Broad-Cast Ep. 86 - "Cuffng Season?"

Friday, September 22nd

Vicky B, Ooh Sara, and The High Priestess Destiny talk about the first day of fall, the best dates for the season; Destiny teaches the girls about "Cuffing Season" and they chat about bang buddies.


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Just esteem. And. Are there the night's heated. Yes but it. And I'm deployed to. And for the. On another addition eve broadcast. Hi Vicky keep her there it out Hulu. I said. I had. And this is a high priestess in the south that's to me. Well destiny since you already hit a joining us this week. Villanova to get a look at every can thieves. Think it's a you can reach is on FaceBook at that the bride that cats. Today is Graham at the broadcast 99 and call a text this at 2537786. Out here in. In or eat melons and the broadcast 999. And G mallet that com. That is also where he was an all your ring fence is the wing elements. By the way I Michigan's. Tendency to climate steps and it happened. Like are gonna do a podcast last week and then I realize I can't leaves. For like an hour after the work they partner need the building. In order to get the early bird is can I need to be part for six hours altogether the podcast anyway and we just had on you. And habitually I was so happy as flake out on an ample and I hope we will act about China I was already an anabolic dying and I was I was gonna I'm on it come down here right now housing and do that plan. On three cramping can't do because that's a parent I was there and I were all kinds of pitches last week a good idea wedding come out the Atlanta happy that is when I did my before and my. Yeah I am literally how like went to sleep hours before. Hit that now you're trying to there. NASA's so and alliances yet. Exactly as I was Killen acutely and you delay agrees internment so let them Italy Spain and now we chemical plant that went nearly pimp slapped those like me it's the I. I was released on job you so by pixel to. Have and celebrate with a little you'll never need to bring gala pumpkin ice and pray. A little break from the pumpkins spies aren't you know this is full flies break from the month of flagrant. Harmonizing the video Regis. And on the post about it my body German mediation and that headphones while public now I can't hasn't been my body near me who does radio. And gas on the east finished. There was a pumpkin spice challenged in as just a green Pontiac buys his query to at least get stuck at pumpkin spice mix and it inflate. Awfully tuna and. Mean I haven't thought about it like pop. And Gannett. No it ain't that pop link. Moffett but the cream cheese trust that was pretty tasty bit of and a race thing would be negative that they'd be. In company that they would come on. Let's say you go ahead apron gained in you know inspired flavors or rightful. I'm. Employ highly trying to get things and I don't think senator anyway since I can make cupcakes and he went to the US in your mouth and battered them a little time. Spread them constantly I let my my cup cake frosted. At the date and any man at a Friday happy Friday. So it is today is officially in the first day on the islands a lot. Is it did and most if not honor it really is an I don't know that the Pacific northwest thing that I can see everywhere where became trendy on them yet is Stephanie it rained and a couple ice is probably the thing. That's what started daily I'll of the beams -- be like the first custom waning girls -- like there eggs that I had a pumped in Italy have but the final line outside right that even I think that's the only thing that we with collective and he just like no way he I do that and a daddy. I got that's like me all the behind us I still little it. This summit I was nine it's actually like high ball like it was it was OK guys. Now outlets have give me about up I was like it like the hot as a guy I was like OK perfectly can a guy is still the only thing I can't really ultimate big minimum I. It goes somber. And every Howard got. So sign that the U guy that he. My around them and my problem is that my room is the third floor you know let them get super high it's like and sleep in Headley. When you make bitching at an all time like you are always cool because you're super skinny I am not sit down and Eddie. And I can't you love the heat on the third floor I do not need this intimately in the sleep doesn't cool off until I wake up guys obviously and so yeah adamantly that we are bad. And you yeah. I year and I weren't like a fall on. These are my ire during Christmas I don't know why Philly dog Christmas without success because of the pictures I have that that's my that's my Catholics aren't different I don't respect Monterey I monthly news nicely and ensure as the sleeping pants like the old deal knowing I can't sleep in without underwear or like a I like him and were detained tablet no brightly that's super comfy. I you know I have demonstrated again try to steal. On you because for immigrants spiders are on. I don't know I got there and let alone regular radio and this it is the fall against. I. I think the late eyes I don't know I don't know that you Hogan Belli yeah I heard it now everybody's. In executing down. Event that a man. A woman. A booming economic he's so well