Broad-Cast Ep. 84 - "Hold My Beer"

Friday, September 8th

Vicky B, Ooh Sara, The High Priestess Destiny welcome back Kimberleigh Roseblade to talk about SWORDSQUATCH 2017: HOLD MY BEER going on this weekend at Georgtown and go into what else she's been doing in fitness, music, and even personal life. 


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And I'm devoid. For the the well then to another edition of these broad cat. I'm Vicky. They got Hulu it's never. Man. And we have the lovely. The hive for assistance that's me and today we have an awesome guests we haven't you're in for about a year exactly. Why not say at listener last year you know wanted to make sure we knew that she absolutely perfect and I so want to worship her like me avatar of bridge Newton but she is that I don't think as a parent but it. Missed compelling reasons to think you symmetry in the I'm scared again for those who missed out on the podcast last year I met her in the weirdest way. I didn't call greet people like. I was working and stored at the same restaurant. You know literally on my way out and I see people come and again see them for the other meaning servers that leave and I ended up chatting with her like a half hour. After an Arctic lockdown yeah online to light protect Houston's I don't know I am not instantly as deeply as group with automatic usually it was amazing art that a friend of yours does here locally in Seattle yeah like yeah so much arsonists and don't need to be on our podcast they're talking about sort squad and a why you're visiting pitcher actually from the lovely country of Canada yes I made their neighbor north of the border. But and you're here and also check out the podcast that it is on what the rest podcasts. Last year you and check that out perform listen to this on finally got previously on come on let's watch toys contain. Hold my beer yup and what is undoubtedly the greatest game ever thanks so I'm sort what does now turned into this. Beautiful wonderful thing that is its own creature and hold many beer kind of I mean we've all heard those sort of things. It's like a need right now and yeah it's what we do that battered bigger than last year well watch this. Money here. Of course we have a lot of different things going on is your one of the workshops even though it's not sort of martial arts related is all about how to do things with fermented beverages. Lou. Memory that I you know right hand in nearly actually right in. ISI books that's right I've been home brewing for twelve years now. I got to insiders on the go from bunch apple picking that was done in southern area. That was intense and very beer vibrant towns I've is. People think that as you look at it as I got to spiders in Iraq when I get home. And I made some meat. If last autumn and eat meat a little while to age and he's really did give Andy. Yes this one and true Canadian fashion I didn't just do we need it honey and maple serve yes and tap. So good and I think that's an authority and drink Albert volunteers instructors at sort spot it was exactly. The and I got an airline and group for next year that it isn't or am I you need well a lot our ticket for a fire fight take a little bit Beers iyas depending on what you're doing and take a little longer especially as the ones on this is coming from. Your apples to jeeves and rest all day with my friend it was quite the afternoon project but it was super super awesome. And I need to be racking after two weeks and then for two weeks for model men and be ready to. Get off. And rightly be you wanna let it. I prefer waiting two months difference. It's what we've done it Italians Pollock like that no one of the reasons why you racquet is to stop the fragmentation process. Just it is kind of enhances the lakers absolutely in the two different flavors that I got for the site this year one of them is like cinnamon ginger and the other one is peppermint Anchorage roots and. Yeah. I know. Mean it is that's last year is how she freaking out and everything that. I am a noted. Like on top of being an awesome martial artist you do a lot of awesome work with people. You also like. Singer Billy if it was kinda pissing me off and turning me on things. I have an effect on women but yeah. And I but every instant that I do wanna talk. All of them are out sorts watching this is the first year that. Spectators a lot of coming just pay of like ten bock and salon and we have a ten dollar spectator fee and back it's in and you it's particularly good if you want listen to any of the lectures or watch any of the tournaments rate LS I speak they do believe the very first pool of the women's long sword tournament is happening. Finals will probably be later tonight. And then there's this Friday by the way yet and then there's open steel which is gonna be happening. That's going to be probably the largest group of fighters and we won't be having finals until Saturday night what does it mean like this is like a competition. Race. Now lately how many people are. Compete well Baghdad that really depends each year and for each different tournaments we have rate beer we have long sword and then of course there's the big foot brawl which is a non treatment which as you go upstairs to find a fighter you talk about which weapon you wanna use. And you do it at this is a place for you can also do mixed weapons or jest. Last year we had a fighter dance off we also. Don't try this at home folks a human adjusting the you folks decide later. It's like these are professional people are almost professional and a on the beer for the exactly. And an art as I can be hard to humans that know no one of the things you can do is come in and listen from the lectures watch it and as you automatically fallen in love with what we call historically European martial arts like this and see. We have a wonderful group of people that are hosting the call loan and Lee. The shared space with saint which is the school group addicts and news circuits are standing Georgetown. They're phenomenal lovely people on rates were writers answers martial artists and just general. Human beings. Do a little bit about you'd like the old school with the outfits in the cities in modern cars and I feel. Yep for sure it's a deathly a lot less expensive and easier to travel with the modern fencing here you and I added. It still is quite heavy so we have the fencing masks. If you'd ever worn a motorcycle jacket you can feel the kind of plating in the arms and stuff very very similar. And then there's a lot of us. In certain aspects of the community that really want to understand okay we read these historical tax we do these historical