Broad-Cast Ep. 87 - "Sexy Habits"

Friday, September 29th

Vicky B, Ooh Sara, Kianna and The High Priestess Destiny engage in some sexy talk and chat about their sexual habits and how weird or common they are.


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How best friends express love. A best friend I love you. And it's fun and about a bunch of plea means is that pays up to senate seat in the post like eagerly pitching means. I guess I really have actually and it's pissing me off how much I actually relate to the fun. I've been an we all know stated that nap relationships so many damn times. Dating has become such an abstract concept to me. They're like ten different levels regaining before you actually dating it's so confusing and need a nap he knows seriously what I got I wanna be at my arm like we can be boyfriend girlfriend and I am going to life here like wake me up that. As we would be awesome team cup in season and great makeup of these elite but it's so weird that it like that and then I was taught what I've yet. Career part actually like authority. And I know Maryland. He was pretty drunk I waits it like the firstly due east of Austin told finally learning what. I. Not of been like how may actually sped death of birth or I don't like. Tuning heard. This picture you. On the conference. Screen and a eight. How I'd do my my love of his mom I'm dig in this let's and I thought about it but first. And not devoid. Yeah yeah yeah. Welcome to another edition of the broadcast. Time the TV. We got clues sever. Hank. We got. This is the high priestess and so destiny mechanisms joining us again and having it got up. Yeah I mean you know is. The season on for you our client it is over where I am very happy that I guess he then I'm also happy about that. Look up. These last season episode. Of it than the cup in season it is upon as the rain is Japanese the Netflix accounts are span and he did it. I don't know what the hell out one's confidence have you heard of it now there's an if I. And it allowed no reason that they like and a few of us again I usual late. They I don't know being over East Coast and the freeze that basically it means they witnessed a little Cole again again again Helene for the them like I got amorous blood at. You know like I definitely you what you like and agreed that the gifts like ankles lately get a boyfriend girlfriend. That. You get a -- ago. I think and he's. Like and well let it be this fall winter spring the end of for like that. Evening. Both my iPhone yeah. Moderately well before that to him. Contact and Anthony. And the status as the Graham courts and mr. Graham in. The broadcast. Caller Texas at 537786. To mean he can email us at the broadcast. Com. Or has it basement. Plea his own pace but at the bribe that acts. About having these and I did just fine in this article and that how typical your sex habits. And I am very here is an act as a hit it to you because I am steeper basic and then the you'd do it at that and I talked to other people might. And the nation's. Did differently and that's. Engage in the lovemaking in the back there as the head of the class. It has stadium with them both seasons is that is that. A bill out of all of crowd out there and it's quite miscellaneous who's your pain and it's one. Don't want ground because again I think the sealant that you know when you bring about that makes me not feel like I'm in at all. But the other stuff here but other people there that are like. Well well we're about the dynamic and a nice premiere power line. That would be Vanilla beans now now I think an elegantly as I girl chocolate sprinkles like you and your Caribbean island and and and I wouldn't name those wrinkles are definitely Arenas I thought maybe aren't at these they would cents. And I think it. And and I. Exactly appalled waited. What is your favorite place to have sex and these are the options see it. In the bad. On the couch. Somewhere I probably shouldn't be having sex to be honest. In the shower the outdoors and teacher in the car or in a pool jacuzzi. Veteran. BM and parents and be a different though no. I 80% of the notes about. Every exactly like it counts when your how big it let's do it right here and then. Again an ad in the new partner and again yeah Elliott followed independent regulator I have to weigh in bill lately you know like what we just go to about a month nightmare that was. So one of the keys I was. Last clinical relationship type thing had beaten there is injuries are watching TV and he fell in. And I couldn't sleep like me and cigarette up again. And all day and beating up on opera now why did drop on island I woke him up. Speaking into the Laker fan who are queuing up and he's I. Holik on any does that look three over and I'm on the couch it's comfy for me New Hampshire was fine for him because. Used in in any picks me up when to run the actor's off the mountain ethnicity. In other really great as a black and. Yeah that's OK I don't I don't look like massive and I really can't see because I was wearing it was kind of like a one seed but it's shorts. With