Broad-Cast Ep. 88 - "Do's and Don'ts"

Friday, October 6th

Vicky B and Ooh Sara read an article that is bothering them about things about not to do in a marriage.


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And expect different. Ready. And not deployed to. It bit. Welcome to another edition of these broad had just. Kinda keeping. And we had balloons and ground. Oh okay. Only the dynamic of billowed today ga. And I don't like the girls it's the best content and news which is Vicky. Peyton. That the innings in light them in pairs exactly again. Good enough. And I think I got you girls before I forget. Tickets on base but at the broad dash cast were also on Twitter act. The broadcast and a ninth in the NC Graham. Are you of the broadcast 99 and And you can caller Texas at 25378. 6029. Deeds yeah. Abuse and as I do get a little notifications they know we alum last time saying that Anke traded up so let me know if it does sound louder at the last couple podcasts. I'm looking uses the system that sounds loud to me when I do everything in the apparently it's. Up and we expect. Before we actually started dancer and I were chatting a little bit about all this weekend yet and with high hand. And a but we did talk about we're going to be mostly working death. Working out there jobs. Of leading market out there I will say. This is my one week left mine Anderson's. The thing I I wait until it actually really get like. This next week has lake flown by Hamas. Yeah yeah I feel like it's gone pretty quick last night at this class a clown like that's monopoly happening it was a really tough men. And Catholic. This but this. It's pretty pre EC I will say though I do actually a lot better and I feel like I've done no carb is not well before but this time I eliminated dairy. And my stomach wakes me so much battered so let me be sad because. I love dairy. You know we'll act has some time or just beanie everybody's like just doesn't like is much of its announcement payments cheese sold. And it was his age she's your cottage cheese especially you know. Some. And a Mexican Siebert and it's like at least it is some Brad and drink a lot and am going to I want to report card is back in. Dolan help and so back up like you to pizza. Right. I mean it's as that of having your usual pattern subsidy to use it. Freer to do just line via kind of the pain. Now we can't point six is like. Here rate and a and gradually and think you name out of my thirteenth I'm an outright. Crazy to do one of the Friday the thirteenth that you look at opting and I hound. On. Are you. And nominate via may be examined the other town next week to different where I'm gonna be going to seaside pain historians well. You should get one thing that was what I Angela element and Jamie. And I we've been working like crazy lately we needed some time to ourselves this is what I want from the trip because they got some coupons her asylum in your report and a we're gonna post running. They have and report it. And once he eat stated. And islands in the shopping and I want it Tatis. Should do. If they have any president any openings like we get a little pet typically operate a look at two of that time match. Now analysts and turned up LA cool about it Dina. I hope not but definitely like a week to think about a figured out and weary. But the pens against what if I do a Friday the thirteenth a lot of times they do flash. Like knows cicada tattooed your doing relate at all the different artists are doing different flash which is little cartoon drawings. Relating to credit the thirteenth their back. NC pick one and depending on the shopping go to someplace to a thirteen dollar tattoos little flip at 31 dollar tattoos. It's expensive like thirteen on apparently covers the cost of the Nielsen in Kenya. Aren't just depends on the chopping general. That's really cool the places. 59 tattoos it's just it all the patents to get your tattoos and half there's a bunch of shops are just kept in local listing did you Geithner who ha. Although I did see one of a Medusa head and I was a bikinis I didn't see the rest beat some reduces like. The study also. So you'll. And I got down manner that it chemically it produces these nearly. Well. And I mean now in the day I. And I am going to be reading at. Night and now I think gold wedding. Right strips and and a wedding next week in separate chipped out and close. It. I can't answer if this mean I would be stressing out that in. And like dresses like coming address the bigger than that I'm like you know what I'm saying. I think the last time I was. In a wedding in for the dress that I had rented out I rented out their descent company. And there I'm like it's gonna get delivered a month on Saturday the wedding is on Monday. And then a return address in the mail on Tuesday easy easy. I spoke to get Saturday it's Saturday night the latest is closer right at eight. It's not. And checking the thing it says on its way it's on its way and finally Saturday at the again and it says oh it wasn't. It didn't intercepted in Seattle by the excellent arrived after the driver life. So I wasn't inning getting an until Monday. My problem is I am leaving right after work. To the weddings I don't know if I would even make it I go back to my house would be there and a I have to leave immediately. Column up like you please campus and give mere refunds I have to work Sunday. Get off work and raced to the hook the ball. To find a dress that's similar to like dark blue dress this is so stressful that was stressful I had like half the day to find address. And it could all traitor and a and selling at a make or. And it and I got to. Week. I'm totally I'm totally fine worse consumers I still have to suffer the bachelorette party we got to Wear all white because the bride Wear black. I saw that white pants address I can always that's just that dyed purple. It worked I usually dialogue my clothes that I found the perfect white shirt yesterday. But white misstatements that summit. And it died of blacker darkly or something rookie because I resourceful I don't like it was produced pipeline studio is going to be archived there. Again it's. I'm just. I'd like Condoleezza Olympic about a paint and yeah. Then that's what I'm doing tonight. Tomorrow I had hit a my old remain to think we're drunk hit me up like. You haven't saying now while we gang now. And a lot of sack senate to make ablaze but that Atlanta is and so we're going to be going to the depressed cake shop which at times kind of weird. But now apparently it's sad not me. It's that non Seattle annual event the depressed cake shop is coming to on Saturday October 7 from 11 AM 2 PM for mental illness awareness week. And apparently. The baked goods kind of followed theme like the outfit indicator cupcake is desert. Or