Broad-Cast Ep. 92 - "Dolla Dolla Bills Yo"

Friday, November 17th

Vicky B and Ooh Sara chat about a recent explosion Sara had that leads to a rant sesh, then they play audio of a girl who lost it worse than Sara, then finish up talking about Sara's upcoming trip to Portland and Vicky gives her the runthorugh on what she's seen there and what to do.


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And I'm devoid. Yeah yeah. Welcome to another edition of you bride had its kinda keep these and we also have. The San. Hang. Tight ends at its parent I'm so. Anna is so again it's Friday. Exhaust and exhausted yesterday it was live days I kind of feel like I am so tired that I am now just like you know when you get crazy is that really your area listeners like you feel under mounting a slight. And I was only god knows you've gone bank like probably will crash so hard later which we do attack earlier doing later the week before we do that. If you wanna get a hold of us by the way check on these but where the broad dash cast. It's what it's gonna at the broadcast 999. Caller Texas at 253 sevens and eat 6029. Or also at the broadcast and I And before we get into serie a story I actually did get a new text message. If I am I believe it yes it's okay. One I'm like cliff hanger from your last tax abatements. The he says quick update so I talked to my girlfriend a battered eating situation essentially she's not asleep but any men but women are open season with the exception of some. Some some like her idea of mine. I guess and same goes for me I guess I don't know what that means I'm guessing you mean. She will not sleep with girls that's. She might be like emotion. Yeah that was out of Turkey and you know what I'm not vice I don't know about the man par is income up pretty sweet situation thanks for the nicely developments. So she can't sleep with females. Yes and he can sleep with. Females but I think there's some options for Yahoo! but I don't think that females as well that's yeah yeah considering not. Black like you where I was in an email at that you're not buying but he's got to have other leading she's a lot of other ladies the show as he's not a lot of men. She says she's not going to you think of fundamental American season. So I beach or maybe out issue honestly but when an open season does that mean women are open season for you and or just for you like you can go ahead and do it and I consider it as. Either do your thing that like some real clarification elements. That's weird because I'm gonna which she pays her Sheehan thing with other girls that that's I'm not sure of now and oh like thinking what he's writing. Like our girls open season for him. It's easy for. Both of them. And that she actually not that I'm not gonna save and a guy you can sit with girls or I was doing the bad girls and you can't sit with girls to come under present your letter is now saying. Moons have questioning and let us know ominous as were effective and hence have any link if you just any relationship things member we do the rant cents. But anyhow and awhile back we never got to end. If it's I was so close. And calling. Meaning of the message because. You can kind of minors or you guys who are in traffic every day. I don't know how you do it like ours are crazy to get ups or that we don't. A late deal with rush hour because I was an. I say never. And work out class and left with. Double the time. I don't know if there's an accident Arnold is going on the weather was fine. And IE didn't even make it like three miles and yes my eyes and I took me an hour and a half to make go three miles Minko turnaround in the back. It wise I was. I want when I was screaming in my car I want when I was legit crying in my car lump when I was like others the army inches pull over and wait I think you have to wait like three hours. An enemy drunken contract pomp and an image like punching my steering and punching my. Like music player ever and you have to pay for your classic sign up and don't go out exactly all of Africans I looks re aging. And net. I don't know how many them do that and I ain't. Not homeland meat is one and it felt like this with. So terrible also ways of the day with it really was the waves like a few hours and I just can't reveal that everyday and I ain't. And in on these guys because I as a drag like at a really hammonds patients period but as a driver I think I'm pretty dead patient driver. And it really Iraq average about much but it was. It's terrible. Actually I do you have a funny video of this girl losing her mind. After getting a traffic ticket must meet. I should've gone it's because I'm so mad that I mean if you wanna do all the illegal thing out SPI and you can't read can't you can't cut people off and on yellen everyone. I think you you're not as bad as this girl Woolsey about apples and. I hit me. In Canada. Are done. Heat will. Interpret anything. How do you not know he yeah Itula Mili I got and I'm. Indian comp U. We don't around give her. He's a man woman. And. It. It like I. And final. So let. Yeah yeah. Code them sprinkled the demonstrates that your