Broad-Cast Ep. 75- "#Hairflip"

Friday, June 9th

Vicky B, Ooh Sara, and The High Priestess Destiny talk about Sasquatch, Sara’s trip to New Orleans, Vicky being creepy, and the worst thing to happen at a wedding!   


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The company which. You killings ask. You don't really disgusting. Thing. A big let. But I don't like an elegant and figured things. In. Your carry you. Really well enough but you know like why why. I'm not a (%expletive) care how deceive I think it now than. And I'm devoid. Yeah yeah. Welcome to another edition of the bride had to. Do you I'm thinking we we got. And I and this is your highness herself destiny and they have destiny destiny has all the info go to contact us. Irate and that is the they spoke the bride dash can this define us on Twitter an instant Graham at its the broadcast 999. They're free to call or text at 2537786029. Or email us at the broadcast 999 at Tennis violence would. Hey we've offered couple weeks yet between illness and people being done in SaaS it's you are in an. Just a lot of life things he'd isn't happy to be back and miss you guys. Israel has so much of that allows than Ohio. Let's have a go back and thinks that's why it was like. Like memorial at the owner of both of them are a few weekends ago yet citing that the good Lisa starts OK it's destiny goes so fast glad to melted my forget a face off in more ways Wyatt who who who did you love seeing the most you don't whistle. Funny I was talking soma smacked because I was sick of hear insulin and violence and I am such a plane went palace manic about a teacher legged cat yeah. Lately LE so look at reference of that they would SAT poppy that he got T mainstream as a glamour and soul like I forgot that followed them late for a reason yeah a form easily a bit before I before anybody really reckless and islamists last saw them you know access wise and I swear they'll leave its. I can't be an and is now but like. His rock talk is amazing he is so damn cool all right guys like they drummer. That's in my faceoff I can't make out with gears like that Thomas like Netflix added you bring it back insulin. I think I did I didn't believe it when I come I says that's vs up my Alley seven mad end of that for yeah. Trial on the only have a couple of the other day lesson. Planner now a bit. The residue of the about it Leslie we were camping in lake. It was his other add eggs other couple of dozen members across the can't press like a neighbor is basically and I mammy like best friends with than a mile so many friends in California. Late capital levels summoned to protect the music and like. Yang and I like it was I'm. And these guys can't leads them like you know further that love for music because of that much who would have popped in an all plan. On a pass by authorities that you meet and sit down and authorities I'm mad because I want a pain in the gray. And am sir I have really good idea. Inside my older made they just moved out. Wouldn't our it and I did that it's actually. Others in that yes they they start whether it's you know they're all home together it's thanks. And eventually we'll have made it on the podcast. That she is a competing bodybuilding Ulf. Yeah and the coolest person ever give I was just beat him like you know I was just in Palestine that pleased with yes. Right now she's in training she's going to be I think competing next year. Sweet as she is currently train like years so home fans the avid college summoned you like body go to as to grandly that is then I already can't Amare excited for her and actually that's an awesome. They and they we and you remain rich he's a sweetheart. Just cute little gang then you. His old house of Democrats Yan. I'm happy that culminated in a film that's what you like clean refrigerators that you sold it and I put that goes I don't get that cleaned or the Preston seal wrap. See you clean your refrigerator you put that presents he'll eat. Place at downing kind of pressed down to stick and higher on yes so when things start spelling just rip knocking out the with a big tree and could never have pulled out wasserman I think I adjusted biggest me in the ass. Biggest pain in the ass and so happy about that from getting fool loses it and yeah I it's it's the steep thanks mayor for Jeter went all the to read you like. Opening on marvel yeah I don't look so much brighter elegantly James libel. Then you are giving me crap all the remains for giving me crap winds coming in peace and we and it should take its communities selling for on every it is indeed the idea that. Decent. Every one other. The show in during world apparently because everyone I went to a rape and until all the. I in Easton Bellic there's a point where it's too that a party and they are like. Let's all play BP that's playing BP and mountain Helen I know you adding that it could be I don't like here I like it why it. Why does little if they bear brown at the same the same so happy about it BP found that coming penalty had found arsenic growth that's it all mean. And you growth. And hand them and tell us it sounds like what happens when sex is growth yeah. I'd like to hit it. And you bank paid McGrath is going to be a lot of fun and you from time are proud it's do I have no cause yeah I mean I'm in this for me this weekend next weekend and orange. Way to look at this now it's still too so not this ink this cannery the next now T weeks. Yeah but it's not. That's all that'll be one week will be the seventeenth. And secondly can when he forces account about mind you it. Is likely. She's cute isn't over on the scene nightly. It's like not this weekend and next week in the it's it's labor guys yet that I could become a part of it. Then. So yes I can't wait for out I'm hard of an important for an access what's. And then how did you. Massive amount down and dude if I can somehow hotline. Burning man they share out as dull and probably died that that the prepare about what effort though but I went for air time that would prepare for next year program I have your heat pat and I think that I can't do he either. No closed Helen Ambrose and dislike a mis sized thing that's PF 6000 and a half. And just like. All water yeah it's so you know so funny I so I may still happen