Broad-Cast Ep. 91 - "The People We Date"

Friday, November 3rd

Vicky B and Ooh Sara talk about an article about the 9 people you date before you find "the one" and their past relationships.


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Yet and I recording now OK let's do that. They have do we do care when they do show media show on is that a short of the middle yeah. Bet you got it thank you. Uga and I look sure people now and we're actually really good now lump in my mind. And not devoid. It yeah. Yeah. Welcome to another edition of C broadcast. Time Vicki B. And we got loose. Then. And buried in today's Sara it's well it's Friday. Yes it's November. And it. It's kinda sort mother has been snowing so law. Hey do you like this though that I love you know I may love this now if I can look at it if I can McCleon in. I don't like it sounds nice to be somewhere aren't deterrent and it's because. I sucked. At. 09 times so it's terrible I mean it's not up for the longest time was my car and I honestly my current action is that the league. Those like. Oh god has. How is that it's just. I remember what you're supposed to not supposed to do when you're driving analysts now I just remember my ex Tommy because he's driving to Los up with cars. Anxious going easy with it like. I mentioned this on the regular show. And the morning show that when I went to Portland it was when that big ice storm hit. My car. We stayed an air being beaten and from different birthday and we were on a hill part with my a friend of my car my point up. My car completely froze over. Let it sit there and chip app like Alice my carbon is just a huge earlier ice since the cat socks and that we finally get into my car I get the heat going. And I had two options like you tried it and am in the middle of the hills at the bottom of the hill and he and so that I can try to go straight up the hill. But I don't have enough momentum to make it. Sounds like screw it I'm gonna turnaround and go downhill and I had enough for him to turnaround. I would just take my foot off the break in my car would literally just like. Slide on it and I gently press the brake. And all off and slides and aren't I industry in the case you're just a little bit and the card is kind of angled itself up like it was if yeah I voted to let go let it do its thing it would got world classic. And I am so afraid and I like freak out if I'm nine control again at slides or specimen handling none none none antibiotic treatments half items like I would. Now I see I was stay on the health until somebody a stride and oh we. But to the site notes feed you wanna contact us to chat to like dual rants sash because we are still going those and the and Sarah actually had fun. For a little later we'll get to in the face because broad dash cast to enter at the broadcast nine and nineteen is instead Graham. In onset broadcast but broadcast 999 at Caller Texas at 25377. Eat six near a 29. They found drunk and about legal voice and I and monitor employees aren't context uncle that we did get a text from our buddy noose. He's a tale ladies' side the relationship has turned into a poly amorous type situation. At. They finally got a Becker match and he was likened it will really date on that work now like you know letting. And we had a threesome with a mutual friend that we both hang out at all. My girlfriend already said it was OK if we hooked up. I called her to confirm and I checked out I'm not sure how I feel about this this is really new to me what is your opinion. Will so you had a three some with your girlfriend different girl in the other girls try to hang on to pay them on you win. You're brought front and bearing yearly low but bang your girlfriend layers at a school. He's worry about thank my body granted he did occur and easy events. Crazy events. In high school and then for a couple of years at a high school you actually know my putting. And on my cajun they're all partying. The gates. Really drunk all the and so she's like how might not he should have sex with sun yeah I think earnings don't give Kraft time you ask. You should totally have sex on her heat eight you know you're totally allowed to and he struck gazelle. And then the chicks like she said it's cool she said it was cool in front of my buddy the other two confirmed. They go into the other days they're having sex and then she comes and like at Grey's events. And loses her mind. I am I am not not not for much longer. Yes but it just like he was simply use it like you told drunk idiots that it was okay for him to do this so be it. That John you honey but she was crazy that I remember we Ernie out at a high school early 1819 years old. And I had seen in forever like all imitating sounds just. In my town when you're not when he won there's nothing to do. So the thing we would do is we would go store hopping. You go to target the dollar store you get rain brain you would usually be buys in fact that we really bind and we go around locked. Then we got bored and they had just built the new Fred Meyer in snohomish we drove to snohomish and they had caramel apples. So my buddies like comfortable about this he buys her one we go back into our hometown. To Hagan that I think that's the and he brings to her and her work in she starts. At him from behind the counter she's working at to get the hell out. Because she saw me with him. The zealots Yassin and he should know he's never. It's funny when a chicken for girls like adverse I am he's not the smartest guy. Yeah he's with now she's she bounces she's she's today is Smart I think it's very tricky situation and speak classes. I think you've been a long series topping your girlfriend because honestly like I am. All cool three some of them deny it but to be real I used to offer my boyfriend a threesome. Like before we are official and then after would be an offense like panic kept mentioning and he. Brought up the point like you let's get really you really like like what if we had done that that night like how would you feel about me now I've I've slept with what your friends you know announce lake. Really employment as much as I say I'm cool bed like that after fact like wow. I even like recently I think. Are always more fun doing your non super series tickets to the being buddy like we're really just having fun I think that's when it's a little bit more air. Like more comfortable more acceptable when a plea you actually love the person gets a little weird I can't