and from her eyes open. And Ireland guys I'm. Amendments that Friday market. I bet yes the payments. And I just don't I I'm always worried that either. I just like cabinet actually a protection for other reasons that I'm not gonna get into definitely. I am that your hands. Ollie Casey. Yes. How crash. Can't. And nicely. Add in also medium. And he little. And had our dad this yearning to Bethany Camden. Outline of the line line I know it was like where if you though because flaky it'll just like to on purpose. It is worth to where even in May is a back to burn you ought to lower belly bean ball eight ball on the act. I love it I love my days I'll of the boots I love my leg one man is unlike my days. Makings and my buddies I and so many freaking her daddy's knee high avoided a five hideous name perfect you might. I sold esteem might have by an eighty's I bought one from it's a wrestling thing you have I pollen and I'm sure I like this mean by. I am a little Kirby and it was only when they have left him as a concise useful and play. I'm on a clinic of weary of this high island and act. If and I talked about it at this Tony. Yes it is yet awesome an hour yesterday before and zombies were even in Bradenton. And an image now my favorite Alley team jackets Italy via boots items like I am treating myself I'm speaking. So let some doc martens and lay ups and low moderate than a place that's like my treat treat yourself. Think I want thing I'm really expect from and like I think it's just like it as like 18 it was and it is like. It is full raining like crazy in Poland and some rock analogue hole I of that time that I'm going camping ground okay. Nice this weekend I am hoping is and I'm hoping. Not a downpour expect I'm buying a little hole in line medicine like this against him as they say that's why I said wilder time it was like seven years ago was for and tying. Her side never relate. Promised total it to I'm fine with it that usually has got to campsites and -- like Diana I'm just like there party leaders they currently but we'll on be out at ten. In Britain are. But I like if it rains that's one thing that I think. Anatomy sleeping in the rain weary and campaign and now on coming. If I know labor I believe is the perfect symmetry of recant being wait nearly would bring labeling gives either get on the climate slightly smaller isn't like it's. As I look going here. Being in the summer because I always go camping somewhere there's water. No you don't that's was not yet regret going camping once a year at least my family we go to twin harbor which is near Russian chores. Done. And it was this camp site. It was like would deforested that they have a coin operated showers and LC content Cadillac. I told the coin operated showers like my toilet I'll bring my eye on it upper couple plays. From. And then we go like you walk like less than half a mile and here at the peach and outstanding interest rate their beads and sentenced. Like cars outstanding and Latin for all the different but. Anything and I just last I like what. Like I RD at that stage ranking public Abbott is like. The why. I'm really hoping. My reference and ethnic taping at about. And on the spot cam I get time. I've never I never on the hard in like the hired away that I feel it is real camping now aren't they isn't. A necessity when your that really just like out in the woods. I remember I went out with this guy whose total red neck and season high yeah we go camping couple times a year and what they do is they finally collage of that's been down. And then they put some sort of exceed over itsy to sit down or some sort of bucket thing at a but the guy around who little kids Adelaide that on the same block it. And I think emptied out every. While the ocean there in the middle woods and additionally it is not what why did you like I wanna go Fleming island and do something. Or if there's hiking likely going with that waterfall yeah aren't on high yeah in two ways it will. Especially and there's a shower them when he ran off and again that's winding our way and then it's easy. All these things I asked yesterday for I'm Netflix. Like OK honey I could be the theater so the appeal anyway that lets your computer and he said gas out like he will not perfect but like been asked to show NIC and I in and a like. We couldn't figure like black telling him you have no not an idiot I doubt that's how it and. And in a commercial for Netflix but it you can download Netflix shows cheap computer device. So it's like orange the new black which is an Netflix series you can just download each episode you want and need just plain without Internet. So that it reminds me it's not the key. Fall dates that sounds like I was just Alison it that you like man I really wouldn't do that noted if I was writing them have anything on Monday. Aimed at and it is back addicts and apple argued it mumbling like you'd probably evolved oh god oh my god that's. I totally. Quiet it's banned in needed. Even his friends says he's immediately uses 88 era in the eye and notices an idiot he never he believed it he's it. Kyle as loses raid at play first name last name like Europe is not quite that well it's you put him on black avenue as Twitter and in the name. They kind of intertwine habits like you guys