Broad-Cast Ep. 93 - "Another Quickie"

Friday, December 1st

Vicky B and Ooh Sara catch up on Sara's Portland strip club trip, Thanksgiving, and share some big news in Vicky's life.


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Okay then yeah. And I that an airing. Iron and I eight months due ran at this. Oh. There well like weird. In Britannia. And not go like Tom can. It. And I'm deployed to. Yeah yeah. Welcome to another edition of the broadcast. And they keep being. And we have a fan. Hand. And just to be a very very short episode. I'm in the process of moving and picking their how to beat you lie and arrows live. We will get to that moment. But just a heads up you can contact us if you once you. You know reach out get the topic you're rants ash you can do that if FaceBook were just the broad dash cast two against examined at the broadcast nine point nine. Caller Texas which is optimal play here voicemail on here will read your text messages via the bra heretic 25377860209. Of the broadcast and eighteen car. Before we get into all lovely stories because it's been going on we did get another. Without him it's permits. Come a red light. He got a (%expletive) on it. And she was open it like we we aren't sure if she if he was allowed to do several other women if she was going to be with other guys or was she going to be with other girls who think she didn't wanna be with other guys that means that she going to be with girls crack what was the what was going on. And so he says okay so here's the situation Iger often can't sleep with any woman she wants outside of x.s. And the same goes for me we had a few threes which has been great I guess relevance of Arlington that last text. Why also you've both can sleep with any other female they're not next. And they have three sons I wonder do we know escrow fund those I. Yellows kind of blood when you know we we talked about them having threesome before wanna companies and the drama and that. Mean you're so. Think sexuality is black and white and red and guess. Figure why aren't quite happy doesn't like your day or yours ain't your body via. There think as a spectrum. And I like I have all these different Kyle layers of black and a light and different greens and indifferent. All of them he says it's like acts that you. Art and bisexual you are willing to do stuff with a woman and how fun that way and you are can still be attracted the email body to an extent. So you kind of you're not only straight here and not necessarily by every year it's closer deny that you are strayed but yeah but it sounded like she's dated women and yet. I don't know we knew that she's actually had been in relationship with women but I feel like we've known issues. And pretty pretty crazy that he is OK with him sleeping with a like Enders like guys usually don't care if they're roaming found another girl whatever but I think it's. ASEAN she's okay with. Straight male hugging ample and other female. Think it that I terror. Two things come and not one. Some people kind of have that genuine fetish are have like hey it's kind of sexy than another maker alliance you can bet I'm have to execute I get a hat. I get the bad Catholic that the things that she doesn't mind I think the other thing is and an actual other girl getting. Addict a manga but you've got it through. It's also dying. Usually have a harder time getting the girls. Now I feel like it could be farther and few between that event and I got literally we I. Mean it's like females and males like if I got on the street and I go ask. Twenty guys take you we have sex. Chances are most of them are gonna say yes because I mean add an iron every sex no strings attached a guide to the same thing he's going to reported police. Yan so it's easier for girl to have sex I think it even easier and a girl going to other girls it be easier for me out sex I asked when he lemon chants are probably maybe yes. Not not. I that's. It's kind of like the whole online dating girls like girls get taller responsive guys never get responses. I want her son Alex it's of that three some of they have like I wonder if either of means there is girl hits up the girl for like a lot on. And an outing and I need to make. Have you done that yet ANSYS Imus fan I am just over an element comes. Back and only if I'm way different that's it Don Johnson have been out many you're so pretty adventurous when it comes to the actual sexy just that's true very much about monogamy yes exactly. I run with that as long as you know what you're liking it limits now and I think it's fastening and other people can. Sounds. Like switch off the dells here's Estonia and how about LC items like on. Sleep have a a feeling that within the next one need and 304050 years are we at all it's happening but it's going to be the norm. Yeah like I because people are starting to question would be especially at our generation. And you hire very lucky that we have parents that are still together. That extra bat very we hear the carry on Albania. So because we are the generation that grew up really seeing our parents just fly and divorce is everywhere like. We kind of see a lot of people just kind of not whining get married nowadays I'm doing had a ton of friends that. Ever wanna get married or there's no point because we did see all that and there really like if you with you find somebody that you truly care about maybe and maybe get married one day by. Kind of just feels more like let's just be together and it's nice deal with that. I totally get back. I totally like theater page getting married and many papers like acme such a bitch to get divorced. And we have friends that have gone through and it yet seems like a nightmare and a headache and a lot of money if it's not like a mutual thing even if yes I even if it is a mutual thing it's a lot of money snap and I also think lake. I don't look at I know people too that they don't wanna get married but then and having kittens and I am like a big bats that's more adamant. So I don't understood. I don't get the whole. You have kids with someone but don't