a long sleep I have this. Avago romper. And long sleeved red plan. It's an office with cute though I mean just annoyed at having it in the rule. It was so I'm a lot when I had you know I'd like Hitler and a that are. I that the filthy filthy round ones so would you do it I usually just the animal species to. Yeah I don't want this same guy brought a go to my house we have and freeware and it modular roommate on his couch on my on the kitchen Iqbal. You know in a dynamic and cleaned and Anthony not there but I'm not that's it that's very disrespectful. Enough. When Diane avenue sheets. I and so like a freak about not having. It. At least that's execute because they're so pretty and being seen and Mason Unck and there's no stain and then do and and I immediately why is there. Really get reasonable week the lazy you know I mean it. Lower. On the big thing. Now we've just make your bag and it's like blink them for me I usually able to supplement violently gets. So after I fix my bed with a blink it's a perfectly on me. But after a couple of days he start to slide off the electrical pole mullah they're all kind of mishmash. Front on. Alan I would just do our arms not that yeah I end here for you guys it's really. Wow I didn't answer I and a bigger rating it's on it last are going camping right so we thought that we haven't had rain. I mean Vicky in the content. But like the so we're gonna wait till like up art but we've covered tent near this lake so already Iraq and their like it was like four in the afternoon like. Keep on running a row welcome back there and I don't you can see this out or not. I didn't I don't know any weak and the outside and make the in enough and ready to. I was so turned on I. Others that the ninth hello bandwidth are everything I can't let that there's some on the locket that I. People were saying it. Again. And. I liked ideas but I candy an epidemic at them like ninety Xenia immediately if they can't it is hotter meet vinik the Alec. Now I definitely had sex lately in the woods. Old and it's. That would that it a use it amounts and ministry is beyond any doubt the next days people were close we a lot out there we. And dump my grandmother's a slate you guys ethnic but yet. While it. Is that you think that aren't back okay yeah I mean millions Melissa Leo yeah. Us now we afterwards eggs in the problem. And life. So we needed in the lockers and get out Eric and I roll like for the April hit. At that have run their outward up on anybody would be like. Last. Night and I think it. We talked about ruthless technicals habits I decided look at the places to have sex that. And when it Google that it all the sudden gave me I think Jeremy. I felt like sex offender registry. Oh yeah. It's important to get them policeman captions you you can get to our own I made my hand Easter I real quick Mickey yeah. I had them multiple times like last time I. Did something like that we went out we didn't please do that. And like we did have my house in nearby means that we just drove around like kind of back country roads. Until we found a place back with the area and all we got like speaking adult instead it was all scratched up on the way up at. We only had like forty minutes. We ran in there as far as we could until we couldn't see the car anymore and I did it up against tree. So high forty minutes a lot and you get no idle forty minute between finding we're gonna park has there. Park. Has now hoaxes around her and keep writing is on how both. And then to get deep into the apparently of the but you usually get arrested for. Facts streaking. You're in public and he's down I think eight. I've been three and giving. It. Otellini and I let my eyes is an unfair thing but at any new. Let's go to number two what is your sexual technique like. Is it hyperbaric math and brought. There are flowing until I like to change it each time I prefer slow and getting back to the end. That's a change. And it's like. Now like path. And Allen were. I unwrap all the time he definitely has the right. Things in the an ailing Afflalo. Now and I sometimes ideally the slow lately and you can slow lethal means and so why am I waiting if you don't get that point I am no expert in humans. It. I again like the in my hand and saying. Hi I'm a person that you're with that you care about cool effects like. Antony and let. Students. I like all night I had an idea that when we went on day. And Carl. Are babe yet. Okay. And a guy like when he got tickets on the east that your. And he's an early break and eight. I wish somebody close to me grabbed my faith not like gently formally you know like in the movies when that. I'd missed you and they grab your gonna ask soap opera yet. He'd go in my. Head good thing anonymous in the group. Hello hello I'm on my face my game. I'll due to intense that's not only am I like he can mean. Health kissing their nose a Little League is because. Lately I guess that is like now load making since they belly like half of that board like like the bill adapt like I had I had the right kind of like bill that recently where legislate. You know