martial arts. We should try putting on actual hard switches began to since the chain mail room eat the breast plates. That is heavy and that is having you don't wanna be traveling with but it's neat it really changes how you kind of understand the art and some of the ways in which you're fighting. What we tend to do in these tournaments is even though we are wearing. Full protective gear. We hear accepting things at you get a blow to arm that's you know that's a valid strike but if you're in harness which is the full metal. You're not looking for blows like that. Yes that's still a strike but that's not gonna stop and armored opponent. You need to get into the certain spaces. Where there is no armor which is usually wearing joint is to be armed it. The elbow behind me and those are considered actual like. Ballot shots. Do you feel. Painting moon yes because some sweepers. Into an even the most Carly is either broom or injury you've gone on that I content from doing in the early cast from this that says I'm sure he's number is and that's from my coffee table this week. I don't have recognized me. What is sort of my hand or give me doing something I'm supposed to be doing a graceful as can be just get you want in on the street trip over shoelaces don't even. It's a I've I've got some really early ones particularly around my wrists when I was working on Dekker plays and when you're doing a lot of blocks and stop with that even though we're using wooden simulators on Dell's. Your your wrists Bruce really easily. Open to job interviews that weakened to cover up was. Thank goodness that's really cool other cops and but people do come. To be a spectator where what difference and and workshops and they see it apps that we have a couple of different. Hold on to different lecture is going on rate now in different workshops all of which are welcome to view and take notes on. The workshops that I am doing are all based on fitness and learning how to coach batter on those are martial artists but if you are teacher. Learning can't. By certain issues that when you're students might have be mobility beat the previous injury and learning how to work with fat in either. Regrets them back to certain places where they can learn the fundamental movements and get stronger. Get more flexible but without doing repetitive strain it can injure them. We have a wonderful talk about on the history. Jewish people in historically European martial arts which is particularly important these days. The given its which hopefully got some stuff to talk about later absolutely we also have. We have wrestling going on right now we have. Hugo Liz and we get English long sword. We've got. Dagger we've got rate year we've got a little bit of everything and that the term limits are gonna be. Spectacular particularly. Saturday would be great data show a lot and to want to sort of stuff Sundays three. And gap just. A whole weekend a lot of fun yeah absolutely in a whole lot of beer after two days ago and again. And again it is soared squashed when he seventeen holding hearings get all the information as well you tickets and offer insurance that they have on here with like south colossal failure mainly as a matter of astronauts and the toilet paper comment thing had a I don't know what that is and here or today activities after the events done and unfortunately this is not open for spectators is you're going to be playing flaming tether ball. I think if you like speaking with please let me make it possible. Other ball then. Yeah it's scary. On his parliament with swords for me completely. Kind of on fire yet and the cleaning and then just hit it right but wait you're holding and hitting it real and it ends well maybe yeah definitely. I don't think I'll. Just like you. Percent you know that actually I was scared helping your neck of the woods Georgetown where you work yeah. Manager and a possible in order to Vegas in the neighborhood see doll funky Lovett got a little thing I read that and all I had people. If you want more information stored squats dot org by the way in the it'll be up with the link on our FaceBook page to this interview. You can check out please share utterly depressing sign me up and seeing all I think about really is the parent trap. Meat is that maybe you don't you meet the other thing the whole time. I love that mean if they do your job. And that's. All of arms and now that it is derived from actual historical Marshall fencing. But with the idea of its ports and seeing it is common to gain tank. Yeah based off of who hits. First but if it's done in the same beat that doesn't matter they give them a little clocks that would mean we'll solutions to treatable pollutants that can Wear them learn to do pulling it sounds like you know it's in the it's actually I haven't I haven't been out of respect for sports sensors as far as the speed and agility and the kind of ways that they need to to practice to hold their art is fantastic and it's. One of the ways in which the Marshall aspect of fencing and survived and into the modern age. But it's very very different whereas in martial setting it doesn't matter if you'd. Technically hit me half a second before hand if both amber at the bus got hit. Com with in the we would call the sea port O Marsha Lee speaking you're both you're both injured that's him. I'm just OK. I if you uncheck her face that page and at the rose played it could be the easiest thing to do it in the rose and is a pages called can deliberately instructor long story and fitness but that app throws late it'll pop up right there for its followers multiple things she's doing. But from long stored in fitness and all the active stuff. African author singer and he what would even earlier in the music and it'll unitarian got you Jim about that last hour my goodness yep most of its leaving Vancouver and now living in Toronto which is where I grew up play and rejoined in old project that I was doing years ago when I'm singing with animals are doing a folk music project as models like you print things on the go rate now with the fund and it. Nikki and it's absolutely expressed. Oh my god I love it. And I am so happy and it's a lot of fun. You don't mean it is yes. I I love writing folk music and metal and teachers super cryptic what kind of sickening funk performing funk and shake in the Atlantic. Any any possible shows here in the guy you wish. You're always welcome here I'll absolutely absolutely the qualities and jamming going on later tonight and openness to bust them missing and now we have an elite care. 00 yes yeah. OK it is my jams. I'm always super excited that's right next time I come