Broad-Cast Ep. 85 - "Pass the Chocolate"

Friday, September 15th

Vicky B and Ooh Sara talk about talk about the worst advice millennials have heard from older people.


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That aunt. Verisign shoes there as wouldn't it. Then. And it opens and thought about. You're ready we had. And I'm deployed to. Welcome to another edition of these drugs had. And they can be. They got Boone said Erika van. And associated it. Move just tell us what we need. Gonna have a podcast today because so awesome now that's where candidates. Where we're more time. Yes it is a little bitchy. Quite bitchy. And the female thing you probably why when he if we spent a lot of time together said yes why get what gets the all insane. He had. And noble than like I I I bit into a peach earlier and it's our make up days and she was grossed out by a that the face I mean you're Blake then selling wrestler and I started slipping on at the fuel and it was as she got a rope and it got cut. Soul mat validly I don't now dislike but every little thing it's pissing me off today. Now in relation to see off how to contact us. That a during the not all know we got if you wanna get a hold of us it's on FaceBook is the broad dash cast. It's a Graham at the broadcast 999. And at that's all for the twitters. College text to buy 37786029. Email at the broadcast and it as well. It's going to be a quick one today just as. Wanna chill and I go home and not think about the war. Yeah. I am confident we did get a message that. In a text message. And mean and here it is it's quite long ones out there with me it's from our body moves with. The man. I don't know it's on the new and went from not so we'll go six up ladies I have some amazing news. So after summer melt down the early told you guys about ended up missing me while I was on an out of service for the four days. When I got home he told me she loved me and now we're faced but still. My arm is almost both fully healed and I started working out I'm already making progress I also got a news and new higher paying job. That also doesn't drug tests so it all happened so fast. I hope my positive I've somehow goes your way of the cast lately keep up the good work allotments. Now. We needed that I think we knew that date and a positive lives like just knowing that you're doing first. All and easy saying I feel like I was totally wrong land because I remember last time you message nasty said the girl wandering in the friendship. And I said that just means that like an easy lately down but obviously it was wrong and she may this year wrote an anger at our. Always spoke official that is slow yeah congratulations. Go to tier of the arms OK and then and I can't he'll have arguably the most organic and petty is working hand in front line by. Should we get into. This crap now I can have. Feel bad feeling until it sounds talk about oh golly the more I was congratulations I hope it's this last forever and captured the mine entry or link provides yes. Go buy some candies. And yes that's about it making it and write malicious I found this thing and it and it and it annoys me. And it was millennial reveal the worst advice and wisdom they've heard from baby boomers. So we're real any holes and sell and I boomers are parents' parents okay. Or even some people and preserving your your dad kept apart instantly phone category like 405060s. Something like. 50s60s. Kind of a packed they think. They know everything and they give us so much crap. And like you all went in that they apparently think he'd do we think they know everything you know but now we really don't that we understand the world differently because they wanna see change in this world. I do I say when I was younger and actually hustle and acting gets ridiculous but just because you're older you think you know more. Or you know I think. Yes you know more about some things but we also know more about other things you know like we go up different and you can learn from me and I can learn from you can teach you when you can teach me you know any. That is to. This. Number these stories from random different people and Rinker and so I think in three women it's about all people. Aerial view of this person says. Even just means not not money so our name on no grandkids until the job with a decent paycheck and less student debt. Yeah. I think folks are like this but he senior friendly and my grandma is that the sweep of force he kind of has been leaders just have babies now. Start can be. My husband Mike are you kidding me no now one might. There with like and a lot of friends and kids and I'm like okay. Yes that's cool you can have a child I mean you have a heart like to love a child but they expensive yeah like how. Do that I saw on FaceBook that you go by me paid for. Me like. I. Like to help when the finance and like. Maybe you should be have a child you don't know I mean it's not enough at and a better life than with you. It's hard but I mean lot of getting up for share for circadian a lot of money now. And I urge any food heat created bunea. Freaking car seat that's code. And I think. It. And this one's on me the person thought I got recently he was going on about participation trophy trophies when they point out. Now we would have receipt said participation trophy had his generation not invented that. His response yup that's another probably generation always blaming your fault on other people. Why isn't he becomes. Well like I remembered getting a participation trophy like when the kid like every year and after every game at the end of the