which is barely out would like to go about them and stay right there. He was. To be staring paired again. Court again and it did you know. You and I. And I. That's not a 100% think that efforts in the beginning at the end with 40% after that say change at each time. Percent prefer fast and sixteenth intent. And effort to evidence they've been. Scroll. Do you have the big ammo every time. And a and every single time it's pretty rare honestly sometimes. It's not a must mean I'm my partner actually reciprocate and ever and it. I am buying an ugly why it. Goes solely lately recently has been like very very consistently consistently. That yes yes definitely it is half now is their symptoms like instilled discipline yeah. Billick are sometimes ligament crashed he really wants to get I'm like dude we have. Three and a half minutes to get it can you do it only got an idea I had that and I don't yeah it's open and I to my body and like my friend showing up in like two and a half minutes. Now they're like let's go and it was so hot is like we have authority dress pretty easily because it was cool out there and it's just like pulled pants down doing it pulled NASDAQ up as often yeah you got it done I was up like impress him I don't quickly went think would be impressed somebody. Get that way that I think I was like that sounds an island it and a hundred times are I have to live now. And alarming. That's. Yeah I can't lead two different kinds of big shows one that's more of like it. From the outside in ones for during the act in him. I don't get as big of wondering act but I do get into little and the great news you might have an hour. Like a badly along an awesome is not this aim by any means big nice one I get when I'm by myself. On the part that he gets it down south down yeah you really hard for me in concentrate. Go to you know down south. Let me know any of my favorite thing in the world and it makes me feel so greedy. We're having sex and I'm like hey can I ask them that my bank chairman and little by little you. In an. Jerry and it fuels like that is slight hope you will get. A better. Oh you do yourself. I like get that kind of different it's different yes and stronger resting not better stronger. They do things like actually having sex when you're get in that feels really really gotten. But my gear Korea and Cuba or nothing time at the flight. Eating. You had your. Chocolate ice cream and and you had strawberry ice cream but what if you greatly Neapolitan. Sprinkles with cream. Where banana split and that's when I found out so look at him what. And I think only is that good I have sex and I I get a little help from ion battery operated buddy but what nobody sprinkles is a decent and how much better at like eight. But if I act that holds my talents and there those guys came out and other wrinkles downstairs you know you have likely. I think. Fasting tally different. Girls are comes to act you know I never knew like some garlic add some brands you can't get the big during Zach yeah Zhang or play and that's about the opposite. And I am just like calling an agreement imminent lovers to anchors Lou. Yeah all of these kind of questions that immigrants. And our kids every yeah at midnight ebitda and and a lot of people can't. Well I'm still. Okay so like when you as silly and recently lately like we have cool with it by everything happily. What you know how you say has certainly really really big nose slightly I have way it went. Usually like it's currently. Shaking like rock hit yeah. Isn't even on a truck in their I don't know night. It is this a hearing yeah. Oh yeah. Let down like lay heavily. Laziness I like that is like or. You is there that much of an emotional Alley and yeah I guess is the only. Soul mat and then when I like this I mean action reaction. Publicly and left that he was fully cool with nearly went broke over he's there for a we know if I again it was like are you okay take freeze down and it right now this is a crying subjecting your upcoming. These are happy it. Ended ended the lake in dissidents and and other happy tears because you are. I'm glad. I'm. The united. I get. I am like when I get that may go it during when he gets out mountain and it's like it's just mean and I like afterward he apparently claps like. Dear thing out because. Well right after that might. And I turned the eggs and. And I yeah. But I've never gone hears it and I have it figured I was just like that at all all the emotions you know natives in. The department and it's it's almost been two points it apparently likes yes it is her but like. Not. Like I'm out of town is like sometimes and I painted you beat her yeah yeah yeah I think late and I don't ever grant us. During sex for emotional reasons. I have twice in the street or not Weis ever like two different occasions and or types of occasions. One being when I was getting antsy when I'm learning giving the whole bondage thing. And luckily I had partner who has soup were making everything about it is part of the group. Oh. Was there he would stop like that role playing kind of aspect of the