again threes did that happen. Yeah he's an idiot and I 300 people sensitive like whatever. How do you see in advance like an old post is east experts. Believe have a lot to add to that I was asleep just too much effort you know at night with like Maryland. I was about them. And. By blitz well again to act on its. Feet. And game. Guys that hit it sits there now look I've met many incident outside is one I was caught in my blue eyes Boleyn. He's seed a five C browse this Cilic right now and so John excellent meaning I. Thought closely together in England now and gonna parties that the then I just slightly. Lake road friends. An on so. I hang bodies. Like lake that he occasionally to play consistently. And you are. Let alone little. Arts. There. Like that they. I did flap that because edit it oddly as well as the as the like you know. Notes at choices that you're my buddy we hang out and we do it. And he's he's he's so that's only that's like him he's a that's kinda my body and so I've been on an. Bang bodies like five years and off when he has a girlfriend and I can't wait and I'm all right. Is like I hit like whenever we see what's before Sunday's we're busy economy and the job. I that we would go watch the football games every Sunday. At the bar Rico and eaten rain can be marry and then coming 2000 it is. You either have. X add sex to their teams lost or have happy sex the other teams won LA it was great. I believe well we're pretty friendly and even gently once Adam was injured as a compliment. He's like you know I don't like being buddies and different benefits you're the only one liking now with the public. I'd like. A couple years ago I'm sitting here like things. He's like bull because you don't think that this is a date. Because like you were eating eggs they went out for early can predict you can go out that hampers birth they so when I went on beard. We're seeing there having lunch. Is a difference whatever but it does mean him from the most part. In it is like. Gordon boyfriend girl where there's a minute warm. Like I would. I would go insane it usable and I think you're the most attractive again and fell out of my mates and it's because he's he is its Seattle he's a musician. And I went to when they should come out to my you know. The ban my. Other in the end up the check it out. I go there and I meet this. You know sat and I mean I'm just seeing how she's acting this girl brought her mom. To the show. Like I think it was but the wage and T Catholic. Have a decent sleep with her two. Oslo. I got in the funniest thing ever because we're very different girls accused kind of like am I you know blonde in. I know him and I know anger and that we are sitting am like. After my sister's high quiet and I am like I am not about them the search ala I'm just gonna lots as. There and like chatting with their mom and I can tell one point by just me being dis gusting Lee awesome me. People there on wake up some weird. I did tell they were just very but the mom and her like being you tell with the wind and admitted he'd take home. I had Gaza I'm pretty sure I don't know if she didn't ended up with her but. She then later found out that their equipment and other girls and he's like. I didn't see we're exclusive I was pretty pathetic on. This is very casual. And she was all mad at center and the other girl found out that applicant with I thought Mike's is all I heard at sentencing him like. As a dumb unless he's your boyfriend on the Afghan and that's a bit lately and Utley was murdered girl and I'm so it was Oakland is nothing like. Obviously complicated art Hitler could use like you can't think of no Salt Lake. It's leg of the Italy Russell and all that wouldn't really be any rules for an evening but you can like yes and I checked indeed it would be cool but also it beautifully hey do you you know ideally if that night. It's that time the lately I do like like yeah like gets together like. You are elevating oily constantly rely of psychics hey give it a shot for shot guns also and it would be like no milk. And then the evidence like no way out of this and isn't a man Alec. Steve beating giddiness. Dynamic pitches from receiving game mission to nearly instigating it you got on hand and it is Indiana and anything else are you gonna like that I could steal credit that she attending to not. Attic. Happening anyway and that's that's really and I was there that don't tell and now I know so I don't. I expect. And I. Three liar very. Is 334. Allele. And honestly those of their. Now you said you said the F 43 times and that you said the spider that he can. Spider Kat that's at me and yep you just that it quite clearly didn't notice it. I didn't mean yeah. It was like within Tony second that it. Those added is that glam image of an avid gala play beating. That and tied me that like my guy Bain now that sounds. He's at and it seems like I'll sign up but I go on and I mean yes there's a slight. And those weary like my wife and my big doc Marten. Mentally boots and make sure it's rock Richard and the I I always like. Every girl exactly the moment you mean either Alex and there are doing well like. You eat make. Did my site. Do you. I have to admit it you're like you're you automatically do your body's telling you you know it's