Broad-Cast Ep. 90 - "The Boys Are in the House"

Friday, October 27th

Vicky B is joined by (FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER) BOYS! Danny V and Joey Deez join in on to chat about a conversation the girls had a few weeks ago about things you should never do in front of their spouses. 


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I'm thirsty. Danny amusement. And it's well and speaking. And acting. On return meet. While anyone else you know lean and mean and even pneumonia and do it all adds hey look there's an. Know who. Move move to brighten while you now wow you know hell hole but it had the eastern and I can't joke act at at halftime apparent car. If a erotic and are we recording is ready in the season. And not deployed to. For the welcome to another addition of these broad cast. I'm Vicky these. And for the time in the history of this podcast. We have them. Different kind of genitalia. We. Not us that he's you guys are ready as did Danny being high and Joseph ED I this beach right there. Bat and a. Has it Ryan Danny be in the d.'s wow. Oh my god that actually is pretty fantastic man and eight million dollar idea. Million dollar we should start to think speaking to do it T ages goes to prove that all good ideas come from women. Are you just kissing my asked a million on the podcast here is you know I'm pretty much just totally understandable and I am OK with it. No stared at issue is ill. So we were to do to girls you guys wait you're accountable. And it is. Because a couple of episodes ago we talked about this article that Pitt spoke Sarah and I off and it's. Basically twelve things or twenty things no woman should never do and her husband and we really wanted to get a guy's opinion on it. As well as well things issued as a husband or submit another dude are your life. Before we get into that I just had nothing catches on base but add V broadcasts. Are the broad dash cast Twitter and is to Graham at the the broadcast 999 no dash there. In context of the two by three sevens and an 860. To nine we're not set the broadcast night and I And a real quick Leo now I did get a a text message responding to last week. It's Haley Jesus into the Halloween being mill podcast he mentioned that. Seek Cooper driver I'd like to help be out another clear some stuff for the littlest listeners misconceptions. I mostly cut pummeling her to pronounce seek that convert couldn't hear how to pronounce that. They aired commonly thought to be a branch of the Islamic Hindu religions but they are in fact they're a religion so thank you for clearing that up from podcast. Any of let's get to under. Okay the dirt and it carried hegemony some. People may not know you guys a little intro by yourself Danny. Dying I'm doing fine sorry to Qaeda accurate gun would these versed hi I'm Danny and I'm due in time on June. Fine now I intro about myself well I run the board and produce help produce the beach in big show with these fine fellows. As to why we we're Danny Nyhan BQ we worked the other yeah we all work together we we roomed together mean Joey when we go one on showed trips down and and as a browns special vacations and at the we don't talk about the we don't sell things go from them you know does not know. I'm again am podcast on time because here. And more emotional than most most people than me yet and most women so that's good can elect a robot you. On that now. Does it with this whole articles things that women should never got a brother husband see. If you guys agree with some of these. You've been an obvious you've been married before any Internet you know committed relationship now jam yeah really at this which I'm not relationship and I'm committed to something yeah half a drink and hey. You my congressman. Have you ever been in a committed relationship. You have enough matters are too serious way that I am curious to hear like you as a both sides of the spectrum for guys in multiple serious relationships. And there is been in. Married a somebody let's say even with somebody for a long time to live with them a couple of years. These things okay are not located at first honestly to be sick your stomach. So nobody wants it like they're saying now wants to hold your hair back while you bomb and no one wants to see your here. The other end so you know just turned a ban on and keep amounts Elliott sprayed major air freshener. Does that body. I mean there of those from eater and I think. That for me it's it being in a serious relationship. I had. I wanted to had a problem with my ex wife doing that she got to the point where it was just like a joke it was always like it I mean if I felt like I was hanging out win. Might grow more than hanging out with my wife. And at that point I had a problem with the only because it was just like hey Nancy how being I can you grow up. And that adds that we like it was. Killing the mists the mystery of the marriage for so I don't necessarily have a problem with you like if you're sick I'm going to be there late so what are her act like that's just ridiculous. But like when it comes to you. The number two it's one of those like if if it's if it's. Let's say you. Like she's and there you have one math in your apartment. And you are really need to pressure hair figure you gotta earn up the door your running weights you run in real quick. There's some guys that are just like. Don't expel fecal matter from there's only know I can't. He witnessed. That's late for those who don't know Danny actually does have a hair dryer and Stiles is fair this would be a big moment for him it would be a big moment no I would I would wait and it's all it's more for. Like both me and her because like my girlfriend now see. She is very. And bears by says she doesn't want me going mean she doesn't want me dealing with it as much as. As much as I don't want to see it so it is not necessarily wouldn't have a problem with it per say are. Like if I want to in. Or she locked in on me and don't miss it the but at the same time it's like. And I'll keep the doors closed at yeah I think I wouldn't problem that my anger out there there are here has a mind of its own man at those morals on them then I am of them is going to do about it no Jones hold this baby down. But I think it gets to a point though word if it's like if it's a really be paranoia thing for them were like you can't be in the room then it becomes a problem. Are you even in the apartment yet examining your nobody wants to hear you ripping him pushing like you turn a ban on the economy is the only area plop. And like some people would be discussed it in and allayed by that legislative I hear it's on anabolic Mike it'll you know partly the dire even a female and I'm. Think it's a big living with somebody. You like and once you go it old school it's a separate ads into separate rooms. In just live that kind of mystique after about the problem there are real lot of other problems there now on the line and this another one pick your nose. Nolan Nolan thinkers and anyone as the end no I actually like to pick my girlfriend knows Houston wants. I haven't I would hurt them with my nails of my pick someone else has chosen but you also might be able to get. Farther in your dad though two of socially how to go in handling. Pull out of bugger without a tissue I'm assuming at some point how many times and adept bits he Dickey knows is not that discussed I'm not that much of the German vote adult who's though. If I have to do it like it's it's almost like popping a pebble for me. I like to go ending get that big bugger and it's like especially the crest few ones all of you to Joseph or allow feels like you got it it's probably upping your brain into couples I don't. Yeah that feels amazing now definitely getting it out at that point. I think I would definitely a problem for me it wouldn't be as big no I don't care about to happen to like she might kind of leaned over and by trying to pick my nose of the important matter hell are you to say something to let me do it myself what she's doing and going attic and sometimes the tournament public all hide it and doing it because it up and injuring. The blogger Christie's panic at all in there. I'm constantly open mind knows a good on the show all the time yeah I think I try not to like actually idea I really hope nobody has gaga as like. I think there's an etiquette when your public big wet wood here eight years girlfriend out doing it now. On time wiping it on as long as keep it clean you know on don't throw on the floors yet what if she just put that on the way and a wrong. They were would closely resembles the conversation. It's gonna get a piece of tissue baby yeah I like there's a table there's a trash you know bit before the month. Cut your own house. All that that I I am really irritated when people do that public just it just. You're in your house like you're in all it is is that do you know you don't like the tone LPL it's not even that it's the sound I'd just. It for some reason it's it's it's it's it's it's that are watching her now. Anybody here if you were in bed with your girlfriend. Post quietest and nothing if you ripped help ensure that dubbed an elitist I got a bad snag old and I do take a shower. Really now probably. The only thing it just and he had just annoys me yeah premier desert I don't care as long as. It once again is Owings you have something a trash can or something that it. I had a girlfriend at one point in my life where. She would just do it wherever she was sitting and just let Daniels go anywhere and that she would try to pick the ball epidemic there's no way you're getting on sales of and and for me when I was Kate. Spoiler nets whether it I had. With where public. I don't know I hadn't really thought deep V neck and so it was it was too I don't anymore. They're really yeah you want it's well I'm no holes them over here already are ranks no no it was I just had really stinky feet so late at that point and was felt like. He just remind me of really bad time and like. Smell and everything so it's just like your your nails and I don't care if you get Medicare data freaks me out the only feet. I only beat them. Only feed either summing it about me but if I see you like really digging in your town is going washing hands after that I am I touch might be a lot mean the end of their. Green clean it distresses me out of a just meet with beaten let's say I can't like if somebody wants rounder for all the time it really bothers them and me too much but it. I just don't like touching so all we weren't Sox slugger white sock on buying. Next panelist to pick a wedgie. It's like punish you feel just fine doing that let's take a penny lines are one of the most unsightly fashions a pop up there and Melanie says no that your under restricted your butt crack turnaround pick out the mystery. I picked up I pick out like geez for girlfriends and guy that's really what I got it and it may (%expletive) them off but I do it's GO it does not bother me at all I feel like. I pick my weight he's more than I've ever seen my girlfriend picked early eighties and very aware that on yes no I know I Wear I Wear boxers they ask where skinny jeans and so skinny jeans. I don't care. Who you're. Each part try to pull skinny jeans that you have to deedrick finally jumping being yeah yeah and so group on how people fit jeans man like my biggest mine below and some of like got like a really nice body but in the looks like it genes are like ten sizes too small. And they somehow like. We will be in to them look like butter somebody out. But opt. I outgunned enemy wedges I don't know I would agree so which a promising here and now no but if you try to do it for me I would come