Broad-Cast Ep. 82 - "Rant Sesh"

Friday, August 11th

Vicky B, Ooh Sara, and The High Priestess Destiny introduce a new segment called "Rant Sesh" where they invite the listeners to call or message in about something that is pissing them off, no matter how big or small. They also run down the awesome concerts they attended this week. read a listener text, and talk about some weird fights that happened recently between them.


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And not devoid. Good. Welcome to another edition I'd be broadcast. Then in the news studios. Censure thank you and I am Vicki B. We got clues now brown and this is your sense of destiny and then and it destiny he give me a favor and read up our contact info regular. He instilled reaches its winner an as degree at the broadcast nine. FaceBook is the bride has. Contacts us at 2537786. OT. And if you winning give back the sleepless in Seattle would be easy to balance. The broad S 99918. Now that. And we actually did get a text message again for our body moves in Abu. If let's sexing up that's going to be than you think when everything moves moot. That's and lastly talk to him he was having problems with the Galley you really liked her bank. You know he. They weren't sure what it was going to be exiting she dated previous person that he's accused friendly it brand and Hughes retired. Yes you are. He likes you likes her she is spent and I had had sex. And she used to deet when it has bodies and so we had told him just talked to them. Had a conversation that's like because we all agree a thousand if we had some situation where I was up like let's there unless there is explains. I am sure she would want me to talk about it before proceeded to do it probably in the four. I start seeing pressure. So he replied to us. He says. So I talk to both of them long story short he's okay US that she likes me. Isn't quite ready for a relationship. Frantic pace. But we work out of Tommy's and I'm OK with that and maybe it'll change I'm not worried about it so I've come up with a way to come up with some money with a broken arm. And I want to know what you guys think about it. Actually I'd be renting out myself to single women who don't want to be her rest worry about their safety while going to a bar. I watch your drinks and post your big intimidating boyfriend I know airmen off went with. With Miley you friends and I his eyes on it you guys think you could what's your opinion myths. That's telephone one element if it. You need to have like a little wet decider thing where you have actual women like videos and that of your female friend that they know he's good at is that it's non. And I just you know you at the bottom walking home. You have I haven't reviewed the Hamdi video reviews I am fat I've known to stir up five years he's on my good bodies he'll begin at says he just sat down like Alan you hold and it like you're at point B my body Gartner. How for bachelorette and a day like. If your bachelor party or he'd go out with people and not like what the and I did not a lot of times that the girls. You know like a lot of times. I got girls like hey it's been in the skies though we don't like. My. Friend Robby mad that your agent Ambilight. That Hal just grow a parent like issue off the guys yourself you know bringing in fat ass would it be human to bachelor party you have a guy like sunglasses and a security share. Follow you around like that I and so bats finally getting a limo now. He had to limit the iPad assembling a body having a bodyguard is on the status symbol. And I unexpectedly get all night and hernia. Are my feet from me at the turn out effect in my life I like now next. There I got a different the premium package. Most of because the good ideas get some girls that you know will vouch for you like that you former something that people than your average would you about Graham. I don't Natalie would you like if I knew I man. And on now and I don't define I don't column I personally don't need a protection between that gets me Aaliyah question. And good incidentally I have no issues being like me get that apple is of the like other people I dual against the for instance when it. The last personally in the bars that look. Like I think by are obviously like that the last person outside or like walking to like the boss that's. Waiting for Lou Birtley that's what I would lead the team votes. Killing that's actually it probably way because I mean even now illegal. We have to street park and we're here early and went winter hitters coming. It immediately to our guy and every depart. A few blocks away from our building because you called nine I literally that's actually an idea pass let in both yet compared. It literally just peppers and just for some reason and toward downtown in the easy studios is a little more sketchy and I have every place no doubt that I used up its currency until I came here outlaws or yeah. It appeared like a homeless camp area. It's a little because sometimes. Colorful. Italy nicely and their heads yes. I have been I've had a panic like my first year here I go the byters square and it didn't have an expert in in it was my time and I. The only reason I was crying at the moment mr. Klein and attack more. I think. Riley ice howling out of the way to go like this hideouts they dislike him because I was free Alley it is but I think the U happily look like you know weird Al how vulnerable and if you don't like sometimes I just pretend iMac on button when block I people just. Because I looked like am I can united saying well. That's even like there's been times are texting my cousin and I am walking around Ballard myself from the field and I accept parked for away. And I is that a color and she's like hey what's up like a homeless guy being very well out behind mean he's getting closer. I know I think is yelling just in general. I'm walking faster. I'm gonna be on the phone with you and I'm not gonna call the cops right but he hasn't done anything in me but I want you get on the phone this is the streets I'm on I'm walking here. God forbid something happen in me you know where am I UConn went on for me yeah exactly it it's. Site know at this is that's been bother me guys like I'll get my girls are so standoffish and everything it's like from a young age I don't know what you guys. I was trained not to trust anybody. I don't trust and I stretched strange men don't talk to anybody like which is to always have this wall up. To beast super careful to my parents script in Mexico City and we don't trust anybody on the. Stiffened up a bar chemical industry. Let W speeds this. And help at any company in the middle of the night on the street I'm like hey. Yeah now. Man we did that in Chicago we met those guys that like going I know the ice funny though just like you sure you on the street. Going. We did add to that I mean. Maybe different as night as Britain's. Got up and let them do. But even a bar the tears just like I don't know we know if what what you might be trying to put in my drink I don't like and I never had any of those spots some people by means to stop strangers might. Yeah you bombing shock rule like I was just conditioned. To be ultra cautious all the time they discuss the assists. It's gonna take this free shots. I wanna take much of them continue to live but. I don't somebody else and trade numbers on the they have like. Sometimes on this Leo can't be compared night since I was like man apparently is like only like this my it's crazy I don't care. About it via I mean I'm still living in my minor injuries and eat a meal drinks stat. You know man you know somebody trying to link here on the a drug Deming and a car and so. Definitely that's an added thing and that's currently. You'd have to worry about for me lately repeat on the planet that some in its January that the re kind of like going on about it that eighties yet everyone's a lot more hyper aware of it. I can dive play different than Griffey before either intentional or accidental what. Accidental how do you think you my friend and he's not really friend is an old intern and is actually great stories that he went over he lived with the school music is now in that party and you a lot of people are cheap. You don't want to admit this to his house party and and he drank every single cup he. Steep gas because