Broad-Cast Ep. 83 - "Morning Action"

Friday, September 1st

Vicky B, Ooh Sara, and special guest Ellen read their first listener submitted “Rant Sesh”, talk about the best way to be woken up, internet trolls, their religious background and more!

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Oh they she is an it analyst and a Sarah. Oh. It. It. Specter to sell. Such an easy practice assuming again and again I was crying and showed him elected down to business on an idea ranks right up and at you and you've heard it's not acting as. If it's. Late. In the. And not the boys. Welcome to another edition of Bieber had. Time to keeping. We got the San round today and joining us today for. Of that. The lovely and then. Any clues like an issue this thing is she's gonna say and a pilot and then I'll sexy and it. Yeah I mean. Again I can't help broaden Allen hired solve time. You hear is boring and I'm a very cloudy game initially and now I had a great on the morning show no sign 100 point seven the wolf. Oh yeah you know. And like that I get myself right now. I'll Avalon. All so it's really nice feels like talk people especially girls. Things we did the radio convention in early August definitely it was very much alive and lots of power each other excuse yes. But I'm pretty sure rubbed everyone the wrong way when I told him that I select any more and I can't women's rights back and I'm disliked. Girl anthem at a did not like. It. A rock stations I feel like that that's the form and now I sorted do that on a country thinks it an island like too many weird. Your format you do things here that EL level of of over there on that a little odd I tried to India to be careful what you say here are you afraid to get Maxine and Angel it's a podcast though TO and yeah I hear mean Paula the finale I mean Angel my knee now but you know. You happy when you join radio use on yourself a little bit about the making new at least little. Here we are listening and want to do this job they have to be a little bit weird because who in their right mind. Would do what we know our and then when. You start although the yet been a lonely and on the totem pole you'll look your ass so violent death. I would even get into the rant session real quick Jack they'll have a segment we do we just started. Or convert couple weeks 'cause birthday in sickness or whatever. It's where people can meant to just what they want to rant about and I read it for them in just doesn't have to be anything big slight something stupid. At one that is me off is when and writing and I have a GPS going and the stupid. Here's the Wi-Fi signals right. Like healthcare like lightning rain and you should be popping up. Apple Y I think but I like how when and when did she is on them like this mark and I don't think I want I'm doing the voice of X and M might. It stops it to pop that up. And it's like I aimed do we turn yeah. I got my phone master found an idea like this and beat him and you all the technology that we have that they would have figured out how to keep. And that's what the grants options for adding bitch about what ever your coworkers something mine news you know drivers you know. One ever I'd rather not get into too much politics yeah we'll read your stuff. Heightened all of us as the FaceBook. Where the broad cap dash cast a Twitter is the broad at the broadcast than I night instead of the broadcast and I. In caller Texas the two factory that Anthony figure at uniting all won't even have attacked the out oh. Did. All your Google lines up. It's still hate it the evening and and it's begin Lazar email as the broadcaster IT com. I didn't get of globally it was and I told people you can put your sign your name or sign the name wondering unique in pick who wants to read. Even didn't really say they want me to read it Paul how would you. Would anybody like it go up or Mickey. Trump is always on minors on clay not everyone is talking about how they're ready for all and cozy buyers and sweaters. And apply it pumpkins by days. Oh yes I love pumpkin. Right. And I doubt and these people remember how miserable eleven it was dark at IBM and rainy for a nine month streak and anyways that's pissing me off a week. We only want something that we don't have right now rightly so for example that the summertime we want equal. It doesn't wanna learn like you continued and then in December like me and I wish it was an Angel. The air conditioner where like I did another one that it's a week that's what we look I really complain too much about the. Then though the cold because I'm actually. Got the point where I love cold and embracing anti but my room gets so hot gas at 6 PM and through to like midnight it's just. Super hot in January mayor I sometimes the but the window opened its nice flat out comfortable in January so I love my room and I love the winter and fall. I mean he's saying that I feel like it's her girls on the summer has lasted way you line I'm not used to having summer here like a bowl season. Korea and a half month already and I write it's September now yeah Erfurt and ally in this. High grade I relay. I know them. Count I can't do and I think is led into busier summer to Slaten gets I think it can now kinda got burned one day I how thrilling an hour. For my roommates proposal I'll. I burn you and T like I didn't get I'm pretty white but I get like an ice team and I Coburn and panel cannot round. But that's about that's onscreen. Not on the weird weird Mexican you know it says is good because that's what they feel like being number one way to prevent this kind of Beijing assigns a feeling that's proven to work so good only up. Okay no that hasn't prevented that it. Now because their branding it for the future yeah yeah yeah and also putting your feet to make you think. You know that. You have stinky feet. Yes well I'll let you know when I don't Wear socks and converse for outer bands like IPO. Like that who raise it must latter I'm I don't think everything and like I. But flat flatly I don't I don't Marriott and all the ads about I'd always on the bed and through and other sweaty student's life. Biggest your exhaust disease needs a break it up the class for India to oversee all the city like dying and then we all get up. I'm only aligned with the big ass sweat day I. Would you any trouble or something just to save yourself the embarrassment. Or like not right what term look at how I figured out and out but flatter and name. Now you know we are talking about. Both talking about your but I adding getting your feet that does not now there is. A lawsuit thing going with mean celebrity Xia used kind of crazy it would and it was put all of them but she wanted me again. Botox for her sons because the seats being. He is like 67. Apps we're used to the Sox are mechanic on its heat sync yet in the bully and he's a kid and that's what's supposed to happen but anyway let her husband is like now you're not doing I think the print it pretty. V man. But they're not wrinkled out. Just do on the bottom see it on them. Yes they do. They do it armpits in the do in the palms you to stop sweating it estimates prevent the state by if you're not playing their four notes bank that's I want to help I do it in my case. About as heck can't. Despite that point he'll I had a radio endorsement meaning that yes someone was paying me back in Greg happened to talk about there place yeah. And Elena sweet kid Eric Wedge it's a Botox one at 22 needs Botox okay. Ever sent for ten years I've been getting Botox to prevent the rippled. And I day. But I'd also add that Pedro like to me they think that I don't have like a per mile per month I'm afraid face him. I'm not union might really have no point in the area of our area. Yet he continues to move not really horrible like. Alan I have what's called to be eleven lines like when you push your eyebrows together and a pretty deep lying right there. I'm super express that with my faith are times I feel like I would have wrinkles black. Yeah Botox that I really testament my feast you met. I'm on as I'd like afraid to MT and without too bad like I feel I won it's just gonna hand items in Munich. Are all about tax. This doctor told me I believe Dick some gullible it felt like you know Kris a piece of paper there's a couple Bennett right and smooth that out as much as you line. But there will always be that Kris it kind of like your skin teal so if he get Botox before you get those creases. Then it's easier to highlight as opposed to when you do it decreases in my reverse that's right but. When is that when it happened wholly. The land and get out of China and gentlemen I think it's about when he said in years and three month old enough. Skidding out of shape and you. I don't party bears entered when he. The dad grandma careful. I don't really mind noble wolf I'm kind of hoping and crossing my fingers if you look at my father. He did not look like my other people think he's my boyfriend my older boy wow. Are my brother alcohol addiction. And yeah even his hair he has the couple look like if you would even cults pepper is you can't see from afar if corolla and you'd see is like Greece still married in my. I'm really really hoping that it. Group that yeah I. My mnemonic yeah I don't I did not. Collect regular. Did not blame Obama and Don yeah if only we. Could. And though it's my mom. Others that's