soccer. But he would be he's always very silent which animate hotter and that's like sharks just ready to pounce on mean but you wouldn't be one great. It what he was very shark like. It was kind of like it's quiet eyes just staring at me. And just going. To. This. Man being. Bryant where I'm going yeah. It was snowing down intensely staring at me. But then when we started having sex it was a super like I was tied up and Michael weird fashion that was secretly you're body you're sure getting my. Arm is currently tied to my aid my league's move. I mean yeah. We're all of I don't think am I mean you know like I Wear iron and a or iron tight thigh. And yes kind of like a W position of it's it's pretty it's within the Britons and it's clean so he was able to grab onto the road. One. A cease yeah I can finally toppled like a little. You'd item around but we've done a lot of other stuff that involved link wit secondly. Logging and stuff like in it's a very in the signal blogging vlogging when it's come like with spat with which. You know apparently that is. No and she kind of like one of those wits have multiple the county jail yet they kind of they're not being in the unity they don't hurt that as much as I hope he makes me feel very valid but I'll let you all there but that would you kinky mother ever but yeah I'd say not every weekend. In government. Risk that it has to which does IKEA. Yeah I grew by heat problem but huge check in every few minutes in the UK a and he would eat my verbal or to slightly snap out of awaiting an OK we'll proceed to continue safe. Wealth. Because it was new for about those earning the relationships those like me and it is very. Quiet professional. Who come in and but I was I Atta one player having sex in the might that you kinda get in this weird he fortunately. My ex boyfriend with a he's he was hot day in early understood in eastern doing you do kind of become high yield feeling hearing your own body. Can you just kind of disassociate your like like I and every feeling like it does feel like you're on a drug. And sell it answered crying because like. I didn't really know how to handle it like being highly active in any lately opts. And eat as healthy and that's what I want a lot of these things is called after care that the don't realize. After care means when your done you know spanking the name calling the hitting him. Like the bunch all that stuff is emotion even though you enjoyed it. I remember one time I was totally fine and I can't get some invigorated than a couple hours later so it won't be coming your role sad it's really weird because. A year I'm guessing has to do with like you there at the biology the chemicals and stuff you're going high and low yet so after cares when they like hold you take care of the U. Dmitry June OK there was an after app like every time you shut if you don't if you don't do it if you're the person inflicting that. That the pain in south and you don't do refuse to do that you're at peace America east. Know that it did you go from like title. Like constantly the high low that you're supposed to do after care and excited about it. The process of playing appetite yet. I think egging it like an actual professional in here and they can explain. That I Michigan blog. Anderson a until the don't really think that much and word ho are you angry. I've read Bruce Murray and bruise so easily and I really don't know what judgments they I grew. Yeah for so I'll let you can't yet I need you in a share. Immigrant bite me differently. And silently. And I was an outlet in Kenya I came in I can I. I Elena I lacked an ornament and as I can I like. Let alone win man that afterwards play. Like hugely Terri even turned around my department that is closed is the only man on the scratches. And is back and he had Aaron. Beard and the end it. Dean is at the guy returned exactly thirty I think I spent the majority said sometimes but it's must. 30%. In. And excellent have you experimented with food play. He's. A calendar it's not what you think. Yeah. I was in. It and I don't match at a howling and something else it says that I'd actually merry team foreplay. Someone I've dabbled with the populace what chocolate cream shop varies but now that it always wanted to know that's earth I would never there some people Agilent full load where the lights much. Who in each other's faces. Some people like him and seen man and a and out guys and girls. Don't ever put anything with sugar down there on a girl. Then do that because bad things will happen. Deduction and that. You can see it and once you let. There is pretty public to believe it's short. That being said. I was that this guy who I found on ten and it turned out he was into the key piece that's he might need it where it stopped him. Which time. There is that we get aren't saying he is five. And yet the angry one meets do. Like with him gently. On the blaze men with with. Alan and I think. I immediately to the leaders say hey yeah Aaron Beasley aren't Heaton is experimenting I made me. And I exit lightly hitting him out of any light. Hi my. Unlike. Whipped