a maximum as they was completely different planet X I -- tenth made him and that's what I is that the thirteenth. I think if you can't work and yet he's I think it's the same day every year. I think I think it's may tenth every year so don't Anna yeah I'll look like I made that mistake with Riley Kim deadly if mothers in my notes on its next week in the point is happy Mother's Day mom and my brother Alec. Now it's on Mother's Day. So we didn't monger really like hurt abundantly she's like really sad really. What do you want to do this the real yeah yeah. Yeah yeah yeah as well get a seventy dilemma that the Chinese New Year and aren't there. Yet now I get may have different near the Arizona Mexico Italy played I hear an ear. 32 elements in something when I was watching these videos and doing this resurgence like how should do celebrates into the mine and like because I mean a sombrero of stuff okay do you really need to do I not it's not a dress up holiday it's not it's not Halloween. It's not like ugly sweater party. I mean how well put on a and necklace doesn't seem to like some that's my guess some priest lag whenever yeah probably like by the bar if they're right up maybe a poncho and stuff like. I think I don't think I care but I know these are the people that DC easily get offended because of the state of how the this country is renowned. Yeah aiding those I just thought that that we have people that are hitting on this because ever you know who we are. And feel like oh we go back year treats it beat Kerry here you are celebrating the bastard is version of a holiday. Yeah our country. Could come to respect our culture it's really. Like for me it's like I respect your culture enough that I would. Like want to try to make. You know celebrating correctly and not critic and not like making fun of it being like I think it's so cool that this is part of your culture and you guys there an answer uses or whatever so I want to. Embrace you know it means is like the other fact like. Unfortunately because the Turks out there gas line has been blurred out and has it's kind of like it's coming with respect your whole you're respecting your terribly well. This able you know racist over here is saying making that an excuse. And making it but he's making fun of the he's saying what you're saying even though you don't mean it that way he's just saying that took and a kind of a wash your hands of it not look bad. I also spoken to somebody and after a leg you know that up the past couple years we've been aware of racial anything especially like moving from the primary black and even you know area had 28. Completely different you know world. They get it is sadly we know come into my attention as some real eyes and things are not as black and whites. Ladies and you really like things there is a fascination for LA. It's yet you toll would probably get the out you know me or some if you were Boris December even if you Wear yeah I garlic like op idea let me know light right insulate that's because of course you are not acts you know doing anything like wrong word trans or not you're not doing with Pete in pure intention yes but unfortunately it at that as a matter like nothing is black and like he does have Billick. Tip toes here your way around. He's got yeah. It's totally different it was different but it was also not better. Indiana I didn't care like gap talent we're gonna do this thing that it actually pretty bad. But we're not gonna care kind of a thing so like what forehand where at that stage of where we are learning what's. With cocaine what now again because a goodly don't forget years ago it was soul OK euphoria for some may be again and buried in that was totally normally I'm ready only dressing up in a native American hostages and that was that's now people are like look at a little disrespectful for you know where this and get. As space on Halloween or even having I know why now. It means they are even have the very like now we're looking like for example like that Cleveland Indians logo we like the red red faced and stuff like that it's there it's offenses that it's like let's say they were the Cleveland. You know Jewish people and they made a very cartoon you looking Jewish person honor say it's kind of like we're certainly realize. Just because something is has been quote unquote okayed or accepted for so long. Is it really okay. What is Blake's. I've taken a botched their chance on the tape and violent anti African and like all of that and like what if we had to put on a performance. And we had to Wear traditional and that's different is not your friend or performing on the you're gonna get the evils I feel like there's a hold on both sides. You're gonna get like a heated Mexican anthem and I comic are awesome honoring their culture because she took the time to learn it. You know you're embracing it in your you know putting love into it and I think that's awesome you're gonna get that I've you make it's. Theme on the Internet you seen the worst I've yeah it doesn't I don't know I didn't even like Knoll lobbies like the lying but like I never knew. Are what intentionally ever cross the line that a