an alliance and that's the area. And having is that my daddy doesn't look Mexican you really. Examine their picture of him is. Via a Mexican and we. Have both my parents they probably French somewhere in the line. I'm actually just at the end the streak to move the minutes and I am because my grip my grandfather. Was mastered it yet. It was very telling of them that made at a time. Was that his not his my grandfather's mother had an affair falling with the owner of the house she worked on me. And he was like that is not my child is very scandalous thumb. Egypt Hong. Yeah. Well it's like fifteen quietly blue. Why do you have learned during my aunt that I need to have when I get an area you know I need to marry somebody with blue or green eyes that is the chance them kidnapped and are even greater baton. It. How look you're married Vicky spam and right. I want honored her passionately before he works here her dad's an immunity to it will only technically today. One day. No we don't one day and then he is really about a texting accidentally Andy doesn't respect face. We did not when we went on a day. Seated it out I like three guy Bennett let's be honest we are all wrong or Sarah's birthday you kiss your brother. I'll what Bert it was that funny sect. When first. That man was or it adds and now they were off their boat club I shot rounds and I shot on me now. And let me tell us. Elements are hangs so I'm like OK I checked brownie and teacher was cool because parlance it was at a hotel. I wanted to make sure that that incorporate pressure reading this you guys wanna have it for the so. We reasonably kings up. None of us have a deck of cards we walk couple blocks mean girl and I don't you know you watch the group we're gonna get a tech cards at gas gas. We walk back. And I get back and I see that the main opened Jack Daniels and a good portion was come on he's like it and he's like that was me. An extra that I'm I'm as a snapper and well I there's drinking and then end up. I think one of your guy friends and he hit it mediums like okay. Clinton's you know. But then we know your other guy differently a little blip Elizabeth and Chris Ludacris. Chris that can't believe me I would and he sent me how I mean I cannot be like yeah. I'd like it was eight. I really know what to do with myself. And I'm currently at the very end of the night apparently he had computing in the rather the last hour nobody getting that map out there for like an hour and Vicki was like I have you know I have to pay now higher at where and how it was nothing like that those that really really drug and it really wanna make out with somebody we start talking and eight. When Shana. Shocking call. I actually he's very quiet the when he strong you feel it. Is with Lamar is that our radio conference that we go to every angle of plays hurt. And I god pot doc. And actually one of the things that we were not about today it was my birthday party you went out last with last week on Monday. He would not the be all excited talking and yelling and stuff. Seguin. He's yeah I play and he. And just try to picture Vicki generally make and now like is Vicky is like a whole lot for foot behind didn't you ask and I was like seven play out though like every sitting down because there's no orgy of how did it does it. I I literally grow add to that shot up and grabbed his caller I told them down. Are comfortable are you brother and make outage just like a big smooch I guess again happiness and then it was kind enough. There and line up and not make you a lot and I know. But in that maybe a little details are out there. And I call that. Live thirty by the way when you're kidding don't want to go. We've all that I can handle like a bunch of time can't. And he. I. I'm also telling me. Not act like not I yeah and when. You like really someone in here like you know just being around commenting that I guess I'm somewhere out all my time. Tasty and what you get a lake. Now one. Dollars. As a human league that you do you like but at the deliberately teasing like you know just it says the only tighten it is middle school when you make is like yeah. What's it like kind of down at ground are in your cheek at all in -- yeah that you like a -- thing when the big each union strategy if you like you hit the wrong guys that I tell you love me once and you're thirty event that's boys are kids an empire that. Pullback and wipe out your own god I don't. Oh cash dying you. I now they would know how to kiss a few years you're old enough to know and they've had experience. Only you as a kid like as that but to get guys to do and they're Catholic couple guys in my line up there where I wanna have a girlfriend now that we specifically had. Set not set rules but it was like this is just that the eagle where friends. And we respect each other and there's things that we will tell you share with each other that we will not till the world. We would go to his house we bust up with skis they're drinking whiskey and just get right to it like and I realize that the epidemic we can. Walk and we just got an honor and it was purity and it was amazing even daring you're not kissing. It's like back to me when you taught without yeah I'd like I think he's basically either. Oh wait. Are you are more alpha or am I gave her position that I'm a Republican Adam got. If it's not like a play different foods like like their right yeah I have no problem looking at a new round if you get up cool. And legislate them and you'd like savings like you seem like to have a girl and like EB years the year race and sitting Hanley you're just saying that because you needed you me your Friday. I'm sitting down and I was a little un might. Not like. All do it but I but I didn't let him do an ugly mitnick in. Phoenix and they're silently they. Every. Year he set you they all year and a girl that would let me deed and it's. And now. Where money Akron it. Like Janet Alec I got your mind you're like. Well I yeah. And don't care about I know prop. Being a bitch and I ever hooked up with the yeah actually I put up with two guys both six but seven what different occasions yeah they only because there are six that I haven't met one guy island like the greatest attractive lies but isn't Frans there as news I have been so we got on a Workman yeah. Any game if it's on Jerry and I think if you her name on my colleague my like my chat still like my shoulders like in front like it was. And your her great massage out into that pattern I was impressed but at all affected self woman's agreement on that latter. All my guys and that and it was getting late we didn't finish. The deed at least for him I as cool as. Massage and get out. Even batters and I don't believe. I wake up any he apparently couldn't sleep on my excuse sleeping in the key can't sleep and you like and a stranger plays as plays against some people yeah happens. I think that doing so yeah right and that so wake up my final alarm goes off again up to state Duma or pre work stuff like comic 3330 in the morning. And he I get up and he's like snow how to feel about morning sex some like. Like it it's not happening. Out or now dat I like marking. Earth so it is not your dude and you got utterly about like. Well not even my boyfriend and I I would be if you're not going back on a weekday. And a yeah yeah I am sleeping in that way at ten minute it. It's it's impressive. That ingredient OK and isn't it yeah it was where like obvious and a country station I talk like this doesn't want to. Yeah Iran. Might not have think because you wake some morning do you gotta do you go to work with this. It on your face I can say that board and a arrogantly okay with with his grip on my pain knowing full well what you did and no one else dies. I am just a begun what written radio or what I imagine like going into work around like and I. The especially on Monday. But if you look up like that. Yes please see for me I had a year into the last minute I got. Before going into work but it's those days where you wake up and oddly have energy like if you think you're waking up actually at 10 o'clock or something at weekend. Am I remember we had a big snowstorm once and we all spent the night at the hotel just on the street from world station in my aunts and as the in my next and he came to me yeah. That I live in lake Stevens at the time that he he stayed with me we woke up and it was one of those still paranoid of over sleeping continued playing and I have everything I need. And I wake up with a lot of energy we ended up doing and I just blocked the stations and Stan. All wasn't well and I don't mean. As you I have to wake up. Now actually if I'm definitely. Yeah you know we are happy with that hair again I am now am I am equipment. I hate the. Like on the weekends or some and he wakes up earlier ideas on the weekends and seriously so exhausts and and you like feel right you'll be like the we'll be spending and like you know Ali act back hell's going on NCA sometimes and it's like. You can do it every few lines but I am going to lay here. Three and like doing without. I don't I don't know sends it. That night I'm not gonna need it. Am I getting on top and playing to get so tired you view it you don't expect anything I mean I'm not yet I mean don't you deal all the work my idea of playing I'm. Is gonna sleep that's the one thing that pisses