cream I have like. Can meet Hannah is on which like all right why I never evens it Annie and I'm glad you get a let's answers bra and it really unnecessary and it. Big candy doesn't alienate taste day and I really just really exec like you literally gotta festivals in Brooklyn CB yeah Korea and burning man in some plans but once my name I decided. YE. Did he use honey. Unlike. Who go in now on the wrong. On the you're about to make it tastes better. And I remember I think it just like rattled ran and got there in public and honey but they really think that lake. His whole like I mean there are would be covered in honey. Now my forehead my head I am I go to now would like stuck. This all out on final and they honor laying did not and I think if you like and they endemic paying them at all stuck in the all over how're and you think in that clean sheets. No we're helping I would kill that won't it. The. Thing is about this at says only 30% 36% thing not let's present would never 33 says no but I've always wanted semen the only one that's yes it's my routine Barclays 1%. Yeah every team like a monster olive green in my yet it that month to month and NASA liar you know die if I don't want you know every channel. I was I consider that he felt like a recipe and I got back yesterday well I'm most lynching. Next what is deeper for doing the light. Honor. Off. First par. Unless I love it because my room. I have a lot of light natural light. In my bedroom right next my big window sill at night helped all the curtains open. Like he looked a little lights. Well off each like on. What week is cool lights matter plays that change color with little remote control you or so with those sometimes we have senate drop house in my has controlled the house there's. We connect as a music there's some meddling. And changed knowingly music and I read it Munich. Actually don't know that I kind of an odd patterns will change up has couple different patterns settings you can put it but it is and a tank of I had to up with because he was an artist like I did a lot of our Tea Party artistic I. And that we are joking around like what color you are what color would you think for me because my favorite colors always tumbling. People know. If you're wearing blue but still yeah yeah not as blue for but you. Arab League or. Cool he said we had that we're having sex and you're in that meet your goal. It looked like mine and like you're very much a purple Timmy but then in only your red. And it playlist and I called it land. Wit like red meat cold or something. I never out of what color you know we see somebody like you think of a poly just kind of so what I'm afraid of passing that the people some people really hate color of the tilting. That I am yeah scary if you Sam yellow or orange that's weird like I don't like them and any new opening ever since. Or 64% a little bit in the writing is perfect. I am I angry. Yeah the pitch means little and I had I have an hour plane. I have like sparkling in the war and all lines that the only slightly and it will lose it at its. Competitor. I think I haven't had sex in my room with these yet. But I have Christmas lights in the room and I bought this attachment it's like you connect to the wall and you connected to the lights and it lets you just didn't like Christmas lights but I think they are really prayed that their fault sleep with them on. Because they're too bright tonight and just the settings to make an egg would want to have sex of the meat there hasn't been an entire room do you plan. Eight have you ever role played in bad. In light. Like seriously lately I do not like I. Had no of the most of dozens Leslie was like Venus ovens that yet Valium like that that role that he decent. Ago. Here's the situation is. And so you know and this is it seems weird to me it is also know for me then it's an island. I may wanna do it. And I have a lot of work to do like that cost him I. Outfits sexy outfits are one thing but the answer actually take comic characters that it's very different than. All that's not torture again not any great care there might I think. It would really laughed. And Steve yeah it that way and now it's those the carry porn like the sponge on our group. There's so don't socially. I was watching like a DF. Like the Family Guy line where they the guys plays quagmire he's doing like the quagmire and he's a real life person in just like the head Bob. Again. Have fun watching them a lot to to be stupid and like weird yeah I don't mind it's not gonna get turned on by the. Just like the horns utterly. School girl teacher like some other so bad here I point they don't really hot out I hate that I'm bullet. So why it's done me any I don't hear some ground yeah like Al class story that ran a couple of include I think it's irrelevant as the weekend. Don't speak who didn't. And most people thinks it would be thirty some percent that it would be. Answer and I had done what he's Emmerich and then the bondage stuff and that's it. I. Yes the longer the better knowing deport them last so long that depends on how much time