down Gallup defining karaoke night and a sale like the karaoke place stumbling distance from my house and I love it because they tell me out any card anymore than I was up yet. I don't target and I'm David that karaoke DJ the mainland east and Africa I mean who do you think as an ally and she put my name down on what you and I think that you're you're you're a lineup not to worry about it yet to be pretty exiting. I've got me convinced I guess that's why it. There are one averaged one of this out for I love the this is such a wonderful city every panic and here I was younger but yeah. And I can't get things about her content yet never been Toronto's really neat it's very interesting coming back after living in make Hoover for eleven years com. It's wonderful it's it's a super eclectic city. Global little. In Seattle went to leave the downtown is all these different neighborhoods in different pockets which kind of their own feel in five. Two on it was wonderful for multicultural it is. Equity you know as that that. Went through on that it was so cool my eyes and it's got everything I want as far as what a big city house to offer but it's or did. These rivers and Lake Ontario they're so it's very easy kind of get into the pockets you feel like city. Really our way I'm sorry. Yeah because consumers is like repaired yet I thought I can't I can't get the job at all yeah yeah it's like an eight hour flight. A stop over in Detroit and then four hour flight from Detroit here I mean it's been a joke is I'm John hours from New York. Because sounds about right idea at modality York's. Fairly often to teach and train there that's really good friends of the sort school in the neck and it's wonderful. BMI score won't try and it was called the academy European martial arts and we shares space with the biting arts collective of Toronto winners multiple martial arts schools. Kind of about a 4000 square foot studio and we also share that studio with me and aerial school because we have rafters. Very similar to kind of what's going on with think of folks and the loan in the league here but it's a wonderful environment colored green in hand. The thing that I find most interesting as a martial artist. A look at over at what the G Kindle books dealing with a wing folks noticed plays that we do martial arts. Which acting really kind of solidifies the idea. Fighting is by. You're gonna find students in these regards that's. What the system news and it's we eat tree and share with different folks wouldn't. On unbeaten. And I Ehrlich we are. XP in Toronto or Miami that you guys are actually doing some something awesome like there's been a lot of toxin is a lot of liking. Perhaps the way some leaders are doing things and all the people there encouraging whether they means you're not in so we've had. An uproar had seen an awful human beings but also we're also seeing a lot of amazing human beings and what they're doing to prove that we hear in this together yet. He -- doing a counter protest and Toronto there's going to be one happening I think very recently after Mac and I wanna show in my full year unfortunately in my type of martial art we have the historical Europeans. Martial arts community and unfortunately a lot of new Nazi groups just focus on the European. On to. And it's really the unfortunate and I feel that we really need to particularly. Stand against. What does that mean we don't. OK yeah. Swear on out Utley I am really sick of centrist. Yeah when it comes down if you really do need to pick a side and being like. Or you know going to overlook these people we can. None on and on and on and and yet we need to nip this in the right now if you ever asked what you would have done in history what you would have done during the civil rights marches. What you would have done jury Nazi Germany. It is the people that sit back and do nothing because they just want people passed the rate at say. That allow them to. Weenie stand to say there's no room for this. And you know especially as someone who's historians. I've written different blog posts about this. A lot of these people try to imagine Europe that was completely and only light which is absolutely. The website and the evil POC. It it shows tons of different images and manuscripts that showcase people of color Alter your. Kapanen airborne who was. Radiates first white her lead leading. There was numerous black people who were in the courts of England. Most of southern Spain. A huge. History of people from North Africa there so to imagine Europe without black people news apps. BS it didn't exist. Europe did not exist back in our history XQ. We need to put a stop to use white supremacists trying to pretend otherwise. And then that Gary Harrison. Hey man got notes and the Pentagon and he is seen and toll blinking at the domino Mahler something there's so many different companies right now that are doing the ancestry tests including Ancestry.Com. Has gotten picky eaters packing Louisiana that I can't. But there is one line in one of these commercials an optimistic I always try to appease read post it and it's. Is this group of people figuring out like now you know balance French people where the west are where us this people I'm betting you this in the -- that they're not. 100% anything in the woman the woman says. You know that should be cursory at this should be standard everywhere should do this and then that everyone would know there is insisting is pure race all this is total crap. And we had a problem I think the aisle we sit and I think we got it don't matter I do find it fascinating destiny watch what is your test and and he did you. I'm aside it ancestry specifically because they had like the most I the most he nearly eight and people in there as it and cross reference so I know what I that was anything everything correctly and can't universities is Billy is basically like. All like even as swears like all right on lake Mary even as. Cameron in Ethiopia and Nigeria and then. When lord that I honestly can't pronounce. I have them and look at look at my arm my results again in of course 10% European Union and and then Sully dad Mike actually like the super super excited about it with Nancy. The recent surprised and like. I did you now I know Wetzel early like clearly knows single idea again that it's though good Lakeland yeah lately lately mainly my my parents as it lightly there present at island literally no idea that's or not. I. And that that I'd. Be here designer rehab often. Have you about my leg my my my garment company. In a permit them to me. Denying Italy and of course you know anything about it entered it at that so it