dessert is the colored gray representing. The wait until illness can weigh it down or dampen our late while inside is sweet and sometimes color file interior symbolizes hope. On it's mostly to kind of get people talking about mental health issues and I know we just recently had I am listening. On the technical podcasts BJ did that I'm listening to hoard. And it's it's it's good to talk about Hayden took an at a bakery filled left flank. That the bad looking case the bank and annex our friend Barbara and him is gonna be part of it. And really beautiful cake and that check in now we shared two. Pike and twisted around it's like just a little umbrella low with rain coming home. I'll Paul had but it's really pretty there cranking. Little bit but it's really pretty it's. Awareness stimulus go there and eat nerdy guy aren't talking entered do you like to Libya optimist bring company believes. So it's just the benefit like at BOX. I mean there's going to be beard they're tune it. Cain doesn't kids are welcome mental health affects us all cards would be accepted the cache of encouraged. Limited qualities of being gluten free confections available to get there early. And all benefits go to help these programs and all this stuff so it's just super super cool idea Paulina and amateur mean to meet at so I'm. The stimulus funds have not get recount. Have Kate and Heath make angry on the other night. In opium a cease. And try and make Dallas creating effects. And speaking of being cranky. I found another. Interesting and I know we do a lot of list but I solace and it (%expletive) me off as I read it on time I went back. And the mood I was in all find it pissing off now. This person wrote. It says it's like cafe mom dot com or the stirred dot cap came on not and the temperatures at the blog site. And it's. The president wrote this in the campaign the person's name on here it says. Though it's basically the article is when he things no woman should ever do in front of her husband. RI. As one of the best things about marriage is cut the comfortable feeling her level you get to with the person who knows you both inside and out. After ten marry ears Ameritech and say that I have done most of things and I my husband including shower. But there's so you think that would never do it in front of him no matter how well he knows your how long we been together. It's like it's not that we're aren't into may and we are deeply but I'm from and believe strongly in the power distance in certain circumstances. It makes up her profile on draft well no matter how much you love somebody relationships. Some things are meant to stay private for ever. And I was like OK well. Again that's something like how like here's your turn to meet an awful like comfortable level of someone. Cannot be like. A fall comfortable level of some. Blake 110%. Like I'd get maybe. I am trying to think what it's like whenever I get married like what thing I don't wanna be completely I'm like the first one on the list is be sick to your stomach. Like throw up I think both. I'm sorry ladies don't care how much the two of you love each other and how many times he's held your hair while. It comes out the other and the fact is no arm and I mean no more secure all the ripping him pushing that comes with being sick your stomach the number two way. Sorry keep that stuff literally to yourself trauma banning keep immensely of sprayed major air freshener. I'd get maybe the first couple dates are first couple months into dating somebody don't want him in no unite that we don't mean banks and some dollar. The noises but guess what your human. Now we all of the same digest of system on on and I cannot say like keep the door open or anything like that like and I am getting your mind your private time you don't really wanted to be a bother you you're not. Comparable obviously via why. I ain't. Gonna happen like it's it's you're gonna have you know bad bad and Mexican food you know from. Todd I truck but not without the Turks are really delicious now are quick look at elected gas Asian sushi you have something really awful your sick. You can't help it I it I mean I don't know I I kind of annoyed me but you're going to be six sometimes if you want him there witnessing it with his HD camera and plays like I get back. It's weird too because so if you're gonna infect your stomach throwing up to me I have no problem at like I. Don't Nokia gained. Yeah that's gross but it doesn't really deal Knightley can you start keeping I don't get triggered that passer beating I don't have the gag out my boy does though he. I mean. He's a trooper about like if I start you gain he will start nagging pain thing London but. Can you like I would rather. Vinik uh oh. Avaya man appear rather then like I'm an agreement hands reunites MEI that's still really weird for me and pray. In a we've been together for like six months now say damn funny days. I have had Lenny of terrible stomach aches right. Feel like I'm gonna die and I like the ticket can't tell Lamine. And it we're gonna be going away next month and I'm Marty freaking out about the hotel around but I can I. And I can tell him about. You know like he's very openly did I don't care ever on who they get it doesn't matter doesn't thank god he's like that beat the key was like. How does article sounds that he would be so disgusted I'd be like. Did you got it like I mean I I wasn't who I was didn't have to do but. You. I mean there is poop green which I think mentally I love new breed of us malady. Really it's mine and I don't wanna smell and there's nothing wrong and I don't want us on your words like you play bring it down a bit like Al out times wearily when I was x.s. Or with like the last guy I was seeing and like really not feeling very now it's like and then nasty the bathrooms so like and I'm gonna need you like if you're in their doing your hair whatever I'm an agent clear yeah because I'm not going to be feeling that I guess I opened the wind out. Had a fan on good talent but like I just wanna be able had a in my piece but. I don't. Ever wanna have to like hiatus it's because half few doubt because they're in a quote unquote so turned off by an impact lives they especially Ed's been there when you have the eighties didn't should do that a lot of people do number two in the push a baby out yeah which also like I think it's just I mean I would like. I wish I was so humble and I wish I didn't care I wish but I it's always been and the weird thing for me like I fear about doing that giving baby. I. So let's. Things like when it. I've been told that now on the honesty is the windows that you don't carry Europe is your who lives right. Everything is an epic problem answer me a couple of years. Ago come out of the back and baby B. Think you know I