press and the and I hope she is. Who. If she is coming and offers them as he was telling yourself and it's like showed her friend in the background when she moved the phone over. I. Mean it's crazy and Iran and at a worse time and time and I did that. I don't believe them there where thumping middle street camel back on the kill them raises. And you just. Blake explode about everything that's going on life like. I don't know I don't. But it lives Dolan and careless. I hope my disease like freak out over every little thing. Nothing nearly this week and is is going on life but I'll discuss it. At a later time on rumors solidify and period strategists. Angry. Earlier this week so angry that a community it's still am house. I'd leave and leave my house that hey. Hate everything right now and I just have so much tension in some negative energy here name. Like in my room sitting there my name and Lindsay like the most little thing like bullet just like. You off Matt and I can focus and anemic you know with the library and an ability of that person on the computer at at a coffee shop. Every good and ridiculous I'm in house. Hamburg final like I would every thing up and match at a pop up and that'll relax my and they know we expect you to buy anything. You get some coffee and it took off. What exactly she couldn't sleep Tim Tim which I don't want anything else mad I didn't want to eat anything from the library play. Can not it's a good people watching actually I didn't arm lost climbers ice beloved that kid every cab when I was started to drive it to her brother and my hand might consider my sister many agrees. We go to every snohomish and check out all the comic backs no. We have that was my mother and yet now libraries were I would that we. Believe it Catholic bishops I'm like yes. And oddly enough freak out at a rant that's about libraries now PDF do you back in the biz thing. Live for Ares is sadly hitters and the islanders look I maybe kind of hit and now. That our girl. But he. Undermining quietly. Like you could not have got a license without learning the unique her for an emergency vehicle I don't. Chill and go serve something to the hell out of society for a little while rain. Do OK you don't really really big ticket. I fight it or would be but if you need to how to hit it again urged them like 11 or two days in jail. What would you Canada. I work too much to be silent on my record I just magic way to get your interview intemperate and then. I'll. Check out there in those pleas on dozens if I did let's say like either way it would not be on your record appeared tired and it's now are spending blank. Really wanna be there. How RD I'm Marty very antsy like it's too quiet they're on any music like I get real anxious. Yeah it's like I was hanging out and I do it right in front all with all your jail tonight than it would heat you know yes it. So like what do you wire Ewing here I'm telling it like what's fair color like an inside Cuba if you want to lean on me like you're tired and there's no penalty and what do you can't do what my knowledge what I think it's due to its opinion like this all of them and I would totally I would totally. Like get become someone lesbian mate and I would have a great time in prison you would that (%expletive) somebody off in jail and they would like bitch slap you annually you'll like it would be the biggest. Gallon. And scream at the brown. Some. One and you think. And I. I would totally got it down. I wanted to experience jail like me out. But Jalen prisoner two different things yeah me if you have like but rather go to prison or jail. Tell tale I like like there firm won't know to experience for one night it's like a cop came manic we'll give you the experience for one day would you rather do that jail experience a pretty good I devote honestly doesn't want is more like just kind of sitting in a sound lenient tick if you're issues. Polling data like. You're still here who all the holes and corporate enemy I don't know any of your. Holding cell Saturday actually just yet they just take all the stuff away from you tonight. It would check here earlier under carriage way. Yep prison they get a little bit lower. Ball and all of that everything and the hours. That I days in about as Montana killed. They are honest. But I would want I'd rather have a really outstanding and I TDs and it Alfred and and enabled it. Alec Gerlach and whatever and both the America I would totally. They've all that money hanging on hanging AD to save Germany's yeah. I did I do that scattered that man out there and belligerent that you use fewer Hadley eclipsing the ticket than thousand. Because you forgot about it fees piled up and on like it's the right that are really crazy it. Driving around without a license registration. So what it will would you if you had to pay a war with us. In lately as I do you. The question as speaking of getting crazy and end up in jail. You're going at a town is an Eileen oh I'm in the jail and I hope in and out and I am getting going to Portland. I don't Portland like organ and isn't telling that crazy but the only reason