he wanted to keep on SE ratchet firm mean big like that we're concerned things anthrax yap yap yap obviously he's just trying to get drunk than ninety drinking at all these cuts in the next morning he's like. I think because he doesn't remember stuff the way he fell in ovaries that that's that was repaid. And then he accidentally got her. So now singer pink and pool of entering. Think it was who put it in wise it's kind it's BS that we even have to worry about it Anthony could feed himself and add a fifth and we here like it's like he putted his own drinking but he was being stupid enough practice and in. You know yeah well yes and yet I it was a little interesting story. I think something else from news. If you like. If he can buy a bar that your that's cool with it you can just hang out outside and you literally like Alec the guy or that gallon in the bathroom only gives you lotion inner. Bomber now inner paper towel what you're up. You walk to the ladies to the to their car that is like you'd that the ladies in the organic bouncer. Would you like these service ticket couple box you'll opt to their car your back it's like is as like bouncer ballet like yeah. Legit somehow Abby has its. Arm like Haiti meteor oh yes I I have no uniform and yes or that part of the Barley have to work for the bar comes contacted through the bar. Where an idea Jessica and act like McCain I park couple blocks away Iranians want to stop. Us. OK so back to those and everything about it debut ever answered the question. The about the problem relations do you she's totally how yeah as our votes of acts of he's OK with that now your not easily careers in relation because it averaged two different things got the what's there's. That's. It I mean ninth and got it but she silenced beer brand and I'll let you down. So she's doing and. Manny and we. Headley I always this whole thing is an excuse them finding now especially this week hair flip phone and out like lake lake the people be like I'm not ready for a relationship okay a news DNC. I hadn't seen the you know and I am I did mostly in the kitchen or did you just say DO of this out our back it's an older he liked her yet and zealously as if she goes exactly to bad as it's her thing like. Friends don't even if I think like if if he he says look like in the swipe at work I don't. When you tell somebody you like then you're kind of pain let's get to know each of their more in this way so we can. Go down that romantic path and eventually start going out and that she just and it did in the much like count it is stayed over so I think she's sending a lot of mixed signals. I recommend LC over if you wanna stay friends Beatty can handle that Pena but don't do anything relations. I would name and they're just. I mean it's some idiot you cross the path of someone. Like it's another person and like your trends beef rounds are for the benefit the pantheon involved someone always gets hurt and it's usually a personal feelings involved and I'm watching her. Yes your paper camera had any break aren't there eggs happy. Let's talk about something a little knots over again. Like. The Metallica show. No I heard it was sledge and it was did you did you go to events but a sign I didn't see them to had a hole we're in a cupcake letter but I did go see Roy you applied to meet you. He gets choked up big rock African broad daylight looked scared that it happened and that will give our experience he may sound where they plan. That was played at the shell bots like the the bigger one the one where Weezer played an office Max Soto and then just so. Is it was an impact please mark your was near the stadiums pike place OK so that's shoebox market. Also is easily without Pike Place Market shock market outfitting never say it on and the opposite it's looking so that is where they were playing in like. Man soul band to band member names I swear like that like to me like seeing America that's the singer's. The guitar player and his brother is a line drums on Leah excellent main singer I swear there at Delhi British knows as late. He's so hot comic so high in like soul like his rock topless on the slick. British she added that I have. Met cool. Went deaths and see you have an on again I'll make them at pennies it's evaporated. But am no so not only that like they not put on a show as we just did to let them and lake via the sounds so cliche that you rocked out so at that hard at lake. It yeah so late now lake the the basically like that we the musicals as the straight up rock music like they got me to a mosh to it that's odd sounds yeah Alec Abner got a must fit in my life in fact the first time I went to a rock concert it rises above mosque in almost like and I also. Like why you push and I. And I got it almost adds up my estimates that no they aren't paso Billick I was and I must films like Belgium that's like a settlement that mayans it was as easy. So I checked out when you blend in with Johnson and I wanted to see them to have that but I don't think in the front nine that's yet a flat had to pick in issues so you'll see royal blue eyes is you know century Lincoln a couple. Couples that. Accent reduction act. Phnom excitement without telling Lance let everybody with an I didn't see Sarah at all that everyone's candidate their own thing. Yeah it is I am so we did like the pre game out of Asia and that is your boy is and who else stand even shout out and our old internal affairs and which he Andrew and Nigeria and CC was there with her they'd. Rocker girls and where the hustle you guys prizes out tickets and it was. Our man at a high hat and handed doors open at. Four it's ridiculous for idea. I am I was not ready for Connecticut nexus early yeah early we got like 430 additional clinic at able. Believe and the vessel earlier Lleyton and then. He was off and my web friendly line to see Alice but it name Greg your Goodyear out really really. And not dollars in. Entry yet so did it. We're yeah that's how they set a Villa tell the original name of the ironies let's wait a school. Like it here like I think I knew I mean not good Fella. God Allah. Right Catholic hammering on the studio yet when my Europeans sweaters on sit on. Massa has basically you know like the big role at the elephants from like I usually am at the math science. An idea I had that cricket would hate literal ground into the studio my knee better or even just. He's just hangs there delegates. Maybe I add maulana. Watch back about what he really really wanted to see and Ireland and a segment so and he's not a big events are full fans out pretty that I look for is completely beside it are we watched Goodyear and then. We had an interesting. Moments through an example we met up with one of his friend we ended up like. We could all these stairs and I was dreaming these wedge sneakers I'm delighted I'm about Agilent Avian yap and I was like. Done but the only way to get up to where we look at Leno aired on returning to the pony. Is yet to be like a special and sweet person and a national. So I thought someone like swipe fallible thing like a worker there and opened the door and out like F. This I am now locking down the stairs and it ran like get the door and dike on the door. Like home we didn't appear where army and the girls like Annie get your tickets and public. So like you backed out of a so look at opal well super well let me elevator isn't like heart alcohol appear on the lines and we shorter. Range. Like I. And meet value of the apparently left few months. Though my theme is it's Q. Have Sachs and I'm pleased that is that your theme this summer's that is about it at Safeco Field. Eighth spot that was the thing between me and and so. We did. We think Lynn Sweet air air there was not a lot of people there on race and now they all gender restrooms. Are thought all generous in Seattle and Yana went. So. Did when no one of those England now outlawed and simple as playing it was so Don Mattingly did did he. And three quit alcoholic alcohol and it is now and emulate went back down on home means. Minds on the Taliban where Leon Guerrero. And blessing right now it is laid off big it was Othman a Metallica. Helen you stay for a acted like Harry and we are meeting conflict. Will grant are over with or on south trauma as your Hoover like seventy pocket cash that it's I ask you that that will not