me off like I will like once a week only hours at optionsXpress on the weekend we will what will get in on. But if you wake me up I was. I. Just I'm normally pretty cool about things I'll be polite but only you you know I like. Carla Bobby Allison came later. I it's like Alex Bentley with the ruling and entities that have an island flat out let me at Mars and then like you. Know right now later they lately and it made now in the wake me up with that. Well you you're like page finally get an open mind. I'm about about the sleeping you wanna see the achieving key I know. Complete this goes to show how different like every woman is right what everything's to deal and is like when I go to sleep that night and Mike go to sleep early obviously because we wake up early for American things like that. It's like I'll go to sleep and I always like what I'm eating someone in the key to the house. Then they'll just like common crawling and I like being woken up to them kind of describe the end of it and it turns into that creek. Right. Did anybody get that what you run your car and went. Bad but the only we really don't get me mad. Now the battered and I like doc letters them. They're used to drive on astute and I was seeing this guy he and then turn them on tender and we ended up becoming really different apparently. Doing trendy like oh my god here I love to death I have one of those sitting up. And that he's up to my house once and that ham and you get to that line and I'm gonna like bring extra feel like picture mcdonalds for us I write them a price of chicken nuggets and Fries. But I don't want to greatly that we did do it brilliantly and the bright you know we did it SA. So hole. He's great love and he brings eat chicken nuggets handed out ahead of what's the problem. A week he's what I don't fight is people very often. I don't like get into it there's a few people manipulate those the people it stronger bonds and roots there. We're not afraid to fight with each other via but it happens all timer anything that we're not afraid to you in. Hiring me for example for five years and time for eight. And it never actually fought with him in a little free agent would never fought top stories that you don't like this package you guys don't I know because we do. We thought we it we went and had Ainsley. It was late does yelling at each of them. I even knew it wouldn't telling you what is going and how now. I'm pretty should only get someone big. Now I just kind of goes in my I got to talk to you. But we just yelling get drunk it was just kind of all the Kamal what about the make up sex afterwards seriously especially I had and I and I should probably iMac creepy story and then others a creepy story okay out in Arizona and I'm going to sit in this is count what meaning thankfully. We cannot get strung together because that's on the craziness happened like he gets crazy. We both get crazy. That got processes and what you think pat to sit back to stay long ago. He and I go out drinking as the door the next ice brown get drunk. And he ends up. Conceded like and the main fighting and stuff like that and it talked about it we wanted to get rough and stuff yeah. And we did earlier in the day we get back to his house after drinking like missiles like we even the eighties like hanging on my on the topic you can usually he's like it was. That kind of weird buddy system. Other people up with. It is doing and I am doing is friendship and it. And as there is quite a bit worse is that the Mercury had faith that the time will Wright is doesn't think about people are all. Weaved but and that act is pushed him I'm pretty mobile and in the right remember. I was like do you think I don't remember the next thing you know after crushing them on the ground and he's trying to took me out. Enough about that exe not any choke out sexy joke out it's like tapping Alec and then made me. It is happening easily beat you obviously. I I'm like are. You honestly do not feeling it. I'm having happened to light words like I don't know how he's like yeah promised the united attacked me in I was. And you to go because when he shook when he went down shook everything in my stomach. Jamison. I'd like off and you go to bat and you go and you go I don't let go I promise not to get off he get mean random madam puke. And he's passed Allen and we eventually document the next morning it there again. I won and once he thought I was actually I ate him right that I never communicated Haney. If that's what I'm doing in front of mine your thinking about it is in his ninth I'm attacking him. Right and he's trying to do whatever he can't stop he he just wants me to fall that she's. Crazy in. The justice that's and I can't think about it look like I remember right so oddly kids. What happened ETC to alcohol on the pitcher that the problem. And I think it well Cuba or not. I get back from. Its limit and there's stories. Every he of the this podcast with me at the bond are now like now gotten a lap not getting dumped out. I don't know. Honestly now asleep now that he really different and we talked about it is people that inspire you at the a novel. It what is it about the Democrats in. Line. We I should probably tell it and I think that and it was on the economy and also locally planner now like argued that because like you Ike if he's pitching. It's not Nigel. Is like I'm not it was moved yet. I. Small boats and constantly cut this off ever. Does what you'd go. I've got my it help Mike how we're gonna have a job like he's like every single woman has seen. And I am I gonna get flooding back. And be like it we all have that same like lol. I. It. Ironic you leader. And when you're drunk that you you don't realize how hard you're pushing hard app. If you are just like nagging trying to play on and they can get on he and you don't realize that because your waist and being like drinking responsibly is probably. If you're going to be participating in the act kind of sexual activity. You. Don't really know the person that way alerting you to be participating at the first about. What we try out stuff you meet people that you need to get all. Bondage dot com that I dot com. In what. Effect of and it's. Another thing I met anybody on the same guy who was on the irons. Well. What are all. I'd and I would say the couple comments online and it's only universal this and everyone can pick if we're my favorite it is. Red red light yellow line oh. Greens binary use as. A lawyer yet again. I Iran and it's not every thing. Yellow is likely you're doing. So hard next to these. Are like flat and if somebody gives you spanking like a case that McCain hard. On cell phone like. World. Hard and they mail outs keep it how I think I got. On. Reconnect with a different from high school years ago in years after high school and we see we how we actually. Connecting with friends and we and we both states. I would like is that means it very. Different and he came over recent top thirty minutes to an hour on Leo. I. You know. That was kind of what it's like what if something that you would not be at it with this is it something that you want facts to be involved is all like that is how far would you go. Went like that creep you. Know you're that. Eddie and atom balls and a lot of fluid out. Bodily you know I drop I can't guide and rod and OK but yeah. That's not a okay. She art Kelly year disgust me man. Mildew. And so I'm at. Any of those. And on those two I don't do for you I don't do animal. Very. My right and make it like Palestinian interests of I. Like zebra. That's differently you Dresser flooding zebras that when you put on a whole will pay. But what is excellent easy Abrams look like it is Halloween come see him get a little out of hand and baby crosses the line like. Maybe. Eight at the pop up. Downey McGrath an air. Claudia Angelica get trapped in a I think a dollar. Loan. Like it. I was a freak I really did not did not drink enough when you you know you're welcome now I am not happening Allen Vicky attitudes and Ali. Every. Flooded immediately at night on. The barn on only unbeaten regular attendee how bad up on me in like. A judge a team concept that every woman I swear doesn't bloody thing right. He's known why some people also made us bloody baby I'm like no I would not I would call her out really get out of here you're not winning and don't try that at them. I. Yeah. Mean they've went advocate obviously any medium that baby is the bloody slow. You're to make the best parent I ever. Larry RK eight hour period of violent reach children we now. If I live gig preparing to hit. So. There's three types of people hotly. There's the slightly mean there is the goofy we have like the one seasons up like that and then there's pork which is off. Any more different. Horror horror. Okay I'm ugly and or they come in like the cool. Make up and yeah. And dripping everywhere which could go instantly become beast that's you can wearily and zombie just wearing sweatpants and yet you zombie gym teacher or something or you can go into the horn beat deep yeah that eight. How healing that was hard for me it looked festive like cattle because why do like all the fancy things but none of those sexy costumes fit fit girl. Like I'm not a huge but I'm also like not. Skinny either and it's like the extra large costumes. So I think I epic a party stores. Hammered