copyrighted. And I think it's clear that she is okay I think I never understood the hold on Amer I can never do that because I could never. Embraer. Is very different than some wingers. And that's Polly Amorim means that you have multiple relationships. Which does include sex or doesn't depending on an anonymous on what it's also emotionally you are like well I am married here this is my girlfriend but this is also my girlfriend what's the word for on the page asleep at everyone and in her one. Actual relationship winners outpaced winners and maybe your girl likes this clearly belly I would also think about OK if she's saying that you can sleep with. Another car all. Or this other girl or any other girls like give to think is silly one and is it somebody out exactly issue honestly but I knew that I would you be OK with how do you feel about that because if you are cool that they knew I should really have a conversation yet swingers and if you're not cool that they Muni delay your butt down a mile lake. I don't honestly with anyone else it's a monster affair and I want you to do this. Yeah and that's something with any poly amorous relationship for swingers Sweeney relationships you need to sit down on and disgust. You're rules discuss your boundaries. And just be open about it like any leader down lying like you know lack. These are no longer my boundaries you're knots in trouble Freddie need in the past been on just as our relationship has gone by I do not that comfortable with AB NC. I accidentally changed things feel like that that is understandable. Well OK first on how a three month honestly how about Rihanna get bad information he CD how to go and I know now. We did did the friend talked to your girlfriend to. To see if it was cool Blake. The forcing him when he. That's really we I think so she's like no she said it's OK in any called the girlfriend she did to music and that's seems strange to remind you of your girl from birth canal commission have a hat back on rescission before yet he ends and our friend yes she should talk to you about it the iPad away in answering the lakes in and that's totally fine I mean. Can Europe on his weight on him I would never media channels of communication. And also known his like again at the difference between swinging a poly Emery. Eight issue would she be OK with having this probe be your girlfriend as well. Our beat each other's girlfriends like yogurt but the couple's girlfriend or if Easter getting emotionally attached to this person could badly to trouble. Lake in the sense of she doesn't want you to have an emotional relationship with this person. So again yeah I got to communicate figure out what it is that you're allowed to do within the relationship are you comfortable with fat and then. Give him her from Kenya. Let us now is like reading as fun as now we. And speaking of dating an all that stuff the speed recently put out a list of the nine people Gil de before finding the one in I was curious to see Sarah interview. Well I'll just say you know your current guise the one because honestly he is Conan knock and a part I like him your dad likes him. On. I remember I tried being such a detriment to scare him and I like I get talent is face up for the challenge teacher not a governor I'm just getting your element itself but had a drink. All the wrong it's not like I'm just gonna sit here it is just you know you can't you have to have the formality of eating in doing its Frey. OK before you know I am wrapped packets that. But how many of these heavy hat. The first one is the one doesn't want anything serious but is also clean EAM. Yeah yeah like I'm gonna break your heart baby and then we'll hold your hand seriously trying to the quality okay. I just can't be tied down right now as he won't leave you know that because I like I mean I'm obviously but I. With Ali so. Like cling he's going to be clean he's gonna come back he's gonna eventually. Now the colors I yeah I went neatly basin to the mixed signals I had a guy want to let we're not dating were not even bang bodies that they deliberately. Art Weaver friends. Who if we got drunk all that's wrong but it act. Yeah it was it was funny because it was one of those like order and a movie you're in it and it is gonna drink yeah. It was just like we were both using alcohol. Ads are excuse for that are quote unquote bad behavior or and a kid. Which after awhile that real frustrating it's like but I want to do this with you sober. Now you're making me feel like silver lake uncomfortable thinking that you don't wanna be with me a lesser drunk. Because I don't think an LD US to ready for knowledge of these downer relationship and icy section on online in my okay. Networks like you glad the excuse to like if he was so we're anyhow like. No excuses not you want here's an interesting guy that he was he would like to sleeping around at least not then. But then he would face up to me like a site told my parents about you. Like what's. What are you talking about he's like well they must you know seeing anybody in my. Not face each other yeah you clearly have said that and then when I brought that up he's like well you're over thinking of Mickey could you over think everything just like. Well what do your parents banking and bang. The thinking like him like any makes comments like she goes in some time. I would doubt why would you like to see it like what is your parents. Yeah and other I an excellent acting. Then there's. The one your friends force you to meet heavier difference me. You know I mean I idea. I was sign up online date. And I'm only like one ever really. Trying like especially air cooled in Munich and alliant tech along with everyone and I can't have a conversation at any one. So I mean I went on like wade you many dates that one and then Atlanta Carolina. I don't think okay now and then I am now hot not talent I think hug it out but then it's fun when I was just like. He won it in and I decided I was like idea criminals like I mean make something clear we're obviously because after three dates. Nothing happens I will friends on the app audio Mike I'm over it even a thumbs actually like where you know and I mean even a contract as CEO if nothing happened nothing Batman done so. I don't think either I mean I guess and it was forced to meet him and Amanda eminent apparently. EU summit he was not raised but it just like any irony that the manna house party. Had you on. I have different. Like oh my