lose driven down and black money were doing a fireworks show about how silly we can meet with the entire wall crap out. But we're eats you way Ceglia now while there and that's why haven't it's like no. Yeah like politics and public century link field for Metallica sound alike. Politics and if so I never bend things reeling before. Yeah I would like yet it's it's continual well. I I didn't even well he admired him and I kind of played it the best way possible like so he's come iron anymore he just moved out about a month or so ago. Blazer and you've and groaning at Israel god given name blazes and loved it a blaze is like his mom's at his ultimately nicely season horse lover. It. Lucy looks like I like hey Kelly cowboy boots but she isn't nice and politely dynamic she's they mr. coupled it's when she visited Clinton. A blazes that white mark on a horse down its face says she named emblazoned. And then in his middle name is writer it is realistic. Latest app doesn't think you know when she stayed you know which you know in my group after the open Agassi because the regret it. I'll look honestly I hope Zion I battling and that's what you monetized as it was is a pie. Here. Annie you. Blazing and I I he would take me the airport and into Atlanta. And apparently camps I have an action to get in that I have an extra ticket who wants to come with me and him between him his girlfriend. Like oh Megan really wants wanted to know Metallica probably isn't the bigger. Banned the let him go so he was like a kid like on her as he's so excited ale so we ended up doing is I picked him up from his house in Ballard. Traffic was kind of crappy from Ballard to downtown Seattle and I was gonna park kind of fire old station. But kind of near the queen and area and there near me finish that here arena. Maybe a little further up north yes we are likely to market kind of I found a parking lot of the thirteen not expecting box deals and I say you know what we're gonna Parker here. It's still quite a bit aways from the rate decision to your enemy here in some drinks. Around 5 something as am I got we got the station about 615. That the traffic poli hallow. I think it was probably closer like five to finish. When we part. Appear with party on the right. So I park my car we get an Hoover it was about fifteen bucks to get to the new stations so it was only a couple of miles it took for Aaron and to get McCarty and get. Two blocks to get tough new took forever. And then my talent and the only didn't we had a until like beverages with us we don't wanna walk all the way out holding like heavy stuff in the heat. So we just to be uber up it dropped a sod had accounted a couple of drinks here and now locked down. Tennessee does not about box as a downhill from here every need to stadiums as part of the station three yen and Tia. It'll help you any good and health. It's. A. You have we locked down with the whole show and Everett the vibe of the city ever on excite yeah we're going to Metalico where in the Metallica shirts and just. Habitable Lassiter in the camaraderie and a couple into the air. As the keynote whispered for anything in that area it is bonus and feeling like I mean maybe causes the Seahawks as easygoing as always is like. People who are you going to the actual basis legislate here with everyone who. But we went in Attica -- we are in a couple of drinks just about Umar over the course and I think about it back eventually. We solvents unfold. We just can't just amnesty most the time outs and dinner at timbers. He's and I don't is yet you hooked me up here and I don't you are arriving airport meantime here and a but I'm you are expected. Exit lane France Italy amateurs commences when rain in clothing and so like happens happens Avant seabirds house music illegally at did not know I was house surprise surprise destiny. Muscle and it does one buy it like where it is meant Agricole and having as a girlfriend is that item a by invited him outs of Oreo blight. Oh yeah yeah. And it has the FEC didn't have a rough idea. So. No I don't like do not have a crush on him I think that if the parent. A big league visa Waxman won him because it's a that's in gap thing. And going to are all out at a amicable and that now but I'll be home wrecker Melvin he dividend is that is completed they're going to pop in things dislike. Like on a bang you kinda means you're actually in them and Exel I am realizing that boy I can't be I'll realizes that our. Weakened Steve that you like they can't handle it neatly even would you tell them hey. XYC. And they still do like a hole she's acts as even mentioning aid through freak in every other letters. She's cool with having sex like it's equally everything else but now you realize that people learn to generalize girls. As much as it's very cliche in navigable lake. And share his problems with it I mean I think a cute that Spain I think I've noticed. The pilot really to ensure they would have a problem with an otherwise they're not. Freaking mature enough to be appalling that relationship and they can't elected how conversation with her what are the limits to some girls and poly relationships are not. You know one size fits all is that via vary not. Not like patsy at sit there and ask her what are your boundaries in my nautilus and the night do you as an equal like come out with you do not want to know anything about me and I even have like her sent a message to you or something. She doesn't want to meet you it's a beeper like I wanna be the best answer this earlier having sex with. I'm in another girl I don't know I'll bring you can I so I know about it yeah. So it's like I get my grammar as out of something that can never and our and never be apart of our I didn't have to be old lady in just like it's. Aaron how. Take yards out and wants can't Halard I think you relatively amused me McKee always taught that it's you know ranking. It isn't about them. That's an attack shown you mine collapse and our as you know. I'm John and I think that it doesn't really weird for. Our mom isn't. That it means. No I really want to actually. I am like a whole eyed soul what's. Forget I am an analyst at the rent right now so I'm sure I try to do this thing with like non monogamy like I don't wanna. You know have relationships with. Relations of the whole world. But I don't want any type like. My mind. You know just like specific like you know feeling the relationship labels imply that it's likely just playing the field just kind of and so and so like it's not really Polly about Abu brown a half later companion like as one embers and it was second or its designated couple buddies. Right on like on main act body is. Do you yet as mean NC in Salinas and trying to do it means poly like you haven't won her and who like. You guys would actually go Andy if a concert argument and but and you. The other people depends though it's not. Polly is relationships and our other people swinging is different swinging implies it's like to share ready and your you know your sharing your all that stuff. Paul but it also could be. Swinging can just be that. Did they random people and I cannot relationships Ali's plight the multiple relationship. You have like a main line and then seed after all hell is this the person your leader going these cons you holding his hand are easy paint for your dinners out to. Your friends who banged. Do you happen to be close different than everyone else and they have random sometimes. But that's why. And so you could explain it to anybody you don't have the feeling that cats for the rain on and off. Know what the thing is like that's what I am in now like like two years ago poll epic narrative that's right now that's all I want right now and so that's alliance with this person because somebody else who I thought it handled acts. Is it seem like they can handle. That came that announcement that comes in about this person do you look at it it's so that's why don't. Math what we figure went somewhere with someone now who once the same thing with Adam well okay your dealing with pain. I've tried to do its thing and I abs trying paternity is at I found is one that I that I have. Winds of being consistently and he's met Kolb is don't Steve did Boyd being where he's over it thinking you'd think I went more with no onions and you could argue acting mark clinging arts