out what is he wanted to be on a what's that the queen from Alice in Wonderland and queen of mean sweetheart sweetheart. He beat her okay. With that one booby into the hot and humid and there's no way. You're on a like Hahn and yet he might. Be easy. Amazon. Assignment that you also wants and actually every now because it's always really awkward look like you make your cost of gas let Ariel. You look they are really bad she version of. Very is the general like ruled that. Eagle what should live by especially on Halloween but it goes year round you have to explaining it sucked it. How we. Act I got an athlete you have to explain a joke it's the talent. But seriously if you explain. Yeah. Woody as. It's only two months until minority planning planning router with a four months until when he eighteen just have them on. On some well there Christmas Easter and McCord oh what are you guys planning for Halloween. Really customize. I. Wanted to be on that most Jack I love snapped at them like in cell. I wanted to be snapped to filter out on an off them and I bought the stuff port for the night didn't have anywhere to balance on an area like they've had with your little bit too. Yes that's usually how my Halloween. But this year I've lost some weight recently from yeah. Make attic or may I cat. Be one of those bloody things without looking like a girl was like trying to Bailey a pat on the front and a little constant it may. Actually do it this year but and comment at home it's a metallic sound off. And I'll get an idea how on Tuesday. And Saturday at Saturday before and you can always just a year which. Fair use is so sad day if that's not Alter. Sexy at the radio station there's a reason my these guys and I you know it's not because there attract. That's why they are areas because they're not this temporary hiring beautiful lie say yeah it's any of these ridiculous seal the women that are in radium and lake house. Now on it up there and they really have incredible social media thing in our faces are out there more often ask here two months. One of them. But at the PM I think Italy you do you if you care like because some days if I know I like today did not been picking phase a couple of little blemishes Ling. Is a government that is hired a nightmare I wish I like that where. That rats at bay is and this should reach a challenge for next week here in. No snow here and I have to dress up like. All on like effects get paid rent and progress help guide me really on our Rhonda and I thought we. But make actual flag make up like we you would like if you're doing anything else. I've had gone now. Well hello I'm in line day we did last year actually wore like real close. And make and it went out. Why. A. There's a lot of camera did it get any athlete can get a big like and the summer concert hometown threat and then like. You books of people who did you hear about like me. I can actually do it I just. I don't know if I solicited for ad in the grass and I had my girlfriend would have been able to do myself manage she's going to school she went to school to be caught pathologists and now she's Mac schools been engineers oh. I only am in the July oh it's my head I did you come likes an amendment make a dominant give you money. So I am paying for education. Things recently high and it's like I. How could you just myself and I don't mind spending picture Cuba oxygen getting my hair make up done and that way she can put it towards life. Good idea I did in the unless I had a friend like you did I don't like to give my money teen summit to deal my hair make up because I am so picky or on a control freak when the TO may be a little bit about. I don't like how they do I care and I look up and it doesn't matter what anyone says if it if people tell you you look great. If you don't feel great it's been hard. It happened and the one thing anchor as we did her house and dark Sony got out. Of our. Hearts and it went over and fix that everyone. Hey did you look at really liked that we make I don't look at golf and I'm yeah exactly like. The. I know this election really saddens me that it was my other job and I look in the merely crap I had them all Alec eyeliner. I'm under my eyes which fallout for the guys listening it's when some of them make a pattern on the rest your face and he ran it. It smear her out and recognize. So I'm running in this and it will scale just takes them some white paper talent cleared off. Now it doesn't fall and that tired. 090. Iowa town well waiting on. Damage is significant. Public. I need of an arrest yeah out in nap. Yeah yeah I know yesterday did actually had a conversation about the some podcasts on too long and nobody knew for self care to my therapist is nightly thing yeah you need. You don't need to chill out this week. So yesterday I went got my hair trimmed and fix a little bit. And I slept on it's it looks like crap I have. So when did that and I got some. Buffalo leanings it's Leon tally because it was right on the street from here plane after I got home I laid in bed. And aided him dead at Rio four in the afternoon and while watching my shows and in pain in my nails and I was just my relaxation yeah. So and that's and yet how do you guys do when you just need to keep hitters off. I did yesterday and witnesses. Secular and both of well. I'll be immediately yesterday well I'm an. Idiot but at eight I apps. Why you don't learn a I am. I got nailed that night he like mine health and angry the big wreck rights group and I you know like I. So it's a little manic recently they've men that's really. And it. Like every so yesterday we a feat but I think in some guy with like Sarah Levy but gets mail the public eye. Yeah. Yeah. Failed nothing worthy to shore it help shore. Don't look at the island studs the hell out of him and Alice I thought party behind Mary like I don't want me out sounds of ruining I don't already relents and slacks worth it because I just get an exit expense and a lot and media obstacles I'm really cute and so yesterday and like. I do this. That steady really on and it is easy to eating to get back as part of the pulpit. Or some. Like you know out but I had an idea of getting emails and next time they didn't make fun of them not mine it's checked like. Why are they so short and then later she said they're so cute I never would think there's Nokia said that they get usually they get yeah. And I. All of that I might unthinkable nail polish yeah. But they weren't very cute oh yen anyway getting my mail stuff just. It'll entry is so you feel that he depending. Us there's a lot of anxiety that goes do you batting an eye on is okay you mean. A phone call to set an appointment house like two guys that OK just it's which they won and the there's there's no island on them met through China anyway and legal and that is here. What if Bailey denying me. They like make you I would make you at least tell you I thought well I'm by hand I read in recently re back. They're waking up today. Not even remembering that you came in the there's a line yesterday and now they're consumed with you know whatever they have going on yeah I'd seen some other like Nancy you little girl males so yeah I mean. This for Pamela girl ago. To begin blades not by Ernie Els and I am but I've spent that and I was so like. I. What I did yesterday does that yes the one day that it didn't have anything to do after work and normally have been like and go home and taken napkins and pulled slightly off. Well I had seem those stupid YouTube videos where they had dynamic fall hall and they went to hobby lobby in August followed the core and a. I really didn't let me. Did August 31 and it's like 85 degrees I'm totally behind a son drove from Seattle. And federal way to go to hobby I never heard a hobby. It's amazing it's no great they have a whole bunch of staff. Anyway that's not for different and yet and. And isn't generally crafts and things like black on they had all of their Halloween stuff 40% off all that stuff it's great start stocking up and then I EC. But there's four piles of fall cramping. And then there's about fourteen miles of Christmas the Christmas stamps 40% off to you why. I just I myself going up and nine miles MP. I myself but the prison's gonna see this up as meat and my dog. Right I'm OK I read this Christmas stuff. And Halloween and all things to decorate your place and again only am going to see. I think about it now I'm thinking man I could spend a hundred dollars for the way more productive and getting a hold on to crap that with. Every lightly and outs of you'll like. Like love that stuff like in beat him what do you mean he went up with that's what I I. I can't it boxing. Match. You get into it few months now I nominee to the by next week. I really commented on your nails link which can be currency management and I think that's the thing that's why it passes judgement on people. I like a funky cool not gonna came up with that where by itself Smart and pretend that it. So much current hiding behind keyboard is just an icy grown mentally and I like you have daughters or granddaughters or some crap come here come here what if someone was saying that to his kids or grandkids. I. Pressure and that Karl like Al garlic on an the I was so mad is somebody attacks there on face that parents waiter. FaceBook and then on another occasion on mr. Graham. And