season for soccer baseball ever. Honor for me was soft on school when he each that we have a pizza party and we each get a trophy is there any money. And ever Brittany the most exciting thing every year with adding care of the trophy. I wanted to hear the nice things that make the same. I do not have a I would annoy the crap I am actually it's my friend Ashton dad. Now he is mechanics what wasn't. Currently make up right wing. That's yeah like you know just like awesome to hear like and I always (%expletive) him off. I was like hyper kid. And the talkative ones that conflict while thirteen years old when a problem I mean that. Her hand and he can't. Does says that he actually did see the hard work I put him. When we got the trophies we thought it was kind of be Wesley. Like we didn't do competition make it tournament quietly getting at her feet. So when we finally them at the company's incentive but I mean yeah I haven't threw it from. There. All entries well I honestly don't remember. Getting one goal and bar and I got a trophy out like this would really why. I habits and maker of game and are we up my parents keep everything for their parents' house and never cared. Like I like collecting them because I like collecting things. Some I had it was like looking I won first places. With yeah I didn't really get a craps I never angry and it really like that idea. OK. We should do if you think inherent competition re like three for second third on yet if I I've when it kids and they won. There and counting thing anyone or basketball or baseball or whatever we. Can kind of see Edward and beans that now and bitch. In soccer bondage. Let's employees at a party that's like elicit a tournament style thing in making it for pacers second place whether sure. I and it's human health I think like. I just kids to shut up and be happy and all the Connecticut in trophies might die because they are steeper about it from exporters and cry and Buick. And I got all those I interpret parties are not now it's just act like you have the opportunity to explain that's when. That's when you can say look you know. They happen to be you saw. At this this it's like they happen to be better they have a talent but if you want this do you want this to you want to be the best at this if you truly love soccer baseball or whatever. Usually love and war Lockhart. Something he wants now we're not sure you know why and why do you wanna turn the because he'd better be our big wine but if you want true. Feet let's go let's start practicing get better CU can get one next time. Oh well work like that girl. Well and then make your group Nikita harsh just like if you don't wanna put the effort and I you don't deserve a trophy. Now that are back on her and think thing I gotcha yeah. I'm skipping through some of these that the summer are done. But disadvantaged things like Ivan told countless times on my grandparents still only worry about myself. Whenever you bring up social issue or subject and passion about the media I'm immediately told that I should only be looking out for me that I care too much but other people. Isn't lack of compassion for other people animals how we aft up the world. If I'm seeing somebody my friend it's kind of exciting is the like to then carry bouts like the social issues like on these protests and stuff it's you know. If you care about yourself you have to care how the world is right. You have to like try to like make a positive impact on your community whether it's like. Just your little neighborhood or your town and city year or whatever like you wanted to all be good so why wouldn't you put your effort into making it good so it eventually makes it forget. That's weird site posting links like Kara yourself as a link you'd pay yourself first like about like their friends staff and I'm very like. Now you need to. You know if you make plans don't like higher plants is these year and feel like killing now like no you Uga friendship to. Like a hold like if you say you're gonna do something do it a part of likable mean anything like. How what the world county and amp I completely stay away from all that. Like I don't get out and it's on my phone about the news of the world I'm going IP I feel like I can't. It's stressful. And I can't do anything about it while my. Sometimes affecting change to dispute within your group a friendly being positive role model or being there. With them if they're having a hard time just being there for eating our own community not just self not using people to get what you want. And make even that is a big deal late. I think I was reading this thing once and it was the scapegoat they're the student goes to class at the a lot of people take this class and for him at the classless. Because they wanna change the world. It's like you're not. But he can change one person's world he can hope one person that it was all worth yeah I think that's kind of like that's and that's not important you put yourself first. But don't be self Donna comes I'll exactly Unita prayers offers because he let people walk all over you you get and a just end up not okay yeah but definitely lane deal not make it go completely. One yeah my therapists and it's OK to be selfish is not okay to be self. And involve self centered. There's a different is selfish means that you're doing support self that's not a bad thing yeah. Let's on this thing cracks me the hell. And you etiquette and of the Steve. Customers still characters and my first retail job any time I complained about customers or co workers to my father I would get. You know you just have to