said no lights you. Camps there are ready because they go every single year and I met them you know in my traveling that's American and Seattle. So if which got a seven it is wanted to somebody's camp like honestly is. Munich how man 'cause I need some how do you are busy should make would you driver would you fly. Isn't isn't burning man kind of far and I can't supply that has a zig the dazzling Nevada and the deserts and others say at lake. I won't rule of somebody but it can. For the planet like I'm I'm a player say rightly I may I paid a fly collect from what I understand burning man is that it is very much a bar like bartering in a place like I have foods all I have is are you having. A lot of your delicious treat exactly how they like you should draw his no yes so. But I'm driving. Every so they've got some hot lines like that's the been across economic contribution does have. Deliberate killer yeah you know. The NC. How regular treats I and you are not able. Here phobic if you'd check that I let it malicious streak you're not supposed you're not allowed to it isn't just think that someone might check your bag like. If you checked bags checked in as an ending that music penis. Early like matter or any flight. Can you beat a guy. No I didn't yeah. Game whereas saint Peter. Again it Didier music festivals and we have a light up surrounding events life changing event that changed violence escalates speaking doing something like changing our life changing that you did do something that you but mine you'd never. The second set to something you say never gave it. Yes I across town violence. I read I have friends had a birthday in New Orleans at all Atlantic and heartland trying to. But I never really had an excuse to because I was abbate is the closer we think are some out of Saturday as. But he had a time share so a bunch of us went in Orlando. And live. I made things. It would relate closely at your picture that was so Johnny my bus elicit those fourteen you now have a chat via your league now it I mean I would totally go get one hi friends like really wants like get an apartment like Arendt. On our comings and I have ever there all you guys do our timeshare at times jab we did at times which was joke we have full kitchen and our room is amazing that's awesome com. Is it so. It's like biggest but it's like totally different totaling more chill everywhere on the high heels and more high heels a short dress and he could seriously comments wet yeah no place to ask for cover lake it's very late. And yeah the chorus I. Yeah the first night we went to a club they had a poll and and a glass of course my old couple but a global sleep I would like I can't enslaved them off my goal of the birthday boy gobble David. That's an amazing and we went to a male strip club which I never Sox at all they want they're you know they've been irony until it only got so much I got some videos to show a IDs. Is out of place trouncing your face a holiday only did it take it and it didn't take their clothes they are you imitate their hand puppet made that there had over it kind of thing. But it's more like. It was a stage and there is a guy and a poll which I was surprised and I'm an and it's a seat and so they legally from high infant patterns C. And then they would do whine like a hold the kind of performance for the one person a gimmick though what like era like getting on all our partner. I would love. I think ear not my. Like mask like they were so it's drawn. I. There all week and that by the birthday boy is day and so him and I were just like in audience. You think it's me. I'm like 630 hi all that anger that's about it this. An and app or is the next night. Whereas we got our first during emerges walking down. Bergen street because it's like Vegas locker room without aria all about the Leila. And then. There's like balcony at the airport got that three beat at the beads round and then there's like a bunch of people on our Ollie screening and I that this is all it's a bucket list. You go to our land and not flashing your VII. That girls gone while the LA might it wears me out because I thought that they only do that during Mardi Gras and that's the one big houses like you know they do year round and on time as white cubes. Why did it pretty. And you know on down there like. It was so weird because the different groups of people might currently dudes like about actually dude I'm my age there's like. Girls and guys like old people then select parent it was just like a whole variety and this and that and humanity that they're in everything you economic. Think anytime I have like. And those sweaty I have like sports brought it taints Obama I am not prepared are they going to make ports like all all like face the I am so so are. And him and I just I was like eight million of alcohol at all on one which tastes so bad with a really climbing mania and battle apparently her dad when he went to Vegas he had the team drinking on all dad he was like I knew that drink and I thought picture I. Alma where it. Lake flashbacks. From a tough yeah the so I was like OK hold all my guide chat happening during cold and a a flash in every night dreaming and indeed for drowning. Guy like. Daylight and I think Ehrlich. Is this. And a while it's not that I was shaking. Like I got an adrenaline rush like in. I can't remember when I really it's like after a public. I ran AgFeed might. But now I like special election empire and for the. Actually earned a few funny now I love that that's freaking awesome. What and a high school announced fourteen I had this teacher digital design teacher. Remember her name but she would go to New Orleans every couple years since she gave up her money go to during Mardi Gras. A and sons like all the all that much or go ahead right and NASA and her and her sister ago. And she told me that one nearly the Playboy made. Like they had like either float something you know and like different like you know there's different types of feeds. In some of the bigger name winds have really nice ones that happen. Really big ball one's I think the big Playboy bunny is really. That nearly as we plan in my flashing them. Have to get to I don't know but they just like being in a flash but they certainly think from the the do the