think I've I've kind of started this thing weren't trying to be more comfortable with girls talking about it I always never talk about any. On the insulin when short at the restaurant until all the girls say and I I. I knew about him. Once I table. I got a duties like oh yeah BI and house to keep an I'll my team that we all mean which network can answer. Of Blake that kinda like it's like. An up to and downscale. We Galley. OK and then I'm like. And I did and it's really cool that you don't think anything of their people the bar thumping with UN and fatigue and it is now. But I want it I mean at least a comfortable out where I can talk like I'm. Yeah I'm not answer that dynamic meaning care I'll leave the hotel room in that like. You know arguably the hotel I realize some poor you for your making is do you or do you travel a lot because that would be really helpful also then point and I'm on the spot and that's so hot and it's. To get its mark on a plane music man all I am playing music does jam an out there balances than I ever have like. I mean it's I think it's like the random or something like my car. And you know. I tricolor asleep and I hope by the time like. It doesn't get married this is popularly married at married you and everything and anything. Like on Bonnie. An excellent on the list is it your no. Like I try he did not we don't know what happens on me but just keep accept yourself Miller wants fingers. No no one's fingers along anyone's nose in the end. You never pictured nose and it feels so much better after. Think I am not necessarily just apparently didn't like the I'm outgoing mayor sometimes avenue majoring in its anti allergy user. If it's dry and and get up and that's the only way blowing them no don't do anything I don't care. I. Don't mind. He can. Definitely make. Well that's where it possibly your mind if you dignity of every good technical on and it's weird that like if you eat it in front of them look at. Your buyers should ever did not even when you're alone this and all annoys me very much. You should never cut your toenails in front of your husband. Not clear I don't know why the district excuse me out I don't wanna see him doing and I you will get my patty here's a salon far away from his prying eyes. He's a female writing off mr. who's been married. It's for many years that's like they're freaking Tony -- so there fingernails and with program I guess what sometimes they get along some when you cut them away get over it it's I don't know of Allen is in my feet weren't like so weird to people. And I can get why don't even get either so weird people immediately walk on them that and they smelled blood sweat it. I feel I wish they weren't so we like are you not gonna let him give infamous. And I think. I'm not a big fan because. I word and I feel a lot from I like. And playing the summiteers a soccer have kind of pushed my nails and a little bit. So I get like Fuzzy stuck under menial all the time I'm like it does not. Clear how. I'm not penalize it smells like when I teach my years. And everything on an electric. Wouldn't tripping out Jesus hate people like and I am okay. And I Clinton's. It and speaking of another annoying one. Pickle wedgie. I share. Some of you feel just fine doing this let's face it lions are one of the north and slightly fashion faux pas. There are bank. He doesn't need to know that you're and receptions your butt crack turnaround pick it out keep in the streets like on he usually doing stuff. To that area down there I feel like a nanny line being pulled out is not the worst thing he's ever seen. Let's get offers he is. Totally out but if you can keep in mind you it you can tell when some on how that went and that's the most weirdest. Bullock ever play. I would get out early in Japan apparently even at their one and he was invisible that you have like come on like he's going. Down there he is seeing all sorts of things I think a wedgie being pulled out the worst thing it's funny. Alleging like after a couple Oreo write yeah I like I've done that with her as the camera went you know pull definitely go up and yeah I and I gadget girl their. It. All the things at this kind of floss your teeth. Not a big deal you pound as divorce you or boxing but do you really want him to see EU wide mouth picking at each interval from between animal is like an animal. Think it's all. Have. John Bates. Diddley who is he wants you wide out wide mouth you know doing. Like. His tongue is going to be called on it throw like. All around the time off like. Maybe he'll get some of that child food or whatever like you know things like. Add that all those ladies rule equally picture her husband's honor is an awful mean I think she's cruel crazy. If you haven't both rushing Retief and Mike. What that can't keep losses and Catholics aren't you believes that the public whipping. Right. That's kind of thinking and having guys in here to see what they've not. Received pager and gas. Oh and F inning don't her here. Unavailable we get in like Max asked if we can happen ballot if they're. Would agree yeah like I think. Next on the list that she'd your face. Some women do this in Phoenix we'll XX leash. I keep players. Or hair removal either way never never. Let him see. Unless you want to think that your beard lady Elizabeth turnout for it to be a problem that is well. Here's the thing a lot of us have peach fuzz all over whether it's dark or non. I peach allgemeine. I live right up did that give it and Michael I have like all of them I think I've kind of impeachment you know teaching. I haven't a little eyebrow archer thing like a little razor thing from brown and started doing in public it more at a fund. I. I don't have though it. As and it feel weird I'm lucky enough to where I and not that hairy so I have never human fetus before but I have a lot of girlfriends to would you get a mustache and a kite ID two and I usually waxed it play. It's I have a little little the same razor thing an a lot of people don't. Shave their alone don't achieve their because they think it's gonna grow out like a man's beard yet and let her unless you have that testosterone like I've seen women who do you have it. If you like a lot of testosterone or hormonal issues that's when he could come out thicker. If you have the peach Fuzzy to shave off its not a big deal electronic health record via. And so get our guys have beaten up by Anna it's slightly. We're. Naturally hairy creatures like guys like oh my god you're a little bit of stubble in your leg like just like a deer two's worth very well for you be like two weeks worth. I'm here I'm here in. It mostly Teflon I'm African human being an and I. Geared to necessarily be. A flawless perfect picture perfect creature for you at all times because it unrealistic. Now