Broad-Cast Ep. 89 - "Halloween Bingo"

Friday, October 20th

Vicky B and Ooh Sara talk about where you should sit in an Uber ride as well as a cool game you can play while you're out partying for Halloween!


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If this is funny my about my body actually posted it like Boston James did you really Kandy hear me. Maybe. Off. But as for everyone you are only supposed they've won me. So all you can put a sign things secondly my tummy hurts ha ha hung and smiling story movement you may. Yes. And not deployed to. For the yeah. Welcome to another edition of Hebrew god had us this is the TV. And we got who lose yeah hang tight in my girl so Gary I know last. African finally Friday man did this week seriously it's like. Eight week for all the G two coming up this weekend so it's sweet. Our week is an hour and a half down now G two and now I have. Check out all the gaming you can game it asked how we can keep your boots hey we're going to be David Sumner some BIR's and word games I'm about to evolve and Hilton yeah. Heads up by the way if you're a contact us FaceBook is the broadcast cast Twitter at the broadcast nine and nine. Same with in six Graham eight email for the broadcast and I or call Texas at 253786. Here at united. Which islands and the start using money go to the bars just like if people won't let on the nine uncle managers at an eldest and in the numbers out and finding out in the nude again all that they're tax that are. Rate each man. We did get a text message after as we were on the last week I was on vacation we shall talk about it. But that we DMS steam how sad he. Says he says hey lady is still a lot of only do or don't that's stuck out to meet or talk with things like according the coolest things he shouldn't do in their life for husband. Yes most of them. Was the one you should get dressed in an environment has deal one Tennessee's easier buying two genes the only reason I would agree is to not doing it. Is. If only the girl would like to keep them on I think it is so hot is Cuba going into the dean I would just go over and take them right off I love it I was. That is a good point got a digital to jump. I was like about to Munich bombs that cares that I'm. Why he went on in Ottawa and government where it ran like out of the year throw all beat. Ample evidence that air every now it's not something like you shouldn't have action has been like yeah does it sometimes Catholic. Man I like that I used in pennies on a wreck a job like yep no permanent make it illegal for another reason ahead. On vacation last week reject out seaside Horry and which on my favorite and cease and the story Alan and Jamie and we just. Drew around a lot of the tour is keeping that usually don't do but I did things that I usually love to do like. I wrote to free scoop which is clever and funny you know Belgian Fries and unique the past they scream. Opsound bomb let me out the they have different ice cream everyday. So there's never anything consistent weird flavors. We weird good flavors not like. Seven not been doctor pat what of that Mountain Dew injury. Earth. I always make it went stop buying it from at least an eighth game but you get. A hokey pokey and I want. It. Saying it is and and it is. Our signature flavors sweet cream custard with house made honeycomb candy thrown out. It is. So long without. The they have other flavors like. Beat it's a husband wife they're super super awesome that make them on an Ayers. It's they have a key lime high one which of the line heard custard with Graham cracker crust cup crumbled sprinkle the route we. Oh. Allen and it has friends based on me. Courtroom be here brown sugar molasses branch acre custard spike with Clinton ginger with lots of chocolate are healthy molasses cookies throughout. These sound actually pretty growth. He's sick like out not basic and then basically you like the base I like her dad uncle Marvin from about Allen's chocolate and Allah and normal. Mike and that's that I or birthday cake extreme those jams you're born telling Allen that insulate. Hi flatter. Last sire and give China to candidly their leaders and group known as Harry kept. The ball gown and a turtle. Bubbled. You probably have an instant staying. God I Nader. Content is thank you John Chapman now it's disgusting. And cake batter. Because you're my uncle's house made butter cream yes and so they're frat house marsh and eternal Sunday which is weak in cluster with and brittle it's off. You know. Everything animal chocolate. In the current honorary. You stripped. And hungry. And the difference widget they're three and for it's. Air. And it's just the perfect on the a pilot your vacation now that the thing that always get to do me. When I when I go visit a story. And also there's like. What's it called. Outlet small as in seaside as well leading to go beat Atlanta for admired pick up like two things for better. Get a little kitchen and their hotel. Deleted scene for Garrett is it boots fill handle it into the