boost to the balcony where the Playboy area is. And so there's this girl that was like all naked eye. Basically next door they throw the beads and I think the sister goes in like knocks her down a kind of like Q Dana. And take the beads firmer and apparently they're so nice that she hasn't in a frame in her house like can there. Yeah later on the trip Mayan my friends once Donald rocker Powell darker outside he ended up. Flashing and we yeah it changed clothes that was way either sitting in a bra so Oceania flashing and then they threw beads and then. One of these like fell to catch it and some guy agents moved it through disease it's not like angry. Is now and then we we went to the hand grenade plays the bar and she saw him like called an op currently. You're days that's all I'd be in an came over like David Baxter. I'd love that I hesitate to occur and get them back I was pissed at these are the kinds. It's like we're not flashing anything and I think you can use those these to try to get it girl the last outlets and he he marriage. And that it. That you had your hand grenades to cross off something after bucket list and check your top has that she'd do well. One thing Deborah that players on view was trying. Matt is like a delicate the year now that the saying now and like game and how inspiring her opinion is that IIAG I told you how you better have had it leaves your body image and it will pay one restaurant and you frolic Brian's need you Freeman that you like. Yell at her local though. All of them Taliban and we. How and then we the next few hours later and like half they'd do whatever we do that with the game plays out how does it that deeply sorry yeah this just caught in being yanked it exactly and it like ours and he's it's like and an inch thick padded out there it's so hard to eat at what Bradley try to nap in mind a bit. But it was windy that the color. Purple I certainly. Covered. Rightly take an act inquiry at the bell. And a scarf easy this time and history. He's just giving you just North Atlantic I was. And asks. Me is quite. So he orders fried alligator and so like. In my head opening comment vegetarian Abbott is alive and I like a hole there recently within the last couple years I had done chicken but I'm. Dusty chicken breasts and deep fried chicken fat cats using it to be cut up. Yeah bones doesn't smell or taste like. It is like that though Flutie acting out to ED chicken stock now if it's so he ordered an era on the line. We're gonna do. Definitely this. I and. Where's the next day we are going on and a swamp tour to see all alligator so I'm I am just speaking about all Italian community tomorrow. And that includes apologize eye on that I would that I like I nature 'cause then I'd have a by a law and I don't know I tasted. It taste like chicken that is what a little bit more like. Alligator now. No slimy yeah yeah. And we are different texture yeah I just below but it did taste like chicken bat. I'm not exactly yet he brought us the jerky and the jerky with a little obligated like the jerky sticks weren't as dry Israeli jerky sticks for air mar Mike. So am normally flat and of the finale eater thing or not I had like that more than the traditional jerky if it's a letter this week in and out. But downing them water and bad times you know I really dried Turkey. Yeah I don't diligent everything. And I don't like that way. But yes so I had a night. How did you did you like it I mean that's you know they have. I think it's definitely Mormon mental thing like a you know I didn't block any fried chicken though. And a but it Gatwick and certainly if the hunt but at the right to overdo it don't feel. I'm not a knock down. Seven and activities on our Mike. I did I apologize and and just your Brothers and sisters. REQ. Who. Do. In or you're not thinking. They weren't Q well there's some little land with little anything are you Nolan Dow at the super sweet. They got they put out hot on it. Do you think they really don't like. Would eat they I was like did it right emptiness on an Allah they like hurt me and click now they would all excellently from him in the crocodiles that will destroy Al. Yeah me and I like. Is aimed at all attack and one of them likes the water more than the other one I think. Crocodiles like to go out my aunt Evelyn DC like Africans that the go on like that just you know seal yeah accounts in a mechanic IC the guy is and stuff like that or down at Eagles alligators lions are in the swamp. Is that our body block on but there's a lot Arafat meeting just technical debate seriously don't move it. All hustle they're just I was ill. Debt okay. But yeah apparently alligators down. Like I was afraid like that to my friend who would've as this year and now. It is human eyes. Minus and I am meaning that the shark banging filler market but the hot dogs who refuse Iberian. Until I was gone that's why I like your front and he was this weird way I did think guys. Imagining like quickly like putting a hot dogs that are personally during angling out hot dogs that me me makes. Ugly that it overtaxed and yes into your friend throughout the running and around the mean not really you know it literally recording. Maybe into. I am and I don't let them leave and the other meaning the only like one of the great but I had never eleven plays that bars. All 4:5 in the morning I'm never. I am at a place like that because she's dying lately. The last I was up at 6:30 AM on the streets watching this and I went and I asked my hand like. And 91 idea why I'm leaving I think that's legally vacation did you Steve is simply that Easter coming back and like I could do that every week and indeed I you have PGA the week. He had now sold at party though every single day of the week did you know Alina doesn't miss as much needed Lilly took me until late yesterday to give again our raw data that a couple weeks. I rehydrated. Blake had knocked me Alessio Alice snake like I was like I'm a bit yet again I guess I'm just ally now as saying. That's the number does that enormity of that and go have higher. Well and I don't know as well as innocent and let's. Deep snow and then in and burning man you know you gold card to the does that show that intensity and. Or that they had a now. Com we're talking about fun