I'm going to be had I'm going to strip club hopping. They're going to have. We're gonna go my way hammering and copilot and a custody outlook for share their ratings to each other again apparently on top spot on the plane and as one exit hair and I was like. I don't think top Ott video data bidder and go there and so there's there's so kudos but I'd really accomplice and cost of beacon is. I hear the two iron like crazy is animus. Popular and I government to a strip and organ before. Yeah man I've been Vegas LA and here but it government or it just so stupid that's right mayor diet. I'm really excited I've been saving a dollar bills for her a lie down out. Gas. And diablo from what I understand embassy thank you look at outlets of the incher which is so I'm telling if they have them and I was gonna look at a menu earlier in Africa the middle of the bride. I've heard there are I mean I work Abbott co worker parents harper and she said yeah I mean. You know once and you get like a model. Whose gorgeous and Exxon units on his pregnant so it's finally got out only that and I like 80 isn't anymore English. Show. Like kind of a sex shows in just a strip so I was definitely telling me they were doing things to each other. I think they've they've marketed as are the something that they did is strip club but they also say it's an art show thing get away with it that's from what I hear I don't also threw artsy couple. Mean them consider performing Hartman. Yeah I mean sometimes the things they do in the legs go this land that plane in the hands go and man out there at I mean it's pretty damning thing yeah I even. Looking at it looking like the senior retail reflection of their website and it looks like Fulham born. Seriously stuff happening man now like an hour I'm getting nervous like thinking and keep it up like didn't deserve it and CNN. That isn't Ratliff scaling up. Are inspecting your. Lightly I can now now only got in between that your typical. And regulators as an anchor a moment but I'm filling on girls suffering now. The effect that Dimitris. That. I am Catholic I I have a cut your and the leading up to previously yet and you. Dan outlooks. Rhyme scheme you have freaking I hear tell me do you vent about. Ivan I went to Costa diablo but that was when he had ice storm and winds are out of Portland for the closed it. He just close the whole thing down because I have heard that capacity outlook is. More trashy mar ratchet and not a problem because stuff happening like it's. Jack they are clubs they get naked in sometimes they'll do a thing to buy it. The Acropolis of things I have seen have been a little Iran's definitely just looking at the of these pictures. I have a feeling like this honor and slow pitch playmaker ring toss game. And they have the tosses. It might be an target is her dating. You know I mean again now. There is an honest. Definitely and with the morons you figure inning and Acropolis fires and that but makes of the ship the thing about and you area. Weekly hits and other like if the I sat on a construction them at what's what is the mood of it's good to have the institutes of my thinking that wouldn't you wanna go there's enough food there and you wanna go to fancy offers no where the Acropolis so I'm thinking that his stake has stayed. 19 and then I'll probably heavily. As didn't different friend there OK don't eat the salad bar can you salad bar that does not sound like a good idea and thoughts on mr. I mean. Me. I gave them make that. Go think hey sorry again. Now Acropolis is so much and another ship they're at different recommended. He like the grows our Greek for France. The skill they can do like they all look like they across it and I think it looked like it competes. With kitty. It. Area probably at a remember seeing that in view but like I publish and share a dollar balance that we can't ground you. The buying Acropolis. Up there op on the open touching and do stuff at them. Out on the pictures now let me if you stories. That I have witnessed. I'd still anybody's birthday and gals came in with their boyfriend that. Is I think that boy sits if you'd sheep kind. Stage it was a state above view it was kind of like. I stayed a little area in the table connected to. And it's not looking. To pick that she's inside this little thing. The voice on the right. Like. Or march. And sat on the one side and the girl. Is the thing and we sent metal. Look at the connection each other. Vehemently all of the elderly words but but it was because honestly there's like treatments and I'll switch off sometimes when groh would leave in the coming in. And from our group and we put dollars in us. This one down pretty spectacular my body was. She comes in. She takes her hands arms and put them down on the table part. She what's she was an instrument I attacked you know. A and she puts me cheaper dollar bill down and apparently doing this to pick up. If you fall on the mail us at TP Tanzania. Says she put all the dollars each and and she went around in stat on each of our hands and pick them at boob. She does balance on hand and pick up the dollar bill about