Broad-Cast Ep. 94 - "The End is Near"

Thursday, December 14th

Vicky B and Ooh Sara talk about what their plans are for the holiday break as well as read a listener message that leads them to a very dirty topic of conversation. 


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Young. And had. I'm so excited for vacation. Did admit and wounding her hello. There let Pickens price for you one step. It's. It's. It's been. It's. Delta and his brother he. And feel this. I knew in show by the fabulous Alley at little brown. That's sexy and answering our and I laugh well and that's the point your hair we're gonna talk about a lot of interesting stuff we're here to tell you the story so grab. A glass of whiskey rocks if he wants his hand and he ran a little child and some written for some storage time. Do you check out around her band the Farrell float checker on FaceBook. As well as Spotify she is on there and that on instead grand she is Ferrell has the from Santo says thank you so much for making intra music it's our debut of its yeah man I love is like and it can't let us know what you guys think. One thing to get to is how you can get a hold of us by the way got to tell us what you think we are on top FaceBook. On the thing though it's the last name and like I am so having trouble with everything right now yes Aaron does that aren't like laugh work. Day of the year and the year of 2000 and in. We'll be back next what the Galilee Bakken 18 January but like. So where all of a spike checked. On vacation our idea. I get the federal way based Barrick is the broad dash casts. In Stan grant in Twitter is at the broadcast 999. Email is the broadcast 999 and and we give the phone number the you can call it tax holidays and as messages. I get them on my films I will be looking at them 25377. 6029. Illegal voicemail before you know around every ancestor. Mad about dealing with in laws and holidays it's about money here you get a gifts that you really don't mind you don't have to pretend you like and I just give us a fake name call up leave a voicemail plane IKEA. Plants we did get a message on FaceBook. An island Sarah look for real quick but he had is our last decade and we wanted to make sure we did a podcast before we go on vacation death before her 28 to. You know now to discuss its its been kind of crazy that we recorded our Christmas special thing that you'll be hearing on air alive. They're out there on the holiday and I love them they're so much by yourself it's just crazy to. The two years of not. It in summing things that added to my last official day of living in my youth yeah yeah gear and I didn't removing 100% say of Oreo Galley sun and whatever the podcast will be heading home and moving grabbed. Maple Stevens is your home now again. And what we have a message from Robertson in the sense that he says I have a question for anyone that has been in the same boat with me. I've been in a relationship for over three months now on things are great we have a lot of common stock all the time. But I'm a dominant partner and me we have been hesitant to get to Iraq I've talked to her about it and she's okay with. Yet I still feel like I'm hesitant is it just means Annie and I'll spend where. There that do comedy. They do and it haven't agreed to prima on sound like the religion is going rates yeah but it sounds like he wants to Little Rock for her. Back panel. Yeah like he wants it dominant I'm guessing only Q1 tire up. Q1 two. That when it comes to being in that sort of sexual relationship with. More of like a dom sub kind of a situation. Yes you did good you communicated with hair and she communicated back. If you're worried that what you're radio Ralph maybe too much for her that's when you kind of have to sit down and get ninety tail point to point is a cave IQQ. Can happily your hair by the way there is correct way to pull hair and pulled from the root area or from not not the roots you wanna pull from like the reads that keeping your head. Hand on the scalp and poll. Yeah he'll pull from the tents like a tyrant you complain all they talk about what being out can't perhaps like I think there are some really big range gather some pretty graphics and areas people like to take apart like role playing. That even though your role playing kind of acting you do get into that mental head space and it is. I can get a little rough for people. That being said. Know about after care. That if you're going to be getting into the like you know with me her you know. Aggregate you know when you're basically putting so you people yelling and putting someone down to a blinking on the ordering now. Humiliation type play and yet you definitely will need to after care and if you know what that isn't he should read up on pretty. He's loving and coddling yes in their that a president similarly Korea than that probably robber would probably do because. They are together anyway yeah thanks again I just have to get into the specifics of what she's a payment which is not Hewitt and actually like. For me I'm very like plan I would want to know when it's going to happen again paint like let's. Let's do this Friday night let's track like let's try finally being whipped let's track I like big hand pavlik let's see not just don't just bring an honor. Like I would want that if even if I said it was okay. I would kind of wanna know Lyman for rather than being a lower not to make love it and somebody come in out right and it. It doesn't hold no apparent leg. What it's also like the first couple of sessions people think sexes. The two most unrealistic things. That people