definitely use of the NFL. Little bit more in its news. See them and that makes things. Finally see BitTorrent is a letter because I like half don't know what I am so like half of me and on top of the Munich I think that we'll run it through nine and indirect. Out of it that way yeah. Like I think the one of the things for me because I'm kind of mr. Because my parents are both from Mexico and actually got an answer to your roommates mom. But mean attack she knew I wanted to do it is really need I think Celek. Food there EU weeks out from getting results. Unseat her own NIC tell me I had no I will be revealing it I think in the game FaceBook live about just went off has heard it. It's that critical from Mexico my mom's idea that my grandpa irons really dark like the thing that they've they're they have more indigenous features from lake certain. And such a colonial history Mexico as well. He's so it and I know my dad says he thinks. Somewhere up finally great grandpa status or Graham Hollis French because you know in the analysts. In the reason we celebrated and I know France want her you know everything from a slick oil in. One game we mean everything you because they beat Lindsay in casting them runs did they diamonds like an alien and how many hits it giant they. I know that's probably why I have to pale complexion thanks McNabb start talking again. When I told me to this task like body be I don't know what an odd through the reactor why I thought he might react negatively. Well whenever Irish went predicts. Didn't we don't know like it could be any events now he's super excited about it's it's as again all I was losing my I was like my dad and silently. You've figured if I figured out and payments now. What you you know I mean it was weird to not make you. It didn't care they now where it's. East as you can tell you one your more prone to disease eyes. I don't know and look at that part of honesty that Ari look at. Does it at different ancestry. Yet. The Defense Department has no. There's 23 in need as well in its history has a couple of companies to you. And I feel like it might change the what you live your life a little bits like I'm really proud to be alone eat the ice cream. Like having that car when like I'm drinking now that the deal about it. Drinking every night just drink on the weekends like I am and I was there I just had to Amylin and England's edited that innocuous I left and I I can't. Lupus and I fibromyalgia. And when I'm in an active lupus flair I don't think whatsoever my lifestyle changes quite dramatically. But what I'm not an active lupus flair and obviously teaching martial arts and dancing and singing. What happened and I accurately and that really depends on what it decides to attack so basically immune system I had my immune system it's so hyperactive than X it sees healthy cells as foreign and attacks on the attacks my internal organs around my mama mama yeah with this yet it's scary it's effects. And I as far as statistics. The ratio is for every one man diagnosed with lupus there's nine women and grow. The prevailing in women of color. We don't know why. It hit it because I like better it'll open and I think that is and genetic thing and so on my grandmother. And passed away from it. Made from the rooms without the hand me my mother hasn't. None of her cousins have been non. The other members of my family and it. I have at apple and even though it's a totally different autoimmune disease my brother just diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. We parents actually damp I know I told her I was super super stoked about that you know she did last year too yet the ad bike and that's at deception past classic and I know she's done this before and she's doing to her mom I believe has multiple to our your bones like. You're my hands. I I a couple of different forms of multiple sclerosis. Under is from what I understand there's three different types one of them is very very slow progress some of them are a lot more calm. I'm aggressive. Basically can do everything I am you'll often find in the spine I know that's how they are able to check it in my brother. But it. Can also affects the signals that your body in your screen brings to your body's you'll here you know you want a grasp your hand around your coffee mug. But the signals just non. Happening properly. So I disease in which the immune system eats away at the protective covering of the mayor's. So it feeders so I'd go to dinner again it is scary. Nothing at a give props to people who normally don't think you Terrence for writing for all these different people's hands on some cash you and I ran anything you pencil and do everything you know even I do I can't insist and Alter fresher but at the same time. I'm really stubborn it's the right thing. You know and I don't wanna be a poster kid for Lucas there's a lot of people have it to a degree that's very different than mine that couldn't do what I'm doing and there's been times that I've been in the hospital there's been times I've been in a wheelchair and I always after those times it takes awhile to get back up to where but I never stopped. And I think it's really important to be for me injury opened a note that fiscally notes I think a lot of folks. Hide in for good reason missed a lot of prejudice against com. Everything from physical health but also mental health hand. I wanna be in the open about it and it's really helped me as an instructor at people email me from across the world. Saying I have fibromyalgia and professor Nasr arrived this autoimmune thing. I've heard that not only do you have this year and instructor can you can how can you help me how convenient and it actually that I can reach out to people and and give them some hope and help them keep two in what they wanna do. I just think that's. That's part of one of the reasons why I'm here and keep you keep waiting for visibility first I'm sure you are freaking awesome. Paragraph I know I am I hate and get in my past where renewed them from the Ron how will will hang out you can stay at my place I've got super rad I don't I don't I don't tell the second victory. Actually seasoning maker loss. And gluten free things and I MA and I MA I can't make as apple cider cupcake of when he years. The front of a little bit vote on the movement. Yes why it is they next time purple yeah I know our house is close community. I wanted it and I'm I'm picking out there wouldn't be mandatory. Thanks again direct him and he works indoors Mercer Island and and I think it's opry one year and not going like. Drink of the Osce I didn't commit an error free access to hurt and it's working