giving us one end and get like bubble like we don't have hair and yet we don't and we don't you know owning you might need you are just like you. Parents. So by we don't really get our faces which is really nice really gnawing might have to shoot a beard like Anna Anna and Anna and I've known I've seen people who you know what they just a rocket like some women just kind of do their thing like there's a gallon and live link and I named she's. Huge feminist icon she was diagnosed it. Polly over can't pronounce it. Basically it's appease some something has to do with your ovaries and you are hormones are all out of whack in. So one of the side effects is increasing facial hair and so issues. It we just like bummer around recommendation and you know I'm an opponent is she grows at a beer but she doesn't make up all flawless except the line carrying them browse and everything she's argument is made. Rate this I think I'm Iraq and says she's just been a huge inspiration to. You know you care that's going on mine like you're not like. You do you and how many guys like Eleanor bits they tell me that's. Really good for her and a like I probably shaved every second life because I don't want a beard but. I think care required out of Vietnam iron. Disgusting. And I have friends new data that I have co workers don't shave and I'm just like. Is on it and it is so far out of my jam like. Not cool I don't know why I don't care of hairy legs. I don't are here it's it's not like fancier who hot so I mean it has gone down there probably would want change trains trams. But like arm pits for a girl I think is so. To like Dyer pet hair when it's a lot like my brother he'll try in his act like he's hot it. Yeah the Beagle bullish even and it's a big old bush and bad like arms currently down on either side that sticky out I think that's weird even if it is on the news so viciously a lot of hair. Under Harman general 'cause I think weekly that area with delay eggs Terry being Harry the don't typically smelled. And a armpit hair what it's like it's really wets and it would hold onto them even with the deodorant and it's on it's it just act like in general are it's a stinky. So anything that'll keep on thinking makes him I would wanna keep my armpits I like having chief market I think looks smoother. When you get your and I feel nicely with your arms she. Yeah exactly cost anything and you slide at dinner on it feels badly. It's less just the smell thing in the I don't know it would take all on everybody usually. You have if a guy shoot it on the ballot be really weird although I would not be opponent ice does I've noticed a few guys that are pitching in they didn't really think about it until like a little flatly yearling we have been nothing yes it's like the weird me out too much. It would so weird adequately. And be like dirt not many are now. Why are you doing bed and threw an F one and then they went faster and you still on a training clean. I had like a forest in. A and again we keep my armpit it slick looking like heavily things as curriculum like. Wearing like a tank top and currently in bed and just like my niece clean sheets like. Just things and I like him. Saw dad nearly a little colder because you don't know Natalie. If everything sliding tightly. Because release off its fees they call that they'll key non quite Celtics like almost that not least the kind of OK a really soft blankets that they have aren't now that's when sheets is. Awful I eighty in what Vicki does on her. In nineteen size bed. California Cain. Next not quite it is now I'll have linking to hear about it and an excellent pop exit. It's like okay you're not gonna like me it'll exit popping then don't gaining that you. I went nuts and chips. I caught and hormones are a little mud. Like I had like one under my nose in it like kept going and contract finally got in there yeah and a pencil in a little poker. Everything is got an out and so happy the panic clean my face make sure I don't put any more bacteria in there. You'd be heralded and a different added yeah like Amadou dramatic day in our in my mere yeah developed by its gonna happen. But this flick is this to gross thing in some something no when he says see I don't want to. To see him do miniatures although wanna see me doing it the bathroom door is locked he can wait outside money but at Nicole. Unexploded belch. I'm sure there's some couples who think it's really funny and downed iffy and that's why you'd just don't do it belching may be funny that's not sexy. Ex boyfriend that think it's funny at all hell again. It's we can I don't reliever I can't believe I got like a must registrant senator something that's never really sounds like in now. Yeah I'm turning handing it out and I mean. In Heber I don't I don't I don't care. And it's. I sometimes but I've trained myself not to Europe. And it's kind of and I don't I didn't really notice who did this until every with the right you pick up all the time and I'm not really pick up thing it's just one hiccup. I might add Chris I think Sierra and it's like. In the and that well and drinking this soda in an apartment just. Scotland the year round and I don't really audible births. In general and a excellent removing hair this means everything I don't shave waxed meter and eating impediment man not to Tyrell. A bit more sharing a shower it's like you can get a lot of rinse off you know deer hair and a shave my legs in the senate yeah it's cold. Every thing and before our pit lay eggs who. And Renee and all they want help but a new job and you're now. All wells are interesting because you shaving who and I expect I do weird plea eighth inning yeah and a lot honestly thought men only got. All of the ability that I still I do deeper Scott Allen my. Masters water like it but if it's kind. You see my showers those small I'll I'll I don't are open volume actual shower. I gain my showers. One person super super tiny. Now if I did that's why buy it when you would put. Her and in everything I do I have a path to bat. On music like. That's pretty. Cannon is independent. Tricky but I can't they can't explain that a fool Tatis sleeve on his arm. Huge it is arms and we take turns out arteries there. Achieve is arms that could feel the heat illness tattoos and Ali shame that are yes always at once every couple weeks. Ordinary fans that he so again at work and he's excited and all this money to not Charlotte office have a covered by by our hair Aaron. That it. It's between a Tweeter I browser. Get noticed poop so really innocent you disagree with mean I think the family who hoops together stays at an hour if you think. You know like sometimes it's gonna I wasn't serving at like this and I wish it wasn't so like frowned upon that female do you like at that wasn't in