out. There I'd be like a return to earth opened what's going on. Race and I actually think that might be sexy at the girl would do that because it's like especially if she does like that sexy underwear it's like you're getting a little. Peak. If they just going. Dig it out if they can stick their hand down at the top their cans and on line yet. And that Jim Awad. You do though go to girl etc. would that work said I would say that fueled sexual the Jim Miller trying to like Pope like tight yoga pants and stuff comic would come line. And I. Trying to work out here and you could hear him kind of nice demand gap. And acts as austerity if he should never even gone. We're getting into actual I literally just had four cavities filled this week and it's because I don't I don't floss froehlich. Mind like below the dots blossom from respect and remember it's a doubling of a girl plot and like you are responsible. Expire in like a long ones not the disposable kind that they haven't changed that to them new vehicle bodies and actually crossing and it does good is actually bluffing but his -- you're doing something it's it's. That the article that's no big deal you a divorce you or over to flossing but you really want in this seat. You widen out kicking ass each on civil suit between animal is like an animal like here's the thing that's Quincy around them. Oh Wang. Optic. And another one shave your face it guys seized eager face a lot of women do it for X station. It's actually really exposed really good for your skin look like you're ever seen it because. But from what I understand it when I talked few other people that are in the industry. You're taking a wait and and an easy way and in some bilingual year ended group issuers can grow in thicker now that complicates its hormones. Acre. From what I do know women that is she there there are upper lip and it doesn't make it thicker but you should never do that guy as its pick. The first reaction would be like kind of confused that these should be your face and kind of guy. It keeps it should interface because if you haven't noticed yet you should keep do and it yeah that I can't agree I. I just I think I'd be more thrown off and anything I don't think anybody it's my turn off you have released with an atlas that's cream place. I Exxon is pop as you heard that Alcan c'mon. It would do for you yeah I will do before you don't think I've ever seen anyone opposite UNC I mean I think I only ever witnessed someone doing it beat you get in front right now. But I don't I don't I don't. Now why why would you want to do in France when anyways like I sometimes it merely magnifying Mir and mental tools and actual tools for clearing your pores yeah sit there with an up had people lock in talks annual and doing it. Not that they don't stare at me they just talked to me like I was tie my shoes or something Poppinga Campbell is the most satisfying being in the entire world what does it feel better is it just the sense that it's on that makes yes sign both yet. Man I got no problems with that yes I just I like doing it our first thought to myself but then. If the girls doing yeah I'd like Canada where you can I want it I want to sensation of that. Well man I never got that you should like alcohol Austin. And next probably and belching. I think it depends on where they're at in I don't ever like that out loud normally. That is it. It just like your during Minnesota's. You know I come and do it anymore scene is like that that that line between your bird being in the year trying to burp yet you know again when you and your trying to make it loud December. Record dinosaur every morning really yeah. I'm pissed off in the does canonize me sometimes yeah like Eleanor trying to do it but it did something he just had a beard. Is. I don't think it I don't find it from male or a big accidental verbs can be cute but on tech intentional like papers to me like. I mean. It does depend on the side of the room you're trying to be really really gross. Rihanna girl on the guys early noble calling it the girls do. Try too hard or once again if it's excessive and as for me gets me when it's like. Once. It's not necessarily that it's the girl that's doing it it's more of just like OK we've lost all sense of so if it's like after every time she needs to burn pits like. As opposed to you know just once and a while honing it down and Gallagher very rarely cutesy diaper like nice bird man it's just a negligent and that I would have I would habit of I would have a problem even if a guy like Jimmy Joseph were hanging out all time and then he would just Burke like loudly I would like dude c'mon play. It's not necessarily about a girl org I think also practiced. Number adults they just excessive yeah. That's fair. Remove hairy should never remove any kind of hair from your body do not lax shaved tween or anything else. In front of your man is how this person girls that I don't do that and I man. I'd if she gave all kinds of craziness in front of the do before like they're actually more intrigue at that point sometimes when you achieve the lady bits on the plea at a dude get a an act of I don't summer's fun into it and I just got to do it that's you know on Mexican my hair growth quickly. I I don't have a problem with it however I know late my girlfriend now if we're taking a shower together and she needs that you shall ask me to turn around. Ha ha I don't know why I know it's it's one of those like she's issued it doesn't want me to see like. 100 please let. I can't let him know that I can produce hair on my laying. I think it's more like she won I don't know I mean I don't really know and Ehrlich but I mean that we may be just have to get in places that you don't. I don't I I it doesn't really tell me until my guys and girls and aggressive she heard him I'll. I do it so quickly and so used to doing it so I nodded too fast apparently in very aggressive and so easily shower pad female friends I've shared with. Cutting yourself. Not. This means would you would you have a problem with if Eugene stature or the gang he's like a and he said. The lifted Carolina. I could afford ex boyfriend like I have one expert at full sleeve yeah so he would sometimes like take a arteries are quickly shaped our quick. Some of man some mean now and almost across the lines there sharing razors on non REIT is my girl from those and I mean I was using I mean I'm doing things to him putting certain. Bodily parts and certain other bodily parts I feel like I can let amusement razor. If you're that comfortable with someone you should have to racers that's my opinion is on he didn't. I brought my stuff and I think he just turned his plea delay. And that's and that's got to be prepared that you don't. Aren't you like. You happen ever reason. That can I musical. Thanks again I got I got a pro proposition so Vicki number one if you were dating a guy and he's like hey could you shave mine. Let's see here let's say he has a very. Barry Harry and batter it. Not because nearly nonexistent and is scared that backside. Or even like back I have Harry back to my girlfriend she's my back which used to be okay. I don't know any time I've done that's. When we're on the old podcasts the pants party Jalen achieved Kyle's back they'll I'll funny that was really funny how willing to act like it's flat and that's what it needs to happen on me I think I just remember we were that he public the seat shaved sides of his hair she was churning out the form with clippers. And then outside on the porch as parents house. And it adkins back and he's achieving his back to you just kind of going over with the clippers could carry back to you is that the music he found it's a good woman in the sun. Of the Vietnam Joseph would you have a problem if the girl was like hey can you again down in there can really reach and we've seen now I'll on the problem that but I will say I would never live in which it avoids. No boys understand guys pulling out I would be so scared of her right now I'm definitely see him reach not like she broke her arms against Alex these. You know has bought me you know hackers are eager Acker theater are trying to Harry back to beat on its academics say that. Jamie and yet I don't that. But I mean I'll say go for razors and remind I got like really like. Prickly beard hair same so you know I need a good reason to get through it CR be careful for unity trying to borrow marries or might men at certain points. If. And it isn't a little bit from from the first one this one's just group because the first one is actually being sick teacher. This loans to this persons of the get officially say I still don't ever talk about poop with my husband it's been twelve years I don't wanna hear about it is and I don't want to ask about mind. I've kind of uncomfortable lunch you're working at the restaurant with all the girls were pretty open about talking about it not graphic details per say but you know let. You know Arabian Sea just went down and I feel so much better. This is 100% a gender thing I have never met a guy whose care and I've never met a woman doesn't care. I think it's just one of those things where women have to portray this very beautiful and clean and meals. Yeah but does that bother you. Really need to begin eating up steam as it. Your room. It's bother me I I think we'll definitely talk about buying. Oddly functions well and it's not even necessarily because like I want you or I'm trying to gross anyway now it's more of just the fact that. You feel relief I went no I went to the bathroom twenty minutes and you are like I obviously am hanging out with Hewlett and you tell you what happened and artists are going to detail and I'm like. I'm not sitting in their texting I'm sitting in there and man those beans where wow. I shouldn't have a big game yes but you guys I've received any on the continent and we need to Pozen Netflix series on any Chinese twenty minutes every I think hew. At six or Barak and get them every single night that happens and it's because my stomach you just don't predictable but it's like. I just feel guilty afterwards if I don't explain where I'd been for the past it and then I I handle it. You know I go wallow dudes and me you know don't drink we have people's houses and I'm just so naturally inclined to help people hello you know even use that bathroom yeah. Because in the next forty minutes it is you know no go zone no fly. Yeah so I guess for me just doesn't matter but Manny is you're repeating if you ever with a chick who can't really be in the same room as you are. Just because you know she's I don't know about the indirect hey I'm now a little uncomfortable with my goal now per second that's like. Got to get out of bed now lie yeah and see and that's it into its if a girl if you're gonna say if you're gonna and do your business and an. As long I mean I'm totally down here about it. But deal I think that being that would once again premium is like now she's likes its enemies like pictures from the adamantly and just did help that that's crossing the line for me. Honesty that mailer analysts see that I. We talk about old lines right. But it does suck I mean I feel bad if you have that kind of anxiety with that and you honestly I respected you gotta get up out of bed you know I can get at school but you're using girls like that pretty good at you know timing thereof that groups that are worth Torino at the gym or some then. This crazy yeah. Next on the list is drive badly says he knowing Jiri you get a brand new car you take off the lot after spending more than 30009 I really don't. You probably scratch your right in front of him Yad don't do that or feed puke every years and block the screams of