can get ideas from sex. And Perry. The most unrealistic sex comes from porn and from romance movies. Not so it's room feeling quite so unrealistic habits of romance movie okay. Yeah NN news attack by. Watched the notebook religiously and they both urged you at least she lost her retard in. That may we have a think this is like the opposite of what actually happens. They view of how it's summer time being and he'll. An art that William me out for that right person he wasn't because like now everything I need and I communicate during sex yeah. Everyone likes certain things different than the mean that they're not. Going to do you like they feel like it's it but they're just used to doing it Esther at least amount to some people think even look like a domination type. Sexual experience that people are going to it's going to be just this lovely flow. By that DJ degree we're just happiness he up you know it but it doesn't doesn't happen like the best. Kinky sex I ever had. Was one with a lot of communication of getting a little frustrated. App for a little bit because he kept asking me like kind of getting stepping away from that role. Like that's OK yes so we be doing stuff than any stopping that is this okay are you okay. Anything needed because we were still learning each other really know each other. So that communications key it's not gonna flow under percent smooth and even in without you're gonna need to stop. Sometimes you'll take a break annual start again or pay eleven loosen the Scotland you breathe for a couple minutes there. Yeah timing for a bit like we'll stay here not that we're ending the session but let me give me a minute. It's not just logo with the floats a commune after exactly what issue came with what you're wanting to do. And be aware of the emotions I mean anchor yes like. Because some people don't even know that they have his emotions until maybe ever in a situation or something happening in Ireland while this isn't cents. RS I know. And find some information for a quick the there was a ads like that club to effect positive Seattle sex positive. Can a club or group and people would go and learn about different things whether. I was actually elect learn about these sexual acts and how we can perform better and then they would have parties and stuff like that I think I am saying is that as. Sex positive as. Groupers and a the back closed down no I think they have that. Classes and stuff going through sapphire club. Out on the cola which is also swingers club. Do blues. It's a question for you have you weren't as as possession because you're kind of a dom. Are you kind of a silent cheer you gonna do about the app I was very much a sub for a long time and hasn't gone older and I've been with more submissive men I found that I really do like. Switching it up like I don't like just be one. Because I was with a guy who's like strictly Don but he said while for you I'll give it a shot and I loved. Dominating him because he was such a big tall guy united in April man and I had control on some of the would be in the middle war I when he was I was the sub. Arabic. Now flip it over and then he was the day it's basically yeah I thought that I like in a relationship for liquor that did you things like OK and trying like how would you. Approached the would you how would you approach situation how would you start. Wolf I would ask him like okay well I like to be helped for example yet you know. Don't grab the back nine and finally when people grabbed the back and freaks me down any in any situation I feel like that's yeah yeah I don't grab the Akamai neck in my freaked me out. Grab the front of my neck but don't you know learn that you know have do it don't know how actually properly choke someone who will who will help rarely look together fun thing is that. Actually been activity did you together you are gurgling like that back and he did it yeah Canada's fourth plane Albania. And and it really made a mental note of everything you would want to do you are you are now apparently liking tied up. T you'd usually. Do you goal in my allowed to venture off into certain areas of your body. Yeah. Some people don't like that some people like you know I am OK if you do this but this is the speculation like you know I think his cell and suit other parts and I. Comic con. Test just my second one just a pain but birdies and through it now and not right now we public debt like a Wednesday afternoon I'm trying to drinks and T you thought it. Felt up at him and everything I guess that happens on days like that like I mean when a plan that probably Seattle on first Alec. That than a minute than that and that area you know everything else of the. Trying to think how I could save it as PC is possible further radio. Her you know podcast where we can't swear again to too many details. I had somebody ask me a friend of mine that I want again I get into that stuff. That other part behind the scenes you've got to get behind the scenes in his wife's into it. And he's able what can we do. And I suggest it. Go online or go to your you know local neighborhoods sex shop. And buy an assortment of demos. Become you can bias sat a different sizes now. And that's a fun little deem it kind of plays into the Don something kind of haven't been to ovarian mean. You know decent thinking and then start fresh and you know he thinks Sarah Lane said yes. And see what they're you know it's like hey you know let's try the next one UK with this and when they say you know what Alan's not from aimed at each stop and you gotta be whether she wants to go back to a previous