taxes. Hammer time to Fred Meyer is such as men. Deleted it saying their furlong breaking time until clue we evil look did you like we. Need to get out of here until looks like I was hit a wall. Out and a levels went boom gone. But overall it's just nice to talk to her talk about life in being near the water and getting married in Anchorage times yeah and we went up on the column in a story of acute climate it's a big players like. The marriage she looks up after couple that's it's like we're where knowledge is out. We got going I gonna do. Some as couple lately she techniques that my legs hurt like I was good and it to get burned and previews this. Yeah I was cords at those pictures annoyance to Graham Brian's. And Sarah boothe. It's just it was nice to get away and I had a brace back on Friday to make it back for a wedding rehearsal and then without in a wedding on Saturday. And done. I am I was pretty tired from any patient look like if yeah Harry and plead with a two day vacation short. It was only like Ellis like me trying to get a like summer vacation that was my last hope for an actual summer vacation and so I need an actual vacation yeah our game. Permanent I have something askew because. I had this conversation with a girlfriend of mine ash in the event and if I would like listeners as well to kind of comment at Texas a lot of snow what they think. So we're commenting on when we going Hoover's like by ourselves. That we use it. Could I would if I'm by myself for some reason I feel more comfortable sitting in front with the per driver. Now what you with the taxi driver but I would with an supertanker. And panic offensive same thing I feel like a lot of them were drivers are just you know people living doing it like eating your ground on it just looking like she's retired and she's making some extra cash along the way. Well Praxair is the settlements like needing a job it's like a normal person and really does seem like I've Moeller. That's been able but a lot of all the all the taxi driver that ever hot have been eight holes. Yeah our god if anything yet they don't think they just jerks I'd like remember we weren't in the Chicago. We went to like their gay pride festival thing they had going on yeah we got a cab ticket back to the hotel. And we told him look there is this big like there's no way around this this festival goes along like it a mile gas something. It's like there is no way around issues each trying to make that make it easier and eagle triangle all the earlier round and it's the very end in the dead end. And I when he goes back and has to go back around. Indeed eating cleared like we sold a charge for an area yes affixed you just have and we were telling him no you can't do that even though we're not from Chicago we know that this is going on. And the fact that he didn't like hey let me at least. Clear the meter and restart. And I think with new releases pretty sat. And I am. They outing there ever be like SE and the girl there are one person's gonna go to fronts there with them like everybody is. I don't like Philly it makes you left I mean it sounds threatening but it makes me feel like they're less threatening silly and they're not gonna turn me off someplace I don't know. Also. I have some really great conversations with uber drivers to where I'm actually kind of glad I sat in the front if I needed to one other person with a view and I get into who were out in the back with you like it's the two of us yeah. But I feeling either like Alan and have a drive. I. Like you know about that is they're serving I know that like I feel like it you're like even knowing it is Kelly you're Natalie over think things and that's like with Hoover's that's what I think you saw a lot of conversation on the attack lay it sometimes the Famer. And how did they give you and I go out and or order immigrants like back I mean I thinking about it. Because I think it's weird I think eight it's weird because I was in over directly to lie his stick in front mean that I'm in the back mind uber score is a four point 93. I'm quiet half a and because of mr. Putin's errors probably since the and at one time in Portland in January around like pack pull over real quick and I walk like a good twenty feet away in its. In. I I'll knowing. Hey at least it was a in the car camera help them and and I moved away so you would have to see your and you still heard averages. For you yes because nobody else McCarthy tells. Oh. Well. Haven't your old one did Alec they leave. It's linked on a bed with big and but I remember on one occasion I sat in the front McCain was super early. Kind of like species but in a getaway in the he's really fun. Like he had his tablet in the front seat. If that's O. Kenny is you use such a weird and again he gets me is tallies like drying app I have to half something funny I ask everywhere and a drop something form that you're cool giving me how. Like the looks expensive. As I sat there answered coloring my is different things you can do like after an