horror if you have to to being the car better deal and Kaiser elsewhere. It's my card do you not gonna drag it I'm spending that much money on my car. I am gonna try to take care of it yet like we'll have our moments were just. Low line probably not a 100% past drivers that I'd I'd be with anybody care. Yet tonight and that's not necessarily gender thing for me to for that it's like. I don't really let people drive my car anyway like no matter who is Joseph lower that was my girl from like it's not. I just get nervous sitting in the passenger seat of my own truck when they're driving it's not me man. At that point I feel like she has a more problem with me driving her car early the other day I try to work myself work in her car in the morning. And I wasn't paying attention accidentally ran around. On the way and she was like please you argue that my car eggs just got super madam. Red light on it it doesn't necessarily take it the person. It tickets caught all right but I don't get camera and I think it was more if she didn't even care about the tickets she's just like please don't rent car don't don't do stuff again as a aren't I it's. For a morning and I mean I know you unite does not nets stop you from doing that it yet and there's no chance but. That's funny I talk to on my friends and I mean it's all the same and this is like the number one thing to be in arguments. Bad drive. Really yeah and it inane policies the same thing for me like I hate when people take inefficient routes to places that I hate when they think they know they're where they're going but they don't and then you get in the car with them and the next thing you know you'll like. It's down that way and the like no it's not a cigarette yeah yeah. Rev we will most of our program and he he tipped it and completely wrong waited on a two hour. If you're a bad driver I don't want to have anything to you it's not in my safety it really isn't it's just that that's. Image and that's why you gotta put on the radio you've got to put on the music that you guys like together you know we've got to do something to keep your mind not the fact that she's about to destroy you hit it to your truck in what's. But what do you think you would you would you have problem with somebody driving your car like your boyfriend and. I have one big problem with an ex boyfriend when he was trying to make artsy complaining and make the wager of silent and I have my carcass are my car with an excerpt the two cars we got. And why didn't we didn't have a a lot of money at the time you're gonna go up to Everett to go drink at this club. So we didn't have money for drinks so we made a bunch implement water bottles and we are gonna chug on affordable and we get proceeding pretty drunk if this eighty it. On the way there he's driving my car rabid little water ball the surge drinking its whom we may be less than ten minutes away. They start to drink while behind the wheel might hearts and I you elated to ham downed trees visible all the point I was give making these drinks than like to drink before we walked in not like your driving my car. That was I lost my mind that is not okay. You know and you. I think every type yes I don't drink in my kids I have the I've Nolan I got Knoll. He he altered that's pretty can this mean now. This probably the only one on this list that I agree with. Is that criticizes manhood would you like to be said it's while breast. Or you know that yet an ugly vagina. Now I don't do the same it's not funny after. And here I did joking way it's like you know. What ever play if you're actually mad at somebody you make fun of their their job excitement and you're just petty and stupid. I think you'll estimates ultimately at night when Regina and don't bigger ever brought that up I Thomas Danny that earlier today and you have about behind closed doors and Danny and count now. Don't depends in your relationship I think that there's there are some couples out there that. Lay into each others and it's not necessarily a bad thing I am one of those I feel like. It there's certain things that you are off limits no matter what like no matter if your fighting you're joking whatever but I would I don't ever. Why would you bring if you if you're with somebody and and she's bringing up how Paul. Inefficient you are. Tough tough guy that's going to be a problem for me because of that when it's like more than wire weaving together the note that the base model version with only one speed after a how that's weird. I don't get very angry or ritual person so it's you know if I fly off the handle about something stupid you know like why are you driving the wrong way economists think. So I don't think I'd ever bring up anything might happen if they brought that up against me. Man I don't know I would (%expletive) begin pretty personal yeah like that's an attack. Primaries that beat. Now but there's a joking way to do it you know which you know every once a while to be funny but I think most of the time if you're bringing that up you're trying to hurt someone yet. Yeah I'm very joking about that kind of stuff like I know exactly what junk you haven't I'm having thanks junior my boyfriend and I mean I like your job in IQ. Some nights he technically don't they don't keep. Doesn't hurt. Or something stupid like that just kind of referring not as telling you things like actually saying it's small but just. And I was like all you it'll be an adult. One and then also like. If it's it's one thing if you're just doing an Alley jokingly between me and the care and relationship and we age as me in her room and we just like say some guy that again it's one thing. But if your how like at a party or something like heroes joking and then they throw that bomb of like well at least I don't have a small. And it's like while Bennett that that it's. It's weird because that it's in front of people via. And makes it even more that have happened even like attacks because can't really read into attacks that's his pistons them and that's true I Iceland analogies ultimately because you can show exactly that you're kidding. You know I look at speaking to mosey it's got to be my favorite out of it like that Hitler's. You know would be if you are an analogy that would definitely be aria yeah and any of the pizza now at a plan that thought out and beat them at the. Speaking of size is. Actually speaking is I the next step on a scale he's not Allah a lot of askew by your weight you nine CD they're right makes them and knowing that annoys me that's like you know what if you like Kelly you look physically look at the number map. Exactly but I thought I think that way about anything I worked with I never actually dated somebody who's like that insecure about their. There wave but also their age. Both of those things like if you if you lie about your age it it's gonna bother me and I don't know why it's just because I feel. I've I want to people who don't wanna you know wanna be with somebody that it's here right or that lake superficial where they're like. I'm I'm through five and same periods like cares who who cares honestly. I guess it doesn't matter short. Haul something still ice. Ice would bother me that I can data Hollywood actress and wait there's other news now I mean I think the waiting in a slippery slope off. I mean there's like a certain you know criteria on a secret it is certain might you know think you know who relationship status you gotta uphold you know if you get to a relationship and all of a sudden you're snake of significant others gaining a lot of weight. I feel like if they're not gonna let you talk about it or not the touchy subject for them you know liberty gonna do right there they're house. It's a way you go about it. You know what I care about you know wanna make here healthy figure if you had a bait you just had a baby yet you're gonna gain the weight but if you're keep in going after the baby and it's like. Postpartum depression is a bitch and all the stuff you gonna have to talk about it's we ET help. Whether emotional look at your game when out of nowhere back could be a sign of a hormone imbalance and so our. Any witch thing could be like girls apparently went through a doctor studies. A lot of crap beat. While he certainly not the one doing it but I did span of time. Yeah it's difficult right because. Eight you know you wanna talk to about it but clearly they know what's going launcher right and so when you can bring up a conversation I paid do you want help and you know they're usually pretty standoffish about it right I think when I have girlfriends that Stan for example had a conversation of the galaxy game like almost hundred pounds now and that's that's unreasonable amount it's unhealthy amount. And so I had a conversation went there couple years ago and she's like well. My made my boyfriend and I had a fight I asked him. Does he still find me attractive and I kept asking an ask me finally told me no and I again at a house as Matt and I sat panic honey. You've won two bragged that answer out of him you asked him to tell you. Shortly. You cannot get mad because at the end of the day if you love yourself and not to take care of problem because it is affecting your health that is affecting your life. Didn't that just kind of shows me that you don't care about yourself you don't love yourself enough to try to address it. Then how can somebody in my view if you don't even yourself. And stuff right because it's night and you lovers of the fact that you know he she let herself get to a point where you know just as an attractive right. Like any probably still Utley was still at there I think other things happened together. It's like if you really really care about your your significant other he wanted to hear what's he doing or that meeting here yourself. There's a quote I kind of go by it's like ice say you to hear me if I take care you. Now I say I will take care before you repeat victory for me so it's about making sure your healthy and happy on your own. And then you know they need to be patient. Batman. And the aussies and just the law I'll save for me ladies it's if we talk about ways if a guy talks about weight. It's not meant to hurt you or like Selig how much are you laying here. You know some guys just an aspirin for a word but then secondly I'm not trying to hurt your feelings if anything I mean there are. Gain a little weight or whatever but. You cannot clean house yeah talking about the. That I have to explain for once he's like you know you don't get you'd be so much hotter he destruct a couple of pounds widget that that's nearly eighteen and comes out. Who could not I look back this picture like you know the final until he's talking about right and they even. Even if I don't know the guys said Atlantic had taught him but it but I'm just in like. I don't even necessarily think that he. May ultimately meant it that way he might have just been trying to like. Because guys still understand. Necessarily. How. Touchy a subject we can be yeah and it sucks because body types you know for you know got a guided buried him in use their specific lights are different. Right you can be any range of body type and a guy can hate you regardless where it doesn't matter and I. Yes you get injured you're still lecture doesn't matter you weigh on altitude yes so I think get a briefing this trust between you know you're in your relationship you know you gotta have communication union really and you gotta be able to understand that you can say hey I think I've gained weight sorry do you think after losing immunity to Billick honestly I don't care rise by news sexy regardless orderly like. You know I was more attractive you when you're you know wider but I don't you know it's up to you kind of thing you know balance. I mean it's also too are you healthy lake are you. Because there's there's no one weight that is healthy can be super super healthy weighing. 