experiences. The news. Have you any reference to keep. I'm gonna take your reunion through her. That I run and I am late I was. Eagles are good thing about as above Barrett that the soul and that is what received like a train wreck of a person at there they get going now I can't tell you any tell anybody out like I have to sit there it is is people don't see that so I. Every time he Rolen up in well like well Larry I'm behind the iron my writer and I ditched them. Ash is not goings on an A hole I thought that Diana. And yet I am actually calico is legit reason but I'm cyclone gonna hang out the skies now which are fun but there that they get crazy. Then god you got it previously unknown like teachers I think there's a fine line. Between the train wreck crazy and. Any time I'm sing nine I have no okayed cinematic great life and I'm just partying grainy and you want that that's about it. Quickly turns a light. Park charities and non party sound the whole case is heads in and they care about monitoring them again noses sound very superficial and apparently. Could. I don't know that's OK let me a lot I got picked on I was goth geek. And like anime comic book greeting Roch listening. Shy a teenager and I didn't really start to become my own until maybe senior. And so now it's like ten years I like. I am pretty. Sick. That was and African Rory after his. Side. Over the the dubbed and yes if tiger. Can I answer that mr. that you. Good point I just love Killen people. Serial awesome show I think you might like it coming Alec and did it letters I can't ever make joking guys I bet. With the go ahead. Hewlett also played Syrian women I don't want that one of the star. It's I think like seven tomorrow night in my hometown Radio One of the big bars. And you date if you wanna come but I am an on the beer and my parents a morning. So I live tiger played a minute's up north but at fifteen minutes up north so my play was to go shopping in the morning at my girl. Get cool like really sexy outfits and renew the bar hopping snohomish which is one town over big. Like 1015 minutes away. From where that really is going to be go get my bar hop over there isn't tarnished the drive back go to three unions like ours to make our presents. And then go back in bar hop. It back home and you can Wear them yeah. I just calling dad dad had that and days and say that's sounds. Awesome where you it's a like UND that's a shoot a low shot imparts no debris like like the width. With your girls she's she had to bail all day so they're selling their place they have to move everything tomorrow doc so unfortunately that's the case so my plan is just to go shopping in the morning. Go visit my folks. And any meeting up with an EU many my body these are my body I'm gonna talk to a man but he Shonn you can not Roland not elect a line you know I am not a stranger or from you know I'm trying to. The adding a guy like Al political theater's that we need to there you wanna come. Yeah Vienna aggravates me gotta figure at times let's do that because they tell you get both Elena are you are brutally you're up there looking high and awesome because my my thing is that night. Province and I my parents' house government driving down. Again and yes yes. We kind of opened my parents and didn't act that the deal we can finally do it for inside he's selected why it didn't hit it like I'm not running aground. I'm doing here. Tyner I any dialing you specifically really. Want to show up our want to seed or line. What do Taiwanese on sits easily walk by in so happened to drop so yeah and then don't go wherever there. There is anyone and I hear rig really like an announcement that you dumped this like that mean now because my other Hermione I only had two. Boyfriend in high school their long term one of them grant Weaver different high school news from granite falls and then the other one made reference from a different in school. Thank. Yes because it was a fun. About granite falls when I was in high school Oprah did a drug special and these head to head tranda calls like fourth of that the nation from techies. That's an athlete. Like document from my high school. And that can eat it actually like the Lundberg and a and a grand palsy was not amendment three and a I believe so. Now he's just waiting children in that I'd like had a crush on highlight. You know coming and I when it yeah my ex boyfriend and I were real would not ex boyfriend you know Loughner rigidity you olive trees stories. He lives anymore like he would be like that he was in Germany because he military and I don't know if that's. What it's like I don't know if because apparently has ape like IC really different him and his wife like when they got married. The sweeping and whatever but then like. BS I'm not gonna get incident happened until we have to talk to each other a couple of years. So I don't know if she's here are folks live not too far from where were having the reunions and she happens to be living in this area she might either. With she he be there at a morning edition right now that you. Q and yes he may be democratic even technically. Graduate and that's will graduate from a different school team he moved despite targeting. And that doesn't let them have a man maybe I doubt it but if you Leo she might be she might still be every year but let's toughest night. Yeah no I like it just think thinking about. Ally thinking in Paris that out of the thing about me time I had it might sound like. Some again conflict. And god I don't know about it and I'm thinking about it now that I never thought I had to have been real as a hate it keeps keeps happening either even though when to stop so it's about the chilly lake avenue but the roll up that a couple of years are you gonna go now. Have to go pretty far for her as though it to Liggett like Le Mans about Miley if like if if I words able to go highway stimulate travel for this kind of crap out one out coming into Montana. See that's a good. Fly into lawsuits is. To both your high school reunion may close its meet leaving Washington to go to Baltimore to go to my high school reunion sounds like your face the Fed. I only make out like this like that big I think that plagued use still really like a lot of people like. All of that are around the