history. You want that day picnic kind of into it. It is a little history class and get a better hot lead and come come join us at my school we are drinking club the sort problems. Out. Along sorting your hand can still lingering after your women to him and he equipment aren't they nimble cars and the chasm unequal places to check out between food culture and history and everything in the woman and I know what you think it ordering up that kind blitz. In about what we're talking about now. Just sent it kind of gets some love your dad Sarah. This Sunday is going to be doing that I'm listening it's and the statement talking about mental health dad where having there's going to be a lot can be completely alive which is going to be 10 AM eastern 9 AM. Are at 7 PAM Pacific city guys here at 7 AM. On Sunday we're gonna have Metallica logic Halsey. I believe even Cristo the Celek is going said but we're gonna hear from him at some point is well. Talking about like mental health and suicide in this is fantastic. David dream and from. Disturbed is also going to be apart and then saw a lot of played big name people. Who Leon had deal with this kind of stuff we're gonna have BJ going to be talking to you. Actual doctors from you know we have doctor Christine motors muhtar. In just all these different things to definitely check it out we're going to be posting in on all our sites. And I'm listening dot org if you can't that he dot com you can also check it out. I take it is a big thing right now I think we're realizing this and not to get too deep and dark but I feel like. It's. Awful that all these things happen especially this year. But I'm glad I'm starting to finally see people talking about it take caucus seriously against more than tests within and so because in past times I feel like people would just say oh they were selfish condemned them. In the NB dump it in the have as negative view on that person. Fracture lemon imagine if you're someone struggling and you hear that from another piercing that person was selfish that person was that global line you've just been told. Not necessarily directly. You are not allowed to ask for help. Yeah we're not you're not allowed to be sick he would only say aggregates and recently it's more re antagonists like oh yeah mountain again and they can't handle it. What what I love the most about that their forests like they gave us so many briefings and it in Delhi descent like your allows come talk to mental. You know mental health they come talk slate this we're not going your record like if you tell somebody you're allowed to do so and I think they really opened up. I guess like the conversation with then you know the military and his forehead from my base like to allow people to actually get help without being in what you say. I had a again and again that's equally sad that node and evidently specifically briefings like please come Burleson. And I think that it needs to be more men like Sarah even plain apple for the pack at the east and peppers mark I'm kind of pressure. And most precious issue where amber and and bitch about it I'll give the president right yes and it hit on pipeline that I'm. It's sort of things with their society the conditions. To do so that's another thing. Let's get on I did recently. Actually in the whole island Chester did pass away some ground posted very distasteful mean. On her page and donors and your kids would like topic again pain and she's a mother now. Announced just like hell gives you the right why I totally bitch your politely added insult her. And they do any of that ams and why do you think that this is appropriate. You and huge slate well selfish what they Ding you and I've experienced people do this we know the pain it is only. I think it's more selfish that you. Our complaint totally putting someone down for something they can't control their brain is sixteen understand they're in Arenas you'd think that they wish they could fix that. And this happened unfortunately in so by you putting that negative crap out in the universe. Like you're talking about all the support you and your putting out their for their kids to ABC's them it's gonna share it's had its share. And it's going to be right for their kids and that gadget is there anything dug down it. Other. I expect 1% to yeah. The Fed talk about more exciting things like let's go back to happy Friday. This week and going to be made me there's an out his horns bonds a 17 old I am. Moody's come and find me and moves you definitely be taking pictures of earlier lovely and oh absolutely yeah including. I was looking good over I looked at the picture from last year Karen. Can really nice hole and the guy did do that comment wasn't kidding he and penalties if you think that activist. She is perfect and absolutely perfect and I sell one of worship her like the avatar is pretty frigid. Celtic goddess could. I barely knows about that I had about him. I wanna be the same thing and I don't blame him and Mike I mean I'm sorry buddy but she has taken the I. I. I'm I'm I'm I'm soared Friday. And had a little hands and they tell me what does that mean it's like he actually just got his next Reagan academy. Ring scholar he's originally from France. Oh really. Any amount of bread butter and cheese that Franken the winner gaining a pound and then I guess they had an enemy. A pan am listing will bring better relief yeah it's funny because there is on a diary now look at exhibit I think I'm eliminating and yeah. Does Brad little lie to each fitness because it previously cheese here yeah. Think I wanna give this up. At. The moment didn't have gone behind you so that lifts squats and pizza I added. That it can't I just selling yours is your kicker here. Your classes and he didn't think I just remembering the night I I threw a bachelorette party recently and I told him we cannot go to cost the Hungary. A new rule and not Earl Woods being free. Milk we but we are real hunger we would like new and we had eaten anything. And sounds like Hillary and go to the the food court first. And then go shopping. Or we can get the food court are hot dog and while we walk them. That you're in Moscow formally. Fine and so is that you get after. Just 'cause Dolan have either walking with a steep it's now waiting for her to finish your salad and wouldn't mind of buying this big block of cheese that sampled the him. Well John genes but it's a little bit more buttery in so hard. That I caught up. Where the party do this IE it probably victory fourth. Yeah yeah disease. Whatever was left I would lay in bed and just pop it in my mouth like with popcorn and a and a gun and now apparently went