suck it up that builds character you'll always have something you don't like a vice Joba co workers. A few years ago he lost his help desk job and nobody wanted to hire him for an IT position when he was just a couple years shy of retirement and doesn't have a degree. After a couple of years of being unemployed he realizes the gig was up. And took part time job working in a grocery store across the street from the one I had in high school. Now whenever I go visit him I always hear something like can you believe this bitch I just finished building a goddamn corn pyramid. Had to be seven feet tall as she once the once in the center of the bottom. Because she says she can tell those other precious. Can you believe. That. No dad not a clean all the Alley you're talking about that you're caricatures seems to be growing. So fun race. Man. And a part of eats our character growth that comes to plans. Aren't. And I of his character that you do learn to appreciate. Not being now way out or maybe not being that way I appreciate when somebody goes above and beyond did in the customer service industry when and I sending off some of them like OK yes thank you yeah I dare say that you know is inning yeah yeah anemic and I I have customer. Service industries seat. People. That I that are older but I never want to become and I never want to act like and I I'm embarrassed sometimes for the people that they're way it went on back. And think you really allow. Someone has talked to their server like badly or your leg I would never let my friends talked to some like people customer service the way some people talk to me like nearly. No that's cool like what the hell is wrong with you know. I remember I had an ex boyfriend and I totally embarrassed and I didn't mean tale. And we ache and those younger so looking back I'm like well there's a better way to do that. We are getting some cookies like the cookie stand at the mall and panting and he's like can I get this assignments. And I'm like please. She's like thank you make that may however that Mike did you gotta say for completely. The heat heat. Has like arresting bitch face athletic as he always felt kilogram be any looked like very kind of not threatening but he just calico but the but it but today on the and he had deep voice Leo he's kind of sounded grumpy even if it wasn't. So dislike the bag girls like thank you so much issues like them you know. He can do that I coffee while I'm on there like they found room I just linked. I'm so sorry he's just to name hall arms sorry suns had things on spirit like I just totally call out like a front perks line figures such a deep back make. And you may be having about days but like that has nothing to do with your server or wherever it. That apple plan is about being servers you and I is that I think we he. Had a higher tolerance for crap like if something happens that irrationally. My daughter kitchen slandering our they happen I'm a supporter I'm so sorry yeah it's a bad happens like I barely able hilariously. I had not having a fad though if they're totally crappy like. Will we had that experience. In Atlanta and you weren't there for at the we when we had dinner and it took like thirty minutes for them to take a drink orders. An Arizona like they were turning out apologetic and in lake it's a very get waters we have to barring it waters and then like this other table like all the table that got their after the Scott's serve any of the seamen people's us. It has really strange I honestly think it was a racial thing. Oh really has been the only way people well I'm knowing that. Yeah. And a as a mile an and I kind of like we nearly the only Mexican. Oh wait another analyst yeah you let out like let out early now. But I like we'd like they just for ever in the it was just and yeah service is awful and I think there's one thing IP awful but at least like your being ill handling telling you look so sorry I am. A B if you can't or whatever man now completely ignore and go to get other people think Kara before Catholic honey. Because. Yeah I and I will bitch about it yes I explain. Census like you're not gonna get to twelve for me and. As sons and this is funny computer scientists don't make good money. I guess only old planet millennial but I had numerous people summing up to go into computer science and instead go into some other engineering field because pure computer does didn't make good money. Wasn't a good job and not a good fakes that are. Flooded Ellison's any of them as I make really good salary now why the heck what I take advice on and training high tech feel from people who can barely use a computer. Kerio I really all that law I guess it will probably did protect it but I would never on being mystery. Hadley about. This. It's that trip. And assume we're gonna self driving cars I like that's so. Weird like I can't that be relieved for there right Campbell. But. Those are pretty. You know like I like the idea of having our technology but I don't and also it whenever my parents get like I am trying to get pressure my parents I'm trying to teach them something. Because I read something Amy we feel really bad it's like don't get Matty your parents when they ask you about computers because at one point they tell you how these spoon. And I like. Oh. That is true obviously injured neighbors you know it's tough out useless un. And you know not to buy button public kind of I go to my record book with an alien race. This prisons as a college professor Tony thought it was a mistake that I got a job that would take away time from school. When I brought