last blind be kind of a situation my friend. Us together is about three years ago a little over three years the only news Linda dating for a couple months he became boyfriend. Which to me that that thing on just what difference yeah. And we got along really well the way. You know which is we broke off and I'm thinking my friend ash and she did choose me to the sky she's dating. Before her now husband couple guys before her now husband. She's dating this co worker hers and she's only comedy should meet is for me in a top pitchers like Ali's kidneys nerdy cool. But the only one there's a spark and to get around all nasty nasty. Though twenty years T ninety let pistol packing you know like we still Tuukka that night it's my first time in main office yeah. Yeah. So that has just like him. T minus their little crooked and stuff but when they're just core roasts and I can't get past them like I have no desire to early and I know it's my aid is even officials have got to get Mallon guys like you're not really you don't body type that I am charged him like I can't get in an attractive to me okay. Yeah I'm attracted to the release us something that Anna and just healing girls like comic like geysers and shallow but if he's not expect to. In and a candidate and it's like bitch but he says that your little too heavy form you're gonna get Mac cried. Yeah that's like only like this. Might you change your way he can't change his mind yeah man it's. That there what is the what your parents hates. As snipers the line. And there is really cute little diamonds that plagued the beanie they never take off at the dinner table tattoo of X is named that your dad is asked about five times. What your mother called the death had the motorcycle helmet. And he's smoking that what your mother called the death stick ripped jeans that all parents hate for some reason he's like this isn't a thing this having dinners. I think bomb. I honestly think almost all of mine accident that it's my mom gets along with everyone. Now about him very much. Innocently came around that I think he's just very like at a and Mary and about him the British are most people feeling that way I am a mom to hit in one. And that the president yet and a half half half and app. That's the plan and a parent. And that's also the one man and one of the first thing you sad but I was so just like Hughes and ethnic Indians and the ability and they'll doing army like the next hour of lying around my neck and yeah. The afford the 10 bail injury is little and then like the picture there showing the girl in the toilet and he's like. Out. And. I think I have. Equipment anybody that. Leniently. I have way back nine hour and that needs to warrants they currently but I love it combining the same plane. But if you need your spacing you ask him he'll give its OYAN. About it on. This one. Yes. Wyatt and will run that's perfect on paper but the spark isn't there in the full time jobs speak all languages older apartment. Your mom loved them sexual attraction. And of the awakening we put up a couple of times them like it's not bear. Like I think he would treat me like nobody else past. And I freaking adore him I try to make sure that he knows that idea stuff forms and he knows I appreciate. Him in my life and my friendship with him. And just like. Feel it now like I could only marry you and I and I say let's get married tomorrow and that's our family and that's all that he totally be down. Am I wouldn't you know when I wanna do that it's not. At a time and we are important and we just like we're asking humans. Like gorgeous and Panama all the Chocolat well lock. Me supported by hooking up. I was just so not turn nine. It was so weird and I kept looking at and I kept looking at his body can he would get basic good he'd agree with. And other put whiny. Why you alone do I worked like you know what's go on and and it's really strange I hit though when that there is this guy in Iran and Tim on the street couple months ago I actually went out on the way to Metallica comes and he's married now. But. Think it was six years ago five or six years ago we connected after high school were never friends and I school. And we started talking online rain and became friends and then in item no room we just. Had like a long conversation. And we talked for how lawyers and it was just. I'm really vibe than on any secret here are just such a nice sky. And once we got down to business his action Willis it and Ainge. I don't know if they size doesn't matter but there's such thing as too big and there is such things he's also an. Captain Eisen. And literally before I went into. Find the action. I heard you whisper under his breath. It's. Liquidity. And usually when you Grassley you've sleight of hand at I you find it right. Time it all rooms and like I literally like. Goals like making you'd turn like that you like you know how I am here at a cut your hand fine yeah like I went all down the Nile down the other is 91 slick motion and I. It's an image taken minded and it was a tiny infant an explicitly coming in my house can mimic measurement I. I don't remember isn't that long ago but I just remember him do his dam is trying you know if this when he was like playing ready to go man. They're they're showers are growers. Our way though one month low on the month daily hot you know once you help out at play 08. Iron again. Trying to embassy beastly I may turn to face similar doing it. Does your faith that he. I man I'm Mike this is so nice it is trying so hard. I want him to have a good time and we really got pinky. Probably. One. Wasn't. Breaker either so once and you. Make year year and your Q fingers to parlay her car. And it. She's holding up the side and mean and mean. But it wasn't Seaver. Are either. Confused minded enough to earn. Yeah lanky. But their little thicker than that kinda get the job. Consciously I made the noise and everything. Edu. Good down man out town well what about that flight. I mean I greatly all. I did with him but there's the situation with a similar this and receiver. Steeper hot or cute. And I bit my rear seat of government and I did do in his own right you're so good at this only because there's. Yeah I think so you you. Just at the tournament the more I like I'm close might heat and I gagged. Any new so I would like I am so curious now I don't mean this guy and CA. And into the he's married now settled that settled up a lot of guys' faces either now married when