want to try something different again as a Catholic I hope she at least reaches the size of you know Latin. It's like it's. In its one other thing I've learned from all the videos I've watched that either. The website the porn Fettig a ticking dot com and had a series for awhile I think you probably by him where they where explaining different vanishes. They they're obviously demonstrating them. Medics showing how to. How to be with those fetish is and how to act and all that's that's a one of the things that you're in to your starting to get into that. And you know she really liking it isn't. Odd sensation yeah yeah I mean it's it's fun for some people it's not on brother isn't it because it is an odd sensation. For a female if you're able to kinda work another area upper body to kind of create pleasure I get. Her mind off of the uncomfortable yeah I have all of that a distraction yet distractions a pennant if you have. Back massager of some sorts you know kind of incorporate that is the gas fill you know put a real trick your mind and thinking OK name associating. This I'm an uncontrolled rang out this is new territory. But I'm associating in this pleasurable sensation that I helped my not be for everybody but. That's a dividend. It's. And there. There you know. Hung pretty carried on Alina that's really like what I've done I've done I am on the high unseen before in its vary it depends it really matters on why the guys packet. On the conference because sometimes it's like why it's. Never and other public. They need. I don't know that's humans they brought them don't think it. Actually there is one day I totally I let him do it. I think it was trying to get me to do it. You're not the kind of girl that likes to do this as we're kind of getting in on your mind you're just doing that because you want me to say like a reverse psychology. It doesn't again and I said I'm kind of rally the planet. Giving the planting a hate it needs to be shaving anything shady means all kind cleaning that got it viewed as a decent link super kinky dot like nature I'd that's finally keep nice and clean out beacon is for us girls in the amount we need to feel confident everything that's going to some people don't mind that just took. I wish I was like those people but I know it's going to happen might whenever I would hook up with that it it was like. Twice a year kind of a thing like when an app could get it is really hung out. But it was an especially the ball lots of whiskey yeah definitely good whiskey awaits that there we. You know like Lal are frustration. Honestly is kind of negativity and that's kind of what I lights because we could sit there if you're you are stressed about work there. People in your life you just. We just hitched its and rage and we just dream of doing that take shots or we would like make mixed drinks and we just drained and have a couple of those. And and we just got it honestly crazy all over his house and so much fun. In the window with it but he complains now and yet a big window in the front of his house and think the neighbors. I like that the but it was just so much fine. But because of what he was packing. Bridge has its eyes I'm. Probably. A lot. Have we haven't got that caddie to check my calendar is looking into this segment and man. I. He kept doing that. Canon. Of the damage is next and I know one minute of C Hewlett whenever we make these plans. It was like an hour or two preparation. Carl's like shaving. Is your eyes named him. Mean and smelling gut an opening on some make up a not too much make up to where you have like really smeared her via. You're like a melted. Lacks the yeah I. I've been just enough to be like wrong and willingness to help to usher I got to try to little but it really. Very athletic and long enough accounts the shaving. That's. What other things. But just sit there and do point by point it's not as sexy as in the movies where people just instinctively knew. Almost a mile out not only battling it Angela the last Internet. Note currently the command majority it's gonna get Kanye thing yeah union town in Augusta and that's true with anything negative anything sexual. Trial and error and it's not that that sounds exceeds like get a deal like this would be honest with like I don't know you know what let me. Talk a pillow under my name my back that might make it better. That is the Dietrich of ladies in missionary. Pillows and there your lower back hot and in Ottawa because it kind of ability to bottom gas conflicts. But I want YouTube with posted please on yes if he would do anything have a conversation there. And look for him what I need to know and and acumen. And they gave me being. But what's gone on so weird. Going on vacation like we sent this to be a pretty quick podcast. How we are holiday thing today on violence. So yeah we have a holly lunch after this which were actually waiting for and inspiring talent Anthony was coffee. Very healthy and going on tomorrow on telling you sing sing weekends twelfth day. And it's much pay heard it wasn't snowing in. Which I got soda my friend is up there he text means that it's a little last night and it's both aren't saying. Fingers crossed them trying to bring mass lens I'm trying to just let announcements I'm not gonna go down random grass until at no snow on it. And I think it's just it just makes apparently that's really I wanted to go out there I mean it's an equal on decked out for Christmas yeah went out a month. Lenient Caribbean down the hole. Get like really cute pictures that tourists take them like I added a half but it definitely get