achingly. Different rainbow leap of Faxon. He's managed to talk about life and every things was nice about his super excitable and puppy yeah it's like oh man that's like chat with you would have like an upper probably see you again that is nice to have that moment appeared. The only guy and that's where humans let's just panel intently. Like each other in the moment even if it's never gonna panic and you also do that your taxi many but I thought it was nice to see him like a book at him in the back and attack. That was me and another occasion I'm amber had a gentleman. Can never pronouncing it correctly. As KI agents believe the type of at the religion mean he. And schema. Turban apparently I'm not quite helpful and it's a similar thing and a and different isn't it it's also apologized ominous is that this gentleman and we're talking about politics and life like not like you happy yeah. It's something a lot of that from the along the lines of like you know you know I know how everything is her notes amass and which and we all just sit here and love each other and you know respect each other religion because I I grew up with religion and religious anymore. On but I respect people who do find pleasure in in their life and they're not throwing in each faces a veto throats. And like I I love people who are of this religion of this religion. And I expect them to show the same love and compassion and everything towards me. And my name CN on religions not atheist but I have a religion. Right now apparently in the ninth sent from the lines of it's like everyone wants his current you know. Political situation to feel like I want the president to bail out on a stalemate that's currently no I don't want him to fail. Because it's like. You hitting the strawberry. You want and how a heart attack why don't wanna have a heart attack because he's driving the pot yeah I'm on the spot off. If he failed I die like I'm in trouble like I don't want him I want him to succeed. Even now I don't like him. I want things to turnout. In at the end of it when he dropped me off. He takes me an in with both his hands and shakes and he's like me have a blast today thank you so much for talking to me. And economic nice seeing teaser early in the week. Imparted waste. And I just felt like such a unique. Conversely I would've been able to top I would Wear what I have met this person had a similar conversation even with ten minute conversation. Yeah real and I don't think it would have been necessarily buy them back you know get around this funny kind of sitting in front opera house. I don't like counting in mailing about the really intense. Lake deep over and make elitist and I knew where I shut up and I just about an atom line. Okay well this is better than me driving him nuts you know and I mean like. I don't like it I ride the bus a lot now and I don't ever. Make those connections or even think about making those connections and just like I'm here because I need to get to my ass nation that is the only area and lie. Right. They never did take me for my advocate who pool. Yeah multiple people and recently I went for simple in the did not get crap I'd I notice that you're not like that so find that album where you time we're gonna adopt you are. Actually recent. Only those diapers on nobody gave a crap public well muscles effects and I putted physical books and there's that. I did take one recently because I needed to get to my car was within downtown Seattle and really only going like five blocks out all uphill that I'm not know. I thought I. Today I am taken and you bring veep pick anywhere pool they picked me up. And they think I was super light. In the gonna sound different because there's two people in the back in your couple in the early excitable to mimic. Get anybody's names or anything but nice to be happy and excited for no real reason except we're all strangers. United. In this one car at this very very I'm just. We probably never see you again I still like. Eighth ninth I wish people like Apatow and also like out our rock NFL lineman and I am concerned. Totally acceptable to think like you have to meet our forces either do you like they were divers have food or beverages are gays and Anthony Ridder out there that's definitely a plus about because and I caught and that's money out of their pocket you know it's like a bottle like you violates when he for bottled water for like three dollars. Night about the lower because somehow my darling you. Added that it's helped make sure CNN I I think you need to waters if you're driving around in downtown Seattle and people a lot of people if you can schoolers them barf bags. It says that you and then my my roommates in the NCs like he has a pretty barf bag let me know my legs body and luggage. In the but speaking of liver divers drinking too much guess what season it is. Hibernation season not right well let's also currencies in but it Halloween season done. Not. Everyone's been like a party last week AJ and yes Friday the thirteenth I broke a land switch