you think about that in any way for you like. You know it's you're in man and I'm wondering if she just doesn't narrow cervix. Yeah maybe that think huge for her and see guys even you have a tiny doing line there are girls out and a have shallow. Serves served cervix are there as early as shell. First announced its okay shall birth canals now. Yeah perfectly and that they can actually. I think it's picture let's mobbing now well darn. The issue them. Acute super funeral. Home. It's so sad that picture his small thing going rate now taxis that Q. How. Artist that bad but if I mean don't don't think that in a free and you probably got. Feeling great accuracy he's because it was so great you're amazingly QC complimentary afterwards. And feel nearly Harry on you can. Your film like a huge. Teacher I'd like a hot dog down following kind of thing I don't I don't like I know I'm not the bang it. I felt like in my he's so skinny to type will be huge in a different way to do yeah I felt really massive. So. I'm like now speak up conversation. Numbers six is the one is definitely still love with their acts. Additional of this our national it just a look flowers as you up our. The morning. Bring ever dated an online bat because of I thought for a second you are still Andy acts and red. Drop you like and thanks bro had been I know you kind of get over the earth and rebound relaying. And he probably like cooking up yet totally but that's what happens and a. The one comes to mind was this really really weird cash payment online. Talent is a post when he won yet or nine. The heat heat I guess I still kind of had a thing for email thing like right where he nothing died out how to me it died a while ago by all the way. Skinny pants and hair and highly can't I have let down yet like it just choose between your you know your early twenties you broke like somebody has a lot of tattoos looks super cool here. I beat you off skin meaning highly piercings and eyeliner and fassel's only about this as cute. And I went Alec Damon's. I think a little worried Howard Ambien and decent looking at the bus station that the that the us. Up and it rains and we met there we hung out really cool in building our. So we count hung out outside than just hockey figure well actually have a girlfriend. British I always checking their loan and it was Elena dating senate madam on madam only it was like MySpace the dumber yeah. Eking to seal like local people can be your friend and stuff. Alec whenever. Wild image and leave. He's a like if by the pro am which I have to be able to I go through her phone all time and make sure she's not cheating on mean in nature and checking tax. To. Rule out. Only in my raining now with me. Alec you apparently. You know and it's again and then like at number of weeks if it was bad days it's been so long. It's been at the Al ears either seven years I don't remember I don't remember I went on to eighth at one. Remember we went to Denny's and we Bragman story. An 81 of the things also turn me off is that he's a crappy tempered. And like he didn't like tip anything for the server and I had ago in an admirable Germany's I try to leave money for the the server for him a link your work ignorance around. I don't do that when people who work there restaurants now migraine at the service doesn't badly it was and sounds to cycle and overeat but then huge message me once a year it seemed like man I can't believe the damage and today's Vicky Barcelona. This is on like my beekeepers lament for a had a fan page that beat the Pena said here with relief. Human needs talking acts than. An hour. I'm just now Butte and I would wanna beat you anyway if you're single Allen dated guys gonna go through my phone. Now Hal. Some money now your relationship this group if you guys are going through each other sounds like what kind of thrusts. Now. If you listen and that's Nadia that's me I'm not interested. Number seven is the one whose fashion sense is that the old deal breaker. You know cargo show lords with a shirt tucked into the underwear sought the handles checkered in Tora. It's for or perhaps between your dating someone when you really really like somebody. You sometimes don't mind some of their fashion choices and some things you really love. Yeah like my X he used to Wear like a Fedora but he was kind of a rocker guys insulin and an atmosphere at things you do eat relic. Buttoned down insurer with a tie between public government a black button down share in the heat like a really it's like not super tight. Let tightly fitting the ensured over. Out of a lot of yapping it bookkeeper cool like the way he would do it with the tying everything it looks really see it hold it up with anywhere from Doris sometimes an immigrant ran into him. Years later years and years later and he was wearing a Fedora. And it's after we were friends for a minute after that we're cool with each other so we're kind of talking again he's wearing a Fedora and just like a regular hat and jeans himself. And I texted a manly beard I got to value you look so stupid right now. Really any of what he used a lot this the door meg yeah but in bitumen neck beard as there. Oh so it's it's kind of like credit thing it's the guys whose. It's a stereotype I'm really nerdy guys or they carry like enemy pillows and and they call neck beards because they're beard is basically there's nothing really on the that the chains and the cheeks it's mostly down on the neck. And I was actually connect beard yes they call it an eerie and they're the ones that are currently steered typically on FaceBook. Saying hang emanating and they'll pop they will be at the Fedora emanating. And in the complain about how their friends out and how they're nice guy and a girl are stupid because they don't see that they're such a good guy and they do all these things. By the way if you think that you're such a nice guy that a girl talking to you or you being nice to girl means that they have to have sex giving you're not a night sky through that same. So that's why I like the doors make me think of the men ADM and eight inches. And a sexy man and medium neck beard and an infidel do my neck beard right fit. Pat pat pat pat I'm. And he's like inner thigh Iraq. Yet it. Only one thing like nationally that year currently rent a previously just like my current boyfriend loves Birkins stocks. Hate them and sandals yet I hate them with passion he loves and just sit there well. I'd now would now like