I was dislike. In all the into gambling at the line really lost exit after lives aids there have been posting in Staten Island and this woman as somebody was tired girl. Somebody called Sarah out said that you have an attractive whatever. My and I'm just like you know what I'm into before agreeing with them and I'm like you know what I'm gonna delete all the negative posts here today like that I am done with this and an eagle at CNET all the point lead in the Al attacking them it's like who held eating you. Like you know what screw off I was so mad I went off. This hot or not like you're posting about a radio station you're doing the slide -- were you asking people's opinion of what you look now exactly you don't care let's be real you shouldn't care. But yet some people throwing nasty and that really does does not matter and you know why they started because they think that either their opinion matters that they are the most important for morale which he and or are they feel so crappy about themselves. That they feel like they need to do is to make themselves about academic Caroline was this one guy that he message me in my opinion page. Sick. You're not actually that hot just saying. And I got an arrow back Mike thanks brown have a good day yeah 88. Oh excuse dragging your diligently it'd figured a generous ball that you know I what I got a lot of that discourage those you'd never get the daily you know eventually in terms like. I'll resume hitting them like it was a funny brown now I I think they're gonna see it like this and do not think the person who posted think M answer I'm gonna say don't they don't like I wish. For Wendy we go into extinction these people just put them on rye island to give them the attention. It if I were to look there are a couple of times like you know during the show and stuff look like some awful tax and I like the people call me fat that they hear my voice students they say that I found that which I don't like on capitol. The sound of heat and tell off every coming off out that it can't quite large going into the Molly machine like what's the number how does that happen by you know when I put those numbers and that those messages I would take up their numbers. Girl take out anything that identifies them yeah I don't want them to get called up because I'm gonna give them attention because a lot of times like you said that's what I'm looking for hate they want the acknowledgment from. Al's lead on its old and found. It was really funny though once I am some Havoc these books on that something about in my friends die. And I didn't I was an online at this like Alan lines at NC at my friend accidentally TDs with just saying. And so she can my defense and my other friend my parents and then. The friend that told me about it make. Went to her pain its screen is a good that I would like uglier science green Saturday. Really. Really that big picture are it was unlike Molly ball goes savage and so like dropping my China my friend posted ominously. You really talk about my friend you look like all. Right. I McConnell and other items that I'm not a part and I again and not thinking and I think there is one and I didn't go off and which weekly. Like and I wanted to go off on this lately in the issue is mass at saint my god it was after a charity event. You're on a motorcycle ball thing and so it's like think everybody came to a charity. Apparently Davidson yet and she's at some of the helmet honestly say I all I. I wanted to go off on his bitch but I couldn't because right my job and post that on me in trouble. But I look at your profile picture and she londoners are her go her profile now Mike she's a nurse and she has two little girls out. And I wanted to write back and be Alex is as I EB it eases you wanna teach her daughters to be as they want people to beating your daughters. Yeah another opinion so he'd have an opinion. What is the broadcast that a thick only. It's a dream speech that I think you lobby ninths. You know you're still responsible things UC's is on the awful news one of an awful to you our bad things karma on the line and that is it happened in karma is totally real what you put out in this world will come back around someway somehow and it's not up to you know. That the Sierra to figure out what that person's karma is gonna because it will come around to them. But I have a friend who works in television and she's pregnant. Alexis at rice announcing down Francisco and a gentleman wrote on her face the page she needs to start winning pregnant dresses that he doesn't look good right now first up their maternity dresses. Secondly she is wearing maternity attacked. They play. A bat a ball in her belly and heck for big east CNET TU a pregnant woman who is already self conscious as I. Like why she's comfortable and why. She looks good she feels great and it's great until she read that meant a somehow someone from her high school. Had seen and it turned it like what you were saying there like. Ever went to high heels and this guy like she's not dressing for you rise you're not not national unlike you. Like garbage just speaking right and how old is this I'm picturing him in his forties yeah something like that's what it looked like I don't know pressure by looking at about exactly what it looked like. This is dumb it was to see soaked. If she if she looks she doesn't mind. On outlet like Allah I like that what do I. I. Just like some people have the assumption that. We dress for the spiel on it like Al best means I don't dress from I dressed like check myself that window that's. Yeah I am. Really I like how what how do you respond about like how did you respond of the motorcycle and how did you respond like the Fermi if it was just Sarah like. Just there may sound like not affiliate with the radio or anything. I would. Like rip them keen new one but I have a when a message you got a few or just Sarah Brady Australia I would have been a lot more savage I think would be if that's happened you say I can't get her homeland Ehrlich. OK I interests I got deleted it yeah thinks I'm liking my cute dress like you know like. Alexis than that and her case she just responded OK I am an attorney gases are there not you're liking but thinks are seeing him like she kept it there not gas but again she let all of us 'cause I totally dug in on that do the dirty or are people that are tailored. Acting like you know I mean its embassy here on my round it's not seeking in my Orion and try to. Steal. It's very game of the rounds like the cruiser an EQ there's another one of his buddies among the defendant and he was like yeah she does he Wear maternity dresses and whatnot that's also not a right where. I I just and I feel that yet public away. Her right unit that kids are my attic oh lie like honey analysts need not only put the sweater on night. Heat. That you'd activists argued that that's mean like if especially I was at it is like all I could. You and me are. Let me curricula. You don't like the big bulging belly only pebble apparently caught on. Our arena. Well Paul all well and yeah and named in. I'll come. My and I might hurt not even how well a couple of you do you figure at the time this last year it really gets magazines and happy about it. Do you go. By Aybar while that I've heard islet in the past years that other people's opinion is none of my best other people's opinion about eat I don't care about. Care about my opinion about myself. He look at the what do you think about I say that don't believe he'll have a right and remind yourself back something you can just same about your. Weekdays and totally. Let every little thing that normally when nobody gonna -- New Orleans. You can't be strong all the time. But it's if you can start with since you'll become stronger and stronger if you read your girl. Gonna bother them right eats. Course is gonna bother them but they're in a high hand out there like I'm feeling sad today and that's okay absolutely I'll be better tomorrow yup yup and if another Mara. It's gonna be okay because. Everything's going to be okay I'm just you know and it worked through it the next immediately if you know it'll eventually just got to keep working at the right mindset I know it's on that one of those preachy like you know. The cassette tape to thank you mind strong. Positive hit or not there yet happened. And it is you happen in my interests as Celia soundly that's left the town is like now. You know like whenever I feel like I wanna be heater even in my own head in item allow myself to haters like in the background she's a skinny. Like but then when I do that take. Vicky why why are you upset about this it's because you don't look like you herb you eloquently you want to you look at her she the end I had at the compliment her. You know I don't I don't Alley that I have to deposited even opening yet to be out in my brain waves. And that we figure out as we get older as early as when Nancy only that's why a lot of people they're so scared to turn thirty but for me personally something switched and I turned thirty it was like. I realized that I wasn't perfect and up a month perfectionist and it's a problem. But at some point aegis you start being nice to yourself when you're by yourself and start being nice to other people. Or maybe it's our it's the other way around maybe you're nice to the