because is aggregated at my friend through it. Price of thirty RD I'm confused and angry dressed up into the holes banks I keep forgetting that haven't happened yet right everything's good stuff happening this weekend as the Japanese. Well the weekend before Halloween happening the day of Halloween which is a Tuesday. And I go to in this moment and a bigot and a yet. Out in the commentary US. News today I ended up last time to any governor teased here Wednesday. I. Buying. One of the things I remembered last year that we did them. We ended up getting help currently in separate Italy in the please we went to pretty much winding down means region in the fifth. What did you do here remember exactly how it's. And I love Leno show and a I'm glad I really let me pounded at birth. Well the game internationally thirty somethings. I think at work that they came back editor Mika and we are all drinking while we did make weapons that's not what took forever. And we pre funk we drove in downtown Seattle and we went to. At the bar is its Irish bar in like I Pike Place Market. Okay Kenya. For in the name of it but we went there we did some bar hopping in that area. And they went and damned if we were going to this kind of far I think we. We get on cost cost yeah fashion or like a skeleton in dress a pack and you're like the skeleton I did skeleton face makeup and I was from just how these costing you really wanted to use I did like mad Max beamed. Bomb kind of vibe like I was anesthetic character but I was dressed up as I was in mad Max times yeah. Into it for her husband lives and for Eleanor and stressed that to be honest no real matters now I could actually meet up bath pictures and by eyed as did while we were getting ready in my let's play Halloween bingo. And basically it's Reid got to the bar you play this they don't have to be for Halloween you can do that just like going out being our. Friday that eagle on the bachelor party can bachelorette in you know. But for Halloween makes super easy. As you can just you costumes. Tee you'll print conflict of square he can make the square mile part 5 X 5. And indeed the middle one as a free board and on the Andy different costing do you think you'll see throughout the night or ET incorporates stuff like am. Things like mess sleek or drink drinking things that you'll see up and answer Halloween things like like some takes a body shop of yeah a body shot Gary gait or someone you know mom or are like a group of girls between jello shots like it has to be group girls more than two. Or a girl that she was offer someone peaking and now he can do that kind of stuff right. Are crying girl about crying else that would be me you only Atlanta. I did. I can capitalist beacons or G only picking one NC karamanlis. Prayer boxes rate for air boxes so everyone can have you just print out the sheets Ari can make them like I said. Easy but I think I've. I'm on Google and pregnant and everyone fills in what they want to different squares that way no one has the same board. And that everybody has different things to you yeah they are paid from this list which we've got an incorporated. So that way you know. You might get a Beagle mastery make it harder go to the some of the regular partner. So like one innings I have a PC superhero you market off that list. So it can be and a man eighty captain Merck. Iron Man Ani. An area relax and Zealand are could be like homemade cat island. I have some pretty big stuff on here too which gets you on this is I think it's funny seeing something sexy they should be sexy. Like a sexy rug rat character. I I tell her sexy sponge Bob at LA every year like a sexy peacock currently sexy playing yeah. Which some Ellis I unit hired a court animals on the island. T your group. To decide if you're allowed to doubled. So for example should be sexy if that's on your list you cross it out but you can off if it's a key topic sexy peacock. Which deals across animals appear groups that you're only allowed to do one or the other issues you can choose one. Somebody you know one -- because when do you become pretty popular especially the so called us and our calming some like I want one and I'm eyewear Wednesday on only day here where the food I had my work my birthday or toothless for neon. Where on pocket you be Eugenia and you can't I think I've Ahmadinejad won with a perfect. Right now because it's so popular in anything that. Reference did I went to the Halloween store an it was like it I saw the name of the new movie and it really didn't really do anything for me handing it up on Aaron scary. I'm in an original but I went into Halloween store and like. Did. Than made up. They mannequins of there and everything and some of them move and that even more frightening and then and play the music and staring I am like talent that's now and I that's I don't know I mean I appreciate any and yes that was it. But to get a lot of people well yes that's going to be an easy. He's. And it can be any reference gonna have to be penny light