in fifth grade right at the sixth grade is now I went to the storm. Nor have I Nordstrom's season we heard from the knowledge these stupid scandals and Steve. Yes he'll Wear them like with basketball stars element Sox outside one time they were like in currently kitchen there just on an ironic that there's like. Mound as a client and our house about them. I'm Greg has wire mom's shoes the year and that. The other artists like and my mom loves them too and I think they're they're like at brown color I hate and hate and I hate that and also have he's like he works outside so it's like it ought to construction color outfit which is finally the very ill every argument my favorite maverick candidates that the safety the app but he has one. That's like so it Steen. And like it just there's just like. Circles of like oil and actor like its who. Much and I heat and Munich got into events and like you network that's cool but guess but 1 morning and now you're not at work don't Wear. Think pat wears it like now. If there are some Coke in the local. That's what led active and it releases decrease does. A look at it beautiful camp. They can't the Coke all of it like that to Ireland it could have begins with him is there anything you had a boyfriends they like they hated you wearing. Question. After me like I hope I. I was if I log sweat pants and sweatshirt and match I mean but Deans an Indian thing all that's my pants. So each meet him yet so I was wearing sweats and sweat pants. And ultimately if we're going out to the earth restart. And he looked at meanings that are you really. I was an eerie it's as it would fit I was like two options you we want in the App Store with me hand and hand. And and rumble now we're together and yes I'm wearing mask or 20 I'm so we're at it and act like we don't manipulate and lake I I would. I spoke. On the back it make. I. Carried like storage they'll like everyone's wearing their forget lululemon lean than. A hands on an uncle when he yelled and that's OK I think I went out here I would get if we're going to denounce his parents are right are going to an event or some angle we're literally going to distort it and yeah for me I'm going Philly. Lately to a restaurant to get to help put on lake apparently kings are genes are happening Alomar tighter Lamar form planning a link I'm just like QCs think of going for my house and keeping my sweatpants on and putting odds on or just my aim at work out ten issues hair no make up I don't care I do not care at all. I did have the next I think the same one. I mentioned early and Saucony and advertise it would and a wasn't. Well it was an off my conversation I was having we set on air today. I went happily just kind of lock down a blaze of glory and yes and and excited and went through three years we've been on and off we finally break up for good. But we're still kind of look and a Maclean moved to Seattle now working in Seattle so I would come over to his house he let me chill out before any. Drive wherever needed to tell which is really nice and deletes a hook up and then I start seeing other guys and one date panic it's frustrated. That you know I think he figured out 'cause I was Texans and I I really gotta go now I academy committee applicants he later and Elena date. And after we didn't attack. The first time I'd ever started doing anything like this the started slightly icky. And feel a little it gets your adrenaline got them right and just like well I lasted just like I am out there sky valley it was get it there is planning on having sex the second there's gonna meet him and see where is going planning on hand we did not like you know whenever some again after the bodies as continents. Pathological liar I think what the cause of the greatness and in sitting gimmick is here. Could be up it was very Cesar Annie who so we tech seriously here we are texting you let Waller calling on the phone. You know I don't think I can do this analysts beast seeing other people you know for gonna do this and stuff like Mike okay. But we're not dynamic we're not together now so what's the big deal. He then turns me attacks at some porn music and I talked to market combined we talk America okay you'll does that have found I'm thinking well you know could deepened saying the staff knew he wants to act together we've given a couple months maybe it's time we can make or. They think the cut gimmick Vicki just come over tomorrow. I'll do not like this attitude. So I shot to his house seeming like it's not a good conversations honest we yeah and I sit down and lick or what in he's sitting on is that it looks a little ache. Distraught and I did not care. Here and just like what's happening is like I don't really see each other anymore at all like we need to completely cut ties in all the stuff and then the second he said that I pulled out my phone. I'm like on my fountain. And he's like. Do you just like a foot away and having serious conversation like our race look I just leave your phone number don't have to worry about the contact you by in just walked out. Like our CN have a nice life. Did he ever eat or tried not. He. Technically I did years and years later. Because we all hung out and we are hanging out with our group of friends he is he's in a bunch people. And events October fest eleven north and his body and it worked like our mutual buddy. And his wife for there in the body strong the wife was pregnant. He's like man. It I'm so glad you could of made at this week and you know we asked you know so and so first but he can make it's we invited you think him equate what from tenth. He invited him first as a gavel you know we didn't want me he doesn't comfortable by both of you and not really bombing counseling first I'm missing out on because he's going. I was hoping he gets to miss out on because I'm going like I heat their friends have Philly. And I said. Hated I know it's been a long time and I'm drinking all of north and their friends and I just wanna say that. It's we're okay now aren't we. But we can be in the same room together at the very least I'm not saying we should be friends or anything but. We can be okay via the I did hear from him for like months and months and months. And he finally resigning like did I every time I write start writing this I. Didn't know what to say your item like licensed erased its I don't know how to reply you and I honestly just forgot and I finally got the words after like nine months. But in those