and actually mean. And I am aid us in as though he thinks that's an ad he had been keeping fiscally. In an interview rally in my weird it's like they believe that it. Hippies are seeing either you're catching feelings and utility catching feelings or feces they're being in knowing that in your cat is it. I don't did you really doubts helped piece it sucks that you play. But peace lilies and salmon methods just like whenever you feel like being a man and yet though this. Our I think if you think you're being too clean and easy to back off a deftly back now an island an of the K I keep what you think violent. Is there yeah. They at least an ankle late in Q what I am saying. Here that wears a clinic at a mine and I a couple of weeks. Mean intimately. Back to Metallica concert because ominous and there's one thing that you wanna say like it a shot to Dominic pants and 'cause. I was in line by Metallica usher and he just sent me an elegant and and then about a line like sure why they look back and he's a. It really cute. Yeah read your blog didian very mean I listen to the broadcasts all the stops on the about coming here. It's actually an alias line on can't sit com. Given the Shattuck the NC it's picture is really Larry I apologize those a couple of drinks and like you and I am glad. To the picture. The perfect picture and I look back next Akram. I. Admire and I ended up leaving. Ten and fifteen inch. So those couples and pretend and for the naked. In fact is he's like I've had my filled goodness and they he had to work cute the next morning. Pat Mac feel I'm gonna leave and everyone's super regional and took them. People. Canaveral early. I like Canadian at one focus is to get just as early night. He is elected me that even on the I really don't care like and either way that year you know like not stand out like at and later that enters in and out like. Dark and I share those and south and I was just I don't like they knew about traffic is going to be and we will be nobody outside. We got the uber back to the car the car back drop them off and I think that before that. About his. House is off the next exit now bank and so tired. That killed Akerman I've got to admit it. And they intimate Celek as amended to concerts in 192 different uses and and it worked out perfectly at IE I hit both that you know. As I heard army favorite songs on an artist and let the port traffic for both events like the perfect. Note. Our rights well going back to kind of conversation Destin was having issues ranting about the guy that kinda got me thinking of something couple days ago. That I wanted to try out with the broadcast listeners. I would like to start segments for the podcast. Where you guys write in. Rants about your coworker your botch your boyfriend cat. Traffic whatever whatever is pacing knew them well off and you wanna hit all caps but recapture frank like your girl you're not only the day just had. Hole on. I do that and Republicans screaming because by now I'm right so if fuel and leave us a voicemail we have a phone number you can call or text yes or FaceBook sends the message sent to us. And we will reading even say hey I want artery in I want Sarah anchor or Ireland destiny's stats. Reasons. That we will read it for you let it and the universe where if you wanna be killing units and the subways and number it checked by Andy. We'll give you loudly. And yeah like he attacked in that moment we just sell. Before you have that Ike. Time to think I Hughes politics of race and text or email us you. That what you think you should breathe or how does. And an honor to Tallahassee. To get angry some Mangini had to look at it out it's. Over the dumbest thing too deep and got us. Absolutely hate one actually do better what we're talking about it and I actually don't do that and here I hit it I have and I got it destiny because that's amazing. And I yeah I agree. And what you want to best as he can call insects and all that destitute 5377860. To. Base my probably be the he's like rated out. And we you'll read it for Unix it sometimes just need to type it out sometimes just match crappy mood. Already sorry you hundred of them and you're in a crappy mood and some little thing you've straw that breaks the camel's back. I can't believe Sarah asked me. For a cup of coffee I was quite the machine I did drink my coffee. What did you around me get her pop like something is little of that right. And I. Over the yet they want Mac and nick and I am here now classroom. And they are grant hasn't thought she'd drag and you play it. Actually lost your mind my career. What is the day that we gonna bring you know look babies who is okay yeah you tell this guy now what I know. I probably the night before I was being produced because I was drunk tonight I was. Joking matter without the game. And does it do its. An idiot and he's like big east got money means not thinking I'm as show because clearly your the answer right now am I am. A lot. So we get that like OK I am trying to mom earning more of my natural. Thinks I'm mom everyone like I love. I do with the delta air high ball and I like athletic you repeatedly he hands me his cupcake wrapper Heatley. I handle I give them water on the idea that with you my my thing at the mine natural response I do without thinking they eat people I don't know. I'll do it I somebody had a piece again and he wants it like in the have a rapper thing and my instinct let's put my hand out. He's a floodlight. Then I guess I'm getting skinnier rapper just behind the library get it. It's fine and got it like let me start with the al-Qaeda linked to your boyfriend now. Funny because it through that. We edit and I asked me and they had a stack of plates at the edge of the table and there about appetizers out. And like people are taking place and honestly the play weaknesses and I've not with the that I don't mean like action anyway. Ideas like that like garlic I am and Q. In the process of handing new plays said you wanna play now that in front of me you know I asked if you wanted to play Allen ignored me. You aren't you look at you you wanna play your grab your thing you ask scientists say her perspective that I know but I AM I think you can now do people. He picked up and the pulling it over I'm like hey here do you wanna play and an enemy and men. Scandals. And I would like I clear I was there plates there I see everybody to poke our play obviously I would speak in a play. If I wanted to play so there are no I did not want to make that ain't my thing was an exiling look at the plays a look her reaching over the table it to the middle of the table as our ground are right in front I mean they weren't there really slightly different. They're like it's like you're a whole arm it's not like and literally I got one perfectly fine yeah but I think what I have asked my do you wanna play you'd normally an. Ocalan and what that means I've put the plate in front of early after she just ignored because normally you'd like mound and but she didn't think things are now able to get him back after an at bat of broke the Java me in my you know what I'm done I'm done I'm not I'm done with this night. I'm just gonna go do my own thing tonight and like at it I wanted to play I went up the boy I. Huge that you like and people like white and like he currently. She's mad because he what did George say it was he. It sold like. Yeah what did I hit me like I was like. Believe a wooden acting crazy and only me you like. So. Not I am not and I am like he. Got that. They like the quote of your relationship decent and he and I am now already CEO. It's crazy now way I am theme both you know like I makes a big government that Alley I am forever mutually Switzerland as the crowd with every day. You and your ire at not at blame for you know over plea. Who sent. We are back. Out and also I feel both you guys for active and I have clearly done that to somebody lightly Summitt does again you can read as oh really can I read things yeah they agree now big include much. I wish to write bad I Alice Alice hits without. Well. We also have some economic and he's just like so we understand we heard that angry. But at the same chemical and most of us have been on the other side of it just. Just like. Completely. It's not like. Many. Years issue for you. You can't do they handle the best how it OK