unmarried Eminem and kid there lifetime commitment to Mike. I don't know why he went to the other ones in the at least what. When you have like them. Wedding documents in its merits and available letting a lot of people are currently. There's two camps there's the one that really want the wedding once spent all the money as other ones. Them Mike's between. I parred. They really do and letting them had a money is not worth at about them and Walden have have been linked. I'm stupid party in the courthouse benign but I want it right means I want lake my dad walked me to an eye on them at the courthouse. No but I think. In the crowd that big and I have to limit again in now depends on the credible plan on having a party. Yeah like I wanna huge party for share about at a party darling how mobile lake. And stands up and look at the bra and and done. None. Talent that. And. It's taking a management and helpful like. You'll just love announcement your heart out about that parity paying now dad so last time we talked I'm on my way to Portland. Went to Portland who live off needing get jealous or didn't freak. He didn't know it was. And Hannity an amazing for some reason in front of these hot beautiful making it perfect boobs but actually pretty pretty. Hair you know like park gorgeous I still filing my boyfriend Amy like a lot of attention to it like log yeah had a heated varied Ed. It was great we got there at first stop we will further we were there like four so we went and some interesting things and I was. In my slats what we drove there's the sweat pants switzer whenever not ready to go out but we went to Indiana right next video is kit Kat which isn't Bob's mom. Was gonna drink or two in there and like I book click. I completed. The slow up the link to click a homeless person which by the way Portland you solve many homeless people in it on the corners on the streets. Asking for money won't leave you alone. Like pee your pants homeless people I was I was surprised I got out of a lot but never a lot them anyway so into it GAAP. At a few drinks has really I think I was the only female in the place that wasn't a stripper and it was like maybe three or four other people there at like 530. Felt. Like it like a private show and didn't really know what to do with Sosa wherein I mean now you now. Portion of my hand there and learn you know where's my son and ams and but I am d'antoni went back to the town. Strangled Amare we actually got ready and link looked appropriate to be going out on the twenty duties on bill and then went to capacity outlook. And yeah they did. And I we have food at both places and let me tell you I paid. So. I would say. Problem witness that problem now. Well what I think for errors were in the gophers and thing. The Asia you. No not they have a problem hasn't been at the Asian influence Acropolis first I'm gonna have problems had Dane drinks they had a specialist at pizza on ninth all along and I Steve they were insane. I mean like the girls went about aren't Bayern sexier and gotten. Bike path LO and Alec is that he means is saying this but their food is pledges pledge. But I liked Acropolis around matter. It's funny and I let my buddies at colonial let me dress up like it's accomplice and it sounds like the anti joint yeah I don't know its series it's like. It has a whole violently sports bar like a really big sports bar and that's been there for ever that's gonna forever that the workers have worked there for ever and not even blank ballot yup there's a stripper like emptiness Ehrlich the warriors you know Ernie Els just like -- in studies it's like a cabinet -- and semi seriously just go to thirty states you have followed just chill in the air just like auto on asylum in a state of the Acropolis like it's not even a big thing there naked women. But it was awesome. In Dublin they say it's like really kinky. And there are not any. Clue I'm. Weird and is thinking you there were some toys on stage and girls would it used to each other exactly asked app I was like. Okay that's kind of weird I don't normally administer but I was expecting this sentence on line. I don't now I don't know we just went off nighter thing but we stayed until like they kicked out that they were close and like like that's pretty kinky other people in you're using now let me say oh yeah yeah addicting like. What we are crap are you gonna get into that big he doesn't deal Tuesday that I hit it like I can't syndicate cute and what I earned and but I did make friends with the stripper in. So on those moments that she was sobbing because call her with. Like that doesn't pay them. And we get so part of a movie that went like a girl like you. Like. And then her other server and name and then to bicker like whip out my history inflict it was so funny because public. Twenty minutes later. I like that a lot of servers and she is up in the queue it spread like a room like. We pass another rather than opinions on the on that and the it was it was overall. And you what do you think because that's treated podcasts and eighth inning. I think it. I don't like thinking. Now acting like. Heidi. I eat Chinese. A lot of Chinese and cost a lot. Turning. Its. Like I mean I'd on Friday and tired it was terrible I was dead birds that. You answered. It Alabama where tamales at the home it volleys at home. But now I'm on a big batch of my aunt and now am I am able to aunts and they froze them we are supposed to cook them in beef you know elect its staff. But she had me. Originally it was those come into town but she could get a flight out. So my mom pull out of bonds chickens that Larry do it as she made like out of compliance particularly at a combined ouch the legacy and now it's like. It's like rice mixed chicken like it's a whole mixed pay hikes and rice on the side it's like that it probably means literally. Rice with chicken but it's mixed again there and their resilience. And a half from Cheney's. Feet that's not Thanksgiving at all Nelson Ella are at Thanksgiving lunch. No I might make lunch and dinner. Now look at my mommy she's a comedian