country and ever and that is like one spotlight they're gonna say the every plan I guess that there is announced and. Thinking of but I probably should reach out and ask there's a couple of girls and it was fast friends with the middle school. Like best friends in middle school only pretty differently kind of became professors of other people in high school below reversal really good friends the point where it was in the three of us were gonna get matching tattoos. And a key and it is an appealing to lose and yelling as a symbol for tenacity that Starr at noon in the flowers and crap and then. It's funny economic within the last year one of them and I'm not really close to them anymore and one of them got married and had a kid pack adamant that the baby shower but I've never been able to go that far. An island just do I think he's a manager somewhere. Haven't seen these girls that like hung out with these curves and almost high school yet they may be a Mormon an earthen Damon and I know I don't like. And British airlines the awakened miked so he's still got hung out at the bad girls that came up. Yeah I know it has a kid now I think she's pregnant at the second line so we should not really parties she just like shots earlier that as. And back at a. And Mac she's. I mean it could be different different I mean yeah it be nice to hang out on the I'd like them reach that point I would like to see if they're gonna get there I would like it's. The hang out with them back. Do they brunch or something that he knows that there is going to be there probably about. An effort. I tell people that much yeah you should think that that the use it like at the gathering at everyone and get an idea I leaned on crap about the people that we hated guys in advance in this agreement. I had a bit Connecticut did you adults now it wouldn't and it is now than you right here hello Ali had a great dive buddy. So like if it was my high school reunion in two years because like that's when. So let away gasoline lately I wouldn't be nursing they like I guess it would be when you're graduates and then the ears. And it's half among nine and then Lou anyway. I would be there is any of my bed in accordance everybody but them to do FaceBook in. Through a lot of people from high school so we all world at Munich probably counters well. We hit them at an act I'm to help like Paul my body from Portland inequity in this again countless plan and he gas money just come up and visit and is about my. Heating graduate right of these partner group. The icicle but that he didn't graduate I a lot of friends I don't like I would never go to the school actually graduated four there'd be like fifteen people like I don't. Like her no our remember any of you. Other. Global have a whole report on how when I X I pictured and hello fine I got a bloated and as a the F leader Alice and after I don't know about you as it fell off line has sent here from the SE kept up with someone from me to go on the mile and. He's a high school they think my high school and the now it would only get maybe I don't know I didn't. And the fact you have him. You thought Lisa. Clothes and any that he did it I met a girl on it turned them like you know like pattern based in the you know zones us like we had a thing like Tammy I pocket and they realize that there is appealing to that. I didn't make it all the way. But any nasty lie and conceded. Growth and it. I think Ana winds had it but I'm like that's cool where where where where a lot of them at. But it is something creepy Reese recently that I did wanna talk about when they talk about eight. Is still creeping. And so I'm trying to figure at this person listens to the pod cast his or quite yet. I do not. I don't really know that'd be led link him he can't. Seoul. Couple weeks ago about. Maybe a week or two ago IA and go interface looks Golan just you know like everybody else does and you get that little section of people you might know. He does I well I don't know these are gone. I won them against you as the pitcher Mike I know that he's really cute I wonder which and he is. Go to the profiled not Q not the one I thought with Q Milan Milan. Not my type and only did he wanted to face that thought this gang. Men and he's deeply complete stranger but we have children's. At least I wondered if. We. He tag is on here and I see the head I go to this beast based paint it's the guy that I thought with keynote. And I say looking there's pictures and he looks just like my type guy dark hair. Later green and I can't tell villas Tatis or non. Company enters frame yeah and sat in a union. So I know is that he also have regional friends like okay. I'll ask him see what happened at McCormick did QIDC an app press that add friend and you know people don't ever ever say anything is except you and call again. And so but I am don't have the balls to actually say something up the time if I genuinely think some cute my. Hey honey is ago when. I mean Horry then I'm good at the mean I have a and so he will look at on my face. Loading comments on a picture I shared. And it with a gun these coupons hugging. And it said something along the lines it's like you know relationship holes. You know when you can. Eat junk food like fat piece is a crap what fallen asleep on the couch watching Netflix is something like that yeah. Well I was so like you. Become an all plugged. You executed and Alec yeah unlike anything I think this cute it would have been and remain offers. I know that in the black and so I'll play. We just talking just be passing nothing like it's not necessarily. Just talking. On like indie thing hunt 27 home. Sorry that I doubt it acts up as not occupier and I. I just earlier in Davis at a 116 common foes like that I got 220 that haven't thrown this look like that's. At what point is likely to hit like fifty. I'm just like a cable went into the private message and then hit a hundred out and we we really don't want to did it to a 127. I finally sent a message Alex all. Since private message is good to do that now and you'd make we would point out the fact that we been messaging for so long. Like hey don't be about ideas and even private messaging pretty much nonstop cents you guys wearing a lot. Would dissidents have aggressive hamster wheel