strangest that your envious of because Euro will air. That your lacking something and that's why are thinking. But man with age comes a lot of my understanding for. Haven't parity at an ambulance now. I loved it. Yeah olive I would really went yet I want me. I might be thirty so that because I I felt like I was gonna find some type public release or relief of one like a crazy was going on in my head and a 100% but. Did something totally switched all the clock started taking careful of that. But I ovaries and other glowing per share. Manning loving them. And oh yeah and you'll Vicky like it's chiefly babies shall be like. And and that they love the baby here that Cummings. Currently twenty minutes while reports segment for geek nation. And and like you McCain would you can't keep babies it's under yeah I think I'm telling you now dad's give me figure I'm skeptic amateur and liked. Now not all of you out ethnic outlets via. Like I. I had a really would be the eighth it's like nineteen when he won like baton relay my parents like spider plants there are you gotta get a man earth get married now and I was like. They like I'd be at the restaurant there's EVP. And I had and I. When he went when he wants you in public. Now no high sea and never had before now renowned like. I think it's because my dad my mom and dad at fifteen years apart so yeah. Right now they may not be my dad and they manga mired in a week on my mom's nineteenth birthday down. And I married for years. And anymore. I'd rather soberly at. So my guess is now in his early seventies and I'm the old what. I. Will hope listening Pete but he totally. And so my dad is like my just he never remarried -- parents divorced and so he wants myself and my sister to just be happy rain that he is letter written by keeping that worked too much in things like that and so. He doesn't want us to be not only somewhat like about six months or use like tiny house my son and husband finally he's imaginary dads like he has. I. Say he doesn't exist and I am working on it and cleanup that change that forget the son in law. It what they. If you Catholics over the marriage is Smart eight especially if you like and he needed that you want to see a baby before I Carlton. We got to get on wondered if you like just your profile bank. I'm trying to have a baby right idea because I am they daddy my grandmother got. Lee is an elevated metal I was probably as early twenties she's just like it's it's okay you know thinking kind of has its leader just have a BB. Oh. Right. Rip the ball from Greece and I haven't been back to Greece to visit Mike's been a gimmick of all makes and we still lives over there. There and like ten years because I'm steered that Michael Beck now in my thirtieth. And my agent 32 it was my thirtieth. And not married. In the Audi can't all good lord they're gonna set me with a cousin paired up. There. Happening and it literally I do have a cousin who moved to east from the Ohio I don't know what did to her Ohio agrees but she's now dating or other 'cause. And grunt and it really is second cousin at the go out get it do you. Now. Now make it a little well he's already a little on now if you. There now there's no up front but. And I. So anyways I guess that over its ugly but again we need to get your thirtieth. There's something the closer you get to their peaks and like Vicky you're bad and you're on your mom like it famous by onboard and you know my amount is. Now I have money she's the brackets I arc that's for another yeah drugged. Out and I have an idea because you know. A couple of reasons like this is the tree to me. We work for entertainment well how many people to bring T stations together and we're both kind of like her ovaries can honestly just. Plea game where we see which with its pre campers and cars. It's a he and the fabled home and it yeah time. I'm from Seattle and there you might wanna get married and I have heard as to. UH they think. A friend of mine on FaceBook which she's married and she has a baby but she lives with a bunch of people and they all helped raise the kid in a sense like Xena had that dude that's carried. Whenever I can't say god. It's hot it's different but I feel like it's gonna become more and more than norm within the next one year it takes a village to raise it out because that does you can't do legally he seemed moms struggling with their kid or something like loading up while holder for recycling know my god you're automatically predator some right you like kidnapped on my hat and now we just funny because like in Mexico I was talking my mom about this. We've everyone's so chill with their baby yeah it is that is like at the restaurant there's a gallon east who worked there and she loved babies. This issue go around and she asked he can can can hold some picker tables and is always a Hispanic families act but the baby is running around like. It isn't a fuel. Yes is that she be running around the roster with a baby honor honor him. There's another another guy you was present in in him that people with them and she's like old music aren't. I'm Hispanic families are very much like yeah why it takes a village we carry Angelina sense like I rescue. You brought up with my kid rankings is that restaurants you like that easily like and we are better at night and it. I am I carrying babies and I was little so it's like I everyone has to carry beating Mexico man or woman if you have a at that could be media there. We had a Little League right now at big east and maybe make it three monthly co parenting it I would come out so masked I don't all right I don't. I will play out there's lately could he be in its newest like Coke on the glass a look at the last Eric. Allen Allen actually responsibilities. Figure I got I am such a control freak that I did feel like I don't want anyone to touch my child the an up front that you watch him like 800 times out and lights on here are some. I need to arms in the in the ILV. Really otherwise have pretty reality is that there it this way Utley when they get older your. Eating a lot in the African doctor in the attic called again. Raise mentally to be hippies by any means like Al and I did that happening just. If it's that perfectionist in me that I want my kid to be perfect and he's not perfect that's all the and on prozac and be okay right I. I understand I get that clothing they got to think about it like adding. Mean my parents can had a realize that too it's like the best thing your kid can be is happy yeah. Yeah that's all you want my dad like it many times he's like I'm so sorry we didn't do enough for you we didn't. We didn't give it about by a better educationally we can afford this we can afford to keep it here or do mr. Bayh you all these things and a proud of me. Is that what I'm very proud of the job I have reprise my accomplishments one. You know I think he's exactly for you high and might actually make sure you know them again like I'm I'm happy I am an OK I mean. I only have league the right amount of trawler right and it. And I had surgery. I think that some of that I don't as we get older we realized that her parents are humans like you all think about how one woman's moment when we realized our parent wasn't. So Walt pursing inning like. Just kind of I am on the way we view it as yes and I think that it's good for you as a dotted I and that's it I'm. Shortly wanna make and cried because they want validation could be the best that they you know most parents still tried their best it might not be. The best compared to someone else but it's the best that they can provide yelling at the best that one probably would have been there could have been things were better for you but they try their hardest and a lot in common among these and really messed you up like I think the Dodgers though got badly. For him. Well anybody waiting like living a life and you ever watch the show now for one house now that the girls get for dating they can't the court. They camped along with an eagle on Blake get to bring a sibling with them on the date now it can't hold my hand Campbell can't can't can't he can't kiss until their wedding day at all hugs our side held a wedding day on our side hugs there would never make it. Well all girls have to Wear long skirts and pants he can't dance because that promotes. You know. Because it's the woman's responsibility right like. Were the only thing I'm an up and your thought them crazy. Man won them more miners from crap I am not warm and that they have one partner. One of those patients. Yeah but then it turns out the they're all fun and public. Doing bad things with sisters yeah so it will be an asset management he would hookers in the room. After he moved. How app I don't carried in like hey kids. Low. Like weird and creepy looking to do you as a young hip that OK in any just Alley. Bald too that his persona and get ugly inside and are matched to well you know it is parents all dale. He what I. Maybe you think till it gained or something ridiculous pressure for that I mean like am I think it is at the family actually prosecuted and again with the sisters right now. And actors have their own staff reality TV show at the app I'll I'll pop up eighties at again I want to the one. The way I can't wait about that and Alina for that one K. To just say mom dad this after I'm leaving and I'm out and it