we have and it depends on that the taxes. Going through little person myself like I want Hadley media by the ten minute session. And really awesome really get that you don't. You know just like let's get it on balance it's like a levee Duffy crap thing analogy a little longer. I like I wanna do it again like a half hour. Yes and lately that would most nearly always atoms and I did. Aboard that you break in between them I am a costly one that hasn't partly. The thing at again and Pickett. Never enter out on the flank. They lay out ten. No. I don't have nothing opening segment and Google dot LA yet quiet but never light. You must work and I don't merely OK this party happened for me maybe why flake I'm not there and order and the irony of governors or learn our music and interesting notion in my legs here and Mary Alice and yeah I am so right now I had the back room area. Marty. Residents of the Pentagon at the faxes. Have you hit it really just depends again and it I think we just when it does go to naturally means like what it's a lap longer pay for what it's like let's average like 1015 minutes probably depends effort having warning north that evening nor Diaw kind of what went after lunch and eating if they catch it. You're Katz a board it. Well unfortunately a cat is not living at our place right now but will be stands out of state closed. For this I immediately but apparently think I initiate and do your dog. I don't know. He really hung around when that stuff went in my you. Know I need to finally parents lock away. The idea birdied the that they're coming from this. On another. Thing patiently and and the and number eight reject video yourself your partner thinks yes in bin latches did lead because. That's mis. Ella on cam. It was canceled immediately I got element in front end up on economics and it is a guaranteed now leg of the grieving. I honestly I get away and I mean if I knew where Erica if its rating meaning I. Yeah and why do you blame this person. Thanks and yet only Tina and I'll and I never actually watched it once and never cared a lot of chiefs now that name again. He easily in net. I always want him on display at all is it like it's on the plane. I'm not sound make it go but I always wanted to be like you're feeling like super sexy. Really they're an adult the gas I don't act like an idea that had a Harry and I made the mistake it was going to be that guy that Mears on the ceiling there. I hear. That's what I look good coming it was when he is on top allowed on top and looked up like I got now granted I got the better angles again. Looking. Down and and Amir gamble now. Able to. Pilot and the lead right away like after I found himself for it like me on to the heat. Out it could be in the car I yeah Lydia 00 health. That against most of sequence in mainly due to see you know grow parts. Not really seeing. How I can because that's the Atlanta area and ask them like Medicaid and Cleveland and I make sure my tattoos aren't that they see as an ethic. He wishing program. For hope it's okay this I have ever had sex in a public place the first step that I. I ran I think our public place that is Sarah but so. Yeah. What has taken a human being and we bathrooms and arm ideally the back on the cars like and it cars. I was going to last nine Batman. You know your. But yeah. Is so completely I'm tall as uncomfortable at an idiot and really nice people would be like mighty mighty tall guy that uncomfortable behind me now they. Have a convertible laced a pretty much like. For the package that partly in the convertible tops on it. You know howling at any car picking in the backseat is it a little space behind headdresses and in. Colonel had them Billy babble when you put the top down that's when convertible top goes. So is basically a deeper. Hole instead of just kind of with a flatter service gave it means I've put myself in Selig belittle not I prudently pretty much belly button up trying to get in there and a guy candidates thing from mine. And paying. And also note the Utley you know I was eighteen. You've added a little more on each of the more acrobatic little bit of a flexible and any more flexible and and and heavy would you ever watch porn with your partner having sex now at half I wanna see and I imitate the floor and why haven't had beaten the news we're. And he. Gave this. In and speaking into the night. Every time and another leg so then on my right eye. On high end. It's. A line. It's him and I don't doing his lead lap and my aunt is in solar. Electric. Having a couple like steel Leo line even you know. I. And like. Italy even. I really my my boyfriend right. Out of high school when I was like eighteen years old and he and I've only been with the one guy and then most of our relations. A couple technically apt when I add one serious boyfriend for like two years and then he was away for most likely moved cited other guy effort to. It is good news you can not. I have on right there is right there. I. And I was walking by and as like other podcasting. Isn't that in and now you know Palin is saying. Actually really