our world like anchor with my mom. On the number two with the door open like I needed human here's something it's like okay. See like an odd that I spoke with non. And no really talked. So it's so different from like I. Am like now we'd end. Growth that he was like why. Could he was totally grouped differently with its. Like in the far Hamburg alzheimer's and I like. Read I burp and fart everything now when he sweeper that sometimes lead. This idea of us would light like old heinous whenever pursuits to Egypt opened as a cat who held a dying in that other fun at all. But it was like at and whatever happened the way it's it's happening. My mom my dad once we got a hole he's not going in the open. Now yet. Just causes. You did that aid where it's weird yeah liquid has seen naked ish Nan and a primer on does it when my brother is around because I don't read released. We're not home at the same time news and other and I just keep the door open it's batter Ryan yeah so. You console you are years. I'm our she just it's changing it again changing social. He's dependent on two and the Catholic open and it will be it'll begin there when going number Q does not pleasant. It. He's a guy. Men. And down and that being in the but. Whoop whoop me. Wrath. Not this little I kind again it moderately. Because there he is leading. Drive badly. You know you get a brand new car he taken off a lot after spending more than 30000 obsolete now I don't know that I've actually and you probably scratch your right in front of him he had don't do that or if you do cover your ears and block things or if you're being the car better do it ties or elsewhere. Not saying run around like idiots and drive like immediately nobody wants to be in a car with an even tried it. I hate this one especially if you think that brought to spot other knock are meant to do that you think bitches. Purposefully drive back I like I'm bad right RW. I I can't I can't. I help. That I suck at driving with a man weapons that are not like. You think I am trying to like take eight times herald park no okay. In usage of that maybe you should be thriving but what they do. Really pass. I was expecting. I doubt it whenever I have a mule car that for years now. And anybody that comes into effect what it Judeo and I don't like somebody like somebody my car is today. Like against but a scrape at the white I'm sure I can golf app with whatever. I was so I think it's a game Mary com about it only if it was like it and yeah. And you might and I totally got ahead and like somebody at my car when I was at work well at the restaurants so I don't know what was because that nobody knows playground. Parts like idiots via Seattle they're gonna hit my car. And so let me. At them and performing at comics too would who'd do a redo I just hate that this thing and parents like me like. Why it waited. Why they why would purposely drive about him and make Andre about them well don't have that in general looking and waiting. Understand it your best in the past he sounds. This is criticizes manhood. Would you like to be said he had small breast that didn't do it for an error an ugly vagina and now they don't do the same it's not funny ever the sonic kind of agree. I do know I'm pretty bad at that LaMont and I am I mean I don't criticize. I just I players highly poke fun okay. Like and I accidentally say some things like. Puzzled I do Monday but not really that is a little and I'm like how Arnold the large man doing hello my crowd my blood again. And my mind blowing amazing that he hopes to. Criticize I think it's the girl's when you're in my eight. The one that immediately gophers the dog's eyes allies and I just like. I might. I had to take you out liking have you liked in the US at a time. Beep beep beep beep it's just click OK if necessary here it's like you know and look at justice and a guy said that about. Are we would get sole. Rate. I think it was accidental but if it's kind of an all fund like what you did that's not a big deal and I Dick about it. Then via the apple compatible even accused of in Munich power and a little Booth doing Avic. Bullet and let the public and hooked up with a buddy Owens when I was like when he. And had because you know he's dated women Wear he is a thing for plus size women. And so I was like I am I was one of the smaller girls at her apartment. Sony grab my big observers that means like in the next little him. Why does he was used in Babel little so he's like their nice little him. The third candidate actively no I mean like it's Perkins like another good is I think my hand out half heartedly that guy who would need aid. And I know he didn't mean that. Way but clearly does what an pummeling him grow this. And a this this Martha stepped on a scale if he's not ask you buy your way he's an island seat either right makes cents. I personally would never stepped on scale and for an. Probably anyone except for the doctor. And even if he went to the doctor's office and I would tell him to turn around and I closed my eyes I've dug up a far you want and years ahead. No I don't wanna know might not a good deal anybody it's not that eagle can now no I don't anyone yet you don't know either and no BK okay I know he and I know I would like. Fixate 568 totally. My guy knowing that I don't like either via land because they knew you'd feel like easy judge like yeah exactly accurately. I don't think weight matters so much anymore there is this picture. Roaming around this girl or people are tweeting stuff like if you're over this weights. In island aware crop top shirts you're not aware short shorts or my way. Iowa and like if you were more than this wait is as she stepped on a scale she was behind Alex like oh my god she with the snow channel. Stepped on the scale as you like a 140 issues like my excellence in Allentown it's Tony should be able boobs. Eagle hats and she's just what she wore cropped top and stuff. With the Sox and everything so it really. Do it get our allies about I think I find it after the podcast. It doesn't necessarily in the number itself is in it's a big deal because they can looking leaks if they like what you see that one of the number did you. Yeah I've seen them people post like a picture of them from a few years ago where they are bay and a picture now and then like in shape in town and their like this is the same way. Like I am the same way and Atlanta LC has more than yeah yeah yeah and so that makes me feel latter but I still numb myself that if I looked at a number I would be Mary. Just your personal preference like can he be you know like it's its economy. Like it in the neck. This is bad unity. She needed it can be rape but it cannot be that we're talking things like chores or other mundane tasks where you ended move around all your stuff