eight. Like ball well and I saw her go around me tired you know stage area she picked up lights like ten. Another it was spectacular. With like sexy Purdue it was it was impressive than out to them emphatically it's kind of like a supply expert like I mean I had like eight. Mean. That's like it like a Mexican Scola and boom. And I I had your hand like Mac app. Our guys to watch girls doing that for hot for the guys experiencing. That I was acting at the time and I really can't hear you. She put the dollar bill and his hair and cool way sock from her but yet. The fewer than Evans and a little bit that is so crazy how like how does one learn to do. You can practice that I am now silent night. Filled with you know I don't know didn't flip cup with your but you have. Genuine gimmick pick up dollar bills your back takes a lot of control Alley get you out like Selanne. Clapper asked this same girl she is awesome what's hot to you might shoot for eight ash she was. She was a mix I think I have that part African American something's. Letters and look like yeah tell him beyond the currently. Our our bagel booty. Just brought you. And some might bite antibodies as whether. That they have it the Acropolis. Sixty years. Why does just now all row have a different all my god I went after the bar to have him like tap tap tap tap tap that app will leave crown so many caps to the ground and that's a tricky with. Cut her and I have a lot of with it. Laugh and so my buddy got pictures to share and they don't give me the link as the smaller glass of connect Kirby and it looks like a woman's some Catholics actually in it's it's it's easier to share not. Monopolizing beer. He's asked to plant one of the glasses Jasper once she locks up on stage random pool. She has the glass and she's blowing post. She's warming it up in her hand just. You know warming blowing on making nice and more harm. She wedges and she's so I'd like bikini bottom type thing but she's topless. She wedges a glass in between her butt cheeks to she's gripping it with her butt cheeks. She doesn't cup let it stand sexy thing had another round. Get up on the pole goes upside down well expanding all the stuff the glass still wedged in her butt cheeks. Down goes over to my buddy. Split her because the way it is currently account actually get up on it but it like Kennedy's aquarium. They can exit on account hunter out and she poured Beers like she gotten to pour beer into the class. He she gets up and and she may find it waiver him how she did it. But he drank out of the last Eleanor cheek. Won just as they see our body and a cat like maneuver underneath and he drank front. In it was so freely glom on my head about like. How. I did I mean you don't like it. I wonder from him make. Stick with these in my ability Cynthia a little bit and I like I do something in Brady had a plastic version of that is trial well especially at last is what helps him. Populate the gallery opening glass it would it fall yeah or especially against ranked could you as a mind broken glasses you practice eight. Hi I'm sitting there when I saw them like to him. I know we deserve the winner like here's all my dear. And all I want him I was just like I like you might do strip and I'd go with some girls wanna tip. That's why haven't seen ones for her because I know one Q tip I want to feel like a ball and offense were at like. Here you go make you regain your amazing that would creep speaking like the evening. It's ago. Atlanta to Atlanta as some of night and went with some other radio people from other other states and we went to strip club and as with another gal. And then another guy from I think they were from either the same station in currency area via he was really excited that it's girl with them their group rate. When and so he might not Brad Allen casts tackle ones he just a huge stack of one the adult and she's like. And their own aligned whenever any girl would do betray or there's no longer wait until she's trying her hardest. And I'm like am I did money just like throwing out there or. Along. And a day like and he got turned on. Mean seeing what Clinton turned a Thon yeah I Marla girl rest via our new dollar yes it's like death. And it wasn't my money's on the ticket on I match. I was at the ultimate edge and they brought of the secular like some of the man I'm ending college yeah I don't mr. I think the and in telling your neighbor and a and that. I don't know because you know iTunes that by the stage or you can set like farther away on her this guy this girl's performing and who think for other way Allison I'm almost I'm. Up close and personal with panic behind me comes up and seriously pros like. 51 dollar bills on just one check and just like. Make your prayers and well like I was trying to most ball last moment of live like. There was when we were in Atlanta there was one guy eakins. Atlanta when I was in Portland at kiddies. But until it was Romans earth they're in an until one that he just knowing amount used violence in daddy's money to the weight. Well yeah and fuel is over the you're an expert and this is daddy's