a link. Incher is your mom coming up from there Christmas she is coming up for transplants. I am not segments and everything is still be event at and Elena almost too eager to iron. At that time bull Gil Alba catamounts pitied these have been boyfriends and again you're stuck with me for Christmas bird winning at your parents now with Anna and that's. I'm gonna do like nothing. Honestly I'm so excited and yeah I'm actually really jealous that I have looking at this week and never let it. It is only government. Might not know her. Here. And your whole life. Like an hour away. While an hour from your house it's probably about fifteen minutes. To the station that's pretty decent speed time and a look at him I was visiting my folks I'm on my dad doesn't get a four to six. On Sunday through Wednesday he doesn't Wear. There's a Fridays Saturdays at stale so mean and there's it Freddy's long days to ease elegantly in outside there's not going to be like. It's getting a lot more her family time and there are ones and a especially since I'm not working at the rush and the market closed down and it now now. Perry. So yeah handling time Natalie but then I am also really excited for the communal feeling. Caveat like some or learn he's doing stuff together and I honestly it ruins the group to give it makes him the Internet except it today. And I fell in seventeen again especially the green hair I get any kind of unlike. It is it not enough badly non English like. Remembered and that's now I had like. A pop through and I'm waiting days of sun and you can people especially since they died Maynard and the greenish colored people. All please don't ask me from Haiti unfortunately they don't. It's a time that's genetics. Yeah look young in the pipe and it might my friends that work. School records are aids and the people. Cap issues like teaching them from banks and NCA teachers. And schools she adds that. And I don't I don't like and Jordan's like big unit little thing that she looked like she probably passed Prejean has not remain. Take it I think looking back then your deal like that 25. You. Get than it looked like ET you'll need to look like it like tiger's hole. Like the VP. Announcement and the couple. Innings under my upper right. So what's going on this week I am moving today. I'm doing I triple booked myself tonight tomorrow for Friday you know you popular. Because I am hey you know my body chase were making. Make at a post that later on the broadcast is Beck Agassi this. So like alma tutorial online. On how to make dragging Hague candle. T take all your old candles that Unita has very little lacking melt them down. And then you take like a Johnny Easter egg roll. On animal looks like it's probably about not even a thought all right yeah. NC drill hole and it and you fill half way. And then people a little figurines in there. It's that like all different candle. And he I'll make you go inning you pull the aid out is once it's hard and any kind of draw the scales carve the skills into the lack yeah it's it looks like is really freaking cool try innings. Okay. I thought. That it that Easter egg ethic Easter at Bob with a lot thicker than violence its biggest. I had a huge. Debt it looks like as a derogatory. Ball Ngo while our human and they make that giants. With all candle lack yeah I need more campaigning when I have enough I had a bunch I found a bunch cleaning up and gambling never use chemical on the up and animal together. And more candid with. This unionizing must random. Crafts idea ever. Facebook's and in negative girl well now I'm making it for me now Mike Deaver anymore lacks. I have you know Campbell now Catholic craps and more. I'm very excited to do arts and crafts day. And then later that afternoon I'm going to have dinner with my mom and brother to celebrate everything. In this league. And then an Asian I'm going to see my friend Mallon and her daughter and niece like caller may eighteen year old legs Boston I'm now that's I asked my body's if you. Can you just trying to open. From my house and get a W links to you and I was gonna go to his house. And then have to come back to lake Stevens had dinner and go to Everett thinking of something they. I told what I am lunch in and year. Gillick Eritrea stale and a six pack not just one beer at lake and the items that back Democrats there. Saturday I'm gonna be mean out my girls and espionage cosmetics they have that their bench going. It is their Lance. Chris and not Christmas but it's the last shop event of the year and actually featured on king five recently. Different yeah I'll be doing it. In Libya at some point with Jamie who is one of my best d.s. Can't believe I just use the current. That app and you and me and it's. In at least and a week I'll say it ironic. Today. I think that it's that. Use it. It's like do and we've paid their. But they recently the adjusters pre order for there and their new Mika. So it's like a little cartridge game when cartridges and so inside will be at different eye shadow color and he'll be up by every now and eventually they'll be enrolling more that is so. Oh cool how old. It log backs. Ask are they doing pre orders right now and they are just. Sarah might say consider Arabs how tired fell on Lee and that'd be nice though there are so cool I want I want our ranking. The pre order announced they wouldn't be going that you would get until April. The pre president's stance and a Christmas. Is right. To fifteen dollars right now I think that in the early cute idea says healthy beanie to get the pre orders. The idea harried and but espionage like com