the cost he's at an education that investment and I should focus on the investor yeah I mean money to invest with it. It's crazy how old. Some people a lot of people can't go to college and get a better education because it's a sponsor in upcoming well I don't ever in my mind. I understand it what pisses me off like with baby there is when they say you need to go to college do you go to college because college player in the future but we'll bluntly. Yes I think this is to six shows that if you have this if you and I had to seem to operate. And you had a college degree you would get paid more. Because of the collegiate had to say it again and yes you are entitled to get paid more. However it's like not ever a time and how much stats I have to pay off so about my age I was going up comparison. Via. I. Like sixty grand for some people some there was nothing wrong with trade school peep parents or baby boomers never say go to a trade school learn a trade. Whether it's like an electrician an you know poetry is a street school that like. If you're hairdresser that hair school like yeah Pacific. Mean kind. I'll find them at Canterbury Elaine Amber's here are some parts let's look at the careers you can get. So there's like trade I found jobs for the traits. I know what I live not from earth from clarifying. And I don't like. I never I it would always calm cool school but as golf goes all the go to school if you know you want. Cute study and I really was and farming parents can't act singing silent as pathetic school that is back in Munich and I understand going to. And for your school and getting doing a liberal arts degree just because you sad. So and now you earning an outcome do you attach an honest articles from the well balanced dot com at the top ten jobs or trade school graduates. Those that trade school for years. Not just depending on what apparently it is I think. I it's I don't think it's four years for it by any means probably years to. Elevator installer repaired. Why not most would bright. Without immediate annual salary of 77. And grand. Confer an elevator installer in repair. Dope to an end yet says the job includes installing repairing maintaining elevator elevator doors cables and control system escalators moving walkways and lists. Is it's you know I'm and it lake when mounted of people come here to repair is going to be good for your own time education require a high school diploma an apprenticeship. Do you attribute. Ever did their jobs for everything I might where people don't realize and that's why I love the guy from dirty jobs micro yeah like he talks apparently. We. It's a great thing like I mean even your boyfriend they key is an engineer the area he said that he. He auditor handling biology and chemistry or something that's out like. Being an electrician and yet in school beyond I don't Kathleen you don't meeting again you know you even does have a leg. Utley Alec almost all right so he's unlike terrible on that by. He's like well I just about four years or kind of nothing like it's. Helping with the math side that's on right helping in a school now but like he easily could have just on the bus ran out of high school. In the PR people cuts and actually the put their nose up at these kinds of jobs you know like I won't ever because you like and how global construction. Outfits I it it now look at all of the construction workers and all of the like and I am just an on now I'm like yeah you guys indoor and soul heart in all kinds of weather. Late outside in the another one is a radiation therapists. Well like camera person. I don't. Aren't necessarily am guessing more like X rays okay. And so it. Medium and you'll salary is 66800. Country. And I love that you Johnson and Alex for your school now and in this one is you only need is an associates degree that's two years there buddies get in the program became license. Tear you know and you're with your associates degree in the nude and didn't consult bullet in the community college yeah yeah possibly masseuse like the audience out there as you that massage school and joining me in this is for cancer or my bad. Now hearing Al guy like that. Like in you know what you like and that's a bunch of B apps like classes at detain innocent little things like if you wanna help people earn good money doing it you can't do better than a job as a radiation therapist. Because your work with oncologists which and a cancer doctors. In a hospital setting within these workers help administrators. Re administered. Radiation for cancer treatments. So region therapist require late licensing obviously in his years of his degree. Italy as a geo geological and petroleum technician. And writes. If you don't mind getting your hands dirty and aren't afraid of math this job could be good fit for you. You'll be installing and maintaining equipment collecting and testing samples recording it and compiling reports. God in Islamic front for me. While for your employees deeper for candidates with a bachelor's degree can often get start in this field with tiered entry. And Nancy is say yeah I think you can you may sound like median annual salary is 61000. I am being. An elevator were Paris OK that is my calling. He shot of Lovie and I hope the other on the web developers. It's just the you just be two years of dumb. Tears school associates degree if you love writing testing debugging software real of this job. It's are like 57000. Is the median annual salary. Almost eight dental hi Janice. Elena clean your keys and take X rays and so for the dark crimson strip. Earned just goes against clauses