just kind of going knots. I don't like unhealthy way. But just like comedy get taxis and other LA or whatever on the air at how helping you I wealth and honesty none of them have yet they what 181919. Is it nineteen to 21 accounting nine newly pregnant again but she mastered the government alone tells me years ago how much money you. My vagina hurts thinking I I did well loose with low. Got a couple things I didn't. Else I don't. Know. Think he's not a surprise parity and like they're not old enough Vietnam all of whom are old enough you know I think the oldest are about our age you know what do you think it would go wrote. And I yet they're brainwashed and it really never know you watch that shows like escaping polygamy or elect the Scientology's shown Natalie irony is doing like how you escape these cults and I don't like that final one that would mennonite and media on the breaking she out all I love Alan but Allen is more like real world meet a script script yeah real world meet on the issue that was I hate he has a couple of good documentary now yet escaping polygamy is one of bomb and it's these three sisters who would try Q Alec help these people leave. Like the Mormon Church but the mormons out of the church that still believes in polygamy in multiple wives bubble by Mike. It's crazy because that they are so brainwashed. And what are. Groups is even allow them to go on so they don't even know why is. What is going none in the world and how the hell were on. But have no idea imagining is like that you think you're live in this now my eighth yeah and the like is excellent but have no idea. It reminds him do you intimacy that movie is like and I shot on the village. Now part of it the trailer it's this village and it's like all behind me and there's this monster that surrounds it in the fourth straight. And so they don't know what the hell the monster as it turns out again spoiler if you want to see. It was a guy dressed up as a monster in this blind girl goes out her somebody sicker dying or something in the months would kill people in the village she ends up killing your fighting weight LE. Kill the launch of the guy trips and dies and and she wanders off to find the wall and it turns out they're living in present days of the spores that Nolan the last out in. And so. Line issue doesn't realize what's what's going around in the skies looking Ireland funny and it's that kind of signers of whatever it is here in these kind of action. He gives it medicine an inch diskette back on a way that Night Shyamalan twist right right right but it's kind of reminds you that the U think everything's normally without this technology you're living without modern age you know clothes and medicine and food in. If that's kind of what are bath Jordan are not their normal. Like. I can gates really. And like. Big were brainwashed right now and why. External home to Ali how would that. That. Unbreakable Kenny Schmidt you down a beach read. Oppressing. The funds owed is really funny islands on perceive. She was kidnapped at fourteen in and it put underground from weird mormons like nothing except minority like. She was pulled at the world and it for an underground bunker that this guy kept these. And then 180 get rescued and they. And the guy that ran away here with jailers and the opening jail at that point yeah. I could even imagine living in some apple also. That's why they have these advocates for people to try and he OK yes he'd been brain washed but let's help you transition into. The real world look at how do you ever trust that this is re. Normal right now he evens. No I'm not having it be chickens out when Alan I never baby yeah. I think an OK I am. I declare her not to Korea coal that's our Victoria yup. A futuristic Renaissance mean. In and a month. It. Hours and I'd have anything. One in those thinking that finger Catholic. And religious anymore and I read it recently villages. I told myself that I'm going to take them to payment every privilege. And meet meet an item isn't that its currency and interest and rights. Explain Buddha is amicable and agents. Show them a little bit at that peak their interest they can pursue yeah. My son Greek orthodox and while I'm not super religious belief and go to church every night practicing I'm not practicing but. Even planted that I'm not practicing because I do go to church I just don't go every son and and a holiday. Or that I expert but anyway. At the same time I'm Greek orthodox so it's part of my culture and the teases the mean marrying a Greek are very slim. And so I want my kids understand how important it is. That we are Greek and we we remember that because I'm really did and that kind of that's I think that's why the religion part is like super important to me eaten. But yeah I I totally for like. Open mind open and Lou it's simulate tricky cantata like convince. Someone might that the rent this is bad it's just agreed to isn't so. I don't know Larry yeah I'm selling not. Only. App on his anger at any kind of we went to church we went in and center for spiritual living church payers and tell us. I haven't Manila but I and when I was ten. I completely threw a fit as amateurs and then I thought I'd like. You can not. I'm not going to church and I'm not doing is not worth it how sounding like. Because once time is that I could be that the matrix and stop him the Bible it and I completely ecstatic and well stop bullets with your handled the land both yes and waiting lines it's out oregano Paramount and humbled and now I read my Sunday school whenever clap and how I. Let out on a really we should get a gun right now we should try we actually see it I can do that galaxy I actually don't get on to adapt it cool all that a the next fare whatever I want Alec I'm not doing that you can not like forced me to believe anything I can't like I'm in a figured out. Rock and how badly jaw drop it's like. Can't argue with that yeah like I can't. OK so I'm gonna I give up now you what are Richard Gabi wanna go to guy on. Yeah right month. I as a battle for flight when my brother and I realized that it was boring to us that used to so barring the food was so guide now. All ice could be like Bible bumper kind of kid like not like. Throwing my religion that you and I island Jesus and god I was very much that teen and preteen. And Munich at some point I realized how B Phillips because they thought in my congregation speed. Hypocrites is awful people. The church. Interesting and I didn't I just tapered you know for it to mean years of meat that more Morse a pile on they realize that these people care about each of the now. Medium really care about each of the talking crap all the time I'm over it. It doesn't make sense and then they would manipulate things like that when different pass away Hubert and it's aside. And everyone was to me even now I was about to blow up but I did more attention on him around like according to your Bible. He's not. In my religion it it's it's the against our religion rescue commit suicide it's like suicide. He came to be married in the church and things like that it's not right here and then it's up to him to decide when you go kinda thing. It did have this plan brass wouldn't that be part of his plan to you. Not. Only to. That's just my thinking it's like something in I I honestly believe everything happens for a reason and not so much because something is planned out. But I believe that you confine reason. Or something valuable with every action there every occurrence. So in Finland when they die and that I learned something from Kenya on this other when this other mapping app I learn something from heat it's a way you have to meet. Where it's something you got I definitely agree with you on but going back to what you're seeing other people in the congregation that. My parents divorced that was like a lot of news he can believe that that's a big. And sell they divorced and the more Mary con means to my. You could say for the divorce right let the or still my parents like that affected my relationship I had with god in them when I was like hold on. This is not. God rightly does not Jesus is not what I believe in this with people. And they your opinions of and then that's I had to separate the two because relationship with who I believe and didn't change and I wasn't gonna let the people's opinion. Changed my opinion than again I think clear bead more parents. Are random people. The things like I be mad at my appearance for getting divorced me I had every reason to get upset about and it doesn't it at that time I believe that the room is the big ruined my life right but like. But it wasn't up to and Italian match how that affected me parity needle especially. They take a hole like relate like there's to be bodies and going through a sign that calling not at all so grab him for me it's like. It even if you believe in what ever you just be supporting those two people regardless lake or humid that's an NIA. Can't put together you know. And in. Person and I can I respect and be content. Say bell that when I moved to Seattle I didn't know a lot of people like I and you know line. And then slowly but surely. When my dad came out to visit my dad's recently got back in a church and things like that over the past couple of years it's green it is something to deal. And so when he came out here this is like