met. There hasn't met the aggressive me I feel like means like you kind of mad at him in really aren't they obesity can cheesy you know the heads and it's also easily Uga has been talking and pass the identity is Evan yes we have been talking like the last week nine not out. And have a nine yeah he slid up into the men. I let up in Indiana that's not how I act ideology and there kind of any aid and Ahmed Yassin talking he does now concludes I don't know who you are Blake and Nolan and listen to the shelling and viewers some link. And Canon attend a big you know have sticker that. I. I snagged it. And I Bradley. I've slow motion it just didn't look. Often enough they love they use of touch and pats didn't have a bigger effect. Perfect level of dramatic. But apparently this guy is a dual idled freaking Meredith. Light and he can play magic the gathering back in the game. He I had all my garage prior right now. I. If he goes to Renaissance festivals and he had a higher cost him but he lost a ton away. So a lot of the stuff doesn't that a mini mart about it and say but he lost in the U do you think. Renaissance fairs and among come off of Cuba and he loves like local music that goes to a lot of the show he's friends a lot of those and how come begging me now. I says the whomever we said something's got to examine my job and I now are. And Clay Aiken. And I I I said something he's the man known likely you know what I do things that was and sometimes it just hasn't it looked like he. Lou do you whom you've known yeah. 200 in Omaha hi I think he would have done that guy and don't make me go to homestead and check out ahead that the guys that up to 8000 right now I'll what I have. To give every thousand he didn't I was. I have those that I act yet that split because he's just. Let's let's stop feeding him his ego in you you you are nonexistent or an important next pack snow I don't mean like on any acre Hamburg. Player and now I get grant I. Really I really do it I knew he actually have the money like a piece out at an and a mean firms have an act he would have been on me and I'll have to cash in a be degree to buy the days after it's my counting each victim. How do you go back Passat Manny can get that in instantly. It. And cash oh early concept it's called cash app that like if you you can get it put into your account like the couple business day later we're if you wanna incidents like. One percents of for every one I don't as the dollar I have what is call a bingo in dollars a day. And here they haven't found out guy is really masses so I actually ever want you asked Robert how all week I did. So I went I went to Spokane I got this I found in our free bin because we give away free stuff. Somebody had at a book called battle Pug that is in the picture he's like that is the greatest thing and oversee my life when I get Thea. So we have asked generally so would you tell mailed like beaten tennis morass would you like me to mail the cedar would you like to hang out sometimes I give this year. He's like like canned laughter pain in the grass. Because he had but spills today's as accurately go up real far. Whereas Olympia girls' night out early and that's a popular in Columbia. About an hour more. The Cuba. Yep type thing. Let's look at the god directions again it did did you could lightning have weigh in on yeah its through I mean I did a guy an Auburn before. Immediately our ways and the worst thing ever let it go yeah ha yeah. The Dow up forty miles away. And Andy's. Yeah leanings I was married and it Saddam. As a great now others on traffic as a there. Right now it is. About an hour and ten minutes. Been. And so from my house at a beach about an hour and twenty minute says he lived. Alone or with me to bring his a remain well and a via. I mean you're hitting the bike crash out and if we do have a lake article and in the do the do I reel there is actually like somebody borrow like even scoff shattering in yeah yeah against cancer corporate and the way he's an ass off is he going to pay now he can't his right now he literally had to pay off a bunch of stuff. So he's like wait till payday. A payday at payments after pay like pain in the grass and I cats Pina grasses that the steeply at is after payday Pennington is this. And if they can then he figured I see no went reacts after the joint fourth ago. He's saying I'll pay because embassy to you. Because. Singer's hit. I I don't care at no I don't have time this weekend I might have time next weekend in the next weekend is in the grass. I hear is excuse. Yeah yeah. Over eight. I don't know what system. I. Haven't thought I should have been heard to Olympia after he gets off work at like 430 and gets stuck in traffic yeah as. The border and I go to coffee shop covenant copied you letter that Atlantic a nap amnesia I nap at my cards you well I don't have to I don't know. All of this I don't think I'm. Just study we are scared him and his guys item. I'm not and it shocked that you guys don't count against old Wendell down an excuse me on. Yeah a plane and then that the money badly you're just talking having seen each other. Elegance you Wheatley a month. About that about a week I blame it like right now from now though I wouldn't be surprised that the hole now. The whole fizzling isn't as start indeed it is here's my wife and I have they I do get worried about the the because you can tell when it is it's when you don't message each other as often they. But I know that I can I have plan of attack if I noticed that happening that's when what pushed it. Like say it's didn't bring our goal for another one is of you know gets old you know distracted by the shining lights. I can't I but I am very much like. OK we should go out like because I know people trying to like I don't I just talked to you for like a month and then. And ABC you like I wanna know an amnesty you like out you know I think here's the thing that we haven't set anything like ridiculously flirty Gurney thing like that it's all it's not. So tell you time it's not it's still kind of like feeling each other out. Those those those are thinking really early time out if you don't count war that's what I wanna do eventually. I just don't I honestly don't have the freaking time it's not enough prisons and