biologically we're gonna get my DJ Gallagher added that it's biological. Like her okay we're trying to get the best. Genes for our offspring so we want to make sure we get the right to meet in your after the same me I am like in my better and I've. It'll be you might get a lot of stress that it actually would if I guess itemize and so that is exactly opposite you're like. Enter. Well it's an anymore or is I Clemens I tell it like being I was like that makes me feel like I'm the only one that might have that he aches and I had an ice on it I'm the spice guy in the south and I am. That's my mom's house. I would be like. I think we actually viewers to meet someone who is almost exactly like you know because it is like and looking well look why is in it he would act cool. It was actually really cool I've. T they. Your aunt. It's I'm Dan blank like I don't hate these people I'm a problem with these people if I had. Emotional connection to the sky and I would be very uncomfortable that's happened before I went up my friend in him and my enemy is percent million. We have an emotional thing in a human emotion with them like I don't. I don't like this and I. Ran into. At Lincoln a big thing and then apparently the girl that I thought she was it either anywhere near that area. She was there like at the end of his comic con she was there and I like. She's very disk and know exactly what she looks like I don't I never seen a picture ever she's very. I type is very different than me. And exactly what she sees a difference and tired of high eight different hair different every things I knew Elvis Andrus. You never see a picture alone siren in my crap this is gotta be her. She's standing right there my mother at Brigham I don't know what she look like now I ignored her. My issue right. No bigger and I'd thinks. Like I honestly could when he described her Timmy I was like looking at all these porn scenes that that looked like had acting look. She looks like eighteenth issue of the incidents and now she's she's so hot and I starlet. I'm here am I here. I nice eyes but I think she looked. No I'm gonna glutted and cosmic computer. Hey hey it's the steep it. And it went apparently. Took a we do to maker's sales pattern is healthy or not. Nine innings and just makes us feel like. Terry and the Ollie you're not calling them out you're not going on their fees but the agent. Commenting negatively on all their posts like is it really I think that does says something about it that we year. Either raise in this culture society makes us have to be competitive with each other even if it's something like I'm not gonna compete in the job or whatever but I think I look tutors feel like. For a big thing for it like for guys it's how girl locks and ending we all know that let whatever it is that has back I be attracted to someone but. I think that's why we're also. Like I nationally just like point out all of her fly so that I can focus on how bad part of me is better than her. And I can feel better myself. You know the end of the day it's like I have to remind myself it's like if she's prettier ugly knew how that can affect your life. Obviously it isn't gonna work out with this guy I'm so and that's why is medical acquit them like I'm not gonna stress evidence I'm out. And they can have if they get it on hotter than. I might have that kind of tricky a whole X. The one the VX and a did that like she's gorgeous she's total bitch like I've matter before they see this. Note she said Johnny casino word. Like I want I've met and she's really get it you eat all you know you rather have him date in ugly chick. That is super nice and cool that hot it happened in that area that what we year. I guess it really handled it you look at the thing that my chief Ella excuse. Scenic sees. Not think it's it's Saturday now he screwed over because I was realizing 128. We broke up around the time I turned 23 so it's been five years since we broke it. In most like let's say four and a half years four years he has gone that we broke up. God and he got engaged got married and is now divorced within four and a half years of that so it's like. You've like all of roughly in the face and then and to his friends tell every one. Hopefully you know formed I can tell there's something in there because you know she's got ties to what we got gone on here I've met her. One as Ali just like. She is so high and yes. Just ethnic and then knocking at my hot wife again you're not crazy wife says. We we hope happens seasons and wished me. I and I. Breaking Dan bring him this is these like 1444. US coast well get me anyway. No idea who I was muscles so funny I am Aaron I ran as flashy as of this means that compass isn't it I guess on the East Coast that means is slick O is getting coal is immediately who this time filling up that chose to Philly for you before we begin may be one arm yeah excellent flight fight club folk like not immediately put an. Now the now. So I'm. Like books like looked at at that. Exactly and hit the event like well like. It's a plus nine basically mad that prince neighborly you've closes late. It leg that was synonymous looked like giddy like a boyfriend on girlfriend like oh you're my boyfriend. Girlfriend now booked him like. You wait it's getting colder air kind of