get some of them got it. A diagnostic medical sonogram for. Basically the people who did the sonic. Crazy apparently that's a few of these like an uncle and every time I go to the doctor and take my battle lawless ethnic. Think there'll lake. Doctors willing now about to be doctors leg you couldn't do it I think basically gala the sonogram. A sonic trafford the administer ultra sounds. As well as prepare patients for procedures interviewing processing images for interpretation by the physicians he basically take the pictures of what's going on in their whether he asked her baby year for Ehrlich uterus or it ovaries and stuff like that. But they make like 51000 year he would. Normally need isn't associates degree and the press for respirator respiratory therapists. Many of them do have bachelor's degree that a associates can provide entry to the field. So people with his job report with children and adults with respiratory issues performing diagnostic text and tests. Consulting with medical staff from performing treatments. So now the unique for Q 51000. Electricians on their fifty grand a year median salary. That's usually guessing like after you've been there for couple years but then went out there like. Each stop he can retire from acute can. Yeah hello a lot of money and sponsored company for. A highly alkaline friendly get them like plumber is also on here he just need a high school diploma in an apprenticeship. Peres you know HVAC technician. 42 grand lake there's a bunch of other stuff became dealing you don't need to go to college you can make a decent living. Also defending Hillary limit how are going to be eleven more median means like average as in when yeah got a country because I'm guessing they get paid more here in the economic. The south of Seattle it possible. If I. Hello expensive at Yankee go home take these classes and he can become mechanic you don't need to go to college for mechanic he just to go to trade school to be out panic and they focus on exactly what you're there for -- motorcycle or where you know they're looking at the university technical institute. Universal excuse me that a technician training motorcycle mechanic check training diesel industrial training collision an auto body repair. They make element and I NASCAR technician and pit crew training Oau and don't go marine mechanic training so if you want it like a fix things underwater. You know I think they dated a guy who is he was training went to school to be like a Dieter. And raining and on so about it man has just like colleges are only youth. Now. Has his unfunny become a server because grammar fed so. And half I am I just barely falls into the baby boomer category but she told me out kinda got awful advice such as. You should become a stripper the those women are so empowered. Lose weight no one will ever love you. You don't you divorce later it's cheap. Had kids because I like babies. That's about figure Graham and Japan. And it is the picnic and as the leader Mike Emma Stone not like that she mean. Every actor here on out. Do you bullying. Needs. Like that's like the only thing humid and grass is aghast at. Gap but she's never. Now parents mark and like they would be marks the race to become. Graham and care robbing great pair. Event and I like an old I've you know buying tickets are ignorant parents out there. It. I was reading this article it's the status like the youngest. Grand parent ever. We had heard he had a kid at fifteen and she had a Kenneth fifteen through thirty any ask Graham. And adds the relate died and they look like romantics but they're freeing and we hang on my particulate and her like at southern. But it also branded as taxing pardon you yeah her husband of the but is yen dumb crap like I mean that's like I gave the guys all of the mean he's like. You know you're still young they're still you understand and make its I get so not then. Like howled you OK you'll you'll realize few years and I'm like look here's the thing they've. I like that he was going to break up there he was you know going through like a divorce. Yet you know one relationship for how long I multiple relationships in that amount of time that was our people on line I know more about break up the needed because I've been through more break ups and you have so. I know boarding here in the situation. At Yale and it's strange like when we have kids like her parents' age like what they will be. Teaching us and allow her don't think we know about it because ever in the world was so different right now Alec people like our parents and grandparents are buying houses eighteen you know because any ordinary and a get married eighteen have buy a house in go to college all on Mike. Working part time. Well and it was very so much like that dude would work the mother would stay calm. Like that's how what like a tussle as my household but like that's how wise nor in my mom didn't even let. She lived with her parents until she got married when the ballot with her husband and that's how wise you know I live any. Anywhere else the female style it's weird how much about team and change just handling twenty something years now obviously. Well we announced it was going to be like a lot of people are having kids anymore and the only reason people are buying houses as they are treated article. People are Ager buying houses not for kids you know with the accurate. They're buying it for their dogs. People oh. I people are people don't wanna have kids too expensive at least not right now. Maritime consuming and staff and deathly in its like you people think that you