money. I will I'm gonna I help I will say I am a little nervous when I'm gone my way round. I'm a little nervous about it at Dallas I think it's have a jealousy thing it's like. I know it and India. Are probably going it's like I've never had a problem that can't go to strip that's I like I don't change. VoIP at you and I don't walk I don't want to get a lap counts and now. I don't know I feel. Which I think just the tip you re I don't know I. It goes to a brighter room by himself with a stripper adding that be a little weird when you're there you have it a lap dance. Apparently whatever with a blaze. On now that would bother me so much. Just weird I was like. And real. I don't count it spins and then it's it's his birthday next week in an amber if you in a few weeks but we should tell your her name is like. Oh no the offer share a lot to take a month is embarrass and out of the division of both Robert Blake if some of it's just weird I'm just like just celebrating your birthday and you can see what happens CU and finally I I cannot dance obviously wants and everything like that's cool wet. I don't have a feeling that nature and trying to think I don't have ever gonna strip club with a boyfriend before. Which is strange and I am like. Yeah I mean my ex boyfriend on the strip clubs before and I am I totally cool with that but unlike Putin's Munich watch you. It's really beautiful women like a I'm like you that you better only get. You know one thing and now never mean you know. At a town so we'll see how but I might. Are available on thirdly there had to get it you don't think of the name but like the bad girl and LTI it's Gary Player on track is here he is at the end of the night if you let that bother you. It's entering your 99 on and that's why I'm dealing maybe if I'm thinking a third inhabitants not happen arming it is gonna happen. But he he's getting you know but I'm just like this will be interesting. And went to the constant. The dust till nonprofit yelled 02 on base back. And music tie game and like a lap event and that person the strippers wearing a dance. Okay now that is doubted that happens the growth Halloween met ballad very funny and although the wild back actually is that that I want like actually that plays the plays were crazy stuff can happen I'm actually you know. The president then Alan I was like that like the Maine why didn't Portland cents and. Since January actually almost a year -- almost a year and the time before that when it in the Acropolis was Acropolis announces the bars after the fact I mean it's gonna cost. Yeah bit like rate people go to parliament and equipment through Oakland and that person. And now. I wanna go to a couple of friends and take him out. That are non bachelorette party. Are we can pretends. On how to be funny coming up permanently if we if we ago. What would be kind of fun for an adventure. It is. We see each pack like a white dress or whatever. And we go to multiple bars shipments. We each take turns being in the right now let me just push a fashion there around each time just your hair make up have a dress in the course stressed out be so funny. How like if I'm like coarsely. Yeah of a birthday it's the theme is it's about our party. So you can. Get real and Mary I am totally my real. Trick that every year career. It'll buy oh god yes plaything responsibly kid's death. I trying to get degrees that is on the Acropolis there's one gal. Who I've for English to Gaza rely on one gal she got up on the counter balancing doing it again saying. She's so sexy inaugural class. Tell she was just excited to be there is matters you know I can tell I just know she was happy I love that and answer pubs where a girl can be beautiful but. Her beat you is sizzling heat is going to be there and if your face doesn't look happier in new orders coming in new. Actually the big you'd rather be dead like I'd bat bat isn't. It that you look I knowing that your have to work yeah. Fleeing. If you don't want bishop and another stripper and I don't. You know hopefully making him narrow angle different situation anyway it's like what I remember I went to this tilt the Acropolis for the first time in the summer and there was a whole lot EC world sweating. And I don't know she also claims he's also lightly she slipped through Illinois economic and get it but c'mon might we all have to speaks miles per jobs now all of let me see. The current. Mountain brook and it'll importantly it's not really hot like here rattled the island EC. Contracting this other gal gas used to do paying. She comes up and every time she could be put money down she uses it for lightly and other aghast at all. The gala real crazy happy to be with action it'll move the needle out of my. That is an island out before her who is pretty lively tune it really Laker and every time she comes to to get money from our side. I move my string. And man at your response to have a drink in my hands the yeah it's intercepting sites are sipping and watching her like right up close and MySpace and that one point she's like why hide behind you drink there and I. I just wanted to look