getting a flu shot when I got the message public. You know like lava Howell and that was in the state of push up so I could see the babies come from different different. Now like you need to push up four becomes today. Fine. So he is going badly. I don't know what he's saying to our yeah so we got we got together what once or twice now coffee in. Sent talked about were alive is a word in this one's. Holloman 28 I was. About five years ago demand on. And like ever until at the grocery store before my body and he and he's like I'm getting. Look like crap because I was in my pants. By the way so advance Richard Manningham out at a Herat no make up I had jug of milk and when he and it art supplies and the other airlines. Man hand. Don't live here and pay down have you ever egg and a group setting now because I honestly once those friends are having babies or he now with other friends or an apple from. Being a single funny friend it's hard to be in that like for friends to feel comfortable inviting that I like my cousin she hasn't Carol my lifestyle issue that you're my family your friend. A wide beer and I kid elated or my family. Referring to like her husband Einar has. So it's just it's. We have to some people have to map ethnic and on my parents and these Nike campaign I mean I think often it's okay that she is a blight not me. Get off your high horse. You said the shot out of my nonexistent moves at the time I was like pushing together as much like I'm I got oven man I'll always. Do about it in the. Better than the BBC and howling on the map nominated as they have brown and a OK so let's let's make it. For her. One of our fortieth birthdays fortieth oath now act and fortieth. And little Britannia. We are going to go hopeful and bad mom and it just crazy so bloody action yes. Iso even if we live in America the world and now we've. Probably made it. Hewlett and we that was in Vegas and then final lap accident that have blown this scene that I just really want a diva and I'm reasoning on the street story. I haven't seen them all the copies I hit a pretty big get whatever they want at one point this chick like takes a bang theory and justly. Like dumped serial mountain just take that down and bill just shy about I. It back. It's that big bright isn't he may not happen for your birthday coming up in a public I'm like yeah I am not mean Alec and Billy could you can only get it back. If you're really little or illegal yeah exactly is pretty nice battle. Have a beer before we now. Man. Now do it. Another of the very long tangent to gets her point to was this guy that I dated for three years. Hated attention Mikey didn't like I am very like I work curry just like I or for reduced each obviously I like some sort of attention I like. Irritating you know like performing an yeah being like the party. And I only have. He's very OK with not being at the center of attention he does not like any at all really. So I river on one occasion at the restaurant and worked and I went and visited some of the girls as we are as I was waiting for him to come meet me in town. I'm sitting there and I'm wearing my favorite jeans in the year rates. All the way down from like the Internet side outer thigh all the way down and rag eighty and a lot of these genes. Some city at the Booth he sits with really chat for a little bit with the girls and it's time to leave I get up and he looked me up and down and he just kind of rolls his eyes and size. Is. True and just like in hates he's like nothing and just. Hit more balls. And that I have I'm pretty much. A pushover but I have a little bit more balls than I did ten years ago did he apparently deep at the top product dearest thing about it and about a talking. Al waited in your about it. Sticking up for yourself really good LA. Fighting. But I was really gonna take care and it's a very long relationship that. I learned a lot forum at onion has again now. I mean he's really out when is adding to their basements and talk to get together. They deleted me awhile and a quick but they. And I looked up on base but I'd really from the kit deleted me. On big in Italy my brother Alec even for my brother this entire time based on how he acts your brother talent and it now yes but you love library parents having more than me he loved my family more than you love me. We admire the dwindling off. And my dad sells and talks Utley tonight so much attention view us. And he hated the way it was still trying to be your rocker. And he was in assists and you can only when he met you you have long hair and you kind of off shortly before we started eating. I want that Robert half here's the way. Anyways break is excellent the fullest. Is the one who doesn't preach as much as they shut like I love that dog I love pizza I loved this slam. You listen to strong. Now lives but again the like you know the ash tree you're like they want it's all of the cleaning one it's like I want like amateur relationship but I don't it connects you nervous to commit. I'm. Think I've had a lot of friends about that's missing now is the whole thing. We're doing everything clears both be doing as couples but not a couple link. It's frustrating hunt together and we just hang on and do it back and buckling my girlfriend Anna thank you you know they. The age where and on time for that yeah some of exhausting. Like especially the other person's house feelings. Off. It's like they're like blame my being buddy that I do you have. Like we do go out and do stuff like we go see movies together or a solid the first couple episodes streeters things with him like we just sit on the couch and hanging out. But it's very much like a split times and yet but it's a swing actually. We go from friend now at least flip a switch okay doing it though there and put the such we don't. Hold he and like or how about we don't well currently in public or just to release you're sitting at a bar drinking and then once we get like some little puddle on the couch. When like that usually leads to sex the I'm like when lashing and Sam couch next to each other. We terribly get we sadly real close but we were coddling and you get both don't have feelings for our it's a very weird situation there isn't anywhere I thought Iowa as a that I realized she did an awful boyfriend. And really bad idea huh. We just found it that you stoppage since I mean has written agreement and managed to come again out of that Michael you're just my only. And I can doings of the