clowning could be like a little boy in the yellow. What is it I mean aren't seeing it on arm. Tyler. A quarter. Speaking of strange things coming up and be huge it's a lot of Angela. And go lawful. Lot and you can decide if you're I think I president noted that chemistry is things not. The only reason why you should drop the ball well. If this pretty eight pop singer. So tiring it's a pregnant beyond saying the year. Is any form Britney Spears and Justin and it is countdown. Justin Timberlake bullying eggs. Justin Bieber fresh eyes curled up. And Harley Quinn I specifically point editor discusses there's lots not a lot girls dressed up as her like in. Since it's a lot. And we are at the club and its home and him and I kept getting confused thinking it was my frank but it wasn't. Public you as you said not be that our. I have actually I see a lot and leak when it's good to hope that cost can still see you pull. Out with my hair style. You need. Another one faced me a costume different questions you were like a skeleton. Dress. And then I just the moon and possibly most across her face makeup but it can't be penny wise that's separate at a separate I mean if you really don't care that's fine. I've not that populist and a new. Line it is I've faced in decades for a second. Action. Another one in the traditional costumes like the traditional like. Adults are him on me year old school that hired the cat. Which are hiring her hunky. Ooh I have one of its. Time has the passing you. Speech you. Lag putts were easy for you call plays like a bunny and then getting to where the money like if the unease by herself would that be okay or doesn't she have to YouTube like you can be by himself but the Bonnie can't awards idea and a I'll recipes. And and the traditional plastic brick and Marty also very popular yeah any of the characters for Rick and more adept as if my body message me. Even as they weren't all present is American morning characters on IV soaker like Solomon in the united we think. Can find dad what's what's that with little thing because. Heavy heart of a few that actually Haskins. Well the if you hot topic I know they have like the they do have liked them Marty masks and complacent dispensers that's hot topic has Michael wig like actual. I wake street here and they have like a church. That looks like his outfit or I normally cost him with the this scientist's lab jacket and yeah that. But I do have on here as well shark costumes people that just happily it's a T shirt but it looks like a superheroes Chester something yeah ending like at. That's kind of I am definitely with us and I also have no costume person department showed up without the costs and is just like I. Lagoons meaning. So with everybody said he message mean he's like Graham. My body Brett Kennedy summer drew is Rick and I am making a rowboat snowball cost him. Though was snowball in the BC Mercury now you are migrant of that. My American morning you know what I thought about and those snow. All he'd like to become Smart in the heat for the capital helmets are Smart enough to obeyed orders correctly. But any and they even use the toilet but then he Eddie snowball dot dot via an and he becomes. It's like well with him Anemia and arithmetic. So he then becomes even smarter as he fears he. Let's batteries in blue helmet he can become smarter on the phones really cute actually but and he treatment as an Agassi you think that's like robot arm in tennis it's an it. All celebrities that come and have the robo snowball cussing perhaps than an actual real oddities like it looks just like no ball. Really really. Homer in the show where he's like where my testicles summer. Where my testicles slinky slick LP is continue to hurt in high. All public. To. Also Evers and just say data recovered and where my testicles summer is a primary in every summer. I think he'll be silent and if I go I think and wanna be. Nice to be the mom I want it could be Marty meant enough talent. Maybe please keep. With Sutherland here you know costing venture cost him the dollar store costs and the person. Who wears literally like cats hill stepped on to their regular up pants really thick glasses and arrow to earn. Alain Alain your iPod or they put like a little cat ears on the bunny ears and now. Call the dollar store cost numbers and any shipment some things. Here but in my party. Food item. Dad our thoughts on any to be and down match. That was just so easy because they go to have a hold on these that are over your shoulders and here's the down he. Yeah there's don't have there's pizza there's like a hot bottom line. Yeah I thought that chat is that they have a little dancing hot dog in the yeah and making a cost him of that. Damn good for which cannot Smart that dance that was pretty. A we also got game with friends characters. Yeah my friend was. The mother of American bonanza mine and I Nash and an area and Harris yes she did that character conflict. And edit that Al. Like OK a lot of Johnson has I think wealthy. Probably. Another