at your way. I put it down and as a she grabs my face is bushes and into her chest. As you said why why and Mike Kelly nothing and I developed when I'm just repeating a lie it. I. Look at my if you like all opener moves my at a cash a ticket tot T. Either colleagues and I think had a good time you can chat with to each year if you're sitting at the rail make sure your always tipping person. That is why don't one might make a couple bucks for I don't know of a dollar and need to something purse on yeah every tens on these Elise and I'll. Yes I realize get out of the problem does it how many song don't they usually do ninety's I'm the shepherd into Yahoo! and Google's which amount. That you're a couple songs for stripper and an ex sister. And yeah I think also we are I like wanna be a close link on the and a blank. And so much pressure they might be happening now opening announcement. On I step like at least the dollar purse on the eighties and early off in the complex. And it just like they're an hour and really just put him on the the rail could be put it right different view the comity and LD ethnic written specifically. Like in front of the and get real up close look on account Aaron. Do a thing with the express their legs out like appropriately. Legs out and I. Had a little issue and if I plague that they can 66 fake I know I getting him I mean there's nothing you'll may have a sign on. There's one gal when I was eating I got there late this balance that. Friends and RD mixing up department can't waiting for my food. And went to determine that it was dinner party it was his birthday apparently is an older guy. Night she was cute but you can telling drummers with some girls and do the multitude of strippers. It looks like the league does Syria to the cool. Porn star Barbie yeah yeah blonde hair big boobs. Super tiny. And you get like here like hardcore rocker girls yeah cat he used. You get like the veterans have been around like they're really strong buy the Beagle fake boobs in the you have that they have a trashing Lebanon. You get the idea may look like they've been on the blocking you felt about them like you know that they're doing this because McCain really need the money. Are there odds oh and other either you know family here but this one other gal. I saw the and it looked like she'd like beaters in tells you just that poll ever for fun and she's doing instant paper stuff and but the wonder how she. Every game normal check. You would guess though the weirdest ones 'cause this is like it's weird that I'm looking needed. But she had like a messy and why it affects you it's more like it's one of those like hey act clean the bathroom in the house today yeah just my parents I don't get it into a staff. And she doesn't really raining make up some will do the port like the con touring some do very basic make up. She any at all the little. He turned off those currently intrigue. In treat I was. It took me out of that a little bit like I was more focused on like anything if doesn't it feels weird because you're not at least seen them what just happened freak and it worked fine medium payers but. She was impressive because it systems birthday. So she did the whole way spread eagle. Am actually edit. It somewhere around all day and say happy birthday and he blew it out. Like actually there yet to step up. Back and there. But the capacity lines. Again I mean most the time but yet we Utley off we offing at Britain for the gat Siebert you know I thought I was very theater about happen in my boyfriend. I think that should be behind. I. Let me let her out of there it's so funny and I then I think it's. A in our eyes monster from island to. Airway has a plain Jane looking girl she lives so claims he is like kind of like a cowgirl looked very like her face with whatever pretty block. But later Rolex to 1000 British why are you saying my you don't look like you're on the negatives she would have been faster permanent housing say if you're sweating and doing you really wanna Wear make up. Are you have to eat the performance rank relate to so much more feed you. She. She was strong she knew issues do when she actually had tricks and it is like wow and don't judge a book by its cover rights I the thing about. Yelp I'm not a big fan he'll. Because. He. Really nine because it's one thing's been running battle because I feel like most people just like to bitch and wanna pop form further. Steep business. And a lot of really celebrity that innkeeper gaining instant it's not that these texts that are not good for a strong to knock it for shafts. And I get cannot get representation you have the especially because Yelp you can be in cahoots with them but if not. They can put up information about your stuff lately here hours aren't everything so why he started the restaurant. I have people. Cannot take like well your web site. Said that you do this sentiments and anomaly now and I when asked about it does it's a sad because we just change at a couple of months ago that no we changed it immediately. And I literally did you Yeltsin or gas. When bags not eyebrow like Yelp