let's. No I have also have been on both sides some laughable that you're right I. Not witness Sarah. And a and an entire time. No bullet and that everyone like. Like ever feel like everyone does happen it's tees are loving gay issues. Not having yeah it was being a mother app and on the hill are now and I beating I just mind. I was just now able Vijay is being be an old saying but and normally we can handle BJ's okay. I. All we can usually handle BJ trolling. Is usually I don't know I'm baking under you know in game. That's what BJ does that mock and just messed up that list. It's just like mine and my thing is ignoring him because you don't get many and a he can't do anything. I was like. Thought he was ate them like out back I'm like that mine community it's Nat but it might open. Well that's I did say. My. I learning. Totally. Not gonna do anything for examination of a veterinarian immediately it's and never doing anything point Chris is like. I don't have that were. Now is there's a strong independent nine and I and mom mean. I didn't so I learned the lesson sedate somebody. House. In the house community lately we want to make we're really would you know it's like where where we're at the grocery store. And so that to forgive thing is that work in their inventions like a needed this needed that if this sounds like. I know. In Q a and so is an and so is legalistic that the guy comes up regulate she was like I gotta talk. This is that the problem is only I didn't realize that all right yeah it's other people though maybe I should stop. I is good at it that irritated at. I hit it. I just with a I don't think that's yeah I think he's. Yet but film maybe that doesn't learn across the board on and it's like it's like if someone. If you're a Catholic why it ethnic. Eat the girl Buick like apparently. Right into it and Affleck injured when earth that is just chilling I mean. That's what I think that this is going to be called the rants she is the symbol. You know the plumber yes that somebody in a restaurant of people only know. CBO yeah I look at the end of the team out at comic it's hammer that I mean this. It's to speak and abatement as descendants. Send us like your voicemails tendencies you know message and we'll read that Syrian if you look at the line of Sarah hour in the gates before you snap a person and you played Buick we it's like I gotta go ran tax. Sweet she is not our new agreement. I'm trying not to mom had legit like am I am I calling her mom after the play bang it time and I hate that because I've people had jokingly call me mom in like a loving way that he was the but she's she might as they. Com am to go. I let's say you wouldn't girls really the whole like he Gatti like when girl's father boyfriends at neatly and bad like a rented my OK again in the second he hears them. Yeah it really that you have a word in for you because somebody used in the context. So a lot of friends would call me apparently in lovingly. Alec I've. You know made cookies that are public support for the only thing mask that must think of another code word. And that will tell me stop. What you're doing because it is irritating me and we know once you. Like it dysfunctional on up here Abbott as it was Tennessee where. He got word meaning. The team like they need friends like like the sandwich bag ask same against. So everybody very analyze her eyes got lower Ellie she's smiling we use it like a guy like that he needs are eager jam up I look at orient as it looks at I can get Iranian new separate its Unix like that it's key teleglobe remarked that Clinton's. But at. It. I can find an idea that so many neat to pop meaning have you ever heard of the chit chatter is on her. And remember me. And he'll nosed out. So. Everyone has food names and so there's this girl who has a huge on payments again my boyfriend nick I want arguments boil Alex is arrested. I felt so every time after the way from Crawford episode after that. Every time he Caesars. To make that clear ordered. Why not somebody was overbearing as I mean. I would eat and she. I love that that game and I think as one. If I get the idea. An issue. When she tells she needs case. That's. OK so that I am laughing that lashed out area like -- that means everything McCain. You know usually meaning no she's usually though that babble both plenty of plays part because like you refused the Psycho she's like it's a single way to be valued emulation and going nuts and so I guess this episode it's how to appear like more than five seconds it is it is like OK and he freedom. I think yeah it didn't and someone like will you got to make an honest not ever seek this you. He's a you. So he's like OK well we should just get married. It's a little hole that's out there they know is the opposite she's its like I don't know does veto it returns and HM hair it's. If the. The move on. How many mate whom. I think the clerk. She had a. It. I run the way like you said get it does every episode so I didn't announce that hour and a code word dot. All of a few people in your life that you genuinely care about hair. You make an effort and I Elena completely that your turn. Yet I don't ever he she that's the thing and I feel like that's why don't we never lived together and think it would work. That actually basically did you ask him and I don't think act. No. I'm actually hit lower silent for. And that that the outlook he get credit for being at a marker to go yet unless. You like have people over handling. Your boyfriend and I could never do that that's I think had. Acute sleep where. In Europe and now you're now your whole release of your family's American narrative I love it its uber cool back in the upper now that we commandeered. Your Pam am I don't even when I was of age to live my family it would please tell us that he made that there would have believed them I economic. As long as he kept things clean and he'd care. The and that's gone on destiny do much attacking am. Both have seen a team okay William want to. If that school in Atlanta on her spec actually. Something positive. This has been overly quick service isn't. Out of hot. And public school in the week we think it and it could happen. I don't Arabic we'd read and I bet you come back to where they have to start at that a storm actually shipped over gasoline stocks well. So let's talk about it productivity so how old is everyone. Those listening at home I am 26. When he and I am about to be 28 to 27 like few weeks into. The golden birthday and I am. I'm so ready to call people need to happen. My dad getting my birthday cake. And down from costs down the field she's feeling and I and I didn't tell what design and line but I went at it in the had a partner chip one and my daddy I had probably if you like. Game. But I'm almost thirty and we're kind of on the closer spectrum of being thirty math. Whether you like it or not and the earnest here. It's not that people think isn't all holding it really is and it's amazed me everyone. His opinion and the fact that early and I don't. Like saying my money. Like that found. The as a non Catholic and in my mid and late monies. They aren't they. And then the last year age and elect when he is. Not acting it's I get the whole appeal of being your twenties but I feel like we need to embrace. Every every part of a liar yeah. So I promised article it's like 26 things that we as women. Should stop doing before we're thirty so we can be happier 31 stopped the stop pain becoming parody. At the Atlanta Carolina Atlanta and did so after all we'll talk about the hall and I think we can get them through quickly enough so you can adhere to its announcement. Right number is worrying too much either consciously or not about the life goals you're supposed to have achieved by thirty and 'cause lightly you know whether it's you know having kids there that I can count my first. Now are being married are having a career aren't exactly what you wanna do grammar like our parents were completely different generation you're happy he's at me it's a twenty cities like thirteen or perhaps. Yet Matt in in decades to emulate. Would that with the level of things there'll how to do you verses you know before him and that the that makes sense yeah. Is it likely of their team the material that's when he or legislate certain things are available there aren't available