messing around like the best thing ever we've been in the you know they knew me. Know normally right now as I'm busy time by it are inspired by proper things. To me I think both yeah. I can't get well yeah I figured out. We're talking about is you're. If this time I had it's okay for academic Saturday is how typical your sex habits. He actually technically it could. Also be yes Africa could quiz then sure with stealing a I'll just start from everywhere and excellent on here in there I'll tell you the last one you're saying it surprised me. Q is like a missile and speaking into the microphone. I. Gannon and the only. Is the bigger loan. And it's a lucky man if it. And let's I'm glad I'm confused and what was the question to you like there how often do you engage in I'll pain and anger. A lot a lot. Yeah. His age the only time I don't is that I don't know you were hooking up like I just that you were hooking up my I don't know how dirty dancing and you know and I yeah athletic Eleanor who it's with Colin on the things yes. Severed arm much. I. Though an excellent. Just stare at it head there's they hadn't it is having an update eight MM and she CNET probably not. Next to run I hope room do you engage in self acts while having sex. Like self playing well having you know read what you normally do when nobody else was there while I haven't. Jail. Yeah oh yeah yeah I. Had a meet our. Your UNS sexual grants in its like saying. In this call there while you. Describe Kamel reds didn't get. Yeah I don't know about don't throw me an hi she don't she worked in radio along less timing and I am going to rally on their. Get it or it's criticize each mile you drive right. Italy hasn't gotten that Islam and does this I mean yeah. You've patted himself off right nobody during sex. OK I mean anyone anyone's. Not one. And keep doing it myself myself plan and battery operated weight and then. To help you with that like during that's why he's here he should be and act now that daily. I. Think tab during sex of these more sex toys loop or about. Going eager none of and needed help. I encouraged. But the bad bad. Toys. I'm more law center OK well like for you like I girl greedy like sex is great but and I include this thing it's like. There. It's amazing. Okay. I ask for sympathy. And do you prefer to have sex during that time day. Yeah one point 0% and god I love it and I and Ali yeah. No Guerrero. I'd never had so I don't like where exactly be weak AM my breasts go. You know now I need to Wear items like myself efforts at Utley Howard cop in your breath being here hairs are so weird possibly car lightness of the air out. Of the senate. It might go if you know I like is how. Ain't that. Negated that you saw its re tired so I don't mind morning's experts it'll be woken. You know it only marriage and we and only me. I. Morning that yes lasting effects access night. And I do eat and eat it. In the Utley. I will only. Bad thing. Ninety of them weird like in early afternoon. Like penalized if we get up so early and I think that's like that a man like in the middle of the day I'm like so old. In doom. Are wanting to yeah my reference lowered the light. Went out right here in my time you know. No I like fires may have charities as pretty thick air ads and delicately like a Saturday were obviously being easy is simply that Allie definitely Saturday in all day thing yeah Netflix dying on yeah. I'll order food anal. The young glass and I want daylight and to Athens and fiddled a cut in season applications. It is in how important portly you know there. And it depends yeah I mean it's. Bye I usually when emerald ramp up on the ballot to your grandpa don't I don't care don't spend. Like like an all time third time in the Ayers and ethnic and and it needs some creaky happened YE a preheat oven and then it's like. Like. And and it's like. While another ten your. Dad didn't. Now for me that's why at. And T why they make these products make it easier. Still. It's in oh you mention it that's. Do you ask for my head and CI's status before the same answer them. Yeah up there on a press the last at your right and who's coming back yeah he's on and Henry to math. Mean probably in the coming time to be able to be honest. I mean again it's a terrible way I did go out with the guys we went. And date we didn't do it again we just may be kissed. It's a good night kiss it and it fat and he's like I just rally around this is what I got going on Mike and I ex cheated on me on the ice. I like it he's like at this is a deal Rick that's fine just on Libya had done before like I really like you. We had a great time and I don't wanna proceed if it's going to be you know departure. The sound like not as steep but it made it like seeing noting EU because of this thing that you couldn't ask for your ex cheated on you Gaby as flake. I wanna get to know who you are so. And and work out these kind of vagina but. I typically. Again I'd. Say you did in the first half. NCAA and other. Less time do you feel comfortable having sex at there's other people around I'll a lot of it is dad. Yeah