is this chickens as she made a big batch of it. There's huge batch of eight that and then we decided we usually eat dinner pretty currently yeah or and we ended up doing it wane later. As I did like Johan we did my mommy if she. Like make up onto potatoes anymore. He's you mashed potatoes and a call the Russians Allen. Basically potatoes. Peas and carrots. And manes. It down growth but it's a rash of like I found out I was at a probably pretty hunt -- bad for you but super delicious. Did pack up some. Rule got mashed potatoes now and it makes them out. Entertain him. John hide it you know I mean it was actually that the reason I didn't make mashed potato easier because we senior health fellow on it was weird again because. I had Chinese food but. Can over EU's anti marketing Felix and Lee. Crap and no matter what I eat at a solemn and everything but there's liked when he sides so yeah it'll and then stealing garbage. Didn't do that but I felt garbage that during two outside again that's coming out. Overall I think that since isn't going to be a quick quick episode because I have to go move this weekend yeah I think you should ever on out how. I will go into too many details but it's just easier if there's some. It's easier some personalities don't. Girl I feel at the I don't I you can't live with. 99%. Of humans or if I did I would I would sub umpire probably and let it did you. Condition friendships like as they evolve like as people change over time either split up and not be friends anymore and either leave on good terms or don't. Or you know you learn to add to talk with them it's likely an island maybe I found this funny and dispersant does and I know we you and I have had better friendship. And the I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you as a friend Bentley and I think that. Because you're very secure very front and honest which is helping me kind of fear OK maybe what this is it. Something BJ O'Keefe funny isn't really 'cause it could be offensive and hurtful it's I'm really aware of how I conduct myself and how I am as a friend. And her unions from running again have you noticed meet trying. And so but it takes to it takes out completely you know I can't I don't like it when you do this and it's like I'll try to be more understanding. I understand that this is also not okay and our world so. Clearly it's like. Even if you come to it like a crazy had about ire like an argument just a blow up which you have but at times. Yes but thinking come back from and Munich okay and what's not parking lot he beat honestly I think princess there and their relationship yeah it's exit lake. That's not a good I don't feel like I understand and that's why some people get so lake. Like I can be like you expect so much I mean has a dynamite yeah yeah for your like flake of right site expects. Like all of you you know right in regular there's also linked. After me with like some friends I have friends that I you'll only see like what it once in awhile but when we get together it is all about us it's all about total I have to ship and stuff and I like that our friendship has evolved too early. In where workman's I don't argue for two hours and Michael crap I've actually talked Theriot today. But it's that we do talk we can be real. Have a personal stuff we talk about silly stuff. We can and we do hang now we do get a chance you because. A pretty good for the and it did you have from a mere some minor at a prom you like. An aisle and immigrant and want and McCain might. This is blank what's yeah. Element of me. On restraint in not our authority picks in now ray is that the it's can we expect communication I'm not the best meetings I'm afraid of my identity act not an amber did you and I try to try to avoid it. I got uncomfortable a lot of signaling. In there's many times that I wish even in the recent. You know present and past and stuff that I wish it would have been a little bit more. I would stood up for myself but. Looking back there some just personalities that you can't do that way. You can only handle in in very small doses. So it's it's just easier to elect you know life I want to conserve some friendships. EDT better that we split off and like that was like with my personality at least to have like when I was a teenager remain early twenties like I couldn't stay with me parents that we was fine all the time. Over not thing yeah. Because we would see each other all the time you run out of things to talk about something you start thinking of other stuff and the leading into argument it's like okay we can't be doing in this. So now that I in I will be moving the human my parents of that welcome to Hank. And I am hoping it. In about a year high name that if if everything goes well and we can now get along because we are different people and when I kind of doubt you'll find out real plan. I think gave the more understanding too because like I was twenty years old like I wanna go out it's like it's midnight or are you it's like I'm twenty. Okay you still under my roof Elmira high rule I think they've. Accepted that I have tattoos that I have this person and an eagle do you mind being. I'm going to live my life and the act dealer going to be more open about it don't worry about if I'm gonna get a commentator I'd kind of a thing. I mean my mom every times you bank comes back in town and visits she always she's the one texting in Edmonton are asking anemic. If I'm gonna come home in the next morning. Do you manage my dad used again I'm not home I'm probably. I'm not lake of the bonus on top like bombing if you're really concerned my mom's like I don't know. How your father does it because I'm worried about you all night and that about the other and like our mall com. That came and is this gonna calm down time. And element among. I think if if all works out fine and I and we can't get along my folks I've been. And this summer I'm not a mean. Done nineteen girl like I've kind of learned to. At them and he. This can hit. A not an accurate to Clinton has. It's just like now I understand what it's like to