comes out not sexy. Let's. Now if you love me like what do you do you have sex just life they're flat yield role officer and I'm gonna be on top if your predictions show. When he did you honey and temperature and cleaning them boob pops. Like who he's he doesn't care about anything in my rule like Rolen batted point I don't cower like I can't. You know I I stopped short shorts and a sting top O'Brien just me and it's so sexy. Or mental is likely that you. I'm like it's them. Is it just me you can think if I was in two girls I would notably in south as sexy plague normal every case yet. In and make it all the time probably pray like I just. Just your talent what's Netflix and problem they think about it a leg due doing and then be if anything you tell your story and my kids. Is anxious. Like he's claiming he's was it dusting the cabinets and helix and I am I gonna get down on the key to opt out of I was just how like different my guys and girls aren't the ban them about really. I'd be not so funny. That it it will hire obviously immediately to that area and I like it. I had yeah I expected that this plane and come back. Units of the public a little Sammy cloth around on why. It's. So there and didn't sit. On. His art. Like lots of good things happen at this answer is the art in tents in and make it means. It's nice. Oh like I have a huge problem that's 1. Writing it I am so how old. It's never guns and I'm like a furry about our doing air cover and music to spite fuel lines so. He's right he's becoming profitable in Munich Alex and then he's trying to make me comfortable and he's like trend mark I'm so old in my mind about it. And sometimes I spent like in legit pain because I know I have to do my mind well this guy. Get over that you don't saying yeah it's not good to keep your stomach is like. You're like handle it. And you know about it on the latter not. I know. I guess heart it's a tough one how. One because the client let pass like a long term boyfriend adequately about a year. He won immediate comfortable with him as possible so he would when he T my basic tenant keeping its cerner heard that you can't light up. Is that your son actor and I guess I think you had a part time you. And I'm like no exit he would get on top me with my stomach that I need you apart and need to be OK with that late averaging in my stomach no. Like. Up until I got I didn't say that. And you know like eventually I started like once he started doing it around him and it's lonely. And like if you look Alaska I think I started doing that around him like dude I'm in my pajamas and comfortable and we just eat. Doubt anger and hate. Ideally just eating and drinking right every line. That's. Your body. Oh. I could not see again exactly may lead Denver couple days a couple months. I'm really digging you in your mantle play different and you can't handle me parting that you can't be my. Like in mind it's me and it took a long time to use so I'm not judging you board and in maybe one day you'll kind of V ultimately not meet. Up. This is pretty surely you sleep and mine and then I'm only like adults. Or flaky egg rolls over like right after. He. Who cannot put our. Those are stupid sport a facial mask. These are calling it near the mask the only thing in scampered tunic like you aren't those the editor and like so what I would rock that I know let me do it rockets didn't exactly. That you and I am an average. The kind of them. Good and I don't I don't wanna see somebody else did I've seen people do it doesn't necessarily bother me but it's like if my choice of not Stallone's. Is. The tampons situation either more when you got a new planner whatever. Are now do it. It might not in group B earth by an evening but he. What her like I forgot. Where not to get a bowl. Take him on the doing and I liked. And and it happens upstairs and that's an aunt annie's roommates since an economic. Hebert Ehrlich something down hair my clothes do you make music on the economic. You like her like that it's so now he put out ninety like. What might apparently. Now. Read it or not right it's going to be I that would be funny in the shower at like pulling the plug like when the old school back again. It's funny too because at that both like out there some like how do you like a lot of heat hourly and I don't I wouldn't let him DT I think I'm like OK you know what I'd go for yeah. Yeah I don't see anybody else think now and I've seen people and it's like okay whatever allied signal locker around. I don't now. It's costing like if you're the only time it doesn't happen it is just unsanitary because there's a lot of stuff like who and its transfer your blood and if you're just doing it on the open. We're freaking C handles the GM. Yeah a dollar sandals to answer on other camp on there and a naked and in the Sauna legs wide it's. It's analyzing somebody make it or any of that it's like do you understand how disgusting it's on the shot showers and locker rooms are. And it's is that it even if you don't get discussing do it for our benefit that we don't know what the hell you might have whether it's hepatitis. Or whatever blood borne pathogens or even if you're healthy like it's still disgusting and my yes I know I used campaign and it's him onto it as bad and it like Adam and on earth I barely honestly not. Rate it's also any riled up you should never exercise in front of your husband honestly I don't care and sheep you are no muscle look. Look their best actor dripping sweat all over the treadmill for forty admit also exercising or failing and it's exciting to me embarrassing and I don't want anyone to watch that. He is nothing. If you're with your husband husband. Even lie lifelong partner. You don't have to look your best 24/7 and I think what's more important is for you to your mental and emotional acts. I mean. It's so stupid because if you think an ideal marriage is one where you are looking pretty all the time in front of his eyes. I'm not now as not a real relationship. And it's not destined to succeed unless you're waiting for image you onion back. Honestly Laker for him to find comfort in someone should say. It Baptist crazy to me like I don't sometimes I'm I actually see myself when Daly being with somebody who may not be going through it's a great time whether it's. And we all have our yeah and now wife with you with the most amazing person or not and I'd rather see him take steps to being at his emotional. And mental bounced whether it's their B whether it is exercise action is gonna help his emotional state mental state. I doesn't look like a 100% sexy all the time doesn't have like chiseled body year. Like Fermi has some Catholic you're working out together like that is like relations. Goals violate legit if you Q are going to a gym to gather sweating