people you know I'm probably doing some of the people and this is how it works well there in a relationship where respect that mean. Down distance each other idiot hang out. I'm not really desperately at that and it's. Too we're too busy. Yeah so if you have a girlfriend and a job and all the stuff that really tired now with that I call myself a full time job at time boyfriend. I am a fault I'm gonna happen job I believe that I. Glanced on the list is the one who needs to get their acts together. But I you know you have to pay frank every month and then it's like eternal ahead toll respect issue undetermined stains on shirt. Three week old take out containers on the in which an island avenue to get my car home. I thing and you night some is a feeling there that's all they would like the world take out container and I mean. I. That are as I mean some girls are really nothing to it but a lot of guys certain pages. Used to care which is really nice and Alain lake. Poll like that all things get a little dirty sometimes it's not an oil up in the world but it's like all of their current link we have Blake line. Let's say three weeks ago. Although there they may then go there today and it's still there my cup to block Mike it's. It's not crazy nasty but it's messy that it would drive me creep. Lake. How with these power these glasses still here lake Howell like an odd that I'm gonna go for these upstairs because. I don't mean Elena Elena government civic on my way different and but actually I need to get their testing and yes the money went to jail pressure Friday. In probably the one before that. And one after I. How is the one Maxi it's just whenever. I most x.s. Lastly I don't know whatever happened to him leak is on its last I heard. See not that the ticker at Tammy. That was. And a wheat which month yes well in three years. And yet. And Nina my friends and certainly something is it about him yes is Mary in Pomona. Cool story immediately and at FaceBook and block them on FaceBook. He would every chance means I'd never filtered out drunk to reach out to him did did so that. Any advocate yes I mean and Ayers. Actor checked up on. Did they keep. I don't want because at the time is still fresh and that's breaking up as blunt it was awful as my previous break up split I'd just like I really wants now. I don't mean this from me because at the end of it it's kind of it hurt me. And I know it's gonna hurt me I don't wanna look into my guy casually dated LE Allen at the gates. Once it actually cared whispers coldly at the break up with a story this weird though is still some mysterious somebody out and open under. Now just finally care. I know what I don't know what that in earnings doubled due for mean. Is it is it's not me my life any parents can make me. Yeah higher except now our own lights off and I don't care now. Sometimes curiosity does that the best that means that in the situation. So the person. Like. I don't talk area often in them have really seen much of last couple years. Because of all she wanna talk about it yet she's not common. Honey I don't. It now it looked up. Were. You looking so Q now. I problem on the house now. Actually picnic at. He's not a lot of people trying to. Richard it's that they you. That he introduced. The girl postal. That's weird that you don't I got me so you're like my acts who was present. Got a chick pregnant and they recently panic and them all over it. Go to guys date cents in early Ike to the point where. So that he her pregnant may be. Four months after we broke up five months after we broke up he has only dated like three months or any. Air force something but it was one of those like whirlwind like oh my god we really care about each other night I mean it was pride groups. A prop it wasn't like it and it's really easy to get the right now and it just socked caches like I thought everything was go to than just change from Wendy another and it really bummed me out. Just Monday it was just over yet like he just really coupled easy accurately guessed it because for me my job and life and like his job like we see. How hard time like seen each other ops it's Agile he wouldn't get off work until really late at night and I have to be at work really really mad at him I get off work. He would be going into our yeah. So I legit like have to schedule things in my ex couple years ago I was as much as seasonally is crap. We eat we had a system in place to be one day a week. We go through our phones. Our calendars like calculate up on on the speaks on a beach right CU for a couple times so we it would make it work there many times or I would drive to where he was working. Whether it be Kirk claim and or her. Ballard which is pretty far and three way and I would think MacArthur our two until he got off forking out to lunch. And then we go get lunch either apparently purchased or take part in the grocery store Mallard. And we just going to act arrogant lions. I go to subway iron where and analysts are not funds his lunch eagle act short angle that the Bailey Stephens but yeah. At least at this I was living in Seattle also is a little eatery that capital really like ten minutes from me how easy path that we had with little psychic okay. Honesty you'd it to work at like 1130. So. How that I get off for crop quake like right after the show and I'll pick you up seat as to the bus. And I'll try to do Erica we can get coffee. I try to plan that would and I analytic later found out about it are the reason that he broke up with me. Was because. He like as a scheduled like it weeded them out after we broke up only do I need. Tiny insects can you help me out are you freer now on he's like no I'm busy. They have freedom garlic pickle like you come over tomorrow as it did we just scheduled sex addict yeah it's not that we did it he thought it was the weirdest. Saying we've got ever happen in yeah bluntly round of the standing. Yes Andy the one who didn't like the scheduling but and you it's as with a minute gap immediately we tried I try to do that after again and he did not like. Just doesn't interest and public health even seem to plan any. And so he's a bumper or I'd be like Daniel accompanying me out with that the bus. And like Hannah. It. Just really picky now not so much like looks and stuff it's just. You should be and I ain't. Do a lot of crap I work a lot. I have time to waste on somebody that isn't up to what I'm doing and if you're not mowed the united dread in. You