all forest now and maturity level in the fact that like a lot of people don't get get like you could gone started. At a like your career your dream job act when he when he one but now it's against intern from Angie you're used to do is to get out of college you're at least I did not gonna get. And even that you that's not a guarantee you're gonna get in the career you know you'd wind you know you probably won't even start your creates earlier mid to late twenties so you probably won't start making okay money in Italy. Parity and the allied debt that's let him down so really different for parents and I and we who the dead and we with the fact that I'd dropped acknowledged. Number so we don't we just are doing now at 25 and 26 in his twenties sent me. Stock faking your you know big oaths he asked not to let out. Yes I don't making never in my life ever fate of analysts out of design amateurs but I'm never have I to say did not happen. And I think that's not a bad thing I think dad bags are aging and I bet on an ego thing I've only just. And how it happens now. Do you like about making Condoleezza is and then I flexing certain places. That cabinet that gets a lot. Blatter in someplace some people's years and I can pick. Yes some people how we don't have I think that night I practice at a time that L lines I never act like fake. I have been like the past academic it was over with and I know I'm so I don't wanna keep going into your they're. Just like it's it's it with a stranger. In her immunity bad but it's just. Diplomatically brown I I south and other ways like I got mine in the game plan. And some of the just like having sex don't necessarily need to get there there. The prophet like okay I anonymously. A profane and having great food you'd just. Does your not have heard it's fine and had a great. Like the idea to everyone loves their dessert. If you agree real. Problem I don't like for me and I think that's true the point don't they get. I cannot iMac it's not gonna get there it's not you it's just my mind every now like just you. You do you forget. And number three apologizing for the simple act of expressing your opinion or for things that are not your fault it's so I had to learn. In that act there than after the military I would. Like dollars and eleven old old side and I was like wait no I'm not sign. As set that on purpose you remembered this is that happen in this is what happens when you say to me insulin and now I am I don't apologize for don't have to experience I guess is it. Is as it is like now it is that they does that happen and that's what it is this is how I feel about it and you are wrong thing and now they like sorry for failing no obvious now as it like I sorry sorry you feel that way however this what it really is the s.'s how I feel like them. Another four are continuing to get loving care to people who do not give it back. All staff agree. To stop edit here I'll stop it out like I would reduce oh yeah like sometimes you use as one take care like that not good for an up and wavering just needs my love and attack. Attention to kind of push him to be that man know he can be dry it's your favorite season gets ahead he's never if you don't and he's not he's not respecting knew that now. Out piece costs or even your friends sometimes just everything for French and dad. For me not recently that is the he'd be fine you're doing anything for me but it just like you would reciprocate this. I love my friends at. There and I have friends I. Feel like I am you know I mean it's not like learning like act novel also I can't find the good birdie that it's like it here lately. How you're crippled flight on hilly and if you aren't you get sicker and haven't let me now don't just shut not show I play at. That's it disrespectful. That link well anchored its recently as horrified as tanning too much. You really can't figure your skin I hit it out viewing and I'm still healing my summer and it's not apply through you. Hey any of the Mexican I get it on burns randomly. I know I've been trying to take care like over the last couple years like he's a lot more skin products ever have in my entire life does go I'm trying to take care of it's what I help. Thirty years and years even the eyes and a wrinkle in time and I'm able guy. Six being afraid to say no. That they'll be up for it as. Hard. And then also on the other end. Or not daring enough to say yes some say yes. Yes what I'm Evan yeah. But the same thing you know what that goes against my moral code on. Compromising our. On number eight going unnoticed at work meetings I did that for a long time where guys that like look I'm not the same thing I'm just high in the background. And one day notice me for what I am noticing that crap I'm not doing anything like IL you might finally somebody but at least during the year. And eastern front and you're doing something. And cleared it up. Number nine carry too much about what they say is people. Patrols on FaceBook to care too much but that one person who called you fatter uglier stupid. Scrum with the matter they don't matter. And eating crap not literal crap but besides starting at that time it's time to taking care of yourself because honestly am at this age where. It's I notice like I'd knots metabolize and things as they used to and it's pissing me off. It was the tablet lose a son and I can't eats or intent to Sugarman and makes me physically ill the Eads and things nowadays is legs though lake. Eating healthy. Do it Eric now he Cargill slugs to take a walk I don't know like I had an air via an online so bad for you apparently it's. But this. And I were to answer it but. It's like extra and I am. Like once a wild about things for me I like my child turns and like. Well a lot cheats once I see O'Neal turns into a cheat week. Yeah it's not a difference of like just a week and they just on the weekend but and it's like oh there's a barbecue on Monday there is that something and there's a concert Allen yeah I mean like I always like something's. Then. Another one is eleven going ahead with a horrible deet is that a plane is even though you know from the start that work out. I've done before at a I don't have time for that like that's probably why I'm higher rate of men have gone down economic wanna deal with you I'm not going to at a don't even in an even though the union mines. Union intact in this important losing it over our wrinkles and gray hair. Or any other signs eating instead of recognizing that your becoming richer wise line. Well I hate that my chair live just did he got a ring thundering does not mean your maturing actor right now a year on your way news. Getting older I got I have one gray hair that grows and it's and the weirdest thing here because like in a gallon in my hip. In Italy's growth it is like cancel the blonde agree but you know speakers in the same spot here and you know that it's when hair Oakland Lisa cool my eyebrows like white. Friends like 27 and like gray hair Altria ranked dark hair yet again an a couple of girls that are like and it looks pretty legit. About it. About. Probably average on an India again beauty of him in Manhattan. I'm just saying like man that's what's happening in the thirteenth heating your body it's like OK work out and moving feel great but on the SaaS and another one's gonna have an hourglass figure mile long played Blake circular costly if that's what you wanna strive Ford and how of the eagle boo deeper you know. That they used and the fake bunt in whatever else to London that do you build at the end of the day it. Okay. And he's got a body is going to be a ring colors in Libya stretch marker. A varicose veins somewhere there and it's so if you're gonna hate yourself than. Crossing terminal lobby if he yourself some much I would say and we buy me. All we use so obviously that's your quote is don't judge your earned. You're behind the scenes to some ones highlight real and yet silly people always is like oh I don't look like axle line team and XY and Z don't look like axle things design and so. Honestly everybody looks different in so even if you did every single thing. I don't know addition Allen minded it no matter what I do that she does I would never looked like and I don't have RC abolished action I don't am at the same height as had so we're just not yourself who. Number fourteen