which. Honestly. Work now to. It's. Now I am causing all the at this time around it's that's so sexy. Us I'm pretty sure some that are sacks an exercise where you sweat. You know looking your best you're not looking at bats I seem porn stars but the beginning of the born in the end it'll look great credit probably dictate if it takes to reunite. You'd Emeka make happens like. What kind of unrealistic relationship as the that you seriously. Next on his get dressed. It's definitely a bigger issue for some women than others and let's face it it's not flattering your jiggling your booty into action skinny jeans and greatly on getting there on the most fun. The guy to help me like hey hold these teen line definitely helped pull up man I can't and I need your help dude jumping and the nightly in the way to go. I. I. Stupid pop ups or Alec I. Really down meaning air and watch me down on Spain and again that's excellent now. Watch track trashy TV. Yes we love the dog is just as much as you do but it's definitely an indulgence being needles in my ourselves in its law. I HD. Mike or boyfriend bats. I I have been him turning on to some reality TV. As a like. We watch Netflix or you watch recorded shows are never but we like switch off. Yeah I think I am like yeah I'm really in addition Okinawa object he's acute care hugely DM alien that this show. Let's watch I don't you know it's not necessarily my favorite is probably not my our mind about his favorite but. It's about balance and doing stuff like he knowing you're not gonna like all the same stuff he likes. And it's it's about compromise like hey Alan let's do this let's do that and free use dare you not reality show and at the end of the day I will make fun as it shows. But I don't I'm not condemning you for liking them and I'm not I would never say you're bad person for liking me shows. Just what you eat out just I mean it came back and then he watches all of you know shows that. I think. I mean sometimes our funny but I think our stupid that I like but that's what you find entertaining night. It's like I'm not gonna condemn me for you it is guilty pleasure and I get this deadly it's just so you don't hide who you like policy that the show is who you are but it is a part of who you are MP hide its. And kind of mold yourself into the is saying that's unrealistic and I guess I can't watch this cause your here it's stuff like this that I feel is very harmful. Two female flaky yeah I'm in a chick like who's just today I agreed and fixed these are all pick what not to use like I need to be as per. Agree it's like not beat you we're in perfect creatures. Put their post their Sony give up their assault there's someone for amber and I feel I like if you don't if you wanna be this like. You know little perfect separate wife free never see Jalen to a pair of skinny jeans and never treaty far in fifty years of marriage. There's a guy that's wholly OK with that would prefer it that way. But guess what that's not realistic that's not the average tennis you don't want Batman don't settle for a guy that wants. Yeah I'll leave if the guy you're really didn't really hiring makes a lot of money on average to good person but he gets. Mad at you because you. Had some top goes and you had the aftermath the next morning he gets Mattie it's like. I get mad heated flush him lay it not been Fareed we can elect Foster T used a driver like. Hey I would never have a way of ran about like I although this list after it was done gave us such while gross things husbands never do for his wife which I love that the women's list of 22 and I just want. Why. Marty at the yeah yeah out first artists finishing her. Each. Of the think our shower and X our instinct again. It's like why isn't with men what is it Whitman spending. That land we don't and I don't get a bye yeah seriously hot polluting your own time dude but then it's just the speed at the scene like lobbed the keynote. At this in the the sink at some point team. It's like if I believe that this might add the groups that it rinsed out that ice organist and analyze it here and like even of you have showered him can you. An excellent pass gas loudly and sorry that really had a liking to do with this I know some women think it's cute or funny way not guide your. Neutral employees. Like I I think meaning that the guys like donuts and they push for a heart I mean there's a time plays everything of where my life. Rana worked function economic and it's really. You know because this is maybe can answer this question like when a guy. Does that are says listen desolate like nearly even just doesn't look that you for your reaction. I never know what reaction in line and I like a laugh. I just stand and I like. Get one. Make what you want and you don't like I don't really kinda funny I find it meg. And now I got I think. It's a layer is so because I grew up with my brother. In the younger brother and then an extra neighbor who is basically my sister she has five Brothers. Bought them out and Donald is honor in the sister was the oldest she didn't spend much time around her so she was the tomboy plus I would tomboy America had scarring of my brother. So we would play his game up until bicycle in African school where one of us how to fart we have quickly find a flat surface. And try to see how lack how we can get it. So my brother going to the bathroom and sit on the toilet lid. It's like Barak in lake or we go like pushed up against the wall and he just may click is louder sound in it was hilarious to us go to the panic humor we like. I guess a time blaze like I I think back had a relationship to be funny. Yeah again I gladly guy because I'm you know used my Brothers here at the radio station steeple fart sometimes and I'll just sit there and laugh. Because mostly that he you by surprise yeah I might. No I don't I don't think. It is an airtight room. Another one. I Davis. I don't drinkable water like. Crap. Or experience and stuff. I don't I don't like doing excellently caddy I care about her down I really smelling my own. Yeah that they saw penalty Natalie Natalie anyone's. Little if I no specific and drinking and injuring a little. And that the league right now coming off the plane. Them a little bears sometimes 'cause I'm like I'm not hydrated guys and oyster island yeah when I have a guy in Asia and I can. You POK but Ann had. Her actually you know ash our Osama. I've not x.s like they'll start to give me your area not lag and I used to get mad at this is what government should hang out. But it's he's they had an ex who joke you like and carry any athletes to defeat him well I haven't shot. In future. This one is wipe your bomb. Went when you're going potty but he's never go to in front of your lady never wipe them for nearly eighty click okay. We