or their FaceBook page via an X. But eventually talked to Amy but emanating out there doing their awesome it's like adults actually like the idea exactly if executioner takes a new grants equal equal make a Pallet right now. But the that they're actually going to have numerous Meyer who's an author of across the lunar chronicle series which is the young adult book. He's in the union source signing on and she actually has a new book out called renegade. So that's Kabila by you guys are. Chatting with Marissa Mayer. C summit really excited and listening to audio books that's let me do my drive you have than the Audi of acts. Sunday from the public and I'm actually Stevens and common. Obviously over and hang out area than Saturday in Agassi my cousin and my nieces. And it has been. On Sunday. I shall be going to see mine niece and drop off Christmas gifts. And hang out Sunday and mundane. Dinner and go do other stuff as well. Tuesday is. To see that incidents. Did. Go for it excited your dragon and I think inspires all yes my problem I mean I've given elderly Tilly. When as a Pullman by myself it's five hours. Bid for fund that audio books. I study committee my body up and down Mary and he amnesty in this place not back kind of body and he's had an extra room. Am not not and never act and I thank you want to economy and no it was McDonald Franzen added we talked about I want to know because you think is. V tape. He is actually I got last we talked in March about it that's great friends got a rude hand and it. Now is he going to that concert audience in mind to body only Stanley ones that'll also be nice to hang out and then. And it talent and is staying in there have come back Wednesday. Morning. And it would have been making them. A way out hump but because I'm not working and I added up close and Nolan were up pressure on one day A week job and it tattoos up. Yet it did not beat Canada Yelp and on Wednesday's. A work plants. Because it won't be and I will be working different. They see counseling and acting anarchy house so. But I don't feel like I'm getting much of the case would be it work but the next week at the hill Christmas like when it's Christmas actually hit. Lot of cool because like every on the neatly sums with their family. Anyway during the holidays are going to be there security. There yeah stayed there and now my rooms almost completely set up. How were you just. Like a movie that in an apparent party and had a new trend now I am not only areas you should do that. It's an excuse at a party and it I need to really get married is it's really get there really is just while she just come over and can be picnic and it. You just asked meaning I have that I love you mom in tennis she loves you thought that sparks and song yeah. Anything else we want to let people build a holly Texas tells about your holiday is held by new years oh my gosh what a thing would we really dope because I don't have any but I lob and it Lotta people eating I love New Year's resolutions. Even if they fail and it's really cliche but I think there. Awesome to just how Blake. Being in your mind like oh outage you're really wanna eat more fronts right even be something stupid it can be selling really. I wanna you're gonna let you know I am not a resolutions is something we've been planning since I decided to move back in way. I'm going to help my mom. Work out and his way. And I think that how I'm going to start because I don't think she'll light lifting weights or doing anything to rigorous. To spell on eight campaign and I'm in a starter on you'll. Many that are yoga mats I have mine and I mean I've only taken three yoga class is night life yeah I don't know. And angry as anybody and I think I'll just Paula utility that I can find them in Spanish that make it easier for her out yet Latin that party like crazy where it and yeah. So just kind of find some and it's just trying to get that ball Roland you Allen and Allen again my family to be healthy here. My goal this year is to get them possibly that there because they keep bitching me about stuff like. That I don't. Yeah like I am not the needy and I am not in the child here I know that your frustrating want to vent. But you're putting in a very difficult position bowl for the love both of and it's like I can't see your point but at Cedar Point I am not that that's what they meet. Privately for years at some point at a despite the their best go here. Call them now. The thing Alan get them healthier mentally I wanna get them healthier physically my parents sometimes. Media big meal in the morning if that and then don't until nightly let me be one giant meal today yet and maybe some crappy snacks like okay. I had to sit there for a meal prep for everybody. And LB and cooking eggs so. Are back and just like change up things that came on its frying this weekend's rocket that's why are at a white flowers this leaves weak it's. Much much simple. I love that Phoebe yeah and you're at least. Yeah it's not because many years. Could a movie of my peers there is for the there at any time in the hunt on a resolution few little ones you but I love. It is I don't know if I'm I'm gonna think about Ina few in the next few weeks and a few days how many years they give any good ones for me. Just getting up please tell me. And have a great to me. And thank you so much again tally low roe V artist's act. Awesome intro music acts thank you out and that as well as that tech era at that. The author of spoke on FaceBook or fair I spoke on its to Graham. Well this guy. Funny and staying. And to 27 an onslaught that. Latvia and.