the worst thing in the don't plan. I. And really kind of and I had a time getting ready that deadly you know the bar as though they hit them as again it is an hour's time at bat. And a duty. Heavy and it. The pilot and an early season. Don't see it happens in the next week on an update and again now if so my love life is I am single and I'm freaking happy about it and he did and it both of the blind date nothing no one's ever nice talking a lot of them and then now when you know I'm still evident of that act and I know it like at this fall yet I was toll is like now now. And knowing and I am looking on. Lights or whatever no no not at deleted tenderly I am like I'll officially like late Hadley to deploy probably literally twenty different high enough. But I I am never going back way I live with us where I and I hate like match like national and match. Image as anybody's relationship except for that with me and so I am and I am showing off this summer or lose. Q. But I'm so here for a lot of light in all matters that play the sale likely one of my friends like. Things are working out for him very well aids makes me colleague kitty Har I eulogy accidentally and happy for and it's like yes I that I use three. Cecilia is wrong. You can't think. I'll get enough on the microphone. Had in love with a microphone that is that. Is reboot. And not silly single inning earlier single ready to enjoy life so ready to mingle with asthma in England as it doesn't mean anything. By here opened. An onerous. They had out. Like anything on and on. Weekends and soak passed than its eggs. I can't I didn't mean to pilot a mile and Laura you know acute movement began basically showing off the summer let's. Yeah it did Sarah get epic he got a big. Thought I don't. Us. So they can add some of that. Right now. Diaz like get all angry now kind of like Hannity and it's up. I really wanted to talk about the sadness that I don't wanna wait for another episode a glance I think we'll do this and then all wrapped up and I'm. So apparently. Doug most ridiculous thing happened at a wedding. And party which I was there canal and I lost my ass like even as low yeah. You're at all I gotta ice ought to be if I knew these people get what are you doing. So deal with the dear prudence columns are now. So if people ask your prudent and they ask for life advice straight prudence prudence it's been in the newspaper it's a newspaper one I've seen it for those akin. So apparently aimed. This girl like rights into gear pretty and she's like as she and her husband started dating got pregnant had a child they moved in together. They bought a house got a dog in that order. And after years of their family bugging them to get married they finally get. So you know me. Spent a lot of money on the flooding. 80000 dollars on a big ol' letting you know every you know everyone is happy the atmosphere was great. The group Bassam and being pulled just call me Don and time was officiating a wedding so not only was he the best man he was you know officiating the wedding. On so when he he wants officiating a wedding. He initiating in the on the ascent that bowling night William did and yet dearly beloved. Other I think you will you take this guy to meet the girl girl and act. OK so it's like that our rights do. What ends up happening is the person who is officiating a wedding John. Decides mid ceremony. To announce that his girlfriend Jane is pregnant and that he was going to propose Chara right there. I beat her face I was you can see that IM. I would put his child in a mile I put it. They don't want to hold generations before it like that so you bunch of child late in any lately I was so mad that hit him and it's his kid to get the what did you do at him in his pregnant right here. It is pregnant now fiance. To really remember I'm really badly guys like no. Only the bride independently. Man dies at Jeremy with hot dogs and iPod yeah. Other parent bride could even hear the rest of her vows over the commotion that don't like. We can he can't gallon gas they eventually you know how to do all that. But the tickets works. Alliger move announcing that his girlfriend is pregnant and proposing Torrington middle someone else for ceremony. Wedding. Like if you're getting married in public option wedding to the pounds. It gets worse because he asks the band to play in special songs and he Jane could have a special dance. That it that's literally. Did you off our like deposit walk over to his pregnant girlfriend get signing give her name again back channel deal. I don't OP nominee that is kind of how it's the stories explains why did he plant that went like. Hold I don't know I'll just clean the girlfriend reports out late I. She's mortified I would hope I hope she's mortified you know for me I would she let him do the defense. And apparently that he's had camera people there to film the wedding apparently they kept panning over to them and sent. Because it's like that's where the all via focus all the commotion going. They would pan over to that test and that Brian let him about it I don't know they did know because of the she's not the brightest pick Stamkos. On it and see it fading at this is worth the fight happened to have a conversation a matter of. They should forget it fights so that's what prudence and that definitely. The response the newspaper attack gals that. I think America fight. In between getting over and never speaking to John again is a happy medium of having a difficult conversation with a longtime friend who did something selfish and self absorbed on your wedding may. He's your husband's best friend your husband should tell John just how upset his behavior. Or just how upset his behavior during your wedding made him. Maybe jumbled pile driver and two of them can have a meaningful wreck reconciliation. And build that a French as a result. Maybe John will double down and dismiss her husband's dealings and things don't actually fall apart between them. Whatever the outcome there's definitely at least one step in between CI you know just being mad just keeping inside and then cutting him loose grabber. Especially since the two of them have been best friends for a very long time and one of the things her husband Joseph do you think maybe I should dissent in