say that knows somebody came in and Yelp said had some wrong information outdated information right yeah the thing is we do not handle Yelp. Most some people will go when they paid to going and like put their stuff up there so it up to date but Yelp is kind of the disaster in the sense of it's not. It's a lot of negative people you very rarely get somebody going in the anti how awesome coming in unless they really feel lucky that our friends at only do as Yelp every single thing. Have that much at times in her eyes or is that I like I don't I just wanna make surely did. Was around in the kitchen when you know that consistently for Italy Ireland yeah I hear horrible experience a bit high honor and yell. Things that day like. Like one review will be really. Inexorably you're illegally baton the next deal BO OK like they're all over the board people like sometimes you have the accounts and servers having a bad thing that the bank are cooker whenever it's a real bad days and it's that. Have to be immortalized on the Internet because one bad Dan amnesty means higher things. I'm not about planet accurately that. But. So Cassidy at their webs as being an instruction but according Yelp. They did fine on many. Okay Adam. Because that says offerings for profit levee district assuming this is all the and Fries that in one month conference Tryon and apparently their prime reviews on the run on the front page. It. And I action packed yeah actually they're back and forth. Just like raining there really get there early that man we never. Tater tots home eight kilos chili cheese tries to tots. Looks. He's weird to be and I'll be happy and very. Open face tacos for the test pilot many tortilla shells topped with homemade chili soy taco meat. Let him not. It's a bomb they have potato chips fresh data to try to order season without peppered garden salad not chose. I'm with a homemade chili. Music itself but to manhunt this egg roll handle cabbage carrots green canyon in grants noodles crispy rap and it's. Guillen host the savory curry blend opinion and he's gonna crispy wrap prepared their daily. Drunk bread which is what ever bread we have toasted and garlic bread because you're drunk and he cheap food that's health. Real I'm probably gonna how's that rate whatever bread we have half. That in year old Anthony and burritos tacos salacious grants. Sloppy Joseph to reach on a Mac and cheese. Garlic layer cost her on the strap a Vietnam like veggie wrap. Rumsfeld writes Beaulieu he still I mean thing to have a meeting at all of the beefy surely not be easily strips and other instrument a soft over about a fettuccine. Off. By the way beaver scenes feature organize. It's like like it looks like a mess but it's delicious it's like I'm gumbo and kinda and a Angela yes. They'd gas only Chile until minister Tony soup they have barriers. Mean this is not how how late advocate and out and that is real I do not genetically. Them. They do have ideal blogger and you ketchup mustard and a gala south which is their V inversion of thousand island. Did I love ethic and a Bisping Matt Booth an expense for the par on have a lot of hipster probably Indians. It I think is also the kind of light either retaliation a sense of Acropolis Acropolis being mistake Catholic like I think it's a funny. Meaning and it's perfectly legit for like me what I can. Like cinnamon sparkle tips for desserts flower italics of the PS economic pressure on attic and I I'll. Eight that Patrick Gibbs. Chips fright to ordering completely committed and the picture. They're run and fears that a lot like in that things mean it well I recommend calling them at times he stayed too much tying him. Mean and the Acropolis seem to sound. 'cause let's get real fair would die on world. I think two of the crappy thing is this the cool thing about having the house the diablo right next to a political confidently two or something there's nothing around. You know they just they just released in places and there's nothing really else to do around their secretly walking and it I don't. You're gonna ask it is going to be drinking taken over there. And then you're gonna need who brits who Wear next where if you don't want to close that place down the not a question I guess I forget the different state every ad running in a wholly open to all mobile I think Ali you carry out heading to a 230 August that places opens. And I get to 30 AM. In my alma alcohol. Alcohol or hack the kitchen music but it's weird how each state has different. Law on everything and Portland still at what Washington needs to be can't go to the pressuring liquor. No way really I'm pretty sure like Latham Ellington organ yeah you you can buy wine beer. The media to go to actually yes a few. But I don't know if it's cheaper and there in my because it in taxes. So you just find a liquor starring in a pre funk you know little brief (%expletive) get over if you wanted to stay at the trip close all night. And you can you better go somewhere first then you food I think go to strip club kind of really. Earlier and then go to other bar I think it probably have daily mean acts. And