feeling like you owe everyone a smile we all have crappy days to forget this should smile more stuff. Not gonna feel like an everyone can just steal it in about a thousand Gusmao is going to approach this thing and I Caroline is from abroad yeah. Show where they take their middle fingers and they pushed parent a frown upside down to like like an Austrian. I'm happy with the way as the went out the bill ballistic going to slay. Ha ha ha yeah I attend your middle middle fingers at Staten. Number X excitement to redundant bachelorette party we're going to friend that's a pretty sir and I and I. Study do link pin the tail on the donkey. That's asleep in an abuse and he except it's penis. Keep your penis shaped lipstick and you have to case where it. I dial. Has read it that way and or the one where it's like they have like random again. An elephant shrunk sticker that you put on the air and in the room and I I asked that the bride frequently when you watch like this and has a penis stick with Steve the peaceful. But every hunts. Just quickly but analysts for the rest them on being too self critical hours self deprecating on yourself. Sixteen ignoring your instincts. I think pretty important. Seventy paying too much attention to others opinions. About your lifestyle your beliefs your body or your experiences and that that's a major one idyllic bigger islands that message and I think you know the minutes and a lot happier and like one of my things was I was 2% and twenty your a couple of years ago. An opposing yeah. Like thirty taste like beer I can't wait and the other guy that I met a mum. I'm not only beatings that we never meant he was in a different state he's gonna move back Seattle ended up knots right away at least he moved back tears later. The heat on so he's a hot mess a lot of talk about him some other time because he's the biggest. Jerk like. Almost that is answer MMI don't seasons. He's the big picture online and I don't know if he doesn't just mess with people are few legit feels this way. The blaze and the big trump support supposedly he'll exceed such as get under people's skin I would assume that that's who he. My first or talking to him he seemed really different. Apple one of the things he posted I see all these different people saying they're going here let me tell you it doesn't make you special does Miki unique your little trip or something. Hater and a little old Curtis boldly go on trial all over the world any post about it and sixties they easily splash in his money and staff and I like. But I am not going to like. Mean Geithner is going to have a good time I'm going to tell anyone you're gone and brag about Eli Broad and posting pictures for my family that wanna make sure that. If I was excited about it though it's like I let him act paid much attention to opinions on my life you and that wasn't completely corrected me it was. As I wanna ever. And comments I know with trips and stuff start. Saying one day I'll go to ball your New York when it carries start planning the strip it of yours and mine that well. How much money doing it's it up this year. To make it possible in two years three. Start doing now. He's doing that actually race. To act as started being out for is going to be Italy and it got to buy it connects. Caroline it's actually didn't and is fighting money act as a management and not a traveler long I actually like steeper home sanction. I want to three places in the summer time solo. Donna traveling for awhile I was not party theme I'm going out like out of the country. Causes me. The exact terms but now I think like there you don't have kids hanging down ya and seeing it why you know I am afraid that him or granite Eamon I don't. Feel like Erin and I probably. You know waiting to get the travel because I have friends who do you like the base. They work at a restaurant like. Alex soul so many hours or whatever and then can easily get time off that are astronomy and go somewhere for like two weeks a month they do every year it might drop and they broke. All grapple like she save after making money for two or three years just. Working like six days a week at the restaurant is causing pausing she went for like six months counted it that so don't like I want I want back then back again in my mine in my notes there you should save for your future children what they wanna go to all that and that should say from time to take in on things unlike. But I like just now let me tell. Returns are expensive and I mean I I like my friend and I wanna go to Ireland and like a couple of years so they're about to buy a house something it's getting like three years. An error like let's start planning it it's certainly by this time would it be feasible if we put down this amount of money every month on our plane tickets everything. And how long we wanna ghostly gonna get an idea what time a year. By the end of this year I need to save this much money yeah yeah that's in answer just kind of make it started off. And it's so destiny just had a run up to about their soul it's gonna finish this up and I rant ala Sarah you and me. Both did RA to nineteen trying to adopt the expectation that your parents siblings partners and friends. For a long time they cannot I don't know how was for you open their liking college and even if they have friends like a when he them act college. Now France totally growing up around that area ninth. Mary education base everyone. Alpine club parties down easily I ever and we have an antenna on. But now my god my school is so hard and you expect everyone saying go to a four year like Harvard Stanford like university art Pete gap has. I got back victories. And so they still look down upon. You know amendments. Staggering. And in and we expect this day a little different now than two it's like you know I get. You have a boyfriend. Happy priests and like okay cool all. Thank Mike. Mean it would be nice. I'm optimistic your foursome with first inning me yes now I am about really just kind of going with it until I find. That I don't believe in the global one's soul mate thing and I am fine and waiting for the person that's. Has worked their ass off in their life what career mostly immensely. As you got to take care of yourself and I've busted my hands take care myself mentally year as the at least ago by. I expect them to be acting level English and finally to Ricci. Battle it. And actually light and Anthony brown we're tired. Now I see there's a gallon on Anthony be happy I only know hours and acquaintance. And I know she's kind of the planning on getting engaged sometime this year. But when she before she met this guy a couple of years ago she was like. Looking for love for life and everything it just seems like people kind of settle. I mean I don't see any passion and yeah maybe if it works for them if it does great congratulations thanks Nelson I inner cell line rain and that's why care about and not not the public marriage is at least as somebody and I girls have never been engaged officially. Secondly gauge schools. Opt out at a ring we got ads in these out she and I'm recommending that we still. Oh my god it. I got there plus the 1415 technically. Now. That's like that would be that thing because you're like. One viewed for like. The next 6070 years like really liked about what Mary just that's to be linked to you. It's a lot of people in that getting divorced and then get married again and sometimes that's there. Use it to death for actually I think they say that the second marriage is usually the more last because they. No way that that in it Slater cannot going through that ordeal again. And this is an important to you first ladies out there when he thinking that other women. Our competition and some of your allies that its. Is it me. It's like we feel like in its I don't know why a 100% it's it's I want it society. There's not a lot of room taking place in this industry when we went to. Arie you convention it's one of the things that it's it's like we feel like they're so few spots for women and we have to be competitive to make sure we are still seen and known in. Don't take our spot but it's instead of you know fighting over the few spots that are finally make a world where there are more spots right so I wanna start fighting for. The fact that the fight it means to put energy into hates stop fighting