hear and mean an overseer who bit. Okay pick your nose. Out of town in and care. I mean as long as he can like wipe your finger off with something. Point blank questionnaire after I'm pulling for linking me thinks we act and now allow. An excellent belch. Over being. I don't care. Now Paramount knock her breast size the only. It's like your fetus don't do it us to on duty you plea can't make fun of her body in general that's a jerk move Alan I'll get to them. Pick his so's your toes are not sexy even. Not even the same ballpark is sexy so leave them alone you're near us people who like Catholic anger and Miller liquor cutting their nails Kath. Meaning you're here if I hope. Hook here I think it I really don't like feats that the I don't care if you're doing that just washing hands afterwards. Yeah I think he washed again that's how would you give a thought guys cared I would but I immediately launch pants. And Winnipeg just waned their feet Kanye. Depends. Depends if I think it just if like it's not your feet you're speaking at really don't want them on me yeah they just have like their feet on my lap I don't really care I don't wanna touch or eat when it relaxing like I would rather have it leagues on my lap and atrophy hang out. This on the obvious one now although their friend don't check out their friend. And it's pretty (%expletive) by Rupert scratch your boys. No you got two boys I don't care I mean if your growth and sweaty and Miami each hour to another AC it wash yourself. It is we are watching you in him now Pam flake and by moving like what. You down there I'm just hold on I can't convert for some and like all. And I don't usually just in your shirt describe her boobs. All I do you cross my ham it up and I play. Those who but that's just keep arm Alfred I'm walking around in dislikes me in that I'm wearing but he. Or like yeah well I like to do because of going abroad Obama has called on them. They're so there they called again I'll grab my but just kind of it's comfort. Next of Gloucester teeth. I'm running prosecute then I'll sponsor I think. I don't care that your posterity. Will not mechanic with a very. This and kind funny. Take off skid mark underwear learned a wiper wash them before we see them it's that simple. White. In alone like there is playing Pugh works and it's like what are you fight I only see little kids with those. I know. Now do you snow again like the flexible wipes spiral and I like them. Like wet wipes and they're flexible. And got an item or make a cheaper version you can only watch one at a time the other ones like immediately started like. With them decomposing or right after flush it. Adds that the system. Mania out. And I think 1000012. Mile. Acting them. I think just PU in Hampshire there's it's crazy that matches your crazy. Through dab there really is out there and saying you know when you look at people and you know like Paula. Packed. Kid Bain and then you meet them and you're like oh why are you guys are really similar. Created a man. Thanks I like being me I don't wanna have to worry about. Sounding like that like every day thing with Alec should be acceptable. Now. I'm an impartial airway mark trouble for a beard and now. Think if you can get a feel like I should be allowed to do it I don't wanna do it I should be issued I should not be a society yeah. Yes what gets me informing us like now that you're only here the went. Yeah. And now like I I have to part sometimes. I don't do it from a co workers like I wouldn't I still don't wanna didn't work. Like I don't wanna fart and I don't talk about now I will talk about doing it but I don't wanna do it from someone just content and a lot of voters you know fragrant it will be. Yeah. That's just my personal preference they're not gonna condemn somebody for doing and the if one squeaked Gatti I probably laugh because acting could be hilarious but. I'm not gonna get like grants are so grabs ahead. In Vietnam. And I just feel tomorrow the story just BM and hopefully it'll become acceptable I think I think as time is going like we've ancillary of boot camp in Atlanta and in August. In a riverboat the panels the laser like iron. So guys if we don't wanna that they don't talk anything like below the belly button as girls. Like what. Urinating into lane like I think it's hilarious and it's encapsulate such Mike. I think we have like bad as it a lot of went online. And I am wondering is because we're told we can't do it so we're not a lot alike or think it's funny. And I think there's I think eventually it's gonna shift. People who don't like it. I feel like it's gonna eventually shift and be not a big elephant is on line can't. Yeah there's Larry tiger around and (%expletive) like my dad really don't mind it either but after he was anchor heating grow but the theater yet and it has kind passed down Blake. Mean and my brother and her brother ever treatment early parts I me mine. Speed is so weird bully never know like to this day they kill like tennis harbor and we were adults but we it was a couple like quite a few years ago. Kelly star he gets his but kind of on me what are you doing it out of our my you better now to our and then runs away and we. Yeah isn't intricate as we were not offer like families but we are telling different he tolerated so like carry on hero at all night. The united good to hear you are you cane like it's on. Tell tell us your accuser now it's really what you think is like an appropriate or not prepared or you're at and reduce absolutely key to add do let us now he can sentence Taxol and stuff our message they passages work just mystery. Like a what is something that you wish more people would be okay with doing you think should be if you don't think that we should be part of each other in general. That be if things back just you know that your thing. You know in. A look at it but it. I think of one thing that we shouldn't do like the big thing for me is. We should never be putting down people we should never be like or significant others ligaments earlier. And even physically the girl. So this mean their video gay effects like K when your when your girlfriend down by your side chick and she's beat that she put baby oil outside. The bathtub without a shower he slid into she brought a bouncer with a neglect and. So I'm not she hangs like yesterday went in with a balance those funny I'm sitting here like what we do without the other way around who. That would not be cool. And he and I I don't that Elena BWAY. Yes it's I don't I think it's on these are not physically or emotionally immensely any kind of abusive. Gaveled on T you be if you unity to skip relationship but yeah I give us a call or text 2537 and 86029. Your dues and yeah so. Tennis up we're gonna go enjoy the weekend or week and resign.