live with people. Utley could examine a feeling more like kind of the same thing now I'm kind of understanding of old roommate fattest that's like I want to respect our spaces but I also wanna be appealing again I love. That family died a happy family dynamic like with my other me. I'll make a big thing the food delete some. And then my buddy and you have and felt like. I want to see you can't please see at I love doing that to people and that's just part of my culture totally. You know pick my food and like hugs and love economic growth that'll be nice it. Be able to get home before parents and cook food and among the resort not to get a yak. Well and it so we're gonna systemic OK you prominent because we're gonna come up with healthy stuff that we're gonna make you're gonna go to the professor together and it just going to be on have. A communal feeling which I haven't felt an ally yeah and I writing I I like community feeling I'm not alone can't yell like MySpace. I've grown to like it hasn't Donald there. But I like that communal feeling and I think I'll be able to get along with them long enough to get a down payment for a house. Yeah. Growing all and we iron. I don't sing out at him and I know in this is an I talked a lot of people and I probably will go more into it ugly episode. It was a hard decision for me. Jim Hoover and how. Two to move back at my parents just because of that build the slow it down on the gas. Just like well you know Jiri Philip. I failed economic down like at a Catholic I failed. I feel being adults like I paid my bills like the only thing my dad piece for. Is my phone bill and that's because it can go on I think. So it's just easier this way and that's the one thing I allow him and I always pride myself that I have busted my ass. Like I say I never wanted anybody to say because of your race because of your gender because of what ever. You were handed an easy ride I don't deserve this because it was too easy for you it's like now I put in my time with everything I've done. Whether it's get my own place whether it was my job her any jobs iPad yeah its like I Don it's I never wanted anybody Delhi. Just kind of minimize one day one and done even though it no it doesn't matter it's a heck yes. No I totally I mean like ice on a lot. Backlash or whatnot from especially kids that I grew up witnesses now retirements around herself waited pretty in rich and honest crop. And I Blake island I thought I love it and so I think like for you like your moving back into your parents because you won. You don't have to do to use people in a situation. And things like allow. You're Smart you're going to go somewhere where you don't have to hear you can save your money EU response will be be irresponsible. And then. Why house. Looking well. How. Did. Talked a couple of my friends like friends that I respect them like this doesn't make it really notices a really great ideas as it's an opportunity in one month Atlantic. When I made the decision it was because I was talking my mom and I kind. It's one of those released to steal it we don't talk to offer on the phone with every time we do we use we opt for a little while. And it was her convinced she's convinced me my dad Portland I would pick up I would probably not that. He makes it a little too. They say the exact same things but Callaway my mind away rights as the king and sweetly mom and a McCain. And I was new at one point he's like yep this your first department right yeah. She's like this it's it's not that this situation. You're not happy. And that's the main thing and I'm happy where you're living because it's just not working. So just come back here like I don't we don't have much. But we have this house. And we cannot is what we can give you and we can unity as long as you want whether it's two months a year. How governments like this is what it's therefore you know on the fact that you and from communion with open and misses it's a blessing like anger. That's the one thing I'm very grateful for Thanksgiving and makers as a yeah really I might actually really excited by the way my mom came up. A common I don't. Getting your brother back with a all along that the court Sherri at thirty area idiotic Winger who you move up again they're going to be like. Like all over and Rick and I went to Mexico. Which you're walking down like us that this is the old house and then this is going your you know your other grandparents lived in this uncle's house after one little thing should eat I love that and really damn so. It'll be nice for awhile on the have. Hopefully my own place like paddy years. To get the balls to. Know that these if yeah well let me because I want I am. Organizers sound like we think the case sent them. Marlene Mary house I had no idea that all the time on the case until this from the man among them on display and in a move me out of here I'll buy that often we let me just you orient programming tournament money and haven't come out of the house is that I can afford MI out. And adults now bet. Elena do anything about one believable almost think I'm gonna leave them out of the hands and no one and as does my housing and I had a roommate he'd be my tenant. Scenic and parent bat Ali law and I am I if if it's a good situation and it it's again you know fit. Is now we cells in if it turns up my friends and I just can't get along and welcoming place. Out apartment the end of the nine it's a little bit less expensive version of it pleased crashed again has made though that. I. Like crazy and I that the differently at away you know is coming in it's going to be we heard them to be my hometown. So I'm not used to being around like yeah. My dad. Out or crap. Yeah on. The but yes we'll leave it at that attracts. Playing in making decisions in year round getting out of then its situation yes. Hey speaking out in Athens the Greek and on the third floor. Although there airs I'm climbing there laughter. I asked her if that's way yet. The an exit only a couple of them left until we go on BP. Both now and in on the beach when you meet you know I mean.