something I mean on the website and it's scheduled. At that's. Ruled electric down just and all the information. It tells you Catholic faith but it tells you what's. What to switch shippers or perform perform that's so funny what dancing is Nikita enter Wright's performance. There's a couple of 4 AM bars open but I I don't know if they cancel serve as an organ to Portland and that's given me hill for I don't know when they got to self serve I would give up our opened her club this Vietnam. Club reveal offer club goers at least dance in side and explore an intimate desires I think the front nine at the facts. And decades. And I got really good that I only go there. Ballots the main thing about club it's called Adam but it ethnic hate Woolsey agony. Now about sex of learning that somebody else just for Miami just you know be hi iron and a I think when it's stage for what. I guess you know ahead totally is that club. That expects the room with a bad. You're lately. And my with the cubs proved. Club from I think all the that's just like these they have mania preserving and heaters. She can you imagine. She's planning ahead member at bear. And I added mr. Powell and like there's some cap which is some guessing at three. Actually her plan. I mean. I mean there's bloggers. I'm Vicky is planning her next right now I'm done apart again and yet a look at our on the law played girl tied up and I am only adds whereas the wedding. I hope so like in the background and even in day out Marie can't Celek and they got married at the fact that the girl tied up. An excellent kind of heart itself I think the older adult toys. But they're like the third one down kind of looks like wedding dress like from the wedding dress like getting. Let you know do you think the owners of the lab me. How to be stamped on. Illegal joint like massage tables near lake beds tech staying. In keeping. There's like a little bath towels and then suddenly you're emotions and from. Here's racers hopefully. One in new attitude before and you achievement you should have you have forehand to a pattern with the Evans will release ballad like you're about to get away. Like that fake how to you got the gynecologist table at our government be. Put your legs up girls like you stir up an impression on me and data path I'm isn't the end he room. Of them. I was on the third floor in the couple's planned with my anger on both have an agreed time integrity. The crowds seem to be wayward neighbors than it is since which makes us love the new place in line. All of their stuff I get up the number one yeah you know let's screw strip clubs to sex club has an attache and and I have a great. It's like as a first timer. I think he's out there nervous ninety. Probably death you probably should be. Problems like and just to have fun and nervousness will go away went to see how comfortable with yet could make it I'll tune each other yeah. Should a first time young couple be bringing anything or Golan specific night. Is different they have comments tells sheets bring any toys accessories as you wish different night have different crowds want to ease and without a lot of people there's is in the past. Once in a million people doing a million different things Friday's Saturday's your pass that up elegy the Fareed I would have thought. I love America. Isn't gonna like all a big building where everyone is due in net. And an ever Lincoln knew each other if they line and that the the 4 o'clock. It's on the 4 o'clock. It opens at 404. For an. Mean it over the 4 PM link a little early to start saying some people have often demand. Had a topic kids. And got me I'm not only kids up at like 330 program line and ethnic look tomorrow for the soccer games to get this thing going to get a good night's sleep about it you see kids tomorrow. That. If you have any fun. Strip club experience is you will and now any suggestions coming trip. Yes any like are even willing nine in Portland but even the best strip clubs the worst clubs and in general. I mean it will tell you that on Mike Weir months. Please. Have a good time. Asking that's the only mom thing I'm going to do is to have a good time for me and if that's him. I'll play from the L public. I utterly Gary and really didn't like did you hired efforts the funeral home building out and as I've come milieu. Decree being a great story in equivalent the rumor a while what I be able to anything on there you anyway. You would be too manly bits I district partly an eye candy yeah how the hell along and then I have to pay for your Bailey you're gonna have to baby that. And you have memos on the taking that they grant money. And asthma and all my want the stripper or. I'm a big get hundreds I don't. Don't get arrested and tell all like don't wanna drive down market. Drive down the daily I don't that the strippers answer I would take you tonight after an example. Does the bees gone out. Like the way at the breakfast for bar yeah and it. These and I haven't they Tokyo on day next. Oh we beyond next because yes everybody enjoy it with your family friend mr. soft you'd better. Do you any lack. The.