upstairs to change that and the bachelorette. Girl decided to tell us how many calories and like. This whole you know it's an all clear and yeah. Like I like eighteen small square and like this she case but the and I just kept yet I have it. It happens it all out alcohol the calorie I am out of my eyes so again that authorities story. At tightening. Well as on I to Toronto and the lovely school the academy European martial arts I train with them before and they are now becoming home school. And usually when I'm fighting someone of lower ranked in the in the school. And control yet they're trying to muscle their techniques and actually just doing it. You have experience and you're on top of them yeah that's later but it. Com. Wrestling techniques and you know it's good it's also did. As higher ranking member of the need to make you're treating the iron. And I was really impressed with the way that he has the person who like. You know you can you be an. Excellent for a while in Europe before. And it was funny having not known as after we've done and working out of these techniques that we should. And the person working. Thank you for that. Even in it and it was as a very long courtship. Like each other but no one and two. We were part of so many similar communities including martial arts like Cuba it's not do this it can do is. Yeah and then your immigrant counts of dispute and listen now we have a wonderful in Toronto where beer at. Training studio. Levy visiting at them highest. They go past and I talked about two on there yeah. And it's like for leads and in. Fact. My sex life is it. I got paid to do it I know winning in the it's awesome. I mean we can check out girls together as well we're gone down the street about Kerry had that. At an event I don't think relationship schools Astec has stacked passionately he didn't didn't I didn't think I would think you mean you're talking about theater practicing techniques together. Have you ever in year whole career of being a trainer or even just being just learning Iranian backed. Has that I ever been my ankle I can't believe injured girl and how he responded I've not stuff like that happen. Usually people iPad to last too long at least in the schools that I I tend frequent. But especially with wrestling techniques I've had guys do the things ready. And hold you with arms like. You're twelve years old dancing if time now and I'm trying to explain why I think you for giving me that arm bar but he can't do that and and and with any kind of wrestling being on the sort of resting that we're doing here too even jujitsu. You have to roll with people on the ground you have to getting close and I remember one time ticking as organized form because one of the techniques we were doing to positioning getting cold caller now. And he's still giving me the street arm. And I point to my and I go. Now Luis valley but your arm in a valley your hand around my neck let's do this and yes. You know it's it there's nothing sexual about it this is fighting and if you wanna make of sexual thing and get. Seriously make its excellent math yeah. I wake up when an app herb is that mountain here. If you didn't yeah. At all in between Canada and the imagery is now get it in there yeah. Alex it. Outsourcing direct it was wonderful it is. And I need it impacts on a hot iron. Was he part was the young that. Probably around my age a little bit younger for sure but. It's very very interesting most most men and martial arts learned very very quickly that women are not superior inferior. I'm all of us have different body types all of us have different on some of us have long links in such short legs all of us. Come from different backgrounds and that's gonna affect your fighting. The smaller fighter might have issue with some on aspects of working against a bigger fighter but their center of gravity is going to be lower the good how other options available. You fight for your body tight against the body type of the person you're finding the right and right theatre and whether it's a woman or a man someone who's six foot five or. I've got some bad ass woman friends in New York who Blake and tie b.s in 84 foot 10 am at. She's a fierce little thing now it. A wonderful. Eye and she loves that she loves the sword stuff. Ventured out wearing right here fat chat from woman sportsmanship weekend too where it's an event in New York that's hosted by rogue fencing. And they try to focus on it's for all genders but they try to focus specifically on making sure we have a lot of women's tournaments and primarily woman instructors. Yeah I love it yeah. How many tournaments are in speicher different places do you fly out to Korea you would say. Oh cool. Given the fact that I am a martial arts instructor musician and had I ever had I'm really happy that I don't make a lot of mind me. They're if you if you have the time and the money you can almost pick almost any weekend and fly anywhere in North America or Europe that historically European martial arts community or Tina. Com is really the growing right and that's fantastic and you find. Different flavors those that are kind of doing more modern style focused more on tournament fighting in those that are focused on the history in the research and translating and it's it's wonderful it's for the nice deep ruled in two. You said we can't tell you really candidate Nikki Haile I think he would give here you got it got the right off the Ice-T yes nods and they got below its Arab grab an American army and have. Being aired out accidentally I'm basically the adopted Mexican daughter and their manly. And I usually get T like he met us there all the time like fake hits and I. And it has just in nine you know that's him he's trying to push me he couldn't tell us not just. Carried it. It adds there. You. On. That having good fortitude when you're able to keep your keep your strength and that sort of centered answer foundational aspect commercially. Fortitude. Yeah. At the imagery that is an elephant carrying Cassel has to show he strongly. He's well. He. Also. Kind of different with the you know I'm like. I don't reality TV show because a lot of those are based off currently just drawn between people speculate we should just have a show we can all live together with you and I found out at if there is a reality part. Yeah then yeah Bentley left Italy. You that they can't sitting well beats you obviously if I had like nine out there and I'm like no other unions to rob bell. The last was taken my head and pass anything because you know exactly who have died in the very wrote a dense Amazon really loudly then it's like yeah. You've got to for the