know working towards a goal. Wearing you just consider announcement coupon mountain usually if you don't like I'm gonna brown. If Osama clicks with him had a big thing I mean is that like with a guy who Ellen on so many dates that I mind. Now quietly give it some parents out there you can't link for something to be there grade. But your leg now you're like oh this is a nice guy with this check of the checklist you're hard to come across all attempt to make it work. Why did they even do that. It told. Sucks though when you do meet somebody that it's on year checklists. Everything on your checklist and it doesn't work Alley in on top of like the super sexually attracted to them and the sex is amazing. And it doesn't arc. I think that's when it adds up people like when you have this image you're ahead on house beings should be what your dream. Disney prince or princess is supposed to be like in you get done. And they knew them. And it it's like you know but logically speaking it's better to be without them. I used to play yearn for the and that's when people panic get this mishmash ideal relationship should be enough when they start comparing them to this person at the end of the day arena of public purse. Happening and it's something that fits you very passionate public yes it it's. I'm actually at its plants. Again I'm on Housley pissed off and I definitely have. My check with the why do you not line. I have actually like quite a while they'll perfect. The food was get real or all plotting greatly in our own different way if so I really though when it's currently. Perfect guy like I want to have a guy who's NTT. Like who's got tattoos users OK and I didn't I didn't like my tattoos but what if you like really. And no. Passion and now it's like it's like culture. And it does not giving me crap and I think that's a sexy. And cyber attack back. She protected tattoos so it's. Would be kind of weird her heart I like how rocker look. Like I don't want to be at full on like I've seen pictures of guys that are used to dealing I don't want they that's wearing. Like the baggy pants and all the chain that like multiple piercings on their face like that. I think I would like at ten years ago it's a little Allen coming late in the middle for your stove rocker. That you're kinda chilled these kind of have that she now neon decree can duplicate that is. Rattling pierce separate and yeah I piercings are equally decently ears peers like some cool piercings in your ears like a one or two on the face making announced. Like a nose piercing like a group via maybe. Manageable and surveillance big fan either Sony France and friends and curls up some. I just never I've never been abandoned him at around. I've differently guys some of measuring public really Q. Yeah depends. I want somebody who likes and charity staff do like app like my checklist that date like the thing that negated three years he wasn't really in there there's a. Thirty things you like. It's like the movie hell boys and I'm like help Lee comics. To get on the legs that he didn't really read them there yeah like the RC that's weird for me is I have never have like. I mean I'm so. I like my stuff but that's fine if you lake. I like hot yoga bike but that's totally okay if you like you know like I don't need me or and that's totally okay if you eat meat like I if things like I Laker in diet I'm so. OK if Udall and you know I've never been like I really like a big hundred is at eight passes I dated like that. Plain Jane you know some yelling. No I mean and did the name a dude lake my account like everything. I think I mean it's. I think it's the Skype Leonard ruined it for me in the sense. Like I talk about stories and let me tell you about this character X 23 let me talk about iconic he's all god. It's like stop already it's like you are all mean like I'm really excited and reiterating. Apart story and giving you another piece of the story. Yeah I'd just like doesn't care and in early today and crying you need it died just at least having any generally we useful like listening you like. The intent as dad and the interest yeah I mean like I go to like. I want to pop flies in his first hop on his class last night and I was so light and nervous but excited about this and that and like. My boyfriend who did two paths about it or whatever but after the class it was like yeah me about it. How to all. He doesn't care really like he asks Mike is pretending to be IndyCar I think stand up the class he cares about you and if you have a good time. And so you need it will I think every guy Eric regulate like intervene genuinely cares that you care now are like oh this excites you like that which he really wanted to see it and Kara saying that unlike all go with you don't like shielding maybe Elena liking him is that something you're on an L Flanagan. I'm not scared at all I have not seen the original. I I completely Danny V from the main show he didn't he was very displeased with then I completely agree with everything you said. It Liz Timmy was more like heart felt like all these kids are like. Bonding together and really you know like the illustrator England I love it but. I was not scared. Like I don't know I mean the clown does look really creepy about it. The whole faced but the rest like the I don't like. Anything remotely scary ish so if I'm dating guys it's like company. Via came with me like digging my face and tears shall there be an am not going to watch LB there with the other I'm not want. Let's rent it though we've you can scream PM link and you may be watts is a make it wasn't and you really don't wanna lots and lots feeling that it's fair. Crisis I think what I offer them my checklist that I like. Is young and it'd be a certain. I don't wanna be shorter than a panel and daylight answer hi haters are in idea I'd rather not him be shorter than me which isn't too hard. Know every little like dying compared via my friend that was like one big check list and balanced against the charter. So funny I actually think that one thing I thought I would never do a look at me now. Catholic league and has been pretty awesome and Aaron Damon and I forever so see somebody just gonna go against your shot let's man. Well anyway it's the place to wrap it up let us know if you guys have anything make your checklists hey Helen we. We are attached and hopefully we'll probably added that if it had just enough. Manningham I'm gonna go into that week and have a great week.