tigers start by saying that system. Yeah I think let's see something about this that doesn't write like we should be as caddie and I know it's. You know fear a typical and stuff that we should be helping each other and that's the one thing I wanna see how wanna hear other people's opinions idly writing and haven't come on the street like everyone says we need help each other we need a boost each other up and only. Okay and how are you doing that he and nobody says anything it's easier to say that your two doing it than it is to actually do something about that up too early eighties and the any funny yeah. You know I remember it because like in the military it was this whole thing like. Eat as much as they try to have all these briefings of about both the whole thing whenever he noted anything and I was always the Billick now that is because of death and. There are no other females the safety things that it was obvious it had its. Mean yeah so like I was the dates idle as this and I was that because it's like you just have to the be the one deceive them more of it at number 21 this is being a bitch. Don't be if that's yeah I like this difference it's like. Maybe it is this what it says here particularly the world streaky portly. Maybe you want to hide behind your attitude in game as much as you get but don't forget that it's best to treat others how you wanna be treated. So it'll be just doobie bitch just for the sake of being a bitch or this catch you next. Level. Kitchen is the idea of the next the man that yes like that. Going back up on the list staying with people who don't richer life because your free shipping on common lag you're comfortable on that. Ship and they're comfortable in his ears this way than it is to. Afghan and we are pills to an average that no we are ready bid again for five years and it's well that's what kills you yup we are we every Cubans get this will Wi man and keep going. Single high single sucks it's not easy because if you wanted to update us. For some people Ana winds and her often as. I understand these people's point ease its hard to separate your bills and now it's different to do with the idea that. All that crap. But I and I I recently to the volume kindness concedes that his girlfriend anymore and doesn't light steel industry and break it off. And I told them from the great philosopher Titus Christopher Titus. It doesn't mean. He's as you do not get a rebate at the end of her life for being with a crappy person can't get nothing comfort you. In Cingular doesn't take you today by you with that bitch for two years so here's a coupon. I liked your every U kindergarten whites are white you seen it would be able. Okay our heads and I think people don't realize or they became its outside the bigger picture things like hate things it can get batters know immediately there's something outside. It's like. This is what worst quarter pilots posted it and obviously email engaged. And it's like playing out there yet Hartley actually love this person that's not good for you it's not it would love that doesn't mean. Again you know Rick I like any idea you deal of them aren't letting up our name. Like that so many years like yeah I'm rather alone. And you know cry for awhile and beaten on myself and not have a different because their anger split up and there are all whatever I'd rather be alone and then just kind of figure myself. Out from there just kind of pick up the pieces and go from there and says. Is continuously braking on the physically fine and who's better aria like definitely those that leads them. I mean at gate at the Romans I am not at the wrong message on down Ashley Madison. I know how to keep it secret and. Like again that the comparing yourself to everyone else surrounding physically people on insert and it's make it a hike. I think an anecdote as I have been re. Thinking that every day counts early days and you feel more powerful than Wonder Woman but then other days recap bring yourself to get off the cap it's not everyday niece to Kelly so take a break. Now and then did honestly that was like my motto last year I had surgery and a like in so much pain like every day and I was just like. I really should get up and might try to go do its sights even heard this that we that I ran out like. No I remember what I did on July 7 2016. And I remember if I slept the law they are fife. Worked out like if I'm just gonna shelves in a channel like. The Tennessee comfortable into the yourself nets tomorrow and Saturday. I. Your hair and the money for it was being a bitch. About your parents that's kind of argument with us. I keep your dollar in credit beans some like one of no don't forget about the parent and that's my problem duplicate these where some of these weeks I tried it I got currently text mean try to make sure keep up with them it's. It exotic and only allow a person like and the rallies to help put this is geared periods he isn't one let me share my parents feel loved and they know that I'm thinking about them but sometimes my dad's texting or calling mean he'll be at work. Did colony poured into the he'll start talking to a customer. Contact him. I am like get illegally and Malone. He'll start kind of cost around like I had danced out and implement. But it's like just make sure they know you know you're not the teeny morally we have to be patient with them they were super patient for the most part. Well really younger I know and I ended up some of that part also think an Alley and I couldn't make and I couldn't differently but surely like and I knew that my yeah. It's been it's always weird like I must you don't really like Batman and there are story. And IA IR IP you that. 126 the last one and world added however that it adding I think. Thinking of thirty as a limit rather than just another number and no longer doing the things you love because you hit a certain age. Doesn't like anything we actually shorts if you wanna Wear shorts travel laugh out loud get out of that relationship if it doesn't make you happy scene even if you should be thinking about settling down getting married take a pole dancing no girl. Eight. Yeah and go to the club work or your back out yeah I can't be a good you're drawn match your eight Atlantic on green and it didn't do it. There was doing this as bad. And doing 41. Like eighty line. Oh my god my locker at the sort. And I according to an existing like the battle between India and singer. This is just need to even the what is he Arnold's working at it. Now I'm home my guide is is going to be and one day who Humana. The new anthem and I mean now I can't because what else is there to did I mean we feel they don't well one thing I want to club that I saw people were kind of doing it's working and there was literally. A girl on the floor and I I want desperately. If they had not wearing clothes I would swear their acts yeah they were over the Caribbean it was like the Caribbean makers lake has I don't know what it is about the process and immediately when they dance it looks like the or hats acts like celebrate it. I suspect they. Couple that their African American public that a couple though because her boyfriend a sitting there watching. Maybe and then like they are all dancing so she's like I want entries in my boyfriend Michael waiters watching him big time yet I I never again it's either from the Caribbean that's it it's like you and it's just a despite. Others I'm sitting around like. If it's technically. That wouldn't. Let me get pregnant and pregnant out of me it's all happening. Can I be godmother to name Vicky clean things cooler yeah. The at bat. Leads you like leaves you on in a positive note. Doesn't matter your age doesn't matter any of that just kind do you do you booed don't get you know weighed down by crappy things with its relationship whether it's society society we are glad to have your bad days. Also don't Moby Dick to other people either. A month they that there. As having your mom likes to do you know playing someone gives you played in yell at them pinned into any kind of restaurants are crowded I mean only our section. And I and father wrap the thing her half. And don't forget tell us that your you know your rafts and your rants out as as as well will feature on our new segment. So whether text of ways and every one knew it and Freddie let's get here. I.