one we've had a lot of celebrities passing so PC and he'd dead celebrity even if it hasn't been recent one yeah you can specifying your analyst if you want recent or not. Like you bet you'll see Marilyn Monroe are like Michael Jackson or something yeah you know those are people you probably end up seeing. I near this one made it paid political figure. The kind of guy we're gonna see a whole lot of and expect to get any action actor political figures just a rusty do something funny there is one. It's. Where you put it on in your legs look like you'll you'll look like you're getting a peek back right from the lake of the purse. Oh yeah. LA and like their late inning have they plagues that look like they're supposed viewers the another one to be upon. Like a honey house is you have. To like what was one. I feel all the time and I can't think of any single one that the bike that I care Seattle at Lake Erie public they'll cheer on your head and then. You intestinal pain or something in its maximum I know I've seen a million of them gone and asked in. Another one would be a group cost to see a whole group in. In actual cost him. And that counts as another one and bingo board imminently the present in Iowa how they'll end hack it could be a group cost you like if they're going to mean unions or if they're the power. Hersh writes there's somebody afoot costume did really giant flexing your anti. Got it and. Might Evers the night out like console nobody's in a Solo Cup. Please console apps. Finding actually cash I'd rather somebody Photoshop to things wander. I think they put ones they'll be dressed in that the console in the thick that rapidly photo shopped him so it's one Solo Cup that an opening in his little. Another Helen QO. You can be area on a grounding a lot today. I area on the ground in a coffee in. Governor are it's. A dog mask thing that would like a horns the year horn dog. Remember. Ari could like have you been in god but then just have like at. And from corn the corn not up not that good and bad and I got announce. Are around many many Eminem says its mini mouth is handled like an like and it ends. Wheatley and rapper now and then the bikini oh I'm wearing a dress that has an appalling leading him I would never. Couch potato you have Catholics like the catcher and you know that's Q. Lord of the Marines issue the girls wearing winter rains and she's like a wizard math or without the lower mean. The Second Amendment amendment such as a shirt that says flake of navy was that the declaration of and peppers continent and yet and then she has to bears arms the right to bear arms. And and yes I mean we don't like the more there's some government bears are but there's like she literally tape dollars the stars on her. That's funny funny and down. The clouds as the leaders of the the clout in the put pictures on herself. That the politicians in the class oh that's right apparently ship like naked library pick there is bluntly don't can be adequately the early primary and he's a class on the have. Life and you handout lemons. That. You added that while it is an ethnic say. You've seen this you know with Salem in his right. And children. Simmons lucrative and oh I mean I guess it was probably on the so they have seen their men and sailor Venus sailor Mars. In later in the later seasons we have ceiling rate against the against the political school navy sailor and he put little big but on these thin layering of earth. And Annie next an actual sailor scouts that Kia. The end neither funny and be upon. This girls wearing work out here and she's only a keeper that'll fit as a fiddle. The Spice Girls and they all have different like lakes high in the spices. That's funding and a minimum spelling bee features of the be with like the little letters to read did growing on these. So he does on the. We. That's what you do for pun cost so I'd be hard like. Fine at a club. Apart your thoughts on what are you and that's why you can pick Matt I'm if you're going to a club he might wanna pick and yet. But if you're going to party house parties and that's probably better. Think with group cost in economic growth. A couple cost him and other ethnic peanut butter in jail near Joker in Harley Quinn and like that would be a cup I want convicting him on a cop. And air Hewitt arresting me. There is also at that Angel. At that would go under traditional costumes I think and a couple and doubles and a Q what. And then you guys would have liked I was thinking also occupation. Yeah Alley in nurse earners a cop but doctor. I hear from firefighters. And that would also be Hewitt outline I won. I mean like I see the cop and like I yeah and I'm looking and I see a couple Air. Canada and I did indeed mr. Costa means. It's nice just a standard sexy cost him. Yup school. Yeah earth like the moral and inefficient and LA is like. They're a how did you let our. And. The inflatable costumes. And like that's your access everyone's. Able you have different than mine that's my friend that my friend mean one unit