far away from renting amount the scenic best you like you're renting each other out to bass sounds bed is a slate is is just like usually when it's not only with my game boo booed out rally like like is that it is not like definitively in dealing. Yet it according I think that award and it hasn't been that team but I don't think. Looking at what is making me think of though is do you know people make those Patrick for both the single at 350 and I carried that would make it thinks they're copping arrangement that they are out now the delight out. I don't find anybody else you want to be like a confident. Come September October or early in my net clinics and pumpkins I do. Oh my god I would do what they do and should be like act you know and I Catholic I'm. Hours filling out an affiliate there at the summer feeling is the guy he'd go to the beach with he could do this and but then I think if you like you want somebody has a little bit of the dead the belly that you can have an independent bid did. It is it is really as a religious right. How heavy that. Let's Muster up a fake application. What I'm actually look at for a blatant replication and kind of majestic it's cup thing season and what are their requirements. Cup in season quietly but that's like for a while we line would you want like let's see you are single in you're looking for just you know. Somebody left the same food taste as Sunnis and immediately available lately my boyfriend like Macs with friends like them. C ist. Pizza. Have merit and I'm like no and I. I think that he pizza compared silly as he is. It. CP. And it insulates the same food sneeze in this team. Movies. Preference. So what is your me preference card teens who. I don't blame but it's. You are funny things FISA being flat out all night. Actually about a cup and in that epic is it's at Atlanta areas can help us now like now. And of this isn't funny you'd think that there's. A part of that shrine that is an addict so I think he's an application your name and then your grade which I'm guessing this is for younger folks growth let's do. You I don't know it's for college because his major. What does there are there what job would you want them in the summer fling would be fine if they're bartenders to your staying out late. So you online dating someone is an odd scheduling can go out and enjoy the sun every single day. That's not working late night at that he needs the I hope that's like that I could probably break. Manila the more things that some room again. Again I'll turn that would jobs would be good for cup and winning five because it went five hits. It's around it's already Tariq you can go to bed at leaders early worm that. Alarm higher yeah. Well see you guys agree in bake things. That's excellent things on the application that can you cook and from The Beatles don't count of cocaine. So if I could and I big obese so clients. It's I don't want to but the bigger after it and can't heat of it but when and therefore shall. Apparently the same music like say any mental illnesses are medical conditions at efficiently application and a given job. Almighty god Islam looking at lion and it's pretty of course is the DMV one. Try it anyway. That social DMV means DC Maryland Virginia for coastal elites like on enhances and having them I can say the assignments. An occasion no period sex yes rated tile game hash tag Hurtado came and then guys. No if I have to do. I don't don't. And and if we think. In a bit. Simmons that while it lasts at least these guys in the says these guys. Regular. Had them action Lars Magnus has like eight it's. It. How. Bad it really so. Another image at that coming season requirements food football Jim Netflix titles definitely. All of my periods they need to. President that's when yet got to put that in there about going to happen. It I learn something that. And a half body. And yeah and if so what it is this just get a but is Bosnian sweet aid as negative those that if it means to be calm my man. That sounds like some real like I can't it sounds like and that's it and now that. Thing. And meaning and it's. Evident last night. That. What does that. You know you and we now. Anyway I. Know what what she is referring sane business. Is that. Not no big cats. Air and by name it's at. Question puff you will that's why I said cup sounds like his whereabouts and injured another word for your vagina. Yeah who wears the merits any tests that there. And I am an hagel I need anyone's saying. A people who fit the new. Actually I think it's like Iowa public here. 00. Yeah. My landlord to want. You late by the data back to cry. On. Them. As you really want to. I need and let the man you wrote. If you think. Annie and I am definitely looking for him like that puffing partners is. I mean like my body hanging out with. Like we. We do the do sometimes do the deal we go see movies that's our thing and we went and we're watching Netflix last night and had Chinese food oh my god that indices like sometimes like it was some wanting footballer or outer bar we don't Gately way for Inco offer any -- are both girl drunk. Which and I don't remember. But it's as Utley pulled me we're just rattling like ankle pins were doing this now. It's. It's like we're ran a front they get different and light