200 pounds but when most that is lawful ad is a healthy wade be you can be a healthy at 130 year whatever it depends on your high and I don't go by the BMI track. Saying that he like most people's bodies our economy differently and made to do things differently. So as long as you know you're cleared you're not having any problems. It when you start feeling like things are Kuerten when he should be curtain and it's not an age thing. Jimenez three value. They came as he can't go upstairs he got a stake second you know take a second realize it's not even your weight it's at that point it's your heart your heart is not used to doing a much movement which means are now moving. By. And you need to move this new idea yeah has gone too little exercising that doesn't hurt anybody like Vijay your dad and go walk the mall now exactly now to stay with pretzels. An excellent bat knew Diddy and frank your significant other carrier air a husband who's favored shared pretty can be great but it can also be had. RT talking things like chores or other Monday in South Korea to bend down move around in all your stuff comes out not sexy like. Now anytime girls and again and again you know I don't care what writers think she's an underwear cleaning and I don't think in the house Blake. As you can rumor that the dream for me I would rather have you be like in your underwear like. Until it becomes yet. And there I think is funny I've made a joke on because I was what I got a gut mold and guts though and I don't I don't I think it's hilarious. As a blocker and walk around used to when will vote just a guy all I don't doubt it you know yeah. I his legs audience at the dad until on the as a guy who. It's when you wake up in the morning man in your hair's amass and and you like your visors IE you right and religiously get up in the ability who nobody counts on you like I don't need any pants ma and yes I grilled the same thing earners on Iran or Iraq is an island half my Nassau and they've had blood AM cells. See but that's the thing is that any time a girl's naked like I just look at that as time like. I give my girlfriend meaning like it's I get that plane what you're naked for reasons like. Are we decided consulate in time if it's not that's fine Cuban I'm just saying like I had to let him like yes this is this is this is going to be good afternoon to stuff floats are dailies had and it's a yes or no is my girl for ninety yes. Do I have any chance to have sex right now I did she make no I just get. He's second and I handled it pretty much. And I thought Melissa Spartan lots of very gross things happen with this one's I refused apart intentionally and hand make ambled into like I say. Far away fuel I have like a really sick knowing your part mixing it up the house and open up the windows and so away from me. But I still think it's funny I personally think it's hilarious but it does take me a long time to be comfortable around a guy to where I can do that. This is once again no where where OK this is like the first minute really deviate from most guys who can't use I have a problem with parts move and it's it's not but it went again it's not necessarily because of a gender thing it's anyone who fart I'm gonna be grossed out. I don't like to hear mightily to smell them I don't. It's not a funny thing to me. And once again I've been in relationships in the past where. The girl thought it was funny and would would do it all the time and to me it was like our plate it's one theme. In the entire relationship now obviously we sleep together where we're in the same ban. Things are gonna happen where it just automatically comes out by accident whatever it definitely. Move on that we don't need to sit there and make fun of it like I it's your eyes and that's but that's BS to me so it's not necessarily that I'm like now. I don't want her fart in front of me but it's more just like I don't want anyone frightening for me. I think it's funny is because I've from I talked to Sarah you guys both seem to have grown up differently I grew up with my brother. And the gala consider my sister she's the next or neighbor she had all Brothers like five Brothers. And we were all very much Tom boys so we would we grew up parting on each other trying to. Play game up until high school we played this game where we would find a flat surface will be how to fart. And to see how loud we can amplify. But there was a wall that that's not look when you close the lid the toilet. He said I'm Matt wow and it wouldn't be Barrett my brother would you Barack I went. But just to see what kind of reaction you can get from the as the crew and that's how we would fight. We would sit on my brother vice Versa like Ollie Ollie I'll squished up on the couch and I discuss it on impart our he would do the same thing and that's when he beat the crap out of each other. I never did that I can do it now that that's how we weep because it mostly your voice will immediately but even that it but that's that's the thing goes for me it's not even. If if me and Joseph working now to think there are guys that do that be sit around and they just are anything it's funny. I mean even like on our show now you know Steve rev Stephen read they'd be both the thing it's Claris and I'm like I don't. I don't find it funny like I don't necessarily. Think it's like on a dime but at the same time which is one of those like. I don't I don't like amnesty is because we do have pretty airtight rooms in it lingers. And it's not like it they're noisy parts that's the funny ones but when there actually just stinky. Like revs. Could ranking hello pool kill pop them like seriously right. In the hate thing that if we're Alec we are GG and he did it while we're playing like an air gun wars and those kind of funny it was gross could actually tasted it but I. Yes is around the open but if we're in here trying to work ethic not gonna up if it's loud that's funny but it's think that's what again Matt. That's not good move man my big thing is fear a group of people. And you walk like into the kitchen and it smells you get I get this like detective thing like Kama. I look Writely can go anywhere you unity go at about you want to as you know if you're that person. Who really leaves a good steak you know and now I think you've got a responsibility. As a person not to leave out someone else now. Although you are the worse thing is when you let out just the one yet even by yourself and it's just like it steams up the entire area annually. He. Lions but what about with the girl would would that make you like. Men it if it happened like I want you brought your prop. But it was every once in awhile that whatever and there. But what it away and once in awhile and you it you do and you move on it not exit there in like laugh about it and that's that's what I'm seeing is because once again it gets into. For me gets into you. I think of almost hindering the relationship because it's like. It's not necessarily. Think if you feel like you're seeing now with like an immature kid as opposed you like your significant other pastors and edited to me that's eternal and it's not because. She's a girl it's because if even if I was. Hanging out the diet and he far all the time ideally deeply on the beginning at that often anymore let's setter and lots Disney movies at all in fort. You know like make each other laugh and being goofy so for me like there's certain levels maturity that I think are fun. At levels not Q do you have a job scene you're living off my staff from the okay yes I like you sitting around watching Disney movies in a four as well too I did it this past weekend actually. I did that. Blame if I was sitting there and my girlfriend. Was sitting there trying to fart on me every five minutes I would have probably or just parting in general like that was awesome my dealings. Again the thing that my. My brother and I our relationship with parts is so bad that went ahead dream. And at the pillow on top mean. Like in in real life but in my dream I he'd like him and Sammy. And while we're on an Alex which accounts he's my yes we want. Aren't making you better freaking now I'm gonna fart on you and in my sleep I managed Sally Jewell arm at the polish him off and ended up knocking everything off my dad's side table moon and it's like star woke up everything on the ground like now. With the products. Time and next analysts and little Philly should never sport a facial mask in part of your husband with and we both had a chance. He Dolly Aaron yes they did I will my reaction was to Danny. Sporting thrown out at an island ECM no that's what he said I'm shocked really really you're shocked. And human or indeed how does that work with a be yours. Well. I I don't know if I had to be wondering how that much and B because that's shoot out at that level it's fine as long as you gotta get all of them there. Not only to the prom I don't know from the federal all went on like. It's like if he's so we look at premiere at the mask is your partner content you able liberal if you're scaring. That that's like an over exaggeration later eastern yourself and know. I think it's I am like room. I'm I look like on all on the monsters. I mean I guess if you're. Aiding someone and it's like a first the kind of dating and she. They would save only been on T gates and went on the second date you're in a matter Housley thinking like eight that's going to be awesome and as she walked out the facial mask. I can see that kind of being no letdown in terms of like while I guess where idiot does teach their relations. Like it be like hey she's a clear face an hour to beast and that's all she's all I can say things that bothered me when I'm 'cause. Part of why it's like big the picture that you showed us and it's got a robot and everything right here is that date he had assumed that picture of the ropes coming up right and a. This I will also agree with analysts it Serbs talk about how she sees it locker room. It tastefully removing your feminine hygiene products now don't do them from acting I don't I don't wanna see it as a girl I don't really wanna see that either men. I think got to bring that I don't know about you Guinea but that's stuff like I don't even wanna know it don't I mean I get there have all that stuff happens but I don't even wanna. It isn't online like my remain. Like. So his wife and their development of his it was about the I was using the bathroom and she was about season after and we have one of those bathrooms where. And we both have. The bathroom is connected to our rooms and there we have a dork. So lately how one little economy holly receipts are an in a separate group is where India shower handed Toyota's. We have both doors open or chatting and she's preparing to use shower after me and she's preparing her undergarments with. As sanitary than McCain feminine hygiene product. And she's doing in front of him like you know pulling all of my dues that. But if I had them just kind of sitting in the cat Connor I don't think I have a problem with that either case we secretly parent all of the guys know that I do this. I think for me I am I don't have a problem knowing about it especially when years and a longer. Married and have had a child but he and you see lots of things bright and but it would not even just. That's certainly that it's done it's more of like I don't really. If you're in a long term relationship even you know just where it girlfriend. And it's especially if you lived together that stuff happens