let's go to church. And we went to agree church and I met some people who had been so kind and so and I have developed. Genuine friendship semi jabbing the church twice and I've been in Seattle for six years. Hey but is that not right but these are people that I have now be com and ways and there are also connected to my culture and things like that so that's cool I am very appreciative of that however I don't think. That that has changed again my relationship with I don't think of them as battering worse than I did the and. And the Easter with their credit counseling you. Know held every Sunday and like yeah I AM and my my friend's mom was like so why. Tonight I probably the body image and Greek and I'm born at I'm too lazy to got an app. And she looked at me now I. It's. Probably every every and the go on Sundays I'm sorry but the court forget you mean then ask you while hasn't yet I have ever. It. I had airlines my cousins weddings and that you know when we just went and spoke. A cot and the and the epic and a lot again now and nine lady well my cousins what you can do that my dad might be old beauty told the last in my home which is like a month ago. Honey I have a little bit of began in my life which are great. He not inexperienced too many late eighties when. So you know it's okay take time she get experience and then settle dynamite though god if only you know yeah I did that I. This guy get more. I don't look at this time your arm on my own death and death how shall I don't know about 300 out there right there I think it's funny though because like my dad and people to sustain first when I first heard it here he's to me tee ball and force. Yeah I was both. We have nothing but respect for each other out when my extra on reliable. And to think this is just the waves are our family is here. And so it took them like a long time to kind of figure out and see how much and work I put into this and then now like he met BJ and each recipient BJ at that moment on it's only eight dollars greed and exit only nice things about he's like. Yeah okay now he. When I. Whenever an in your radio in Grand Rapids and as a candidate moved to Seattle to do out there my parent my dad his first Alice are you sure it's a real job and sure it's not state job here and move out and even a real thing and the epic a privacy it's free L and then after I'd been here he came out to visit. He came to the station that our losses and that's and I beat him like a ton of breaks like. Oh crap my daughter has a career and it's legit and has its radio. Real yeah I AM and then after that it completely changes my and he understands now a lot of things that dispersants to the things that I do on the radio. I do for entertainment purposes. And then that also gives you leeway so that way if I am doing something stupid like for real. And pray. That ignited. Oil. Is really singing songs mariners players and I want them to my house yeah. I'll. And that is that. Lately when it makes your can like Kevin from. All manners matter what I wanna hook up with in prison in my come. Out. I loved ones and theories. And Annika and I'll come up on the big screen now coming thanks in times like your going youth now. On that made it. Hot on rat I am a lot in Red Sox players though we rent a game you and I can't help but like. And Nina and I type in when my type on the screen and I'm like yeah it does that mean like. And all and I love I love. Doug Baldwin and I'll deal LA so now Klein and I know they beat you so find it wanted we're watching the game in he's like in a bunch a commercial well that looks like. Argued that there in them and I am like. Oh my god said now why in the flooded immediately with Indians in the chick. Celebrity games like at the Alec. There's Nelly and I. And you know any it got hot in the gonna come right at the restaurant you never count game. You won't eat and sweating it what it islands and the studio I don't put my predominant African seat come down okay and make him tournament freebies. Let me tell you. I documents or none at an idiot are you eating your typed. Round these kind of highlight highlight. Dark Ehrlich in the apple light you'd like emily's and I like. I'm on I'll. And I don't discriminate like the white or black I gave me Geithner is Aaron and I and Mike like I like them all along as they know yet how white everything in between a black. It's got brown I didn't really ran out until I moved to Seattle and violent black as a that I might not announcing a black eyes exe unicorn right there. It'll why do you think I go to the clubs Emma yeah that's where they aren't round. The they weren't. Yeah it was spelling and he likes Coke so he is telling in the kitchen. How stereotypical of gonna say. I got and that night I became the party. I'm not gonna get really. Entrant but it failed now got I don't I don't we did that we in applicants by the music. We end. Up where I might have a lot of that is now. Epic iron in and look who's an island of ethnic minor. But he's done. That again is. That there. Bring me up though one last thing that rule will tuchman that'll wrap it up. So my name roommates semi old roommates who also hang out there's been a bunch of ethnic conflict significant others and at one point that's in under other live with us as well. Police. And everyone has nicknames for their significant others like their. Like Steven T it just got married their Stevie. Okay well a couple of names yet couple names like the brain Jelena. But may in in blazing and that's his god given name. And play Bentley and now gone. I think that's pretty his money and his mother loves horses blazes that white mark on board and a base and he bullies and writer. Makes it very nice lady but she's. It is a matter when I did not his fault that his name is blaze and it just to cool later reversed I think it's cool needs an engineer that engineer rebrand. But him and Megan are made ablaze odd that they. In line for the Steve make ablaze in general older mates herbalist and Collins their mall mall and and they don't like it should and it it was mega a magazine in a wet was actually it's not my deal is gang. But that's 'cause that their names until they really want me to deepening Rory or quarries would be victory. And yeah. What would years being. Swords. What do you care Edwards on George swords or Jared. Did sound like me should be in on game with brown hair and yeah with Jack the mother of hole in the not. IKEA Bernanke Alley stuck with one of them likening it to class. To Sarah Sarah fassero. I got it. Natalie yeah like yeah I got out about it. Like I didn't break up in Italy to here has ever had in my mind except passing helical though. I ask you line and I just immediately panel now look I ain't bad as I don't eat at nickname. And do that's. Your kids by the way you guys end up getting married having kids do not do that to your kids it's just as somebody whose name is really long and complicated out. But really I think is Philip PS I cannot wait Mary Smith summed it like I'm fill up Peta is yeah exactly. Yeah that's on May come to a friend that I act called Allen feel like. In parallel. Not and it's a I would not put my kids adamant he would go to restaurant now right and they would ask for our right am I did take a Smith. And this was like yeah right you guys are smitten musical can unite unite its Jones. I didn't get Harry peak but it lapidus Philippine. Island Phillips you know that's my real name. I. Speak. As an exact title by Alan Taylor skillet yeah. That is so great that it's like. That's been the link so bad that I felt so good and I excel awful believed what he really do it like and really basic name in the. Don't matter in the sad part is though is that my dad has a brother and all of them both of them had all girls so the name is dine with some rain that's kind of put. Demand that. It because I am I mean honor and I ethnic. And he knows that my Brothers you end up knocking someone obviously well I want to get it like the girls into delicate anyway Xeon well big. I want you know being held. At bishop AG. And yeah I became an even. Yeah did you Madeleine gel and ours my kids look like I be weird. Allen will take care yeah. You see you too. Making giving deacon in it would have been out of add up at an all volunteer maintenance on the on you. It doesn't. Well how my gonna get. You know it's Vicky no injury now. It's like you completed on that. The we did get that one time he remembered his liquor. Maker actor. It's like a slightly brother and yeah like at the time we didn't know each other and I've been working with him like we're at the speech and making some remember. Then it's like world family now that like me. Keep my real could be family in like that we would mean that the having Sally Harry how he has. On that advocates praise agree on that. Loan. Way isn't I don't really. I like we just kind of went with that today we didn't really discuss anything just about everything. We talked about sex I am I mean I usually like yeah couples or even more I now have a humble is that we argue about but I like as a like that there was ninety even now. And eight and MI in its your time. After that now I'm gonna. Nice to know when he heard the Catholic nationalist it to her scientists are Brockton was out by now they can call eight on this but come on here. You. Annie is well like I see.