in time we met I actually meant it might be ex boyfriend. But time and him and then Iranians lookup a year to later. At the same bar. And he's a change in the numbers and we just like been hooking up ever cents in new he's really weird is out there having dynamic I'm letting my mommy I'm funny that. Hello I. Know so many people felt like I say they are not there from the same group of mommy's. Is Honeycutt to those movies from teetering groups are now mommy's L. Again now they're homey harper that's him and you. You've never heard that I have barely a easily whether it's very relieved it. Tide did fine this really cool. Well at the coughing. List of simple perfect LTT take your girl on. Whiskey ring dot com name and sell a pumpkin patch Saturday. Ha ha ha. And depending cars which also Whitney and where you ago. Haunted house innocent until there's a pumpkin. I am the biggest where it can't say the army maybe they. You did say receiver in referring to you mean when you just hits you referring to something I'll dammit what was it lately actually I am like every team makes it. I would not went on to a hunted house with Terrell Owens would like our friendship for started well. To make a break usually have two different types of people on top of the people that. Scream and laugh it up and walk away. If the people that run away. Which the end there and yet is there a pool which she's tired status like curls and threw a ball should stand up guy and he's there why. We don't it's apparent that I'm the runner son might. Know now and I am honey I turn around my. Why aren't getting thinner and one Little. League Steve their alignment. Lautner told her it's like a dog I don't wanna be walked goalies get it exactly like that Iraq. Oh don't catch any of the kids don't like bill arts and crabs that come get back as if you don't actually doing. You need bailing acted that goes ga they click on the adults immediately communicated be there at the grains iron. A fund is there and I did zombie make up and we got prom dresses of Elmo. I can fully dressed it's as we've been accused and that's also. And in it says honey house if you're willing them I'm willing. Number three hater I'd. Maybe if I was late yeah like. I know instantly published in public that the corn may. Which I haven't I angrier at him on it so O line does sell frustrated with each. Different. A. And we numbers there for weed lines that comes at us for successful the lake has that action like no other than that bigger. He has idiots need to convince. Now yet now it is my decision a car and or jeepers Krieger is in you know. Acute what they hear is this picture Apple's IQ with the Iran comes with apple taking so many things and that's a delicious number four pumpkin carving or painting like the I had a pain it but glitter and the only reason it went Batman movie outside work out what it's. All after that but it was stereo and that was grossly in history and it's normal it's fine no I had a gip or have very light though is a good way it is it is out of season like while you in the past that the number five is Halloween party spent time coming in particular costume on the streets. To be creative. I think differently for costumes I am thinking I'm super excited and with about it. So like like I employee I think. I don't poison ivy and they abuse a hybrid and lob though like green and gold game leave the light on hey CEO. And a girl by my major ads and make it green likes like that I did you read to offered some of them. You know. At least a little streak yeah Iceland make the fight I'd like that do you think you know it's like that's one of them and then of course have to be some type of of some of the queen and and then like in them academic forward going to be Lola bunny. ASEAN via an email about Anita later. Carrier and I'm like you know I was clinically I have I have the signed basketball from an I ski came suddenly carrying that around but now I need a little bugs that need to. Just am thinking of something that nobody gonna get what I am but it's such a calm at all do you what those men and I don't dare we against those like. And so on that you don't know what I am and it's not gonna cost you I don't night hair and I wanted it's from the show orphaned black hose in Helena and get you would get it. But it's a that was special out again at you Scioscia opposite picture ethnic it's a crazy way cute idea every line so looking. Have you ever. If you're heard of or from black and with the ideas yes saying. That they're all clones them but she's kind of crazy Ukrainian murderous she's so. But she does like I gave the white she's really pale skin issues like the pink and her eyes are eyes always look like super tired. Toll yet you totally get that gas I think it just buying. Just the jacket viewers it was for Jack in the the in the C seasons or series and Angelica big goofy blonde hair and just mess that ala. An issue to the white tank top and black paints Munich and every other people Aaliyah and a clown. I actually have it now. Stop to make everything all the other thousands of like the leather jacket that's areas and I had it easy dolphins Dolly's eye is semen like I have everything I can't accept Allison stuff. Turnovers like soccer mom soccer hunt like the fact that the