have to like 35 Asia cut off grade ethnic and it's not. Like I eggs though by a young don't they really aren't like I was. Do you ever watch the show at a ruins everything. On the status but both by the past 35 figure to be dead before their leg. 35. Like you kids like 35 are after 3535. Of 3570 definitely their leader and that. All battle that's like fifteen years for bad. Yeah he'd turn 57 you're like he pulled out I said I was like holy great balls you are close to sixty you can't sixties and seventies isn't at all of those anymore like people are dying in the lake. There all night. Body wise eappen fell like our starting my cancer and frank he's starting to featuring. It's soul old male I pay the hump on his back he's got a posture he definitely back. Arts and it's getting some yoga. But it's still sell it in the next six on. Our. Like after 35 at that body to forty and then link there third and your company. What. I mean you're eating a healthy lifestyle like you'll be fine. Our bonds you know and just had a big and can execute with Utley he's tired now decades. He beat me. 2057. C 56 a thing and a cat when it's thirty that they mean it at a charity aspect it's going to be. Kirk eighty he's in. What amounts about 87 yeah. I really need to realize the my bag of violence like it might add ninety demand. He asked why you like worry waiting for years to get married don't. I was saying that you like and I got 83. Like ally that we'll I'll let me. Well I mean if you're Andy Agassi you know but she could be fifty cent McCain about. His life that that now. People think he's 35 is your eggs or two ago they. So according to Adam and everything which is a show and they actually show you. Scientific proof unlike the BS why that these common misconceptions are at the misconceptions they are. It started like they got this deed a women stop having babies after 35. Front like it's 400 year old Dina. And it's just like there are many reasons they thought having sex maybe it was like hygiene was grocer there they don't want their rather than you know just like all these different things. I their husbands died in the war like that's probably why we're having sex that they never remarried. Aaron and hence why didn't have babies. It is also a lot of disease back then. Aides are good they get to like her forties. And Thailand like made for it if you're having healthy. Like I saw this video this woman to you just close to fifty and she's at d.s T have a healthy body give her uterus like yeah. And you carry a baby. I didn't have like it risks of having about things saying mental reason why people think that the percentage. It's on I got here and your kids are gonna have problems so. If you're healthy you're out drinking or smoking like pregnant the chances of your kid being born with something like. Some sort of an issue like that is point 5%. Mark here over what aid you know it's just point 5% to engender. Like for right now that I can twenty years yet but then went to turn 35 it doubles to one person says what people like. Your chances increase they'd novel. 1%. It's. In penalty information see you'll. Be worrying advocate to define it's on the turn healthy adults without the uterus if you have. Preexisting issues like endometriosis. Or whatever you're gonna have issues. Are currently the hormone little issues that kind of stuff. It's you know that's that's what can happen. Now we. Can not check out check at a think it's on and like on like every much count on god to at a number and everything he has like pretty much most of the episode on FaceBook icon up the pieces that the gonna watch. Thought it yet I'll probably take the cricket sex so we just like. Oh I'm for Agassi. They have longer to live now. A it's that we learn we learn and that. As Anil a great old peoples and it's like everyone knows a little bit is there anything else felt like an old person told you. You like when you're growing up or something in down. I can think of rain coming tallies coming into computer classes and I hated it. And I took the computer as a sign of how. Yeah I didn't pass them but like I know basic stuff now. Says that kind of function and do what I can do for my job as an issue. And it the opt to use right now Powell and I did OK so nobody told me this one. But it really pissed me and it kind of I made it sound like now through events like I got me like I got this. So I went to I was to team. And I went to aid bridal shower Mexican rebels are in and it generally know the gals who some people recognize that our friends and your family members. And I overheard this old Lee taking co going to get the bride. To be as she starts telling her she's edge. I don't know if it was like a green card marriage can she was born here that she's Max issues born here and her husband wasn't I don't know the story of the team. The lady says. To her whenever your husband says. To greet him. Agree with everything a piece of the donkey is black and it's white on its. I agree with him in the act you have your kids and their grown any NC every. It I'm sitting comfortably at the time like this seem right to me. I'm hoping that's BS in the sixth through that. I'm not gonna put up with anything like that Allentown and all the world live via. Carol is like not like now if you're being about it amateur earlier being dies it feel like it's a mile and now it's happy wife happy. I don't believe that. I believe it's trying to make each other as. Long. Yes but Allen make you happy in you know meet me between. When. I'll be happy. And that's the youth goes into Joplin get. And aren't. I.