parent like I have rang and I think I feel like I've yeah. A drink got him I did like I said that do you lake. I mean I'm sickened by it. Relatively young it's lately but I don't think we're and it's where I'm weird over your needs yeah we are limbo. And I think and that's how I mean don't take this has worked for everyone but this is how I see it. If you're doing something for the sake of just you know making fun of mayor cheapening its and maybe don't get it right. On how ever like if for against singer for whatever it is like something like that. She wanna learn how to make Mexican jeweler your clothing if you take the time to study something or to learn about eight benefits just read a couple things to really honor its. And I feel like your pain if anyone give you crap you until to cram it. Obama has seen people post on FaceBook it's like really should be allowed like you're not Mexican or if you're Hispanic you're white you shouldn't don't learn Spanish at Arlene was like really. Yeah like literally you're complaining about this like the complete like one side of the spectrum you are on the complete on the other side you're not making things better you're acting just like the bad guys so stop. Rio and yeah I totally agree and I feel like let's impact at all that the embracing things with like if you wanna go do that those dances and I did talk to my remain about that Mike Ritter is allying go because he recently lit a lot yeah he's done to he should be dancing in and recently in the last year. Physical actually love that he did awesome planning but when and how it was I don't remember and Ike. I. Don't ever feel like an Indian wedding or if it was there was some it was a big rally doing Bali it was sol. I lay low and running what holding what they did though for their body they didn't tell him all of their friends. And there's a couple of Kabul white white friends of friends from like other. That there mixed races that one went this race in particular but they went now and custom made outfits. Like that before his wedding. Methods hours isn't epidemic like in my remaining half. You know fun debate sometime not debates but just. Shouldn't act like adults should be able to do that entity like did your message across even if you disagree or you know or if I'm in the wrong I want you to decide excrete explain to me why am wrong I want you to convince me like that's the point of having discussions not to be like I'm right I'm right its. Not only here's why I think this is how it is a way to tell me how you think is what it is if I change my mind that's part of being adults. Like a freaking reasonable adults. Don't hit and I am I I changed my number is only guys to think what ever seen in my I don't care that they realize. It's because of how some people's intentions are with it and I'm tired of seeing and I think we can change it so we don't get those eight holes to do those things anymore. But I hope we can't I feel like we're generation of change and I think we've something bad just recently happened to some people rise when politicians and a lot of honestly with the things happening with politics right now it's. Causing such a stir that is going to evoke. Massive change and in an article generation at halftime how we are we anyway. RD tell it how much is changing like. They are still BS suitably you know and let Obama. But it's they that toll get a battery only after honestly aggregates like it's a good thing they know that Furl why it is not going to be really good right from most people for a but I feel like we we have the op opportunity in the ability to invoke serious change. And not just change in politics the change in culture and changing the whole world because we're to known where the millennial we're known as the freaking self he felt entitled young. Aerial game because we get things done I love the union deal idol of this generation lake where it's a means were young should hear him. Right tears. How we think Ohio if you wanna celebrate. I found out like ams and cutting celebrate my without being labeled a racist and a come up just one thing you want to talk hosts you want your margaritas. Who doesn't although they welcome any day of the get seriously honestly. Go cheer like low poll driven not local but your mom and pop. Changed like not teens but non chain pressure on her mom and pop owned places and support that. The court filing the small business and a because you know the chains hop and any thought that's one reason but it's just like you're giving the small business is your money. You're in your time and you're there and their foods can be proud yeah that's going to be back before the primary and problem Markey on I aidid and I didn't realize I had turned into late such a like a Mexican foods nonunion. I was at San Antonio for such an and I say I am I got some places that take you girls how many guys that's into such a select can't even walk by. I loved. Sell. Out. Today. The DA's and I am I gonna take you this year makes senior moves this sounds like eight sounding so why break now let's listen to see Richard reserve freaking link ranch. Breaking badly countless polio and I had