product is Siemens and attentive teacher ads in my hair. She's like nobody would really get it but I like the idea of wearing just maybe five bloodied up they would be so. That's but I don't care it's about custom I know I have fun with it sounds so. Cheap. And eats. Its. Eagle all well it. Pull out the way may like this. Brittany like like. I love that everybody has there ever is that they're like panic silently for Ehrlich meet my that the man who is here. With costs. Are. Now. Last year at all. And school. Britney Spears into government is on his unbeaten. As you. I mean. All I really an idea occurred and that's easy okay. Now. So I'm. I'm picking. No. Public record deal companies like dress like I don't care acres. Are now. Easy but also. Sent him like a picture Munich and a month unit that apple to look at it that we use the monkey's. Typing. Because I'm a hooker monkey. Like a decent over at like L one visa. Everything beyond. Your bras are what are you a moment. Yeah so they'll open up the one thing you'll have your bra showing your boobs up and you gimmicks and they chest hair and I've got our act at. CNN has always learn I always feel like big like they really cute aura like late late. Adamantly deepest lately I can everything delayed for anyway slate. Like in. About to address public think. It'll it. I like being either really see soccer or really cute fees I think from work and where mine toothless when the specifically because a lot of people who work. Eyewear Elizabeth river at the apple. How leaves it them a year ago agreed to it doesn't complete slightly insane thing that time I mean growth 2006. I. Constantly out wearing wigs and ones that it's big in Wednesday's discussing it out of his league now like. I got them differently too. Much care. Op a week that we do have. Which are now. It's as an excellent Indian thing. And indeed any do another thing on the list is anything related to tailgate a good game hosting parties. My preference now. And you know man and I can't hand if you guys ever have like now why you get that athlete on the July 5 and I worked at I am fine. Like he gets so apps like he came and effort that's out like. Apology at all it's and I make that. I. It's too late now I'll be at seven legislate about it and that is that as an rushing game and go to the audience that we must. Seven bonfires yeah that's. Eight get lost in court may eighth and actually doing something we'll bring them in Manhattan apartment now this is when I was a virgin I have my first boyfriend I lost I. It can't corn known. I was there. Yeah. And rain that there was a percent like you know we knew me out was and he leaned down and get a role in doing it. Both league captain whenever that is almost. Actually yes that's that's exactly what I want it according moment. Aloha Jane. Reduce battling the bill. Like grinding like jeans jeans. Have like I got a really want you can't like get the put a rule like I can't have sex yet not yet I don't really sees them. Also Friday ID I finally actually bid that. I think that that what well late late I that I was going to do it actually could about it you know you know until lately I did it look. And I'm really glad that we do that you need the elite of the papers Billy pad that drive and shine up and wolf. Yeah then hide item they play. For some reason like Ali you like even whether you have marriage of one hour now aren't you had Gatling to the first time ever me out. Like with behind it's not so now remember like. He put his splattered down. And we've got in the mine and we all that in making out like my knees are all covered with. His back I was all government that would happy that we fell. He left and I Ali you know. And we use all the money out when hominem like. Usually the melee oh yeah we like assortment they recently some of actress on the evening nine days of the he aliens. Euphoric. Time. The number nine going on heightened. And go hide them. Picking corn maze at me like I'm wary conceal the trees at their previous. And enter into much. Consolidate attorney missed earnings again. Again Alex opted. Out of being how few women though. Old my guy's skin it's and so albums and a highly of one of one like off that you can. But you like I doubt that our. So outgoing necessarily moment guys that includes those ideal X escapades of my public thanks. It is like this guy is in the space in the Seattle area apartment on black. Of Ike. Yeah. Now. Again bar in and out of that they evidently and top of someone that's living if that was that's. A good. Influence them and now amaze me that the next Edison I did think TTP and then they. Really think it will go to him and does it might be out in the stars in it. Hiking a little scary just because there was quite a lot of heat not like a lot of people like that we hike in a hurry. And news because like and it was a little freaky I know people were like rob. And a I. Chris Walken. Like back. He just stopped. When he won let's rap music and there's like three. Or something. No. They might have cameras leave me yeah. I mean I guess against the Guinea pigs I thought oh no. No and a ninth for. And I don't mean agreement. Like if there with the camera and I'd meet in around. Next shoe I mean eight issue of our. She is is is that also in the