and for me I need to know about it because I'm trying to you. Get lucky it's one of those like why would prefer to know about it before. Before you start you circles he could just you know what you're getting into and once again that being said. I have no problem going to going down. Town going downtown. With sweat and blood doesn't scare me off that whole idea it doesn't scare me and adapt when it's just more of like. OK I need to know where to go right after I finish so I don't. You know whether to press house down or not right all right so it's like the bad that that doesn't bother me at all but actually seeing. Somebody like do stuff. Yeah yeah I can't even if he if you're actually doing like even if it's not necessarily about sex it's if it's about just the process of all I don't need to see. I don't like seeing either I don't. I don't mind having sex and that is going on I have no problem talking about when I'm on it. You wanna like look this is what's going on so. My mind especially about holding that meal crackers and a lot more emotional wreck I've come to realize which I tell you all the time and I'm like dad. I am I'm about to cry. For no apparent reason yet Danny yeah and I'm just cramping like out of just I get really really bad cramps at when we're greedy it's all over from the front of the pack my lower back. That's I am not a happy camper. And I feel like it is very fair to let you guys now I am not a happy camper so by snap it is not your fault and it trying to snap ring. So way I wanted debt jumped to his vocal joke so way high you you can't I don't like the sight of blood very much and general Yasser editor I mean. Like if you cut yourself what are ball ball but there are certain things for some reason that just really I don't like what's on TV. Yup of to a certain point but even he would like hospitals surgeries and I'll ask and I just really kills me or anything has the process of like I don't know why he your blood John is Eckerd and all heated I hate I almost passed and passed out almost one time. Okay that there are so much that like the idea of the elements treaty is gross you out it's just blood and gender gap but in general I just don't have it. But we're right there if someone's in a scenario where they need help I'm Mike Superman. Like it doesn't bother me at all for some reason like I just switch my brain off but normally it just below what happened where like somebody's. Why my remain at surgery you know. Huge scar down his stomach and stuff like that in my house like I just gotta be cool forming and help them because he can't move you know it's like it's got over really quick button my day today. All ma'am might. And I. It's gotta like hold on you you're pretty drunken my birthday you remember when you got yours the Dallas although I don't know it's. Am played because you were hammered it was a small cup because you're hammered your blood was very and so what kind of flowing a little bit Arianna excuse it kept. It would put an act and it just kept filling up replied now finest moment now inside literally just grabbed at him it's about getting blown every act like you're my child like I grabbed a pandemic. Please leader. Has them and it thinking or contacts that with the big fight win McGregor went down and battle in our celebration and the like sat down in broken glass are like plan this this amber glass I sat there they called on this pictures of me somewhere actually the putting the ban on you wouldn't really annoyed you know. Because I'm just like. Sarah I am not. Being a mom I'm trying to be kicked out of the bar on my birthday and this is my bar I'm not trying to be surrogate McNamee when I'm on her too much sense that everything. I take. I'd call BS as well exercise I honestly don't care how in shape you are. All of all of looks their best after dripping sweat all of his 45 minutes. Exercising are feeling an exercise can be embarrassing they don't really want anyone to watch that no girls girls look sexy when there's wedding of their goal playing hairs on the scene a pony telling girl put their hand up Tony tell you know what that means right. I was reading a thing with girls that. She's like mine my boyfriend is revealed to me that if he gets turned on beat when I heard a pony tell you anything can. That makes him think of something else that I never had a girl apparently penalty minutes. Like this is happening and no I get that but I'm saying like item every girl has left there down with me so I'll tell them they can't try and remember I don't know what. If they have it hasn't sparked anything in my memory LS I would do with moms and next time that happens you'll be keeping. I think you watching her grow work hours singer sweaty after her cat would turn me on more than anything I don't think it would be gross at all I worked out. Five days a week day of my thing about it is is that if I've watched you grow work out a movie and real live because I'm gonna be so tired by the end of my work out I'm Lewis who nothing's happening. Yeah I don't like some sort depending on the time that day I get kind of revitalized like he's taken after at work now I can't plea halfway through if I go more so high powered up front maybe our. So 45 minutes in that work out I won't tell you whether or not I'm going to go or not it zappa fortify it appeared on done a meal like. Exert every last amount of energy yet have an interest. Go home and straight. Which watching girl if you could you watch a girl who man. I want to work out all the time apparently bubble girl my girl pro am if I'm an apartment with me you know as you know the problem with it to be the Akamai and kind of thing. But there'd have to be a plan. Not Tahoe tell you that back to be included in the work out. He after working out this year and it could be dead in the back commuter car audio out today to say to party down yeah I'll have come down. Unwind and one game. And excited getting dressed is definitely a bigger issue for some more women are similar in others. Let's face it up letter immediately your booty into an action skinny you are genius it is. So I looked great once they're on the getting there are not the most fun and then I was in Texas last week and here at the last week. Hey ladies though the one you know we talked about this yet. He says. The one right. Only do and don't that's act out with me was the one that you should get dressed you should get dressed in front of your man 'cause you don't want to seize these nearby genes. Only reason I would agree to this. For a woman not doing this he means is if she wants to keep them on I think it is so hot to see girls but going into the teens I would just go over and take them right off element. Exactly I just I mean c'mon offense as well the picture Ochoa searched this forum I now I read where a war they did nothing that's not. That is there is nothing that's not sexy about investment analysts. I honestly don't I night SM prime and you back in literally I'll be at bars and needle like come over my mind when I'm like I'll watch a Glock I've looked like a power. Minimum to get into those genes in a lot of the genes we have a lot of stretched. So it's a lot has it been your genes. But they've put their practice snap. Penske and I'd like blind see and I Wear it once again we skinny jeans and I know the struggle and at that point. I mean it might look funny for too much immediately but if it girls doing it next Nokia. I confuse I would not I would not I'm on track you like that you like you said they're either putting on taking off clothes so either those processes is usually I am. Is watching trashy TV. I trashy I I like in contrast to tones over with and while. Like we love the you're just as much as you do but it definitely an indulgence we handled by in higher selves with an joggers in that's. So he's trashy TV you're tiger can Kardashian he had. I think it's cool as long as you know that it's not real there are some of those girls that senator about yes there is real there yet and that's like that's I mean has there indulgent. Shows they want to waste a lot capital partners because I there's a. Asked backwards I like I watch Thursday Zorro with time that's just hilarious I don't people that think that that is real life and that that that's how they want to live their life in the people I do not want to associate now industry stepping over the line. There. Attorney to be honest with you if that's like all she watched it was like Kim Kardashian and and the bachelorette and now like that when I badly I would probably be like well because you don't watch me Ike were to me. Don't watch it on camera is like I don't wanna watch it and it is a it'd that's another thing is it is she's making me watch it with here. That's now a UB Mikey if for instance you had sex and then afterwards when it puts me on TV and it was one of those shows you would sit there and you go like man this is gonna happen every time kind of a thing yet I would really about now I think I'd be vulnerable to I think if it was every time an historic month. We're going to tweet I'm only one goat coffee or something or even if it was like a weekly being like let's say that lake every every cheesy she's like okay now because I've two watts they're keeping Kardashian. I'd let you are making like. Duet ready for tiny there's such thing as DVR watch it when I'm not around them I mean so many girls have to watch that stuff. You know I've Mets only have been like at the Ellis has friends now Nelly you know my friends' parents and her girlfriend bailed and they watch you know. A Shelby north of one show that they all watch together is another be the bachelor party in survivor right now like survivor but some of those so reconsider trashy yeah. Just funny because minority. All the shows that watcher for the podcast mostly at this point it's got in watching our chronicles of would you watch interest in stuff. Every now and then I used to be so on Saturdays they used to care. All of one season. And supermodel with her being called America's next on America's Next Top Model shot on my lady's. Gonna. I don't give a crap up modeled on your but the drama I am I just wanna see them actually trying to get the picture and I wanna see the the final result like here. Love scenes like the idea they come out when it and the the techniques currently getting the perfect picture. And that I don't I with the ice is that there watch the entire episode at the diocese in one day. I loved to sleep and so my big thing is he got a fine girl. That like likes eight seasons to calm life you know life How I Met Your Mother. Loves her friends just like that that way that when I'm sleeping because I'll sleep in late then they can just put that on you know and now at wake you know and a little comedy so not pissed off a bomb wake him up. Kim Kardashian Kim foot in something honor but you know it cut on the did not going to be great morning yeah that's. There. So a whole list but they did have a shorter much short analyst for men. And it's well grasping the husband should never again part of his life and was curious what you think about this wake up with Danny B next duplicate. I thought I did that a predator like spit in the sink or in the shower who like what he would like hot glued dealing am guessing that doesn't mean it's. Toothpaste yet I don't do. So. I mean it's been on the Sri and I I mean just in general is betting right. I had I had a girl geely that's grows to two and that I was just like. Okay. Once again it is to its excesses particularly if you're taking a shower again. You know due. I think you're sick you're in the shower eat about injury in the final tax step on the air right. As long as you