day but no we travel for sure and again. And another topic to. Another assist them. You know it's a fun. Now you're right now that your are here this thing are you seen this thing would need to keep on this can. Yeah and Iran's answer to our pets are gonna happen or ankle ready whenever anyway. Are on the senate critical and answer Saturday Cooper has less than 1% vacancy Reagan look. Why I was so we are trying to run away. It was kind of an apartment last year and you know yeah that's different and again it is scary but I think about it remaining days literally no more ever. No there's many reasons I left Vancouver and that was one of one of many reasons. And it's probably don't how vacancy it's just that the ease their houses that are people are buying has. You know they've read rich dad Korda and stuff like that I had a puck they got this property but they refuse to rent it so there's literally empty houses. Our nose on my friends that working concierge and they work in these huge high rises and they only see the same. Forty people every day because more than 70% of the building is. Not actually inhabiting I don't in the way he used it this way east and then when ends up happening is the few spots that are available on the people are wrenching you get into renting in bidding wars. It's it's it's not fun then yes thank you map. And at the end of the and yeah. Yeah let me say it Toronto or to run down around I get a lot of flack because I pronounce on the continent's big. So I will not humans are making a weird ones like the planet and and her three. Yeah with Anthony in victory and I ran into the anyway but it did I hit it off of gold Georgetown this weekend force sort squads twenty when he seventeenth. Hole my beer over the years yet. So I think it's dot org for information and you can and if you do at. The grizzly on base but you'll finder the president is there matters and hair and when the road today he's kind at a red headed powerfully excuse me he couldn't even a little is likely. You know and I just realized. Sweet emirates told let the listeners how it's actually kind of thing. To do that. And shall we read the other the rents actually action it rant session. Of a message from the face but as well on my passengers of the Yankees and ready in my muscles Africa games and don't forget that. Hit us up at so on the FaceBook at the bride the bride that cats can speak to whose newsletter as a grammar the same at the broadcast and I and I and I mean and he can call or text us at U 53778. 6029. You of course can email us at the broadcast 999 and T now that karma. That's they can send all your rain access sections and it would have definitely. We ran flash game really got into the field lands what we should explain to people who are new to this. We decided that a lot of people are stressed out there Matt and media opposite because some Christian over. You know I'm not saying. I'm using and it might not do this and learning and talent and leadership yet and yeah. All in bits so that way have the confidence to properly. This practice and actually get really emotional or when I get upset at them regularly emotional and then what I'm trying to say doesn't come through yeah Bible literally it's like. Is this it yeah. Yeah like that I yeah. I don't actually know it is very much your and that argument guys who have worn like yeah. Right up Leahy arguing. And like Chile get outside Noelle I'll I'll look in the Mir and yelled so I know exactly what I wanna stay with the amount. Vigor that I want bigger additive and light which paid any knock off. So let let stressed out we're tired in the FaceBook posts copilot at little. She's bitching a bitch path and there's one we had last week without Donald Trump adds another crap what is going up to. And if it did so. It pales. As someone who drives through living in Seattle I can't stand a cyclist who say they want same rules as motor vehicles but tractor red bike all the time. The expense. I group and LA and it was never this bad. So I drive and see cyclists cigarette blame for me I feel like turning my head or checking my phone. We keep pace we keep in anyway how wonderful weekend keep doing what you do in the eighties. I will. Not knowing it out there that think it. Is. But as a cyclist and we'll see you are knowing. Well yeah I know I'm glad dale dialogue like that in Toronto because I check this. Stop. Light and the cyclists. Me one to run the red light and was going to cost store and I. Why are you angry. Used not. Yeah so I eat and legalese of boats to use so it. Because there's a lot of cyclists that wanna be treated like vehicles which they technically you're supposed to be but then decide to arbitrarily. A follow the rules of the road whenever it suits them and unfortunately that does create a lot of regression from motorists because they get pissed off. Now I'm pissed and ignore in the way it was and the waiter at a car legal. I I have good. Wine he wrote. Yen. There is net there's like a little a little like the Ares that's. It but there whiny streets. And the car you back at how are biker. Obey and you're like I am that you can't go. So it's puzzling I have to wait. Till there's like somewhat of a straight regular pass but there's so many and then I'll pass one and then I won and I like. You don't do you. Us going in its structure here in the city like clips are they making more Leann they're much about what likes like cyclists and being more green beer green like. The bike on the street. And like put to it and in a mock for you yeah our random bikes out been hired a company there's one that's my line by. And the values that I was Smart cargo with bikes a pair that providing it was pretty spoke no active stance you and it is the Atlanta but. It's mentally the people who actually detainees who works here he brings his helmet with him yeah and in unlocks it and he's like did on the last lake day people like not expand and break. Things exactly as as someone who doesn't I'd never have a license and never drove I only aside. I'm only a cyclist and I will say this. Cyclist that he can hear me I am one that he used you've. Turn should ask. Where god damn helmet. Get some sort of reflective gear lights and don't be do you skinny sincerely the rose I don't know I don't and a fairly aunt and really nice that you were her. In the history and there was a sidewalk in you notice there's a car behind you just go. The right to belittle it go I just so I might have you you. Don't use it. Well I think I that we haven't had a lot of it is I don't. Think we did you begin that you can't spend you know that's. Because pedestrians. Away. Night. So