of big. Crazy things outside of usually cartels. Yeah that you waiting and ideally you can't mainline and I'll mine and like I went off the bar in it's just like her like Olympia floral is really yeah. Don't think it would end like that being tired and yeah. It really down really came out or really get it. And you can look like complete crap under you are on easier. It's a gut it. Hey didn't really like into the can't be costing Lillian yeah I noticed has lately last Eric. And it wasn't Abercrombie but I really want to deal like the make up. I was the mad Mac OAA no more like shorts and tights and boots and overly overly sexy violently. The year before I've done. But I did decent curling hair yeah I island you're crazy hair on and then I've done. Silent Bob ones. Yeah I'm done with flash. A manhunt on mad Max but the one before I think I did Cuba to pressure him to get its money anyway. I sometimes. Like for here however in light. Obviously. That's our work with maddening but and I about the story and it was like a debate between campaigns excellently Hewlett gain. Or an MP company because you're gonna got monkeys. Like that was like you are getting an island off Eden got them we're like we're gonna get so high and with. An important and made and that way I dealt with and lets the book flap. Who thought. A new. But hopefully now by. But the my. Hugh you lake it's like apple like I wanna feel Q really an hour and then you know I'm saying why did hybrid and we're like the shorts. Stitch. Was romper and the experts tonight toothless when the gas for cozy. Cabin leaks during. Luckily the party and you for beta heal and any type of ills by the heels as she just four hours on him out yeah so I was like I was a hooker. Humorous that you like an and you could be an Aurora rocker Hutchinson bear finds a Lichter I think actually in several key backers in her. It there. And I went to the apartment and out with panic then I didn't Wear heels hold others like party it turned out when you're worried about like. You know very near drunken. They only have a camera he'll usually they feel canceled like I never. I would but for the wedding. When he steals this like crap. And shortest one can rise of Howard you're already like the shore who so I went out we we did the whole ceremony at wore heels on the aisle in the second it was over a putt like my odds on. Alley out untie boots on the kindness and compete not care now and mobile unit at pictures. Yeah we took the picture we took pictures. It. Star Wars or Star Trek at Leggett can be very popular up to marry me now began trailer. That rain will probably get a lot of our leader in a lot of what that you knew IA. Which I and I don't know yet they ai is a little little creature yen and a I think we'll get a lot of those sing the Star Trek. Disney. And I do different Latin. Categories into Disney princesses one category and Disney in general and you'll get stuff like the main house or -- the ear. Like any any original movies that are evenly you know Halloween town and things like that. That you may act and went off together. A homemade costume where it's at a teacher and put a little drawings on it make it look like strawberry and have a little paper hat yeah oh sure every year pineapple. Welcome on a big enough to be pretty big. Glowed he solid series it was the wrestling series that's a lot of costumes for online well. That's really fun to defund make up being wearing a leotard but it's full costly it's still sex EB can be fully dress yeah. With the tights and everything's ethnic balance can be popular. And then anything gender bent. So a character that's normally guys and girls dressed up as a like the female version her. A. Ons that you get points for that even at a guy like one element something yet elegant guy version of windows like I mean if you really want to. Egan split up as to where they make a male version of Wonder Woman or the female lovers and a Superman or if it's literally a girl pretending to be the male super and you can make it one yeah you can. He's a pretty easy to kind of let up I want to either a lot out of options and make your being aboard the hell out blank C Atlanta and whoever UH like a prize that kept yelling at the end of the night that personally everyone puts in like five bucks or something that train excerpt but not dollar depending on people go if you think what by the people don't the two bucks and and prison who wins gets all that money and by the Drake. Or if you're having a party can have costume contests and you can also make up part of whoever you know complete the board. Gets a bottle yes or maybe in any parliamentary yeah that you had ever hit it there. And adding to the plate this mainly because we got to goes yeah. Asked how to get sick weak and you know and if you guys have any other ones to add because we defended it as early. Yeah he has a couple weeks panicky your boards already and if you have any more matter if you make your board please and the picture. Randy airs Saturday and I I.