respectfully I actually about them and adults that it's in Africa. Bravo I only did I played soccer because when you're running the new this is going C discuss. All the years analysts that you're mouse he not to you I didn't have. My acts like he's have a problem with mean. Like when I talk a lot I have and it's problems and so mine knows it's really in time we do know is it really. Mike Mukasey and I'd be late. Man I can do now just the election. User can ever do that and I. Yeah yeah pretty much nights at data. And that is passed gas loudly. We know about and no peak of the shower. I'll. Is don't do it on me unless I had links thing on the Tony and need to take and new equipment joint shower and knock that shot right and when Yeltsin generally mean I just a route one thing lamb like meaning it PM had guys that just do it. But I am arm bears because I'm not I was hydrated. My luck. I would imagine you might not hydrated. I would do in front of girl ever but I I woke in the charms. Who hosts take though. When you're drunk and out on the streets. I have medical or girl's gonna dad just need to know about that right now I've been like yeah I got a rude about understood turn around them and Iraq and Utley got a that they actually last time Angel now Meehan my girlfriend had a mutual. Funny NCAA GO Los afterwards on the street to Capitol Hill now. Subpoena. I could and I have a pretty good latter route which is probably a good thing for me but it'll what you're blackout drunk I've never been blackout. Art I put on. I hope at Akron now if I the close government blackout drunk is where like I missed out like within. An hour Kyrie adrift in now. So I could remember what I said sir but I remember worry wise and what I was doing it but I've never been under the simple act because I you have that drink you like. I'm I'm done. I am going if I have one more drink after that I'll probably blackout but this is the drink that's gonna cause of Aum leaders and so once I have that drink immediately go to the bathroom and take care I'll remove such increment by its eyed tree. Just picked it. Three day for comment. Yes but I. Give me three minutes and then he can hop in the shower. Let me. The look of freaks me out is and it's kind of related is keen and I don't know why but only if it thought it how it always freaked me out when it grows late. A gun. And it ain't free I don't get me wrong also doing it but that's because I have anxiety with paying anyway but even if here work. If we add to your goals that are next to each other and if I go in there and I'm like Weinke. And then like Steve walks in and as. I'll rely Mike D'Antoni if for some reason it's not and his honesty like. I have a problem CP is in front of me but it's is one of those it's weird to me and plus the other thing is I don't like to smell. That's I hate the smell a bigger than I was there Russell and that's not knowing that he doesn't. Yeah I've. Seeing guys your name and I mean does not bother me at all I hate it when they don't wash their hands on the top. In. I think they touch that money Atlantic wash your hands just PIP tipster thing that's the point its equipment is pretty well 00 after app Anderson let's say you know obviously both woods down it's not an expert he gets some happening after velocity and I didn't hear you Washington Nancy. Our quick question and just bugged me rethink about the whole toilet theory should men have to always raise them or the tournament. I received I have my role in my house that I I talk about. When I shared about my brother. He he called the Earl and Mike her roommate he and his wife follow this rule as well. You put both bleeds down and you fly ash. I do that every single time with at every time every time I roll it down. Have no has in the oh good one because of the journal article the two I do notice that it's less sleepy and what little water. In the bathroom. Leaders so. Yeah it's if you keep flushing with a lit up I feel like it's smelly toilet water quicker I mean I gather personal growth faster. IIA have a big problem with girls who have a problem. They would mean operating at it again because you know what as easy as I because it's always been this argument. You just put it down Mikey what you can just lifted up it's not I am I. I had no problem with lifting the seat up because I put the lid down every time to I'm putting a lid down to it's not a you have to pack up and down I don't have to know you've ball we all put belly down. Last event I just feel like it's less disgusting in my bathroom if we keep it in my opinion I would lose them back to sexist rule here is one. After a look at the effort up right. We don't always have to sit down but that's just genetics yes that's how it goes right here shower here isn't there I think you should just leave the toilet seat down. If you were about to leave it's worth it down and all go in their lifted up and an armed Italy Japan and the when you come back in Europe put down. And they were both do an effort yeah we have to go to the bathroom. Wreck wreck because that's only circuit and whoever is about the most is going to be the most do you work why. Is like oh you're worried if the lift that up when you have to see to you at duke half of the convenient of being the stand up MP I do not have a convenient you have. But there's much more of an effort to get him. What does it matter to lift lift proceed as quickly Elena and go to the bathroom it's unnecessary. I just think I I think you're going to be don't have clean. I after. Pirates clean it out but you more often I I demand that being cleaned out weakly as opposed every couple weeks but that's a that's a German folk think he said you'd you'd you'd demand that because years and tells. To me it doesn't he made that doesn't bother me at all like. Germ articles like can I can dollar bills are more dirty about it and you put your mouth yes I do and how could. And I Saturday. It's one of those things that just that doesn't bother me at all it's it's literally just the fact. I don't think it's okay for Kelly Jo sanity for at that point. If we're both if I going to leave the seat up it's easy for you put down the same way as if I lock in and you looked down I can put enough. It's not I don't probably haven't lifted or whatever that had on me yeah I I just it I don't if there's a way that when you flush it would go down that be great I just don't want if you're competing in Russia Italy fine. Not only unfortunate. But if you're gonna if you're a flash any time it will it's lodged is what I'm saying you don't like it splash I don't like it's changed I mean line on him and I expect it July I don't wanna rush because they've done studies that say that when you flush toilet. Particles can go. How many seats that depends on your toilet. If you got a nice Toyota's stock and flashed my Wii UE probably honestly about I would drink in the bathroom maybe well. In the shot worse not adamantly also present to keep its worth we have her work their high powered you know I totally grew acutely if you had the speed up some slash everywhere. But my toilet doesn't do that might votes toll thought. It doesn't like splash everywhere OK here's how do you notice ash gold toilet next time you the pew. And flush the toilet why you're still sitting there have been before and you see how much it's latches but that's because that's peace sometimes you are useless in the middle splashing straight up isn't necessarily going to go on the toilet. Mining got a low hanging fruit at that point it's it's gonna go right back in the toy out front when it anyways but because and that's not the that's the focus of where all the waters. Right in the middle according this and at the end the real reason to close at Whitley is a phenomenon known as a toilet lid. When you flush a toilet the swirling water that removes your worries the ball is mixes with small particles in the waste. Shooting arrows muscles species and the care. You know I got sent on till I mean it doesn't know they feel he's everywhere I understand it's for me to smell thing and I can tell it when I go until it dies after my until. If even if the lid down it's now hey babe plots without clothes in the lid because it does smelly toilet water on the wall. W also got a house something in your union I don't know about you but I got candles and anyway it's completely free drop reducing your costs if you got people over at the history now at Newbury. Another and we talked earlier pick pick your nose. And now. You're doing right now. Belts as one of your life I don't care of them at Saint Louis delegate agreements. It's an excellent. Knock her breasts eyes don't make that are boobs of course kind of stupid don't make fun your significant that you just be ready answer there pick your toes. Let's pick Adam is your like you know when you toes like when you get a little and I agree that a little Fuzzy between your toes. I just be a clean person and not know. I have to I mean I got what I grew. I don't think you should pick your feet and your girl for the stomach went to with the same way it's some ugly cracks yeah I don't know line makes Geist he'll look at ago Pope I'd add belly button and here again. So I finally did is leaning a little areas he's gonna vomit like him that bad I mean the thought of that just keeps me up resolutely. I can't say that if I walked into. To room and you receive inherently picking development and I would be rose out of the. And I think when Harry not be enough Harry. Take you to some rubbing alcohol in just running it get very weird your belly button gets discussed yet. You don't even realize there's this thing to Tuesday it is an area like he had channel you know having done it to you remember no I've never done that before. What have they will happen you'll and you'll be grossed out the united clean yourself from the shallow it they offer me I have I have a little wrinkles in there. I'm a little wrinkles sag also I had appendix taken fifteen. So mind my belly and a lot smaller used to so it's not a lot narrower minded and because they go to the Catholic the top part Amy little incision believe Clinton. On my side. It. And so it's better than the scar on the side scars and its lead story. Stabbed protecting someone. Excellent pretty obvious don't. Her friend. Who football hall and hold on hold on hold on. I got a question about it I am Fort Worth the lives here where the line here that's gave up that being right we were project. She uses her friend. And she says some of my gosh is and she's so beautiful what are you loud and and then be like I'd he had she's like police tracked if she asks yes. It's just. You know don't now I ask you following aid is actually you know you'll see right there I definitely. He's he's Q like use words that aren't threatening yet. We have Arnold say threatening. If I did and on secure your Caroline that a girl like it's pretty challenging because she gorgeous she's really pretty. She's Q notes but if Batman but why not threatening and exploit the cynics like me coming his way. We attacked chatting about a girlfriend we both on that we mutual friend list. It and she had a lot of issues in her life. Ethan man you know she keeps thinking that she needs to lose weight nonstop and I just. Understand how she doesn't see that she's still at the gorgeous she's still acting high. Economy. Young girlfriend it's weird I don't say that she's at the high. I feel like I feel like yen and if if I thought that that somebody. When in my day girlfriends friends as I think probably dispute late if she asked me I think I'd like as attractive but. I don't know how to I don't know lottery act that I see capital it's hard to you know I in my