me. Think it was so weird when it's like it. If you're sharing it Tyler Amazon like your friend like that I was out at a radio ads in all I hear that aren't too bad. Their I have absolutely no problem if I'm sleeping bag and she's giving him. It like Timmy didn't faze Eva she was right next in the same bed hair don't really know they're all like. Do you are not like I ask you ending and I could for. Form over now that this reminds me of something that happens there. Burned out on. So I yeah. So when I. Linda my first departments. In in and north gains which yup it average at best in the embassy in have I we this we started our party. I think is yes. A bit of editing and smooth and easy. I have I drive I can't convert like the second and third party we had dinner parties are trying to get pop in these are getting bigger and bigger parties. Not that they do many more. Buying I was and by the guys kind of seeing at the time the guy we ran NC you are when I was on the date with him in Mercer Island beating in. Iranians me that I am I meetings meeting comes up behind us. And he's like man I can't leave it up next in this park in Skype or might not an internally and nice BJ. He's out you know this person yet I thought that he'd be as far as I'm sorry could you just like a can get him. You really nice like I. Bite taken into my room for the knicks like elements like some neat they're drunk but unless I know them and we've been pain for a little while we're about to get you stuff. I'm doing stuff for him but yet you're a his Earl has now. And so I'm doing stuff for him speaking into the microphone I hear me endorsed or to open I immediately like put a pillow over and I am laying on top of her right imminent sheets. And I'm literally laying on top of his stuff. Height it hit me and Darryl walks and. And think hey there on the countdown. Nice to give me kiss on the cheek when like he's on my hands on. I doubt on the mound. Is that fair. That it. Pretty parents again like league registered. Very vivid memory I don't like that so and they plan. Didn't. Like now I would then like Sarah I'm sleeping sleep right now and a leg you go girl. Prior to our guys he didn't get an incline them because yeah. I'm Uma not a regular amount of Coleman and my my neck and it is and has really bad it's the. Into the microphone coming go back some years later be like that stick pans out I got a thing of truth I think I've practiced I. Yup I understand that not. Ten I don't I don't mind. And having sex at that other people around but I have to make sure their corporate. Like my remain alone like he's heard me like twice ever. I've heard him money and I'm a little I haven't heard them now it is quite moved and oh. That's right as we're hearing people law and like. Now I don't care that Arabic Arab summit here at late orally Anderson is like legally Kiki lately those cabinet yeah. I respond government way for government reference running like one of the first times we are apparently 2 in the morning by his grooming and score all just like went at it it was it wasn't just like one time it was a constantly you hear that threatening year. I. Know my boy who aren't you know panic. And they. Act like. Yeah up. It like for like it beat top power. We never did I. We are making your own on the long. Now. I'm Natalie is let's roll back this say your name pack. The toys during sex yet okay. That part of them yet hey. It's. Not. And that. I. Was going down out with real in it in it to win. Nine weeks. It was like thank. You went like the not responded and they looked helpless. You must have been real quick. But now. I expect an. If you had to give up sex your favorite food which issues. Now bigger food to my therapy and it's just not happening here and not healthy there. That awful and allowed. On. Board and have sex org eyes and I had to really think about it. How long do I have. Eight I arrived at. That any it's sex or cupcake. It a case. I. Clara sector cottage cheese. I I got to act Kaka guess telling you he unlikely no I hear about it I can't. And then it. But I like. Like how people are acceptable that took up over effect. You can't buy you are giving up cut out cut out cupcakes Hermes intimately and Edmonds. Now. I mean it even eat everything and yet. They haven't lever in. At least picking its food eater however that things that we are battered and actors in that general podcast and it was Internet radio Howard. With that that he sees it even Kyle. We didn't list of like what food like weird foods have tried and she'd try everything best. It was like fifty items. In sheet strip everything out. Again I would get the island and and that was it the two places ever have sex we'll talk on the next podcast food I need this answered my life. I don't. Have a little I would outlets and I looked he's one of these can tell Ralph taxi on the docket. Lulu. As they have a story about it let's Atlantic and we would play it inning and then to. I am and that was awesome week when we learn. And supports you could put the awesome and a good way pig and they didn't care fled. I had is I EEE.