fullest sense that the public health I don't think that. To spring extra blanket with little that's on that's on now that's actually fun on number ten is bundle up every few blankets and drive to somewhere at a loss the stars I was really biggie but does that down and watch the stars and doing. Under the stars I want in two I seem like we're guy with a truck. Because you get when the inflatable. It's like man faces. Aren't we doing label pools or when everything in the grew up travel would be eased lately gets them there. I felt like a political interest to be cleaned backers. Say that's a slogan it's on again plan. Mean OK it's just read aberrant and I hate. But I heard it it's not. Number eleven and tonight watchable maybe don't believe Halloween movies. It's actually bought last year and never got to watch Halloween town and I wanna watch it can mesh together and we can we'll cut. I W especially those that so that's wrong with sitting out of the Harrison. Goes gory island. Number Celtic cooking class. Number thirteen this and nearby city or town and go explore. Plain and heartland or did you not Halloween town was filmed arrogant. Lately and I think it last year in Atlantic coast. Here ball and I thought that they're doing a big thing because Debbie Reynolds past the way. And he read I mean I mean ten and so variation and go home and it's written. And forget and saint helens or again. They Helen wait a minute definitely man. And at the end so actually done and look at the courtroom in New Orleans and if there. But I can make it's all about just any one receiver make me that so we. I. Air. Hits it a lot recently actors are going to be this year because you know at past he'd made. It. If you're just gonna go discussed that bill and I. Mean. It's another island hair. And Melanie you Malia on special line after getting inspired by the recipes and the average drunk drunk. Well. Honestly and am free on Africa named Delhi Tug will make it her all and fighter. Definitely do differently now that you're absolutely. As either an in need at apple really do that incident. I want to they went make this as a BO and a cup in these applications will do you rate in crafty things with. Number fifteen cook it in it together with and he still reeling from that path and something. Number six single library tour because he doesn't appear insider not mean there was drunk. That. It. Youth and easily treaty that means you might like Freddie desert either. I like for. Like. I would never or. Cranberry is not as freaked heart it's Greece. And and also on the front anyway so I think cranberry is makes you think the one thing and one thing only. Yeah it's yeah. Saying. I think it's that big a crime that India is a job again no I actually. Aids is so you don't you know with the play my grandmother mama mama whatever. C late love karma use film I'm absolutely a Big Bang them they would immune to it of these is in my freaky like. And you like Gallup prayer is that at Rhode drink it Auburn. For ages and where. The last and is go camping and the beautiful. Beauty of all colors which is I think doing Ali's thing and that's the way life and is only as the first pitch at first I. Airline and fill manner fall silent gelding to get on its Latin fault humans can and it. I think one other stuff violent hand. Like during the fall time like I ever in my room and Diane couple years ago we went to the grocery store Reid didn't think things through because it's around the corner house we bought bonds to pumpkins. Guy how are you know her. It was there that do snapped edited. It's like flying through with a cart going back to my camp mostly from LA we returned the car we went back and returned it the weekly that the car probably at my house drop off the bug in the game back. That's a door ago I. Lot apartment and immediately at bottoming act kindly. But it's such a flight to Canada. What your what we did is he came over my house and we just pain at them we just glitter and everything at a diabetic he Gillick for road use them some of me is that off the the extra pumpkins and we'll learn. Bank of glitter at the pump it's this weekend. All right. It's October. Room. That for is the a bit like I like them. Have him pay everything like some management lately jumped in instantly. I don't debts. Yeah like. The act says that the clippers and they re you ready for in your eye and ask for an ordinary demo. I am in the freak in the am and it's that it's ball. America. These is the man. Who thinks would fit in mini QB like since high either wing play. Human. It's the human like this happening in both the debate at yes I've ever get part of the bakery. Oh and you expressed Jesus of the nose across the street is something Adam and it is but I'm excited yeah let's do that let's let's take a few chipping gets in the really basic and I would have so we can take a picture anyway he has yet it needs so what did you learn a thing. That's all I like I am a. Fall Nasser fall loss I'm a follow. On top of confidence. And you know somebody Gary jerking you really light vehicle did you think. Still think it's yeah I can't of that didn't we and I asked the users and that's us there in preparation for our patent. Call Google. Earth and it's yeah. And this up now and I do you buy EU.