that's a great example of difference that you could say. Talk about halftime and all high and it. I. Adidas I love it. I'd like to grade and I and my hand and giving it to my new place in Toronto it was also a cyclist he doesn't. Drive. We were carrying all of argument year so I have like swords and poll taxes in archery stuff on my. And so that you were on our bikes and wound near unanimous base Albert. Yeah. Yeah. I'll definitely a driving here on a bike. Very good flipped off a driver you yell at someone whatever the hell out of steam out like with Angela yeah. Here is being I'm just imagining that what they're thinking that weaknesses girl off at the same light that. Amateur hour. Did you do that I think what happened and I accidentally hit her almost hit them on an almost like Serb plane it's oh man you seen that why you hit it. Was packed sports right but I still at it again life that it an amateur when I did not look like they'll sell. I'll look at them not to give out. It is time and that's. About it perk up and both the Canadian and the third. I could be crazy but this easily one of the sweetest and I'm weird and we'll. Alaska it's all about balance but hey I elevenths and one of the ones I needed I was driving on I five going north that is almost languid. This guy in his stable all in. Is it. Democratic artist part it is. That's important I am not alone low guard in the league I mean I lean he works in front line gets into the next link to the rate of meaning just swarming around going through all these cars and went to like two cars ahead of me in the next lane over. He pops is an album gives me the middle finger. And like you. All. Do you think I'm waffle we can do this we did and I loved it I don't like like you off. There's about an app icon is unlawful and yeah. Do you feel like closed at a youth can you now that you're gauge came at a back upstream at home improvement in patents. Not about the. One my I did have one marine cents from Google and yes and I don't know parity did this when an otter I just thought about it couple weeks ago. About. When working at a restaurant. If you have a part six or more. Freaking called the restaurant I headed time. Nothing pisses me off more when we have a wholly out setup we have reservations for the night a party at the wealth comes to seating for twelve people and then they sit there. Looking pays off and noise that we cannot accommodate them to their liking. Yeah. It's like I am. I don't like week except something together I have two table. Critics who just that I can fit but it's like six and six or 77. Will we really wanted to sentencing table million shut us matter here look so different custom at all ahead they all of a freaking I had we have. A couple weeks ago at the restaurant like. A party a party of six party of fifteen and just like. And one night. Went and one half an hour and calling it off I had my reservations at least tell the discussion and give us a heads up. A day in advance we can maybe grab another girl yeah that's how I act and it basically only wonder why everything's taking so long in my. Because I had to take all your dumb asses like attic you don't have water. And get hired on as a string quarter and it all it got that don't pay attention and down there. And I must get on the all. Developers. Looking at. Waited afterward airs industry then you let them on you ordered its. You or at my thing that anyone might have Martin link ten that are public but. And we way did you say. Well well. Well that's out right away in mind if I have parties where it's supposed to be twenty in just looking at my brother over repair. I don't know wired the hate that there's gonna be fine. At the end of the night it's 51 tiny table for. Screw you money market. Wrap my shares mother he do not because you're you may be messing up my section or somebody else's. There is. Near I work Sunday at everyday every birth and there is like recently there's like this bar that's. Bar restaurant that on Sundays now in vanity. I. Because re make the crazies that people that. What like what why but ever. Right wasting it on its a nice Sunday afternoon and threw it right let's get you want to me an and they go yeah. Come in and they're like. It is exactly like app we have like 45 or six but then this cat is at its growth and Amy come leaner and ams that. And like art in Dallas not that conflict. This is George and I you nice restaurant. You wanna go home amen yeah I have. Only thing they were wearing a glove regularly the club now CU. It's bright light yet as I eagle and yes the I use the I imagine that sort and classes do all down and not alone. Did it right next door and let that being which would like. To think that again this. Evening and it. President and many decades now on the boat. People hampering your swords we listen and as. An after party. Counterbalanced during on not a rocket fire Saturday night shindig you spokesman earlier counterbalance. They got some good beer is good bruise there we had a little option to their last last year and we also have that she is wizards they will be. I've heard I haven't tried that he's with edge anchored phenomenal things about the future and everything my. Actually easily they recently blew there and didn't he just got a new one eye on it rather. I'm percent sure all know is that every single organizer of sorts watch is super stoked that these folks will be feeding and I know I call on FaceBook in every difficult to achieve those cities was healthy body and not only do that in England for options to. Well on some of them with these sounds pretty hungry like the police and on yeah. We will find that she's like my seat right by my other job but it's a bit and I can't on the way to work and I. The planning not a time to get to work and be god. Their story. And I'm feeling that. Mean he got them yeah yeah yeah. But again check out swords crossed my seventeen hold my bare floors. I want it's gotten us into the lectures economy lost some people and then again and it was kind of the whole day at eight years spectator. Past ten dollars. Courts lots dot org are coming down and he has and he has many interests and he's. The due check out accurately rooms and on and I think it is the school and acrobatics in the news circus arts in Georgetown 67 decent courses street. It. And don't forget they have this couple of the year brings questions. Could technically be it if they hire guys I know I don't want destiny to read it grants that over Anaheim yeah. Helpless totally like angry Palestinians and counseling and no I don't really Allen yeah. The man. He. My nose is etiquette is by guys but he's. Clinton.