Rick Nichols and it. You know by the name it would take. I never heard about Alan okay what ever and I was walking by is near places good solid Mayer meats and I am capping months of Iraq by its in Ballard. And I have stopped. Like smelled. All the smells coming out of the kitchen and I stopped and recognized the smells like home. I saw it as reminds me of like my mom's cooking light I was happy about it and act and I've gone and I take my mom they're she's a two week open to that most pleased which we can. Oh man okay yeah we're showing that your mom says take me I am and they have a an open in the morning and they their clothes for a couple hours in the open again thanks. Do you even like nine years Manila's Rupert tasty where where is it is and Mallard in a while only Leary and think. The senior most haven't it's like this you you don't even notice it it's kind of hiding like it's like Obama's main street. But lake it's not cheaper fancier elaborate on the outside it's just the buildings and it's just. If they don't like what really late at places like he can never find that an hour Ollie is not like. Like with a big sign anything that just like we're gonna go Ireland Alan adds and it is weird because you could sit at the bar which is like where they make the food or they have an actual bar in the back that they have it booked a house. Of the optimal health kind of I think it's it's really tasty so that's going to yeah. Breakfast right. Waking up early go to breakfast. So I don't have guitar that's so yeah. And it's asleep in that guides the marker at. Eleven man I would have Mario Manningham and it doesn't cards and fact it does should be in the sugar actually here's the question you kind of like a ski Margarita yeah doesn't really what I've had I've seen people do as you get some soda water lines use and human food would you yet again that it is that nobody because I don't get. But I mean he sometimes doesn't know I like the line I don't like this that like the super sugary EU Nokia Atlanta in their arms problem not hard to their fruit. Time Ridder hired this. You don't receive the same thing I citrus like an economic cards not is cards isn't. Yeah I'll offer parts I don't know Oslo and British and I are equivalent of the way it has been if you're the actress. Bigelow I don't should serve returns cards turn into sugars I don't know piracy as I was shocked that for our line was car. REI aims carves. It. You know Google and you now have missiles is. But how he would have liked to simulate how would you eat every day holiday and I have a couple okay well look our camp we got that part. It it is cars that sold lol. And you. Think. So again on outs and a yes I'm going to eat human element in code he in made since. Is that a lovely lovely bulges in Sanaa. And I'm not looking good looking at. Those bad guys man element know that no matter how lovely double does it can't be lovely has your back from yet know how slow is that sighted public that. Can't drink. It. That is again I'm sorry your not they have like heart and now on how to make them out of indeed do everything emanate. A couple times before you leave yeah that's. And it is yet to go there have some drinks before and enjoyed the show. Who is the appointment as a percent of their which it and work of action and I'm not drinking and now it's finally get a marketing and Canaccord Adams to death. But it's non Mexican planes I think they're going to be okay and I'd get up early maybe I'll have the bartender make me a Mexican members of England. We we should. That that a picture of each and that's with anybody and again and cheered each other's rather meager talents. Urgent and I'm turning and different. Like out at you at all up the hill and I was thinking attic just for Matt it's not a liar slightly participate in it's years being in the ready Ruben. It's a time when its I'm pleased birds found. We bombed them isn't yeah yeah yeah. Only given me some time. I think any airplanes did you eat your place is a widow as the. Yeah sharply from great Britain and lots of if he laughed at me so yep love in the whiskey. Annie you know we got a yadier left early I do not pay for parking serie is getting a yoga and Matheny. I have. It. Any food that was it it is a big cupcakes for for everybody today in effort and I forgot to eat the sound of and as a food and flowers because as Friday and that's what I do I treatments for different. That's a pretty etc. it also helps me feels awfully and we get some flowers in I usually get as a Frenchman greens that McCain has carved means yes of course. The treatment trying to think of like something hit a nice. Thing salary yeah it is in bloom yeah. Isn't really believes she easily. The area that she indeed. I don't energies. And tequila an apple everybody enjoys there and I learned some things I like for real theory and ballot and even part of my plan at about that I have and it worked out toward a perfectly forcing the demand you all have something and so you know if I am might not by got a beauty till incorrect as human. And be safe tonight much shepherd dumped on drinking I have not proper diet and tires round Eamon.