front watch my friend ecology another girl next Suze girl. And test yes that's because. I'm going to be in the dog house tonight to tough it out and Arab what do you supposed to do as a guide it's tough it's not like you don't final of the women's and still be attractive. But I mean it's not like you're like thinking on an ago sex that it's kind of like you to notice it like a flower or adage probably should we or say anything but what if you get caught you what do you say when they're like what do you think is attractive. Like I I saw spider legs though we don't build high. And outline how well Tom I can't I can't like I literally go oh yeah I do or I think I get in trouble at times beyond the. What is it there's a wait and not live also not be so. Old about cats but only asking the question I'm sure that is why are you asking don't ask don't ask me because you know a year geeks kind of setting yourself up for however I feel like I got caught looking at a girl and my girlfriend was like. What do you tractors and Alina I assume the keys are witnessing a line averages Beilein obviously. There's a difference between blocking look at. And speaking she's pot that's true that's a good way to walk round but at the grass that is if I'm Eaton pizza. Somebody wants by the ninth helping plate of chicken teriyaki. I'm I'm gonna look. Talk about are gonna go away from the pizza I'm enjoying a factor for me and we at least six different it's like we have the relationship we would take up chicks together. The what do you think Connie and I like your face like that are currently with the judgment of accurate and select it. And there are times recently in Atlanta had to eat straight up and executed and a feeling as I really feel like doing that that the bad. I think if I mean granted if you're into that like what you have also both have to be very secure right with your relationship as Philly you're heading down bat. If you your check the check yet beat or using it we of their people we check out the eyes to you and Alan. When we think of this person I hate it also depends on how secure I know we all have our weekdays where some days we like Martha and I feel like on top of the world. But then I'll have a couple of days or you know harm to keep an animal can just feel like crap man and nothing is making me feel dead and I'm just got to figure it out on my down. And I don't think there's anything wrong with saying you know what Hun. Wait what's going what we normally do I understand sign your fault but I don't wanna do AT&T today what it regards to anything. If that's your thing I agree however like late Wednesday and and I'll throw this out there one of the biggest things that I have not biggies like. I just don't like it is sitting there having the conversation. Netflix and I just haven't being with people like happening. Talking about their celebrity cars to two point of where against excessive it's one thing if you just like on the grandpa. Are all I think Jennifer Lawrence but to the point of where it's like you're assessing over that person that's gonna meet meet analysts and I don't know why it is it is something with me black diphtheria and I think this is why my skills would agree if you literally should just live every. Relationship on the one to zero scale. And in its auditors would do SX impersonal gymnastics at the right now as well at the skills permanent. Any person can change on it right but the ideas that way if you get caught or something and and the like who do think it's not my employment side and into the one. And that's it like in the go wore mine but we're clearly 100 times that we had sex you know I. One is one is you'd have sex with them or zeros he wouldn't assets. Yes they link for summer nothing went attend now and that's the reason why in that way it's not a Buick or one I'm more attractive Horry on a few more beautiful. Did you realize that women are not black and white like that they're not zeros and ones we're. Black until lights and all the grays in between now I get in for women don't work like that I wish I could explain that to me you know like I don't care how hot are tickets right in my my head it's literally just. I would have sex with that woman right now doesn't mean that's really personally. That's usually the case there's a lot more zeros out there and a new thing. Industry not just on a physical attractiveness not yet jolly Italy and -- on you exit there there's a lot of stuff that doesn't related but why can change but I think it kind of protects you in that sort of like you know UC FIC. Frick in on of young Jessica Alba on the street. And I see Eric I was just out what she's so beautiful real life it you know yelled after that. Is ridiculous because you know I have are how it goes right in that would assets that Al. And again the girl and she's like he's really sexy dude. She's like like you catch nursing with that bother you two hours they keep you pastor where you stand that dude how would you know I'd be like yeah I guess it. It. Look I'm not I'm not about self conceded to know that I'm not a tent you know and that in that sense right I'm not freaking you know young Harrison Ford or Ryan Gosling or any of that rain that's. But it the same time you see that I am at street in your like I can't really track product. I'm good for you gradually noticed rightly you appreciate the beauty that is in the world in mind is telling us don't as long as you don't harpoon and got my problem is he is. And and that's what that's how you get into it that's how my ex wife is she would sit there and constantly talk about that man she was attracted to. Outside of the relationship not not necessarily on street. But celebrities and so again and that made me and secured public can look like. Ryan Gosling and now that person but it would did you make me feel insecure is that while that's what you like in wiry with. I think it's also having communications with your partner and again for Jack I was dating like when we would do that. I understand like OK you love me here with me for a reason. And I trust you that you're not gonna just cheat on mere eighty something with the other person. It's like yeah we re comfortable enough to talk about it and we also knew like if I was. But I silly by slick was in love with you and I wanted to be with you comic can't that's how he operates and I have to respect the way he operates. But in this is again a situation with a significant others kind of more with the doping is like yeah. I'm I was looking like it's like yeah did you CME's like in my X would even say him goddamn I kind of hot check him out there and vice Versa. Now. Exactly it's that's artist but if their heart beat on like so it's on the you're talking about home. Then it gets a little weird right has been a while you still think America's for us guys usual Republicans on 12 to second thing you know it's like to finally get hot girl that I never going to be able to yeah aren't move on plus actually won more entertaining Eisley to say that it reveals not girls with you bid to. Hmmm that's funny and you should receive I thought. And then but it is funny when you see a group of girls they you know really are like you've liked or view boys in the for your girls in the girl's brought him something you know the good guys and something to receive them watching other guys go by it and they're like kind of point about nearly tally gave one last thing I would laps left but took over ago. Thought that third overdue and he's up there or there. They could do damage has totally all in good fun really ignited. An expert on lift. It up on which. Respectable. And here my balls and then it's. Yeah my view and all. Full on skin grabbing them and you haven't showered you wash your hands don't ask your your geared geared junk. Tim Duncan I ask us. It's it's one of those I tried mightily to show anyone that it's not necessarily just about girls it's like I don't I feel like I'm gonna be sitting there like. Half the Baghdad's what's up this morning. Guys are just expressed their hand they're like the put their hand like in their hands over their underwear and an album and it just kind of hold onto them like NC place some of the old Abby walked around my house and I'm just grab and boom. Like hour of my hands in my eyebrow look at Cilic pollsters on my hands just. In our somehow how full disclosure to one game here at the get dirty imminently here now and it's not Saturday. I and you this is the most easiest thing being out has always been smelling it I used to. Yeah. High school that became a thing and it was it was just a tick that it was just one of those like I I don't know why did it and I don't even. It was is that Jack it took a movie and I think that's why you'd think it was because it was like. When I was kid it was a smelly kid. And so when it was just like one of those like I learned to check myself to future event. I wasn't overly smelly Andy just kinda human being took a movie. For me to realize that I was doing and my name my ex I believe friends of benefits and now. And John Mikhail as the guy he's like they did a whole boss who. And as the best growth and my Wesley you do that'll time I was like. Ole deal and she's like pay attention and I notice and I was like only guy I need to stop like that. That is discussed have a problem yeah and I did in and it has since then I've I've. No thank I think it is natural for the most areas could be this smell like weird you know quarter the snow we're respect. You protectors of tutoring with democracy with everything right now man I do it man I used to do my arm. And so are battling bats that's I don't I only can I. Now my arm pits just compare in that race balance not much. Mean to scare them is like our austerity and like I like I can sometimes you can't tell if you're smelling all dealer with staying or just deodorant. You know what's a life savers you know with the if you ever do you have here you voice when he gets to be beaten down you know matters Austin aren't that team. I'd better do that public though. Miners after it was in public you got elected the waddle minerals and why I'd like an audience Alicia Acuna ethnic Chinese working out. Next on his velocity like acre island that we need him. With the current. Now you know take is skid mark underwear I don't laugh at funny thing. I use baby wipes for that reason yeah if you get mark underwear he always did anyways. Like in the bathroom yeah he her. One night here at all but you know he's an annual guide I was seeing who carried some in his. Tagging he keep it in his back pocket there is cancer a lot listening yours yet. Are you. It's it's actually it's not even necessarily but the skid mark of aptly it's about the smell if you've ever. You have been with somebody who doesn't know how to wipe properly. And two there's that. Then another thing on the list and acts skipped over your flight don't white and from any significant and want to see that that's weird I'm sorry I don't wanna see. Don't don't yet so ready yet this this now we so that's lab along with carrying around all he's one points. That is enough that it used apps I keep them and my son before governor Arnold. Habitually do it and you know not a ritual every day breaking up those high dollar shave club actually they have. These fees called. 