the bill for the 40000 dollars. I was. Like there idling now. They can't really do anything Q for that matter no I think helped pay I think we Steen. For having their own pre wedding in Anthony Lake that's so rude. And I. And I did an excellent putter comments that some people like this was speaks brown Twitter craze and I do not try this at my wedding. I can buy at talks. I had. It's like now wedding console for you spend thousands on a wedding that I'm no longer the center of attention you're mad at disrespect. The price Sheehan saying by Alan I haven't during the hours that night. That's cool all credit that way aren't really anything like but I am a very different like I let him how it has. Lately it has that right yeah I know we're back to let public know. But I know back today and that's so weird hue beacon light because you look let me hold it even you are justified you'll look like getting a few. Well things correctly you're just like to be a quota grow brighter and that moment. We don't you seem so darn let everyone know it's not happening. Okay yeah I would probably on the like I haven't called. But give apple like com on been angry at a cat and and then mind so I gonna start now having just like a back up a fish eaters of your fish eater like things are something you know we can do the wedding it's just like equal you can take outside now. Use that and I ended the month. I've asked ran back and think how this one I love this person's week and it's like oh Hal not. They any other events Avian announced that their wedding. Caddie and at. And they and the French at no gas see you. And now that you are pregnant and that you're doing any time they do any to have the baby at the at their baby shower all that's I would that would be so funny abatement and that he she was pregnant. And oh yeah it lake like I was you know it's slightly back of the about being at 9001 time you know when they do the fake pregnancy stuff like not to scare whatever that's the one time I think it is totally appropriate they prime top eight and there fishing not me but no it's. And crash your wedding and that oh yeah I you coming in but does anybody objective athletic and I've. And no. I can't they're not invited Melanie can no longer friends you come in with the marching. Like you have a you pay a marching band come in make that an ounce names have like it just completely chaotic. And a walking out a nice job. I guess that's perfect I would deleted and many guns everything big and loud and obnoxious it's possible Eds to in my elliptical pettiness. I. How am I let down. What do you think of the I know a lot of times like. The guy a proposes to the Ehrlich on him like after noble thing and at the option to to the riding him about that just the Weytman justly display. Like I've seen how where. There's one gallon which about half the okay incensed throwing it she turns around walks over and get her on the when she turns around her and her boyfriend proposing yeah. Batik. Basic plan it out. And she had no on that idea that was that was key I never do that that QB issue you agree to that idea. It's like everyone wants their wedding need to be a special for them as they and some people. I pay as much as I make fun of the brakes showed itself. I don't condemn anybody who wants to have the wedding exactly how they want. Some like myself though being like Allah girl because I'm Bob lap like yeah that's our I elegant you know I'm Bob it's not like. You're the only proposal I ran out it got a solid and at. In the middle your wedding. I like. I respect your point agreed not earlier wedding either ball. I mean. If I was fat cop Arctic we plan I love plan all of the and a you. Don't need my act but I think the option if you were gonna do any of that yeah an option opt out I was at the end it Herat. Without tiring average shot up its. You know where. It's them. She's got things like replaying it and I I. Because of him on the Internet and I'm hoping it's not one of those fake story that just used her you know and in that you know I so I don't believe anything they read or seen him running out lately and I believe everything ice economic anything's possible. Yeah does does I'm like me BBB that I behold seeing as the slick cool slopes and hopes like cold like how do I know that the that this information and execute our Stephen you do I think of him and isn't so frequently absent minded Alan I could see it Guiding Light he sell in the field that as the island in my girl that they you know an inch as she. But there were gonna be hands and I wonder what do you think somebody did something. To screw over immediately either the groom did something like got pictures of you look it up with a hooker the shipper sees me last night and ended up being an Icrc. And I feel like that museum thing Adam. I don't know something at some thing in happening there. It's just an idea I think it's somebody has lots of money. And we got to know if I hope Israel and I hope that the couple who wrote in kind of hang with a laugh I laughed hey. Thousand dollar wedding by the way that's the last thing about 80000 dollars in America. 80000 dollars from. And I really crappy house that money and now he wasted for your stupid baby announcing to do what he spoke and a just look like like everybody. Thought. Graham and we get it advance the bitterly I'm eating out and iron letting I would never asked why hasn't their parent never saying you know having a disgusting. Yeah outlets. But having it covers Asia was somebody recently in the like apparent core house and this is what does these people did and even remains getting married. Next month he's spinning out of the money in those 25 people they're gone I need to and he's doing and I do not earn. I don't. Think she is Allison iPod can't think either of them do so. I don't think either of them and Iowa and here after we now I'm. Lot of cousins prelude to keep forgetting it's happening so I can remember prep they charge of getting that again I and I have been frat then you'll take arguing it would ensure its. Lately that this so we will talk and I think that was just say goodbye here now and I think the answer yet as to how little really senate right and I love. Also how is your right hearing Vicki. And I guys and I. And.