13 wedge shot and difficult but they're basically wet wipes at these on this militant on. A little crowded though. Doing it you go parity is one more look I I'm Connie Dunn with atlas like inspired and anything that can (%expletive) me off one more. And I do everything yeah I would pick pick of the top wanna you wanna talk about thinking well this this thing the sky found the most insane relationship contract in a used car so apparently it seems like. He got used car while looking through he found this whole list this girlfriend made. Or her boyfriend. And the skies that the report I tree in his car and he had a contract from his girlfriend and it. Some of the favorites. Dollars. You are not to hang out with your friends more than two times a week. You're not to look at a single girl than. US flag and right not to get mad that mean for a single thing ever again I'm guessing each he must prevent out. You are not allowed to drink unless I am with you. That's that's program. How to build a liar I used to have you said exactly. I used to have I think with with drinking and that this is also when I. Wasn't as big drinker as hell. Produces two point of like it made me nervous not really knowing what. You know what alcohol duty and at that point it's like my girlfriend would go out. Special to a party or something injury he would make me really and I'm talking when I was you know early twenty's. It would make me really nervous because it's like I didn't know what the effects Wear and I don't know how much control he would would have. And it's like and definitely your inhibitions go down and it just made me feel really uncomfortable until I actually started drinking and as well. Is not a big deal only if for the most part you're going to be I mean I. Decide that claims is like well known that penalty and that's not gonna happen for me now either and and that's something that I just grew up from was like. At a certain point man alive I was very very jealous person 1617 years old and I feel like I just grew out of it because at that point easily while. If I don't if I don't want to be treated that way in American treatment growth. Now alternatives don't usually work out very well a lot of people swear by him but man I don't when you're giving your you know your significant other even mr. friend. Just a rule that they can never break the Mets thought pressure that's a lot of scenarios that they're gonna have to like avoided. And this have you ever had somebody huge rule the out now all my friends wall eyes Percy Internet you. I understand what me. I don't got problems like that I try to avoid those problems specifically you know delegate told B. And idiot you know don't put yourself in a scenario we're gonna hurt someone on accident because you're too drunk or you're gonna see some dumb if you can help it you know I get it. Happens but I'm happy go lucky drunk and I become a big guys I forgot I'll call you Sandra to most people under the table before they're even you know four on the even close to get in front of him. Ought so. I double and actually get to look at yourself if you are if you are putting yourself in a situation where you're gonna get drunk and hook up with another girl. That's on used that time on her and at that point and that why why are you in a relationship if if year you're doing stuff so that points like if you get to the point of where your girlfriend telling you like hey you're not gonna go drink without me hey you're not gonna go hang out you boys about me like. A babbling it's like. Wait a minute why are we here did I do something wrong is her and at that point why are you in a relationship is obviously neither you can handle this brutal limit on it. Entry point two times a week as much as senators running out of waiting elders boys asked hassles like he's getting drunk. Three or four times a week with his friends do and stuff they should be doing you know and at that point but I guess it's ultimatum time but just sit him down a guy came only you know like it's over and why are you in a relationship if year if you're in if you're never to get it. And granted don't get me wrong. I get there those kind of relationships. Where you know the one person out all the time get the president home all the time. And that's totally fine if you guys are both okay with that. I know that for in the relationship I mean I don't want to be alone five nights a week sir that's just me so at that point that relationship would be okay with me. You Imus gonna go down the list and if you guys want to light. Disagree or agree year would have something to say with any of these let me now. You're not have a single girl's phone number of your not to follow them on any social media including instinct is that chat and twelve at Twitter. You're not to hang out with Keegan including his house or anywhere in public. You're not to go to Honda without me very room and a hell that means on about the go to conference and if there's a girl that were under me and you're not to hang out with your friends are more at more than two times a week you're not look at a single girl. If a girl comes up at. TU act anyplace or any time you walk away while. Melo is not it's. Is to not hang out with us everything we hang out you are not ask for her you know. It's a certain activities begin to like no you're not allowed to ask for that I should write that one. You are not. To get mad at me about a single thing ever again you're not to bring up Tyler Noah Devin or Josh ever again. You are not allowed to drink a sign with you out of the relationship I am allowed to do phone check went at her right please. If we where if we move in there are never to be any girls at our house we move in together your friends will rarely be allowed over. If I catch you around with girls out milieu. You are not to ditch me for your friends often does not control and I hang out with you never. We are to go on a legit date once every two weeks at least. And I say jump you say hi how how high princess. You aren't can make sure you tell me you love me once a day at least so I know you're not messing around. Alas it is you're never did take longer than ten minutes to text me back. So damn athletes have left hash out policy. At that point it's there's there's a lot of if you have an at that point I feel like yet there's probably team there's probably I just think at that point once again. I agree with some of those things but not as rules. If you're in a relationship I totally understand saying I love you. If you're into relationships like rationed it Rory shouldn't be. And then at that point it is almost something terrible has happened for shopping Cadillac friends like that make them. I have Joseph and uncle Chris then rent that's about it maybe a bit of any net dabbling it's like. The fact days you know if Joseph did something terrible Q my girlfriend and she's like I really feel comfortable he crashed her car oh. Yeah bet that that's why you're consulate in that and keep spending your money but also are denied. I can't necessarily be a rule like that that's my problem with that whole thing is that it's a rule it's not a the conversation of Haiti like why do you like. Why why why they let reconnaissance and why don't you like she gave no time. In it for me I've had. Moments where I've told one randomly look in the day you're gonna do that you're gonna deal but I would rather you not hang out with this person and England's situation. It's like this girl like admitted she was in love with him when he was with this previous girlfriends so when Jimenez macro for broke up. Shortly after him and I started eating sushi hated me grabbed the back in her head she thought she was next picture comical they broke up. I'm used to dating him you know and that with in the case because these are like a little sister. And she never really wanted to talk to me granted him much of an effort to talk to her. And it's like he's like Anne and Mike you know what I feel comfortably dating him or not dating and don't W hanging tires up with their rates. He's a would you not trust me like and I trust you don't trust her and it's unfortunate example move on you you're not going to be possible way. I just don't trust that she's not gonna sit there and talk crap about me which doesn't know me I can't I don't I don't want that negativity to influence anything in her relationship and that caused more problems it. If there's a once I mean in terms of San if there's a reason you everything you just said there's a reason why half. And I'm not saying that you were giving him a rule you were having a conversation I would prefer you didn't direct. There's there's a difference there is a different and an at that point he makes his decision of yes I'm so gonna talk to this girl that's his decision and then it's your decision to decide whether you won deal with the. That's tough I mean because they're clearly in two different sides of that relationship at that point right I mean she wants something he doesn't. And and I mean what you say that he's a good friend author I mean do you do you tell them that they can't hang out I mean don't think he can do that maybe you know that chick is clearly not gonna stop trying. Miami and she seems pretty clear on that's the sticky situation right there and I I don't know what you're supposed to duke a second toll fuel. Well yeah I trust my boyfriend but at that point. It's not necessarily the fact that anything will happen at some its attack this thing could mean as a role possibilities and right. But Damian Thong injured cool an open in just honest and chill about it like look I am not I don't like it wing. So I had an. When my ex boyfriend he had a buddy who didn't have a job selling illegal out to eat the three of us this buddy of mine my ex would pay for him every single time. I would pay for my own food he would pay for his buddies feared. Like we pay for the movies are pay for drinks in the he would get drinks and stuff with his buddy and I just seemed amused by his friend and I just didn't really like that I forehead. But I'm like you know as many friends on the let them like they're something in any sees. And I wish I would have said something like you know what I don't think it's fairly street knew he stop pain Taliban because. Once I it was hanging out with I was clean up the three of and he is fixing my computer. And my ex had to leave some sitting there waiting for my computer to kind of finish booting up and that's when the guy saying you know I don't think. You know he's I think that's mean easily you know it could be honest you know you shouldn't take them back after it broke up with you you know. It's a user so much better than him and stuff like and sitting and like I love my boyfriend I don't like you. I think I can say that there was I left I'm like dude it's your bro sent me. And that's something. A person like that are not good people in sometime early notices somebody from the outside the ethnic Kyle probably as close as the other. And that I sent them regularly glued to the big dude it is illegal strip club drop 500 dollars in a night out. And because UKY money now. Same for history and his chances. Honey you that your I don't care how much money spent because at an update is your money. Any dealings 500 dollars for mr. Grunow can you. This I am top honey you're just honest differently you know forty and you would have guaranteed currently we're going to Applebee's yeah Tippett to. Not telling you utility that about it and yet to twenty again appetizer in two meals boom when it counts. Plane than. Anything else we've talked a lot things today. And it would include I'd like to say that I feel like the first. Appearance of men on the broadcast was a success I might have to have this happen from time to time. That's right give the opinions I wanna know yeah I wanna know the human analyst Noah people just repeat our arms yeah and it's intense Fraser didn't hear me now yeah who has larva feed on the theory of us. Deviancy Sarah had. I care. And we love you Sarah. Each. Time he has until next time in.